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Education / Re: B.Y Mafit Took My 45,000 NAIRA For TOEFL Registration by frostsc: 1:07pm On Mar 29
Losing your money is impossible. They have stood the test of time and are 100% reliable. I know their customer service at times could be better. I think that's the major issue they have. Their customer service needs upgrade. I sent you a PM
Education / Re: B.Y Mafit Took My 45,000 NAIRA For TOEFL Registration by frostsc: 7:27am On Mar 29

They have generally extended their registration completion time, which I think explains the additional time spent on registration. If you call them, they would tell you that.

Just relax. B.Y Mafit is tested and trusted like Bagco Super Sac. They'll sort you out Last last.

Are you taking lectures?
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 10:27pm On Mar 10
Guys, i wanted to share that i got admission to do my MSc in Finance at McGill University. I remember how the journey all started here, trying to prep for GRE and what not...

I wish everyone awaiting admission decisions all the best!

Wao. Congrats Sis. Happy things are working out for you.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 3:42pm On Mar 10

Tried it again, 3.68/4.0

Please, help suggest schools who can offer phd GA for chem related courses. So I can check out their requirements

Check out University of Toledo, Chemistry and Biology dept. Also, the school of Engineering at Dartmouth and Mississipi State University. Also check out University of Nevada, Reno.

All the best!


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 3:25pm On Mar 10
Please house,
I completed my imputation and submitted on step 3 of WES unofficial transcript evaluation around 3am or there about today.
This is 7am and I haven't seen any email of the result.

Does it take much time, when should I be expecting it? Couple of days, weeks, hours?

Should I go do another one?

Thanks for helping out guys in anticipation

Any update yet?

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 3:23pm On Mar 10
Washington State just called. Full funding(PhD). Fall 2019,yes we can!

Congrats! It's the beginning of a new life with new possibilities. Just one final hurdle and you're there.
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 3:21pm On Mar 10

I have been trying to contact B.Y.Mafit for more than 2 weeks now but their numbers are always either busy or unavailable. I want to register for TOEFL for March ending. I need to make some clarifications before paying. I might just look for another option.

Maybe you're calling after 5pm or on weekends. As expected, their numbers are always busy. I'll suggest you call the different numbers on their site during working hours. At least one will not be busy.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 3:14pm On Mar 06
Please, I need your help.
Please, Don't mind how undecided my question sounds. I'm a novice in this matter.

If I am planning towards Spring 2020 resumption in the US for a PhD GA programme, when exactly is best for me to register for GRE and secondly, when is it okay to write GRE... Please ,be informed that I'm only starting the GRE prep this month.

And also , when is the best month to register for TOEFL and write it.

And a lady friend told me , I will later need to evaluate my cgpa and it usually takes long according to her.

So, putting all these together, help me with time /month evaluation so that I can fix my target on your evaluation.

Thanks wonderful people...

In this case, it's different strokes for different folks. Some start their prep for the GRE and feel they will be ready in a month only to discover that beans is not necessarily the same thing as moi moi angry grin ... In other words, they had to shift the exam forward. Depending on your quants or maths skills, I would generally recommend two months prep for GRE. If you do marathon reading, 3 weeks should be okay for TOEFL. So, maybe do TOEFL first and get that out of the way, before moving on to GRE. Major hinderance to this would be the deadline of the school for submission of standardized test scores, since its spring admission. You may want to factor this in, when choosing a test date. But don't rush and end up having poor grades.

START YOUR EVALUATION TODAY! I heard WES now takes forever to evaluate documents. Someone that just arrived my school told me his own took 4 months. So, it's better to start right now.

All the best.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 2:19pm On Mar 06
Congrats to all the new admits. Pray you find favour at the embassy.

Been a while I spoke here, so want to reopen the conversation. grin grin .

As for prep, once again, B.Y Mafit is still the awarded best GRE center in West Africa and they offer free Lectures, Magosh account, Manhattan account, Kaplan paperback textbook and all, for those who are having difficulties with the GRE and TOEFL or for those who want to significantly improve on their scores. Its worth checking out. www.gregmattoeflnigeria.com

As for scholarships and funding, it's getting tougher than ever before, so, you must ensure your game is tight. I've heard from some quarters the the GRE test is getting a bit harder. Unconfirmed though, so, get your hands on latest materials.

As for school selection, make your research extensively and don't just apply to a school because others are applying to it. Look closely at thier CGPA requirements and GRE score requirement. Ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

As for scholarships, the best is the one given by the school. There are scholarship awarding bodies you can take a look at though, such as the Fulbright Foreign Student Program in USA, 2019 Future Global Leaders Fellowship, ICSP Scholarships at University of Oregon USA, AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women and Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in USA for International Students.

As for preparing for your visa interview, I'm not sure Mafit still does that but during my time there, they prepared me during the lectures, for free.

Best of luck. I'll be posting more information in due time.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 1:55pm On Jan 28
@All @Scholastica @frostc @Ponpon @Quoran @Elevatedmind.
I need help in writing my Letter of Motivation.

Please help I have less than a week to submit my application.

Have you started writing any? If yes, you can send me what you have already and I help you edit and proofread it

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 6:14pm On Jan 05
Pls does anyone know how much and a center to register for gre at ibadan bevause i initially thought it was 80,000 but i hear its 50,000 at some places

Visit B.Y Mafit. www.gregmattoeflnigeria.com. You get free books, Lectures, Magoosh, Manhattan, etc.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 8:16am On Dec 21, 2018
Hello goodmornig, pls who can help me make payment for my GRE score to be sent to my school in exchange for the equivalent in Naira..thanks... Very urgent pls

Contact B.Y Mafit. www.gregmattoeflnigeria.com
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 8:47am On Dec 18, 2018
Thank you.
These are my profile.
Course studied: Chemistry education B.sc ed
Cgpa: 3.66/5.0
Intended course of study: MSC chemistry education or PhD
GRE: 276.3
TOEFL: In view (would appreciate if the schools could waive it)
I want a school dt would grant me full scholarship.
Am grateful�

Tough one. Not impossible though. Given your low CGPA and GRE, full funding may be a bit tough in my opinion. I think you should refire the GRE since that's the only thing that can change in your profile. Also get the TOEFL done and target a great score. Then you can narrow down schools.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 6:41pm On Dec 16, 2018

Please I am looking towards PhD with full funding for fall 2019 in Environmental Engineering and need suggestions from you.
I have admit from Michigan Tech without funding and have identified Cleveland and Ohio State U. I would appreciate other suggestions.

Profile- GPA- 3.7/4 in Civil Engineering
GRE- 310 158(Q) 3.5 AWA
3 researches but none published yet

University of Utah should be happy to receive you. You can also check out Carnegie Mellon University, Florida International University, New Jersey Institute of Technology (Quite competitive) and Temple University (Great funding prospects)

Best of luck!


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 6:38am On Dec 16, 2018

Can you help vet mine too? Or who else here can assist in SOP corrections? Very Urgent thanks.

You can send it. Be careful how you share your SOP though so you won't be given a red card for plagiarism on your own essay, written painstakingly from your own personal discernment and brain wave.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 6:32am On Dec 16, 2018
Good day all. Pls am kindoff new here.

Firstly, please what's the mangoosh all about.

2. For those studying at by mafit. Since u can start the tutorial any time. What about those thatbstarted b4 u. Or there are separate classes for new comers

3. Is there any official mat for GRE. And the Kaplan material, how good is it. Thanks in anticipation

The magoosh is an online prep for the GRE that contains videos, exercises, lecture notes, etc. But you need to pay to get all these and B.Y Mafit gives you that access.

I don't know if it has changed, but modules are covered in phases. You should be able to flow whenever you join though. Though they start new modules somewhere in between your class, so, even if it looks like abracadabra at first, you'll fit in gradually. The classes are interactive, so, you can always ask questions if not clear.

As per materials, the Kaplan is a good starting point. I would suggest you start with the Kaplan and magoosh with the Manhattan online prep accompanied with the lectures first. For me, I used the lectures as the major guide then used the materials to research more on what was taught in class. That worked for me cos I was able to use those mad shortcuts they taught. Others could have different combinations based on what worked for them. I've seen someone who used Grubers and said it worked like magic.
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 6:16am On Dec 16, 2018

Hi Dear. Please am interested in the schools that gives admission with a low GRE score.
I rewrote mine for d 2nd time & it happened dt my first score was better 276.3. I didn't expect to score a 274.3.5. because I practiced harder but was admitted in the hospital 2weeks to my exam. Infact I wrote my exam 2 days after I left d hospital.
So please, assist me with the schools.

So sorry about the unfortunate incident that led to your scores. However, I would need your profile to be able to assist better. Please provide information on what you studied, your CGPA, what you intend to study, and what your preferences in a school are, if any. You can share here or send a private massage.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 7:26am On Dec 13, 2018
Rewrote yesterday, But sadly I got 287 - Q 146 and V 141. Previous score 285 - Q 140 and V 145 cry and my toefl was 87. I am mentally drained and I am not writing again. I will have to raise money to pay the fees, I just have to work hard. CGPA 4.23/5.0. I am looking to study Geophysics. Please what are my chances. I sent my latest 287 scores to; texas a & m kingsville, Michigan Tech, Colorado state Uni, UT Dallas and I sent my first 285 scores I sent it to; Texas a & m Kingsville, Texas El Paso, Uni of Utah, Uni of Tulsa.

What are my chances. What do you think I should do. Please please I cannot rewrite again. Whats the way forward?

I'm so sorry about your result. I think I posted what I feel you should do earlier in this thread before you took your test. I was thinking you would reschedule the test. I can see you wrote the previous test on the 31st of October (If I'm correct) and you wrote the next a couple of hours ago. And given your range of scores, there could not have been much improvements. The prep time was just too short.

I would have given other suggestions, but the hard truth is funding may not be as feasible as when you have great GRE scores. Though other factors like your CGPA come into play. I know it's difficult to write again after two attempts, but if i were in your shoes, I'll write again but this time, I would do things very differently. I would still suggest you read my earlier reply and adhere to it. Also, if you can, register at B.Y Mafit www.gregmattoeflnigeria.com/gretestdatesinnigeria and go for 10 weeks lectures straight. Also make use of the magoosh and Manhattan online prep they give. The Manhattan has lots of practice questions. All these resources are free. Also, while there, join study groups and read arduosly. Then budget another 2-3 months for practice. I think there are some uploads here as well, though many of them would be outdated.

I know of a girl who scored just like what you scored, and took the steps I earlier suggested and had an upwards of 220.

Just as CptCharlesVane said, the GRE turns the wise of this world to fools and gives great scores to a foolish underperforming person who knows what he's doing

If you can't rewrite, and it's an absolute no, then I may be able to point you in the direction of some schools that will likely give admission based on other factors with a low GRE score.


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 11:48pm On Dec 09, 2018

Can't say I don't fully agree with you smiley. Though I must have forgotten the meaning of most of these words grin
But the truth is they're both right somehow..
As frostsc just said, please we shouldn't derail form the purpose of this thread!!

After all the "sufferness" I went through to learn words that I will not use to collect money inside bank, I will now forget it just like that? Osi gini? Is like my mind is telling me that God want to punish forget! cheesy Me and my words live happily ever after bro. In sickness and in health. Till death do us part. cheesy cheesy grin

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 11:35pm On Dec 09, 2018

Ain't throwing shades, but this is not necessary. Elegance in simplicity biko undecided

I ain't throwing shades either but after stuffing my head with words that my first to fifth generation will certainly not hear during their time here on earth, bro, permit me to express once in a while biko. grin grin grin


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 7:58pm On Dec 09, 2018
I doff my hat to these erudite scholars. The panache, sagacity, pizzazz and oomph with which you took your stand and gave reasons to support your motion displays your preponderance of perspicacious yet congrously precise ideologies.

Both views are right, depending on how you choose to look at it. Let's call a truce and help others in the little way we can. I'm really impressed by your wealth of savoir faire.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 10:38am On Dec 09, 2018
I don't what your intentions are, but this kind of comment does not help. You may have achieved so much, but belittling other people's efforts is just sickening. It's as good as cyber bullying.

Bro, thanks for standing up to this and expressing your honest opinion, though I beg to differ slightly. Sincerely, there are people who by virtue of the course they studied or even the way they managed to graduate, don't know the most basic of mathematics. Even LCM and HCF is like abracadabra. You will be shocked to learn that some people don't even know how to use BODMAS to solve an elementary basic maths problem.

I think the earlier poster was referring to such people. Everybody knows where the shoe is pinching them in their minds. If you fall within this category, it won't hurt to start with JSS 3 maths. When you're done with JSS3 maths, then begin your GRE prep. You dont need SS1-3. Just JSS3 maths and you'll be ready to begin your GRE quant prep. Trust me. I know what I'm taking about. Budget 1-3 months for this. Arduous reading. Truth be told. Some people will attend the best lectures in the world and still fail. So, it's about knowing your nemesis and facing it squarely.

Different strokes for different folks though. Some prople in this category just go straight for good classes and they come out tops by following what is being taught and reading ahead of classes. Some go with the private classes and they mix it with general classes. But if you are in this category and need a definitive starting point, JSS 3 maths may just be the miracle supplement.

All the best!


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 11:37pm On Dec 08, 2018
i think you need a private tutor if u can't crack it on your own

I second this. You may need to take private classes. Go to B.Y Mafit and ask for Mr. Ufuoma or Mr. James and talk to them for private classes. I'm sure you will cover huge grounds in little time.

All the best!

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 6:51pm On Dec 07, 2018
Good day all. Please where can u get samples of SOP and résumé. Please don't refer me to Google.
Thank you.

Here you go: https://www.studential.com/university/applying/UCAS-application-guide/personal-statement-examples/subjects

But before you get too excited read my Caveat grin

Caveat: Chances are many schools already have a database of these essays and plagiarism is taken as a serious issue by schools. Not only can they deny you admission, they can give you an outright ban for lifting things off the internet. Many at times they have softwares that detect essays in part or whole gotten from the internet. So many people get denied admission and they keep asking why... Some think it's their step mother that is behind their case. grin . Not really. Google worked against you!

Pros: You can read through the plethora of essays there, to get inspiration and flow, in order to develop yours.

All the best!

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 10:41am On Dec 06, 2018
Guys after scoring poorly in my last exam I have decided to rewrite the gre again on the 11th. Please any tips, tricks etc in answering questions faster. My issue was time in the last one. And at the tail end I was just guessing to fill up the answer slots. For my verbal I answer my comprehensions first then go back to the beginning to continue from there for those vocab questions and it gave me time to finish. But my quants is an issue I think I was too slow to be honest this was the one that had me ticking boxes in the end.

I would suggest you try your hands on more practice questions and full length practice tests. Problem many at times is that one practices piece by piece and not in a stringent simulated exam condition.

My advice would be that you go the full length at once, without any break. By the time you are on the fifth practice test, you'll begin to have an idea of where you should be at what time and you'll develop an internal clock of sorts. Also, you'll begin yo see a pattern of questions you think are easy but are either time consuming or actually difficult.

Learning tricks and shortcuts are also very paramount. There are so many shortcuts I learnt from Mafit and I guess that helped.

Most of all, be true to yourself. A Yoruba adage says "Someone who is wicked knows he's wicked. He's only looking for who to tell him" grin . Many at times, we shy away from the truth, rather than face it head on. We know where we are lagging behind and where we need to improve on, but use faith to carry it. With the experience you have, you know exactly where you need to improve. Focus on these areas and don't take the GRE again, until you are 90% sure you've covered them. Full funding is no joke. See this scenario, you're supposed to pay $40,000 for something and someone says read arduously and painstakingly for 6 months and I'll give you $40,000. Won't you read? Omo we die there! See your GRE in this light and you'll be fine.

Best of luck!

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 7:54am On Dec 05, 2018

Great experiences bro! Wishing you the very best in your endeavor and I'm glad you finally found your feet.
@bolded, so you mean, them fit change am for anybody anytime?

My brother, so many things actually are different from the way they seem at first. When I first arrived, I was carried away by the nice and amorous smile and affable character. I was smiling at everyone and wiling to make as much friends as possible. The way they will smile at you, you'll think "This babe is tripping for me o". All na wash. With time, I discovered it's all plastic. Our own madness is instant. We carry it on our face. Their own madness is in their left hand. They will watch you well before they hit you with it.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 7:40am On Dec 05, 2018
Good day gurus in the house, wrote my first gre on Sunday but i performed poorly V146 Q150, i learnt from my mistakes and i know where i blew the whole thing. Thank God for the experience, i am planning to retake the GRE in the next 1 month time and i am aiming at 310-320 but can i used this score to apply to some schools and get funding with this abysmal score and if so which schools can i apply to for Computer Networks, I have CCNA already. I need advice but sure am taking the GRE again.

Sorry about your score. I've seen people who didn't do well and did better on the second attempt. I think it would be wise to just re write the test and see where it goes from there. I would also suggest you attend lectures as well. B.Y Mafit now gives 10 weeks lectures free and also other online prep asides the magoosh, so, I believe if you harness all these, you should come out tops. If you work, there are weekend lectures as well. As I always advise, while there, interact with other students and put your cards on the table. There's so much you can learn from others doing the same thing as you.

What's your CGPA? All the best.

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 3:17pm On Dec 03, 2018

I have and the access is only for one month which is not enough.

Thank you

From experience it's usually more than a month. They just put one month there. If you check your account, I'm sure you'll have at least 4 months. Keep enjoying your magoosh and thank me later. grin
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 12:14pm On Dec 03, 2018
Anyone with magoosh account for sell should please indicate.

Thank you

Just register with B.Y Mafit and you get the magoosh account for Free. You can register here: www.gregmattoeflnigeria.com/gretestdatesinnigeria
Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 9:26am On Nov 24, 2018
Hello guys! I am positive many people here are working pedantically towards Fall '19. May visa fall on you!

Starting my post graduate program in the States have been an experience, though challenging, it's been rewarding. I'll be documenting some of my experiences here and hoping it encourages one or two persons and also, so, you won't make the same mistakes I made on arrival.

I must confess, it has not been easy. More especially since I got G.A and I had to ensure I maintained a good CGPA. The very strange weather, the people, the way of life, the natural response to events... These are things that are often overlooked but could really destabilize you on arrival. All these little things when put together could be quite distracting and that's why many international students stagger when they begin their respective programs and before they find their feet, they are raking in poor grades. I almost did and that was why I had to keep away from everything including Nairaland to concentrate. I can effectively say I've found my feet now. So, for those just coming in, totally forget about the social life and focus squarely on how to strike a balance between the external factors and how this affects your psychology and study pattern. One of my friends here had already started reading up like a month before coming to the USA. By the time he arrived, it made it easier to flow. You may also want to watch videos and try your hands on some resources to help you settle in fast. Study the educational process and bring out the best in you. We are Nigerians. Adaptation is in our DNA. grin

A great plus though is the amiable environment. Everyone is cultured, well mannered and polite. Even if it is fake and they can turn it for you the next second. cheesy cheesy

Guys, do whatever you can to get some form of assistantship o. Life here is expensive.

Once again I'll love to thank my mentor, Scholastica16, Quoran, Lagosismyhome, Time2smile and those who guided me. Most especially our grand father, Scholastica16 . God bless you man.

I'll post more!

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Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 9:35pm On Nov 15, 2018
Since It's free, I would suggest you go collect what is rightfully yours, even if you want to dash it out. I personally would rather reading a physical text to reading on a screen, so it would not hurt having something I can read when my battery is low or when I need something tangible to hold and read.

Not only should you get the books, if you can, attend lectures as well. That's also free and trust me, the lectures are great because you get to be tutored on tricks and tips you won't find on the pages of any book.

I'm talking from experience cos I passed through Mafit.

So guys, Mafit asked me to come over and pick a Kaplan text, + CD...Is that really important, since I have access to loads of materials I downloaded?


Education / Re: How To Achieve High Scores On The GRE by frostsc: 12:09am On Aug 14, 2018
Lol. Wish I could give you mine.

Hello house, anyone with hard copies of GRE textbooks lying idle?

I need them and I don't mind buying. Whatsapp- 07031562014

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