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Sports / Re: Evra claims Edouard Mendy Was Snubbed For The Yashin Trophy Because he's African by emae009(m): 10:10pm On Dec 01

you havent answered my questions:

the question now is why does ballon d'or not rate afcon in the same breath as euros and copa america? i dont no how the ballon d'or considers ASIAN CUP and CONCACAF. maybe u can help out with that one.

u say its not racism but u say "there's a big racism in the world". is ballon d'or exempt from this "big racism"?

you can ask silly questions ehn!
They don't rate it as high and it's not the only one, Asia and America too. QED.
Why aren't all the Leagues rated the same even though they are in Europe.
Why be say if a player goes to play in China, we consider him finished. Or if a player goes to MLS, we consider it retirement. Are we fans racists??
Abi you want lie say you don't also fall into the category of fans?

I gave you the answer already you still dey ask me the same question.
you want to believe it's racism you can go ahead.
Sports / Re: Lewandowski Deserves The Ballon D'or More (Opinion) by emae009(m): 8:40pm On Dec 01

I don't need to convince you of anything, how many times must I mentioned goals scored, how many times must I mention impact on team? Every year we distinguish the best player by their contributions to the team and most likely goals scored, once in a while they select someone that does not meet this criteria like you rightly pointed out Messi coming 5th in 2018, if I can agree with you that Messi was robbed in 2018 why do you find it so hard to see the robbery in 2021? Let me guess, it's hard to stay objective when it is not your idol....lol.

Dude it's okay, right or wrong your opinion is your opinion, nobody can take it away from you.....PEACE!

you said stats but you're only focus on goals scored.
So why was VVD a very strong contender even more than Lewandowski when he was a defender??

You mentioned impact on the team but assumed Lewandowski had more impact than Messi.
Messi was won a record 8th Pichichi but that wasn't all. He went to COPA and was joint top Scorer while giving the most assist in the competition.
The same Euro that Lewandowski couldn't perform Schick of Czech Republic was joined Top Scorer with Ronaldo. He plays for West Ham and isn't even their best player.
Messi created more chances for his teammates than Lewandowski.
His goals got the most pionts for his team than Lewandowski (impact of goal on the team chances of winning a game).
But sure let's all forget about all these stats when talking about impact on the team and focus on who scored the most goals.

You just want to believe Lewandowski was robbed, anything that invalidate that isn't acceptable to you.

like you said Peace. I tired of going back and forth with you when you're putting on the sentiment glasses
Sports / Re: Evra claims Edouard Mendy Was Snubbed For The Yashin Trophy Because he's African by emae009(m): 8:28pm On Dec 01

from your response, u are struggling hard to defend ballon d'or. your first sentence gave me the answer to my question. the question now is why does ballon d'or not rate afcon in the same breath as euros and copa america? i dont no how the ballon d'or considers ASIAN CUP and CONCACAF. maybe u can help out with that one.

u say its not racism but u say "there's a big racism in the world". is ballon d'or exempt from this "big racism"?

and you're response is the why I structured mine that way. They only other international competition they rate are World Cup and CONNEBOL.
All others aren't in the same light.
so is that racism for you?

why didn't Zidane play for Africa or Henry or Evra and their likes. Those talents choosing AFCON over EUROS could have gone a long way in putting us in the spotlight.
Sports / Re: Lewandowski Deserves The Ballon D'or More (Opinion) by emae009(m): 7:32pm On Dec 01

No need, my points were easily outlined, Lewa was robbed plain and simple, those that want us to ignore stats and focus only on Copa or international achievements should remember the same way most of us felt when Modric won in 2018, robbery is robbery e no matter whether na maggi or bullion van grin.

see why I said running in circles.
I've been begging you to bring out these so called stats but you haven't. Not once but so quick to say robbery.
please drop the stats let me also see it and change my stand
Sports / Re: Evra claims Edouard Mendy Was Snubbed For The Yashin Trophy Because he's African by emae009(m): 7:15pm On Dec 01
first of all lewandowski out scored Messi last season and is doing the same this season also. He also won the bundesliga and dfb pokal, this two trophies are more impressive than what Messi won, cus the said Copa America is one of the easiest to win. Also if it's by winning Copa America that makes messi win the ballon D' or then Ronaldo was rubbed cus he won the euros and nations league but didn't win the ballon D'or. The truth is that Lewandowski deserves it more even jorginho deserves it more given that it's not only strikers that play football or should win all the glamorous awards in football. Personally I think that award should be cancelled cus it promotes bias and racism.

please who won the Ballon d'Or in 2016. The same year Portugal won the Euros??
Simple facts una no sabi but will public write ignorance.
FYI Dortmund won the DFB Pokal not Bayern.
You're quick to downplay the Copa America as not that important but the Bundesliga that Bayern has the best team and snaps up their rival players each season is not played down by you.
that you can't even smell your Hypocrisy is alarming
Sports / Re: Evra claims Edouard Mendy Was Snubbed For The Yashin Trophy Because he's African by emae009(m): 7:12pm On Dec 01

Same way Europeans listen to Nigerian music

and they kept Essence on the Billboard for how many weeks. Breaking and setting records.
Sports / Re: Evra claims Edouard Mendy Was Snubbed For The Yashin Trophy Because he's African by emae009(m): 7:11pm On Dec 01

Stop being sentimental dude, there will always be something or someone below on the pecking order. nations cup is below and Africa is. And is no one’s fault but ours.

Considering everything, Euro and Nations cup are so far apart, the quality of the game, the best players in the world, the coverage, budget etc. I mean even you would rather watch Portugal vs Italy as opposed to Senegal Vs Algeria or something

That said, while winning the nations cup might not have the same effect as winning the Euros. I do think if mendy does win nations cup next year and puts up some spectacular performances at the World Cup, he’d clinch it

Let’s some playing victim and be honest. Being named the best player at a tournament like the Euros where people like Ronaldo, Benzema, lewandowski, Kanye, Jorginho played and coming 10th on the Ballon D’or?? Come on! Be objective. It was a tight race but Donna had the edge any time any day.

racism has been sung. every other criteria is thrown out of the window now.
Sports / Re: Evra claims Edouard Mendy Was Snubbed For The Yashin Trophy Because he's African by emae009(m): 6:58pm On Dec 01

If the tables were turned and Mendy helped his country win nations cup, would he have won donarruma?

no because Ballon d'Or don't consider the AFCON in the same breathe as EUROS and COPA AMERICA, but before you scream racism, do they also consider ASIAN CUP and CONCACAF??
Yes there's a big racism in the world but being quick to use that an excuse isn't always the right path.

All the blacks that represented France and other European countries, imagine if they had ignored that and choose Africa.
The Ballon d'Or was initially for Europeans, when they blew it open, the only other Continent with mad reps in World Cup was South American hence why it's equated to Euros.
Sports / Re: Lewandowski Deserves The Ballon D'or More (Opinion) by emae009(m): 6:47pm On Dec 01

I have no problem admitting Messi was cheated in 2018, in fact I have never supported the rationale behind modric winning, this is why I am amused when you quoted the selection criteria. Whether you like it or not bro, favoritism was played both in 2018 and this year. FiFA & Madrid used its influence in 2018 and in 2021 France's bitter history with Poland played a role. My fight is not with you, it is with you understanding that someone got robbed, whether it is 2018 or 2021, this ish don't make no damn sense!

You running me round in circles. So to understand each other in circles. abeg state your points clearly.
you can use numbering so I know how to state mine.
Sports / Re: Lewandowski Deserves The Ballon D'or More (Opinion) by emae009(m): 6:25pm On Dec 01

You know you're full of sh*t when you resort to cheap sentiments to win an argument. Club winning does not matter and I never for once emphasized on that, my emphasis was on the goals scored in each respective league. Messi's previous Ballon Dor was never about winning international trophies but about his sheer dominance in scoring goals and playmaking, I can still remmber his best season with over 90 goals. I suggest you look at the previous 10 winners of the award and do a deep analysis to see whether your points actually makes sense!

Furthermore, you can quote all the B.S. selective process all you want but we all know it's crap! One example, how did Modric win? Look at the selection criteria you displayed and tell me exactly how Modric won over the rest? You've been caught pants down and you're just scrambling to regain relevancy but it's too late....Like I said previously comprehension is your problem and perhaps a bit of arrogance, you keep exposing your ignorance and with each point I keep finding easy ways to counter your farce rhetoric.....Yeye dey smell!

you said club winnings doesn't matter, goals scored do. Did you know that 2018 Modric won, Messi was the highest goal Scorer but was placed 5th on the ranking.
so using your own point Messi was actually cheated for the award.
abi do you want to rewrite your statement as you have a strong will of doing that.

PS: You still have provided the stats that make Lewandowski the deserved winner.

since you what to run on propaganda let's go there
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Has Received 200 Votes MORE Than Messi Across Ballon D'or History by emae009(m): 6:00pm On Dec 01
very soon e go be Ronaldo has donated more blood than Messi.

A lion does not concern itself with the opinion of sheeps

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 3:48pm On Dec 01
Whether or not it is only Journalists that vote make s absolutely no difference to the premise which is that individuals vote .Whether they are journalists or Native doctors does not change the underlying premise and conclusion which is there is no objective or rational basis for interrogating how they voted unless they tell us.
Factually I read somewhere that Musa, Rohr and a 3rd person chosen by the NFF to represent journalist voted on behalf of Nigeria
Again I stand corrected on the 7 or 33 which once more changes nothing
If anything it should make this years outcome less contentious.

Let us not ignore the wood for the trees

The point is people (individuals) vote and the same way they are chosen has not changed for a long time and so the outcome should be accepted for what it is unless there is clear evidence of corruption

Your final statement is totally devoid of logic
Sentiment operates at the individual level and if 170 vote it just means sentiment X 170
without any coherent organization of that sentiment

what's is sentiment?
if there are 5 people and I said chose those that are 6ft tall only. it doesn't matter who you like or whatever, you final choice will always be people that are 6ft tall or above.

so where is the sentiment * 170, when they are given criteria and guidelines for their choice

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 3:38pm On Dec 01

This is where I got it from


However it makes no difference if wrong , that is not the point . The point is that until proven otherwise they voted independently and it is the same process that has been in place for years

they voted independently, then the tally is done in everybody's presence so you can be sure your vote wasn't overlooked.
The way people are rushing to cling on popular opinion and take it has facts will one day do a lot of harm and that day of reckoning is very close

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 3:36pm On Dec 01
Are you for real? what exactly did Sneijder do? abi you just join people wey think say Sneijder deserve Balon D'or cos inter won treble??

Have you ever asked why his teammate, Milito won Inter, Seria A & UEFA Player of the Year ahead of Sneijder?

Sneijder's performance was barely average with 4 league, 3 UCL and 3 or 4 Wc goals.

Most people are not aware of his average performance..........their opinion is based on the treble inter won.

In 2010, Messi was UCL and European Golden Boot winner and he also won La liga Player of the Year. He lost UEFA Player of the Year to Milito not because Milito was better but he won the competition with Inter.

He won La liga, Copa Del Rey, UEFA Super Cup & Club World Cup with Barcelona.

On individual stats (Goals + Assists), Sneijder was no match for Messi.......Messi wonn everything he won except the UCL.

His stats were poor thats why he didnt make top 3........Iniesta is the only person that could have challenged Messi not Sneijder.

You can research more on Sneijder and you will discover how average he was.

Bro a lot of these folks don't know nada. they'll just go online find popular opinion and call it facts.
The way they are quick to say 2010 like say Sneijder was a monster that year when the real protagonist for inter was Milito.
Sneijder just the like Jorginho for this year. Simply existing in a team that won a tournament.
I wonder why them no dey shout Jorginho was cheated tho

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 3:17pm On Dec 01

Is that how those that vote see it?

From Nigeria 3 people voted one of whom was the coach Rohr and another Ahmed Musa

There is no point trying to rationalize the emotional
It is like trying to rationalize falling in love

First reconcile with the fact that

The award was determined by voting
There is nothing rational or systematic about how the hundreds of people who voted made their choice
This year there was 7 points between 1st and 2nd which underlines the fact that people were voting based on preference and not any criteria that you imagine. It was a close vote but ultimately it came down to sentiments and you cannot legislate for that

jeez, is it that half of the world don't know what Ballon d'Or is??
it's only Journalists that votes. It's not FIFA the best.
and no the point difference is about 33+. It's 2019 that was 7.

If 170 people voted randomly, then it's stands to reason there's a criteria and sentiment wasn't one of them

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 2:08pm On Dec 01
what was the rationale behind modric's win in 2018? Assists for both club and country, he scored lesser goals compared to Ronaldo and messi but through his assists he took real and croatia on his shoulders to both the champions league trophy and world cup finals.

I was looking for Sneijder stats from 2010.
it's not a fact per say but in an international competition year, those tournaments takes priority. Each year when Messi was overlooked the rationale behind it was he didn't perform with Argentina and was popularly accepted.
So Ronaldo didn't perform with Portugal.
Modric "captained" Croatia to the World Cup final (that's sentimental in football, David fighting against Goliath sort of). His stats wasn't great either.
They both won the UCL.
If you look at 2018, the line up was greatly influenced by the world Cup and people were happy to accept it.

so I don't see why when we had Copa America and Euros, the importance given to those tournaments should change because Messi won finally

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 2:00pm On Dec 01

Yes, that means you agree with me that .....Messi and Ronaldo define the criteria;

2010 and 2014 are examples.

To some extent yeah. Because of how good they are individually which is one point I was trying to make. If Ballon d'Or is still solely on individual performance as it was in the early days, each year will feature both of them so to give others a fair chance emphasis of what to look for the most is flexible each year.

if we want to dissect both year. The opinion that the rightful people were overlooked for the awards will just be pure sentiment.

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 1:55pm On Dec 01

I don't know the collective you talk about but....

Even if we bring same scenario.....You still think Messi was better than Lewandowski this year?

...because you think he didn't win anything at the Euros after clearing out domestic titles?

I will reference you to 2004... EUROS took place same year.

If you think it is individual.....Justify why Ribery didn't win Ballon d'Or in 2013?

Fact is Ronaldo and Messi have re-defined the criteria...and Journalists are prone to their own biases.

Your last statement might be truth probably.
But a lot of people keep confusing 2020 with 2021.
Chelsea won UCL in 2021
Dortmund won the DFB Pokal Cup in 2021
what Bayern won was the Bundesliga league title and the German Super Cup for this year.
So Lewandowski didn't clear out the domestic titles.
The way I see it, in an international competition year, the international tournament carries more weight than the UCL which carries more wight than League titles which carries more weight than domestic cups.

Lewandowski won league title and domestic cup while scoring more goals which is the only individual statistics he's better than Messi.

Messi won a domestic cup with an international tournament while beating others in every individual stats bar goals.
so yes it was a close call but Messi was just better in the end.

There was an argument about this on ESPN, four pundits where going on about how Lewandowski deserved it until an international journalist joined them and he said something in the line of, each journalist chosen to vote have to present their Top 5 with each position getting a piont value. Then he revealed that an English Journalist chosen to represent English chose Jorginho as his #1. The reason he revealed that was to point out that not everyone just went with Messi or Lewandowski as their top pick.
Afterwards these journalists are gathered together in Paris and the points of each player is tallied. The highest tally wins.

so if we drop sentiment and sympathy of Lewandowski not winning last year which was canceled due to Covid, Messi fully deserved to win

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 1:43pm On Dec 01

The underlined is not exactly true.

If FIFA prioritized International Competitions, Messi won't win the 2010 FIFA Ballon d'Or where he didn't score a goal at the World Cup...at the expense of Sneijder/Iniesta.

Cannavaro in 2006 with Ronaldinho not making the top 10.
Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 12:56pm On Dec 01
I can see you are a little boy, who was the king of assists in the whole of Europe in 2010, did you know what sneidger did with Netherlands at the world cup? Did milito even played at the world cup at all? Go and find out more about these before you come and argue.

please back your statements with facts abeg.
so assists should be considered too when judging for the winner right.
Please let's continue because I can bet you anything that when we get to the bottom of this gist, the only outcome will be that Messi deserved his 7th Ballon d'Or
Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 12:53pm On Dec 01

I will take both together....
Messi is a great whether or whether not he had won the Copa, but he can never be Maradona. Maradona is a god, even in Argentina you will be told that. Ronaldo is a great and a legend in the game as well....take nothing from it.

Those three you mentioned won something neither Messi nor Ronaldo has won.

The Ballon d'Or is an European Award that was expanded in 1995. It is open to only Journalists from member nations and the fact remains that in the last years, it has been at the discretion of the Journalists because Messi and Ronaldo defies logic.

There is no requirement(s) for winning a Ballon d'Or tbf. UEFA Cup Winners Cup can give you Ballon d'Or.

If Rivaldo's Copa gave him Ballon d'Or in 1999, you forget he won the La Liga as the second highest goalscorer with 24 goals.

Again, Owen won the UEFA Cup with Liv in 2001 and won the BD'Or..he beat Raul who won the league with Real and beat Kahn who won the UCL and Bundesliga in same year.

Ronaldo who won the 2013 edition defeated Ribery who won the treble. NB: He didn't win the la Liga same year.

Just like many others including those who played the game, I believe the winner should have gone to Lewy.....but it has been given to Messi, no one needs to cry about it. One thing I know for free is that Lewy will be top 2 next year again.

Even Barca Great, and a former winner- Johan Cruyff said back in 2012 or 2013; that it has become a popularity contest where Journalists vote for their friends.

I will leave you with Nedved's statement when he was asked to make a speech after winning the BD'Or in 2003....."If I am voting, I will vote Thierry Henry, I think he deserves it."

Klopp just called AFCON that have more teams a "little tournament".....

Ballon d'Or since it's inception was always for individual performance above the collective.
If they had still follow that priority in the 21st century, Messi would have won more than 7. By now, people won't even be attending the show.
The whole crinkum crankum scenario we're seeing now is that they try to tweak the system of criterias they now use so that others have a fair chance of winning.
In 2021 which is under review, without sentiment, Messi deserved to be crowned the winner.
Lewandowski was the sure bet in 2020 and there's no argument from anybody. But it was canceled. Messi didn't caused it. It wasn't something that was pre-planned.
Saying Lewandowski should be given this year for last year unfortunate scenario is just a sympathy scenario.
You don't stop giving the kid that top his class the first position simply because he has topped the class one too many times..
If Lewandowski doesn't win it next year or isn't given last year as France Football are contemplating, then he will just be one of the unfortunate ones not to win. There are a lot of all time greats in that category.

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 12:43pm On Dec 01
Despite the heroics of Wesley sneidger in 2010 he wasn't even named among the top 3 the award went to messi who lost in the champions league semis to sneidger's inter Milan who eventually became the champion, messi's Argentina were baldly defeated 4-1 by Germany in the quarter finals of the 2010 world cup while sneidger's Netherlands were runners up, now, the same is almost repeating itself all to messi's favour, this is an indication that the award has lost his credibility and no serious player should judge his performance on whether or not he was nominated.

you cry about Sneijder when all he did was be in the team that won. Milito that was scoring goals don't get the recognition.
2018. Like you said the gave to Modric exactly like the 2010 scenario and you guys complained Ronaldo was cheated.
what do you people really want

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 12:34pm On Dec 01

Glad you have lent your voice on this one sir
What of in 1999 Manchester united won the treble,Beckham was in the form of his life but Rivaldo won it what do u have to say ?

Going back to the history of Ballon d'Or, they always prioritize individual performancea over collective. In the past if you check, you'd see people that won a lot with their clubs but were snubbed for the award because individually the winner was better.
In the 21st century, if that patterned was followed, Messi would have been winning it almost every time so after partnering with FIFA to award the FIFA Ballon d'Or, their priority changes as FIFA awards gives more weight to international competitions.
If we leave sentiment asides and judge squarely based on facts, France Football are actually tweaking the system to afford other players a chance to win the award.

Just take a look at the 3 criterias they use to judge. There's no one season that Messi wouldn't have a legitimate claim to the award base on those criterias

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 12:28pm On Dec 01
So now everyone realizes the award lost relevance since 2010.
Imagine last year the best coach was given to Jurgen Klopp, and a Bayern coach who cleared everything was snubbed, yet you all didn't see that. When Pep cleared it all, he was clearly given, but when Bayern equals the record their coach was snubbed.
It's just bad enough knowing Messi receives these award when he clearly didn't deserve it in 2010, even 2019, and now this.
Clueless football fans will bring CR7 to the topic, but his 2013 award that he didnt deserve, he paid for it with the 2019 that he deserved which he didn't win.
That of Leo, please don't come with goals goals goals, as you clearly don't have an idea of football if you keep bringing the Eibar man here.
Football fans argued he won't do well outside Barca, just imagine how he has made them feel right with the PSG show now, just imagine.
My take is, i think all Bayern players should boycott that award for life, the club deserves better respect.

did Ballon d'Or give any award last year or only FIFA The Best was.
if something so simple you don't know but you will write one long epistle base solely on misinformation and ignorance and call it facts

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 12:25pm On Dec 01
He even countered himself by his own words. He said and I quote:
“This year there’s not much between the two but for me you’ve got to give it to Lewandowski because you’ve got to take the last two years into consideration.

“His standards haven’t dropped, if anything he’s gotten better. It’s not robbery that Messi won it… Messi’s numbers are still incredible.”

He claimed this year there is no much difference between Messi and Lewandoski but he expected the organiser to have taken two years into consideration but painfully the award is just for one year football calendar.
He also went further to say "it's not a robbery that Messi won it because Messi's numbers are still incredible".
With the above it's more of emotional words that he was tired of seeing Messi winning it always and he needed a new face no matter the statistics of Messi.
Penaldo fans please cry less and read the piece very well and make viable conclusion because he jailed the incredibility of Messi but just tired of him winning it not because he doesn't deserve it.

those ones dey read?
if you ask them now, someone that have seen that post will still tell you Bent said he doesn't deserve it. Do you know better than a footballer?

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Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 12:16pm On Dec 01
you don't evaluate forwards the way you evaluate midfield. We look at the impact of a player on the pitch in relation to what he has won

I will asked you this question that I asked someone else.

Can you confidently name one phase of a game since January in the UCL or Euros that you can say if Jorginho wasn't there, Chelsea would have lost the UCL or Italy wouldn't have won the Euros?
That's impact right for a midfielder
Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 12:07pm On Dec 01

Baba...jus ignore dis guys....all throwing opinions clouded by sentiments n bias bcox dey are tired of seeing leo winning..
i jus de pray make cr7 score against arsenal tomoro, mayb the goal go releive dm the pain of this award bcoz the wailing keep increasing each day...
even dt chronic cr7 fan wey de always active for sports section still never drop post or thread bcoz she never still believe say messi win dt award...
Omor, i pity barca next week o...bcox lewa go put am for our body...

I wish say Messi go post this him post after the Golden Ball for 2014 world Cup now. E for so make sense

Sports / Re: Did Messi Really Deserve The Ballon D'or? by emae009(m): 12:04pm On Dec 01
[s][/s] So you knew this and you brought up Copa America as a criteria abi ...? grin grin ;DHahaha ...oga, you're ignorant abeg so I can't engage you. grin

I want to engage with people who know players and their worth on the field. Not fanatics that draw conclusions based on emotional support and love for cluelessness in a player

Guy you be real otondo. Collective performances imply what?? is it not team trophies. they even put (winners) in bracket but of course your brain can comprehend.
out of the 3 criterias listed there which one exactly can you put your life on that Lewandowski is above Messi?
is it overall career
or talent and fair play
or individual performance.

run along to your fellow trolls and stop disrespecting the G.O.A.T.

Person wey know football, simple questions you can answer. you think say na to play Chelsea win be football. Bring facts come no dey behave like television wey no clear.
Sports / Re: 2021 Ballon D’or: It Was Lewandowski’s Award – Darren Bent by emae009(m): 11:58am On Dec 01
Enough of all these
It has been given already so why all these unnecessary rants
We all know it belongs to Lewi but at times favoritism comes into play that's life for you. Many of us have lost so many things even when we merit it due to this favoritism and other factors. Nature have its way of doing things, Even God have his way of doing things e.g Jacob inherit his father's blessing instead of Esau by cheating and God still walk with him.

as it for once crossed you guys mind that may be this is as you say it "Nature's way" for the disrespect Messi suffered in 2018 or na only Messi case Nature get for file??
Sports / Re: Did Messi Really Deserve The Ballon D'or? by emae009(m): 11:45am On Dec 01
[s][/s] These are not the criteria used in judging. Which goes to prove my point that you don't watch football and neither do you know the criteria . Lewandowski was to be given but politics favored Messi because of the Bundesliga close down due to covid. This is a fact that is flooding the internet

what are the criteria. you don't know. but you're typing ignorance with confidence.
You watch football but you don't know it's only the Ligue 1 that didn't resume their league.
And calling propaganda on the Internet a fact just tell me a lot about you.
You fall into the category of people that don't reason for themselves but join the bandwagon.
Please what source confirmed that Lewandowski was to be given?? abi na "trust me bro" as usual.

I'll help you... below is criteria for awarding the Ballon d'Or.
PS: You still haven't answered any of my questions but you keep saying "you don't watch football"

Betting no be football

Sports / Re: Did Messi Really Deserve The Ballon D'or? by emae009(m): 10:51am On Dec 01
[s][/s] Oga, I just asked you what he won and yet you can't answered because of your bias and favoritism for tunnel vision. So arguing with you is pointless .

I see you have chosen the high road. so let's go.

He won the Copa Del Rey with Barca and the Copa America with Argentina, first time in 28 years while being POTY, Joint Highest Goal Scorer and Having the Highest Assist.

Now it's your turn. Answer my 3 questions that I've asked you so far
Foreign Affairs / Re: 15-Year-Old Student Opened Fire In U.S. School, Killing 3 And Injuring 8 (Pics) by emae009(m): 10:48am On Dec 01

He's white. They gon treat him differently like that Kyle Rittenhouse bastard.

Shoot on sight; That's not how justice and the law works.
That's how a failed state governs. Like our Nigerian police.

That's how Justice works not the Law though.
The Law isn't justice. there are two different thing.
Taking a life and serving 10 - 15 years can't be balanced on a scale.

The point I'm trying to portray was a more drastic measures should be put in place. It won't be a surprise if on questioning he will say he was feeling suicidal or just wanted to get back at his school for bullying. A competent lawyer can get him a reduced sentence for that and in no time he will be out.
If say a shoot on sight is the order of the day, when you're being bullied or feeling suicidal, you'll think twice before taking a firearm to the public because that is an automatic dead for you

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