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Religion / Re: Dual Carriageway Constructed By Dunamis Church In Mararaba, Nasarawa (Photos) by factualscomedy(m): 8:59am On Feb 09, 2020
The road is definitely leading to his Church


Romance / Re: Hooker Fights Man Who Refused To Pay After Sex On Christmas Day by factualscomedy(m): 10:19pm On Dec 27, 2019
did I hear: you go kill me today?

but she was the first to hit the guy?
when the guy hits back he'll be termed "beast" any man that hits a woman is a breast!

mahn, any woman that hits me, no matter the situation. I'll hit you back a million and one time!

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Politics / Re: Edo APC Crisis: Obaseki Rejects Ganduje Committee, Backs Buhari's Reconciliation by factualscomedy(m): 8:50am On Nov 27, 2019
what happened in Ogun State when Gbenga Daniel and Obasanjo was busy dragging power and Amosun "jejely" took over power will soon happen in Edo State


Nairaland / General / Re: Truck Crushes 3 To Death In Uyo, Injures Many (Disturbing Photos) by factualscomedy(m): 2:37pm On Oct 23, 2019
We shall not lose any member of our family in this ember month in Jesus' name

you're saying it's right to loose them from January?

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Celebrities / Re: Youths Protest Against Bobrisky In Abuja (Video) by factualscomedy(m): 5:14pm On Sep 19, 2019
Jobless Fellows! when did another man's way of life become Nigeria biggest problem? I have not seen any protests against the closure of Bothers that has taken the prices of things to the mountains ? again, which of the gods is his life style against?
Travel / Re: Truck Conveying Excreta Falls On Odo Iyalaro Bridge; Spills Content On Road(pix) by factualscomedy(m): 3:04pm On Aug 26, 2019
This is why Trump called us[b] SHIT HOLE COUNTRY [/b]

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Islam for Muslims / Re: To Stand And Drink, Or To Sit Whilst Drinking? by factualscomedy(m): 9:44am On Jun 28, 2019
Being a Muslim is the hardest thing to be.
I know Quran addressed squatting and urinating.
Did it also address the position with which we "shit"


Religion / Re: Man 'Resurrected' By Pastor Alph Lukau Arrested By Police by factualscomedy(m): 6:40pm On Feb 27, 2019
Thank gawd I don't believe in gods

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Politics / Did This Guy Deserve This Beating For Speaking In Favour Of Buhari? by factualscomedy(m): 7:54pm On Jan 25, 2019
Politics / Re: #TheBuhariEffect Trends On Twitter As Nigerians Shade Buhari Government (Photos) by factualscomedy(m): 7:51pm On Jan 25, 2019
You need to see this video, this guy was molested because he spoke for Buhari


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Politics / Re: Atiku Just Arrived WASHINGTON DC UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- PICTURES by factualscomedy(m): 9:05pm On Jan 17, 2019
Police, Army, Road safety, Agbero, Pastors and Imams should mount survelance on Third Mainland Bridge and all the trees in Nigeria as there is bound to be high suicide rates between today and tomorrow...

The only Manifesto APC has has been ruined!
Chai, Atiku idi wicked! Why did you wait until 30 days before the election before you drop this bombshell

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TV/Movies / A Short Movie About Ochanya, The 13 Years Old Girl That Was Rapped To Death by factualscomedy(m): 2:20pm On Nov 13, 2018


This is the true life story of Ochanya, a Benue State girl that was raped by her Aunt's husband and his son from the age of 9 till 13 after which she developed vesticovagina fetula and later died of the illnesses.

Please share this video to encourage parents to pay attention to their little children and also to get Justice for Ochanya.

Factuals Productions
Politics / Re: 7 Questions For WAEC And President Buhari by factualscomedy(m): 8:43pm On Nov 02, 2018
So WAEC now goes to candidates' office/house to issue them attestation certificate?
Travel / Re: Flood Sweeps Car Away In Asaba, Tricycle Rider, Passengers Escape (video) by factualscomedy(m): 7:02pm On Oct 09, 2018

We shall continue to experience incidences like these as long as we remain in and settle for mediocrity in all aspects of our lives.

Nigerians wake up from your slumber. Forget old politicians and embrace progressive, unselfish, thinking leadership that can help us in the mission to rebuild our land for real. A radical change from the old narrative to a new dawn.

I'm not clamouring for anyone in particular, but we need to take our future more seriously.


Show us the way.
A good leader is one who leads by example.
Write in detail how we can start and finish this your suggestion
Politics / Help A Nairalander Solve This Assignment by factualscomedy(m): 10:29am On Apr 20, 2018
Celebrities / Re: This Lady Says She Looks Like Speed Darlington - Check Her Picture by factualscomedy(m): 4:51pm On Apr 05, 2018
she looks like the old version of Bobrisky when she/he used pour water to make breast

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Family / Story Of A Depressed Comedian. Shares Story To Celebrate Birthday by factualscomedy(m): 2:09pm On Jan 30, 2018
My name is Ani Obinna Factual. I am an actor/comedian and the producer of Factuals Comedy www.youtube.com/c/factualcomedy. This is my true life store to celebrate my birthday.

Let me begin by thanking God for adding another year to my years. I feel so so happy! But I’m about to tell you a story that I have never told anyone except my family and close friends who are first hand witnesses, and also stood by me during that trial time. This is the story of a depressed comedian. I am sharing this story not to mark my birth date, but to celebrate the fact that I am alive.
Please forgive any grammatical and spelling errors as I hope you will learn one or two things from my story.
It all started like a normal malaria, I went to hospital several times without any good results, I kept on changing hospital and my health was going down as each day passes by. Until one night that I a terrible sleep paralysis, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis that was when my world tuned upside down to a journey that lasted close to two years on a fight to save my life.
One night, I was lying down trying to fall asleep, when I discovered that I can’t move, for like two minutes, I was lying motionless on the bed, but my brain was very active. I tried to shout, no way, tried to stand up, ina! It was after like two minutes that I was able to stand up. But I discovered I was not breathing well (if not at all) my sister rushed me to the hospital where Doctor said it’s still malaria, after I have treated myself of malaria like 4 times from other hospitals ( God save us from the hands of quack doctors, no matter what’s wrong with you, they would always tag it malaria)

After treating me another round of malaria, the sickness continued. I struggle to sleep all night ( in fact I don’t sleep) I started to loose my breath occasionally, each time it happens I would be rushed to the hospital to have oxygen. After some times, the only way I sleep is to take some bottles of alcohol, I would sleep for like 4 hours and be awoken by sleep paralysis. My heart will be palpitating like trailer engine piston.
After some time, by body became resistant to the alcohol, the only way I can then sleep is with sleeping piles… this lasted for weeks and my body again became resistant to it. I lost hope, I felt like dying. Contemplated suicide because of the mental torture I was going through. I was always having this constant ache in my tommy and my legs will be boiling as if I am on fire. I graduated from taking sleeping tablets to take Anastacia to be able to fall asleep.

At this point the hospital that was treating me was getting tired of my case, the doctor was even calling some of his other doctor friends to know if they can understand what was wrong with. Because I had many tests but nothing was detected. The doctor now took me to general hospital. After an interview from a doctor at the general hospital, he asked me to go and do MRI scan (that’s brain Scan)
But before the MRI scan, there had been pressure from my family that what was wrong with me is not a medical issue, that it is spiritual, but truth be told, I am not a spiritual person, so I didn’t believe them. My sister has to visit a prophet on my behalf. She called and asked me who I lent me. That it was the person that was wrong with me. But honestly, I couldn’t remember lending anyone money. In fact, I didn’t lend anyone money. But I was dying gradually, I lost hope, the mental torture was unbearable, imagine being sick without knowing what is wrong with you. I now told myself that I will go for the MRI scan, and if nothing is detected, I will know that it is indeed spiritual.

I went for the MRI scan, and behold, nothing was detected, I now have to follow my family advice to go for spiritual healing. We went to one church, after some abracadabra, the pastor came up that it was one lady that I worked for that was wrong with me. It actually sounded like truth because I had issues with the said lady some months back and she threatened to deal with me. The pastor started his spiritual healing, did all kinds of disgusting things that I can’t write all here to me. (before you start saying why did I allow him do that to me, my brother, I was ready to take anything to stay alive) after he was done and I paid him some huge amount of money. I became OK. Yes, I became OK! Just when I was about going for my testimony, the illness surfaced, this time worse! My elder brother went to another spiritual house, and they told him it was someone I offended that was doing me. That I should call the person and apologize, I was reluctant at first, but in my quest to live, I started calling anyone I have had anything to do with to apologize. All of them were surprised, but I didn’t get to tell them why I was calling. After I did all that, nothing changed. My brother said he will take me to TB Joshua,
but I refused.

(don’t forget I’m still using Alcohol, Anastacia and crying to sleep; yes, when you cry from your heart you can fall asleep)
my aunty now suggested that we look for the solution through native spiritual way (native doctor) I travelled to one remote village in Enugu that I can’t remember the name (please don’t be fast to shout God forbid! I can only pray you would never be in my shoes, if you do, if it takes Satan to get your solution you gladly receive it) Now, come and see coincidence, Immediately I got to that village, that lady the pastor said was behind my predicament called me, for over seven months that we have not seen or spoken. She said Factual, where are you? you de village abi? OK. I need my job now. Because what happened was that I shot a Movie for her (I’m a Cinematographer, Director, Editor and Actor) and we had problems because of the movie. Now, after the call, it is now “confirmed” that she is behind my predicament.
As if that was not enough, in the night when we were about to sleep, bat entered the room, come see me de fight Jackie Chan with bat in the middle of the night after which I killed it. This again “confirmed” that someone is monitoring my movement. In the morning, when the native doctor wanted to start his own job, all I was waiting for was for him to say that it was a lady that was wrong with me before I will implement the evil I have planned for the lady. But unfortunately, the native doctor said it was a man, from my village. And believe me, I don’t have anyone living close to my house that has such time to go and prepare charm to harm anyone. But because of the hot soup I was inside, I have to believe. He did his own shall, after which he gave me some things to eat and some to put on my bed to ward off the “evil Spirit” anytime they came to attack.

I did as he said, and wolla, I became Ok. But that didn’t last long. This time nothing can make me sleep. I lost hope and love for life. I hated everyone and everything. I die and wake up several times each day. I thought of suicide. But the pain I would cause my family especially my mum wouldn’t let me take my life in order to rest in peace. I called my big sister that inform her of my decision not to sort for more solution, that I’m just existing for now, in case I “leave” any day, she should take heart.
Remember, While all these things were going on, I was still producing my comedies. www.youtube/c/factualcomedy people didn’t know the pains I was going through because it didn’t reflect on my body. I was looking “healthy and Happy” but dead inside. in fact, I shot a short comedy about what I was going through but I know no one decoded it. This is the link

I called my father that I can’t continue to live like this, that I have given up. He said no, that I shouldn’t give up, that there is one more place to try; neuropsychiatric hospital. I Travelled down to Enugu and to visit the hospital. When we go there I fell into hands of a Doctor who duped me and promised to treat me outside the hospital, I paid him 50,000 Naira and him gave me some drugs which truly eased me up for the first time in a long time. But I called him the following day and he said he travelled to the north and would be back in 3 days’ time. I have to go back to the hospital to follow the normal procedure. It was then that I was diagnosed with SEVERE DEPRESSION. I didn’t believe it at first because of my wrong understanding of what depression really mean.
I started treatment immediately. And today, I am a new person, even though I’m still depressed, but for two years now, I have been on antidepressant drug. I am a new creature. So, behind that big smiles, funny face, funky character lies a tiny burden that brings me down sometimes. But thank God not all the time. I have produced more than one hundred short comedies, I have performed in many shows and got people laughing and that has made me a fulfilled man.
Thanks for being patient to read this long piece, hope you learn somethings from it? But if you didn’t, here are things you should learn from my story.

1, before you conclude that someone is behind your problems, first seek medical help
2, depression is real, don’t be too fast to condemn people who love to keep to themselves
3, put a smile on your face no matter the situation
4, don’t be shy/ashamed to visit a neuropsychiatric hospital, it just like every other hospital

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Education / Re: A Nairalander Visits The World's Coolest Library In China, Shares Her Experience by factualscomedy(m): 10:48pm On Jan 03, 2018
explorer please how do I get your number?

I need to learn from you...
Investment / Re: What Business Can I Do With 500k? by factualscomedy(m): 9:11pm On Sep 22, 2017
I will advise you to go into Agriculture. buy/rent some land in a village. use it to plant plantain and Cassava. it will not take much of your time than to visit as you will be making use of local labourers.

Try it and thank me later.

thanks a million.
this is really a food for thought...
Investment / What Business Can I Do With 500k? by factualscomedy(m): 1:31pm On Sep 22, 2017
greetings Nairalanders
first I wanna bless God for enabling me win
500k at Indomie BELLEFULL Comedy challenge.

now, I am 500k richer,
I have my regular business which
is Comedy, Cinematography
photography and graphics design.

I don't want to invest the money in my current business. I want something different and profitable that will also not require much of my time, because I'm already too busy with my current job

what business can you suggest for me that 500k can start?
Celebrities / Re: Wasiu Ayinde K1 Unveils His Tortoise, Allows It To Carry Old & Young Guests by factualscomedy(m): 4:24pm On Sep 20, 2017
Animal abuse. Well, Na dem. They rapè children, women(married/single), I no go surprise if dem never dey rapé this poor tortoise.

congrats Brotherly. you're now a certified mad man.
why must you always bring in ethnicity in every top¡!!
Jokes Etc / Please Vote For A Nairalander On Indomie Bellefull Comedy Challenge by factualscomedy(m): 10:12am On Sep 09, 2017
please Nairalanders, help one of your own win 500k in the Indomie BELLEFULL Comedy challenge.

below are the links to my video and that of my friends





Please and please, kindly vote for me by clicking on all these links I sent, and click on VOTE VIDEO.

Don't forget to click on each of the links and click on VOTE VIDEO

Thanks. God must bless you

I can only win with your votes
TV/Movies / Audion! Audion!! Audition!!! by factualscomedy(m): 8:44pm On Sep 04, 2017
Mark The Date. This may be that one Opportunity that will catapult you to the Lime Light!
Share so your Friends may also partake in this Golden opportunity

Religion / Re: What Happens To Me When I Sleep. Could I Be Haunted? Please Help! by factualscomedy(m): 11:00am On Jun 25, 2017
brother, I was in your shoes for many years. it was a mental torture. I went to hospitals Churches, even native doctor with no results
but finally I have found the result. please kindly email me @ factualy2k@gmail.com
but just to give you a glimpse of what's wrong with you, you are suffering from. SLEEP PARALYSIS

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Celebrities / Re: Frank Edwards Slams FADER, U.S Magazine For Calling Kanye West ‘lord & Saviour’ by factualscomedy(m): 5:12pm On Jun 12, 2017
the twit says "our" Lord and Savior it didn't say Frank's Lord and savior
every human has the right to chose who is his Lord and savior.
Jesus is Frank's. Muhammad is Muslim's Atheists don't have any
people should learn how to allow people make choices as long as it didn't affect you negatively in any.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Disobeys Bail Stays With 100 People PICS VIDEO by factualscomedy(m): 6:19pm On May 31, 2017
I saw factualscomedy are u the original one on YouTube?


yes, I am
Politics / Re: See What Hon. Patrick Obahiaghon Has To Say About The Ooni Of Ife (photo) by factualscomedy(m): 6:45pm On Apr 28, 2017
I audaciously concur with the agamtizational pomovipcious hylipput and also thank him for his celestial visions and gallantrioupus contribution on this issue. Simply out Oba is Lagos is suffering from jigastorious inferiority complex( an anuofiarous condition caused by lagoonstrerosis of the membrane)

speak on brethren!
nna gi muru hi ofuma


Jokes Etc / Re: Short Messages That Manage To Speak Volumes by factualscomedy(m): 12:13am On Apr 04, 2017
hihihiihihihi oh my ghost, I was praying this thread should not finish...
I was laughing out loud like a thief
Religion / Re: Questions For The Clegys And Jehovah's Witnesses in the house by factualscomedy(m): 3:38pm On Apr 03, 2017
[quote author=marvwhite post=55201238] hmmmmm. Elaborate more please[/quote

everything about the Bible is just questionable. starting from Genesis to Revelation.

God created Adam and Eve and they gave birth to children.

who did their children get married to before giving birth or did they practice inbreeding?

their is a million and one question.

so the best thing to if you must be a good Christian is sheepishness
Religion / Re: Questions For The Clegys And Jehovah's Witnesses in the house by factualscomedy(m): 7:13pm On Apr 02, 2017
you're not an Atheist but you're in your way to it.
this is how I started...

if you must be a good Christian/Religionist you have to follow the holy books and doctrines blindly...


Religion / Re: The Plain Truth About The Roman Catholic Church by factualscomedy(m): 3:20pm On Mar 15, 2017
this is one reason why I drive joy in being an unbeliever.
everyone is claiming that his own doctrine is the right one.

when everyone is talking no one is talking.
when everything is right at the same time, it means none of them is right.

the only religion that can be universally accepted is love humanity.

you religious people can go and argue about who's right and who is Wrong until you discover that all of you are wrong.

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