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Romance / Re: What Do You Do When You Have An Insecure Partner by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 3:16pm On Dec 21, 2023
My Ex was insecure in every move I made... I have never cheated on her but to my greatest surprise, she was the one cheating on me... It's really unbelievable.... She might believe you are doing the same thing, she is doing.. Mark my word.... Spy on her and thank me later.. that's if your hands are clean and you have never given her any reason to be insecure..


Romance / Re: Now That Nairaland Is Back. by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 10:47am On Dec 21, 2023
The truth is bitter, Nairaland have been hijacked by Yorubaland.... I'm not from the east but the bashing on the eastern ppl is too much... Any abusive comments should be removed and the person should be permanently banned...


Romance / Re: Health Benefits Of Eating Vaginal Discharge During Intercouse by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 1:55pm On Nov 22, 2023
Oral-genital contact can transmit a number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including herpes, gonorrhea, and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In various acts of MouthAction there is a risk of infection since saliva, pre-cum, semen, vaginal secretions, and menstrual blood can get into the mouth. The practice of MouthAction is also highly prevalent among young people, regardless of whether they have previously engaged in penetrative intercourse and more of these body fluids you are exposed to, the greater the risk of infection there would be. The various channels in oral cavity that serve as a gateway of entry of infection from oral cavity to blood stream includes any open sores, cuts, abrasions, or bleeding gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis) in the mouth, the virus can get into the systemic circulation. The clinical depiction and silhouette of the various venereal diseases and infections spread through MouthAction along with the possible channel.. make sure you know your Partner's health status before going down... Thanks [color=#990000][/color][b][/b]
Politics / Re: NLC President, Ajaero, Arrested & Beaten By Police, Rushed To FMC Owerri by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 11:22pm On Nov 01, 2023
On like those old days, we enjoyed reading breaking news and other entertainment news on nairaland.. Nairaland now, is full of thugs believed to be rented by APC ... Those thugs are making me to dislike Nairaland.. Mst every trend be associated with Politics? [color=#990000][/color]
Romance / Re: Cool And Nasty Things You Have Done This Year by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 8:15am On Sep 30, 2023

I was scared there for a minute.

How do we remember the past if they are deactivated? Those were glory days, when there was less bullying.

I'm thinking some of these accounts got intimidated by the new generation NLanders.

How can we be intimidated by the so call tribalistic New generation Nlanders ? Mst of us log in as guest and choose not to comment..
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This Job Invitation Real Or A Fake Job Offer? by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 11:18am On Dec 31, 2021
Girls' and money are like 5 and 6, she has sign up for huzzling, whether the job is legit or not she will survived.. Allow her to go ... Experience teacher is the best.. What can 50k do for her in port ? She will buy her toiletries, pad, make her hair and so on .... Bro hope you are not dating her ? Dump her Bro...

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Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Just Moved Into My Apartment by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 8:33am On Dec 29, 2021
You love him but just tired of having a guy spend so many days with u, because you guys are not legally married.. Tell him your sister or cousin is coming over and form a phone call with your sister before that , talk to your sister to cooperate when u call.. But trust me, you will miss his dick after 3days and will still want him to come back.. Advice, the next visit should be you going to his place to spend the weekend.. You also made it clear u don't want to marry him , so why fucking around with him? believed me you can't eat your cake and have it back.. Grow up and be Wise.. God bless you
Pets / Re: Caught A Green Snake And I Want To Keep It As Pet by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 11:36pm On Dec 24, 2021
Green Mamba .... You are lucky the snake dnt spite in your eyes,...... Guys pls be careful when it comes to snake.. I've been studying snake for more than 2years, and from my experience you handle snake with caution... Whether venomous or not... Some u shape mouth snake (non venomous) can still bite and inflict injuries that can send one to grave if not properly manage ... Next time u let it go... Its harmless if u don't pose a threats.[color=#990000][/color]
Education / Re: My Marlians Cult Daughter Doesn't Wear Pant To School - Mother Cries Out by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 12:18am On Jan 13, 2020
As a phycologist, I will advise you to change your daughter's school... Peer group influence.. beating or preaching will not help out... Pls do that with immediate effect.. send me friend request on Facebook for further free consultancy @friyo2@gmail.com....
Business / Re: Onyema Denies US Fraud Allegations, Says All Money Transferred Went Through CBN by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 8:57am On Nov 23, 2019
That's the American government for you... The will pull him down because he is a competitor and a threat to their airline business in Nigeria.. we all need to encourage and support made in Nigeria


Family / Re: Sometimes I Regret Marrying My Wife by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 7:01am On Oct 23, 2019
heard of cases of couples killing each other because of so call depression or prolong unresolved issues... pls be very careful, for the time been. stop eating and drinking at home.. when she starts showing you love be careful, you may be thinking she has change, but no.. i am seeing a bad character in her that needs therapy. it seems she married you out of pity or she is still in touch with her ex..

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Education / Re: Sculpture Garden At The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria (Video, Photos) by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 3:29pm On Aug 01, 2019
One of the best University in Africa and the best in West Africa...... Op thanks for the post

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Politics / Re: What Aminu Shagari, son of President Shagari said about Buhari by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 10:28am On Jan 06, 2019
What do you expect from a betrayal?
Health / Re: Tramadol Is Killing My Friend. How Can We Help? by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 7:13am On Apr 21, 2018
Need drips to flush it out and some pain killer drugs.. Needs like a week plus to stop the addiction... I know someone that got admitted after stopping tramadol... Drugs kills faster than weed and alcohol... Say no to drug
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Khloe Crying Because Rico Swavey Refused To Come Upstairs With Her by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 1:45pm On Apr 07, 2018
It's OK..... Sometimes ladies needs attention and petting.. My babe cry on her own sometimes if I raise my voice on her lol... Then all the sorry baby, sweet heart Pls forgive me... And so on will start lol....
Crime / Re: Woman Batters Man In A Public Brawl by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 11:52am On Mar 30, 2018
Pictures? I smell lies.....
Crime / Re: 7 Fulani Men Burnt In Gboko, Benue State (Graphic Photos) by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 4:19pm On Feb 01, 2018
Oh L grin RD this is wickedness

See as they roast them like Suya

It's shall never be well with evil doers in Nigeria Isha Allah cheesy cheesy cheesy
isha Allah it shall not be well with all Fulani herdsmen and fanatical Yoruba or igala Muslims like you.... Amin suma ameen
Romance / Re: Which Gender Will Be Worst Affected By Widespread Adoption Of Sex Robot? by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 5:49am On Jan 18, 2018
Since this is the keyword today, find attached my project work cheesy

Topic: Who will be worst affected by widespread adoption of sex dolls?

Case study: NIGERIA.

Hypothesis 1: Males won't be worst affected.
Hypothesis 2 : Females won't be worst affected.


>Sex dolls currently cost about N800,000.
>Nigeria with over 180million people.
>Over half of this population are living in poverty (i.e) below $1 a day.
>Minimum wage is N18000 = N216,000/annum.
>Npower is N30000 = N360,000/annum.
>NYSC allowance is N19800 = N237,600/annum .
>Unemployment rate was 18.8% Q3/2017.
>The average Nigerian saves less than N60,000 in a year. As at 2015, NDIC made it known that 2% of Nigerians, account for over 90% of deposits in banks. Those 2% are definitely not here shouting we want sex dolls.
>The average Nigerian has a starting salary of less than 20k. Yea, we all remember that first teaching job, cybercafe attendant, secretary/receptionist...etc.
>The average Nigerian youth is either living in their parents house or sharing space with a friend. You need private space for that damn thing

Conclusion: No gender will be worst affected. There will be no sales boom of sex dolls in Nigeria [amongst average Nigerians] for now. There'll still be enough men and women to go round for interested parties. A very minute percentage of the population will buy that doll, this includes males & females. Deeldos sold, maybe because of affordability [and portability].

Recommendation: Wake up, you're in Nigeria. A hypocritical conservative shithole grin Most of us are hustling, broke, upcoming, not buoyant enough...etc.

Reference: Poco .J. Smith, "Sex Robots? Societal and Economical Menace or Not?" tongue
we will go for China sex doll.... It will be very cheap.... Lol
Religion / Re: Pentecostal Getting Married To A Catholic by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 8:59am On Jan 02, 2018
Op the best thing for you is to leave the guy since you are finding it hard to accept his faith and make sure you dnt regret your leaving him later in life.
all the single ladies and guys that don't have hope of marrying are like leave the guy.. Lol ... He is a charismatic and you still claim that he is not a........ Girls are always confused and the don't know what the want.. Or may be your village people are following you... Biko marry him if you know what is good for you
Politics / Re: Rakiya Musa Birnin Tudu Slapped Twice By LG Chairman In Kebbi (photo) by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 6:57am On Nov 28, 2017
While it is totally unacceptable that any adult takes the law into his/her hands by slapping a fellow adult, I think Madam Female Councillor is a Lai Mohammed's apprentice in this case; she is still learning how to edit facts!

You claim you were speaking to the Chairman in the chamber to improve the lives of the people and the same people are outside and angry with you and it took the same oppressive Chairman to calm them down.

It looks like there are less-impressive activities that you patented and don't feel proud about anymore.

Auntie stop lying!
tell me Oooh is the chairman mad? Lol
Politics / Re: Rakiya Musa Birnin Tudu Slapped Twice By LG Chairman In Kebbi (photo) by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 6:55am On Nov 28, 2017
One sided story......
Education / Re: Scenic Pictures Of ABU Zaria Dam by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 7:48am On Nov 26, 2017
You have to be careful if you are not an indigen of zauzau.. The water is best known for drowning of non indigen... A friend of mine was drown back then. I was born and bred up in Zaria... Good luck bro....

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Romance / Re: Is My Neighbor Pretending Or She's Not In Love? by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 7:33am On Oct 29, 2017
Good advice mst times come from ladies in the house and few guys.... Mst of the guys think with...............
Romance / Re: Should I Tell Her Am A Virgin? by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 8:43am On Nov 03, 2015
You Met her some weeks and you think she want to have sex with you bro! You are a joker and if that's true then dont loss your virginity to a slot.. And by the way, did she tell you she want to have sex wit you or you just assumed that ? Guy you are a dreamer
Family / Re: My Husband Denies Me Sex And Affection...its Killing Me by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 9:46am On Oct 20, 2015
[b][/b][color=#990000][/color] story for the gods.. I feel somethin fishy about this story, anyway, lets assume the story is true, here is my advice.. Change your nighties, wit new jeanstrings, transparent night gowns, bu**t cream, little body spray, and when the room is hot try sleeping wit only jeanstrings, if your hub refuse touching you, masturbate in the bathroom.. You are marry so its not a sin.. Do this for 2 weeks and you will be a week pregnant.. Thanks
Education / Re: ABU: The Biggest University In Nigeria by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 3:05pm On Oct 18, 2015
Abusite are all son's and daughters of love, let love rules.. We love love... Proud to be a product of Abusite.....
Celebrities / Re: Bruno Iwuoha Hospitalized In The US (Photo) by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 10:56pm On Aug 14, 2015
Pa Bruno is sound and healthy now, i saw him in Abuja today...
Phones / Re: What To Do When Your Phone Drops Inside Water by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 8:19pm On Aug 11, 2015
Put the phone in a bag of rice for 24 hours and after the 24 hours you should cook the rice and the phone and eat.
Romance / Re: How To Know A Virgin Guy by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 10:20pm On Jul 06, 2015
Nice one dear but your number two is out of point. Dressing has nothin to do with virginity.. Dressing is an inward attribute that has to do with your social lyf style. You acquired that social attribute from family, school, community et.c. Nice one dear
Education / Re: Nairaland Interschool Debate Match Three:Abu ZariaVSIbadanpoly!WINNER:IBADANPOLY by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 6:34am On Jun 22, 2015
A.B.U Students are generally ahead of other students..
Sports / Re: Sweden Vs Nigeria (3 - 3) Fifa Women's World Cup On 8th June, 2015 by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 10:13pm On Jun 08, 2015
2 = 2 . . Good play

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Romance / Re: 12 Things Couples Still Won’t Do In Front Of Each Other (even Afta Years 2geda) by FRIYOPATRICK(m): 10:46am On May 17, 2015
I can do all those in front of him and likewise him also...that's why we are friends...
can you do this in the presence of your boy friend ? Then you mst be crazy.. Rephrase your sentence, may be you are referrin to your hubby but not your Friend

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