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Business / Re: CBN Orders DMBs To Sell FOREX To Customers by ehissi(m): 9:14am On Jul 29
Food / Re: What I Prepared For My Sweetheart This Morning by ehissi(m): 10:51am On Jul 22
Something fishy going down....... grin
Autos / Re: Distress Sales 2008 Toyoya Camry by ehissi(m): 2:16pm On Jul 19

Accidented or clean title?

Clean title naaah! Even if na accidented or salvage title, a simple vin check is enough for you to know if a vehicle that is salvage is worth it.....

If a vehicle is salvage title and the vin check reveals that the car was involved in an accident and only the back bumper came off and there was no other damage to the vehicle at all.......

You will dismiss the vehicle as not worth the purchase?
Autos / Re: Distress Sales 2008 Toyoya Camry by ehissi(m): 6:27am On Jul 19
Distress Sales Toyota Camry,2008 model, very clean And in good condition,buy and drive, going for 2.4million(slightly negotiable) location at Benin City

Send a message on WhatsApp or call

Serious buyers only

Well done chief, you really have some nice cars.

The challenge is that your cars seem to be way over priced/valued....

A toks 2004 camry for 2.8m, a toks 2010 corolla for 4.5m and now this?

4.5m will put me in a toks 2014/2015 corolla, 2.8m will put me in a toks voltron so why settle for camry 2.4?

I think a proper market survey will help you, that way cars whey you dey market no go waste time before they are paid for......


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Politics / Re: Electoral Bill: Reps Minority Caucus Stages Walkout From Plenary by ehissi(m): 1:39pm On Jul 16
Walkout has proven to be counterproductive.

Why not sit tight and fight it out.

What is this?

What are they fighting out? Deputy speaker who chaired the proceedings has said he will not allow the debate for electronic transmission of results to be mandatory and you said they should sit it out?

A walk out is an expression of displeasure to let attentive spectators know that they are not in favour of the electoral bill as passed......

History will tell and posterity will bear record that they had no power as a minority to fight tyranny of the executive under the Buhari administration but refused to play rubber stamp nonetheless

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Two South African Policemen Caught With Looted Goods In Their Cars. by ehissi(m): 1:55pm On Jul 15

Keep quite for once ..and admit the herd insanity in that shithole called SA...law enforcement agent here take bribes et al. But your cops are looting like petty hoodlums damn!!!!

He never said SA police never take bribes! I have been waiting for him to say it............I doubt he can
Religion / Re: TB Joshua's Burial: Daddy Freeze Reacts As Top Nigerian Pastors Refuse To Attend by ehissi(m): 11:57am On Jul 11

Other Pastors have died well before this time. Top Pastors were not called nor mentioned! Now Prophet Joshua is gone, you remembered top pastors.......

Why don't you just tell that you have been beefing these top Pastors since and Prophet Joshua has made a way for you announce your beef.....


Your online traffic and followers have reduce, all you need is a trending topic involving top Pastors to lift it up.......

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Religion / Re: Pastor Enenche Commissions Road Project Constructed By Dunamis Church In Abuja by ehissi(m): 2:03pm On Jul 10

Pastor Eneche is a good man from all indication but it seems he allowed himself to be influenced so much by Bishop Oyedepo.

He should allow God alone to Influence him and not any earthly man called bishop or whatever.

God bless the Pastor.

He is a Spiritual Son of Oyedepo, just as Pastor David Ibiyeome is too........

It is also the same way Papa Oyedepo and Papa Adeboye church dey do road........

At least the dividends of their charity is clear. Abi will you prefer him to be mentored and be a Spiritual Son of Desmond Elliot, to be doing Desmond elliot type of project up and down?

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Sports / Re: Patrice Evra Backs England To Win Euro 2020 While Holding A Fish (Photos) by ehissi(m): 2:59pm On Jul 06
E sure say both benin and Esan people dey back Italy
Autos / Re: SOLD OUT- HIRE PURCHASE 2008 Silver Toyota Corolla ✓ by ehissi(m): 6:39am On Jul 04
[quote author=TRUSTisWEALTH post=103290930]NOTICE !!!

We have come up with an idea to create a Whatsapp Group for members coming from nairaland only.

✓ [b][color=#006600]Kindly send us a message 091 38547224 on Whatsapp or Write your contact below to be added to
Politics / Re: Teachers, Pupils Run As Fulani Herdsmen Invade School In Isuikwuato Abia (Video) by ehissi(m): 9:16am On Jun 13
If ESN take them out now, Buhari will send soldiers .

Do we still have president in this country or a terrorist terrorising the peace and unity of Nigeria.

Buhari should be the last fulani man that will ever rule this country .

I totally understand the frustration with the current administration, I really do but let's not make this about tribe. Buhari, the man is criminally incompetent and that is it....

Afterall, Late President Yar adua, from his own state was also a fulani man but we never had all this rubbish of herdsmen and a sitting president rising to the defence of criminal herdsmen and offering ransom and amnesty to criminal terrorism and building railway line to his village cousins in Niger republic..........

In fact, it was Yar adua that created the amnesty program for the Niger delta militants, Jonathan only stood as midwife to see the program through after Yar adua died......

That is to tell you how un-tribalistic an average fulani man who is educated can be. Unfortunately for us all, Buhari is not your average educated fulani man......
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage To Seyi Shay: 'Your Nyash Is The Dirtiest In This Industry' (Video) by ehissi(m): 3:32pm On Jun 09
Seyi shay whey sitdon as judge for idols, whey no know Samuel Fischer.......... grin grin grin

Olodo idols judge
Religion / Re: TB Joshua: Okotie Celebrates The Death Of 'Lucifer', Shares Cryptic Post by ehissi(m): 12:15am On Jun 09

Not every pastor broadcast on TV or cable the good will they extend to others. They know the bible says we should give in secret and not make noise about it. Any pastor who broadcast their act of philanthropy is more like a politican seeking for attention, fame and praises. Smh..

The context with which that portion of scripture points to is people who gives alms just so that they can be praised of men....

And stated that if you give to be praise of men, you already have the reward you seek. If you give to seek to receive a reward from God by giving alms, then don't gloat publicly before others as you give

Synagogue Church of all nations, like most mega ministries have partners groups, where members and donor agencies support the ministry to help the poor and needy....

Don't you think that displaying his acts of charity should be seen as a way of accountability to his partners, so that their confidence in his ability to disburse aid judiciously is rock solid?

Don't you think displaying them will allow smaller and upcoming ministries to learn and emulate his example to also help the needy within their own space.......

Think about it!!

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Politics / Re: IPOB Sit At Home Order: Anambra Thread (Pictures) by ehissi(m): 1:26pm On May 31

Which everywhere?

I have been all over where I am.

You fight lies with truth. You snap live pictures and update.......


No point arguing with pictures, snap your own as E snap E own, upload am
Autos / Re: Nigerians To Pay More For Imported Vehicles From June 1. by ehissi(m): 10:30pm On May 28
Autos / Re: Toyota Corolla 2010 Model For Sale 07046546807 by ehissi(m): 11:26pm On May 27

This picture is not 2010 Corolla...

Oga na upgraded ride be that........
Politics / Re: Funny Resignation Letter Of A PDP Member In Cross River State by ehissi(m): 9:52pm On May 20
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri’s Wife, Tope Denies Being The Mother Of His New Baby - The Will by ehissi(m): 5:32am On May 18
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Asks Fulani Herdsmen To Leave Southern States by ehissi(m): 8:54am On May 16
There exists more than 80 northern tribes in the northern States, fulani is just one of them.

This fool should keep quiet!

Banning open grazing is not succession, mumu

Is it not better for Open grazers to stay off the roads so that we can know who the killers herdsmen are, since they deny killings in the south...

Olodo Herdsmen

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Crime / Re: Married Nigerian Man Caught Wooing A 15-Year-Old Girl In London (Video) by ehissi(m): 11:17am On May 15
But Muslims in nigeria marry them just as young if not younger.......
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Kills Hassan Kaogi And Wail Issa by ehissi(m): 3:19pm On May 12
Some headlines are just hilarious!! Which one is bomb to death? Them dey bomb to life?
Politics / Re: Buhari Working To Rescue Kidnapped Greenfield University Students – FG by ehissi(m): 8:31am On May 05

It might be funny to your insensitive self, but I believe it's not funny to the victims who are hanging between life and death, or their parents, who are having sleepless nights over the issue...

Making a jest or mockery of attempts to rescue them is more than insensitivity, it's inhuman.

The President, via his twitter handler and handlers has said that he is working to secure their release........

Because if he is to address Nigerians, in midst of killings and Kidnappings going on daily, stroke go kill am.......

But when it fails, they will say it was the fault of the military.........

When they want to deceive Nigerians, they will put his name, as though he is going to the Bush to secure them but when the thing don cast, they will remove his name and put Nigerian Army or Military.....

Somebody that couldn't go to Federal government secondary School kankara, when students were Kidnapped in his own state and he was at home, but expressed his shock at the attack and sent NSA to appear on his behalf, of which the NSA details even baff parents with tear gas ontop the trauma and turmoil and anguish they were in..........

Is now suddenly working from his twitter account towards securing the release of the students.....

Work kill am there

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Autos / Re: *sweet Deal, Toyota Camry 2006 Model. 4plugs Engine, 1month Used Bought 30/3/2 by ehissi(m): 9:00pm On May 03
Lol. So in essence, the real owner is not around. I pity whoever go buy motor wey no see owner face to face

My brother, this kind of act has cost me 300k, after I don pay for motor finish......

Me and mechanics dey hold meetings to settle quarrel between me and motor

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Politics / Re: Fr. Ejike Mbaka Admits Discussing Contract With Buhari by ehissi(m): 8:38am On May 03
Politics / Re: Re:forceful Conversion To Islam In Niger State by ehissi(m): 8:35am On May 03
terrorists sympathyzer. Go look for work before it's too late.

I think you have missed my point......

If you take a look at Nairaland, the governor of the state has already come out to call the video fake.

This is exactly what I was trying to say.

What is going on in that videos is forceful conversion to Islam done by Bokoharam in Cote d'voire. The video is not fake.

I never said Bokoharam is not converting people forcefully in Niger state. I never said Bokoharam isn't forcefully converting people to Islam in Nigeria, they have been doing it and are most likely still doing it.

I only said, that the video used to report the news is from Cote d'voire.........

If you use the wrong video to report a real story, people can discredit your story and call you a liar. Fani-kayode should have been diligent enough to verify before posting it...

I have shown you how I found out about the source and history of the video. Check for yourself......

I am a Christian and I find that label as a terrorist sympathiser offensive. Please attack the message if you cam with facts and not the messenger.

Thank you
Politics / Re: Re:forceful Conversion To Islam In Niger State by ehissi(m): 8:21am On May 03
See how this guy is backing his terrorists blodas, nigeria needs to be divided because living with these people is hell ooh

I am a Christian............

Plus I never said Boko haram never invaded anywhere nor forcefully converted people in Niger state.......

I only said the video shows a different event in a different place and time.

I am even doing the reporters of that news event a favour, because government propaganda machinery can simply dismiss the news of the event in Niger state as fake, because a wrong video was used as the caption.....

Look through my comment and Think about it

This news could have been reported without a video, like other unfortunate events in our countries history in recent times, that doesn't mean it didn't happen..

But to report that something happened somewhere were people cannot easily go and verify and use the wrong videos, can give people the impression that you are lying...........

In any case, how can you say I am defending Bokoharam? What is still going on in that video is forceful conversion to Islam by Bokoharam........

They have done it in many places, including Nigeria. I only said that video was forceful conversion to Islam done in Cote d'voire.

Thats all.......
Politics / Re: "We Will Not Condone Divisive, Unsavoury Statements" - DSS Issues Warning by ehissi(m): 8:11am On May 03
Politics / Re: Re:forceful Conversion To Islam In Niger State by ehissi(m): 8:06pm On May 02

I know the video is from Cote Ivore but that doesn't change the fact that Bokoharam is in charge of Shiroro and are forcing people to do what they want

My point exactly, I never said it never happened. I only said, this videos is not the event ooo

Before governors and government will use this fact to create propaganda to dismiss the attack in Niger as fake news.....
Politics / Re: Re:forceful Conversion To Islam In Niger State by ehissi(m): 7:59pm On May 02
Disregard this OP and his deceptive Taqiya ...so The Bokoharam that took over Shiroro are there to throw parties for Christians there ?

I am a Christian............

Plus I never said Boko haram never invaded anywhere nor forcefully converted people.......

I only said the video depicts a different event in a different place and time.

I am even doing the purveyors of that news event a favour, because government propaganda machinery can simply dismiss the news of the event in Niger state as fake, because a wrong video was used as the caption.....

Look through my comment and Think about it
Politics / Re: Re:forceful Conversion To Islam In Niger State by ehissi(m): 7:58pm On May 02
it happened in niger state and concerned Nigerians uploaded it on tiktok.


Don't believe what I have said. Download the tiktok app. A close look at the video, at the right hand corner will show you the user name of the tiktok page from which it was downloaded.

Brahimakone49. Take it, search for the uploaders page. You will see more than 10 other videos, showing the rest of the whole event.

The user was even asked where the event took place and the user said Cote d'voire......

You will hear the language spoken clearly in the other videos. See if you can match it to any indigenous tribe in Niger state or Nigeria for that matter...

Don't take my word for it, see it for yourself.....

Review my posts on Nairaland, I am not an apologist for the APC nor the government of the day........

I checked before I created this thread, dispute me with something stronger than hearsay......
Politics / Re:forceful Conversion To Islam In Niger State by ehissi(m): 7:48pm On May 02
I am making this thread because of a purported video that is currently circulating on social media and Nairaland as well (see link below), showing women forcefully converted to Islam, with some dead bodies close by.

The story behind the video as alleged is that people in Niger state are currently forcefully converted to Islam.

While I cannot confirm whether such conversion is ongoing or not in Niger state as we speak.

I can confirm that the video in question, used as caption for the alleged forceful conversion event is not from Niger state.

The video captures an event that took place in Ivory Coast........

A close look at the video, will show that the video was saved from tiktok. The user who posted the video is brahimakone49, a quick glance through the comments will show you that the source as well as the language spoken in the video is indigenous to the people of Ivory Coast...

This video is one of more than 10 videos showing different parts of the event......

Please note, while I cannot confirm or deny or even establish if actual forceful conversion is taking place in Niger state. I can confirm that the video used to caption that alleged event in Niger state is not an accurate report of that event and can be called fake....

Please Nairaland Community and MODS, take note.


Politics / Re: Fight For Me, Buhari Begs by ehissi(m): 2:41pm On May 02

And the general has lost it. Who will get it together on his behalf?

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