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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Holds Thank You Session With Obidients In New Jersey, US (Pictures) by francis5051: 7:15am On Apr 14
This foolish Pandora man can not go to 🇬🇧 UK again
imagine this shameless maggot talking to peter obi anyhow..

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Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Leader, Bodejo Drags FG To Court Over Continued Detention by francis5051: 9:16am On Mar 06
I can’t waste this precious front page wey I just manage get now use am the comment on rubbish Fulani case rather I will use this opportunity to tell us all that Nigeria 🇳🇬 is due for riot.. the hardship is much on me 😭

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Education / Re: See This Examination Questions In Indian University by francis5051: 10:58am On Jan 18

Na automatic failure for students that doesn’t come to class be this lol
guy even students that attended the classes go still fail.. where u know say u want from the write

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Will Rather Commit Suicide Than Act - Amaechi by francis5051: 9:49am On Oct 28, 2023
Is he then inciting Nigerians to act.
as strong politician he is trying to pass a message,Nigerian can take over this country through riot or heavy protests
Politics / Re: Economic Hardship: Tinubu Government Races Against Time by francis5051: 7:24am On Oct 25, 2023
The poor Nigerians are suffering so much mehn is no longer funny people now eat rubbish I saw a woman eating fufu with red oil she is mentally okay mehn I wept wen I saw that I rendered my little help though

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Politics / Re: Rufai Oseni, Oladotun Hassan Argue On Air Over Tinubu’s Certificate (Video) by francis5051: 12:39pm On Oct 05, 2023
This Oseni is a delusional narcissistic egomaniac suffering from grand delusion of self worth.
The idiotic brainwashed Ob!diot is a disgrace to the journalist profession.
He's not even a journalist in the true sense, he's just masquerading as one.
your talk lacks basement
Politics / Re: Dollar Now Underground Currency Of Nigeria’s Economy — Peter Obi by francis5051: 8:37pm On Oct 02, 2023
Foolish man instead of you to apologize to the people of Anambra state, for defrauding them as governor for 8 years
you may no see good thing if your life if you continue like dis

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Celebrities / Re: Your Son Forgets His Lyrics After Taking Drugs -Naira Marley Tells Mohbad's Dad by francis5051: 3:05pm On Sep 14, 2023
If truly Mohbad is a drug addict, the questions are
1. At what age did he start taking drugs?
2. Who introduced it to him?
3. Who are the people with fact that knows about his drug addiction and never reported to the agency that kick against it?
4. Are most of this artist drug addicts and drug traffickers?

Please I need answers
you need answers to do what exactly..?


Politics / Re: Governors Yahaya Bello, Mai Buni, Hope Uzodinma, Oyebanji At PEPT Abuja by francis5051: 11:12am On Sep 06, 2023
All these guys supporting tinubu, what makes you think that he will do well ? Am just tired of this country 😭

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Crime / Re: Police Neutralise Two Suspected Kidnappers, Rescue Victim In Enugu by francis5051: 12:21pm On Aug 22, 2023

bro i don’t know how far you know with this news actually am from imo state my brother was kidnapped last week here in imo states with a black Lexus 350 as said in the news and till now we haven’t seen a call from the kidnappers yet so I don’t know if is my bro the news is talking about
Politics / Re: APC & Tinubu Have Less Than 16 Days To Respond To Obi's Petition by francis5051: 11:42am On Apr 03, 2023
Tinubu career did not die despite his muslim Muslim ticket..

If peter obi has two times the money tinubu have and was ready to spend it during the election...he would have won despite any religious comments...

I don't see any politician as saint...so I don't have time to defend anyone
yes no politician is the best but at least obi has better political history than other presidential aspirants.. that’s what we are saying
Politics / Re: PDP To INEC: Release Authentic BVAS Results For Kaduna Governorship Election by francis5051: 8:12pm On Mar 31, 2023
PDP is a dead party just like LP.
you opened your mouth to call LP a dead party ? That means APC that recked this country is a good party right.. karma will visit you for this statement

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Crime / Re: 23 Suspected Internet Fraudsters Nabbed In Enugu by francis5051: 9:18am On Mar 30, 2023
Most people keep thinking fraud is the only thing that can earn them a living, some hit big and continue, some hit big and venture into some real business, some hit it big and spend all in unnecessary things, some do it for more than 1yr without seeing shi shi, some go spiritual while some do it ordinary.
Some don't do romance scam, some do loading which is faster way of cash out.
But deep down they are lots of legit online jobs that will earn you more than what you getting from fraud, they are legit crypto arbitrage out there that can be giving you legit pay ( AGT and AAS) are the perfect example.
Defrauding people of there hard earn money is one of the greatest thing that Karma can never forgive you for.
I remember back then around 2020 when I met one Indonesia woman who lives in Singapore, then after about 1 month, I was able to deceive her into transferring 60k Singapore dollar but after that she had a stomach operation which almost led to her death, then she lost everything, she couldn't even send money to her sick mom because she sent everything to me, then later the mom died because she couldn't pay for treatment, I felt I was the cause for her mom death then I promised her I will pay her back the money, I told her I was a scammer, she been a soft heart person she forgave me immediately and advised me to stop, then after few months, I met this Thailand who borrowed 1million thai baht, she have to sell her two car to pay the debt, then another phillipine woman who sent all her life savings 900k phillipines peso. After everything I regretted everything, I was able to contact the first Indonesia woman, I have paid her back all the money, the Thailand knew I was a scammer also but i told her i will pay her the money back which I've paid around 400k thai baht, the phillipine woman also, I will pay that one back by next month.
I hope god forgive me.
Say no to fraud....
I want to live a clean life.

I was able to start business with the money since I'm not a materialistic person, I don go party or clubbing, i stay at home 24/7.
I was also scammed on finding where to invest my earnings then. Uptil now self, sometimes I do get scammed by people
but you been d use juju then na ?
Politics / Re: Meet Old Mama Who Didn't Sleep Till Tinubu Was Announced Winner (video) by francis5051: 4:40pm On Mar 29, 2023
cheesy grin grin

The prayer of this woman alone over shadows and erases the curses of 500 million igbos over tinubu

When there is hate in your heart, your prayers won't be answer.. So all the curses igbos have raised on tinubu will go to the trash bin 🚮
people that prayed for tinubu not to win outnumbers the people that wants him to win
Politics / Re: Elections: Why Sitting Presidents Lose Aso Rock by francis5051: 3:29pm On Mar 27, 2023

Peter Obi won every place sane Nigerians are in large population.

There should be a law where only those with NYSC discharge certificate and those doing well in their various endeavours should be permitted to vote. My opinion.
then watch how they will issue nysc certificates to all northerners including the ones in secondary schools
Celebrities / Re: Costa Titch's Family Confirms His Death by francis5051: 12:49pm On Mar 12, 2023
What’s happening to SA rappers.. they don bury AKA ?


Politics / Re: INEC Rejects LP’s Request To Witness BVAS Reconfiguration by francis5051: 7:05am On Mar 10, 2023
I just lost hope in Nigeria


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits His Eminence Baba Aladura, Elder David Bob-Manuel (Pics) by francis5051: 8:15am On Feb 20, 2023

From market square to church!

Peter is just like gas molecules, very unstable!

He is still going to visit a poultry or pig farm anytime soon
.. if u are sensible enough u will know that he needs every sector to win both christians and tradition.. they all going to vote
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Peter Obi Alighting From ANAP Jet Despite Denial by francis5051: 2:16pm On Feb 19, 2023
[quote author=lhordspy post=121040109]They think they can fool us. They think we are bunch of obidient secondary school kids that started politics 2015. We have been in this game for long.

We will make sure we uproot and dig out all these funny lies and resist any avenue or means of trying to push a fraudster, Peter Obi down our throat.

ANAP denied it. They even released a statement claiming the Jet was used in Coffin transportation not for Obi . If something is not really fishy, why denying it? .

No wonder they projected obi to win Kastina, Lagos and Adamawa, Osun, ondo. Little did we know they have been the one sponsoring the clown.

I can't be fooled twice. I forgive Buhar! for fooling me in 2015. I won't make same mistake again with an incompetent disaster like Obi.[/quote mr. man permit me to insult u please.. you are a big fool if you think any Atiku or Tinubu is a better candidate than Obi
TV/Movies / Re: Dark October: Parents Of Slain ALUU-4 Urge Linda Ikeji, Netflix To Retract Movie by francis5051: 7:16am On Jan 26, 2023
Allow them do the movie.. is only a character your sons are not really involved

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Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill YPP Ward Chairman, Ifeanyi Desmond Uche In Imo (Photo) by francis5051: 5:54pm On Jan 09, 2023
Who doesn't know that it's esn that use Lexus and siena

Ipob might not be directly responsible for all these atrocities, bt they created this mess by destroying the peaceful architect of the east.
Who created sit at home
Who created esn
Who armed esn
Who encouraged the killing of sabos
Who encouraged the attacking of military formation
All of a sudden they now realise d importance of NPF
all of a sudden they now realise d importance of buhari jubris elsudani as d president who should protect their live and properties grin
you don’t know anything
Politics / Re: Christopher Elehu: Gunmen Kill Labour Party State Constituency Candidate In Imo by francis5051: 6:14pm On Dec 16, 2022
Obi should be blamed for all the attacks against his Lp members. ..

Why must he bring a structureless party outside SE domain to disrupt those existing parties there..? Why

We have never had it so bad like this be4 you are very senseless and who ever that like this ur evil statement is also senseless

Politics / Re: Australian Students Urge Nigerians To Vote For Peter Obi (Pics) by francis5051: 10:23pm On Dec 14, 2022
Some should tell them the truth that, they are advocating for a political minion who stands No chance!

That even if elections were conducted 10X, he won’t still emerge has winner.

One can also use Davido, which I believe they know, as a typical example. Davido is more popular, and has better chances of becoming Nigeria’s president, than the minion that they holding his banner!

Ignorance at its peak!
you are an idiot.. that’s all I can tell you for now
Politics / Re: Ortom Invites Buhari To Commission Benue Project by francis5051: 7:27am On Dec 08, 2022
Hope Baba goes.

I heard it is difficult to find a virgin in Benue.

Hmmm. No wonder it is easy for to entertain your friend with your wife's pvssy.

If you want to succeed in this life, never do the following.
1. Never think it in your heart that you can marry a woman you did not disvirgin and you will have a happy home. Not possible. Something must arise and separate you or you die in the marriage.

A woman you did not disvirgin will fvck her ex the moment he shows up to her in the market or on Facebook.

It is definite that your first child will not be yours and you will leave your inheritance for the child fathered by another man.

2. Do not pay bride price, sponsor wedding ceremony and take care of inlaws just to have a woman above 23 years of age who was fvcked by a boy who didn't pay anything except two eggs and indomie. You have used your money to carry curse.

A woman that does not give u her best years (18 - 23) should not give you her worst years (26 and above). Most girls in this age range ( >26) are currently suffering from one serious disease or the other.

Fvck any girl you want but when it comes to marriage, take the pains to find a young virgin woman.

Better to suffer to get a virgin and have a lasting peaceful home than to marry a woman of easy virtue ( a woman fvcked by many men) and suffer in your marriage.

No hymen, no commitment!
I can only agree with you if you father marry your mom As a virgin and I can agree with you to if your sisters marry as virgin
Politics / Re: Buhari Jets Out To Receive Award In Guinea Bissau (Photos) by francis5051: 4:29pm On Dec 07, 2022

Buhari is the best president Nigeria Will ever Have. Go and write it down. Peter Obituary is dead on arrive
you are a mumu man


Politics / Re: Fulani People Show Peter Obi Support (Video) by francis5051: 11:27am On Dec 05, 2022

They called them Alamjiri Cow Screwers for 8 years.

They think Ab0ki are so stupid like them that they will just forget it all. grin

It's really amusing to see them all on their knees asslicking Fulani and Hausa. grin
you are talking nonsense vote peter and he will stop terrorist from killing you people
Politics / Re: Obi Dey Go Program Wey Dem No Invite Am -Comedian Apkororo At 'The Experience' by francis5051: 1:40pm On Dec 03, 2022
At his age and level in Nigerian politics

Obi should have risen beyond religious sentiment. ... grin

But being a fool as he is ..he thinks is wiser than others ba? gringrin grin

Nigerians l know will not delay to tell him so at the poll

as u d insult Obi na only one tribe will like your comment (youruba)but wen u say good about Obi both IGBO Yoruba go like ur comment
Politics / Re: INEC Office Set Ablaze In Imo by francis5051: 8:00am On Dec 03, 2022

If u attend school u wouldn't be staying in South west and be talking evil about them
oga what are u even saying.. which kind nonsense Southwest are u bragging about is there no south-westerners in south east..without been told all dis people burning Inec offices and unknown gun men saga are all politically sponsored and In no pass APC
Politics / Re: Plan Your Movement: Gridlock Expected As Lagos APC Walks For Tinubu by francis5051: 7:51am On Nov 30, 2022

If you have sense you would know that the continuous campaign in his own stronghold is indicative that he is sensible enough to know that there is real and present threat in his own ground

Of all the presidential candidate, the real ones, he is the one not sure of a convincing win in his own state
oil dey ur head


Politics / Re: Plan Your Movement: Gridlock Expected As Lagos APC Walks For Tinubu by francis5051: 7:50am On Nov 30, 2022
We go press the neck of those bastard ipob miscreants well in Lagos until that neck break.
.Na for only Lagos dem dey for walk for tinubu ? Abi na only Lagos him need to win president pls stop deceiving urself Obi don get walk for almost the 36 states u guys still d use Lagos walk d make mouth anyway make una d use that one hold body
Politics / Re: Datti Ahmed: What Obi, LP Will Do In Four Years by francis5051: 10:20pm On Nov 28, 2022
Don't worry, we will give you guys chance after Atiku.

Obi will drop out of the race latest December

Atiku is coming
stop acting like devil with all these this man said u still want to bring corrupt atiku to power what is even wrong wit some of you self ? Are u not tired of been stupid ?


Religion / Re: Pastor Calls Off Wedding After Bride-To-Be Told Him That Her Fiancé Fingered Her by francis5051: 12:43pm On Nov 23, 2022
The woman self na jonsing woman why u go even tell the pastor the truth.. bedrooms activities like sex must be kept secret from pastors is not their business

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