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Foreign Affairs / Re: Netanyahu Rejects US Calls For Palestinian State After Gaza War by Havisco: 3:00pm On Jan 19
They hear nonsense this one is saying

After US is Israel, isreal can do and undo, no country can ever hold against their wish unless God.

So US can only propose but not enforce.
Politics / Re: 2027: Deji Adeyanju Endorses Sowore, Prays For Atiku-Obi Merger Plan To Crash by Havisco: 1:40pm On Jan 18
60 yrs old man😂😂😂

Sowore should start from governorship. Presidency is too big for him. Nobody will hand over the presidency to a man who hasn't held a big public office before. Power and money corrupt people.

Plus, Atiku should support Peter Obi for a better Nigeria. Power should remain in the South. Nigeria needs a man with stamina to personally supervise his appointees and be sure they are doing the right thing because Nigerians are dubious people. Obi is the only person who has the energy to do this at this time.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pakistan Conduct Retaliatory Strikes In Iran, After Warning Of Consequence (pics by Havisco: 9:59am On Jan 18
It’s thesame way Simon ekpa is unleashing terror on your people and your kismen cant do anything about it. Una just started.


Terrorists and their sympathisers don't know who to support now. The two parties are their family members(moslems) grin tongue.

Since they can't blame their brothers, watch as they blame America and the West cheesy.

Make them no gree for themselves. Let them reduce the numbers of terrorists in the world.
Celebrities / Re: My Family Started Anglican Church In Nigeria But I’m Juju Worshipper – Seun Kuti by Havisco: 10:58pm On Jan 17
Someone need to educate this guy.


Which Asia? The one that depends entirely on Western technologies and education?
Politics / Re: Ibadan Explosion: Foreign Illegal Miners Ran Out Of The House Before Explosion — by Havisco: 9:51pm On Jan 17
Na tinumbu and apc matter go kill you.


Blame Tinubu and APC.

When the head is rotten, Intelligence Service cannot function.
Family / Re: Wife Seeks Divorce Over Impotence After Five Children by Havisco: 5:18am On Jan 12
Hypocrisy will kill most of you. You’ve never been out of Nigeria you're saying muslims are the problem of this world. Go check the crime rate in the world, pure Muslim countries are among the countries with least crime rate.

The best time i feel secured most is when i stay in muslim country, no worry of someone attacking you with knives or gun or thieves breaking into your home. I know you will argue, but try argue with your keyboard and source google.

The west doesn’t want muslim countries to grow, that’s why they’re causing major chaos in their region. That’s a bitter truth, they don’t want any region to develop aside their region. But the world is changing fast, those they keep at bay are forming allies and growing right under their nose.


Dont b a fool nao.

We knw sey na Muslim b d problem of dis world.

Una own no dey pass to kill.

Celebrities / Re: Portable Warns Mc Olumo, Koko Zaria Over Affair With His Baby Mother by Havisco: 10:24pm On Jan 04
Oh ok, it’s Yoruba Muslim you have issue with. That means if your helper is a youruba muslim, he/she should never locate you, because with this your strong hatred, you have a repelling force for them already. Mind you your spiritual father that knows bible more than you is a client to Yoruba muslim Alfa, if you know you know. Let us leave religion aside una, everyone will be in a situation at particular point in life that the people you detest most will be ones lifeline. Religion have divided us too much already in Africa, brother kills brother because of religion. We need to wake up.


Yoruba Muslims, not yoruba. Yoruba Christians are reasonable
Celebrities / Re: Portable Warns Mc Olumo, Koko Zaria Over Affair With His Baby Mother by Havisco: 9:51pm On Jan 04
You have problem with Yoruba and then Muslims. Only you two big problems, i pity you, you started 2024 on a wrong note. You better check yourself well, you mighty not see any good thing to point to by the end of 2024 with this your mindset.


Yet una dey rush marry them. That means are olosho igbo woman is even better than an average yoruba Muslim woman. grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: South Korean Opposition Leader, Lee Jae-Myung Stabbed In The Neck by Havisco: 2:52pm On Jan 02
You forgot to mention the lazy man that refused to pullout that resulted to birthing waste like you. Misplaced priority.

The South Korean opposition leader doesn't deserve this. People like the Iragbiji drug criminal in Abuja are the ones who deserve such treatment.
Foreign Affairs / Re: War On Gaza: Israeli Protesters Demand Netanyahu’s Resignation by Havisco: 4:30am On Jan 02
The same way simon ekpa will continue to tournament your region and force your papa to sit at home. Pained people, that’s why i never pity una biafra struggles. You will forever be second class citizen in Nigeria. Una go wail tire. You want to leave nigeria but you dont want palestine to leave isreal. Tinumbu will leave una to self destruction, he wont meddle in your case there. We’re transferring nmamdi kanu case to Northern president after 2031 to finish what they started.


But definitely not against Arab musilima. They’ve been trashing those brothers of yours for the past 70 years and would continue doing so. If Muhammad wakes up from hell and joins the battle, he’s Gona be captured, castrated and hung upside down

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Foreign Affairs / Re: War On Gaza: Israeli Protesters Demand Netanyahu’s Resignation by Havisco: 10:13pm On Jan 01
Thesame way war won’t end in your life.

Kids stuffs. Netanyahu will remain, and manage the war to the end.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: What To Do If You Eat In Any Dream by Havisco: 12:13pm On Dec 29, 2023
We’ve seen what your religion preaches. It’s in your storybook to wipe out the whole Gaza, that’s why you all are happy. Terrorist in disguise. Gaza/isreal issue have exposed you all, you’re the real terrorist, terrorist sympathizer. Religion of god of man.

Religion of destruction and inferiority complex. Religion of terrorists.l

Events / Re: Old Boys And Girl Of Primary Schools In PH Reunites. by Havisco: 2:49pm On Dec 28, 2023
Go and ask your grandfada

Probably when your fada reunite with his own😂😂

Nothing concern me but E dey mind

When will our President reunite with his primary or secondary school mates?
Crime / Re: Pastor Abiodun Sunday Oluwadare Kills Pregnant Wife For Rituals In Ekiti by Havisco: 4:27pm On Dec 01, 2023
I can see how everyone is saying the man is not a pastor, trying to dissociating him from Christianity, but if it’s other way round they will be faulting the religion calling all sorts of names. He’s a pastor and he’s a Christian. You can’t dissociate him from his religion. Until we free our minds from the viruses of religions that infected us and make us see others as enemies, there wont be peace.


Foreign Affairs / Re: SA President Cyril Ramaphosa Wears Palestinian Scarf, Pledges Solidarity (PICS) by Havisco: 1:33am On Oct 15, 2023
You’re completely ignorant Mr man, you knew not what’s happening in Gaza that the media are not showing. Isrealis segregates Palestinians on all basis. Kills them day in day out for over 50yrs.I think you need to go do research more, then you can now decide without prejudice weather isrealis are apartheid or not.


I'm afraid you are mistaken in using the term "apartheid" to describe it. Israel is not an apartheid state, and there are significant differences between its policies and those of South Africa under apartheid.

• On the ground of segregation, apartheid in South Africa enforced a strict separation of races in all aspects of life, from education, health, housing, transport, employment, marriage, and voting. Non-whites were denied citizenship and forced to live in designated areas called Bantustans, which were poor and underdeveloped.

Israel does not segregate its citizens or residents based on race or ethnicity. All Israeli citizens, regardless of their background, have equal rights and duties under the law. They can live, work, study, travel, marry, and vote anywhere in the country. Israel also provides or provided services and infrastructure to the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, who are not Israeli citizens but have their own authorities and institutions.

• On the ground of discrimination, apartheid in South Africa discriminated against non-whites in every sphere of society. Non-whites were subjected to inferior and unequal treatment, such as lower wages, poorer education, inadequate health care, restricted movement, and limited political representation. Again, Israel does not discriminate against its citizens or residents based on race or ethnicity. All Israeli citizens have equal access and opportunities to education, health care, etc.

• On grounds of race you made mention of, South Africa was based on the ideology of white supremacy and racial hierarchy. It classified people into four racial groups: white, black, coloured (mixed race), and Asian. It assigned different rights and privileges to each group according to their skin colour and ancestry.
Tell me, is Israel based on any racial ideology or hierarchy? Simple sense.

There is no comparison between Israel and South Africa under apartheid. Stop misusing the word!

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Definitely Graduated From Chicago State University By Farooq A. Kperogi by Havisco: 4:57am On Sep 03, 2023
Go and ask your grandfather

Congratulations balabloo-blu-bulava heroin drug baron but there are still more questions for you;
-When did the you noticed your name or student information wrongly entered and why did it took you donkey's years to get them rectified?

-Was this also responsible for your drug running criminality of 1993 wherein a staggering $460,000 forfeiture have to be entered for you as plea bargain? Does this battered nation still need a man of your kind with this dirty controversial past in the office of the President?

What precedence are you setting? That the druggie supercop Abba Kyari can also occupy this office one day as Major-General Biu once said; "a repentant BH terrorist can become the president if he laid down his arms and surrender."?

Why were you seen parading election-vote-inducing bullion vans of cash on the eve of a crucial presidential election for which you arrogantly said "it is my money and I can do whatever I like with it"? What would be your reaction if the same scenario played out today but with an opposition political candidate in the fray?( Do you have a conscience? No! You dont).

Was this CSU saga also responsible for your assenting and appending your signature to falsified information under oath during submission of your information to INEC in 1999 when you're contesting for the Lagos State governorship?

Interestingly why was Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi never charged, prosecuted, convicted and jailed for that criminality? Why did even Festus Keyamo that prosecuted you for that criminality suddenly became your right handed man? While Gani Fawehinmi that took you to court had his case dismissed based on technicality?
Politics / Re: How Obi Found ‘missing Phones’ At Tribunal – Aide by Havisco: 5:08pm On Aug 03, 2023
Yes PBAT is the president of Nigeria and he will never be a loser that obi is 😝


He's a billionaire with traceable source of wealth with that feminine Voice.
Obi is what The convicted drug baron will never be forever.
Education / Re: JAMB Bars Ejikeme Mmesoma for 3 Years, Releases more Evidence by Havisco: 10:28am On Jul 04, 2023
Despite the fact that she committed forgery? Then I will stop criticizing tinumbu then.

Trust Me, Ndigbo will fly this young lad abroad where she would get the best Education..


Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy Removal: Tinubu Should Remember His Stand In 2012 - Ajaero by Havisco: 2:16pm On May 31, 2023
Sorry sir, hippocampus is the memory center, hypothalamus is the thermoregulatory center.

drug addicts don't remember anything. Cocaine kills the Hypothalamus used for remembering.
Celebrities / Re: We Got Search Warrant For Seun Kuti's Home - Police by Havisco: 7:08pm On May 17, 2023
So his dad Fela do behaved in an uncivilized way? Walahi you be idiot, where has your father’s civilization take him to? Some of you just mumu for no reason.

Seun behaved in an uncivilized way. Are you trying to be your Dad's reincarnate? You have responsible siblings like Sister Yeni & Bro Femi to look up to. The world does not need a violent man. Hope you will choose the pathway of peace if you luckily come out soon from your present situation.
Celebrities / Re: We Got Search Warrant For Seun Kuti's Home - Police by Havisco: 7:03pm On May 17, 2023
Then why are you still waiting if you’re one of the sensibles?
If you haven’t noticed, engagements on Nairaland has dropped drastically. And that’s because this forum is an extension of APC.

The brainwashing starts here then they try to spread it to other social media platforms but this Election issue isn’t working for them. Sensible people left for Twitter and I advise you do the same, there is really nothing going on here anymore.
Celebrities / Re: We Got Search Warrant For Seun Kuti's Home - Police by Havisco: 7:00pm On May 17, 2023
You should deactivate your account fast because it will reduce the number of senseless people on the forum by 1

Nairaland mods and Seun

I want to ask you guys a question

Why is it that when these children of the corn e.g LegendHero Hellanus LeoKing etc insults and calls people who doesn’t support Tinubu names

And the person fires them back with the insults they wished out first

These Children of the corn will tag you mods to ban the account and you do it immediately

If this forum is a Yoruba Forum or APC fans forum please let us know so we all can deactivate our accounts
Crime / Re: Four US Embassy Staff Killed In Anambra by Havisco: 10:06pm On May 16, 2023
Is it that your brain is leaking or you’re just stupid intentionally? Your people assassinate Americans and you’re putting the blame on BAT. Don’t worry America will blame tinumbu for the assassination because you think everyone is daft like you people.
Hear me and hear me clear…

This is a clear case of assassination.

You can liken it only to the assassination of Prof Dora Akunyili’s husband during the gubernatorial election which was all blamed on UGM. These UGM disappeared after the election which proved those of us who insisted that the killings were not being done by Igbos right.

The people behind this current killing of American citizens are out to get at Obi. They are trying to give America the impression that this man you are aligning with, his people are killing your people o.

But I trust the United States to know this.

The fools behind this will fail as they have always done.

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Celebrities / Re: Court Grants Seun Kuti Bail, Allows Police To Remand Him For 48 Hours by Havisco: 7:51pm On May 16, 2023
If you can do anything to get money then sell your phone and stop disturbing us here.

Please I need money. I'm ready to do anything. My education is at stake.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Doesn't Want To Debate Ahead Of The 2024 US Presidential Election by Havisco: 10:30pm On Apr 25, 2023
You have 8 yrs to cry, after 8 yrs it’s going back to north. You can wail till eternity since your brother did not win. I understand your pain 😎

He’s still better than Tinubu

If this country divide today these Yorubas calling for Tinubu Presidency won’t let him rule them

But they’ll prefer a dead body carcass to rule Nigeria bcuz of SS oil

Which natural resources dey Yoruba land? That’s why they keep begging for Unity

Forcing a urine dispensing machine on us

Most of these online peanut earners asslicking Tinubu can’t even boast of N100k

As if Tinubu Presidency will stop them from doing Agbero and selling Ogogoro

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TV/Movies / Re: Gangs Of Lagos Film, A Mockery Of Our Heritage- Lagos Govt by Havisco: 2:35pm On Apr 13, 2023
It’s better than your terrorist infested region. Your people can’t survive without Lagos.

Bastardized heritage

Heritage of corruption undecided

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Politics / Re: Sowore Reacts To Peter Obi And Bishop Oyedepo's Leaked Audio Call by Havisco: 1:04pm On Apr 04, 2023
You’ve just succeeded in saying nonsense. You wasted my time hoping I will see sense in your write up, if you’re giving chance to rule, your system of government will be mumucrazy.

Nigerians indeed deserve the leaders they get. All of a sudden, the barometer to measure a quintessential politician in Obi's case - is by the accusation that he made a call to Bishop Oyedepo and asking for help in canvassing for votes and whatever he said is that leaked audio (either real or manipulated) is now the measure of his character, his competence and capacity of being the best and most qualified in the pack of contestants of the 2023 Presidential elections.

Every politician in the APC, PDP and even fringe political parties like AAC's Sowore who is yet to get 10,000 votes in all his contested elections at the Presidential seemed to have been thrown a life line to mock Obi and his "Obi-dient" followers because of what exactly? Is the content of the audio - (whichever way it was created, either real or manipulated) not speaking to the reality on ground? Are Christians not being turned to 3rd class citizens in their supposed country ? (third in line after the Muslim Northerners and Muslim Southerners?)

Or how else can one explain that for the first time in Nigeria's democratic history, all 3 Organs of Government were headed by Muslims ?
Executive arm = President Buhari (MUSLIM) / Legislative arm = Senate President Ahmed Lawan (MUSLIM) / Judiciary = Chief Justice Ariwoola (MUSLIM) .... The first citizen, third citizen and even the 4th citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - Speaker of the House of Representatives - Femi Gbajabiamila are Muslims.

And the APC is not done yet. The Chiefs of Army Staff, Naval Staff, Air Staff and Inspector General of Police, Comptroller-General of Customs, Comptroller -General of Immigration Service and even the MD of the NNPC, NPA, FAAN, INEC, NIMASA, FIRB, EFCC, DSS, and other Federal Agencies too numerous to mention are headed by "NORTHERN MUSLIMS" -- Which secular state in this world has anything like this happened before in world history? Where the most sensitive positions are headed by people of a certain religion and region of a country?

And the APC is not done yet; They have ensured that their "INEC selected" President and Vice- President are MUSLIMS and they have told other aggrieved contestants to "GO TO COURT" in absolute defiance to a call to apply commonsense in dealing with the notoriety of it's members in hounding and attacking the electorates during the elections and INEC's ineptitude in deploying BVAS as promised in the just concluded Presidential elections. They have dared you - Nigerians to approach the courts, yet they do not want the opposition to go to court. How ? you may ask

Yes, the APC is not done yet. They concluded that BVAS upload manipulation, threatening and physically attacking their opponents will not be sufficient to win at the gubernatorial elections. To correct their mistakes of the Presidential elections, they ensured that ethnic coloration was deployed against the strategy and popularity of the Labor Party, calling it an "IGBO PARTY" who wants to steal Lagos from the YORUBA's, and it has worked to a larger extent. The average Nigerian is very emotional about tribal considerations and for once, most Lagosians and indeed Nigerians started pandering to the weaponization of ethnicity in APC's political tool box and started listening to contrary opinions propelled by the APC media machine led by the bombastic Bayo Onanuga, the loquacious Femi Fani-Kayode and the morally bankrupt Festus Keyamo.

Yes, the APC is not done yet! They unleashed counter protest groups to call for the arrest of the opposition party leaders and criminalizing protest by the opposition which is the fundamental human right of every human being as declared by the United Nations and by the Nigerian Constitution. They have created a boogeyman with the Interim Government clamor while neglecting the root cause of the clamor for it by some Nigerians. The Interim National government of an idea is an aberration - which must never be allowed. However, the APC sees nothing abnormal in the "gestapo styled" hijack by INEC, Thugs and State Security officials in manipulating the outcome of Presidential elections in broad daylight - even under the watchful presence of representatives of the international community.

Oh yes, the APC is not done yet! They have introduced a new phase of strategy into the Nigerian political lexicon - which is the tool of "BLACKMAIL" - using the mechanics of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We saw this being used against Atiku Abubakar - when an audio tape was circulating about Atiku's children planning to steal billions of dollars from the Nigeria treasury when their father becomes President with Atiku himself present in the session. They continued with the testimony of a man claiming Atiku was caught in audio negotiating with Obasanjo to use SPV's (special purpose vehicles) to defraud the Nigerian state. The last attack on Atiku was the purported audio of Atiku conniving with his running mate Ifeanyi Okowa on how to rig the Presidential elections

On each occasion, immediately such unverified audio is released, the APC deploys it's attack dog Festus Keyamo in calling for the arrest of Atiku Abubakar, which is a ploy to wear him out and make him capitulate to the ruling party. When the party in government is constantly calling for the arrest of key opposition leaders, then we are back to the era of the military when political dissent was criminalized.

And the APC is not done yet, It has called for the arrest of Peter Obi - who they dared to go court to seek redress for his stance on the presidential election. They have tried co-opting him into the joke of a proposed "Government of National Unity" - also known as - "Let us settle you and forget about your stolen mandate". They (the APC) understand that Obi will not take the bait to surrender and they have renewed the "Atiku BLACKMAIL playbook" on OBI - using Artificial Intelligence - attack not just OBI but a respected man of God - Bishop Oyedepo

In politics, this is called the "SNAKE THEORY" - cut off the head of the snake and the body becomes powerless. With OBI being the head of the OBIDIENT movement, and with OYEDEPO being the head of Obi's biggest constituency; the Christians, by creating a crisis of credibility and integrity - the APC has joined words and manipulated a conversation using AI to make OBI and by extension OYEDEPO look like religious bigots - so to alienate their base and supporters. The grand plan is to arrest Peter Obi for contravening the electoral laws of using religion to campaign. By that move, his case in court is dead on arrival and there will be no hearing. Oyedepo also will be shamed and discredited so he will no longer deliver his sermons criticizing bad leadership in the country as he will be seen as partisan.

The outcome of this projection is that when the full ISLAMIZATION of Nigeria starts, no man of God or clergy will ever think of speaking out and we all will be whipped into conformity by this new tool in the tool box of the APC called BLACKMAIL by Artificial Intelligence AI

Bola Tinubu, a man who could create a class of fake Bishops and Cardinals from thin air to get endorsement from Christians, a man who could forge his academic records, whose past is shrouded in mystery with his real identity unknown - someone who will do anything to cling to power while destroying the entity known as Nigeria with brute exactitude.

Nigerians - continue to mock Obi over the fake audio - call him names for all I care. Today, it is OBI, tomorrow it will be you. Since they can not find a fault of corruption on him, then they have to create an audio of him to destroy him. IF you allow this ploy by the APC succeed, when they resume the killings, rape, community attacks, gun attacks on churches, mass kidnappings, massive borrowing and all that, please know that every meaning voice who will speak for you will have their voices manipulated by AI to ensure they keep quiet and you, yes I mean you the gullible Nigerian rejoicing today at this despicable act of media criminality will be left with no one to speak for you or save you from the APC. A word is enough for the wise!

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Politics / Re: Adeleke And Aregbesola Dance At Unveiling Of Passport Office In Osun (Video) by Havisco: 5:28am On Mar 29, 2023
He will be sworn in, you and your families can go and die
In Portable's voice

I work for APC
Akoi Tinubu
Na we dey government now.

Just imagine the lawlessness that will be in Nigeria if Tinubu is sworn in as president
Politics / Re: DSS Raises The Alarm Over Plot To Incite Violence by Havisco: 12:20am On Mar 26, 2023
You and your family can start that since you excused yourself when they are sharing brain for free.
Nigerians need to protest for the arrest of oluomo.
Career / Re: VIRAL PICS of SA Doctor Looking Like a Thug - Union Defends Him by Havisco: 12:08pm On Mar 07, 2023
And tinumbu is 1 million times better than your dementia father
He is 100 times better than Tinubu.
Politics / Re: New Naira Notes: We Have No Information On The Supreme Court Ruling - CBN by Havisco: 8:59pm On Mar 04, 2023
Na your papa go die before tinumbu resume office
Tinubu may die before then shockedshocked(just speaking) Obi must take his rightful places as president, APC rigged this election. angry

I hate tinubu!!!

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