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Romance / Re: Man Hires 3 Prostitutes To Celebrate $96k Payday, But Was Robbed In US by ExInferis(m): 4:53pm On Mar 23, 2018
oga is it your money. make your own 96000dollars and spend it the way you like. it's his money so he can spend anyhow he wants to. period!


he didnt spend it.

And that's the crux of the matter
Literature / Re: Purified Tomorrow: The Mad Awakening (A Science Fiction) By Akinjide Akintayo by ExInferis(m): 8:14am On Mar 16, 2018

Such 4-letter generic names.

This is another weak attempt at a genre so far no one on NL has gotten right.
Romance / Re: Couple Having Sex In Lagos Cinema Video: Don Jazzy Reacts by ExInferis(m): 8:11am On Mar 16, 2018
Don Jazzy: Less producing, more reacting.

He "nose" everything.

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Literature / Re: Supernaculars [the Renascence] A Sci-fantasy Novel by ExInferis(m): 8:07am On Mar 16, 2018
Y'all should feel free to drop ya comment, criticism is also allowed, please.

Disjointed, amorphous, half-baked ideas strung together in unnecessary verbosity resulting in a writhing mass of incoherent pretentiousness.

Choose your tone properly; shakespearean English or everyday informality. You can't have a mishmash of biblical, victorian, classical, and post-modernist tone in your narrative.

Choose your images clearly; don't clutter your descriptions with mundane details that serve no purpose than to make you sound smart.

Choose your characters wisely and define who they are by their thoughts and actions; long descriptions of their intent which we can already surmise from their tones is windy and useless. Your characters are as hideously paper-thin as your dialogs.

Obviously you just thought up the central plot but none of the connective tissue between subplots.

You can do better than this if you take the time out to flesh your characters, dialog and story, and drop the unnecessary and thick prose.


Politics / Re: 700MW Zungeru Hydro Power Plant Is 45 Percent Complete - Federal Government by ExInferis(m): 2:15pm On Mar 15, 2018
every project in nigeria is at some arbitrary level of completion...

...and fifty years later it's still not completed.

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Celebrities / Re: Ali Nuhu Celebrates His 43rd Birthday With New Photos by ExInferis(m): 2:13pm On Mar 15, 2018
One time Nollywood actor, Ali Nuhu is today celebrating his 43rd birthday today.

The richest kannywood actor,Ali Nuhu took to his page to share some photos of himself to mark his 43rd birthday today.  The actor is married to his wife,  Maimuna Garba Ja Abdulkadir and blessed with lovely kids.

He was born Ali Nuhu Mohammed in Maiduguri Borno State on the 15th of March 1974 to the family of Mr Nuhu Poloma and Hajia Fatima Karderam Digema.

The actor who is fondly called the King of Kannywood started his acting career in 1999.


Why is his wife using Ja Abdulkadir's name? She's not Abdulkadir's daughter. Her only relationship with Ja Abdulkadir is that her late sister was once married to Ja Abdulkadir.

And before anyone asks...she was my neighbor in KD before she got married.
Phones / Re: Long Lasting Battery? Things To Avoid While Charging by ExInferis(m): 8:05am On Mar 12, 2018
Our smartphone battery will lasts about 7-10 hours on the average. Long lasting smartphone battery life was always a major factor for buyers to consider before buying any phone.

However, there are some phone charging habits you should implement in your daily life which can prolong the longevity of your smartphone’s battery. Here in this content, we will share few tips on how to charge your smartphone battery and make it last longer.

#1 Charge with Original Charger

It will be better if you can charge your smartphone with its own (original) charger. We often forgot to use the original charger and instead replace it with a duplicate one due to our busy schedule. This is what affects smartphone battery performance. If you are using a duplicate charger then, check its current (A) and output voltage (V).

#2 Avoid Using Fast Chargers

Fast chargers might not be the best choice for your smartphone battery’s overall health. Charging your smartphone using fast chargers may damage your battery in a long run. The process involves higher voltage which leads to high temperature. Therefore, make sure to avoid charging your smartphone battery using fast chargers.

#3 Remove protective case while charging

You might have noticed, while your phone is charging, it becomes warm slightly. So, make sure you remove the protective case of your phone while charging. This may act as a barrier and slow down heat dissipation. Also if possible, try as much to flip your phone over while charging.

#4 Never charge your smartphone battery overnight

There are so many people, me too inclusive who have the habit of leaving the phone plugged in overnight to charge. We just have to stop this practice. Charging overnight affects smartphone battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone device overheat. So, you should be sure to unplug your charger when you feel your phone is sufficiently charged.

#5 Avoid third party battery applications

Perhaps you have already installed a power or battery management app on your smartphone. There are numerous apps available on Google Play Store that claims to increase the battery life span of Android phone. But, these applications may not do any good thing to your battery because it increases the workload on your smartphone and forces your device to use even more battery power.

#6 Avoid Playing Game while charging Your Smartphone Battery

Many people love to play games on their smartphones. Nowadays we are so addictive to games that we can’t resist playing them. But, if gaming is the only reason behind your smartphone battery draining, then you should stop playing games while charging your phone. This will not only eliminate overheating issues but also charge your smartphone fast.

#7 Always Charge your smartphone battery Up To 80%

We need to admit that 80% charge is good enough for a day, and it is ideal for overall smartphone battery lifespan. Crossing the 80% charging mark may make your battery to overheat, thereby affecting its life. Therefore, it’s not necessary that your phone should always be charged up to a 100% maximum.

#8 Avoid Frequent re-charging

We always tend to re-charge our smartphone when it decreases to the 50% battery mark. But, that’s not the best practice to do. We must allow the battery to discharge to around 25% before we plug it in again. Studies have shown that frequent and unnecessary recharges shorten the lifespan of the smartphone battery.

#9 Use Powerbanks

The best way to give your smartphone an extra battery life is to get a power bank. However, while purchasing a power bank, you have to notice few things like your power bank have to promise you protection against overcharging, short circuit, voltage surge etc. These features will make sure that your smartphone battery lasts longer.

#10 Don’t Use Your Phone While It’s connected to Powerbank

We all know, using a smartphone during charging might is not a good idea. Therefore, you have to avoid using your smartphone while it’s being connected to the power bank. Using your smartphone while connected to the Powerbank will raise the internal temperatures of the phone and shorten its life.

Source: https://akeentech.com/2018/02/long-lasting-smartphone-battery/

Most of these "facts" are plain wrong.

1. Charge with Original Charger: As long as the power ratings match your phone's requirements there's nothing wrong with using a third party charger.

2. Avoid Using Fast Chargers Fast charging batteries are designed to handle fast charging and that is why non-fastcharging phones cannot be charged any faster than normal with fast chargers. My phone (Note 8 ) has never gotten hot while charging.

4. Never charge your smartphone battery overnight: Nope. Wrong again. Most phones come with lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, and charging is controlled by a software governor which shuts down charging once your phone is fully charged. Charging overnight has no effect on battery. Once fully charged, charging shuts down.

7. Always Charge your smartphone battery Up To 80%: No modern phone charges up to 100%, despite what your charging indicator tells you. Heck, almost no lithium ion charges up to 100% so long as charging has a microcontroller. Batteries charge up to 80% by default and your display tells you 100%, for your own peace of mind.

10. Don’t Use Your Phone While It’s connected to Powerbank: No different than saying dont use your phone while it's on a regular charger. Besides, raising temps depends on what you're doing while charging, and modern phones have thermally-efficient SoCs so unless you're doing some heavy gaming, internal temps dont rise by much.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Kicks Off His #30BillonConcert In Leicester With Amazing Photos by ExInferis(m): 9:49pm On Feb 15, 2018

Stop being myopic, I listed migos et al not because of their skin colour but because of their audience which is a mixture of whites and blacks....Plus who told you they do not have wacky, froggy voices too? Do you listen to their lyrics at all and find out how empty and lewd they are.

You're probably one of those who thinks anything foreign is better....

But of course anything foreign is better!

Foreign cars, foreign clothes, foreign airlines, foreign currency, foreign cities, foreign transport, foreign drugs...

There's a reason your country is called a shiithole.

And if your country is a shiithole...guess what that makes you?

A piece of shiit.

Phones / Re: Things To Avoid While Buying A Smartphone by ExInferis(m): 9:47pm On Feb 15, 2018
Be deceiving yourself... Naija can't do without okrika(used) stuffs, its in their DNA already

In Nigeria We Have;
Okrika(used cloths)
Okrika shoes
Second hand cars
London used gadgets(phones and Co)

Infact our lives is surrounded with substandards and used stuffs

Even the so-called 'london use" were not really used in london. At least most of them.

I've seen so many "london use" bearing Verizon, AT&T, Cricket and Tmobile logos.

Most are stolen, recycled, refurbished, and naija used.
Family / Re: Jaaruma Addresses Money, Power, Sex, Love, Magic, Jazz, Juju, Asiri, Domination by ExInferis(m): 5:49pm On Feb 15, 2018
Who be this?

An ugly hypocrite with a fake accent, who does nothing but promote a life of lethargic luxury (sponsored by...you guessed it, moneybags wink wink) on youtube. A fake life, I may add.

Notice the faux diamond ring?

That's all she's about. Fakery. And yet she loves preaching the converse.

Take no notice of her.


Celebrities / Re: Davido Kicks Off His #30BillonConcert In Leicester With Amazing Photos by ExInferis(m): 3:43pm On Feb 15, 2018

Whites have high taste for music eh? Migos, beyonce, rihanna et al are good music?

Migos, Beyonce, and rihanna are white?


In any case, you cannot compare any of them with frog voices, bad autotune, wacky and weird nonsensical lyrics, same beats, and overall rubbish of the sort of naija music the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Kcee, et al are known for.

Beyonce and Rihanna are real international superstars and when they do tours, you see lots of whites.

Compare fans of Beyonce and Rihanna below with any of your artists' concerts or photo-ops

Celebrities / Re: Davido Kicks Off His #30BillonConcert In Leicester With Amazing Photos by ExInferis(m): 12:48pm On Feb 15, 2018
Is the concert for only Afonjaz?

can't see any white there undecided

You think white people have shitty taste in music?

Naija artists be forming international concert, but all you see in the audience are....africans. Lots of oloshos with nothing better to do, most on expired visa.

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Phones / Re: Inside Transsion’s (Mother Company Of Tecno/Infinix) Headquarter In Shanghai. by ExInferis(m): 12:17am On Feb 15, 2018
see hater.

she no be your family member
she no be your ex
she no follow you drag your job or hustle
she no know you

but just like that out from Nowhere you are hating.

let's be happy for one another. that's how we all can grow.

being ugly isnt one's making nor is it a crime.
everyone who travelled abroad once had a first time...no big deal

See busybodi

I hope she gives you one of her old Tecnos to keep your lap-dog ass happy.



Celebrities / Re: Oritse Femi And Wife, Nabila Fash Celebrates Valentine With Cute Photo by ExInferis(m): 8:05pm On Feb 14, 2018
Nabila, Inc.

Yep, her shares are publicly traded.
Phones / Re: Inside Transsion’s (Mother Company Of Tecno/Infinix) Headquarter In Shanghai. by ExInferis(m): 8:04pm On Feb 14, 2018
Quite obvious this is this ugly annoying girl's first trip abroad

Not that anyone watching her crap ever learns anything
Politics / Re: Tension As Fulani Herdsmen Raise Alarm Over Stolen Cows In Jos by ExInferis(m): 8:23pm On Jan 19, 2018

A prehistoric, barbaric and violent fulani man calling another idiot


You're right.

I was calling another idiot.

And you answered.
Politics / Re: Tension As Fulani Herdsmen Raise Alarm Over Stolen Cows In Jos by ExInferis(m): 2:05pm On Jan 17, 2018

Caveman, thieves, robbers , hired killers and other criminals don't follow due process, herdsmen
also belong to the same group of criminals.
When you invade a farm that doesn't belong to you, you must accept whatever happen in the
process. Had the herdsman claim to have attacked the castle rustlers no one will complain,
but herdsmen don't go after castle rustlers because the rustlers are their fulani brothers, they
use the excuse to attack and dislodge natives so as to take over their lands.
In a sane society, the herdsmen would have been declared a terrorist group and given the red indian

You sound like a complete idiot.

Thus, I shall file your rants under "Noise".
Politics / Re: Tension As Fulani Herdsmen Raise Alarm Over Stolen Cows In Jos by ExInferis(m): 9:51am On Jan 17, 2018

They are UNCIVILLIZED. they choose to know nothing of due process, they put the laws in their hands. that made them to be more vulnerable to attacks anyone that feel like threat to them.

I guess in your warped mind those who rustled cattle were following due process.

When herdsmen encroach upon farmlands, you all yell blue murder and advise farmers to get armed.

When christian rustlers encroach upon the herdsman's way of life and steal cattle, you tell the hapless herder to follow due process.

Double standards.

No one steals our cows and goes free, when will you heathens learn?

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Celebrities / Re: 5 Nigerians Who Have Featured In Hollywood Superhero Movies by ExInferis(m): 9:45am On Jan 17, 2018

Oh you ran out of points to make, and took refuge in sarcasm? undecided Typical...


Just got frustrated I was talking with a halfwit
Celebrities / Re: 5 Nigerians Who Have Featured In Hollywood Superhero Movies by ExInferis(m): 12:02pm On Jan 16, 2018

Call the cops then.

Wow what a clever thing to say.

Culture / Re: Gani Adams Steps Out Of Seclusion To Be Installed As Aare Ona Kakanfo (Photos) by ExInferis(m): 12:01pm On Jan 16, 2018
So because we are over-civilzed we should neglect our culture and tradition. Its fools like you who take the western culture above their very own. Mtcheeew!

Your people claim to be the most civilized, by which they mean western culture.

And then they display this..this..jurassic behavior.

Talk about a paradox
Culture / Re: Gani Adams Steps Out Of Seclusion To Be Installed As Aare Ona Kakanfo (Photos) by ExInferis(m): 11:59am On Jan 16, 2018
Your talk shows that you lack respectable culture and traditions.


I've pop culture, thank you very much.

This however is so...precambrian
Celebrities / Re: 5 Nigerians Who Have Featured In Hollywood Superhero Movies by ExInferis(m): 11:58am On Jan 16, 2018

Have you seen the script?? Or are you the director? Where is it written that she would have no speaking lines?

My bad.

She's the main hero. Heck her picture and name are on the poster.

Culture / Re: Gani Adams Steps Out Of Seclusion To Be Installed As Aare Ona Kakanfo (Photos) by ExInferis(m): 11:57am On Jan 16, 2018

When you go to church you also see fetish - eating the flesh of Jesus and drinking his blood symbolically. I wonder - do you complain about this?

What about those who go to Mecca and symbolically stone the devil in their thousands - do you complain about this too?

So you do concur this is a waste of time and a backward way of life?
Culture / Re: Gani Adams Steps Out Of Seclusion To Be Installed As Aare Ona Kakanfo (Photos) by ExInferis(m): 10:53am On Jan 13, 2018
Thought Yoruba said they're over-civilized?

What then is this caveman foolery?

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Celebrities / Re: 5 Nigerians Who Have Featured In Hollywood Superhero Movies by ExInferis(m): 10:52am On Jan 13, 2018

At all at all na witch. Why them no use u?

Because I'm not an actor.

It's not my job.

It's hers.

She got cast as an extra and you nitwits are jumping up and down like she got a speaking role.

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Celebrities / Re: 5 Nigerians Who Have Featured In Hollywood Superhero Movies by ExInferis(m): 10:48am On Jan 13, 2018
It's a bit part.

She's going to be background filler, with no speaking lines.

Maybe she'll be in one or two frames that we'd have to pause and look for her.

So why the unnecessary jubilation?


Romance / Re: A Date With Bolanle Ninalowo Or ₦200,000? See People's Reaction (Snapshots) by ExInferis(m): 2:59pm On Jan 05, 2018
Is this even questionable? Like really?

questionable does not mean what you think it does.
Celebrities / Re: Ini Edo Stun Shares Loved Up For Christmas,captions It,"christmas Mood" by ExInferis(m): 9:52pm On Dec 27, 2017
She and genevieve are perpetually on vacation.
Politics / Re: Babangida To Atiku: "Forget Your Presidential Ambition". Angry Atiku Shuns Press by ExInferis(m): 9:59am On Dec 08, 2017
But if no one else was in the room, and neither party spoke to the press...

...how did Vanguard know what IBB supposedly said?

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