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Business / Re: Please Help! Gtbank Is Trying To Charge Me For ATM Card Twice by Ermacc: 1:52pm On Sep 05, 2018
Op you got too jittery at the expiration of your ATM card, and hence, complicated things for yourself. The bank already know they can't afford to keep you waiting, and proactive measures are being arranged for your pleasure.
Don't be old-fashioned; when you bank with gtb, you have to relax and see things work out for you. Here, you only move a muscle when you have to.

GTB is the best bank in the world; technology de rush dem
Exactly. I don't know why people are always out for Gtbank. Arguably the best bank in Nigeria in terms of Customer service delivery

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Politics / Re: Our Contract Awards Pass Through Due Process- Akwa-Ibom Govt by Ermacc: 12:11pm On Jun 17, 2018
I’m a Yoruba man but truth be told, it seems like the ibos are doing well better than the Southwestern states lately. The likes of Ajimobi, falase are useless. Their only developmental ideas are sharing bags of rice and oil. If the majority of young ibo boys will just forget dubious acts, I think their region will be very successful and attract investors.
Typical south westerner. If you are not Yoruba, not Hausa, then most definitely you are Ibo. Please I'll encourage you south westerners to travel more and stop addressing everyone from the south-south & south east as igbos. Btw, your summary sentence depicts absolute stupidity of the first class.
Education / Re: Inside The First-Class Schools Children Of Akwa Ibom Elite Attend by Ermacc: 11:24pm On Jun 06, 2018

Lol you you guys are clowns. Instead if just showing me pictures of your great schools your mad I criticized state government. Political prostitition is bad guys. I guess these broken down building are also staged. Feel free to post your pictures from public school you have your family at. I'll be waiting and will call Lala to bring post to front page.


Students at Ntiat and Mbak 1 Comprehensive Sec Sch, Itu (Photo taken by Cletus Ukpong)

Pupils sleeping on cold, bare floor at Annang Peoples Primary School, Ikot Iyire, Ukpom Abak,(Photo taken by Cletus Ukpong)

Pupil sleeps on the verandah of a classroom in Ukana Iba, Essien Udim (Photo taken by Cletus Ukpong)

Don't mention me again
Education / Re: Inside The First-Class Schools Children Of Akwa Ibom Elite Attend by Ermacc: 11:01pm On Jun 06, 2018

You're just a terrible person, better take down this post.
Did you visit all the schools in Aks to see that they're all bad or you just chose these 3 bad schools to spread fake news?
Don't waste your time arguing with the op, check the topics from "it's" profile. He's just a biased reporter on a vengeful mission
Education / Re: Inside The First-Class Schools Children Of Akwa Ibom Elite Attend by Ermacc: 10:50pm On Jun 06, 2018
the last picture though

you mean you made those kids lay on the floor just because to want to discredit Udom Emmanuel?

i insist Udom till 2023 grin
Exactly what I'm saying. Biased reportage from the op. cc mires
Education / Re: Inside The First-Class Schools Children Of Akwa Ibom Elite Attend by Ermacc: 10:17pm On Jun 06, 2018

Bro, like you said, there's an element of biased reporting from the post. Nigerian states in general have failed in all ramifications not only in education and Akwa Ibom state as the reporter will want the general public to believe.

I am not saying this because i want to hold a brief for any of the politicians he mentioned. Gone are the days when our governments look inward to create parity in service delivery to citizenry. To me, Governor Udom is a failure when compared to his predecessor, the Senate minority leader, Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio. However, the state of public schools at Akwa Ibom is not his making. The reporter should not look forward to the likes of Udom to send their children to public schools.

Before Udom-Emmanuel became the chief executive officer of Akwa Ibom state, he was comfortably paying about #3m annually for each of his two daughters in one of the affluent schools in South West Nigeria where you have children of who's who in Nigeria including state Governors. He also ensured that they travelled to the best states in the world for their University education. I am privy to these information given that I was privileged to prepare them in Cambridge GCE.

One who can't afford to send his/her children to private schools like the above mentioned school students will say, should go and work smart.
I wasn't in any way against his post. I just stated something I've noticed about that moniker over time. I, personally, is not a fan of Udom's government, leadership style and policies.

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Education / Re: Inside The First-Class Schools Children Of Akwa Ibom Elite Attend by Ermacc: 8:31pm On Jun 06, 2018
What aspect of public education is working in Akwa Ibom. Even the governors most staunch supporters dont send their children to public schools. They can only say he's trying while they fork over cash private schools owned by the same politicians who wrecked public education.

•schools are understaffed
•building in shambles
•teachers arent being paid (gratuity)
•shortage of schools

Front Page: Lalasticlala
Have you been to other Nigerian states? You will realise that their public schools are 10x worse. I've noted that all you do is paint an extremely bad image of the Akwa Ibom state government. What ever personal grievance you have with either Akpabio or the present Governor shouldn't obstruct objectivity in your thought process. Keep on shielding your dark hatred with your so called investigative reports.


Health / Re: . by Ermacc: 9:14am On May 26, 2018
There is this guy in my department, he is among the best students in my class and a friend too but recently I discovered that he smokes cigarette(like I caught in the act),I was so surprised because I think he is still young for that(about 18 years of age)....what surprised me most is that as he is an intelligent person,I think he should know the risk of smoking....what advice can.I give him to stop it [s] so as him not to constitute nuisance in the future and even in this country(cos youth are the leaders of tomorrow as they say)

smokers are no nuisance to the society.
Health / Re: . by Ermacc: 8:40am On May 26, 2018
He smokes cigarette
just discuss the long term bad effect with him. that won't stop him though, if he's been smoking for 3 months plus. Cigarette addiction is quite strong especially when a supposed intelligent person smokes it, cause he's already aware of the cons. If he smokes it for the tiny bit of euphoria nicotine gives, introduce him to cannabinoid edibles, it will completely blow his mind and he make him uneasy; he may completely lose interest in euphoria inducing drugs( this is method is not practical tho, but it worked for my niece). If he smokes to relief stress or for calmness, then I don't know what to say.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-Power: Why We Introduced The "Resign From Program" Button On Your Dashboard by Ermacc: 8:34am On May 26, 2018
upgraded NYSC scheme


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: When The Interviewer Asks You If YOU Have Any Questions For THEM by Ermacc: 7:42am On May 26, 2018
This depends on the job and industry you are applying for. You can ask them recent economic questions, asking for their opinions if the job relates to finance. Do a research on the company and ask a very deep question regarding the company or culture. You can also ask for their personal experiences while working for the company. whatever question you ask, make it intelligent or let it relax the interviewers. I won't advise you ask "when am I resuming" unless of course, you did exceedingly well in the interview. All the best.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Tattoos And Enlistment In The Nigerian Army by Ermacc: 1:09pm On May 22, 2018
2012 post on front page. Lol. The OP go shock.
delay is not denial grin
Romance / Re: Don't Marry Guys Who Have This 10 Habits... by Ermacc: 12:31pm On May 19, 2018
Op Pls how do I send u this Waka that I have packaged for u. A guy that does not have one of the above will be very boring to make friend with.. That shiit is with makes life fun.
Kukuma don't marry again then undecided
Useless thread see what a man is writing


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Common Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid by Ermacc: 8:47am On May 19, 2018
8. Not knowing somebody who is "somebody" in the Company.

This is by far the worst offence of all, as far as Naija is concerned.

Having ensured that you have avoided no 1-7 above, not knowing somebody means you are most likely wasting the interview panel's time, and, more importantly, your own time.
they are very reputable firms that hire strictly on merit.


Politics / Re: Picture Of Buhari After Completing His Masters In War College In 1980 by Ermacc: 8:18am On May 19, 2018
Investment / Re: Abuja Overtakes Lagos In Foreign Capital Inflows by Ermacc: 10:59am On May 12, 2018
well, when the head of almost all NGO is at Abuja, I'm not surprised.


Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage, Wizkid And Chioma. Who Rocked The ($690) 248k Fendi Tee Better? by Ermacc: 6:41am On May 11, 2018
my pvc rocked it better. #back2daura

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Celebrities / Re: Ozzy Etomi: "Husbands Pay Housewives Salaries" - Waje, Dencia & Eku Edewor React by Ermacc: 12:07pm On May 10, 2018
the funny thing about this is that I was expecting the comment from waje to come from a foreign based person like Dencia and that of Dencia from waje ..but it was the reverse,.... the way most Nigerian women carry feminism for head now, it shows how fast we learn unnecessary things from the westerners and dump the necessary ones
exactly! I was expecting Dencia to support Ozzy and Waje to bash Ozzy, but the reverse is the case.


Health / Re: A Review Of Common Dangerous Drugs by Ermacc: 11:05am On May 10, 2018

Tell me one person that marijuana has killed
But there are tonnes of people who died as a result of excessive sugar
it doesn't kill, but the effects are damning just as listed by the o.p
Health / Re: Nigerian Lady Lists The Dangerous Substances Consume By Youths by Ermacc: 10:43am On May 08, 2018
i dropped weed and went without it for a whole year just to test the theory of addiction. I never got addicted and i am back to my wee wee. Haters get lost
lBro. I am a pot-head, I lived in a crackhouse, let's not deceive ourselves.
Health / Re: Nigerian Lady Lists The Dangerous Substances Consume By Youths by Ermacc: 10:08am On May 08, 2018
Too much of anything will always produce bad effects.
the probability of getting addicted to weed is very high, that's because we keep on saying stuffs like "it's not dangerous".
Health / Re: Nigerian Lady Lists The Dangerous Substances Consume By Youths by Ermacc: 9:55am On May 08, 2018
Marijuana isn't dangerous.
it's not dangerous, but it has very bad side effects if not controlled
Business / Re: 6 Money Myths That Has Left So Many Nigerians Broke by Ermacc: 6:32pm On May 04, 2018
Culture / Re: To Maintain The Rolls-Royce Of The Emir Of Kano, Sanusi: See What It Takes by Ermacc: 12:40pm On Apr 05, 2018
And you'll tell me not to get married to a rich man undecided Thunder fire broke guys...... money is relevant smiley

Let's make poverty a history say NO to dating broke guys together we can overcome poverty...... kiss kiss
How about you strive to make the money and stop waiting to feast on someone's else hustle

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Tips To Becoming A Devoted Slave Of Allah by Ermacc: 9:21am On Mar 23, 2018
Slave? The topic of this thread is nauseating.

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TV/Movies / Re: Photos Of Teddy-A's Son Wearing His Campaign T-shirt Shared By Layla Amani by Ermacc: 9:53am On Mar 07, 2018
Nice one, the boy looks like that midfielder that was sold to juventus from wikki tourist. what's his name again?


TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by Ermacc: 8:46am On Feb 26, 2018

lol. one thing i like abt muslim ladies. they are straight forward. meant business if it's business. Lolu want to put himself to that emotion zone that can get a man depressed.
Muslim lady? Keep decieving yourself.


Politics / Re: Names Of 105 Missing Dapchi Schoolgirls (Full List By The Nation Newspaper) by Ermacc: 2:41pm On Feb 24, 2018
story for the gods
they will be exchanged for the remaining imprisoned boko haram members and billions if naira. And the circle goes like this
Boko haram unleashes terror and kill hundreds
Soldiers repel them and arrest 50
Zombies keep shouting Sai baba is winning against terrorism
boko haram strike again and kidnap 100 girls
Buhari and his fellow thieves pay the terrorists in billions plus releasing the 50 of them arrested
Boko haram releases 60 of the girls and keep 40
Zombies shout sai baba is working sai baba till eternity
Boko haram takes some millions from the Ransom and buy more deadly weapons
they strike again and kill hundreds
and the cycle continues

At the end of the day, boko haram is happy buhari and his co thieves are happy, zombies keep shouting sai barbarian, their brothers up north keep dying in their numbers.

Also look at it this way, the money paid as ransom will be inflated. Apc needs cash for 2019 elections. Thiefs grin


TV/Movies / Re: #BBNaija: Sex, Nudity & The Big Brother Naija Reality Show... What's It About? by Ermacc: 7:29am On Feb 21, 2018
Romance / Re: What Is The Height Of A Tall Man? by Ermacc: 9:52am On Feb 06, 2018

Funny how you make an 'average' research biased. You practically picked your 'study' from a 'recognized environment' due to the fact that you've stayed there and is familiar with its environs and your 'supposed' averages.

Take individual headcount of all the people in Nigerian and watch your 'suppose average' nosedive. What geographic locations have to stayed in enough to call 5.9-5.11 average?? Lol, dude go get your stats right
his analysis is good


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