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Business / Re: CBN Introduces ₦500 Million Grant For Graduates, Undergraduates by Gabe427: 9:22am On Oct 21
With all that criteria listed the money would be looted Nigerians.... make any simple process long and frustrating you'll be forced to give
I remember how my friend slept I'm classroom just to secure his ptf scholarship clerance.


Sports / Re: Ronaldo: We are Man United and we never give up! by Gabe427: 11:32pm On Oct 20
OLE should mutually be sacked abegggg out of love for the club...... we shouldn't be struggling to win all games forget the comeback thrill.

In the words of Stephen a smith again.
When words like greatness and legendary are associated with a player it always about the timing.

The Big players come out top for the team at key moments it matters most.
I am blessed to see not just ONE but TWO players do this over and over again.


Sports / Re: Ronaldo Caps Stunning Manchester United Comeback Against Atlanta by Gabe427: 11:25pm On Oct 20
I initially wanted Man U to lose so ole can park his load but to see another comeback was such a thrill and who else to get the winner than..........

In the words of Stephen A smith

When words like greatness and legendary are associated with a player it always about the timing.

The Big players come out top for the team at key moments it matters most.
I am blessed to see not just ONE but TWO players do this over and over again

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Celebrities / Re: Charles Okocha Goes Mad After Spotting His Daughter Inside A Car With A Man by Gabe427: 11:22pm On Oct 20
Nigger was enraged.... forget the jazz talk
A pops would protect his girl from vultures even though he was one he would always pursue useless boys
Romance / Re: Lady Mocked For Boarding Okada After Saying She Can't Date Man With No Car by Gabe427: 11:09pm On Oct 20
This one weak me....
you dressed like that ....package and all that took bike to the radio station looked down upon all men who don't have a car including your pops. Spilled some more trash and took bike back home.

I fear who no fear future

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Romance / Re: Video Of Female Barber Cutting Man's Hair With Clippin Her Backside by Gabe427: 4:54pm On Oct 20
This one is just too much

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Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Officially Changes Name To "Ye" by Gabe427: 11:16am On Oct 20
Effect of excessive weed.

F uuuuno Ye slander would be tolerated Yeezy is not some nairal Marley or zlatan or lil pump you slander
Man is a billionaire and one of the best music producer of all time.
Grammy's and all he's won it all
Education / Re: IPPIS: Why Some Lecturers Are Getting N6000 Salary – Accountant General by Gabe427: 2:10pm On Oct 18
The output of a country's public service is dependent on the quality of its directors.

The progress of a country's technological hub relies on the dexterity of its inventors.

The revenue of a country's primary production sector correlates with the number of literates.

The quality of a country's health service depends the training of the doctors.

Doctors , directors , inventors and all professionals need tutors to develop their maximum capabilities.

At advanced level , we often call it "Human Capital Development" instead of education. Human beings are more worthy than whatever resource that is extracted from land or sea.

Nigeria is behind because it is yet to develop sufficient human capital to push the country forward.

These mistakes do not occur in the payment system of National Assembly Members which makes objective analysts like me conclude that education isn't the priority of Nigerian leaders grin and this makes the future dim

You shall live long
Romance / Re: Reasons Why I Haven't Had Sex For Over 2 Years Now And Don't Have A Girlfriend by Gabe427: 4:20pm On Oct 17
Omo with all the issues you raised I'm surprised you squeezed in konji.

Bros I know it also an issue your dealing with please focus your energy elsewhere.... don't rape.

After a while when everything soft your dick fit hard

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Crime / Re: Police Brutalize Student In Okene, Force Him To Withdraw N25K At POS (video) by Gabe427: 4:00pm On Oct 17
That slap ehhh chaiiii

Nigerians love to mind their business when they should not
If 10 - 15 people surround a lone police man all telling him its wrong he can't drag them all to POS. They would all beat him..... but no they all coward in the bus
And allowed that bross to chop slap
If he enters back the "broda sorry" and eyah would not be enough....
killing another courageous spirit
What am I even typing it Nigeria..

that olopa go still slap person tomorrow

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Health / Re: Help!! Fungi Is Spoiling My Face And Neck by Gabe427: 3:58pm On Oct 17
Good morning house, I started noticing something on my fore head like eczema I have used creams funbact A and likes still the same, I also used some drugs to flush the system maybe it was dirt in the blood still the same, then I visited the hospital and was told it's a fungi infection that I don't need drugs or injection for it, I was given a tube cream to rub on it morning and night I even bought another one after that got finished still the same, though the doctor said if it's still the same
after rubbing the cream that I should visit a dermatologist, I visited a general hospital it was a full day with out result, please doctor in the house help. What do I need to do to get my normal skill back this is irritating.

Doctors in the house help. It's inching and scratching when there is heat

I had one to for like 6 months fungal infection does not just spring up ......before taking any heavy medication. Worry about your hygine
Wash your towel and bathing sponge especially during the raining season and allow to dry very well before use
Check the water you use to bath and also the soap
If your area is humid check your bed sheet after sleeping and you sweat on it change it wash them the way you wash your underwears. Same goes for pillow case face towels handkerchief.
You can even do this at the early stages to stop it ... Buy seeing yours is a full blown infection Abeg get "sudocrem" after bathing I do so before going to bed at nnight and scrubbing my face with a sponge cause it has this whitish appearance after application .

Try the hygine tips and the sudocrem. Before taking any heavy antifungal creams because that shii kicks the liver and have high restinace if not prescribed well and you'll have to switch to a higher grade.... So level the ground before going for antifungal.

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Health / Re: The Menace Of Quack Nurses, My Experience by Gabe427: 6:49pm On Oct 16

Are you studying pourtuguese in school?

Its Spanish and my key board is bleeped up grin grin grin

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Health / Re: The Menace Of Quack Nurses, My Experience by Gabe427: 4:30pm On Oct 16
I swear this is another wrong in this country my issue is with drugstores/chemist who just place anyone to man the shop
And end up selling drugs like its candy
Imagine if she went to such a store

Oga Nigeria is messed up from pp to quacks you've done your part i salute you...if aunty nurse is not wicked she just wanted to save face and would take to correction. But if she is after gain poor lady because she would pay 1k for a shot of cipro she's taking orally
Crime / Re: Buhari Govt: Nigerian Man Commits Suicide Due To Economic Hardship (photos) by Gabe427: 9:42am On Oct 14
It funny how this things called scars are way bigger than they aooear
Education / Re: Usman Dalhatu: ABU Student Built Solar-Powered Cooker With TV, Gets $10000 Grant by Gabe427: 9:20am On Oct 14
Update from Siggy.ng

A Student of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria named Usman Dalhatu, has won a $10,000 (N4 million) start-up grant for his clean energy innovation of a solar-powered cooker that also has an in-built television, Siggy reveals.

The talented engineering student won the grant also got accepted into All On and The Rockefeller Foundation funded Nigeria Climate Innovation Center’s 2021 off grid energy incubation programme.

The young man who had been recognized by the federal government in the past for creating an automatic ventilator was one of the eight winners from a list of 21 persons who made it to the finals.

According to Weibe Boer, CEO of All On, the funds given to Usman, will be used to scale up production of the innovation to kiosk franchise owners in Kaduna, Kano, FCT, and Abuja.

He added that the innovation would be used to create access to cleaner energy for tens of thousands of tea vendors stand across Nigeria.


This news is old now....
Stop recycling same old news

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Family / Re: Marginalisation: Women Playing The Victim Cards by Gabe427: 6:11pm On Oct 13
What is the point of sending a female child to school and empowering her if at the end of it all she still feels marginalised.

Right from my primary school in the early 90's till this point I always competit with ladies on the same level ground...nothing was given to me freely because am a man.
Is really annoying that people like ini edo and co will always come out to play the same old card of African female child/women are marginalised....this am a woman change is a total nonsense because is fellow women that mocks themselves.

I will be analysing every sector and section of social life to prove this old lies wrong

Just take a look around you and tell me which female child is actually stopped from going to school because of her gender......Right from my primary school untill university there were more female student than the male......we receive the same quality of Education so were the marginalisation??

Currently in nigeria is easy for a woman to get a job than a man.....Apart from the engineering sector which is dominated by the male most sector is dominated by the female(banks,medical,hotels,entertainment)...so were the marginalisation.

Nobody gifts anyone an elective post anywhere in the world rather you fight for it....Men fight for it with blood and sweat so if a woman wants to hold this post she must be ready to fight not expecting to be handed over on a platter.
If a woman should come out to contest for elective post in this country even her fellow women won't vote for her....so were is the marginalisation

Is no news apart from music which men dominant the movie industry is dominated by the female who make more money than the male....people like ini edo won't question why they are paid more than there male colleagues in the same profession.

Today in nigeria if you can not provide for your family u are useless man.....even in ordinary relationship a lady will expect you to provide things she needs..No money No love yet they still complain and play victim card.
They can't date broke guys but will expect well to do guys to date a lady who can't even do a 1k sub for herself......they only have the right to choose but not men......were is the marginalisation

In marriage you pay to marry her,you provide shelter, food,clothing etc...if the marriage crash you pay child support.....A full adult totally dependent on another and still feel she meant to be equal with him......were is the marginalisation

State and federal government pays equally to both gender on the same level
Private sector pays equally to both gender on the same level.

I have a lil sis.....there was nothing I enjoy or had that she didn't get from our parent.....I challenge any lady here to tell me how she was treated inferior to her brothers.

What is the point of sending a female child to school from primary to higher institution and at the end of the day she will be totally dependent on the man and will always feel she isn't given enough to be independent.

The moment we start debunking the lies and stop victim mentality the better for the next generation of girls.....this lies is the reason why most our ladies are unproductive and lazy.

Help the female child by letting her know she can do it on her own.....she can competit and no one can stop her except herself.

Women stop spreading the message of victim mentality/marginalisation to our girls this 2021 not 1960.

I fault your first point on education. although not as much as it was then, here in the north we still hear of girls who are forced into marriage right after secondary school.
To become a house wife even when she actually still wants to go to school. And there's always a means to do so forget their broke....there are a lot of scholarship programs here in the north.

Thinking about it again I know of guys who hussle to send themselves to school despite their circumstabces.

That being said don't you think they are speaking of for the women who were not as privileged as they were being "marginalized" in one way on the other.

I'm not decisive ony side.... Just throwing my opinion either ways the world was never a fair place women can't be equal either they are the higher or the lower we can only manage the degree
Politics / Re: Ebonyi Journalist, Godfrey Chikwere Hospitalised After Being Arrested By Police by Gabe427: 4:11pm On Oct 11
Politics / Re: Lagos Starts Rehabilitation Of Street Lights On Expressways by Gabe427: 3:03pm On Oct 11
Nigerian politician and rehabilitation programs
Shit is old....

Change the whole network
Celebrities / Re: Friend Raises Alarm As Tega Deactivates Her Instagram Account by Gabe427: 8:06am On Oct 07
Clout madam chose to do it with mop head Boma of all people who insulted her after words.

The problem is she feels nothing is wrong with it like it just sex....
Meanwhile were in Nigeria where your business is everybody's business once it gets to social media either you ride the hate... Or you go under...... She made her choice

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Celebrities / Re: How Far Has Reekado Banks Gone Since His Mavin Records Departure? by Gabe427: 8:01am On Oct 07
What Don't jazzy does to his artist in Mavin's is far more than making musicians he makes starts and celbrites recognized world wide.

Rema & Ayarr star good example when big brand need accountability they go to recocrd labels with structure and management not one you'll be hearing dragging on social media after words. Rekaddo F up big time he was one of the most favoured artist by Don't jazzy

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Music/Radio / Re: Most Played Songs Of The Year by Gabe427: 6:22pm On Oct 06
Mehn I heard songs actively
From teni's "wonderland"
To tems album for broken ears.....
To the logics "no pressure" album forget BTIII
To J coles "off season" and the classics middle child
I dabbled arrouns isiah rashads album.
Chain smokers
Stellan Lennon was on artist who I've only heard on features that lady is blessed
Nasty c Zulu man still on my playlist
The new boys polo G, lil baby, lil durk
I heard sleepy hallow for a while
Some random singles
Buju singles
Ladipoe old track that guy is one underated rapper forget his new found fame guy has been good.
Olamides album "uy skuti" was a vibe
Then coming to September
It was CLB and Donda.... I'm a huge drake fan But Donda is the shii
Then Tones and I
I almost forgot my current artist currently
SAINT JHN all three albums I have trophies on repeat
And now I heard Brymos album fire
Music are just too much I get shocked when I see people with just 20tracks
I'm waiting on Kendrick to drop to close the year ......
Webmasters / Re: Facebook IS Back Online But Not 100% - Mike Schroepfer by Gabe427: 12:10am On Oct 05
My face lit up when my messages poped

They should just destroy the server to Facebook I hate that app
Career / Re: My MD Told Me My Relationship Is Jeopardizing My Job. by Gabe427: 8:36pm On Sep 27

It's this kind of talk that is getting you in trouble at the office. "Thanks dear" to a random "lady" on the internet.

If a faceless person you don't know is "dear", I'm sure your colleagues na "sweetheart" you dey call dem
Oil dey your head boss
More oil
Celebrities / Re: Kevin Hart And Wiz khalifa Spotted Dancing At Wizkid's Show In Los Angeles by Gabe427: 1:37pm On Sep 26
When your big your big
Big wiz is big
Meanwhile Ben Simmons be acting up like James garden forgetting he has no levrage grin
Celebrities / Re: Don Jazzy Signs Magixx As New Mavin Artiste by Gabe427: 4:28pm On Sep 24
You think you'll be able to handle fame? Even your local supermarket u can't enter there without being recognized and harassed

Where did i mention fame
Celebrities / Re: DE LOVÉT: Chioma, The Chef Chi Launches Her Bag Business by Gabe427: 8:29am On Sep 24
This chick ain't no chef ....she just can cook
Person wey sabi EBA and soup and use filter to make it Instagram worthy is forming chef

She should just turn influencer/actress full time

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Celebrities / Re: Don Jazzy Signs Magixx As New Mavin Artiste by Gabe427: 8:26am On Sep 24
I swear if Do jazzy sign me I no dey leave.... half bread us always better than full chin chin(ask reekado banks)

Mavin's the YMCMB of Nigerian music

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Nairaland / General / Re: 7 Major Ways To Control Your Judgemental Instincts by Gabe427: 1:10pm On Sep 22
Judgement sometimes is as a result of pride seeing yourself above others forgetting the same environment would have a different effect on different individuals. Please don't judge or unnecessarily criticise people .....even the ones smiling are going through a lot, talk more of people that actually don't mask the effects of their situation.

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Business / Re: SPAR Mall In Port Harcourt Flooded Due To Heavy Rain by Gabe427: 3:15pm On Sep 21
Amusement park and mall grin
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Signs Anti-Open Grazing Bill Into Law by Gabe427: 3:35pm On Sep 20
Wait cows still roam about in a metro city like lagos


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