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Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Slaps Sanctions On North Korea Over Ballistic Missile Tests by emae009(m): 6:46am On Jan 14, 2022

E ve like say u still don't get me. NK is not a regional power let alone world power. Hence, she can only take war to its neighbor.

Person wey neither get nuke wey dey tell people d kind hairstyle wey dem go cut. D wey dem go dey bow to his image and worship him. Killing people for watching a movie. I no blame u sha, u get freedom to dey use internet and type gibberish.

Imagine for a moment that Saddam Hussein had nukes, Iran would have been history. Or Iran has nukes like Isreal does. Nukes no be snacks wey dem dey dash children. People wey no even get technology to maintain their infrastructure won get nukes. Ordinary one radio hazard can wipe out thousands. Make we dey calm for our hate for America.

China never become superpower hin don dey bug Africa Union building in Ethiopia to spy on Africans. Let's just be thanking God say na only America be superpower for now.

Nice.... loud it for those blockheads at the back that lack imagination to think


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Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Slaps Sanctions On North Korea Over Ballistic Missile Tests by emae009(m): 6:43am On Jan 14, 2022

Enjoying peace and freedom

You must be an ignoramus

A faction of Boko Haram had pledged allegiance to ISIS but today ISIS is no more. Al Qaeda had operational base in Libya but today the whole network has been dismantled.
You think if these junior terror groups had the backing of the much larger ones you'd be here typing ignorantly on your phone?

The US invade and destroys countries abi yet when they pulled out of Afghanistan, thousands risk their lives just to get on the last plane that was leaving instead of enjoying the supposed "peace and quiet" that existed before the US came...

sometimes it's better to keep quiet and be considered ignorant than to open your mouth and clear all doubts

Food for thought

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Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Slaps Sanctions On North Korea Over Ballistic Missile Tests by emae009(m): 7:54pm On Jan 13, 2022
another fine example of the US leading from the front to keep the world safe.... While the "wannabes" world power Russia and China do next to nothing...
Tomorrow, the same people that are enjoying the peace and freedom will come out to shout "Death to America" ...


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Phones / Re: Elon Musk Launches Tesla Model Pi Phone. by emae009(m): 7:33pm On Jan 13, 2022

c'est à vous de rendre le verdict.

ah! tu parles français très bien?
Phones / Re: Elon Musk Launches Tesla Model Pi Phone. by emae009(m): 7:09pm On Jan 13, 2022


it's your confidence in your ignorance that's it for me.... très bien
Phones / Re: Elon Musk Launches Tesla Model Pi Phone. by emae009(m): 5:39pm On Jan 13, 2022

I am highly disappointed in you.

You, Michlins are saying this? Well, maybe, I overrated you all this time.

People dey this naija o. How lowly and empty can you sound...

Just look at what you said with boldness. Elon musk might not be planning on that direction for now. But it doesn't rule out the fact that something new can't come out. New things come to existence and humans join the bandwagon. Simple.

Most people don't think more than their environment.

you accuse me of being empty yet you are the one saying nothing. Really?
what I said is an indisputable fact but you saying nothing is the one making sense right?

We have the likes of Lucid, Nio, BYD, Rivian, Peng all making entry into the automobiles industry.
Which OS does the likes of Vivo, Cubot, OPPO, and the rest of the newly OEM in the phone industry run on?

smh... cheque yourself mate
Phones / Re: Elon Musk Launches Tesla Model Pi Phone. by emae009(m): 10:05am On Jan 13, 2022
Abeg when the phone dey comat?

Smh....no offense but grow your imagination.

Same questions were asked before iPhone s. Same questions were asked before Tesla model cars. Even Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ford etc are now researching such model of cars. Dig?

An insight. Apple has iPhone right? Best experience come when you have a MacBook. Now imagine having this Tesla phone with a Tesla car........I'll leave you to judge.

even if the phone was to be launched?
which OS will it run?
A novel OS or Android?

There's a reason why it's hard for a new OS to enter into the market. Getting developers to develop apps for the OS.
Even Harmony that's a fork of Android is finding it hard.

Cars are different from phones. We have seen new players enter into the automobiles industry and carve a niche for themselves.
But in the phone industry, all new players run AndroidOS and there's a reason for that
Politics / Re: Ahmad Lawan: We Will Reduce Level Of Nigeria's Borrowing by emae009(m): 5:47am On Jan 13, 2022
My brother that day is coming when China will show you borrow borrow people like Nigeria their true colour just wait they're still still grooming the world so there won't be any resistance from the people to announce their take over as world power from United States

because world power na party jollof wey them dey collect any how abi
Sports / Re: If You Are The Goalkeeper In This Situation What Will You Do? (photo) by emae009(m): 9:50am On Jan 12, 2022
Juniho nah still the best free kick taker wey I don see since I don dey watch football

The guy once scored a free kick from the midfield for Lyon shocked

I remember when he was still playing for Olympic Lyon, Olympic Lyon was dominating the French League back then.

I doubt there is any footballer better than him in taking free kicks

there's this either Peru keeper or one of them South American countries were score set pieces like mad
Foreign Affairs / Re: EU & NATO: Is This Hate, Or Just Hypocrisy? by emae009(m): 2:19pm On Jan 10, 2022

How does it relate to the statement?
You're the one who twisted the reply that guy gave without even reading through it to understand. I mean you clearly didn't hence your silly replies.

The guy claimed without the EU, the sanctions that US/NATO mete upon russia wouldn't be implemented. A huge chunk of Russia's oil and gas goes to the EU and the NS 2 contract can be stopped by Germany.

You claimed otherwise yet still arguing that a country can choose not to implement us sanctions on another country.

You know what..... I'm not at home now reason I'm not settling down to reply you....

I'll deal with you when I get home. Thoroughly!

like I said, spin and spin and spin and spin.

The same Nordstream 2 pipeline that was sanctioned by Donald Trump administration but reversed by President Joe Biden?

Just like the other guy, I'm sure you guys are related. From trying to imply the EU and NATO are the same to saying the EU is the sanctioning arm of NATO to the US can't apply sanctions effectively without the EU to bringing in Turkey which doesn't make sense to referring to Russia sanctions.

You can continue spinning on your own. You're good at it. Au revoir
Foreign Affairs / Re: EU & NATO: Is This Hate, Or Just Hypocrisy? by emae009(m): 1:53pm On Jan 10, 2022

I didn't read your epistle.
Meanwhile, let me ask your empty skull..... Since in your first comment you claimed any country in Nato can choose not to implement sanctions from the USA on other countries.
Tell me why the United States sanctioned turkey for purchasing weapons from a russia. ......... I hear they're putting up sanctions for India since they recently traded with russia too though some senior US diplomats are against it because they need India too for China.

Try to go straight to the point..... not this incoherent, long epistles you keep dropping for whoever you think might read them grin

How does your question even related to the statement " any country in Nato can choose not to implement sanctions from the USA on other countries"...

but I'm the empty skull right?
no sense, just vibes and inshallah
Foreign Affairs / Re: EU & NATO: Is This Hate, Or Just Hypocrisy? by emae009(m): 11:56am On Jan 10, 2022

U dey talk nonsense well well oo man.
Did USA tell you that they're gonna sanction individuals if russia invades Ukraine?

No they would target Russia's commercial banks, business firms, oil sale as well as arms etc. And that cannot be implemented without the EU.

The last time Turkey purchased weapons from Russia, they were sanctioned by the US and here you are saying a cOuNtRy In NaTo CaN cHoOsE nOt To iMpLeMeNt It. Give me a break.

If USA sanctions any country, the EU would implement it. That would remain so untill all EU countries leave NATO and that would only happen when they man up and stop relying on the USA/NATO for everything including their own security & defence!

does what you even say make sense to you?
Guy, man to man sometimes to the reply you, it takes almost everything in me to stay civil.
I said individual country and here you are talking about persons. Like how do you read. You just rush to reply.

First you guys say EU is the sanctioning arm of NATO. in what universe does that even make sense to any intelligent being?
When sanction is done by each individual country.
Maybe you should read up the EU and NATO first before writing whatever it is you're writing. Jeez.

As it is common with you, when you know your position is exposed. instead of shutting up, you'll spin and spin and spin and still end up saying what doesn't make sense.

I asked you once before if you knew anything about international trade and as usual you were quick to display your prowess of knowing nothing. International trades are done in dollars which is why the US is able to sanction countries and businesses unilaterally. But if they want it to be super effective, they will strong armed their allies to implement the same ban.
It doesn't mean if the US ban, other automatically follows. They ask or coerced (anyone that works for you).
Also if a business is under US restrictions and it has money in a bank that's owned by a corporation that is owned by another corporation that merged with a US corporation. Because a US company is involved even by the 4th tier of ownership, that money can and may be confiscated under Financial Act.

so abeg, if you want to spin and spin around again. You're free. I ain't following you to debate senseless rambling anymore
Foreign Affairs / Re: EU & NATO: Is This Hate, Or Just Hypocrisy? by emae009(m): 10:58am On Jan 10, 2022

He's 100% right stop being arrogant.
Ask yourself. Can NATO implement the sanction it would mete upon russia without the EU? no. NATO & EU aren't the same, but EU nations make up most of NATO. also Nato is run by the US irrespective of what you think. Which is why French president macron called for the EU to develop its own joint military, strengthen their economic ties one that doesn't rely on NATO which is just a fancy name for US and lapdogs....

You do know it's tiring to explain something that's so clear for a layman to see.

You guys keep wailing about sanctions. Can NATO implement sanctions? really? when sanctions are done on either individual or collective level. Like what do you guys actually know. so we can start from there.
Argentina is being sanctioned by Britain (pre-Brexit) that doesn't mean any other European countries can't sell military Gadgets to them as long as a British component isn't in it. So is that a NATO sanction or EU sanction?
When the US sanctioned Huawei, was it carries across board? No. Each individual country implemented their own sanction.
Same with China. As the US turned their attention to China, how many EU countries have they carried along? Isn't that why they're forming new alliances all over Asia?

it's 2022 abeg... I don't have strength for draining issues that's clear to see.

NATO is an organization that was created for the defense of Europe and North America.

EU is an organization of European countries that cater to their economic needs.

Sanctions in most cases are done on individual levels except in special cases.

Foreign Affairs / Re: EU & NATO: Is This Hate, Or Just Hypocrisy? by emae009(m): 10:04am On Jan 10, 2022

Where did i mention that NATO & EU are the same? I only said the two confederations work together. EU does not has it own military wing. It relies on NATO. The two are not the same. But they depend on each other. You need to develop the ability to read and comprehend.

just like my Russian foe MangekyoAlt. You guys have the same pattern of presenting your response.

Here's the comment you replied to:
EU is not NATO

and your reply was
There are just six EU countries that are not part of NATO. They are Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Malta, and Sweden.

from my own school of thought that implies that both organization are similar a.k.a the same because that was the bone of contention with regards to the comment.

So since I need to develop the ability to read and understand. Can you explain what you meant by that??
or as with you guys, you'll spin and spin and spin
Foreign Affairs / Re: EU & NATO: Is This Hate, Or Just Hypocrisy? by emae009(m): 8:33am On Jan 10, 2022

When NATO said if Russia invades Ukraine, it will respond. What do you think NATO was talking about? They are talking about economic sanctions. NATO can not place economic sanctions on Russia. It is the EU that will install & activate the sanctions. So the two work together for a course.

I hope i have been able to boost your IQ.

I have written and deleted like 5 replies now and then it dawn on me, why bother reply someone who thinks EU and NATO are the same thing.
Good luck tho
Phones / Re: Does Switching Off Mobile Data Minimized Data Consumptions? by emae009(m): 6:55am On Jan 10, 2022
For Android users yes...as long as your data is On for example, Google will continue to use it to get your locations...and some apps needs permission to constantly update in the background, which they might not use when your data is off.
#my 2cent grin

so those apps won't update when you switch on the data again??

Your delay something inevitable and call that saving??

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Foreign Affairs / Re: EU & NATO: Is This Hate, Or Just Hypocrisy? by emae009(m): 4:57am On Jan 10, 2022

There are just six EU countries that are not part of NATO. They are Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Malta, and Sweden.

who do una dz kind thing??

so does that make the European Union the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

it's 2022, apply some sense before engaging in a discussion

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Sports / Re: Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is Greater Than Messi by emae009(m): 5:23pm On Jan 09, 2022

U are the novice without sense here.... u want to compare sporting Lisbon youth system to the likes of arsenal, man u , barca , real madrid, bayern Munich, Milan..... ok , apart from Figo ,bruno and Ronaldo....mention another world class player from their youth system...most of their players end up with mid class teams .... only west ham, Southampton and ajax are the midclass teams that have produced world class players... u are the senseless child when it comes to football...

Serious people are talking about teams that constantly produce worldclass players, u are mentioning Brazil as a whole... dumb dumb

Fabregas, xavi , iniesta , pique, puyol , busquet , fati , Pedro ,valdez ... this was just on set ooo

U can never be intelligent to understand regiments of football... but as a messi fan that u are, dullness is a part of u...almajiri

you look at a team that could buy world-class players to replace their players and claim that team is easier to break into?
I'm ain't gon'response to you.
This one was just to justify your senseless stupidity.
Jeez, how slow can one be.

Honest opinion, you actually need help. it will be in the best interest of those around you; I know you don't care for yourself, to seek help.

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Sports / Re: Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is Greater Than Messi by emae009(m): 1:50pm On Jan 09, 2022

It is very easy if u are a good player and u take ur chances.... the world will easily spot u... youth team players are always given the chance... but in Lisbon, even if u get a first team shirt, how many people will watch u...again , when u start ur career with stars , its easier for ur game , compared to starting ur career with mediocre players and still get recognised by the big clubs ... its easier to make it big when u are in a big clubs youth system , especially of u are good, compared to playing for a weak side , that might not even showcase how talented u actually are... the training facilities and top coaches in barca is different from Lisbon.... again , u must be exceptionally good for a club to decide to cough out millions to sign a younger from another club ... compare that to just picking a player from ur youth system

you say something so senseless and expect people to take you seriously?
Dude, let's leave whose fan you're for a second.
Like really the comment box and genuinely say that breaking into a team that's expected to win at least 2 trophies per season, one being the UCL than it is for a team that participating is an highlight for them already.
Like do you hear yourself when you make sure unreasonable remarks or you're so blinded by fans war that you can soil yourself how you like?.

Abeg abeg stay off my comments if you can for once make a reasonable comment.

Like how old are you sef? seriously because if you know anything about football order than Ronaldo, you'd know there are teams with very good youth team all over Europe and Lisbon is one of them.
Also, most clubs have scouts that they send to watch various leagues and come up with players that they want. Or how do players in Brazilian leagues and the rest get brought to Europe?

No sense, just vibes and insallah

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