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Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 12:02pm On Jul 03, 2014
customized13: he looks like someone that can feed your entire extend family, garri lebu and ori eja isn't expensive you know grin grin grin

mind yourself I still have that your blockus holding gayish picture.
Politics / Re: Mr. President, What Happened To Your Road Map For Power Reform? by eggheaders(m): 12:00pm On Jul 03, 2014

I did and you should have rebuked him or her without calling his/her parents family, village town and state. Get my drift? And are you saying your own town doesnt hve HIV or any other disease and all your citizenry are healthy with life expectancy of 100 years. MAN WE ARE ALL NIGERIANS HERE OUR COUNTRY IS FVCKED UP TOGETHER.

ok I get your drift, but that gej a$$ licker should never mention my town again. I don't want to disrespect sensible Benue peeps like you.
Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 11:58am On Jul 03, 2014
kastonkastrol: seriously person gats to be very careful with the kinda peeps you exchange words with. Now please what is the difference between idumuose and an ape? The guy looks like he had been _raped by poverty. Just take another look at his shapeless head undecided

And the worst thing is that this group of people will be the ones shouting "gej till 2019" when in real life poverty has phuck them real hard. I don't think I can even breath in that bar idumuose is having his usual ogogoro.

lwmisgej( laugh wan make I slap goatluck egbere jonada...ft).
Politics / Re: Mr. President, What Happened To Your Road Map For Power Reform? by eggheaders(m): 11:54am On Jul 03, 2014

So becuase of one mumu girl...you disrespect an entire state abi? Does that seem logical to you?

and you didn't see where he call out the whole of Oshogbo abi??


Politics / Re: Mr. President, What Happened To Your Road Map For Power Reform? by eggheaders(m): 11:51am On Jul 03, 2014

Idiot mumu ba.stard born a$$ baby of a prostitute with one leg and toothless mouth. What has Benue ever done to you?

I don't jawjaw with Numbskull shytehead. go deal with the HIV and lassa fever ravaging your shyte enclave. and it seems you blind to see who called me out shey??.


Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 11:48am On Jul 03, 2014

www.nairaland.com/attachments/1521923_1157616_541911285882323_365666427_n_jpegbfef20700eeb8d412e0b64ba94f1da72 one by one they done dey expose una. Can you pls recognize this picture? grin grin is he one of your gay partners? Anyway his handle is idumuose.

you need to see how broken TV and nnwei1stson looks. as in poverty na the watchword of all these hungry mofos.

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Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 11:39am On Jul 03, 2014

His posts always reminds me of a character in one of Charles Dickson's books, Oliver Twist called Sikes. Cant make a complete sentence without a curse word

coming from a bimbo with mashed potatoes for brains that is priceless. how about getting yourself to soka or okija forest and get grinded to past and fed to an active volcano.
Politics / Re: Mr. President, What Happened To Your Road Map For Power Reform? by eggheaders(m): 11:33am On Jul 03, 2014
VICTORCIZA: i don't exchange words with kids. i am far above your league.
Don't quote me again!
End of discussion!!!

yes ke you far above me in your stupidity, poverty and gej a$$ licking. I don't pray to be in the league of low life's and never do well. how your gala selling business for dakwa. I hear say dem don ban una from hawking in the main towns in the fct.


Nairaland / General / Re: Attention Seun: Delete Every Stolen Id / Account, Don't Tarnish Nl! by eggheaders(m): 11:30am On Jul 03, 2014
OmoLisabi: Egbon e jo esanu omo kekere ti won pe ni Idamu omo Jamiu.

omo ibanuje sun owo ni ina omo ni omo ofo yen. emi fe ko didirin ara re ni eko ni.
Nairaland / General / Re: Attention Seun: Delete Every Stolen Id / Account, Don't Tarnish Nl! by eggheaders(m): 11:29am On Jul 03, 2014

Lolz . . . .Still repeating your stale worn out copied lines . . . .LMAO . . .

repeated lines kwa it will take 10 reincarnations and 59 lifetimes for anyone in your lineage to match my written, punchlines and metaphor.
Nairaland / General / Re: Attention Seun: Delete Every Stolen Id / Account, Don't Tarnish Nl! by eggheaders(m): 11:24am On Jul 03, 2014

A renowned tool calling another a tool. Who are you to be taken serious ?

fvckhead simpleton are you denying your botanical name I'm the deity everyone in your lineage worship.
Nairaland / General / Re: Attention Seun: Delete Every Stolen Id / Account, Don't Tarnish Nl! by eggheaders(m): 11:18am On Jul 03, 2014

See as you dey bite ya tongue in a failed bid to defend ya worthless self.

SeaDunce02, quit the foolishness and man up to ya deeds. Am very gifted in sniffing alter IDs like you out.

you are a tool, even me know you are referring to seanet02.
Politics / Re: Mr. President, What Happened To Your Road Map For Power Reform? by eggheaders(m): 11:03am On Jul 03, 2014
VICTORCIZA: imagine the poor rat from oshogbo shithole claiming Abuja boy!!!
brown roof indigene!!!!

my brown roof is like London compared to your village in Benue. markudi, otupkor and adipo london. your village look like stone age cities, little wonder y'all still eat ratus ratus in this age and time. I don't expect sense from you anyway HIV and lassa fever are taking it toil on your brains. why is it that your village people and igbos dominate the ashewo business in the fct. abuja environment proctection agency go still catch you for the business sha send you back to your run- down hometown.

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Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 10:59am On Jul 03, 2014
Balkan: Aboki brother was it GEJ that made your capital cities look like this

animal stop spamming my mentions with your stupidity. how about overdosing yourself on cyanide and generator fumes.

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Politics / Re: Mr. President, What Happened To Your Road Map For Power Reform? by eggheaders(m): 10:51am On Jul 03, 2014
VICTORCIZA: my area is enjoying 19 hours on uninterrupted power everyday!

op i don't know if you are genuine or somebody paid you to write this but always remember that Gej has done ×2 what other presidents has done in power sector

God will punish you oooo. here in wuse we no dey get reach 6 hours a day. fvxkhead liar.


Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 9:57am On Jul 03, 2014
gratiaeo: GEJ is as corrupt as other Nigerian politicians. Unless we change this system of government we are currently practicing we will remain like this.

then why still support him blindly.
Politics / Re: Factors Behind APC Popularity Decline by eggheaders(m): 9:26am On Jul 03, 2014
idumuose: ApC's popularity is actually waning with each passing day as evidenced by the weariness of their e-urchins on nairaland.

Since the profound defeat of Fayemi,the e-urchins here are now having a rethink.They just realised that all along,they have been riding

On what the igbos will call 'ugbo ndi ori'.‎​​grin grin

guy your face na wao oooo. you be hire killer.


Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 9:03am On Jul 03, 2014
Balkan: the junky from the South West is the lose. You are a failed child

animal from the South East, gtfoh or all your family member get crush by mack truck.

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Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 8:26am On Jul 03, 2014
customized13: Am surprised some people are still taking this phenylketonuria patient called eggheaders serious. I have been given him his drug ever since on this forum but it seems not to be working, I guess his own is chronic.

mor0nic fvckhead its obvious you are weaned on expired goat milk at infancy. come at me and amma take you to the gutter I always confine you to. idi0tic son of a gross loser.

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Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 8:23am On Jul 03, 2014
Balkan: block head heads fro mouth waste

who is this animal from the South East erosion ridden shytehole, I blame the knucklehead that sired you for bedeviling humanity with a lost soul like you. wonder why your shytehead momma didn't use the utter useless spermatozoa to floss the plague in her enamel.


Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 8:19am On Jul 03, 2014
Balkan: Aboki brother from the South West. You will continue to warship your senior brother for ever.

animal get off my thread if you can't debate against my points. unless you want Ebola virus zaiire and Congo, SARS, HIV, dengue fever , anthrax, avian influenza, swine flu mad cow disease and other incurable fatalities to wipe away every member of your miserable lineage.

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Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 8:16am On Jul 03, 2014

who go about bringing up nonsense policies, and end up reverting them after it been confirm as not really thought out policies.

banning the super eagles from footballing programs in the morning, rescinding the decision after the sober moment of his ogorogoro shaking section. ditto for maulag brouhaha and load of other nonsense decisions.

the ban on importations on rice was even more stupid to say the least. who ban a product where your production can't cater for half of what is required in the nation. the Benin republic administration always cash on the stupidity of our government, asap the folks across the border made a 50% reduction in imported of rice going to Nigeria. smugglers had a field day and we gat all manner of scrap as rice. the fvckhead IMF stooge shamefully announced the cancelation of the rubbish policy.

the automotive policy was even dumber than the rice policy. why increase tariff on importation of cars. when at best after all the help and at ideal situation, we can only produce 45,000 cars per annum while our annual need is pegged at little over 1000000 cars per annum. another pay cheques handed to the smugglers. do the policy makers ever make use of their number six. I know a rescind is on the way, heard from the grapevine the last commissioned vehicle at old Volkswagen along lagos - badagry expressway were actually imported vehicle who is the otueke fuckhead trying to deceive.


Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 8:02am On Jul 03, 2014
I can see the members of alcohol alliance coming for a beat down. all y'all mofos should bring your lords to come debate. least I forget ara ra go pi all of una.

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Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 5:24am On Jul 03, 2014

sincere 9geria

and all y'all PDP e-rats
Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 5:07am On Jul 03, 2014
the boko haram thingy is where the clueless of this government is as bright as sunlight. when the best jarheads in sub- Saharan African can't tame a rag-tag militia group. the popular sayings comes to mind" an army of lions lead by a sheep is worthless compared to army of sheeps lead by a lion.

would our c-in-c swear by pej cu.....nt that he doesn't know the hideouts and sponsors of boko haram?? but the reason the fuxkhead is not acting like the c-in-c beats the imagination of every sane observer.

then the chibok milieu creped on us like a thief in the night. yet the dumbskull didn't even believe any girl was kidnapped. going by the body language of his political hang-ons and a$$ lickers ditto for shepopotamus there is god drama.

when Algeria government was in same chibok-esque circumstance, that was when aqim kidnapped some oil workers at a refinery in Algeria. we didn't hear them crying to uncle Sam for help, but our incompetent doofus come on national TV with the dumbest line known to humanity " america will know".

load of stakeholders in the war on terrorism thingy, told who cares to listen how top military chief and have been feeding fat on defence budgets. and leaving our troops with obsolete equipments, yet nobody is bringing anyone to account for the budgeted funds nor any of em military chiefs been charge for sabotaging the war on boko haram.

our incompetent otueke drunkard even told us how he is so scare of going to chibok, going by this and more the terrorist group is winning the war, cos we gat a fvckhead simpleton as our c-in-c.now the war is at his backyard at the fct. where will you run to now coward. once in your miserable life act your fvcking constitution position.

not to even talk about the blame game lame lines with the opposition. throwing baseless allegations how about arresting anyone culpable. only the president enemies sponsors boko haram. sanusi start sponsoring boko haram when he ask the frog eyed dizani about our missing $20 billion.


Politics / Re: Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 4:44am On Jul 03, 2014
foreign policy
boko haram
new genco's and discos and loads of other issues.

e-rats should come here to defend there clueless lord on this issues.


Politics / Why I Support Gej..... by eggheaders(m): 4:39am On Jul 03, 2014
Gej can't boast of a single project as the governor of bayelsa, anybody can Google this to
confirm. I wonder why Nigerians foolishly voted for him. true to his incompetency he
removed the fuel subsidy on new years day.
He tried so hard to sell the ideas to the citizens but at last he look more confused about
the concept himself. okonjo the IMF stooge and over rated shytehead keep spewing
balderdash and painting paper economy jargons. when gurus like henry boyo and kalu idika
Kalu understand the economic dynamics of Nigeria.
at last the subsidy removal was a clever way to milk the citizenry to please the IMF lord of
the stooge that doubles as our prime minister, this same stooge control the fvckhead
president because of the gross inferiority complex killing the doofus.
obasanjo saw through her shenanigans, when her much touted paying of the Paris club debt
didn't turn the nation to eldolrado as she was preaching back then. obj finally kicks her out.
after the fvckhead sold the subsidy dummy for the shytehead president the obvious f00l
bought the lines hook line and sinker, when other nations rejected the offer like a plague.
the Chinese foreign minister curse out on Christine laggard when she brought the idea to
Beijing. same Christine laggard was showering praises on the fvckhead for buying another
IMF improvising policy akin to the olu falae sap.

which country go to other nations to open sovereign wealth funds to strength the recipient
countries economy and financial institutions. but our otueke drunkard that the PDP e-rat
really support blindly does that.
inflation rate is running crazy at double digits, why they keep squandering our accruals from
crude oil sales. putting cats like asari and tompolo to guide pipelines at price running to
millions, yet bursting pipelines skyrocketed. at the long last both the fvckhead president and
okonjo the IMF stooge don't understand the economic dynamics of Africa most populous
corruption is a no go area for crazymimi otueke lord, efcc has been made a redundant
outfit. the pension thief was help to to safety by PDP e-rats lord, alams is now free to steal
the nation blind thanks to otueke lord ditto for Mohammed abacha, aruma oteh and the
steelar oduah. the president even told us on national TV that corruption is not stealing and
he is aware of the corruption tendency of the petroleum minister, but the president prefers
to look the other way.
where is the missing $20 billion sanusi told us about, how about the millions that want
down the sewers with steelar odua?? voicemail ditto for maina and aruma oteh. and loads of
other stealing folks in this administration.


Politics / Re: Why Rauf Aregbeshola May Lose. (the Education Sector). by eggheaders(m): 10:15am On Jun 28, 2014
Bash92: Lolz, may be na bagco bag is granda pa dey sell for one corner in oja oba , who knows

omo eru, go read about the history of Oshogbo you gonna spot my grandpa somewhere up there. or ask your imb...ecile father to give you some of the music album of Yusuf olatunji, and ask about the only few Oshogbo big man he always sing there praises.

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