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Politics / Re: So You Really Think Tinubu Is A Drug Baron? by Gggg102(m): 8:57pm On Apr 10
There's no formal conviction for any crime in a court of law. This case was brought against Tinubu over 20 years ago and was thrown out. It won't be different this time around


Politics / Re: So You Really Think Tinubu Is A Drug Baron? by Gggg102(m): 8:52pm On Apr 10
It's not a matter of what you think anymore, the information is in public domain. The facts are clear.

See box 625 under forfeiture.

Religion / Re: Homosexuality Is Not A Crime But An Cultural Attitude- Pope Francis by Gggg102(m): 12:33am On Jan 26
Imagine throwing people in jail for prostitution, fornication and masturbation. That's how stupid throwing people in jail for sodomy is.

They are all sins but they do not affect anyone apart from the participants(unlike things like murder, theft, fraud). There are no victims.
Religion / Re: Homosexuality Not A Crime – Pope Francis by Gggg102(m): 12:28am On Jan 26
This thing is easy to understand.

Homosexuality is not a crime in the same sense that fornication and masturbation are not crimes even though they are sin.

No one is going to prosecute you for touching yourself, that would be stupid.

Sins like that cannot be compared to murder and theft where you are violating another person's right.

It's best to just leave it between the man and God.
Sports / What's The Full Meaning Of 'O.G.O.'? by Gggg102(m): 6:40pm On Aug 30, 2021
People that played ball outside, what's the meaning of OGO?

You know, the one where you score and keep till another person scores and keep.

Phones / Re: TECNO Camon 16 Premier (N115,800) Vs Camon 15 Premier(N103,000) + Camera Photos by Gggg102(m): 6:45am On Sep 22, 2020
people should understand that tecno makes phones with less quality cos of the low Africa purcasing market, if they decide to add all the features y'all want in tecno, do you actually think the average Nigerian can afford it. both phones are okay, stop dissing tecno

That's not true. Tecno, (and infinix) make trash phones with high price tags.

There are identical, if not better phone specs in phones in the range of 60 to 80k naira.

Tecno is capitalizing on the fact that Nigerians are not phone tech savvy, and there is limited competition in the phone arena.

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Politics / Re: The Look On Buhari’s Face As He Boards Presidential Jet (Photos) by Gggg102(m): 9:27pm On Oct 28, 2019
The pictures are not complete without the one where he waves Nigeria goodbye.

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Religion / Re: 'Christians Kidnapped Muslim Children For Jesus Christ In Kano' – MURIC Insists by Gggg102(m): 9:03am On Oct 21, 2019

What they don't know is that unlike in Islam, you cannot be forced into Christianity. It is only when you willingly repent and trust in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour could you be said to have become a Christian. Kidnapping and forcing one into becoming a Christian is antithetical to Christianity.

Lol. it this was true, Christianity would not be as large as it is.
Romance / Re: Kenyans Rent Out Their Wives To Tourists Because Of Hard Times by Gggg102(m): 8:56am On Oct 21, 2019

Now hustle to u now is a noun
A noun is a name of a person animal place or thing if I am right.

A verb is an action or what is done

Now say God bless my hustle
Is hustle not a verb in this context

And the verbal definition you have there say to defraud

So you are still wrong
I am right grin grin grin

Too busy to argue.

You win.

hustle is actually a noun in that sentence, so he doesn't win.

God bless my hustle.

God- subject(noun)

bless- action (verb)

my hustle- object (phrase functioning as a noun i.e noun phrase)

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Religion / Re: Does Bad Deeds Always Have Repercussion? by Gggg102(m): 1:20pm On Oct 20, 2019
Religion / Re: *Objects Of Fiction, Imaginary Things Atheists Believe In* Since They Reject God by Gggg102(m): 1:17pm On Oct 20, 2019

I'm glad you do accept that these are fictional, illusionary or imaginary orders in your worldview as an atheist. But I do have good logical arguments to demonstrate that indeed rationality, mathematics, equality, freewill, moral responsibility , objective morality etc are not fictional but objectively real in a theistic worldview

That they can be objectively real in a theistic worldview doesn't mean that the theistic worldview is real.

That something sounds better doesn't mean it is real.

Experience shows that in the real world, all these things except for maths and science change from time to time, even for those that believe in the theistic worldview. God has been a subjective human concept like the rest.

Your op at bests highlights how all these things are fictional because that is the experience that agrees with reality.

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Religion / Re: *Objects Of Fiction, Imaginary Things Atheists Believe In* Since They Reject God by Gggg102(m): 1:07pm On Oct 20, 2019

Lol. That's interesting.

And that's exactly what they are. Imaginary order, products of man to keep his social fabric in order.

Anyone who states otherwise is fooling himself.

I don't understand this post all. You list out imaginary orders (social constructs) as imaginary things atheist believe, of course they are fictional, myths, the problem is, no one stated otherwise.

Everyone knows every element of social order is invented.

Humans do not have inherent social engineering like ants or termites, so imaginary orders such as:

Help bypass this and give humans an almost unnatural capability to create large complex social structures.

Everyone agrees that Imaginary orders only exist because humans believe it.

If everyone stops believing the value of money (the paper) it simply becomes a worthless piece of paper.

Even with a God in place, imaginary orders won't be anymore realer than they already are. They'd still remain imaginary.

Except maybe for morality.

An argument for another day.

Correct. That's why they are Imaginary orders. Social myths.

Man's abstract inventions to keep the social norms.

Imaginary orders are a belief, nobody claims they are not.

You on the other hand assert God isn't.

See the difference?

You are arguing on this based on the premise that they aren't real, we already know that.

I have already explained the idea of social myths, imaginary orders countless times to other atheists on this board.

No one is actually arguing this.

Quite agreeable. More correctly, many on this board don't grasp the concept of Imaginary orders.


Equality is a myth, an imaginary order, a human belief, you can even say that objective reality is quite the opposite.

No two humans are ever equal, one must be taller, one must be stronger, faster, fatter and so it goes.

Equality is a concept that only work as a social term.

Since we all live together under one social umbrella, why not we assume we are all equals.

That's why it is an imaginary order. A myth, a belief.

So, yes. Equality isn't objective reality but no one stated otherwise.

We are actually subject to natural laws. We only bypass quite a few.

Human society isn't natural, it is also a myth, an imaginary order.

Humans lack the genetical codes to inherently orchestrate a social community like ants, termites.

Ants and termite have well organized societies, these societies come as genetically predetermines in them, they are not doing it because they have to, they do it because they can't do otherwise.

Humans on the other have strong affinity to direct family, which break up the more it goes.

So, human society isn't natural, it was constructed by the help of social myths such as morality, ethnicity, tribe and social laws.

A Christian from Nigeria will automatically have a form of trust, a sense of fellowship with another Christian he met in Rome even they have never met in their lives.

Because both believe in the same imaginary order (organization/institution) Christianity.

A soldier would die alongside another soldier he never met defending a country.

The only thing they have in common is they believe in the imaginary order which is - Country.

Not too long ago, humans believed the sun went around the earth, in fact, some still do.

When you wake up, you see the sun move from the east, journey across ths sky, all the way to the west, in all of this, earth seems stationary.

It is logical and rational to conclude based on this observation that sun moves, earth doesn't.

Logical or Rational doesn't mean true, it means premise 1 follows with premise 2 and the conclusion follows both premises.

So, again, You are correct. No one would claim Rationality or logic means something is true unless that person is naive.

Mathematical figures is a language and like all languages are invented by humans.

The word "Ocean" is a human invention that describes that which exists.

The word "Human" describes that which exists.

The substance is a constant, the language is abstract.

Change the word, the substance remains the same.

Mathematical language describes observable physical patterns and qualities like every other form of language, but yes, the language in itself is a human invention.

I'm not sure someone who is an evolutionalist ever claims to not be an animal like other animals.

In fact, the major bone of contention between evolutionists and opposing school of thoughts is that evolution reduces man to a humble creature like every other beast in the world.

I believe you are arguing over an argument atheists didn't make.

Man is special is mostly a theistic belief not atheistic.

Though man can be quite chauvinistic about himself to think himself special amongst all animals, this value is a myth as you rightly pointed out. It is a belief.

Again, true, Rights are social myths, imaginary order, there is no such thing, it only exists within a social structure which also is in itself a myth.

No one is arguing against that still.

It is safe to say you are reaching now.

How many times have you argued on this board with atheists that morality is subjective?

Here is me explaining to Budaatum that morality has no facts, it is a myth, an imaginary order and the rationality of morality with God as a basis some months back :



Atheists don't make the argument that morality is objective (some may), that you bring it up as part of the thing they believe is weird.

After going through this argument, I don't see a problem really.

Social myths are social myths, a belief.

No one can say otherwise unless they don't understand it.

Social myths are imaginary orders, they are pure human inventions given meaning by belief.

Anyone (Atheist or not) who asserts they exist in an objective sense is wrong.

So, you are correct, these are imaginary things atheist also believe.

So that means the op is a strawman.
Religion / Re: Why I can't ever Believe In Magic And Supernatural Occurrence by Gggg102(m): 8:33am On Oct 20, 2019

The supernatural is real. In fact, it is more real than the physical. How do I know this? There is a Supreme supernatural being who created all things by words of mouth and lives in the supernatural realm. We call Him God and all things exists from Him.

Now the problem is Many people don't have faith in God. God originally created us as supernatural beings to control the natural just like He does. The first man Adam, was created to dominate but fell into sin and out of fellowship with God.

Man out of fellowship with God began to seek alternatives to control the supernatural. This is how man dabbled into magic and witchcraft. These spiritual forces are real, but they are a lesser spiritual power to God almighty, which is why they often fail and disappoint many.

God is the true source of the supernatural.

God did not create man, man was created by obatala.
Religion / Re: 3 Shocking Reasons Why Jesus Died Early by Gggg102(m): 7:43am On Oct 20, 2019
He didn't honour his father and mother.
Religion / Re: An Irrefutable Evidence For God Specially Meant For The Atheists And Agnostics by Gggg102(m): 6:23am On Aug 24, 2019

Yes anything eternal would not exhibit any changing characteristics in its "essence" because there is no any external cause that can trigger such a change.

If such an eternal entity is impersonal being that lacks "free will" it would not be able to exert any change in anything all by itself just like any impersonal substance that lacks free will cannot trigger any change in anything all by itself.

But if such an eternal entity is a personal being that possess "free will" and "power", then such being can act as an external cause that will trigger the creation of another something (universe) from absolutely nothing. It is this very personal being with freewill and power that we call God.

Possessing freewill is exerting change, which will be impossible without a cause, using your logic. So an eternal entity can not have freewill.

As have been pointed out, your argument consists only of baseless assumptions that you mask as facts.
Religion / Re: An Irrefutable Evidence For God Specially Meant For The Atheists And Agnostics by Gggg102(m): 8:40pm On Aug 23, 2019

Yes it would sound foolish because we KNOW quite right that all living things (like elephant) began to exist and will cease to exist. But it would not sound foolish if it is something whose nature is UNKNOWN to us.

What is explained below is another way to see that it is more logical to assume that "something is eternal" than to assume that "something pop into existence from absolutely nothing"

1. For a "change" to occur, a "cause" is required.
2. Popping of something into existence from absolutely nothing is a "change" which therefore require a "cause".
3. But there is no any "cause" present in an absolutely nothing.
4. Therefore, there is no cause to trigger a change from absolutely nothing to something. Hence popping of something into existence from absolutely nothing is impossible.

5.But when something is eternal, no "change" has occur. Therefore, no cause is required. Hence there is no way we can FALSIFY the existence of something that is eternal as we have done with the case of something popping into existence from absolutely nothing.

Hence assuming that something is eternal is more logical than assuming that something pop into existence from absolutely nothing.

Going by your logic, an eternal something will not be able to exert any change since it does not experience change, therefore, your eternal something functions effectively as nothing.

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Religion / Re: An Irrefutable Evidence For God Specially Meant For The Atheists And Agnostics by Gggg102(m): 4:06pm On Aug 23, 2019

It is illogical to assume that something comes from nothing because it looks magical. If some body tell you that as he was walking along the road, all of a sudden, a very big elephant just fell from space above his head and started chasing many people. Would you sincerely believe this story ? Certainly not ! This simply shows that it is illogical to believe that something just pop into existence from absolutely nothing.

Since it is illogical to assume that something just pop into existence from absolutely nothing, then the ONLY OPTION left to account for something we have presently is to assume that SOMETHING MUST BE ETERNAL.

It would also sound foolish if someone told you that he knows an elephant that has always existed, without a beginning and would always exist.
Religion / Re: An Irrefutable Evidence For God Specially Meant For The Atheists And Agnostics by Gggg102(m): 2:37pm On Aug 23, 2019
You can never pick SOMETHING from the wardrobe that contains NOTHING before you locked it up. This is because SOMETHING cannot just suddenly pop into the wardrobe from NOTHING.

In a similar manner, "SOMETHING" at this present time could not have suddenly popped into existence from absolutely "NOTHING" in the long past. Therefore, something must be eternal i:e always exist and infinitely old. Hence Premise 1 is perfectly true.

Something can never be in a wardrobe for eternity either.

Something at this present time can not be eternal also.

Therefore your assumption of eternal something is just as illogical.

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Religion / Re: An Irrefutable Evidence For God Specially Meant For The Atheists And Agnostics by Gggg102(m): 2:32pm On Aug 23, 2019
Why is it illogical to assume that something comes from nothing, while assuming something is eternal is deemed logical?

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Politics / Re: Man Reveals Ex-first Lady Of Taraba State Marries Her Late Husband's Assistant by Gggg102(m): 2:09pm On Jul 22, 2019
If na man now this thread for don reach 7 pages

Man that will marry another woman when his wife is still alive and active.
Politics / Re: Cabinet: Man Calls Out Buhari Supporter, Other For Owing 52k After Taking A Bet by Gggg102(m): 8:34am On Jul 22, 2019
Religion / . by Gggg102(m): 8:32pm On Jul 09, 2019

Religion / Re: Bible Trick, Can You Prove This Wrong by Gggg102(m): 6:55pm On Jun 24, 2019
The Bible has 66 books,

subtract your age from it, then add 1953 you will get your birth year

....waiting your prove

There are 36 states in Nigeria. Subtract your age from it and add 1983 you will get your birth year.

There are 100 years in a century. Subtract your age and add 1919 to you will get your birth year.

This year is 2019. Subtract your age you will get your birth year.

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Religion / Re: Today It's Gay Rights. Tomorrow It Would Be Ritualists, Paedophiles Rights etc. by Gggg102(m): 10:25am On Apr 30, 2019
Name just one instance of such!
Sacrifice of Jesus.
Religion / Re: Today It's Gay Rights. Tomorrow It Would Be Ritualists, Paedophiles Rights etc. by Gggg102(m): 3:30am On Apr 30, 2019
Lol! What manner of confused satan zombie this is! grin

Sexuality ko consent ni!

Sexuality can only be in the respect of the male sexual attraction to his female counterpart and vice versa, anything else as attraction to same sex, or animals, etc., is absolute abomination!

So keep chasing shadows that there's any such thing as normal sexuality between persons of the same sex, for you would never catch it!

Are we not talking about gay rights here?

Is it not the reason the baseless justification using consent between adults came up?

So if that be the case, then such a figmental gay rights would not apply to a 15 year old boy who's gay?

That rips the basis of consent in that respect to shreds, for if a 15 year old boy would not be protected by such gay rights, then that should be adults gay rights and not gay rights, fool.

And whatever rights you decide it becomes it would equate to bestiality rights!

So that as it applies to gay rights, you can also have the right to have sex with an adult she or even he goat(gay mixed animal rights).

And if it be an adult she goat, you'd have consentual sex with her, and she would give bouncing baby human-goat that'll be crying, meeh, meeh, meeh, and you'd be like my goat wife has given birth to a bouncing baby human-goat!

And if it's a he-goat, of course, let's not even go there into the goat shit aspect, for I don't won't throw up, as "really disgusting" would be a huge understatement!

So how far do we have to go with this before we say enough is enough?

It we don't say no to homosexuality, then we'll be saying yes to all abominable possibilities.


Exactly my point!

They are non-negotiable just like ritualists, adulterers, rapists, bestiality rights etc.

So you are gay right to that extent, Lol! grin

#Satanzombie grin

Seriously dumb.

Btw have you seen 1st Corinthians 5:12?
Religion / Re: Today It's Gay Rights. Tomorrow It Would Be Ritualists, Paedophiles Rights etc. by Gggg102(m): 3:29am On Apr 30, 2019

This is the certainly the dumbest comparison I have ever heard.

Comparing taking milk from a Cow's breast for consumption without insertion of sexual organ, to sperm that is mixed up with shit in the anus with insertion of sexual organ?

Definitely you have concluded the matter for me, because now you have no right to say to me that gay rights does not equate to bestiality, paedophile, ritualist, adulterer, rapist rights etc.

Sol let me leave you in your mess, so that if you decide not to get out of it, you can remain in it until it takes you to its everlasting habitations.

#satanzombie grin

You are dumb.
Politics / Re: Gender Inequality In Nigerian Politics (1999 Vs 2015 Vs 2019) by Gggg102(m): 8:08pm On Apr 29, 2019
how about you the op give us also the comprehensive stats of the gender gap in regards to the military personnel being deployed at the multitude of battle fronts in this lugardian contraption called zoogeria?!

don't you think that females are not being properly represented in this sector?!
Like it isn't still men that shut women outside the military.
Politics / Re: Gender Inequality In Nigerian Politics (1999 Vs 2015 Vs 2019) by Gggg102(m): 7:23pm On Apr 29, 2019

"Responsibility without power is ineffective but Power without Responsibility is TYRANNY!"- Anonymous

When was the last time anybody on this thread heard or read about what Responsibilities that Feminists will take up along with the Power...oh excuse me the "Rights" that they keep asking for?

Southerners complain that power is concentrated in the hands of northerners but they don't clamour for equal representation in almajiri, street begging, shoe making...
Religion / Re: Today It's Gay Rights. Tomorrow It Would Be Ritualists, Paedophiles Rights etc. by Gggg102(m): 6:22pm On Apr 29, 2019
Yeah! I hear you right satan zombie, they are logically wrong and homosexuality which is even worse is logically right, right?

What an acute case of satan zombism, that to cure it, it would only take full repentance.

For even aside religion, if not that the brains of the likes of you have been infested with satanic poo, how can homosexuality in which a male inserts his penis into the anus of his fellow man not be logically abominable?

For the single factor that distinguishes a male from a female of humans, is the ability to produce garmetes to fertilize the ova of a female, so that alone is a logical basis to see the gross error in homosexuality, as the definition of sex ought hinge alone on that single factor which makes a male to be a male, and and a female to be a female. But of course you are already daft enough not to realize this fact.

And you must be a deluded fellow to think the condemnation of homosexuality began with religion, for if so why is it not traditional, but also a taboo in the culture of a lot of nations and among many peoples of the world?

For instance in Africa where homosexuality is alien and a taboo to Africans and their traditional beliefs or is it also religion that brought that resistance to that abominable way of life but logical reasoning?

So don't even be deceived to think that religion is the only basis for it to be condemned, for even logic itself outrightly condemns gay sex as not just wrong but an abomination, and hence should be observed as no less no.

In what way is homosexuality worse?

In what way is putting a penis in an anus different from a human drinking the milk of another animal?
Are we all also abominable by drinking cow milk?

Why are you pressed about what another person does with his body?


Religion / Re: Today It's Gay Rights. Tomorrow It Would Be Ritualists, Paedophiles Rights etc. by Gggg102(m): 6:15pm On Apr 29, 2019

You're really showing the full effects of satan zombism, I mean how can consents that only applies to adults now be posited as a justification for gay rights that's inclusive of even none gay adults?

Not surprised though for what can someone expect of a satan zombie who he's using to defend the demonic agenda of homosexuality that he devised to destroy the fundamental of human existence.

Gay rights = Bestiality rights!

#satanzombie grin
The sexuality itself is not subject to consent. You don't consent before you are attracted to someone, you are just attracted to the person.

Consent applies to sexual act between homosexuals as that is what you are obsessed with.

And gay rights are non negotiable. Gay rights are human rights. They are inalienable.


Religion / Re: Today It's Gay Rights. Tomorrow It Would Be Ritualists, Paedophiles Rights etc. by Gggg102(m): 8:45am On Apr 29, 2019

For it applies to every member of any society with respect to moral values that would shape the society.

For it's just like saying thou shall not steal, kill, commit adultery etc., only apply to those that follow my religion.
So those because you are not a part of my religion, you are not a part of a society that would better for it, if they observed such rules and regulations.

Well if that's what you're saying, then same goes for the rule against the abomination of gay sex, for it only applies to those that follow my religion.

While stealing, killing, rape, adultery, bestiality, paedophilia, corruption, homosexuality, ritual killings etc., is applicable to those who do not follow my religion.

#satanzombie grin

Dummy. Stealing, killing... Are wrong even without your religion. We don't need your religion to condemn them. The reason for condemning them is logical and outside of religion.

Homosexuality is not a crime and your religious view on it applies only to your religion. Outside religion, there is no logical reason why it should be condemned.

Islam & Judaism for example recognize that stealing is wrong and that applies to all. That does not mean that their law against eating pig applies to all.
Religion / Re: Today It's Gay Rights. Tomorrow It Would Be Ritualists, Paedophiles Rights etc. by Gggg102(m): 8:39am On Apr 29, 2019
Yes i accept to be an ode or anything else in your sight, because it would be a googolplex times better than whatever you are! grin

Seem pretty convenient for you abandon your consent card whenever it suits your demonic homosexual agenda, Lol!

Well not so fast, because i'm not gonna let you off the hook so easily with respect to your figmental idea of consent between adults with respect to gau rights, for that right there absolutely ripped it to shreds.

#satanzombie grin

Dummy. Consent only applies to adults. What consent card and I abandoning?

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