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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Nairaland Fantasy Premier League 2016/2017 by executinal(m): 1:37pm On Aug 09, 2016
Ok Guys the new FPL season > http://fantasy.premierleague.com/

The main league is open to everyone .the code is 139890-46011

We have screen shots from last season . . .. for FA cup, Carling Cup and Conference .. they will be given out by standings only.

Please let us know your team names from last year .. no 419 here grin

For those who removed their team, you will not be given FA cup codes .
The h2h code, is limited to 20 per each league. FPL stops the number of entrees for private head to head leagues to 20 .
so we will have FA cup 1
FA cup 2 etc

If i didnt give you the code and find your team dia, i will 'comot' am cool grin

codes are available on request..

Last Season > https://www.nairaland.com/2439739/nairaland-fantasy-premier-league-2015

Squard 11 FC
Relegation grin grin grin grin
send code please to nexecutinal@yahoo.com
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Nairaland Fantasy Premier League 2014/2015 by executinal(m): 1:44pm On Jul 26, 2014
Mukina Codes please
Politics / Re: APC Drops Buhari & Picks Tambuwal As Presidential Candidate? by executinal(m): 4:04pm On Dec 31, 2013
Another dead on arrival option.

GEJ ride on you indeed Goodluck cool cool cool cool

New eve mood activated

Happy new year to all Nairaland in advance. cheesy cheesy


Webmasters / Re: Yoruba, Igbo And Hausa Available On Google Translation Service by executinal(m): 1:08pm On Dec 12, 2013
Hope this is not inline with their prediction concerning Nigeria break up??
Sports / Re: FIFA 2014 World Cup Draw In Brazil by executinal(m): 5:37pm On Dec 06, 2013
Marta always sexy wink wink

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Sports / Re: FIFA 2014 World Cup Draw In Brazil by executinal(m): 5:13pm On Dec 06, 2013
Lets celebrate Mandela. lets celebrate humanity and lets celerate Football cool cool
Crime / Re: Alleged Pepper Thief, Stripped & Tortured (Video) - Viewers' Discretion Advised by executinal(m): 4:01pm On Dec 06, 2013
Op did you say if they can identify any of them?? how is that even possible, as you can see they didn't capture the face of those evil guys.

This is same reason Africa is so backward and will remain thesame untile they learn how to channel the right case to the right source. angry angry angry
Foreign Affairs / Re: Nelson Mandela Was On US Terrorist Watch-List Until 2008 by executinal(m): 12:13pm On Dec 06, 2013
Yes this is the right time to keep them coming.

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela
Jokes Etc / End Time Like by executinal(m): 11:58am On Dec 03, 2013
Just saw 666 likes on my profile this morning.

I hope is not end time like?? grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Politics / Re: O by executinal(m): 11:23am On Nov 29, 2013
amateur: It was like a strange curfew this morning as the ever-increasing population in Ikotun set out for the usual hustle for their daily bread, and discovered to their amazement that unless you have your private car you may find it tasking getting a public commercial bus ; not with the presence of heavily armed , gun-happy security men. The seeming curfew which lasted 40minutes eventually ended with the entry of the number one citizen to the SCOAN to see the prophet. WELCOME GEJ to IKOTUN

Edon reach like this?? even if he went there na house of GOD and last time i checked, GEJ is stil a Christian.
Politics / Re: Joining APC Not Solution To PDP Crisis – LAMIDO by executinal(m): 10:45am On Nov 29, 2013
At the end, APC will turn out to be thesame old PDP members. And you expect me to call them opposition party grin grin grin


Jokes Etc / Re: Gala Sellers To Represent Nigeria AT 2014 Winter Olympics. by executinal(m): 3:07pm On Nov 26, 2013
I laugh in gala sausage grin grin grin grin

Did i hear winter olympic?? Mehn cold will even deal with our boys


Nairaland / General / Re: TeHN's 2nd Annual End Of Year Charity Flight by executinal(m): 9:10am On Nov 21, 2013
Paypal details
Politics / Re: INEC Official Arrested For Fraud In Anambra by executinal(m): 4:47pm On Nov 18, 2013

Sorry about everything, I didn't see the part you highlighted below. I get pissed when people tribalise a thread.

Forgive me for perceiving you to be one of those tribal war lords on NL. I take back my words and I've already written you an apology above.

Noted bro. No hard feelings one love
Politics / Re: INEC Official Arrested For Fraud In Anambra by executinal(m): 4:25pm On Nov 18, 2013

I shouldn't be replying to your comment because I don't associate with tribalistic bigots.

But just for the benefit of doubt. Could you explain to us what you meant when you highlighted Okeke Chukwujekwu.

And said this:

Can somebody help and explain to me well on the bolded. Because i don't seem to understand.

You see, you're even ashamed of your $tupidity and you wish you hadn't written that.

Stop derailing posts with your tribalism, it's childish. People worked hard to create the posts you tribalise.
I can see you only know how to write, but reading and comprehension is zero grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: INEC Official Arrested For Fraud In Anambra by executinal(m): 1:02pm On Nov 18, 2013

Look very well, he wasn't being tribal... read through that post again...

That guy is simply mad, no atom of tribalism in my post grin grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: INEC Official Arrested For Fraud In Anambra by executinal(m): 1:00pm On Nov 18, 2013

Must you tribalise everything? Dude get yourself a girl friend and stop being stu.pidly childish.

You must be dunce for saying that to me. Did you read what i highlighted at all?? You have low IQ, if not you could have derived meaning from my highlighted point.
Politics / Re: INEC Official Arrested For Fraud In Anambra by executinal(m): 9:53am On Nov 18, 2013
operator222: Abuja - An official from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and a government counterpart have been arrested for alleged electoral fraud this past weekend.

The INEC official was identified as Okeke Chukwujekwu, who was in charge of Idemili North area of Anambra State while the government official was not named.

The INEC chairman Professor Atahiru Jega, said the electoral officer held some results sheets and distributed false result sheets.

“The Electoral Officer of Idemili North, for some inexplicable reason messed up the distribution of electoral material. He held some results sheets and in turn distributed false result sheets,” Jega said.

Jega added that the electoral officer and the local government supervisor had been handed to the police.

“We believe strongly that there was connivance between the electoral officer and unknown agents to subvert the electoral process. We are serious about this matter and whoever is responsible will be apprehended and handed over for prosecution”

The INEC chairman said people who allegedly bribed the electoral officer would be arrested.

“We need to collectively pay attention to people responsible for financially inducing electoral officer,” he said.

He assured Nigerians that INEC would ensure transparent elections in 2015 despite such corrupt elements within the organisation.

Nigerians should be rest assured that INEC will be much better in 2015,” said Chukwujekwu.


Can somebody help and explain to me well on the bolded. Because i don't seem to understand.


Travel / Re: Passenger Falls Out Of Plane by executinal(m): 6:11pm On Nov 15, 2013
Politics / Re: Gunmen Kill Four Anambra-bound Policemen by executinal(m): 9:58am On Nov 15, 2013
Hmm if Governorship election in Anambra will be hot as this, i wonder what will come out come 2015.

Nigeria youth stop messing with your life. Those people you are fighting for today, will abandon you tomorrow.

A word is enough for the wise.
Politics / Re: Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon Mourns Ex ASUU President With Big Grammar by executinal(m): 8:49am On Nov 13, 2013
CFCfan: Obaghiagbon's grammatical crinkum crankum [/b]will certainly not result in a [b]linguistic higi haga grin

What an oderiferouse kum gaga tuan gaga. Do you think that his grammar may bring a catermitous end to linquistic higi haga??

I am highly bewildered to your assertion. This grammar just now is hovering around the Bermudian triangle and may lead to overflow of the iceberg, oxbow lake and even the gurara water fall.

As for Festus Iyayi may your rest be in peace.

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Celebrities / Re: May D And His Cute Son!! by executinal(m): 12:06am On Nov 13, 2013
The picture look like 1980.
Nairaland / General / Re: How Did You Spend Your Today Sunday [my Pics For Today Outing] by executinal(m): 3:41pm On Nov 11, 2013
deejay_harry1: for my side..na ESCAPE albino we dey call them

grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Nigerian Man Publicly Beaten In India - Video by executinal(m): 5:07pm On Nov 07, 2013
Why are we complaining?? Nairaland promote and encourage hatred between us here. Do you guys think that other foreigner do not visit nairaland??

Instead we join hands together and make this country great, rather we fight for APC, PDP JPG etc.

In naija we do not respect each other, tell me how do you expect other nation to respect us??

we are our own problem.

Wait and see responds that will be coming in now.

Nigeria is their own problem


Nairaland / General / How Indians Treat Foreigners by executinal(m): 11:26pm On Nov 06, 2013
Just saw this on you-tube and i could not believe what this Indians did to our Nigeria boy.

I saw a topic today on front page, asking if Indian bosses in Nigeria are that bad?? My answer is in this video.

I hope Nigeria government take serious action towards the Indians over this maltreatment, even if the guy in question commit any offence, i hope the right place to take him should be the police station and not heating him as if he is snake or animal.

I was even dumbfounded when i noticed that the police were even there when the incidence was happening, if this is to be Naija, i wonder what the police would have to to anybody that will touch any foreigner in our land.

Here is the video

Politics / Re: South-East, South-South Professionals Tell Oduah To Quit by executinal(m): 1:35pm On Oct 30, 2013
Quite for what if i may ask?? Oduah is not the first neither will she be the last. She should remain.

What happened to Facrook after all the evidence before him??

What happened to Bankole after all the evidence before him??

Tafa balogun nko??

Joe Boy be wise, they want to use this against you and Ndigbo.



European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Chelsea: Capital One Cup - (0 - 2) On 29th October 2013 by executinal(m): 11:12pm On Oct 29, 2013
You this Abuja boy, you better leave me alone and face your chelsea.

Leave my Chelsea and i will leave you alone
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Chelsea: Capital One Cup - (0 - 2) On 29th October 2013 by executinal(m): 11:10pm On Oct 29, 2013
Afam4eva: God punish both Arsena; and chelsea. Useless teams. Useless league. No wonder UEFA pays not attention to that ogbanje league where mediocre teams like chelsea keep winning matches like say tomorrow no dey. Thank God for the UCl where average teams like Basel disgrace and humilate akpu teams like chelsea.

Keep on crying boy. The more bad-luck you wish Chelsea, the more success they acquire.

Keep on dying in shame grin grin grin grin grin grin
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Chelsea: Capital One Cup - (0 - 2) On 29th October 2013 by executinal(m): 11:00pm On Oct 29, 2013
Afam4eva: I want to congratulate Arsenal for winning this match already.

Don't you ever get tired?? check your BP first thing tomorrow morning
Nairaland / General / Re: Nigerians Top Forbes’ African Person Of The Year Shortlist by executinal(m): 9:40pm On Oct 29, 2013
Gradually i will get there. Just very soon.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Manchester City (2 - 1) On 27th October 2013 by executinal(m): 7:11pm On Oct 27, 2013
Afam4eva: I want to use this opportunity to congratulate Manchester City for a job well done. They controlled the game and made the chelsea players look like headlesss chickens. They can't be blamed by a mistake made by one of their defenders. chelsea are known to capitalize on other people's misfortune to shine in their own myopic way. God punish chelsea this year. They'll never smell any trophy this year. They'll lose to the likes of Stoke, Wigan, Aston villaa at home. Their coach will be sacked before the season ends. They'll change their jersey from blue to black and change their logo to akpu. Useless team.

See frustration. Oboy no die of high BP because of Chelsea grin grin grin grin grin grin


Travel / Re: Ogun Begins Construction Of Light Rail In Sango-Ijoko-Akute-Alagbole by executinal(m): 9:56am On Oct 24, 2013
Source = Facebook grin grin grin grin grin grin

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