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Politics / Re: South West Needs Border Checkpoints And Immigration Control by FODA(m): 9:01am On Apr 29

You are responding to a Fulani Terrorist
only God will help us in this country my sis,I don't just like the situation of things ,we just need to love ourselves and neglect all these old politicians,when I see youth preaching hate against one region or tribe,I m always bitter ,God will help us ma.
Politics / Re: South West Needs Border Checkpoints And Immigration Control by FODA(m): 5:00am On Apr 29
Some bastard and braindead ipigidiots want to turn yoruba land to idp camp bcuz their region is burning, we wont allow them and we must do everything to stop those descendants of ape from moving to our land
Descendants of ape are useless
Lamidi cownu, the slave master carry go joh, we need to frustrate buhari
love your brothers,stop using negative word on pple,you gain nothing by doing this sir,the igbo are not our enemy,forget all these media ranting,God bless u sir.

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Politics / Re: See The Pastors Supporting Pantami by FODA(m): 8:58am On Apr 28
Boko haram in bishops robe.
Politics / Re: It Is Only On Nairaland That The East Is Burning by FODA(m): 4:17am On Apr 28
Dont be decieved, Arewa Fulani Twitter has invaded Nairaland..
Their modus operandi is DIVIDE AND RULE
they create all sort of monika here using igbo/southern names ..you see them pretending to be Igbo's and to like the Igbo's but in the real sense it is either a Yoruba Moslem or a Fulani person..
If FG can defend terrorists and stand by their bandits,
We southerners must stick together and remain strong!!
.the north cannot divide us again.
God bless u for this my brother ,we southerners should see ourselves as one ,let forget all these old men ,the igbo are not the problem,the yoruba are just the problem,our problem is bad leadership ,I am a yoruba but I'm not always happy hearing bad news in the east.
Politics / Re: Federal High Court, Abakaliki Attacked, Burnt (Photos) by FODA(m): 3:31pm On Apr 27
South east is on the verge of complete annihilation, may God deliver the good
they should please stop all these nonsense ,I m from south west ,but I like east pple as well,but wrong approach cannot bring positive result
Crime / Re: BREAKING!!! Imo State House Of Assembly On Fire Now! by FODA(m): 10:12pm On Apr 25

Do you think the Igbos too are COWARDS
but are you happy with the happening in the east sir? I don't just know why they are destroying everything?I just pray peace return to this country,no good news again in naija .
Crime / Re: Boko Haram Attacked Military Arm Store, Several Soldiers Killed (very Graphic Ph by FODA(m): 10:07pm On Apr 25
May it not be well with whoever said BokoHaram are technically defeated!

I'm leaving the North before the end of this year!
or before the end of this week,bro you get mind oh ,you still want to spend another 6 months in that place,


Crime / Re: BREAKING: Herdsmen Strike In Benue, Kill 10 (gory Pix) by FODA(m): 6:59pm On Apr 25
This is worst now,I don't just know what stand to gain ? something urgent need to be done about this killing ,Jesus
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Quit Your Job Before Because You Were Fed Up? by FODA(m): 7:49pm On Apr 22
everytin is prayer nw grin ? ...1.if u dnt lyk ur job abeg quit,2.if u tink ur salary is too small 4 d kind of work u do dairly ask ur boss for more,3.if ur boss refuse ur number 2 requst than show him ur badside.4.if ure nt satify than sack urslf..cos u cnt kee urslf 4 a peanut
you are right bro ,I remember working with the biggest noodles producing company in nigeria then,I just wake up one day and said no more ,I just sense the job no guarantee a better future ,when I quit vow never to look for job again In my life ,80% of naija job na scam.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Quit Your Job Before Because You Were Fed Up? by FODA(m): 4:38pm On Apr 22
Am thinking of quiting my current job,by this time next year, I want to save up a little amount of money then buy FG job.
you cannot quit it bro,just pray for grace and favour ,those who start with "I want to"do this I want to do that don't normally do,but grace will provide a better options for you in Jesus name .


Politics / Re: Lekki Toll Gate Rehabilitation Is Ongoing (Pictures) by FODA(m): 10:07am On Apr 19
We are waiting for the bastards who call themselves ipob and their terrorist brothers in arms to come try to destroy it again. That day you'd be sent to meet knaus mother and father wherever it is their souls are being tormented eternally.

Hopeless SOBs.
boss stop mentioning ipob,the destruction brought upon the roll gate was collective ,are u telling us thousands of youth that gathered were all from the east ,they should just repair and re opening the place without obstruction sa,what's fighting nigeria now is beyond lekki toll gate issue ,let all this e fight and bashing stop ,igbo are not our problem ,our problem as a nation is bad leadership, before you insult me ,I m yoruba from ibasan ,God bless u sir.
Health / Re: Man Cries Out On Seeing The Truck That Supplies His Compound With Water by FODA(m): 12:36pm On Apr 16
Is he from the state
Investment / Re: My 2021 Crypto-currency Diary by FODA(m): 5:53pm On Apr 13
I will be creating a WhatsApp group soon, for those that are interested to know more about crypto trading. I will personally teach you till you start making money on your own...

[b][/b]Crypto trading can make you a millionaire and it can equally send you back to your village but the most wonderful thing is that it is very rewarding..
08136915564 thanks

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Investment / Re: Cryptocurrency group For Beginners by FODA(m): 5:45pm On Apr 13
Drop your email to send you the group link or your phone number to be added
08136915564 thanks
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Shares His Chilling Experience With Kidnappers In Benin by FODA(m): 1:08pm On Apr 08

I tried to sleep but I was waking up intermittently as heavy trucks hunk pass, blowing heavy cold breeze over my naked body. Once and again I still try to wave for help as the vehicles drive past, I did not get up, I couldn’t even see the vehicles coming because I was lying down opposite to the direction of the oncoming vehicles, I just wave when the cars get closer.

At one time, I woke up hearing the sound of a heavy truck. But somehow I noticed that the headlights of the vehicle was much brighter than normal, I just managed to raise my head to look and to my greatest shock, there were two heavy trucks driving side by side, one was trying to overtake the other and was already about to drive through me on the road. How strength came upon me to swiftly roll away from being crushed, I don’t know. My broken ached more but I did not pay any attention to it. I was just imagining how I have survived everything only to have been run over by a heavy duty truck.

The next time I woke up it was early morning, about 6am. I could still see cars with their head lights on. I waited till the lights were turned off; that way I knew the day had become brighter. I quickly resumed waving my shorts again but no vehicle stopped even when they could see me clearly now. I mean, who wants to really pull over for a stack naked fellow lying down on the Highway, covered in blood. Except you’re a military personnel. Yes, that’s it, I put my weak hand down and just said a simple prayer.

Lord, these cars won’t stop for me in this state, except for a military escort; please lord, send me a military escort. 2 minutes after my prayer, there came a military vehicle. As I flanked them, they drove a little further away and stopped. 5 heavily armed soldiers came out of the vehicle, still somehow suspicious of me… Who wouldn’t be?

“Who are you!” The leader shouted. I said my name loudly and told him that he could search my profile on Facebook. They drew a bit closer and he asked me why I was lying naked on the floor. I managed to explain to him. He asked if I am married and if I know my wife’s phone number. I called it out to him. He then called my wife, the phone was on speaker. He politely introduced himself and asked my wife some questions to confirm my identity. Satisfied with my wife’s response he immediately ordered one to put my shorts back on, and to divert on coming vehicles from getting close to me. He told me that they have been ordered to come to the barracks but that he’ll get a car or ambulance for me to go to the hospital. Shortly after, a Volvo ambulance was passing by. He stopped the vehicle and ordered that I be carried in and taken to the hospital. The driver obeyed and drove me straight from Benin bypass to LASUTH. The officer kept on calling from time to time to ensure all is well.

I was immediately admitted in the surgical emergency unit and well attended to. The doctors said I suffered a broken tibia, a left meta carpal bone. My cuts were stitched and some scans were done.

To the praise and glory of the Most High God, it wasn’t more than that. The soldiers called 2 days later to inform me that my car has been found in a police station. A week later I was discharged.

I typed this post with one hand because my left hand and leg are covered in plaster cast (POP). I’m healing fast but doctors say my leg will be like this for at least 3 months.

To God alone be all glory, and honour, and power, and all praise, Amen.''


I sorry bro,God will give u speed healing in Jesus name
Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Mbieri Police Station In Imo, Kidnap Policeman, Free Suspects by FODA(m): 12:05pm On Apr 08
Old news being recycled by Ibadan express road newspaper.

Yorubas rejoice when Igbos are killed by Fulanis and Police daily.

There's a boiling point where a timid dog being flogged with stick will take courage and bite his oppressor.

I grew up as a child seeing Army and Police check points oppressing and pointing machine guns at us daily, it felt like we are at war.

Then the biggest insults is allowing Fulanis to come all the way from North to come kidnap and kill my people like they own Nigeria.

Yoruba and Fulani might be ONE, But Igbo and Fulani CAN NEVER BE ONE
stop mentioning ibadan again , otherwise I will fight u
Politics / Re: Gov Kayode Fayemi Visits Fani-kayode by FODA(m): 10:31pm On Mar 26
Nice one from fayemi
Sports / Re: A by FODA(m): 12:10am On Mar 12
I just discovered a new way to make money via betting every 3 mins, It' 100% real and free, No time for long story, U wanna try.. Hit me up on WhatsApp, U'll be added to the group ASAP. Number on siggy, If u don't have a betking account, go open one b4 u contact me.
08136915564 add
Investment / Re: Cryptocurrency Masterclass : A Beginners Guide To The World Of Crypto by FODA(m): 9:23am On Mar 07

Good day to you all.
Having become a very successful crypto trader over the years bagging some cool heavy cash from the trade i have decided to give back to society by spilling it all out hear, so you can all learn this part to wealth.
This masterclass will be very explicit, intensive, encompassing and easily understandable.
Your pen and paper should be at your side to jot down all important facts. Some infos i drop here wont been seen anywhere else so take this class seriously.
baba add me to the WhatsApp group,thanks .
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Here Is The Wicked Condition Someone Gave Before He Connects Me To This 80K Job. by FODA(m): 4:28pm On Mar 01
I seek job opportunities endlessly, and was glad when Mr. Richard told me he has a job for me via one of his connects. I was so glad.

He mentioned the job was in one of the top 5 star hospitality industry in Lagos. My joy knew no bound when he stated salary is N80,000 with regular tips from guests.
What of if after you must have paid him for 4months ,he tells his connect to dis engage u and he bring another candidate,so he can continue getting his monthly 40k without sweat ,just use wisdom my bro.

Concluding the phone call, he told me to report to his office by 2PM today if I'm cool with the agreement.

Folks, what should I do

MODIFIED: Mr. Richard said I should not plead or negotiate. It's either I agree to the condition or forget about the offer.
Crime / Re: Man Paraded Naked For Raping Lady And Trying To Pluck Out Her Eyes In Akure by FODA(m): 11:46am On Feb 03
So after raping her, he still have the mind to attempt blinding her eyes, what a wicked nigga; he should just cool off in jail for not just being a rapist but also attempted murder. Insane people everywhere.
so the lady won't recognize him ,very wicked soul ,God will continue to pretext us from all evil in Jesus name
Crime / Re: Ogun Hotel Rooms With Hidden Cameras Uncovered (Video) by FODA(m): 7:18pm On Jan 31
[quote author=GamalNasser post=98613932]

I am not a northerner please ..I am from the South[/quote
Sports / Re: Let's Bring Down This Unlucky Bookie Together!!!!!! by FODA(m): 12:34am On Jan 13
Hey guys

I found a video about a glitch or hack on a betting site day before yesterday.
I tried it yesterday and it worked!!!
I started my rollover today (15k to reach 1M by the end of this week), I've reached 200k plus so I'm not far from achieving that.

We've lost a lot of money to these wicked bookies, let's take them down together.
Here's the link to the video


Sharing is caring cool
Travel / Re: Can You Believe This is Nigeria? Travelling As A Single Nigerian Lady (Pics) by FODA(m): 11:30pm On Jan 09
yea.. Sure I will. Thanks
good ,enjoy ur weekend
Sports / Re: Former Football Captain, Christian Chukwu Is Dead by FODA(m): 11:28pm On Jan 09

If you accept Jesus you won't die?
your body will die ,but you inherit eternal life ma,happy weekend ma.


Sports / Re: Former Football Captain, Christian Chukwu Is Dead by FODA(m): 10:41pm On Jan 09
This life enn, someone that just celebrated his birthday 3 days ago,nothing is worth dying for ,do good and accept Jesus today , tomorrow might be too late,death don't know age.

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Religion / Re: Ogun Bans Crossover Services by FODA(m): 4:13pm On Dec 30, 2020
Thunder fire oyedepo. Offering no go enter him pocket tomorrow.
what's the colour of ur stupidity ,attention seeker mofo

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Sports / Re: Arsenal Offer Ozil To Juventus On Loan For Chance To Reunite Him With Ronaldo by FODA(m): 12:24pm On Dec 28, 2020
How are they paying him salary without him working
I wonder where Nigeria labour law saw "no work no pay " they use to threatening workers with ,may God help africa
Crime / Re: How Cyber Criminals Clone ATM Cards, Fleece Bank Customers Of Savings by FODA(m): 12:44am On Dec 28, 2020
Protect yourself yo... Yahoo boys are now focusing on Nigerians (sitting ducks) .. Apparently Oyibo don dey wise..

You can start by scratching thoose three numbers at the back of your card. This one is a must.. Especially if you have the habit of settling your bills with your card.. Especially in clubs and bars.

Two.. Set a sim lock.

Three.. never keep 100% of your money in one bank (even yahoo boys dey work for banks these days)
I personally keep less than 5%... The rest are in crypto and USD and they are guarded with four factor authentication...

Na who no sabi hum left from him right yahoo boys dey rob..

Meanwhile i build secure websites and I'm based IN abuja.

most of the time ,it's ignorance that leads to all these things ,my friend operate pos on a particular big area, anytime I m less busy ,I normally go there to help him cos of multitude customers,after some pple give you their card ,the next thing u hear 1710 ,me please is not proper disclosing ur pin to anyone ,just imagine of na wrong centre they went to,I have experienced this more than 10 times .


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