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Education / Re: Mmesoma Ejikeme Apologises To JAMB by GeoAfrikana(m): 5:29pm On Jul 19
female ipob,fraud and criminality na their way

How are you better than the tribalists who were blindly defending her?
Agriculture / Re: How Do I Stop This Continuous Bee Attack On The Farm? by GeoAfrikana(m): 11:49am On Jul 19
With no visible house on sight, the bee will just fly around then land a deadly sting, we've chased them from 2 hives so far, any idea of what can be done? Sadly, I'm always their target.

This doesn't look like honey bee sting.
Career / What Can You Do With A Geography Certificate? by GeoAfrikana(m): 10:44pm On Jul 18
Were you 'given' geography in a university or polytechnic? Are you wondering what else you can do with your geography certificate asides teaching?

Once upon a time, people believed that all geography graduates will end up as teachers. That isn't the case anymore. In this post, I'll share with you few modern job roles you can occupy with your geography certificate.

1. Cartographer
A cartographer is a map maker. While traditional maps were made on paper and were static, most modern maps are interactive web-based maps. That said, static maps in jpeg and PDF formats are still in use today. Although some PDF maps now have some level of interactivity.

You may ask, "who makes maps in today's world?"
Maps are used in many applications today than ever before. Last year, the chieftains of a town in southwest hired me to make a map of all family houses and notable places.

I went to the field with my sidekick and we collected the coordinates and attributes of each family house and I created.

Tools and Skills
A cartographer is half scientist and half artist. Therefore, you must posses both scientific and aesthetic qualities to excel in cartography. Here are some skills you must master to be a successful cartographer:

a. Basic Statistics - before you freak out, you don't need to learn ANOVA, chi-square and all that stuff. You only need to very comfortable with levels of measurement, mean, median, mode. Also, a good understanding of data normalization will save you from committing fallacies with your maps.

b. Graphic Design - You must get comfortable with a vector graphic design software. Common ones are Inkscape, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. I use Inkscape because it's free and open-source.

c. Coordinates and Projections - You must understand map projects and coordinate reference systems; why they are needed in the first place, the different types available, the pros and cons of each type and how to choose the right one for your project.

d. Desktop GIS - You must be comfortable with one or more desktop GIS. Unlike what you might think, your data will mostly be messy and scattered. You'll need a desktop GIS to clean the data and perform joins.

The two most common ones are ArcGIS and QGIS. I love QGIS because it's very powerful yet free and open-source. If you must use ArcGIS then use ArcGIS Pro not ArcMap. ArcMap is the old generation and is no longer supported officially.

d. Frontend Development - if you want to be a web cartographer then you must MASTER CSS and JavaScript. You'll be working with complex libraries like Leafletjs and Mapbox GL. Web cartography is the peak of a cartography and only a few make it to that level.

This is a lot longer than I expected so I'll stop here for now. Hopefully, I'll have the time and motivation to write on some other fields of expertise on modern geography.

Career / Re: What Can A Young Graduate Gainfully Engage In Apart From Tech? by GeoAfrikana(m): 2:16pm On May 16
Many things, you can learn:

1. Welding
2. Car Repair (you can specialize in mechanical, electrical, body or painting)
3. Wood Work (carving, sculpture)

These are high-paying gigs with great potential especially in a huge market like Nigeria. All you need is expertise, honesty and professionalism.

For expertise, you need to learn from experts, not roadside some mediocre. Thankfully, the internet has democratized knowledge, unfortunately, many aren't taking advantage of this. Moreover, your education gives you an edge; reading and writing. The makers of all these cars and gadgets we use have special manuals for repairers. But most of our technicians are illiterate so they can't read this stuff. Your literacy gives you an unfair advantage over them all.

For honesty and transparency, please shun the typical Naija mentality of giving inflated quotes, and buying inferior materials for customers (without their consent), among many other evils. You will be surprised by the amount of referrals you get.

For professionalism; document your work, and follow industry best practices (that way you won't loose four bolts and tie only three), explain what you want to do and how you plan to do it to your customers before doing anything. Never stop learning, many of these technicians stop learning immediatetly they get their 'freedom' certificate. Customers relationshio should only grow into professional connections not friendship.

Just do this in any endeavour for 2 years and see the wonders that will happen in your life. You might not become a multimillionaire but you will always have something on your table and your customers will love you such that you can call them anytime for any non-financial help (like admission, processing some papers, giving signature etc) and they will be pleased to assist

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Autos / Re: Innoson To Introduce A Luxury Rugged Pickup Truck ‘IVM Ijele’ (Photos) by GeoAfrikana(m): 12:44pm On Feb 23

No man is an island oga!

Henry also copied from someone.

Please appreciate innosson , I know he is an igboman but appreciate good things so that your tribe will achieve same.
You said the guy has surpassed Ford. That was an exaggeration.

No sane Nigerian hates Innoson. Stop insinuating what isn't.


Health / Re: Doctors In The House Please HELP!!! (viewer Discretion Photo) by GeoAfrikana(m): 11:04am On Feb 23
Morning Doctors and Fellow NLders.

Let me cut the story short!

I am 32 and For like 3months now I have been having this penile thick Discharge whenever I pass stool.

This only happens when I pass stool, I have visited several Hospitals FMC (GOMBE) SPECIALIST (GOMBE) then moved to abuja GENERAL (KUBWA) and private (KELINA & PRIMUS) . did urine/stool test yet they would say they spot Nothing. At both FMC,SPECIALIST,GENERAL
only to prescribe Antibiotics and other medications UTI/STD which I take and the symptoms stopped after some days it would comeback.
I have spent more than I can account on this treatment yet it just won't go away. Our doctors here in Nigeria can’t explain the cause because some would say It's UTI others STD.

Note: even tho i am not Sexual active, I have never had sex with anyone before. in fact I am still a Virgin! Yes at 32.

The last hospital I went Was KELINA(A Turkish owned hospital,those in Abuja Gwarimpa would know it) I spent a huge amount over 130+ yet still after like 2 weeks this same issue is back.
Left Kelina to PRIMUS and did full CT and also kidney/kidney stones Scan at PRIMUS( Indian owned hospital in Karu Abuja) my kidneys are okay nothing found, spent over 200+ for the scan and some drugs.

I just had to bring this issue here!!!

Other symptoms are
At times finding it hard to urinate quick
Split urine
And lower back pain

Please find images below
(Image 1) the last medication I was on, got so angry that I threw away the other packs because I was so pissed When I caught the Doctor using Google as I explain my issue to him.
I Was able to find this one tho

(Image 2) last stool test result i did, can't find those of the urine

(Image 3) Discharge

Please someone should help me, before I end up with ED or impotent in future.
This looks like normal stuff.

Even a married man will see this stuff if he stays away from his wife for two weeks straight.

Please stop taking drugs. Don't kill yourself.

That said, I pray God blesses you so that you can get married soon enough. 32 years is huge.


Programming / Share Your Codemixing Mishaps! by GeoAfrikana(m): 1:44pm On Feb 21
As developers, we've all made mistakes in our coding journey. And codemixing is one of them.
So today, I want to hear from you: What are some of your funniest codemixing mishaps?

For me, one of my biggest mishaps was writing print instead of console.log in a for loop of about 50 items. It was a silly mistake, but it taught me to be more mindful of the syntax I'm using.

Have you ever experienced codemixing, where you accidentally mix up syntax from different programming languages?

Share your experiences in the comments below! Let's start a conversation and help each other learn from our mistakes. After all, we're all in this together, constantly learning and improving our coding skills.

Share your funny codemixing experience.
Politics / Re: NOI/ANAP Poll Results Since 2011 (Pictures) by GeoAfrikana(m): 6:21am On Feb 17
Why do I keep seeing statistical charts and reports with no regards for data normalization?

10% of North east isn't the same as 10% of southwest or southeast. The former may be 100k people while the latter could be only 30k people.

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Crime / Re: Gombe Police Arrest Tricycle Rider Who Specialises In Stealing Passengers' Goods by GeoAfrikana(m): 9:13am On Feb 13
Gombe Police Arrest Tricycle Operator Who Specialises In Stealing Passengers' Goods (Photo)


"Specialist" cheesy
Education / Re: Lagos Government Shuts Chrisland School Over Whitney Adeniran’s Death by GeoAfrikana(m): 7:13am On Feb 13
Classic knee jerk reaction to a slumping death of a day student that happened at Agege stadium.

Very soon, even students' death in their parents house would result to a temporary closure of every school that child has ever attended, on the illogical pretext of investigating the death.

Just like the Nigeria Police, you arrest every living thing in the vicinity of a death, before establishing if the death was natural or homicide.

Chrisland should sue the Lagos State Government.
Honestly, I believe your comment is the knee-jerk reaction here.

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Programming / Re: Who Can Replicate A Website For Me? by GeoAfrikana(m): 4:10pm On Feb 10

I think your best bet is to go to freelance services like upwork or Fiverr and search for Nigeria developers with track record of building for client that gave them good reviews and have done lots of similar projects.

Using this method, you will get a good developer who is trust worthy to deliver and you are safe with your funds in case anything goes wrong cos those freelance plaforms have escrow services to protect people hiring developers.

But all the best looking for a competent developer here.
I'm not a fan of those platforms. The commissions they charge is draconian.

I think LinkedIn is a good alternative. He can browse people's profiles and hire the best without wasting 20% on some platform.
Programming / Re: Who Can Replicate A Website For Me? by GeoAfrikana(m): 4:07pm On Feb 10

Remove Elementor from your list unless you don't know how useful it is grin grin grin
Lol. I use Elementor very well, in fact here's a site I recently developed with it; akinsdials.com

But, Ai still has a long way to go.


Programming / Re: Github Lays Off 10% Of Its Staff by GeoAfrikana(m): 10:57am On Feb 10
Oh, Microsoft acquired GitHub.
No wonder they retired Atom IDE for VS Code.
Programming / Re: What Do ALX Stand To Gain? by GeoAfrikana(m): 10:43am On Feb 10
ALX are training copy and paste programmers. grin grin
I'll advise people to take CS50X and CS50W on Edx.
Programming / Re: Who Can Replicate A Website For Me? by GeoAfrikana(m): 10:42am On Feb 10


Someone said you don’t need a frontend developer because there are some plugins on Figma that can convert designs into websites.
From.my little experience, those kind of tools generate very messy and useless boilerplates.

An example is Elementor. Another example is the Qt Designer.


Programming / Re: One Of The Worst Websites I've Seen So Far by GeoAfrikana(m): 10:35am On Feb 10
Not sure, but I think there's a reason behind them keeping it that way. The're building for different generations not just Z and millennials.

Bro, stop defending what isn't.

Mobile friendliness is for everyone. It's even the elders that need a modern website most. A neat modern website doesn't have to be glossy and glamorous. It needs to be easily accessible to even people of special needs. Tell me, how can a man or woman of 60 years with weak eyesight read the tiny texts on that website?

This is mediocrity in a picture.

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Programming / Re: One Of The Worst Websites I've Seen So Far by GeoAfrikana(m): 10:34am On Feb 10
For a financial institution as big as this, and considering their position and the amount of monies they make, I expected way better.

Navigating through the links is one heck of an Herculean task. How is it that everything is all on desktop view. Unless this is a bug or something, then it's quite understandable otherwise this is very bad.

Please tell me this is a snapshot of the 1995 version of the website?
Programming / Re: Nodejs Is A Language Not A Runtime. by GeoAfrikana(m): 10:31am On Feb 10
I have heard this line for a thousand times, that nodejs is not a language but a runtime. But nobody is calling python or php a runtime, but they are all scripting languages. To run a python file , you type “python <file name>” or you include a shebang on top of the file same as nodejs , php, bash etc. But these nodejs guys decided only nodejs out of all the scripting languages is a runtime. And it’s not like you can duplicate any frontend javascript, and run it with node and it will work. The api’s available to them are different, nodejs uses common js, has some inbuilt modules like the path module which frontend javascript doesn’t. I know nodejs makes use of chrome v8 javascript engine. But I believe they didnt copy and paste the codes, there must be some modifications. It would be better to say they have some similarities . But nodejs for me is a scripting language that has a runtime just like other scripting languages like bash , powershell , ruby, perl etc has their own runtime. Because nodejs adopted javascript as its scripting language doesn’t disqualify it from being a language.
Interesting and educating rant.

However there's a problem. According to your argument, Python and Anaconda are two different languages. And I've never heard anyone in the python community say such.
Programming / Re: I'm Looking For The Best Service And Cheap One To Host Flask Server In Nigeria by GeoAfrikana(m): 3:24pm On Feb 09

Thanks I know about pythonanywhere but their server slow things down abit I'm looking at using rando. I don't know why Nigeria hosting platforms are not built for servers side applications only php stuff full everywhere.
I never knew Python anywhere is slow.
You can try out rando.

Most Nigerian websites were built with WordPress and PHP. I don't know if that has changed. Even globally, wordpress hosting is more ubiquitous than VPS.
Crime / Re: Man Who Was Shot During The Abeokuta Protest Is Alive (Photos) by GeoAfrikana(m): 11:55am On Feb 09

People are fighting for their fundamental human rights, someone evil got shot along the line but here you are calling their efforts "mumu" undecided

The crumbs APC is feeding you would soon choke you to the great beyond. Keep supporting evil.
Is destroying and looting banks their fundamental right?


Programming / Re: Website Developer by GeoAfrikana(m): 7:00am On Feb 09
Post your past projects/samples.

Nobody serious client will hire someone without a portfolio on a faceless forum.
Programming / Re: I'm Looking For The Best Service And Cheap One To Host Flask Server In Nigeria by GeoAfrikana(m): 6:59am On Feb 09
Pls as our naira card cannot pay in dollars I'm looking for the best Nigeria hosting service where I can host a flask server. Or even rent a VPS if need be. Probably a cheaper service as we are still early in production.
My advice:

1. Many Nigerian hosting services like Qservers offer VPS service. But they don't offer plans for hobbyists. For example, Qservers' VPS starts from 26k per month. Whereas Linode offers as low as $5 per month.

2. PythonAnywhere is, in my opinion, the most pythonic hosting platform. They even offer a free plan which (I don't think) requires a credit card. More importantly, they've abstracted away the complex web server configuration steps so you won't even need to touch Nginx, Apache or even Gunicorn. You only give them the path to your wsgi file and they'll handle everything from there.

3. This dollar issue is a problem. But a workaround is those fintech platforms like flutterwave, cardify, chippercash and spendwise (which I use but not necessarily because it's better). These platforms offer draconian exchange rate (no cap) but since all you need is less than $5 then you can manage them. Major platforms like Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr (which I don't recommend) and AWS offer free plans that could be up to one year.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Is Healthy, Every Nigerian Above 40 Is Sick – Orji Kalu by GeoAfrikana(m): 6:38am On Jan 11
Why are Pastor Adebayo and Pastor Kumuyi not sick at 80+ years?
Who told you they're not sick?

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Crime / Re: Is This A New Scam Format? by GeoAfrikana(m): 5:28pm On Jun 07, 2022
Don't receive calls from people you don't know.


That's easy to do if you don't run a business.
Crime / Is This A New Scam Format? by GeoAfrikana(m): 5:01pm On Jun 07, 2022
A guy called me just now. He claimed to be from a certain company in Lagos. I didn't get the name because he mumbled it.

He said he wants to ask about my "shopping habit". I told him to go on but I made up my mind not to release any personal information. I'm a data scientist so I know the protocols to observe when collecting sensitive data from people.

The guy asked about where I do most of my shopping. I told him that I do it online and offline. Then he asked about which online platform(s) I use. I told him I use many but I can't name any.

Then he asked for my age. I told him I can't tell him. As a data scientist, I will only ask such precise question from people if I am representing a government institution or a highly reputable company. Otherwise, the question should be coarse like "what's your age range 15-25, 26-35. Afterall, the age will most likely be aggregated during analysis.

Long story short, the guy thanked me for my time and cut off the call.

I strongly believe this is a scam format. I believe he was trying to access my bank account(s).

Have you received similar call(s)?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelenskky: Russia Continued To Bomb Ukrainian Cities During Negotiation Talks by GeoAfrikana(m): 8:57am On Mar 01, 2022
And how do you know Putin was being honest with what he was saying Can you tell when a man is lying
He's speaking with history, proof and appeal to rationality. He's not trying to manipulate your emotions.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelenskky: Russia Continued To Bomb Ukrainian Cities During Negotiation Talks by GeoAfrikana(m): 8:25am On Mar 01, 2022
mumu , how I wish it was your home town and family that’s being bombed , I’m sure you’ll be saying the same thing.
We talking about life and investment, mumu is talkin about tongue twisting.
Emotions and insults as expected.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelenskky: Russia Continued To Bomb Ukrainian Cities During Negotiation Talks by GeoAfrikana(m): 5:57am On Mar 01, 2022

Nairaland should be referred to as British Tabloid, they fill up this place with British propaganda and GOTV CNN viewers turned war analysts will be arguing like agberos drinking monkey tail in the morning
Very true.
It amazes me how they regurgitate the thrash they've been fed and still feel confident and intelligent.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelenskky: Russia Continued To Bomb Ukrainian Cities During Negotiation Talks by GeoAfrikana(m): 5:55am On Mar 01, 2022

Ogah which media stunts?. Are innocent people not been killed in this so called war already for so called boundary issue?
The same boundary that their fore fathers fought for.
They are fighting same fight, their children will come and fight same fight.
There has never been resolution through war, there are bigger wars to fight, poverty, sickness and not this
How many innocent people have been killed in this war compared to what the hypocritic USA has killed in Africa and the middle east?

Also, if Ukraine joins NATO, USA would eventually invade Russia and innocent people would be killed. The war cannot be averted. So, Putin is only taking action now to avoid a future world war.

Of the West really cherished innocent lives, they should leave Ukraine alone for the sake of the innocent lives they want to protect. Are the innocent lives less important than NATO's thirst for territory? NATO's actions say yes to that question.

I try to not comment on this issue here because many of you are just being naive and emotional which makes you easy to manipulate.

Russia and Putin who have no history of enslavement are the devils but those who enslaved your fathers and still work hard to ensure that your future generations maintain subhuman status are the saints.

I don't know how you folks reason.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Zelenskky: Russia Continued To Bomb Ukrainian Cities During Negotiation Talks by GeoAfrikana(m): 5:35am On Mar 01, 2022
Posterity will not be kind to Russia and Putin
You folks are just being emotional. An objective person will see through these media media stunts.

Was there a ceasefire agreement? No. So, what's the point?


Watch that Putin's speech and see a real and honest person speaking without twisting his tongue. Not those sensational Hollywood speeches of American presidents.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Peace Talks Ended Between Russia And Ukraine With No Breakthrough by GeoAfrikana(m): 5:33am On Mar 01, 2022
you want peace to reign but the EU and america are sending hundreds of millions of euros to Ukraine to get weapons and fight! Is that how to make peace? Huh even the western wants Ukraine to fight so that they can penetrate Russia!! The world leaders are just bloodsuckers pretending to be peace lovers...

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Sports / Re: FIFA Bans International Games In Russia, No Flag Or Anthem Allowed by GeoAfrikana(m): 6:38am On Feb 28, 2022
you guys are just kids who knows nothing! Russian committed terrible atrosities against ucrainians without any provocation yet went ahead to be threatening world's peace with nuclear attack, you are here comparing.
"Without any provocation" you say?
Obviously, you're naive.

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