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Romance / Re: Looking For A God Fearing Guy For A Serious Relationship. by Hdanny(m): 8:27am On Feb 11, 2020
Please dont derail.

You must be born again and spiritually sound.
RCCG Member
Lagos based
Average to tall in height
Working class or a tycoon
Serious minded
Age : 36 to 42
Caramel dark (chocolate) in complexion
From Igbo. Abia or Anambra to be precise.

I'm a little above average.
Light caramel skin
Working class
Born again Christian
RCCG member
For only serious Christian brothers
Pm me for more info.

Attention seekers everywhere. Smh

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Family / Re: Chike Eze Threatens To Kill His Wife Racheal If Court Doesn't Give Him A Divorce by Hdanny(m): 8:23am On Feb 11, 2020
Such a weakling of a man .

Oga controller , is she suppose to be making a daily list of places she wants to go ? . Does she need your permission ?

He's a cheat , so says the wife and he should be treated as one .

Quit using your pussy to think, make that brain work and stop spitting out nonsense, you know nothing about marriage undecided
Romance / If You Were The Lady, Would You Call Me IMPOTENT by Hdanny(m): 5:50pm On Feb 09, 2020
Back in the years when I was seeking Admission to one of my fevourite school. I had to undergo a one year A-Level program before I fully gained admission.

In the course of that I rented an apartment, this said lady happened to be my neighbor, tho I had few ladies staying in the same compound, but there was something about this particular lady, she loved been around me and that makes her happy. Most times she would purposely stay late in my room either watching movies or came to charge. As a sharp guy I already deduced she was into me with all her moves.

On this faithful day, she just came back from school, she entered my room without a knock, I was on my bed with short, she just greeted me in a rush and left immediately. Naturally i like this girl without no feelings cause she was not my type, damn she’s fat everywhere, that alone is a red flag for me, an average height blessed with big boobs and yes she has a pretty face but I don’t really like them big.

As usual she came to my room late in the night around 10:00pm that same day, she asked me to put a movie which I did, along the line I guess she got tired or probably had something in mind, all of a sudden she stood up whispered to my ears “ I want to go and shower please don’t lock the door” she left without waiting for my response. By 11:30pm on the dot she entered, bolted the door behind. My jaw nearly dropped with what i saw.

This time she had changed looking all sexy, putting on a short with just her bra revealing all corners in her boobs, my eyes did a little survey from her head to toe within a second, I never knew she got a bigg ass with the way I used to see it. She was looking at me seductively waiting for my move so she could pounce on me like an hungry lion but I wasn’t moved one bit, she came to me and started touching me all over my body, she was surprised I wasn’t still in the mood, after she did all she could. Then she asked is everything okay ? I said yes I was not just in the mood for that.

She felt bad and turned back at me, she woke up very early in morning and left, she later came back to apologize for disturbing my sleep the last night but I said she should just forget about it.

If you were this lady, would you think am Impotent?

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Romance / Re: Blu03 § Offpoint Fanfiction Thread. by Hdanny(m): 7:16pm On Feb 06, 2020
Waiting patiently, just make sure it’s something sensible and not off point for it not to be derailed.
Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Do This? by Hdanny(m): 7:10pm On Feb 06, 2020

Calm down, bros. See as all your veins don wan burst. cheesy

That is just the truth miss.
Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Do This? by Hdanny(m): 4:18pm On Feb 06, 2020
The truth is, 95% of these girls will rush in for this, including the ones hiding under borrowed data claiming feminism up and down. They can’t just help it, always looking for a pleasurable place to rest their sorry ass.

You can see the crazy comments up there, instead of them to go discover themselves and work hard with their youthful age, they are there reaching orgasm over audio money

Spit undecided

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Romance / Re: What I And My Female Colleague Did This Morning. Photo. by Hdanny(m): 3:57pm On Feb 06, 2020
You are just a boyfriend, you should know your stand always...a boyfriend is only a boyfriend and have no legal right to command his girlfriend to do his bidding....same goes for a girlfriend.

Boyfriend and girlfriend have no legal backing, it is just an unofficial sex-mate agreement (you don't keep goat and yam together in one barn, goat must eat yam when hungry unless the yam is rotten, so there is nothing like casual friends between a man and a woman who are not blood relations, the man must be devising means to eat the woman and maybe he has not yet succeeded and the gullible lady will be thinking the man is a saint lol), and any of the parties can choose to withdraw or engage other sex-mates if they so wish, guys must understand this.

Whatever you spend on your girlfriend is useless....spend only what you can ignore, don't spend what you cannot ignore on a girlfriend or boyfriend....and don't put all your mind and trust on a girlfriend because you can disappoint her (many boyfriends have disappointed their loyal girlfriends that ended up not finding someone else to marry at the end while the man goes ahead to marry another lady he felt had better qualities than his former girlfriend, so don't compel any girlfriend to remain loyal to you, if she chooses to be loyal to you, fine & good, if not, don't kill yourself but always use a condom for your own life & future, life is sweet, don't kill yourself because of a minute raw fun today, what's ahead is sweeter than what you have today), so don't blame the ladies because a lot of guys have disappointed their faithful loyal girlfriend who remained loyal/faithful to them for years, so there is no guarantee that you will marry her or treat her right at the long run and not change your mind when you meet a hotter chick with better qualities after all undecided

Romance / Re: Can I Get Marry To An HIV Partner by Hdanny(m): 10:29am On Feb 06, 2020

Slow down Oga....don’t assume it’s all about money....women are the strangest animal on the planet....how they bring their mind to adjust to any condition still baffles me.....

one of my neighbors married an almost crippled guy.. the lady said all she wanted was a man that won’t cheat that she has seen too many heart breaks...she said she tot being crippled will reduce or eliminate the chances of being a cassanova .....she was wrong anyways...

I wanted to say something but your last statement caught me.

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Romance / Re: My Best Quote by Hdanny(m): 10:26am On Feb 06, 2020
then why upload pictures? You're created so many topics just for a guy.
Attention seeking is a disease.

That your long mouth has no boundary undecided
Romance / Re: He Returned The Car Back by Hdanny(m): 10:11am On Feb 06, 2020

How is it our concern?

See aunty , we lagosians are tired..

We no wan dey hear all this kind story.

Go straight to point or you keep them to your self...

Na just your story I dey see for Nairaland since today[/quote]

I swear I just tire for the girl, what a confused human being. Well she’s just a good writer.
Romance / Re: How To Kiss A Nigerian Girl And Blow Her Mind With Pleasure by Hdanny(m): 9:42am On Feb 06, 2020
Well, you might say what's the difference between kissing a Nigerian girl and any other girl? You are about to find out the keys to having success when it comes to kissing a Nigerian girl and leaving her with wanting more:

For the sake of our tribes; we'll be looking at kissing a Yoruba girl, kissing an Igbo girl and kissing a Hausa girl, but first, let's look at how to kiss a girl:

Most men have not taken the time to study the fine art of kissing a woman, most especially in Nigeria

Read more: http://how2.com.ng/how-to-kiss-a-nigerian-girl-and-blow-her-mind-with-pleasure/
If you like blow her intestine, she go still dump your sorry ass when she see better offer. Smh lipsrsealed
Romance / Re: "Men, Don't Give Us Money Till You Marry Us" - Lady by Hdanny(m): 9:27am On Feb 06, 2020
See Reactions Here>>>>
Some broke Ass girls will hate this cry


Romance / Re: Can I Get Marry To An HIV Partner by Hdanny(m): 9:18am On Feb 06, 2020
Good morning beautiful people. I urgently need help on how I can get marry to a positive partner, and as a lady without getting infected and still have kids?? I’m at the cross road.

You have opened almost 3 threads over your so called boyfriend, I hope the next thread won’t be Finally I am positive, how can I get it cured

Anyways I wish you well miss.


Travel / Re: Lagosian Turns Keke Into Rover.... To Avoid Ban by Hdanny(m): 8:44pm On Feb 04, 2020
I'm Yoruba and have lived in Lagos for so many years, but I can't just help but admit that Igbos are just creative and innovative. Especially here in Lagos.

Mo kan fẹran wọn, olorun bukun fun wọn

I always feel like crying each time I remember that I'm not Igbo.

Romance / Re: Man Fainted After Five Round Of S£x, Eyewitness Revealed, Shared Pictures. by Hdanny(m): 11:15am On Feb 04, 2020
grin 5 round shocked; nah horse em be grin

that's too much nah haba see him dey sweat dere grin

Romance / Re: Why Do Single Ladies Insult Guys At The Slightest Minute? by Hdanny(m): 11:20pm On Feb 03, 2020

Someone recently created a thread. His observation of people who bite their nails. Among the things he mentioned, was that these individuals what

Women are more often rude. That's why i tend to avoid them. And some toxic males too.
I hate negativity.

Oga which one are you?
Male of Female?
Or cross gender?

You are just everywhere undecided
Romance / Re: Why Do Single Ladies Insult Guys At The Slightest Minute? by Hdanny(m): 11:17pm On Feb 03, 2020
Oga which one are you?
Male of Female?
Or cross gender?

You are just everywhere undecided
Romance / Re: Ladies..would/could U Date Guys who Drink Garrri? by Hdanny(m): 5:13pm On Jan 31, 2020
Patiently waiting for dem ladies comments wink

But would they ever say the truth cry
Romance / Re: How My Girlfriend Cheated On Me With Our Caretaker by Hdanny(m): 4:58pm On Jan 31, 2020
CARETAKER of what exactly Of your so called girlfriend PUSSY grin
Romance / If You Have Been Heartbroken, UNDERSTAND These!!! by Hdanny(m): 7:25pm On Jan 30, 2020
It amazes me when people think posting pictures of being single and happy reduces the tension and pain of being dumped by their so called Ex but NO, it only make you look WEAK.

You should understand that RELATIONSHIP is 50/50, take it or leave it, and as far as am concern the worse than can happen is Breakup. So when this eventually happened, never go about posting pictures or post like “ It feels good to be Singlé” “ I don’t give a Bleep about guys” “ Single and Happy “ and so on.

Instead, channel this energy in developing yourself, build yourself, invest in your dreams, just be happy within yourself, learn from your past relationship and work on yourself. Do things you have never done before positively, take yourself out and chill out, some broken relationships don’t worth the stress bro, instead just MOVE ON and don’t take things to social media, it won’t help, you are just killing your emotions by doing that gradually.

Romance / Re: NEVER Explain Yourself To ANY Woman. The MAN Is The Boss In Any Relationship.... by Hdanny(m): 10:28pm On Jan 26, 2020
After forming alpha on Nairaland, they go and beg their babes in reality. Follow these kind of men at your own peril.

Babe the Op is right to some extents, A man is always a man but then again if you keep bossing your gf everytime @op then her love will fade away someday.


Romance / Re: IF YOU Are Poor or From a Poor Home, Read This [Picture] by Hdanny(m): 9:56am On Sep 27, 2019
Another variation I did.

I so much have passion for this, can i have your watsapp number to have a better chat.
Romance / Re: 7 Things To Expect When Dating An Introvert. by Hdanny(m): 12:53pm On Sep 11, 2019
Yes OP

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Celebrities / Singer Artist Kizz Daniel Wants Buhari To Participate In His Bleep You Challenge by Hdanny(m): 10:25am On Apr 05, 2019
Una never see anything until Buhari do this Bleep you challenge ���

Romance / Re: Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 12:02pm On Mar 08, 2019
BRODA... you DO NOT KNOW what KIND OF GUY YOU ARE O.... until you HIT IT..... stop painting yourself RIGHTEOUS OR WITH INTEGRITY..... if you wanna HIT IT without marriage, THEN YOUR INTEGRITY and DISCIPLINE is questionable.

Shey SHE MET YOU SINGLE but you too are not a virgin.... SO THE OTHER GIRL YOU HAD IN YOUR PAST, DIDNT YOU HIT IT HARD ON HER and STILL LEFT HER? whatever the excuse you used to leave her..... YOU DIDNT HAVE THE EXCUSE BEFORE SEX.

See, after you have disvirgined this one, YOUR EYES WILL OPEN LIKE ADAM AND EVEN and you will notice things you do not like and the things may irritate you and you MAY grow weak and reluctant to MARRY HER.

Don't start what you are not ready to FINISH. GET A JOB OR BUSINESS and take good care of yourself first then allow her have her own MONEY or BUSINESS else she will RUIN YOUR POCKET directly or out of sympathy.

Don't lie to yourself..... else one day you may tell her ITS ONLY THE TIP you want to PUT INSIDE.... and BOOOOOOM... u have finished her..... see CHECK YOURSELF... you both are merely INFATUATED..... nothing about your story depicts TRUE LOVE.


Wow thanks bro
Romance / Re: Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 10:44am On Mar 08, 2019
Wait have you told her you not ready to get married anytime soon?
If not please tell her before sex in other for her to know what she's getting into or just stick to what's she want which is romance.

Yeah, she said she’s not ready too that she wanna go for her masters and other things like that.

You know most times I feel she only use me to get herself satisfied while am not cause it hard to control it when I got erected.

She loves me no doubt about it but I can’t cope with that no sex till marriage.
Romance / Re: Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 10:35am On Mar 08, 2019
Lol. You just finished your NYSC and you are planning on how to break a woman's hymen instead of breaking into success with your hustles. Smh!

My Gee! Let's reason this matter on a street levelz via jakpa parolz under koom-koom way!

You be guy, I be guy. We both know you don't love or give a damn about that lady except her pussay. You are not planning to marry her neither are you planing to care about her after popping that cherry. You just want a sex partner to keep chilling off with while you keep hustle going.

Please Bruv, virgin-ladies are not best for what you need. There are ladies everywhere with lagoon pussay looking for men to swim, those are the kind of ladies you need, not a virgin lady who has been able to keep herself till now. She wants love, care, support and a friend. And these, are things you can never give her after sleeping with her.

In my opinion; I will advise you to Desist from her, so that you don't end up ruining all her moral efforts and leaving her trashed after popping that cherry.

Biko! Free am go look for ladies with lagoon pussay abeg!

My respect for virgin ladies na 101%.
I swear you just said my mind, but I won’t lie to you, I only need sex mate while I keep my head straight for the hussle but I gave it a re-think, is not bad I have a girlfriend while I face hussle cause I don’t do hoes bro, I just wanna focus on a girl.

Now she seems to be a good girl which I can keep and she has plans too. But I think the best is to just let her go cause I don’t think I can cope with that sex till marriage thing.

Thanks for this advice bro
Romance / Re: Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 10:23am On Mar 08, 2019
This is a simple sturv na,if she says no sex before marriage...so be it.
And if you can't be in a relationship without shagging...spell it out to her and stop wasting her time.
Left to me,i would have taken to my heels the moment I discovered she's a virgin because

1.i wouldn't want to take her pride away when i'm not ready to marry her...except i'm conscienceless.

2.virgins are too stressful(this is personal)
Well said bro, I explained everything to her, I even mentioned that I can’t marry a virgin, I can’t, I was forced to tell her when she keeps turning me down and I could see the confusion on her face when I said it

She just said she gonna think about it.....she came back a week after that and did the same thing. She saw the anger in me bro.
Romance / Re: Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 10:16am On Mar 08, 2019
Guy, you better hit that damn pussy before someone else does. I no wan hear sey ur babe lost her virginity to a total stranger oo. Babe wey dey off clothes for you everytime...

You are correct bro, I think of that always but I wouldn’t want to do it in hard way, she has to surrender herself for it and most times she complained about the pain and the tendency of leading to pregnancy.
Romance / Re: Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 10:11am On Mar 08, 2019
Don't hit it without a ring on her finger.

Donstan18 see watin you dey find

I hope 99% of them got that before getting deflowered.

What will be will surely be, without ring or not wink
Romance / Re: Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 10:03am On Mar 08, 2019
Guy want sex

Girl want romance

Well she only need assurance that you will not leave her when you hit it

Sometimes I do feel she use me just get herself satisfied while am not.
Romance / Re: Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 10:02am On Mar 08, 2019
[quote author=2dice01 post=76455182]Guy want sex

Girl want romance

Well she only need assurance that you will not leave her when you hit it

I understand bro, but she has no idea how i feel when I got erected while she turn me down and she get herself satisfied.

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