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Celebrities / Re: "I Cover You In Blood Of Jesus" Singer Teni Prays For Cleaners Of Highrise: by emmy512(m): 3:42pm On Sep 25
Watched a documentary on this guys and i must say they got balls.
Just incase you're wondering if he can sss through.

Phones / Re: Eu Wants Every Phone To Have Same Charger – Including Iphone by emmy512(m): 11:50am On Sep 24
I saw something yesterday that really baffled me , tho not Suprised.

I saw a Clip where Tim Apple, the Creator of Iphone 13 was unraveling the phone to the Audience.

According to him only Vaccinated people can unlock the iphone 13 as Your Vaccination Card , Mark or whatever it is called must be Verified by the phone before you can access it.

That's a Trade Mark of the Beast System.The antichrist is in a haste and is raging to begin his reign. Your soul is the target. Wake up so you don't Perish in Hell
Oh No!
Pets / Re: Which Domestic Animal Do You Think Is Strong Enough To Kill This Cat? (Photos) by emmy512(m): 1:25pm On Sep 23
Cat was strangled and vomited,
A python did that
Celebrities / Re: 'I Had Fs On My Report Card'- Moneybagg Yo Flaunts His Car, Money As He Turns 30 by emmy512(m): 1:05pm On Sep 23
All i see red taxes and black insurance

Liabilities all through if he bought em straight and not credit.
These are not the kind of vehicles that appreciate with time
Business / Re: Man Publicly Drags Nigerian Businesswoman For 1000$ Debt In Istanbul by emmy512(m): 12:56pm On Sep 23
I thought business with a woman is the safest until I sold some smart devices to a woman.
She wanted to buy more but told me she didnot have the complete money at hand as it wasn't planned for.

I look at her that she stays in one estate, drives a normal car that she will be responsible and gave her.
Till now, I haven't received my payment. I received a small fraction after a series of calls and messages.
Now, the remaining amount is gone.
I learnt to never collect part payment from debtors, the rest will be histroy

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Crime / Re: John Onu: Police Stray Bullet Kills Pastor During Morning Devotion In Ebonyi by emmy512(m): 2:37pm On Sep 21
Cancelling or counseling ?
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Joins ITEL To Open One-Stop-Shop In Agege, Lagos by emmy512(m): 6:25pm On Sep 18

Na your mates dey produce am in China ooooo, you still dey for secondary school in Nigeria without any hope of tomorrow
My mates?
Try again
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson Joins ITEL To Open One-Stop-Shop In Agege, Lagos by emmy512(m): 4:58am On Sep 18
Itel that will just stay and stop functioning on its own

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Crime / Re: VIDEO: Angry Village Youth Kill 10 Dogs, Burn Them After These Dogs Killed A Boy by emmy512(m): 1:09pm On Sep 17
Wasn't he aware dog's where there?
Did he inform the owners of his arrival before hand?

Does the man live inside the school? If yes i wonder why he should have dogs unleashed.

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Crime / Re: One Dies As Soldiers Arrest Policeman With 370 Bullets In Jos by emmy512(m): 9:01am On Sep 17
Torchlight phones more than 2 is a sign for kidnappers
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Attacks Army Convoy In Borno, Kills 12 Soldiers, Steals Cash- Gazette by emmy512(m): 6:46pm On Sep 16
The day this soldiers will stop using hilux as squad vehicles that's the day things will get better a bit
Politics / Re: Son: My Father Spoilt The Nigeria Army Mavic Air 2 Drone; Was Asked To Pay 750k by emmy512(m): 9:36am On Sep 15
Story doesn't add up,
Mavic last year was 400k.

A drone flying to a bikemans path , the drone and drone controller is to be blamed.

And the mavic i know will see that obstacle and dodgd it.

If story is true then the drone already had a fault and they just need new one
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Whitemoney’s Instagram Account Hacked by emmy512(m): 9:22am On Sep 15
Handler wants to create more pages with more followers for himself,
For sale etc
Romance / What Is One Example Of Manipulation? by emmy512(m): 7:10am On Sep 13
No matter what happens, never lay your hands on a woman”

You've most definitely heard this statement a million times. It wouldn't have been a bad statement were it not for the first part that says “No Matter what”

Is this gender equality? Is this your definition of the word? Parents advise their daughters to be strong and not take shit from any man, which is okay, but on the other hand; boys are advised to take shit from women because that's what makes them real men. Are you kidding me?

This is why we're gradually raising boys who will end up getting abused by their partners and see nothing wrong with it.

The media keeps peddling garbage quotes like "the day you raise your hand on a woman is the day you cease to be a man" but a woman dosent cease to be a woman the day she hits a man.

Now, in case you haven't gotten it yet, this post isn't about promoting gender based violence; it's about teaching our guys that it's okay to defend yourself if she starts hitting, it's okay to shove her if she won't stop hitting you.

Some people will quickly jump in and say "why don't you be the man and walk away". Let me tell you something; the only way to take care of bullies is to stand up to them, if you walk away, they'll come back for you.

"No matter what happens, never hit a woman", Anyone peddling this statement is trying to excuse abuses on one side, anyone making such statement is trying to silence the other side from standing up for themselves.

I'll always remember the story of Amber heard and Johnny depp; that's a prime example of what happens when you let abuses from the female gender linger, all in the name of being a man.

I also recently remembered something about the case; it wasn't Johnny who came out first, it was Amber. That means, if she hadn't come out to falsely accuse him, johnny would have remained silent and kept suffering.

That's what will happen guys, if you allow an abusive partner to continue, it's not going to stop until you address it.

This dosent only have to be about relationships, tell yourself you're worth it, and that nobody, not even a girl has the right to hit you, and if she does, defend yourself.

Defend yourself! Defend yourself!! The law will always excuse self defense, I don't know why so many guys don't seem to understand this. If a man tries to attack a woman, she's advised to go for the weak points, use any weapon around her to inflict as much pain as possible (rightly so), but when a man is being attacked by a woman, he's advised to be the bigger person and walk away.

It's shown in movies a lot, a woman hits a man first, and as the man's about to hit back, the woman goes "you're not really going to hit a woman, are you?"

Scenes like that make guys feel it's okay to be hit by women but it's an abomination to hit back.

Another statement I hear from people trying to excuse shit like this is "you can't really compare a woman hitting a man to a man hitting a woman" oh really? That statement is the most archaic thing I've ever heard; no matter how ripped you are, if a 13yr old girl punches your nose, or your eyes, or your throat, you're going to go down! Gender has nothing to do with it. Guys feel physical pain too

Never ever excuse abuses from the female gender. Here's the thing about human beings;

If a baby is sucking it's mom's breast, there are times when the baby tries to be naughty (usually due to boredom as a result of it no longer being hungry) by biting on the nipple. Now here's the thing, when it bites her, it usually looks at her face to see her reaction, if the mom looks at the child sternly, the child will know better than to try it again, but if the mom ignores it, or even worse; smiles, the child will bite on the nipple next time—harder!

That's humans for you, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. It works for all genders but I'm being specific here.

Defend yourselves guys, never excuse abuses because you want to be a gentleman. When I say "don't excuse abuses", it doesn't only have to be physically, if the situation allows you to walk away, you can walk away and file a lawsuit, but if the situation dosent allow you to walk away, hit back

This post isn't encouraging guys to hit girls, it's encouraging guys to hit back (if there's no other choice).

If I have sons, my advice would be "boys, the day you become the aggressor and hit a woman first, you become a disgrace to the male gender and a sorry excuse for a man. But if she hits you first, defend yourself however you can"

If you're a guy and you were too lazy to read this, at least take this home; never ever lay your hands on a woman, but if she does first, make her no longer a threat.

If she's man enough to throw a punch, she should be man enough to receive one as well. Nobody has monopoly of madness.

Investment / Re: Eatrich Investment Fails To Pay Billions, Investors Protest, Blame Influencers by emmy512(m): 4:05am On Sep 11
If there photos, website, social media too clean, Run!!

They're just tryna impress
Foreign Affairs / Re: Inside Euromillions Winner Car Showroom At New Home Where She Never Lived(Pix) by emmy512(m): 3:17am On Sep 07
Organic growth is the best,
Business / Re: Francis Atuche: Court Freezes ₦19.1 Billion Belonging To Ex-bank PHB MD by emmy512(m): 5:47am On Sep 03
Bank PHB that year, one day cars will run on water.
They even gave me my first glimpse of what a self driving car would be like in one of their adverts


TV/Movies / Re: What's That Movie You Can't Get Tired To Watch? (Pictures) by emmy512(m): 5:38am On Sep 03
13hrs : secret soldiers of Benghazi

In a year i watch that 6 to 8 times
Phones / Re: Nigerian Lady, Linda, Wants To Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max With N150k & Sex 10 Times by emmy512(m): 6:46pm On Sep 02
Lovina , linda,
Am i not good enough �☺️
Art, Graphics & Video / Youtube Channel by emmy512(m): 1:49pm On Aug 27
So I've been thinking of creating a YouTube channel and decided to.
It's mainly around Adobe InDesign, Self publishing, e publishing. And if after 2 years i get upto 2k subscribers I'll also start tutorials for after effects and XD
5 to 15 minutes short tutorials and talk.
It'll be mostly for those interested in publishing for print or online services and my target audience is mostly Europe,Us for self publishing authors and Nigeria for young people who wish to learn this skill to start freelancing and work for most author's that can't handle it by themselves and possibly a career in print medias in Nigeria (if they actually have vacancies)

As majority of us watch YouTube videos and have preferences, most YouTube videos i watch from this country are disappointing as the authors try more to make themselves heard than pass the message.

Any tips, tricks and problems you'll advice me to avoid is welcome.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Samsung Blocks TVs Looted By South Africans, Making Them Useless (PIX) by emmy512(m): 11:51am On Aug 27

The block function works only when you connect to internet, it is not as if the tv wouldn't work after stealing, you can use the tv as long as you want but don't connect it to the internet.

Did you read the article you posted?

Whats the use of a smart tv that's not connected to the internet
Education / Re: Doings : FUNAAB Final Year Student Storms Exam Hall With Police Escorts (VIDEO) by emmy512(m): 6:49am On Aug 20
Where luxury
Foreign Affairs / Washington DC: Man Arrested Over Bomb Threat Near US Capitol by emmy512(m): 12:40am On Aug 20
A man has been arrested after making a bomb threat near the Congress building in Washington DC.
The man, identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49, surrendered hours after the threat was made.

US Capitol Police had been negotiating with the driver who had parked a pick-up truck near the Library of Congress, across the street from the Capitol building and Supreme Court.
His motives remain unknown. Police are still searching the vehicle.
Congress is currently in recess, but some staff are working in the Capitol. Several office buildings were evacuated.

Videos purporting to be the man livestreaming from the vehicle have been shared on social media. Facebook has deactivated the livestream and removed the profile.
In the video, the man addressed US President Joe Biden directly and spoke of revolution.

Mr Roseberry had parked the vehicle on a pavement and told an officer who approached him that he had a bomb, while holding what appeared to be a detonator, Capitol Police Chief J Thomas Manger told a news conference.
Police communicated with Mr Roseberry via a white board and used a robot to deliver him a telephone, which he did not use, Chief Manger said. Mr Roseberry then stepped out of the vehicle and surrendered.

"He gave up and did not resist and our folks were able to take him into custody without incident," Chief Manger said.
Police said they discovered possible bomb-making materials in the vehicle, but no bomb. Two law enforcement sources, who requested anonymity, told the Reuters news agency that it appeared Mr Roseberry had acted alone.
Federal agents raided Mr Roseberry's home in Grover, North Carolina, during the standoff.
Neighbours told Reuters that Mr Roseberry is a Republican who had been seen wearing a "MAGA" cap to show his support for former President Donald Trump.
Security was heightened around the Capitol after supporters of Mr Trump stormed the building on January 6. At least 535 rioters have been arrested since the attack.


Politics / Re: Why Do Our Military Service Chiefs Hold Walking Sticks? by emmy512(m): 12:24am On Aug 20

Can you please tell us any other country it is happening? Me, I haven't seen but I have seen many too generals of other armies
It's not common, but the united states it is used not as much as here.

I also wondered but never asked, but certain I've seen it on documentaries and movies
Romance / Re: Has Nigeria Gotten To This Stage? My Experience With The Police Yesterday by emmy512(m): 7:45am On Aug 19
My brother was invited by a client from thats based in the US who came for her wedding last week,
So he decided to attend, his first time in lagos.
Second day in lagos he was stopped by police, he wasn't in a car that I'll say they suspected he was a yahoo boy.
Guy was on a bike.

Phones / Re: How To Identify Fake Iphone 12pro Max by emmy512(m): 8:12pm On Aug 18
You mean they're fake iPhones?
That someone can't notice just by looking at the body and user interface?
Phones / Re: "It's Time To Delete Your Facebook Account" - Brian Acton, Whatsapp Co-founder by emmy512(m): 7:46pm On Aug 18
Old news
Romance / Re: Couple Finds Out They Are Siblings After 10 Years Of Marriage And Two Kids by emmy512(m): 7:01am On Aug 18
They even look alike... How come they didn't know in the first 3 years
They thought it was the lords doing.
Like for like
Phones / Re: Apple Has Always Made Me Laugh. What A Joke. by emmy512(m): 6:58am On Aug 18

Bros I think you are the one with the half information or you are just trolling. How do you think they will get those hashes?
Bitmaps, screen data colors etc will be used to form the hashes
Crime / Re: Is yahoo plus and money ritual real? Share your experience by emmy512(m): 2:25pm On Aug 17
As a architect myself if i get two yahooboys client in a year I'm okay lol. Not that I support fraud anyways I'm only doing my job. Haha
Finish, no stress

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Phones / Re: I Just Bought A 22500mah Powerbank and this happened by emmy512(m): 9:10pm On Aug 16
I use the oraimo 20k.
Use infinix fast charger to charge it and takes 3 hours to reach the last pilot light.
But it keeps blinking.
Has never been full

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