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Education / Re: Why All Life On Earth May Be Gone In A Billion Years (Photos) by Enceladus(m): 10:16am
We are doomed one way or the other. The moon might kill us before this happens due to earth's gravity and it's Roche's limit, our sun will surely wipe us out if that doesn't happen, or maybe it will be the collision with andromeda. We have to be an intergalactic specie to have a chance of surviving these threats.
Foreign Affairs / Re: How The US And Iran Became Adversaries - A Brief History (Photos) by Enceladus(m): 11:33pm On Feb 27

Its Europe that made America what it is today
Most Americans are desendants of European migrants,black slaves and assylum seeking Hispanics
The real inhabitants are the red Indians and they are not even up to 2% of the total population of US

Reminds me of the last of the mohicans. Painful what happened to the real original americans. Living in their forefathers land as a stranger. History is indeed written by the victors!
Science/Technology / Re: Pictures Of Mars Released By NASA by Enceladus(m): 6:43pm On Feb 26
plus no oxygen for fire to cook

Hahahaha. He will probs use electric stove but because of their wattage it will probably be once in months.
Science/Technology / Re: Pictures Of Mars Released By NASA by Enceladus(m): 6:03pm On Feb 26

Lol the land wey u dey talk Cow don suck d milk and honey...

shocked grin grin. Please I don't know what you are talking about.
Science/Technology / Re: Pictures Of Mars Released By NASA by Enceladus(m): 5:56pm On Feb 26

Meaning no livingthing can survive there....

Rain doesn't fall on the ISS too....
Science/Technology / Re: Pictures Of Mars Released By NASA by Enceladus(m): 5:45pm On Feb 26
I'm tired of the earth abeg who know where dem dey colet Mars Visa...

Just know it will take 6 months to get there, you won't probably be able to come back again, you will have to say bye bye to eating meat, browsing the internet (at least in real time), you probably won't have a decent bath again, say bye bye to wearing comfy clothes, expect massive bone loss e.t.c

You still wan go or make we enjoy this land flowing with milk and honey?

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Education / Re: TOP TEN MOST POWERFUL MILITARY IN THE WORLD[PHOTOS] by Enceladus(m): 1:55pm On Feb 26
RS-28 Sarmat is an intercontinental ballistic missile that can carry many nuclear warheads. It was not designed for downing an aircraft. It can annihilate an area the size of France.

Yeah sure but the S-400 can. Was trying to point out they actually spent less (RS for land superiority + S-400 for air superiority) to achieve what the carriers can.
Education / Re: TOP TEN MOST POWERFUL MILITARY IN THE WORLD[PHOTOS] by Enceladus(m): 9:00am On Feb 26
Russians are noisemakers. Their superpower is gradually eroding.

India, France, South Korea, China, US and Turkey are the major powers in the world now

personally, I think China fear South korea, Japan and India than they fear us & Russia

Mother Russia is overrated!

America get zero chill!
24 aircraft carriers babaaa!
only dem!


I fear who no fear dem

Russians are actually strategic spenders. Though they have no aircraft carrier, they can shoot down the golden boy of the fighter jet in F-22 Raptor or the F 35 or any other fighter jet the carrier has with their RS-28 Sarmat known as satan 2 and S-400. They also have the highest number of nuclear warheads just so you know.


Programming / Re: Why So Many Junior Developers Struggle To Get An Opportunity. by Enceladus(m): 9:05pm On Feb 24

You are still talking like a noob. If you don't know something go and do research and find out the advantages and disadvantages of using a nosql database with schema over an sql database.
You are not more knowlegeable or more experienced than the people who built it. Save yourself from this ignorance.

el maestro keep playing that card ( very ridiculous by the way ) instead of giving a sound response to a constructive criticism. Naija my country grin grin grin
Programming / Re: Why So Many Junior Developers Struggle To Get An Opportunity. by Enceladus(m): 8:09pm On Feb 24

You have painted my pain point, I really hate this Document Object type of Database, we can wipe out all records in Firebase and have no idea what the schema could be like. That is quite accurate Node can't handle CPU Request, it's best for Real Time and Async, in that regard I will move to Spring or Go for speed, Node exceeds for most I/O operations. Enceladus is right , React not being opinionated is a pain point, at Interswitch 7 React Developers all write differently, one uses Saga thunk, the other uses another store management, then some Functional and some Class Approach, Vue and Svelte are one of those frameworks where you focus on the work than the engineering. Working on complex projects will expose all the pain points.

The Frontend is a mess, I will find my way soon to Flutter and Java World, even npm ecosystem is a fiasco, all it takes is to pull a bad package and you can spend the whole day finding out what the hell is going on.

I totally get you bros. I like a no nonsense language / framework with strict rules., every one is thinking the same way and using the same approach.
Programming / Re: Why So Many Junior Developers Struggle To Get An Opportunity. by Enceladus(m): 8:03pm On Feb 24

Don't talk like an ignoramus.
Have you ever heard of mongoose schema? Do some research on that it will answer your question.

This first bit cracks me up lol grin . That is what op and every body is saying- donot follow trend !! Is mongoose not an anti-pattern to a DB that has Schema less as it's main selling point? Like why use NoSql and suffer extra pain when SQL has got you covered?

Node JS thrives in data intensive applications not CPU intensive applications. If you have to build a CPU intensive app do it in another language not in node. But node is much faster and out performs languages like php for data intensive apps. So know when to use each instead of shunning one out of ignorance.

I have got nothing against node really for IO websites. And I will admit I was too quick to put it to the sword earlier. grin grin

Thirdly React JS is still by far the most popular JavaScript library/framwork second only to JQuery and that's because of legacy code. And it still commands the most Job opportunities than the others.

But that doesn't mean it's weakness are not there bro. Line 13 of the Zen of python says There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it. . And that is why I respect Rob Pike with the design of GoLang. React has Class/Functional Component wahala, Absolutely zero network handling capability, Routing, Redux, Thunk or Saga, Formiq or React Hook Form, fetch or axios or ky, Styled-Component or makeStyle and so on that I can keep mentioning.

My advise to you is don't follow the crowd to shun any technology try to understand it and know when to use it.

grin grin I don't shun stack but I don't like people jumping on hype train either.
Programming / Re: Why So Many Junior Developers Struggle To Get An Opportunity. by Enceladus(m): 2:47pm On Feb 24
I don't know why people like to blindly follow BS trends. Believing everything every project is MERN, me i always use them to laugh sha because when the time comes to pay the technical debt I won't be there.

Mongo Db is just like javascript. At first you enjoy the dynamic typing then one day you find an integer value in a place where array should be. Schema less is tempting but one day a simple change will throw all your code into flames.

Hosting Mongo DB is also a pain. It is on many order of magnitude harder than it's sql counterparts. Many big companies are dumping it for Postgres self.

React is almost cool. But it is not opinionated and that is exactly it's weak point.

How will Node and express cope when you have thousands/millions of cpu intensive requests? MERN IMO is for small scale apps.


Stop condemning a certain technology. How could you come up with the idea that MERN STACK is nonsense. Who told u MongoDB isn't used in production. Have u gone through the statistics in stackoverflow and see the community of experienced developers using MERN STACK. That u don't make use of a certain technology doesn't mean there are no opportunities there for it. Useful projects are being developed using this technology and I am a proud of it. I like ur advice in general though but I have heavy exception at the fact that u are condemning MERN STACK. That u don't use it doesn't make it any less important...
Music/Radio / Re: Spotify Set To Launch In Nigeria Very Soon by Enceladus(m): 11:15pm On Feb 22
So we can finally stop using vpn grin grin
Science/Technology / Re: NASA Rover "Perseverance" Lands On Mars After 7 Months by Enceladus(m): 12:28pm On Feb 20

Until then, we may have to add or subtract from the equation.

We simply can't. The equation is the embodiment of the law of the universe itself. Through Warp drive or wormhole remains the only feasible way of traveling ftl.
Science/Technology / Re: NASA Rover "Perseverance" Lands On Mars After 7 Months by Enceladus(m): 9:23am On Feb 20

Means that if we can develop an electromagnetic thrust engine, it will take roughly about 15mins to land on Mars from earth, thats the future... Back to my lab.

But e=mc2
Science/Technology / Re: NASA Rover "Perseverance" Lands On Mars After 7 Months by Enceladus(m): 7:05pm On Feb 19

Heard about "terraforming"?

Elon Musk's twitter head shows four stages of terraforming Mars,I guess that would be his next move after safely getting people there.

Teraforming is a pipes dream with our current technology. Elon won't be allowed to nuke mars because that's just batshit crazy to say the least.
Science/Technology / Re: NASA Rover "Perseverance" Lands On Mars After 7 Months by Enceladus(m): 7:03pm On Feb 19
The adventure and death of the rover i still love most was opportunity rover. The stuff took many years before it finally died. I love things about space especially documentaries on ISS. international space station.

My battery is running low and it's getting dark. Good ol times.
Science/Technology / Re: NASA Rover "Perseverance" Lands On Mars After 7 Months by Enceladus(m): 12:40pm On Feb 19
Awesome. This will help a lot on research and potential life forms on Mars.

A trip to Mars currently take about 8 months at crazy speeds, twists and turns. No human can survive that. The Endurance rover that just got to Mars was launched in July last year.

We are still working on safer, faster means to getting people to Mars.

Also, we need to be sure about the availability of enough oxygen, proper gravity and the right atmospheric condition on Mars. We also need a safe way to transport any human on Mars back to earth.

We'll help you download any file. For the latest PC games delivery all over Nigeria https://www.nairaland.com/1035742/garnet-pc-games-sale-cheapest.

A counter orbital slingshot around venus will get you there in 6 months or less.

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Programming / Re: Chronicle Of A Data Scientist/analyst by Enceladus(m): 9:38pm On Feb 12
What are bi-directional attention networks? And their applications...

Please, I need some explanations and articles on topic.


Hello, seems late but do you still need an explanation on this?
Sports / Re: Lionel Messi Named Football's GOAT During NFL Super Bowl by Enceladus(m): 11:38am On Feb 09
The Greatest


Politics / Re: Federal Capital Cows: Cattle, motorists finding space on Abuja road by Enceladus(m): 1:49pm On Feb 08
First class citizens

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Religion / Re: The Rapture: Before Or After The Great Tribulation? by Enceladus(m): 10:59am On Jan 31
Christians and their delusions. Tribulation, rapture, hellfire etc are all illogical concepts that were created by cavemen years ago to control the people. That so many people still believe those nonsense in the 21st century is really baffling.

Hmm. Descendant of apes which inturn comes from Catarhinni Monkeys and from Rats which in turn comes from from lizards to fish to bacteria and finally to unicellular life well done.

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Celebrities / Re: Zubby Michael Meets Nkem Owoh 'Osuofia' (Photos, Video) by Enceladus(m): 5:23pm On Jan 30

Oyinbo man I go chop your dollar.. grin grin grin
Career / Re: My Boss Dropped An Internship Applicant Because Of This by Enceladus(m): 10:55am On Jan 30

We actually do a lot of communication and they are required to help us in that part. We groom many of them to write the basics and honestly it gets embarrassing sometimes, because you begin to wonder wetin dey worry some graduates.

Okay. If that's the case then I wouldn't want to consider him either but I might due to his mental prowess.

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Career / Re: My Boss Dropped An Internship Applicant Because Of This by Enceladus(m): 4:46pm On Jan 29

English Language na.

So he smashed the logical and probably the most important part of the assessment (that was written in English for that matter) and yet he was disqualified because of his minor grammatical errors abi ? Unless you work in a communication client(s) facing field, I don't see any point in dropping him. We carry English for head like the Brits but absolutely zero skills.


Politics / Re: Jack Rich Celebrates 46th Birthday In Senator Kalu's Camp (pix) by Enceladus(m): 12:18pm On Jan 29
Please, what's wrong with the pics ? I am still yet to detect it

She's holding the hot part.
Career / Re: My Boss Dropped An Internship Applicant Because Of This by Enceladus(m): 10:07am On Jan 29
That's very harsh. We Africans like to overdo. Last time I checked the English language doesn't even have a formal regulator. If I may ask in what language was the aptitude test in?
Romance / Re: #SilhouetteChallenge: What Is The Silhouette Challenge? How To Do It (Video) by Enceladus(m): 6:53am On Jan 29
How is this shite a challenge? Our world is gradually being dominated by perverted boys and low self esteem girls.

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Romance / Re: My Little Sister's Wedding Pictures by Enceladus(m): 11:51am On Jan 28
I go love o. Such Beautiful couples. Tell them to read less of romance section !

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Travel / Re: Dear Lagosians, by Enceladus(m): 3:28pm On Jan 24

Expensive and fast city....

When I was working at Ogba and living at Abule Egba, Half my salary goes to transport and the same bus you took for 50# in the morning could become 200 in the evening.... I kukuma resigned and went to Ondo state

So true but the reverse is my case here. #600 in the morning and #300 in the evening for the same distance.


Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes The All-Time Leading Goalscorer In Football History by Enceladus(m): 5:47am On Jan 21

Ronaldo has played over 150 matches more than Messi. Messi has a better goal per game ratio.

Until Ronaldo scores 91 goals in a calendar year,until he wins the European golden boot six times then Messi remains the greatest goal-scorer ever.

Have some shame, penaldo fanboy.

Leave the girl bro. Nigerians argue with full biasness. Am sure she was aware of that fact but she thought it inconsequential because of her bias.

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