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Business / Re: Tell Us One Business That Has A Lot Of Profits That People Don't Know? by fxid10(m): 9:32pm On Feb 21
Sell practical information.
You create once, and sell forever
Business / The Best Business At A Time Like This Is... by fxid10(m): 8:25pm On Feb 21
The Best Business at a time like this, is not buying and reselling,...

...it is constantly selling a product without repeatedly buying it to resell.

You know when you buy a product once, and you sell it a thousand times or more?

That is the right business for this time.

Omolara bought a product for only N7500, and she has generated N265,000 selling that one product in 9 days. Imagine the profit

You need more explanation? Let me know
Business / How Anyone Can Make 20k Online In The Next 48 Hours by fxid10(m): 12:51pm On Feb 15
Yes, I'm not exaggerating

It is something you can do successfully.

And the good news is that, *if you can do N20,000,...

...you can do N100,000 Naira VERY EASILY* and you can *repeatedly* do 1Million Naira.

Imagine how your life will look like by then.

*My dear, No gree for hardship this year oooo*

Ensure you do an online business that can *easily bring you money* 💰...

...even if you are a very busy person...

...even if you lacked technical skills...

...even if you lack capital...

...even if you have zero experience in selling and marketing...

Even if you have never made a Kobo before online...

...you can, and you will, make your first 20,000 Naira online in the next 48 hours or less once I show you what I'm about to show you right now.

Let me start by *CONGRATULATING YOU* first.

Yes, I am congratulating you for 2 reasons.

Reason number 1 is...

*You will surely make your first 20,000 Naira online in 48 hours or less*.

Reason number 2 is that

*You will forever remain a money magnet*, that is, someone that can very *easily attract* 💰 money at will.


So let's start.

In this 2024, ensure you do a business that can bring *YOU* 95% profit each time you make easy sales.
I will explain and recommend something perfect to you.

In this 2024, do not make the mistake of just asking people to come buy, *"come and buy"*.

That marketing method does not work well at all at all, especially if you want to make huge amount of money.

The method that works perfectly well is,

*Use a free gifts to catch many people into your net*.

That is the only method that will make many of them pay you very easily.

If you can do the above 2 things, you will become a millionaire in few months.

Don't worry, I will explain more.

Earlier, I told you to do a business that will bring you 95% profit

What that means is, if you sell a product for N3,500, your profit at least should be N3200.

So if you generate N350,000, *your profit should be N320,000 at least.*

*Unfortunately, e-commerce business can never do that for you.*

*Affiliate marketing can never do that for you.*

*MMM can neverbdo that for you.*

Crypto currency can not do that for you without *giving you high blood pressure first.*

The only business in this life, based on my 8 years of experience online, that can constantly generate you *Huge amount of money* at a very short time is


What does that really mean?

And why do people everywhere in the world, *including Nigeria buy practical information like crazy?*

During our secondary school days, we used to have *Biology textbook* and *Biology practical test book*, right?

Biology PRACTICAL test book, and every other practical test book, clearly show you the steps you must follow so as to achieve a particular result.

It will tell you what to do, how to do it, steps to follow, and how to follow each of those steps.

*It's like a map that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be.*

That is exactly how *practical information ebook* is. For example, It shows people how to move from making zero Naira online monthly, to making N100,000 monthly online*. And that is why people buy practical ebooks like crazy all over the world including Nigeria.

A 26 year old lady in 2023 sold in 9 months, 7,682 copies of a practical ebook on how ladies in Nigeria can *know their skin type from home,* and *how to formulate soap and cream that works for their skin type from home*.
Each copy of the practical ebook was N3000.
*She generated over 23 Million Naira in pure profit if you check your calculator*

I'm sure you are opening your mouth right now.
And you are probably asking yourself

*How can I make this kind of money this year?*

*How can I key-into these business and succeed like her?*

*I taught her how to do it.*

Don't worry, I want to show you how you can start in the next 1 hour or less and succeed like her in 1 year or less, *without you creating any practical ebook of YOUR OWN*

*But wait, there is a very big problem I want to let you know first*

But the good news is that, it will not be a problem to you because I've solved them for you already.

You see, all the money you need, is in the hands of total strangers out there. These strangers don't know you.

Let's assume you want to make 5 Million Naira in 10 months. All that money is in the hands of total strangers out there.

And like I said, they don't know you.
Even if they know you, *they don't like and trust you yet*. Meaning, majority of this strangers will not *easily* give you their money like that.

*That's a very big problem*.
Or is it not a problem? *Considering the fact that you want to make huge amount monthly?*

In fact that is the major reason most online sellers are frustrated because their business is not moving well at all online.

For people to send you their hard earned money online, *they need to like you and your ideas, they need to see you as an expert in that field you are talking about and then trust you*.

It will take most online sellers many many weeks to make people love them, and even trust them. All of these must happen before anyone, including you, can earn money from people online.

But the good news is that, it will take you only 30minutes or less to achieve these because of the system you will use.

*What system is that?*

Like I said initially, never you tell people to *"come and buy, come and buy"*. People don't like to hear that online. It makes you look like a scammer. That method will scare people away instead of attracting them to you.

The perfect method to use is this👇

Give something for free, and then relax and watch them come back to you, begging you to collect their money 💰 and send them your product.

I want to explain this thoroughly.

Do you still remember that 26 year old lady that sold 7,682 copies of her practical eBook in only 9 months generating over 23 million Naira in profit?

I am very sure you would like to use the method she used, *and will love to get the same result or even a better result.*

What she did was that she sent out a *free practical eBook* that shows young ladies, *step by step*, how they can accurately know their skin type from home. She showed what to use and how to use them.

At the last page of the *free practical ebook*, she mentioned that ladies can actually formulate cream and soap that can work perfecty for their skin type. And that only N3000 will get them *another practical ebook* that will show them ingredients to use, and how to mix them, and even where to buy them,and how to apply on skin.

The end result was that in 9 months, she sold 7,682 copies of that practical ebook. Meaning she sold at least 25 copies daily.

*Why was she able to attract that big result?*

Look at reasons below 👇

*Her topic was what most ladies are looking for*

*She used a free gift to catch plenty of them*

After reading the free ebook which was less than 10 scanty pages, most of the ladies *LOVE* her idea, they saw her as an *EXPERT* in that field because of the way she presented it, and they *TRUST* her. They were moved to pay her even though they have never seen her before.

Every 24 hours, she makes nothing less than N30,000.

Imagine yourself in her shoes 😁😁😁.

I wrote the ebooks for her, and I showed her the above marketing method to use. And I promised her that I will answer all questions from customers (readers) through voicenote. *She paid me handsomely*.

If you will love to start this business, *you can start in the next 1 hour or less without you writing anything.*

*Everything is ready for YOU to use right now*

To begin, you need the following 👇

You need free practical ebook on a *very hot topic* that you will give out for free

Inside the free ebook, another practical ebook will be expertly advertised that people will buy from you.

What if i provide you with *4 practical ebooks* that has *very attractive* covers and topics, that will be expertly advertised in 4 different free practical ebooks/practical free reports?

These are the topics of the practical ebooks and what they contains 👇


*How to get any product of your choice within Nigeria at factory prices and sell in large quantity without running advertisement*

In the above practical 👆ebook, you will see that it is cheaper and faster to buy products of your choice in Nigeria than to import them. You will get over 160 big importers who are ready to work with you. And you will see how to start with zero capital and sell in large quantity without running advertisement. You will join some groups owned by some of these importers.
A lot will be learned in the free version that will move people to buy the paid version.


*How to make your ebook sell like crazy*

The free eBook on this topic shows where exactly to go to online and gather free information, and how to turn it into a money making products, and then the paid version of the ebook talks about what to do to sell at least 20 copies of the ebook daily.



The free version of the above practical ebook talks about what you can do to attract many many people to your business daily. Like, making people an offer they can not resist. While the paid version provides many examples of what to do step by step to get people to beg you to collect their hard earn money.



The free version talks about why cars must be imported from the United State alone.
It clearly mentioned why Mr Henry and Mr Basil will import 2020 Toyota Venza at 2.5million Naira and 4.5million Naira respectively.
It mentions what Mr Henry knows, that Mr Basil does not know. It mentioned what must be considered before paying for a car. While the paid version gives many more information, and all that is needed in the process of buying and shipping cars from USA to Nigeria, including clearance. You will get everything.

People in Nigeria are looking for how to make more money in Nigeria.

They are looking for practical information that can move them from where they are presently to where they want to be financially.

Aside from the above practical ebooks, see what more you are getting from me.

I will respond to all questions that will come from those that bought from you. Send the questions to me and I will answer using voicenote. And you can forward to them.

You will get a link that will take you to learning how to run Facebook ads, targeting the right audience for the ebooks if you want to go that way.

You will get over 25 marketing messages that will make people very curious wanting to get your free ebook to know more.

And of course you know, it is the free ebook that will teach them something very very valuable, moving them from where they are, to a higher level. And for them to get to the final destination, they need to buy the practical ebook advertised in the free ebook.

*This is what I have saved you from* 👇

Under normal circumstance, it will take you over 5 months to be able to come up with practical ebooks that will be loved by many.

You will need to pay people to create back covers for your practical ebooks, and that will take over N25,000 each.

You will need to struggle for weeks, even months, to be able to sell your ebooks.

But I have done all of that for you, and even ready to answer questions from those that will buy from you.

All you need to do is to send out short marketing messages.

For example

"You need a luxury car without a luxury price? My free practical report will show you how to get one. Contact me now for your free practical report"

Once they contact you, send them the report.

The report will teach them something that will move them to call you to get the paid version of the practical ebook on car importion.

*It is that simple.*

The more persons you send the short marketing messages to, the better.

So you can get everything from me right now, and start making money with them, and keeping all the money for yourself. *I don't care if you make 100 million Naira,* keep it for yourself.

Because you read upto this point, I want to make you an offer. It's only for a limited number of persons. Once I get that number, the offer will be gone forever.

See what you are getting 👇

*4 practical ebooks on very hot topics*. In fact I will make it 5 practical ebooks. And you can resell them at any price you want and keep the money for yourself. All valued at N450,000

*4 practical free ebook/free report* All valued at at N20,000

*Over 25 short marketing messages* valued at N5000

*I will answer all the questions that will come to
you from your prospect or even those that bought the practical ebook from you* , and I will do that for 10 years. Valued at N1000,000.

*You will get a link that will take to a video that will show you how to run Facebook's ads in case you want to run ads.*

In case you will love to use canva to design attention grabbing headline that you can use on Facebook/instagram/whatsapp, I will give you a link that will take you to a video that will teach you that.

*And much more*

*Everything you are getting here is worth about 1.5Million Naira*.

But I will never charge you that.

This will go for N25,000 on my landing page very very soon.

But this is what I want to do for *YOU*

Because you read upto this point, contact me on WhatsApp. I will make you an offer that will make you smile. +2347039173910

I want you to make your own thousands to millions of Naira this year like others out there.
*And I promise to keep my promise to you* 🙋.

*No gree for hardship this year o.*

Turn yourself to someone who can constantly attract money this year and beyond.

I'm waiting for you.
Business / How To Write Marketing Articles That Brings Money by fxid10(m): 1:41am On May 04, 2023
Writing marketing articles requires a combination of creativity, persuasive writing skills, and knowledge of your target audience and the products or services you are promoting. Here are some steps you can follow to write effective marketing articles:

Identify your target audience: Before you start writing, it's important to know who you're writing for. What are their interests, pain points, and needs? Knowing your audience will help you tailor your message and make it more relevant and appealing to them.

Define your objective: What do you want your readers to do after reading your article? Is it to buy a product, sign up for a service, or simply learn more about your company? Clearly defining your objective will help you structure your article and create a clear call-to-action that motivates readers to take action.

Research your topic: To create a compelling article, you need to have a good understanding of the product or service you're promoting, as well as the competitive landscape and industry trends. Conducting thorough research will help you gather the information you need to make your article informative and persuasive.

Create an outline: Before you start writing, create an outline that maps out the main points you want to cover in your article. This will help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you stay focused on your objective.

Write a strong headline: Your headline is the first thing readers will see, so it's important to make it attention-grabbing and compelling. A strong headline should be clear, concise, and promise a benefit or solution to the reader.

Use persuasive language: To convince readers to take action, you need to use persuasive language that highlights the benefits of your product or service. Use vivid language, storytelling, and emotional appeals to engage readers and make them feel inspired to take action.

Include a call-to-action: Every marketing article should have a clear call-to-action that tells readers what to do next. Whether it's to visit your website, sign up for a free trial, or make a purchase, your call-to-action should be clear, direct, and persuasive.

Edit and proofread: Before publishing your article, make sure to edit and proofread it carefully to ensure that it's free of errors, flows well, and effectively communicates your message.

By following these steps, you can create marketing articles that engage your target audience, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately, increase sales and conversions for your business.
Business / The Risks And Challenges Of Importing From China by fxid10(m): 11:54pm On Apr 05, 2023
Hello, as a Nigerian, you may be considering importing goods from China. However, there are some reasons why you should think twice before doing so. In this script, I will explain why importing from China may not be the best idea for you and your business.


Quality Control:
One of the biggest concerns when importing from China is the quality of the products you receive. China has a reputation for producing low-quality goods that may not meet your expectations or those of your customers. This can lead to increased costs, decreased customer satisfaction, and even legal issues.

It is actually true that you can get high quality products from China too. But majority of such products have been faked too by the same Chinese. That is why I China you will see many so-call factory that are not as big as a self contain apartment in Nigeria.

Shipping Costs:
Importing goods from China can be expensive, especially when it comes to shipping costs. You will need to factor in the cost of shipping, as well as customs duties and other fees. These costs can quickly add up and eat into your profit margins. Your name na sorry if you are shipping by air at this time when dollar is still ruling as king.

Language Barriers:
Another challenge when importing from China is the language barrier. If you do not speak Mandarin or Cantonese, you may find it difficult to communicate with Chinese suppliers. This can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and other issues that can impact your business.

Cultural Differences:
There are also cultural differences between China and Nigeria that can make it difficult to do business. For example, Chinese suppliers may have different expectations regarding payment terms or business practices that may not align with your own.

Political Instability:
Finally, there is the issue of political instability in China. While China is a major economic power, there are concerns about the country's human rights record and its relationship with other countries. This can lead to political tensions that may impact trade relationships and make it more difficult to import goods from China.


In conclusion, while importing from China may seem like a good idea at first, there are many challenges and risks involved. As a Nigerian, it may be better to focus on sourcing goods locally. It is very true that you can get most products, and i mean quality products here in Nigeria at cheap prices. I mean people are buying products for N2000 and reselling for N6000 on instagram and people are rushing to buy it.

The bags that goes for N3200 in lagos, are bags people are selling for N6500 in other places...I might show you what I mean if you contact me on whatsapp right now +2349035563403
Business / How To Start Big Business With Low Budget by fxid10(m): 9:41pm On Dec 04, 2022
This might sound like something that is not possible at all...

You will be amazed at what you will learn in this free class.

You can start this side hustle even if you have a business or a job already.

It's something that requires less capital and less than 10 hours of your time weekly.

Watin you no know pass you. This training is an eye-opener. You have nothing to lose.

Contact me on whatsapp so i can add you to the free class


Business / Hair Business Start With As Low As N10,000 - How? by fxid10(m): 7:23am On Nov 24, 2022
This sounds like something that is not real to you, right?

It is real my dear. I'm going to make a lot of revelations to you that will drop your jaw.

I tested the process with zero Naira, I made N500,000 profit in less than 24 hours selling hair.

I will tell you exactly what I did.

Who I bought the hair from...

...and how I sold the hair with ease.

I will show you a video of the seller. You will see the quality of hair that she is selling for only N2000.
E go shock you to the marrow

All of these I will share in my whatsapp on Sunday 27th of November by 8pm prompt. Will you love to join?
Send me a message on whatsapp right now, and you will get the group link to join immediately.

Business / Stop Importation, Save Time And Money And Make Far More Profit. - Zero Naira. by fxid10(m): 10:22pm On Nov 05, 2022
A lot of products are cheaper in Lagos than in China, Dubai, and Turkey. And you will even get far better quality here. Most of you used to complain about this to me in the past when I used to import.

It is possible for you to actually get those products you are importing cheaper here in Nigeria, and you can get better quality too.

The reason that is possible is that these Lagos guys import in very large quantities. They pay far less because they are buying in large quantities, and they ship by sea to Nigeria. They can very much afford to sell the products to you at factory prices.

I have worked with some of these importers actually. For example, I get branded quality sneakers from one of them at very cheap prices, and then I will get cartons and box up the sneakers. The cost price after boxing up the sneakers can be like N7500. People sometimes beg to pay me N15,000 for the same sneakers. I love to charge anything from N18,500, and people pay. I started with zero Naira actually. I know how to sell very fast too, which is the most important part of it all.

You can do the same thing with any product of your choice without needing to waste time and money importing. And you can start with zero Naira like me.

What can you start with?

People are preparing for Christmas and new year this period, and they are going to spend a lot of money, in billions of Naira.
Just one product can make you a very huge amount of money during this period. I mean, your story can change just like that.

Let me give you a free report that will show you all the details you need to see about this business model.

Are you ready? If you are interested, send me a whatsapp message now to get a copy


Business / Start With Zero Naira Now. by fxid10(m): 12:58am On Oct 31, 2022
You don't need capital to get any products of your choice at factory prices in Nigeria

A lady sold 31 pieces of wigs last week because they were affordable and looking like made in heaven wigs.

She started with zero Naira.

See what She did

She got the pictures and prices from an importer.

She added N2800 to the prices from the importer, and sold 31 pieces on her whatsapp status.

That is N86,800 in just a week. Not bhaaad, isn't it?

Which importer will you love to work with in November?

The earlier you join this train, the better. This is one very profitable business model. Get products at factory prices using this method, and sell them fast.

I've actually generated a lot buying and selling sneakers and jewelries here in Nigeria.

This might be that business that will open doors for you this month.

Check the link below to see how people are making money using a simple method that can make you rich too.

Business / With Zero Naira He Made N63,000 In Less Than 72 Hours by fxid10(m): 8:59pm On Oct 20, 2022
What he did was very simple, and it is something you can try too.
Do you remember when I made a post about getting products at manufacturer’s prices in Nigeria even if you have no kobo? Omunogo was one of those who saw that post and decided to give it a try.

He saw what I did with sneakers and zirconia jewelry in my WhatsApp group, and he decided to create his own group using the free method I used.

The dry season is almost here, the season for sunglasses.
His profit is N500 per pair of sunglasses. He sold to those who will resell to end users in his group.
He made N63,000 in less than 72 hours. If everything goes well, Omunogo will be making a constant profit from a business he started with Zero Naira using just his phone.

What do you need to join this kind of business and succeed in it?
You need to have a reliable importer of any product of your choice that will send you pictures/videos of available products.

You need to know how to create a wholesale group for the product you are interested in selling, and how to make fast sales in the group.
All you need do is feed the group with pictures/videos of the available products you have access to and your attractive prices too.

They pay you your price, and then you pay the importer his own price and then you keep your profit. The importer will deliver the product to your customers. That’s all.

You can use this method for fabrics, Branded sneakers, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, wristwatches, skin care products ingredients, shoes for men, women, and kids, turkey-made-wears, suits for men, clothes for children, attachments, hair of different types etc.

You can start with zero naira. Buying from importers in Lagos is far cheaper than importing goods yourself.

Imagine how much any of the above mentioned products can make you this time when people are preparing for Christmas and new year.
What if you get over 150 importers you can work with? And then you know how to sell any available product fast?

Business / Get Any Quality Product Of Your Choice At Manufacturer's Prices In Nigeria by fxid10(m): 8:37am On Oct 18, 2022
The simple truth about any business that can make you a huge amount of profit weekly is that...

You need to know where to buy quality products cheaply at manufacturer's prices...
And how to sell those products very fast...

Let me explain what I mean using the experience of one of my ladies in the house

Her name is Deborah, a former Banker. She lives in Delta state.

With Zero Naira capital, she started this business.

She will get pictures of different jumbo-sized Attachments from an importer in Lagos. The attachment goes for only N1400 in the importer's shop.

Using those pictures and her attractive wholesale price of N2000, she was able to attract 372 people into her WhatsApp group for free.

Don't worry, it's something you can do too, I will show you how.

In the whatsapp group, she will drop pictures of the jumbo-size attachment and put N2000 as the wholesale price.

The same attachment goes for N3000 and N3200 in other areas.

But in her group, people can buy it for only N2000 and resell it to end users.

Deborah is making N600 profit per attachment after selling in her group, and she is selling at least 500 pieces every week.

If you multiply N600 by 500 pieces, that is N300,000 profit every week for Deborah.

How many persons in Nigeria are earning N300,000 monthly? But Deborah is making that amount in a week from Delta state without having to bring the attachment to her house.

This business method is called dropshipping.

And you can do it if you have a trusted importer to work with.

Ejiro is using this same method to make at least N250,000 profit every 2 weeks selling different kinds of ingredients for the production of skincare products.

Adanma is using the same method to make at least N350,000 profit monthly selling luxury earrings.

Destiny is using the same method making over N150,000 profit monthly selling cotton handkerchief

Omunogo has created and has filled his whatsapp group where he will be selling only sunglasses in bulk.

I have generated money that can buy me 3 new cars in less than 5 months droppshipping for some importers in Lagos even though I live in port Harcourt.

I get beautiful Branded Sneakers at very cheap prices, I packaged them in cartons and resell them at 3 times the prices to end users, and most times to resellers.

So my point is this;

If you know how to get quality products at manufacturer's prices from direct importers in Lagos without you needing to spend money to buy first,...

...and you know how to get people to join your WhatsApp group from a website where people go, to look for what business to start...

and then products can be delivered in 48 hours or less after payment is made,

You will become a millionaire in 5 months or less even if you are lazy.

Nigerians spend Billions of Naira on fashion products yearly.

Look for a way to make them put some of this money into your bank account too.

That is what we are doing even though we don't live in Lagos. Using different products to make people put money into our bank accounts.

My prices are so attractive that people prefer to buy from me than buy from big importers in Onitsha and Aba markets even though i am not the direct importer.

I sell at wholesale prices to those who will also resell at wholesale prices. Can you imagine that?

You see, from the importers i am using, i was able to get many more contacts of importers. I did that for you.

I can not sell every product, which is why I am bringing this opportunity to you. Yes, YOU...

And this might just be the best decision you will make this year.

Importers are ready to work with you too if you are ready to work with them.

And like I said, you can start with zero Naira capital like me.

You will get...

... Underwears, Nightwears, Wedding gowns, Branded Sneakers, Turkey-made-Dresses, Fabrics, Hair of different kinds, Attachments, Jewelries, Shoes for kids and women, Beauty products, perfumes, gift items, wristwatches, etc very cheap from these importers.

You don't need money to start selling these things to Nigerians.

You just need to have big importers you can dropship for, that's all.

Some of us are using this method to cash out really big.

The money-making opportunities in this business model are many.

In fact, I have provided 150 importers of different products that you can work with, and they are waiting for you. Don't keep them waiting if you are interested.

I've also made available how you can work with them, especially if you are dropshipping.

How you can drive people to join your WhatsApp group easily without running adverts. Your group is where you will be pumping money from.

Mini importation business is now a bad idea...

I spent millions of Naira yearly importing from china, Dubai, Turkey, and India and reselling in Nigeria. I was making profits actually. However, this method is by far better.

You will get products far cheaper if you buy from these major importers in Lagos.

You are going to be getting quality cheap products, that can be delivered to anybody anywhere in 48 hours or less, and you are going to be seeing how you can sell products fast.

You will see in more details how i am using this method to pump money into my bank account, and how you too can do the same.

What are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this ebook that contains all you need to make money like Deborah, Destiny, Ejiro and Adanma, and me.

The price will go back to the original price of N7500 soon. I only dropped the price to N3500 to help only 20 people so i can get reviews from them.

If you will love to be among the 20 fortunate persons, make payment now because you may not come back to see N3500 again, and I'm serious about that. This might be the only chance you have to pay that less.

I will guide you even after you bought, I owe you that. That is if you bought from this page. Not when you buy from another person, please. It is my property and it is my responsibility to guide you too.

Once you make payment, you will be able to download the ebook automatically.

Reach me on my direct WhatsApp number if you have issues downloading it +2349035563403.

See you on the other side.

Business / Zero Capital Big Business You Can Start This Period And Make Huge Profits Weekly by fxid10(m): 8:00pm On Oct 11, 2022
Imagine when people prefer to buy products from you than buying from importers in Onitsha and Aba markets.

I mean people buying from you at wholesale prices, and they in turn can resell at wholesale prices to others people too.

You see, that is very very possible, and the only thing that can make all of that possible is if you can get quality products of your choice at very cheap prices from major importers in Lagos even if you live in maiduguri like Amina. And the good news is that you can do this even if you have zero Naira capital.

Major importers of hair of different types, Bags, shoes for women, men, and children, fabrics, Jewelry, Wrist watches, Sunglasses, Branded Sneakers, wedding gowns, skin care products, Branded bags, turkey-made dresses for men and women, and children, Attachment, and lots more are waiting for you. They will love to work with you.

Stop mini-importation like me, and have peace of mind.

Come get a free report right now that will show you more about how to make huge profits weekly and constantly using this business model.

I have very few of this report to give out.
Reach me on whatsapp now to get yours


Business / Popular Demand That Can Make You At Least A Million Naira Profit This Period by fxid10(m): 8:07pm On Oct 07, 2022

I'm so sorry for abandoning you for so long. I've been busy with a lot this period.

I decided not to keep this good news to myself alone.

I Want you to do a lot of selling like me

I've been doing a lot of selling in the last one month before my laptop screen got bad. I've gotten a new laptop now.

I have wholesale group on whatsapp where I sell products at manufacturer prices even though I am making profit.

Wholesalers buy from me and resell to other wholesalers

You will love to be in my position, right?

You see, i decided to work with a lot of big importers in Lagos instead of importing products from China, Turkey, USA and Dubai.

These importers sell at very low prices even though the products are of good quality. Let me tell you why

They buy products in very large quantity. So the more they buy, they less they pay. And they ship to Nigeria by sea, which is by far cheaper than shipping by air.

And once the products gets to Lagos, they are selling in Lagos.
You will see them opening the containers and sharing the products among themselves.

So if you buy from them directly, you will get products cheaper. It's better to buy from these major importers than to import yourself. You can sell at 3 times the price you got these products for.

So i have Major importers for every kind of hair(Human Hair, Blended hair, wigs, and Synthetic hairs etc), Bags, Shoes for men, women, children and Babies, Turkey made wears for women and children and babies, Wedding gowns, Perfumes, Quality Branded Sneakers, Jewelries, Kitchen utensils, Fabrics, Attachments, Watches, Bedsheets etc...

In fact you will get contacts at least150 major importers of different products in Lagos.

I work with them very easily, even though I live in port harcourt.

You have probably bought from me if you are in my whatsapp wholesale group.

Imagine buying from the major importers directly and reselling to people. Profit will increase, that's the meaning.

I will show you a platform where I make huge sales without paying a kobo.

People have started buying differend products in preparation for December.
Billions of Naira will be spent this period. If you can not make at least a million Naira this period, hmmm!.... then something is very wrong.

You don't need money to start, you can start with dropshipping for each of these major importers. That is what i did.

Think of what people need for Chrismas and new year. You are getting major importers contacts for all of those of products.

If your price is cheaper, quality is better, deliveries can be made in 48 hours or less by these major importers to your customers, why will people not buy from you?

You will not believe how much i have generated from Sneakers and Jewelries alone with zero Naira starting capital

My manpower products and other health products are also bringing a lot too.

I dropship for these guys

I get pictures from these major importers, and drop the pictures on different platforms with my wholesale prices, people pay me.
I get back to the major importers, pay them there prices, and send addresses to deliver to. And they deliver. That's all. *Its easy*.

I can not sell every products from every major importers. From these my trusted major importers that I'm working with, I was able to get contacts of other major importers in Lagos. I've spoken with each of them, *calling them alone cost me a whole lot of money*. They have told me how they work, and they are very much interested in working with you.

If you are interested in making money this period selling any of those products people need/want you will love this 30 paged e-book.

Only 100 persons will get the e-book.

All you need to do if you are fortunate to get a copy is, create your own wholesale groups on whatsapp or telegram. Drive people for free from a platform i will show you to your group and make them irresistible offer.

Make sure you are not greedy when dealing with the people in your group.

Remember that they will love to make good profit too.

If they make sales continually, you will make sales continually too. If your products is expensive, people will not buy, even if they buy, selling becomes difficult for them.

Become a supplier of any products of your choice

Are you ready to buy quality products in Lagos at manufacturer prices and reselling to those who will resell to end users?

Will you like to know how to sell these products?

I will tell you how I am practically pumping money into my bank account selling branded sneakers and Jewelries everyday. Make sure you use my method too. It's really working.

I don't think I need to remind you that working with these major importers will keep you away from exchange rate wahala,...

...you will not need to wait for weeks before you get products,

...you are getting good quality products 100% of the times at cheaper prices.

A former banker is buying a particular jombo size attachment from a major importer for only N1400, and she is selling it for N2000 to people in Lagos who are reselling it for N2500 to end users. The banker is making N600 per pack, and she is selling at least 500 packs weekly according to her. That is N300,000 weekly. She is dropshipping using just her phone

Don't open your mouth, join the band wagon now. The opportunity is open for you too right now. You will have access to at least 150 major importers of different products to work with.
Delay is dangerous o, remember.

You can call me or whatsapp me on +2349035563403 after you are done reading.

Only N3000 will get you a copy of the 30-paged e-book that contains the contacts and every other information that will make you succeed in this business.

The ebook will be out on Tuesday, 11th of October 2022 and by then, price will move to N5000. If you will like to pay N3000, the pre-order price, my account details is 2289638871, Zenith Bank. Okon Idorenyin is my name. Drop debit alert once you make payment please. I will add your name to my list.

Only 100 copies will be available remember

This is one big opportunity you don't need to miss.

Quality products at manufacturer's prices can be delivered to any part of Nigeria in 48 hours or less.

And the beauty is that you are doing all of these using your phone alone.

The best time to make money anywhere in the world is during this period when people are preparing for Chrismas and New year.

I spend money and time to put all these together. Please don't come and look for free thing abeg.

However, if you don't trust what I've done too, fine.

I remember teaching some persons, maybe you were one of them, how to send money to someone you don't know in China, Dubai and Turkey, to get you products, you believed me, you took the risk, and you got your products.

Why are you doubting me now?

Take action and thank me later

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Politics / Re: How CBN's CRR Policy Will Kill The Economy - Akin Oyebode by fxid10(m): 9:05pm On Oct 03, 2022
They should come and buy Sneakers at wholesale prices from my shop o. Since they want to show strength.

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Business / Finally Revealed Easy Way To Make 200k Weekly Selling Sneakers by fxid10(m): 8:58am On Sep 25, 2022
If you have been looking for a business to venture into that can make you money easily even if you are a lazy person, this business is for you.

A lot of people love sneakers especially when it comes with those big names like Nike. People use sneakers to where anything this days

Dry season will soon be here, demand for sneakers will increase drastically. Why not start a busines of selling sneakers to people?

With only N7000, you can get high quality branded sneakers from me. I'm a wholesaler

Take a look at the pictures below, and imagine you dropping those pictures on your social media platform, or even showing them to your church members, friends and family members and asking them to pay anything from N12,000 and above.

You can never get this quality at affordable prices even if you are importing them yourself, not to mention the number of weeks you will wait to get them.

People love good things, and are ready to pay you even 3 times the cost price if you show them.

My point is this, you are getting them cheap, and you are selling them cheap too. I have people in my group who are already making 500k profit monthly selling this sneakers.

If you sell 40 pairs monthly and make at least N5000 profit a pair, that will be N200,000 profit monthly.

Why not join my whatsapp group to see more beautiful sneakers and prices that will keep your mouth open in amazement.

I will add you to the group if you reach me on whatsapp now. My whatsapp number is


NYSC / Re: Done With NYSC, 500K On Hand. Advice Needed by fxid10(m): 8:34pm On Sep 24, 2022
Start buying high quality and affordable sneakers from me, and sell at double the cost price or more.
With N6500, you can get anyone of the sneakers below.
If you join my whatsapp wholesale group, you will see more at prices that will keep your mouth open.

Join my whatsapp group to see more and enjoy the discounts. I will add you if you reach me on whatsapp


Business / Re: When Prices Of These Sneakers Make People Feel I Stole Them by fxid10(m): 7:49pm On Sep 24, 2022
They really look nice
Business / When Prices Of These Sneakers Make People Feel I Stole Them by fxid10(m): 10:36pm On Sep 23, 2022
As a wholesaler that I am, i can make you feel like a celebrity, and it will not cost much. With as low as 7k, you can buy a pair and resell for double the cost price.

Join my wholesale group on whatsapp to see more pictures of sneakers and prices that will drop your jaw.

You can reach me on whatsapp now, i will add you to the group


Business / Avoid This One Mistake If You Want To Make Huge Amount Of Money Faster Online by fxid10(m): 9:40am On Jul 27, 2022
By all means, avoid selling POPULAR products online. They will not make you HUGE AMOUNT of money. Most of them will even frustrate you. It's possible you are experiencing that right now.

If you want to make money faster, starting from the next less than 72 hours, Sell products that people don't see often and don't know where else to get them.

If you follow what I'm about to reveal to you, you will make more money in the next 2 months than you have ever made in the last 5 years from your business.

I'm going to share 2 examples with you, and the bottom line will be,

Help people solve their BIG problems.

Now imagine that you are able to come up with a product that helps people overcome certain bad habit they have been struggling with. For example, some, if not most smokers, are trying to quit smoking. And there are products that can help them quit smoking very easily.

See another example. There are ladies who love to have tattoo on some part of their body, but they don't want permanent tattoo. *They need tattoo that they can easily wipe off after some days, weeks or even months...

...and there are well designed, lovely and cheap temporary tattoos out there.

It was temporary tattoo that I bought for N300 and sold for N3500, and I've sold many many pieces already in the last 4 weeks. I started with only N3500 capital o. I've made over

Just imagine you are able to get products for those who are struggling to overcome smoking habit.

There are many many more products that can easily make you money because competitors are almost online.

The good thing about these kind of products is this.

Scammers online don't use such products because most people don't go for such products. Scammers use everyday products like shoes, bags, clothes to attract many people to their net. You will very hardly be scammed if you are searching for products that are not common.

I've been getting cheap quality products online from different states in the last 11 months and making huge sum of profit without being scammed.
I dont give this contacts to people because I dont want any competition

So you can go online and search for direct big importers of those products that will sell cheap to you.

But wait,...

...getting the products will not make you money. What will make you tons of money monthly is if you are able to attract upto 500 to 1500 interested people daily to see that product you are selling. Otherwise, you still will be frustrated even though you are selling something unique.

How do you search for these products?

How do you get them at the best prices for you?

How do you make people buy them like theirlife depends on it?

And much more

Reach me on whatsapp +2347039173910

To learn more
Business / Is Your Man Calling You Honey But Treating You Like A Bitter Substance? by fxid10(m): 10:36pm On Jul 24, 2022
Many women will actually love to read anything on that headline.
Nhaaa… I am not making a post on that subject, but there is something I want you to learn from this that can actually pump a lot of money into your bank account this period.

Imagine you have a piece of information on that subject that can really help ladies in that condition, a lot of ladies in Africa will pay you to get that information.

If you are selling a physical product at this time, you are probably paying more to get the products, and then you are doing a lot of talking before people will buy the product from you because of the increased price.
Now here is what I love about information marketing business.
You create your e-book even with free information from information banks, and you can choose to sell it at any price you like. You create once and you keep making money with it for as long as you live.

From information banks, you will get free but expensive information that can positively turn things around for your target audience. You can make a lot of money from this business.
It’s not as difficult as you think, Nhaaa.

My headline attracted you, right? What I was supposed to do is create content for that headline that will suck you in, and make you pay me to get more information on that subject.
You can make a lot more money this year than you have ever made in the last 2 years put together if you can give your attention to this lucrative business that you can start with very low capital.
If you want to raise extra huge money this year, give this a try. It is worth your time.
I can send you a free e-book on this to read if you indicate interest in the comment section, or better still send me a whatsapp message on +2347039173910
Business / How Adegoke Raised N20,000 To Over A Million Naira In 11 Days. by fxid10(m): 11:08am On Jul 21, 2022
We all can be millionaires if we can just stop doing things the normal way we've been doing them. If you remain in your comfort zone, you are probably staying away from things that can make you a millionaire.

Let me explain

This young man has always been online struggling with different businesses like many people on instagram. Nothing was actually working for him.

The fact is that, many products will stress your life online.
Very few products will sell like crazy if you know how to sell them, and you can make a living selling them without stress.

Adegoke bought a small beauty product for men for only N300.

Now take note of this please.
People don't pay for the size of a product, they pay for what the product will turn them into(RESULTS). Result is what you should bring to there attention. That is why you can buy a product for N200 or even N300 and sell it for between N3500 and N6500 or even more, and people will beg to buy from you, that is if you can play the game well online.

He bought a herbal product that makes it possible for men to have pink lips from 3 days after use for only N300, and sold the same product for N3500.
He sold 338 pieces in only 11 days.
He started with only N20,000, and raised the money to over 1million in just 11 days. How much has your business made you in the last 1 month?

Get a product, and turn that product to a fast moving product.

Source for a product locally, and it's easy(Don't go to china)
Bring the products online and show it to does who are desperately looking for it and can pay your price.
Have a fast delivery system in place.

If you can do these, you will pump money into your bank account this year. The economy will not help you, start helping yourself. End your money worries today.

Sometimes what you need to learn how to do this is less than the price of a jean trouser.
The reason you've not moved forward financially is because you are looking for free training.
Change that mentality, change your financial life.
Business / Easiest And Fastest Way To Make Money Online This Year. by fxid10(m): 3:13pm On Jul 18, 2022
If you are not making upto a million naira in sales online weekly, this is for you.

You might wonder, is making N1000,000 in sales weekly online possible?

Well my answer to you will be a resounding YES, and its easy.

Let me start by telling you that Not all products can make you fast money online, I need you to know that first.

Once you can discover cheap quality products that you can buy, and bring online and sell to those who are desperately in need of it and can afford it, you will make millions of Naira in profit in less than 90 days.

Generating money online is very easy, once you have the key to discovering products that can make you mad sales online.

If your product can help people, and they have no option than to buy from you, they will pay any amount you charge for the product.

It was 9am, Friday 15th of July 2022, I decided to work on a product I discovered. I got each of the product for only N700(Advert money added)

I decided to sell each one for N8,250.

Between Friday 15th of July, and 3am Monday 18th of July(Less than 72hours) I sold 62 pieces. That is N511,500.

My profit alone is N468,100.
In less than 72 hours.

Sales is still going on o. I'm only telling you the one I have calculated.

If I continue like this, don't you think I can coveniently buy a car every month?

See, this is something you too can do. Even if you are a 9 to 5 person, you can set this up, and make sales like mad.

My friend opened my eyes to this ecommerce method. I have not imported for over 10months from China, and that is why I'm not talking about mini importation from china anymore.

If you check my instagram page, you will see where I talked about how I generated N162,500 with a capital of N6500.

Let me shock you with the story.

I saw a product that will be loved by mostly ladies between 20 to 35 years of age. The product is only N300 a piece(I've factored in advert money)
A carton of it is N6500, and it contains 25 pieces.

I brought the product online, and sell a piece that I bought for N300 for N6500 which is the carton price. Do you understand.

In 3 days, It sold out. That was how I generated N162,500.

I'm waiting for the supplier to get me more of that.

I'm not mentioning product name because I was taught that if I do, people will drag the product with me and the supplier will not be able to get me as much as I need. And that will mean less money for me.

So my point is this, if you are shown what to do, and how to do these things, you too can make money like me. *Don't wait for free stuff*
I'm glad I paid my friend to learn this.

I mean after I watched him made 10million naira in profit more than 3 times.
He recently made 70 million naira sales in few weeks.

He is in the best position to show you how this is done

I have one head like you. If I can do it, you too can.
And it doesnt matter where you live in.
And it doesnt matter if you have never earn a money before online.

Get the right product

Sell for any price you want

And be happy with yourself, when others are complaining about the economy.

You can reach me on whatsapp if you want to learn more on this

Business / A Million Naira Pure Profit Monthly Business by fxid10(m): 11:46pm On Mar 30, 2022
Let me start by saying that, only one type of online business can make you that kind of profit faster.

Let me show you how making huge amount of money can be done easily online using this scenario �

Anita was shocked after she saw a write-up on facebook 5 months after her wedding. The write-up goes like this

"Hi! You are seeing this because you wedded less than 6 months ago.

I have a Free gift for you.

It's something that will solidify your marriage bond, and make it sweeter than

the sweetest thing on earth.

It is something that will make your husband not only call you "Honey", but

will treat you as Honey too.

Some husbands, if not most husbands, call their wife's "Honey" but treat these same wife's like bitter substances. That is not what you want, right?

This free gift I'm about to share with you is from the originator of marriage", our heavenly father................

Let me stop here for now
If you are Anita, as soon as you see that on facebook, what will you do?

The person sounds like he or she knows Anita personally.
You remember the person says "you are seeing this because you wedded less than 6 months ago"

How did the person know that? Well its possible for you to target those people on Facebook.

When you target them, talk to the person, don't talk like you are talking to a group of people. Use the word "YOU" often, like you saw in my short write-up above.

If you are Anita, you will definitely read to the end to see the free gift, and it's possible that somewhere before the free gift the person might show you an ebook that say


Anita will be interested especially if what she has been reading all along before she gets to that topic makes sense to her.

Remember, there are over 1 million ladies like Anita out there that will see that advert.

If only 100 persons decides to pay N3500 each for that ebook in 3 months, that will be 3.5 million naira.

And if you keep sending out the advert, it is very very possible you will keep making 3.5 million every 3 months. Isn't that good enough?

And we are talking about an ebook that you created once, and you just have the link in your phone and all you need to do once anybody pays is, send the link to the person to download. And you can sell that ebook for as long as you want, even for 5 years.

I know what your problem is right now
You don't know how to write and persuade people to buy.

Understand the information you are bringing to the table first. Then you will be able to present it to people.

Have you ever reason with someone in real life about something you really know and understand? You should be doing the same online about your e-book.

You are really missing, in fact you are throwing away an opportunity that can make you rich faster if you have not finish reading the free e-book you got from me.

You don't want to become an expert like me?
If you don't like the business, it's your choice sha.
In case this is the first time you are seeing this information, I am talking about information marketing business here.

You need a free ebook to learn more about the business? Get yours now for free, before it goes back to N5000

Business / Do This If You Want Your Competitors To Come Begging You For Mercy by fxid10(m): 1:26am On Mar 12, 2022
The only reason they will come begging is because, they will lose their followers.

Most of the people selling what you are selling on instagram are really not making sales too, I mean upto 95%.

And the reason is same for all.

They are unconsciously greedy.

They are only shouting "Come and buy oooh, come and buy" on instagram everyday.

They make visitors feel they are only interested in people's money.
People don't look their way, even if they do, what people do is they underprice there products.

If you do things differently, instagram will pack your competitors followers to you.

See how it works.

People come to instagram to be entertained and to educate themselves.

For example,

Somebody somewhere is thinking about "What internet business type is more profitable"

And all of a sudden, the person sees one captivating headline that says

"Affiliate Marketing Business Is The New Oil"

Why will the person see that headline?

Base on his activities online, instagram knows what contents he is more interested in.

And if the person is satisfied with the content after reading, he will check other post in the same page. And if he/she is satisfied, if there is anything on sale in that page that will benefit his or her life, why will the person not buy? Why will the person underprice when he/she has already benefited a lot from the free tips he got?

10 persons or more daily can discover this page and buy from that page.

Just imagine that page to be your page. How will that make you feel?

The starting point is asking yourself this question

What are people thinking about this product i am selling? What more do they want to know that will give them that final push to buy at least a product from me?

The fact is, you do not know exactly.
But you can know if you want to know.

The good thing about knowing exactly what people are thinking is, when you base your content on what people are already thinking, new visitors to your page will say "How did he/she know I was thinking about this"

And then the person check other post and saw answers to some of the questions he or she has been battling with in her mind,

How will that person see you? As an expert in that field.

Over 10 persons can discover your page daily and feel that way.

Why will they not become your followers?

Why will they comment on your post?

Why will they not buy from you?

Why will they want to underprice your product when you have given them value already?

Content is king, and will always be the king

Your competitors are not creating contents, that is why they will lose their followers to you.

Even if you are selling toothpick, this will work for you.
It has worked for everyone selling physical products and digital products.
Car Talk / How To Make Many Total Strangers Start Buying From You Online by fxid10(m): 1:52pm On Jan 24, 2022
This *FREE REPORT* will reveal to you what you need to do starting from now.

Apply this simple suggestion of mine, sit back and watch total strangers buying from you online consistently.

Over 3500 total strangers bought from me online in the year 2021 alone.
85% of them bought from me again and again and again, and will continue to buy from me.

How can you as a business person achieve this kind of result or even a more better result remembering the fact that you can never make much money online, if total strangers are not coming to buy from you again and again and again?

These are the things you must do

*Your page need to be discoverable.*

Your instagram business name can make people to discover your page easily even when they are searching on Google for the products you are selling.

A lot of people can land on your instagram page, when they are searching for the product you are selling, either when searching on instagram, or on Google, if your business name is correctly coined and location added too.

And besides, instagram shows your post to those who are not following you presently too. So make sure that your post they see will hook them to start following you.

Your instagram bio must also be in order. What you must do on your bio is that,

*Your bio must tell people how positively their life will be affected if they come do business with you.*

Your bio, is not a place for you to tell people who and what you are. Nobody cares about who you are, they care only about *how who or what you are will positively affect their life*. For example, check these out. I came up with a few that you can tweak and use on your bio.

*I make people around you feel like house-helps by making you look like a queen in our Gowns*

*I will show you how to turn your yearly income into consistent monthly income in 30 days or less*

*Your butt will increase in size in 25 days or less if you religiously use my product*

*I help you keep your husband's eyes on your body, and on your body alone, even if he was a cheat before*

Do something about bio

Because instagram will show your contents to those who might be interested in what you post about, *you will only be attracting buying followers always.*

After they see and are interested in knowing more about what you said on your bio, *your first 9 post should make them fall madly in love with your page*.

Here is what I mean

You see, your bio information will make them curious, that curiosity will make them want to learn more, and then they will come to your post. *Your first 9 post should make them see you as an expert in that field.* And if rightly done, some of them will start buying from you almost immediately. The thought that you might be a scam will no longer be there. And they will even become loyal customers.

This message you are reading is sent to you through whatsapp broadcast list.
Over 3000 persons are reading this message. But did you noticed that it sounds as though I am talking to you as an individual?
You must learn to write this way too. You must also learn to get *sweet mouth when marketing your product, especially when writing about the benefits*. You see as my own dey sweet abi?

See ehhnnnnn....

If you follow other suggestions that I am planning to share with you, I guarantee you that over 3500 strangers will come buy from you this year.

My name is Mr Okon, I run @importgist2 on Instagram ( Instagram.com/importgist2 )

Thank you very much for reading my message to you.
Stay tune for more.
Sports / Re: Messi's arrival Divides PSG’s Dressing Room, Mbappe No Longer Close To Neymar by fxid10(m): 11:30pm On Dec 21, 2021

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Properties / Re: 15 Speedboats Destroyed As Cigarette Stub Sparks Fire In Delta by fxid10(m): 11:28pm On Dec 21, 2021
Sports / Re: Aston Villa Vs Burnley Called Off Just Before Kick-off by fxid10(m): 5:16pm On Dec 18, 2021
Na waoooo! What will happen to people's ticket now?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Menial Factory Or Agric Jobs In Europe Available For Africans by fxid10(m): 11:33pm On Nov 30, 2021
Open the box and let the cat out. Show the link please

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Menial Factory Or Agric Jobs In Europe Available For Africans by fxid10(m): 11:32pm On Nov 30, 2021

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