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Education / Re: Femi Ositade Gets $3.5M Scholarships From Harvard, 13 Foreign Universities by Essential(m): 8:00pm On Apr 22
If this boy is from eastern part of Nigeria? Social media for done cast.

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Crime / Re: Aye Confraternity Allegedly Loses Over Sixty Members To Cult Clashes Nationwide by Essential(m): 10:42am On Mar 28
Little birds and their fairy tales. 7 Eiye head for 1 aye. Aye no be joke o. world wide. If you want to know google . You go fear fear. 7 is a spiritual number. One against the rest of them. We win wars everywhere.
Politics / Re: Governor Obaseki Finishing Well And Finishing Strong by Essential(m): 10:05pm On Mar 01
The worst governor ever. Social media governor. Let the rain start and we will see well he finish
Foreign Affairs / Re: Polish Farmers Beg Putin To Fix Their Government, Ukraine & EU (Photos) by Essential(m): 12:26pm On Feb 21

Mynd44 remember I pointed you towards Russian propaganda on this forum? This user is just one of those appendages.

You all need to consider putin has used every form of dissent and protests to his advantage to:

1. Cause discontent in NATO
2. Weaken NATO/US partnership
3. Grow animosity against the west using useful idiots from Africa according to AfdB.

If you are a salient observer and an objective consumer of Democratic norms and news, you should be able to spot this disinformation campaign miles away.

Damn you

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Politics / Re: Edo 2024: Dennis Idahosa Thanks Supporters And President Tinubu by Essential(m): 7:18am On Feb 18

Yes our girls are fine and we the guys have long dick. Mine is 7.5 but there are people with 9.5 and above and We know how to use it.
Politics / Re: Edo 2024: Dennis Idahosa Thanks Supporters And President Tinubu by Essential(m): 7:15am On Feb 18
edo babes too fine, but i think their guys is the reverse
Yes our girls are fine and we the guys have long dick. Mine is 7.5 but there 9.5 and above. We know how

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Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Files Petition Against Davido by Essential(m): 7:40pm On Jan 09
Davido is brat that is always seeking attention.
Politics / Re: Kinsmen Endorse Shaibu For Edo Governorship by Essential(m): 12:40am On Nov 17, 2023
Speak for yourself,

Damnnn niggar

I'm a real niggar

And a strong Bini son
Father Bini mother Bini

But I think they should look for someone in esan and make him the candidate
Same thing with other party..
Travel / Re: Port Harcourt: Nigeria's Silently Beautiful City (Pictures) by Essential(m): 5:57am On Sep 03, 2023
Fake city most community in pH smell like shit and the rivers are full of shit. Many of them shit in public toilet in the the river. You can not ever go close to their river side because it is fill with shit and dirt. The biggest development in pH and rivers state is the flyover, Nothing else.

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Family / Re: 'A Man Who Lives In This Kind Of Apartment Shouldn't Be Thinking Of Marriage' by Essential(m): 11:42am On Aug 15, 2023
Lesbians everywhere
Religion / Re: Nairalander's Church Picnic In Russia: Photos by Essential(m): 11:06pm On Aug 13, 2023
The guy is cool and anything he post has life in it. You deserve all good things.


Education / Meet Sarki Abba From Kano State, 9as In 1984 by Essential(m): 6:39pm On Aug 13, 2023
Meet Sarki Abba from Kano State, the genius that was made to rewrite WASCE after scoring 9 distinctions In 1984, 16-year old Abba, a student of Science Secondary School Dawakin Tofa, scored 9 distinctions (8 A1 and 1 A2) in his West African Senior School Certificate (WASCE) Exams. Examination authorities in Lagos didn't believe Abba made those excellent scores without cheating. The authorities provided a car that took Abba to Lagos in order to retake the exam. Abba was made to take the 9 exams in a duration of 3 days, under heavy supervision. After marking the rescheduled exams, he scored 9 A1 (the only ‘A2’ he had in English Language before the retake, became ‘A1’ resulted to 9 A1) Faced with shock, the authorities apologized and instituted the National Merit Award. And, rightfully, Sarki Abba was the first recipient of the award. In 1989/90 school session, 21, Sarki Abba graduated as OVERALL BEST Medical Student, and OVERALL BEST Graduating Student at ABU, Zaria— he was just 21.


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Religion / Re: Nairalander's Church Picnic In Russia: Photos by Essential(m): 6:31pm On Aug 13, 2023
Interesting guy, thanks for sharing and distraction from Nigeria problem.

We love you and please continue to educate us.
Religion / Re: Nairalander's Church Picnic In Russia: Photos by Essential(m): 6:19pm On Aug 13, 2023
See your dull brain
This propaganda was sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to project a friendly and prosperous Russia to Africans as part of Russia's attempt to colonize parts of Africa.

Have you noticed that none of these African "students" have anything negative to say about Russia?
Politics / Re: Jim Obazee: Tinubu Appoints Special Investigator To Probe CBN & Related Entities by Essential(m): 8:27am On Jul 31, 2023
This man try to stop general overseers and church inheritance by wife or children of the general overseers. The ran to the vice President and got him sack.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine Attacks Russian Capital Moscow With Drone Strikes by Essential(m): 4:39am On Jul 25, 2023
This comedian want to destroy Ukraine. He should know Putin by now. Evey city in Ukraine will burn.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Banning Sex Change In Russia by Essential(m): 4:24am On Jul 25, 2023
Celebrities / Re: Anita Brown Posts The Receipt Of Cash She Received From Davido by Essential(m): 8:00pm On Jun 28, 2023
A wise man once said:
As a Man, Never Allow Your Erection to Give you Direction.
Erection and Direction

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Crime / Re: Usman Buda: Photos From The Burial Of Butcher Killed By Mob In Sokoto by Essential(m): 7:57pm On Jun 28, 2023
There's just something about Islam that seems to breed violence. Maybe it's the fact that the Quran seems to condone violence against "non-believers." Or maybe it's the fact that so many Muslims seem to think that violence is an acceptable way to solve problems. Also,Islam seems to be the religion of choice for many terrorists.

Why is that? Why do so many Muslims seem to be drawn to violence? There's no easy answer, but part of the problem may be the way that Islam is taught. In many Muslim countries, and northern Nigeria the Quran is taught as a literal text, which can lead to a distorted view of the world.
And, unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of moderation in the Muslim community. Many Muslims are either too extreme in their views or too moderate. There's very little middle ground.

This can and has led to some dangerous situations. For example, when a group of extremists takes control of a country, the moderate Muslims can be forced to go along with their views or risk being persecuted.
This is what we're seeing in places like Syria and Iraq. The extremists are taking over and the moderates are being forced to flee.

I mean, think about it: if we're going to start punishing people for criticizing religion, then where does it stop? Are we going to start punishing people for criticizing the government? Or for criticizing other people's opinions?
It's just not right. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and no one should be punished for expressing it.

Besides, what's the point of having a free society if we're not allowed to express our opinions freely?
Just as the Bible is a choice of book for liars.
Health / Re: My Girlfriends Have Left Me Because I Have Erectile Dysfunction by Essential(m): 4:45pm On Jun 24, 2023
Since when? Did it just started? Are you using any hard drug.


Foreign Affairs / Re: How Putin Private Army Turned Against Him by Essential(m): 3:07pm On Jun 24, 2023
I pity this man, he only going to bring out the beast in Putin. All Russia rebel were crushed and silence by Putin when he became president.
Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Putin’s Plane Has Left Moscow For St. Petersburg. by Essential(m): 2:56pm On Jun 24, 2023

Putin’s plane has left Moscow for St. Petersburg.

Looks like he is fleeing from the advancing Wagner Group military column.
Fake News
Fake News
Foreign Affairs / Re: 180 Russian Soldiers Surrendered To The Wagnerites. by Essential(m): 10:10am On Jun 24, 2023

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia's Wagner Group Declares War On Russian Army by Essential(m): 2:35am On Jun 24, 2023
If you believe this is shit u are as dumb as the comedian that is making joke at expense of the life Ukrainians.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia To Create Buffer Zone Inside Ukraine by Essential(m): 9:50pm On Jun 15, 2023
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. create buffer zone in an area you don't fully control, and still losing territory. I find it funny you don't recognize a joke when you see one
Losing territory, guy whose shit are u smoking?
Food / Re: Anthrax Disease: FG Advises Public To Desist From Consuming Ponmo by Essential(m): 10:44am On Jun 12, 2023
Its not for my Southwest brothers.
People and cheap tins, why not eat fish and beef for now.
One region cry for a tasteless shit.
Music/Radio / Re: Burna Boy Ran After Davido Car When He Met Him In Porthacut”- B-red by Essential(m): 10:48pm On Jun 09, 2023
If Burna catch and beat these boys. People go say Burna Boy na bully.
Cat dey sleep, two small small rat go bite e tail.
Davido if you see or hear Burna for club abeg run ooooohh.
Foreign Affairs / Putin Comments On Ukrainian Counter Offensive by Essential(m): 8:28pm On Jun 09, 2023
Putin comments on Ukrainian counteroffensive
Kiev’s long-anticipated push to retake lost territories has started, the Russian president says
Putin comments on Ukrainian counteroffensive
Russian President Vladimir Putin © Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
The much-anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive has started, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. He cited the deployment of Kiev’s strategic reserves as a telltale sign of the operation.

“We can state with absolute certainty that this Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun, and the use of strategic reserves points to it,” Putin said at a press conference on Friday.

The president noted that particularly heavy fighting has been ongoing for five days, with Russian troops managing to hold their positions.

He also claimed that the Ukrainian military has suffered far heavier casualties than the “classic” three-to-one ratio often expected during an offensive.

However, Kiev has still retained its offensive capabilities, Putin said. He added that he expected Russian commanders to “assess the situation realistically” and act accordingly.

The Russian leader also acknowledged that Moscow’s troops are facing shortages of modern weapons, and expressed hope that the country’s military industry will soon be able to satisfy growing demand.

Ukraine has taken ‘significant’ losses this week – CNNREAD MORE Ukraine has taken ‘significant’ losses this week – CNN
Putin attributed the purported failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive to the effectiveness of the armaments already at the disposal of Russian forces.

On Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed that the Ukrainian military had tried to break through Russian defenses in Zaporozhye Region. However, this attempt was thwarted by pre-emptive artillery and aerial strikes, the official claimed.

According to the minister, Kiev’s forces suffered losses running into the thousands as a result.

On Friday, Moscow stated that Ukraine had lost up to 1,240 troops and 39 tanks in just 24 hours. Dozens of armored vehicles and artillery units, including ones provided by Western countries, were also destroyed, Russian military officials claimed.

Citing anonymous senior US officials, CNN also reported that the Ukrainian military had sustained “significant” casualties this week.

The outlet’s sources described “greater than expected resistance from Russian forces.”
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine: US Politicians Are Bloodtasty For Murder, Death - Majorie Taylor Greene by Essential(m): 11:00am On Jun 07, 2023
Fear Russia with Bombing

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Foreign Affairs / Xi Tells China’s Security Chiefs To Prepare For ‘dangerous Storms’ by Essential(m): 3:46pm On Jun 06, 2023
Xi tells China’s security chiefs to prepare for ‘dangerous storms’
The president has warned that the country must prepare for “worst-case” scenarios as its security situation deteriorates
Xi tells China’s security chiefs to prepare for ‘dangerous storms’

China faces increasingly difficult and complex national security challenges and must prepare for “worst-case” scenarios by increasing its capacity to deal with internal and external threats, President Xi Jinping has warned.

“We must be prepared for worst-case and extreme scenarios and be ready to withstand the major test of high winds, choppy waters and even dangerous storms,” state-run news agency Xinhua quoted Xi as saying on Tuesday in a meeting with China’s top security officials in Beijing. He added that more efforts were needed to modernize the nation’s security architecture and “get prepared for actual combat and dealing with practical problems.”

Xi made his comments to the National Security Commission amid increasing tensions with the US. Just this week, Beijing declined Washington’s request for a meeting between the two countries’ defense chiefs when both men attend a security conference in Singapore in June, citing the need for US officials to respect China’s sovereignty and security concerns.

China cut off defense and climate ties with Washington last August over alleged meddling by US officials in Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning demanded on Wednesday that the US stop flying spy planes over the South China Sea, calling the flights “dangerous provocations.” Her statement came one day after the US Indo-Pacific Command accused a Chinese pilot of causing a near-collision by buzzing his fighter jet in front of an American reconnaissance plane in international airspace above the South China Sea.

The Pentagon has labeled China “the most consequential and systemic challenge” to US national security – an assessment that Beijing derided as an excuse to expand Washington’s nuclear arsenal and maintain its military hegemony.

Xi urged his security chiefs to build up “strategic self-confidence,” improve the coordination of their operations and utilize more advanced technology. He called for enhanced real-time monitoring of security threats, a better early warning system and improved handling of computer data and artificial intelligence (AI).

“The complexity and severity of national security problems faced by our country have increased dramatically,” Xi said.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has tried to stymie China’s development of advanced semiconductor chips, at least partly because of their importance in advancing AI technology. Those measures have included restrictions on exports of semiconductors and advanced chip-making equipment to China.

Last week, China banned purchases of products from Micron Technology, the largest US maker of computer memory chips, citing “significant security risks.” Some observers interpreted the move as retaliation for Washington’s efforts to contain China’s chipmaking industry. US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo responded by saying Washington “won’t tolerate” the Micron ban.
Foreign Affairs / Ukraine Sent Untrained Soldiers Into Bakhmut ‘meat Grinder’ – WSJ by Essential(m): 10:40pm On May 25, 2023
“Bakhmut will teach you,” a commander reportedly told a soldier who complained he had never held a gun before
Ukraine sent untrained conscripts into Donbass ‘meat grinder’ – WSJ
Ukrainian soldiers ride on a BMP infantry fighting vehicle toward Artyomovsk (Bakhmut). © AFP / Sergey Shestak
Kiev used untrained and poorly equipped troops in the lost battle for the strategic Donbass city of Artyomovsk, which the Ukrainians call Bakhmut, in order to save better units for its planned counteroffensive, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

In an article on Thursday, the US outlet told a story of a group of 16 Ukrainian conscripts, who were crushed by the Russian forces during the fighting in Artyomovsk, in Russia’s Donetsk People’s Republic in February.

The troops in question were “mostly poor men,” many of whom were unemployed. They had been recruited by the Ukrainian military from villages in the northeastern Kharkov Region, the report said. Some had completed mandatory military service years or decades ago, but almost none had ever seen actual combat, it added.

According to the WSJ, the men spent only two nights at a base, where they were handed Soviet-era rifles and uniforms. After that, they were told that they were being deployed to Artyomovsk – the scene of a months-long standoff between Russian and Ukrainian forces that has been described as a “meat grinder” and the biggest battle of the 21st century so far.

Inside the ‘Bakhmut meat grinder’: How Russia forced Ukrainians to retreat from Artyomovsk, their supposed ‘fortress’ in DonbassREAD MORE Inside the ‘Bakhmut meat grinder’: How Russia forced Ukrainians to retreat from Artyomovsk, their supposed ‘fortress’ in Donbass
Some of the conscripts wanted to sign an official refusal to follow the order, saying they didn’t have proper training for the task. One recalled how he complained that he had never held a gun before and was afraid, but the Ukrainian sergeant major simply told him that “Bakhmut will teach you.”

The 16 draftees, who were enlisted into the 5th company of Ukraine’s 93rd Mechanized Brigade, spent only 36 hours in Artyomovsk, during which 11 of them were killed or captured, the WSJ said, citing surviving soldiers and relatives of slain recruits.

One of the troops told the outlet that he fired a rocket-propelled grenade for the first time in his life in Artyomovsk, while the other described the Russian assault as “hell on Earth.”

The Wall Street Journal suggested that Kiev used to send “mobilized soldiers and territorial defense units, sometimes with patchy training and equipment” to fight in Artyomovsk “in an effort to preserve brigades trained and equipped by the West for a widely anticipated offensive,” which had been expected to begin in spring.

Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner private military company, which spearheaded the Russian effort in the Artyomovsk, said his men had “destroyed 50,000 troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces” and wounded another 50,000 to 70,000. Moscow announced the full capture of the key Ukrainian stronghold and logistics hub last Saturday, but Kiev has so far refrained from confirming the loss of the city.

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Foreign Affairs / Russia’s Defence Ministry Has Claimed It Intercepted A British-made Storm Shadow by Essential(m): 8:26pm On May 16, 2023
Russia’s defence ministry has claimed it intercepted a British-made Storm Shadow long-range cruise missile for the “first time”. During a briefing, the ministry also said Russian air defence forces had shot down 10 HIMARS MLRS shells.

Russia’s defence ministry has said it scrambled a fighter jet on Monday after it detected French and German patrol aircraft flying towards Russian airspace. France and Germany have said their planes were conducting flights as part of a NATO exercise and behaved in accordance with international law.

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