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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by gtech2sure: 8:20am On Jul 12
Please which of the account did you go for Individual Current Account or Cooperate Current Account?
I've gotten my account ready with access bank, it's an xclusive account.
How can I buy usdt with it now is the major challenge..
Please help out
Career / Re: My Current State Of Mind by gtech2sure: 10:27pm On May 21
Please also interested in this..

Do you have an Android phone? I'll like to mentor you in forex trading. I will equally fund your first account for you when I see your readiness. Cheer up.
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by gtech2sure: 10:14am On May 07
I discovered this coin Diamond (DMD) and I think it will soon explode. Bosses in the house please what can you say about this coin.

Current price is $2.9
The total supply is 3.59m
Market cap currently is $10.39m

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Life Skills Are Not Taught In School? by gtech2sure: 3:40pm On May 01
Nacking grin
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by gtech2sure: 5:04pm On Apr 12
Abeg share me the contract address
I've searched for it on coingecko oo, but I no know which one, what's the full name?
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by gtech2sure: 8:53am On Mar 27
[quote wáauthor=OpenHeaven2019 post=100247542]

Who remembers this!

Chaos is cooking!

Target for my KSM call is still $2,000[/quote]

I can remember vividly i saw this but i'm new into crypto and i couldn't afford ksm and reason is why I went to lina when you recommended it... My prayer is lina should go to the moon without rocket as ksm... Amengrin
Business / Re: Pls Which Digital TV Antenna Is The Best? by gtech2sure: 1:53am On Jan 31
Go buy dish, lnb, strong decoder, diseqc (optional), coaxial cable then look for free to air installer around you. With this u go watch free stations with the rest of your life grin
Romance / Re: This Usually Happens When A Man And A Woman Fights In Public (pic) by gtech2sure: 10:41am On Oct 31, 2020
No be head of Oshiomole em wan nack so grin
Business / Re: Exposed: Buy @ #385 Using Debit/credit Card And Sell @ #450 by gtech2sure: 12:43am On Oct 24, 2020
The guy who made this thread I respect him so much he's so mature calm and.kniws all that's involved about life... See thinking you know it all makes you a looser already... Nothing is impossible... Coin abitraging is what I love to do... As for you that wants to collect 5000 without even saying anything but just paste your account number when anyone chats you up LoL � nawa... Well whichever you're making the money I pray the process no cast and you live for 600years since you don't want to share the ideas with anyone... Me I buy on binance with card too and withdraw instantly without the 24hr limit on card deals.... I'm going to message the op who made this thread the op na legend
Please does binance mandated ID verification to buy bitcoin and to withdraw.

I will also appreciate if you can reveal how you skips the card limit. Thanks
Business / Re: What Business Can I Do With #1.5m In Nigeria by gtech2sure: 8:30am On Oct 03, 2020
My brother go and open betting shop (bet9ja). This is the only business i am eyeing now. Though bet9ja has it's own criteria as they refuse to gives account to Lagos and Ogun environs but i don't know of Ibadan which i think you can make an enquiry.

Anyone who has link to non-functioning bet9ja shop and willing to sell the location (Agbado Ogun state precisely) should contact me.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please Help, I Have Lost Much Money Trying To Earn Money Online. by gtech2sure: 5:36pm On Aug 12, 2020
Dis one loud ooo

Business / Re: EXCLUSIVE : How To Make Level 2 Seller On Fiverr In A Month As A Nigerian Seller by gtech2sure: 5:31pm On Jul 28, 2020
Unfortunately they have gone deep with the shit and there's nothing we can do about it. It's only a matter of time, it will get to everybody.

You've said it all. My level 2 gigs disappeared from 1st page to the last page early this year, since then i haven't receive any message, getting impressions or clicks talkmore of getting order.

I had to open another account on March this year and after lot of hard work, fiverr still send the new account into exile.

My third account which i created last month also disappeared all of sudden after buying 4 reviews

I'm tired of the platform already. Nigga don't know what to do again as it's hard for me to make income online again.

I will appreciate if anyone could help on how to revive these accounts.
Business / Re: New proven Method of Importing cheaper Phone/Laptop etc from USA (offerup) by gtech2sure: 1:06pm On Jul 03, 2020
What's to ask sellers
Please when buying iPhones make sure you ask sellers for iMEI to verify status of the phone findmyiphone is off else wahala dey
Please how do one verify imei to know that the device isn't a stolen phone? Please elaborate more on this. Thanks
Business / Re: Which Business Can I Do With N300k As A School Teacher? by gtech2sure: 10:52pm On May 22, 2020
I can teach you importation of phones and anything importation...with gadget Imports you make extra 300k plus monthly....you can start with as low as 50k to 200k

Please i'm interested in this. Get in touch with me on gtech2sure@gmail.com
Phones / Re: Xiaomi Redmi 8 by gtech2sure: 2:21pm On May 14, 2020
So, I got this phone earlier in the year but the phone has decided to frustrate me.

Downloading apps on it has been war. I have asked Google for a solution, Google seems to be out of solutions.

It would wait for download forever anytime I click on install app. I have checked my settings to be sure it's not on 'download on WiFi only'. I have tried subscribing on the lines in the phone as well.

I have also tried WiFi as well all to no download, solutions needed please.

To to be candid Xiaomi products are beast. I always encounter this same problem with my Tecno and Vernee phones and this is the way I play around before i could be able to download from playstore:

Goto settings on your phone>
Navigate to Apps & Notifications>
Look for "google playstore" in the list>
Select "storage">
Then touch on "CLEAR DATA"

Note after click on CLEAR DATA, it will ask you "All this app's data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, database, etc. Just answer this query with ok...

Open your playstore back and retry the app that refused to download.

I hope this helped.
Business / Re: Page1 Updated 19/5/20 Tutorial -Simple Ways I Use To Make Money Online From Home by gtech2sure: 2:11pm On Apr 16, 2020
How I Get Free Traffic For Anything Am Doing.

Just register a new account on twitter, you don’t even need any followers . make your location USA and find a very beautiful profile photo.(yea!)
Most people might know this but are not using it, it works like magic.

If am selling any product using my affiliate link see what I do exactly in twitter.

I go for twitter trending topics in USA and copy their harsh tags, same for Canada, Uk.
Then I make my tweet. Example of what I did yesterday that gave me $71 on warriorplus

Those harsh tags where trending yesterday and I took the opportunity to make use of them, I was fortunate to get some people who clicked on the link and made actions

For the gurus here, you will say am not targeting the right audience, but wetin concern me, who is interested with view it.

How I Get Paid Traffic For Anything Am Doing

I use facebook ads for this. It requires money but better outcome targeting the right audience.
Infact, this will be another topic on its own..

I Don’t Even Know What to Type now.

Just ask me any question and I will be open minded to answer all
Concerning using Twitter getting traffic to the affiliate link, do you just post the direct affiliate link to Twitter or you created a landing page while promoting the landing page on Twitter?


Business / Re: Learn How To Make 2D,3D Logo And 3D Animated Videos With Your Android Phone by gtech2sure: 2:15pm On Apr 03, 2020
Health / Re: WHO: Drinking Alcohol Does Not Cure Coronavirus, It Increases Health Risks by gtech2sure: 2:04pm On Mar 30, 2020
Abeg who is WHO?
No one can separate me from Best (mini pack), Derock, Action Bitters, Tombo, Skirt, Seagram's etc. As Wizkid dey enjoy his international life, me too dey enjoy my local life grin

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Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by gtech2sure: 9:04pm On Mar 07, 2020
Few corrections
1) it's rare to get 7200WHr from a 1200W solar psnel in a day even with premium brands of panel and cc. Use 2-4 times of capacity.
2) 70% load on an inverter in inverter mode though adequate is not sustainable in the long run except for premium brands. The inverter may not last long
3) starting point for solar calculation is not load in W but in Whr. You have to consider each load and how long it is on.

Nice contribution boss.
1 It's possible to get 7200w from 1200w in Nigeria if your panel are properly positioned and face where it should face. Mind you, with the calculation i showed, i didn't mentioned that he must use 1200w solar panels by force. He can go higher if he could afford the cost while introducing the calculation formula to get accurate hours it could get charged.

2 You are preety right here. I can't even advice anyone to go for such low wattage of inverter but i had to show normal standard calculation for better understanding. Another thing is that inverters itself also consume battery but i don't want to go deep and that was why skipped energy loss for all.

3 I won't argue with you with this, but I want you to realize these:

1 The watt of a single solar panel, measured in watts

2 The energy supplied by solar panel over a period of time installed in a specific place measured in kilowatt-hours kWh.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by gtech2sure: 9:00pm On Mar 07, 2020

does the qasa have remote control?, am not too keen on it being energy saving, anything below 60w is ok for me.
its the remote control fxn that is my priority, since the fan will be hung high up in the kitchen ceiling

@gtech2sure, good attempt at the calculation, however several errors exist.

1. even though batt has 2400w, you can only safely take out 50 to 70% of it, best to use 505
2. your solar calculation is off, but since the OP says, no solar, lemme keep quiet
3. its best to size your inverter to be 2x or 3x the anticipated load, as inverter efficiency reduces if loaded near capacity. i would recommend, a 2.4kva minimum inverter
Thank you for your contribution, i am also open to gain new ideas.

1 Please check what i posted. I said i don't want to go into energy loss calculation and that's why I skipped this. Discharge energy loss in lithium ion battery is 25-30% while discharge energy loss in lead acid battery is 50% so i'm still on point.

2 You said my solar calculation was wrong please kindly help me out by showing me the calculation required for solar power to charge 7200w battery.

3 You are right due to the way we do our things in Nigeria but in normal standard Inverter should be greater 25% than the total Load
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by gtech2sure: 3:23pm On Mar 07, 2020
Experts ln the house
I want to set up a solar power system, please
I need to get the best brand(s) of the following
The total load iS 700watt
It will run for 8 hours daily

1. Lithium ion battery 200maH
2. Pure sine wave inverter(pls what power rating would fit?)
3. Mppt Charge controller
4. Solar pannel, 300w

Let me quickly brief you on this. I am not an installer though but a fresh graduate who understand basic Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering all together. I had solved solar system problems for few installers who got lost for proper choice of components used and calculations. This calculations pretty work well

I am going to show you simple calculation to know like how many solar panel you need, watt of inverter to use, battery, charge controller and time to get a full charge using calculation.

Mind you, the calculation aren't hard. We only need addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Now let's begin
Before i proceed, there are some calculations i will not include in order not to make everything complicate, the calculations are based on energy loss in solar inverter system. With the one i will drop here, you can become an installer overnight with the help of youtube for practical aspect.

This system will be designed in 24v

LOAD: 700 watt

Inverter should be greater 25% than the total Load

Therefore load = 700 watt

700 x (25/100) = 175
700 + 175 = 875 Watt
This is the rating of needed inverter. But go for 24V, 1000 watt inverter or higher

To know the total battery that could power load of 700 watt for 8 hours, just mutiply total load with time.
ie 700w x 8 = 5600w
This shows you need battery that could generate 5600 watt of power for 8 hours.

Use this formula to convert AH of the battery to watts.

W = V x AH. where w= watts, v= battery voltage and AH = battery amps.

Therefore: 12v x 200ah = 2400watt

Mind you, the system design is 24v
Due to this, you are going to use six 12v, 200ah battery where the three steps battery will be connected in series while loop them together in parallel to give you 24v, 7200 watt.

I know you might be wondering that the watt of battery we got here is more than what we need, just don't worry it's an added advantage. Our 7200watt battery here could power load of 700w for 10 hours.

It's done in this way:
battery watt/load: 7200/700 = 10.2 hours

To get solar power rating to use and time to get your battery charged depends on choice but i recommend 6 hours charging time because of cost.

It goes this way
Time to charge: battery watt/time (hour)
= 7200/6 = 1200watt
Your battery will get full in 6 hours with solar panel of 1200wat.

Note: You must not put ON any load on the system for you to get full charged within the period of 6 hours. But if you can't abide with this, you have to budget extra 700 watts solar panel to your cost

Power rating of solar used to determines the power of regulator to use.

Note: That Regulator rating are usually in Amps which you would need to convert to watt.

The regulator can be gotten using this formula
A = Solar rating (watt) / Battery voltage
= 1200 watts / 24
= 50 Amp

Therefore, you need 50A, 24V charge controller.

In summary this is all you need
24,V 1000watt inverter
Six 12V, 200AH battery
1200watt solar panel
24V, 50amp charge controller.


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Romance / Re: 20 Years Old Married Woman, Who Had Sex With A 13-year-old Boy And Had His Baby, by gtech2sure: 11:09pm On Mar 01, 2020
Wetin Lala eyes no go see for nairaland shocked
Adverts / Re: My Fiverr Skyscraper Strategy - 7 Figures In Fiverr Sales Within 6 Months by gtech2sure: 5:13pm On Feb 23, 2020
Over the next 6 months, I want to do an experiment to work on something - a new challenge. I reverse-engineered the Skyscraper strategy by Brian Dean (Brian Dean is one of the top SEO brains in the world). I'm not going to reveal my strategy as yet. But you can read about Brian Dean's skyscraper strategy online. But I'll show you what I do, so you can follow along.

Here's what I am working with:

- A 10 months old Fiverr account with only 1 real review. The other reviews are shit reviews (bought). I didn't get any ROI though. Waste of money.
- I have created the first gig. The reviews are obsolete so in short this Fiverr account really has nothing going for it.
- It's a Nigerian account in the over-flooded writing niche. So I literally put the odds against me.

I am not going to show the account name. Only new order screenshots as they come in. But I'll tell you what I have been up to everyday. Stay tuned.

PS: I have a FREE PDF to teach you the a,b,c of making up to $1k monthly from Fiverr (if you can put in the work). Just send me a message if you want it.

PSS: Of course, 7 figures is in Nigerian currency
Please i need the pdf also.. gtech2sure@gmail.com
Business / Re: Fiverr Identify Verification Keep Failing by gtech2sure: 9:45am On Jan 21, 2020
Fiverr really wants to deal with Nigerians. Be careful if you have multiple accounts.
Seriously, the same way they moved my shining gigs from first page to last page. Since November, 2019 no order anymore. embarassed embarassed
Business / Re: Slay Queen Spotted Hiding Party Meats In Her Bag (video) by gtech2sure: 11:37pm On Jan 15, 2020
The funny part be say, the meat na her own... This is just kleptomenia...
Kudi klepto indeed grin
Career / Re: Business Or Skill Acquisition Advise Me ASAP by gtech2sure: 2:42pm On Dec 19, 2019
Use the money to aquire a skill in social media marketing. Once you become a Facebook ads manager, You can be raking atleast $300 - $1000 every month if you are offering the service on fiverr.

I'm also looking forward to add this skill to my hustle in 2020 but yet to see any freelancer who would mentor me face to face.
Celebrities / Re: See What Ghanaian Actress, Efia Odo Wore To CardiB Concert Last Night. VIDEOS by gtech2sure: 10:11am On Dec 10, 2019
All Ghanaian female celebrities na Ashawo
If my bae wear dis cloth I go slap her
Who does that
Dis one na cloth or rope?
Sports / Re: 'call Me Mr. VAR!' - Iheanacho Delighted After Winning Game For Leicester by gtech2sure: 10:10pm On Dec 01, 2019
See this one ooh. angry Instead to go pick more form for the matches ahead, you day talk about Mr VAR... VAR ko VIO ni grin
Seriously Iheanacho is too lazy, if not he should be best African player by now.

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