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Romance / Re: Advive To Males Trying To Settle Down by Hdanny(m): 8:20pm On Jul 22, 2020


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Of 4yrs Just Told Me She Wants To Be Free by Hdanny(m): 8:13pm On Jul 22, 2020
Una relationship na prison?
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija 2020: Who Is Your Favourite Housemate? by Hdanny(m): 8:03pm On Jul 22, 2020
Proudly typing.
I'm not one of those to waste their precious time on this program.
Don't ask me what I'm doing on this thread, this is Nairaland not BBnaija.
Cheers dear
Romance / Re: BBNAIJA: Nengi Show Off Her Ass As She Rock Sexy Swimwear In The House. PHOTOS by Hdanny(m): 10:46am On Jul 21, 2020
Stupid show from the pit of hell
Romance / Re: Ladies: When You Observe Your Guy Doing This, Be Wise, End The Relationship ! by Hdanny(m): 9:21am On Jul 21, 2020
She should end it just like that angry
TV/Movies / Re: Nengi Wins First Head Of House Challenge. Picks Wathoni As Her Deputy by Hdanny(m): 8:30am On Jul 21, 2020
Lol... BBN haters will flood this thread now.

It actually baffles me how you hate something and still rush to comment on threads about that thing. You don't see none football fans coming to the sports section to type trash about football or complain when football threads hit the front page. Nairaland is a multi-section forum, pick what you like and leave the rest.
Seems you have brain touch, I mean how could you compare football with this clueless show. Nonsense

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Romance / Re: Guys Or Ladies: Who Moves On Easily After Breakup? by Hdanny(m): 9:55pm On Jul 20, 2020
Girls sha
I don't understand, do you think the girl was too emotional and caring in that relationship
Romance / Re: Fear Ladies (pics) by Hdanny(m): 8:43pm On Jul 20, 2020
O boy, see transformation angry


Romance / Re: A Challenge For All Financially Unstable Guys by Hdanny(m): 8:39pm On Jul 20, 2020
I pledge to make millions in dollars before this year runs out even though I have less than 20 dollars in my account. We've been through a lot meeehn angry
Romance / Re: African Game: The Next Step After Taking The Redpill by Hdanny(m): 8:24pm On Jul 19, 2020
Joblessness is very bad and can lead to depression, you have made your point. The best thing is to move and stop sounding like a broken record.

People who have a life and knows theur boundaries will not overstay their welcome.

It appears some of the people who pretend to carry the red pill on their heads like gala, have insecurities, low self esteem, lack of financial resources, lack of emotional intelligence, lack of social skills etc as their major problem. Hence they embraced red pills and are now emergency monks.
God bless you for this piece bro

You know we just have to accept things the way they seems to be sometimes. Nobody knows it all, nobody is an highland of knowledge. That guy kept repeating it over and over again that he would close the thread if anyone derail it, but some people like Martinez and Scepticus won't adhere to it.

I know you guys have a better understanding of what he's trying to bring out, but nobody is perfect we all make mistakes, why don't you leave the contradictions and let him finish what he started for chrissake. Look at ilegend, I will continue to respect that guy, despite the op called him out, he came and made his point and left with no further post, why can't you guys just do the same instead of being all over his thread.

I don't know if your eyes were blind at where he stated pick whatever is good for you and disperse the rest. He isn't GOD, he doesn't knows it all neither do you, we are all trying.

Now he's gone, you can masturbate on it as long as you want to

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Romance / Re: If You Want to Last Long In Bed, Do This — To Be Deleted Soon [Picture] by Hdanny(m): 1:55pm On Jul 10, 2020
I will do that when my stomach don full grin
Travel / Re: What I Saw While Trying To Renew My Nigerian Passport by Hdanny(m): 11:24pm On Jul 05, 2020
Isn't it strange that display is on the website of Nigeria Immigration service? Are you trying to renew from overseas?

Edited. I didn't see Canada when i made my comment earlier, I thought you were in Nigeria. Nonetheless, that is a common occurrence when using Naira denominated cards online.
Love your caption but your name tho
Crime / Re: The Hushpuppi, Woodberry Jibiti Generation By Festus Adedayo by Hdanny(m): 6:36pm On Jul 05, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr
I read everything
Weeed! If not for my weed ehnnn. To read am for tire me

Nice write up or rather nice article i must confess
Although it doesn't support my huzzle but i must admit this write up is good
Bro you got my mail?
Romance / Re: The Street Betting Of A Rude Rich Girl by Hdanny(m): 12:46pm On Jul 03, 2020
Quote me if you know about beatmistress
Romance / Re: Mention What You Haven't Done Before by Hdanny(m): 2:49pm On Jun 28, 2020
Many things
You no fit mention lipsrsealed
Romance / Re: Mention What You Haven't Done Before by Hdanny(m): 2:47pm On Jun 28, 2020
I never did treesome before embarassed
Romance / Re: Am I No Longer Important In Her Life Anymore?? by Hdanny(m): 10:51pm On Jun 14, 2020
..have u ever asked her y...she's behaving this way
U already av feelings for her that's y is hurting u so much
Must you quote the whole stuff�
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Physically Assaulted Me Over My Own Money !! Help!! by Hdanny(m): 11:12pm On May 14, 2020
I have been dating a girl for about 18 months now. Very pretty but my brothers, let me tell you... Look before you leap when it comes to pretty girls.

From the minute I met this girl it has been one money request after another. If it was small sums I guess I wouldn't really mind, as I have always worked for blue chip companies and can afford it. The thing is, her requests are always very big!.....20k this, 20K that.....but my brothers, I have to tell you the one that has made me even disappointed in myself.

She lives with her parents and they are the most dysfunctional family I have ever heard of... Everyday one person is fighting the other, and this my girlfriend, as fine as she is, is the most arrogant, prideful, violent & rude person I have ever met. She hounded me everyday that I must get her an apartment of her own, so she can escape her home, and I agreed to but by saving monthly.

Would you believe, one night, when she was working at a bar as an usher for guinness, she gave her number to 2 different men just because of this apartment. My spirit kept telling me that she gave her number out, but she kept lying...only for me to catch her texting one of the men when we were at church of all places.......

She even went as far as going to meet this rich man at a hotel, but the man ran away when she made that request, and I as a fool decided to finally do it for her. (I suspect she cheated on me that night and I always tell it to her face because she has cheated on me twice before)

I live on the Island and tried to get her to rent here as well, as I really want to keep an eye on her..... She has too many guys around her who live in that area and she is this kind of person who cheats out of revenge, even over small things.....this girl refused and threatened to break things off!....bro, as a mumu I sent the money to her to rent the place and for other things, about 400K.....

Ever since that money left my account, it's like my eyes cleared!!! I couldn't believe that instead of saving my hard earned money, I went and sent it to a girl that has cheated on me twice (or even more), lied to me, slapped me and done so many things.....but I just decided to leave everything for God, seeing as she was desperate.

The problem now is that the demands for that apartment is now becoming too much!!! The expenses just to get the place finished are such a burden on my financial and mental state...

The worst happened about two days ago, she wanted me to pay 20k. Infact I just got so tired of bills that I kinda was stalling on it, but what happened next truly shocked me. Would you believe this girl started punching me, slapping me and even tore my shirt cos of 20k. She even threatened to break my office laptop (working from home) until I sent the money, after that she left........

Now she is trying to apologize so that I will pay for bed and gas and the remaining things....my brothers, I know u will say am a fool!...I accept...I am a handsome guy, studied abroad, I just don't know why loneliness made me fall in love with such a sadistic user... My only problem is, do I pay for the bed and just finish what I started or just free the whole thing and the nearly 500K I have already spent...

Please help!
Brother man you have tried enough, please desist from that girl before it cost your life , that bitch aint your level, she's from the thickest street bro.

Besides where do you base in island let hook up. I base in Ajah
Romance / Re: I Broke Up With My Girlfriend Because I Want To Cut Down Expenses by Hdanny(m): 10:02pm On May 13, 2020

I'm not talking about Sudanese, Ghanaian or Chadian girls. There's a big difference between foreign girls and Foreign girls.
How can one hook up with one bro. Tired of these leeches bitches
Romance / Please I Need Help On How To Open A Paypal Account by Hdanny(m): 12:24am On May 07, 2020
I'm having issues creating a paypal account, someone should help me out
Health / COVID 19- Access Bank Staff Got Sacked Few Weeks To Get Married, Fiancee Cries by Hdanny(m): 12:04pm On May 04, 2020
“My fiancee broke down in tears when she heard the news,” the sacked cashier told SaharaReporters on the phone.

“We are billed to get married next month. Where do I start now? This is unfair.

“The sack letter came in on Thursday but I didn’t know. I was doing my job on Friday when someone asked me if I had been laid off. I said no. She asked me to check my email. Behold, the email. I was shocked.

“I was angry with my boss. She told me she didn’t know anything about it. There was nothing I did wrong. Throughout this period, I have been the one fixing all our ATMs that were not running. I get calls at odd hours to work. My boss told me she could not have singled me out for sack. In my branch, I heard another colleague was sacked.

"By Monday, I will hear more about those who were affected. They are still sending out the mail. I tried to console my wife that something better will come. I have ND, HND and BSc but my salary is N75,000. I am not a core staff. Core staff earn as much as N145,000.

"Normally with my degree, I am not supposed to be getting that low but I just have to accept that so as not to be unemployed. There was no prior notice. There was no warning. It’s not that I was not working diligently. This is unfair.

“This same bank donated millions of naira to fight COVID-19. This same bank gave Singer Naira Marley millions of naira to perform for customers and staff. Naira Marley even tweeted it but we that are working day and night, see what we got now," he added.
Celebrities / Today Marks 10years A Legend Died -oldapo Olaitan Olanipekun ( Dagrin) by Hdanny(m): 10:21am On Apr 22, 2020
The street will never forget you bro Dagrin, molenu bi ponpon

Rest on brother

Sports / Coronavirus- Premiere League Suspended Till April 3 by Hdanny(m): 12:07pm On Mar 13, 2020
In just concluded board meeting, it has been confirmed that the English premiere league has been suspended till April 3

#this weekend will be fucking boring
Romance / Re: Yeiiii....finally I Met My Prince Charming!!!!! by Hdanny(m): 11:06pm On Feb 29, 2020

Coochie wey him don collect already. You think say girls of nowadays dey waste time? Waste time make another girl collect am for your hand.
grin grin

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Romance / Re: Please help, Where did I go wrong? by Hdanny(m): 10:02am On Feb 28, 2020
He asked you out but you turned him down cause of his lack of communication.
Now you saying how do you get over him?

Obviously you are already into this dude, I don’t even know the memory you talking about, someone that doesn’t call nor chat you as you said.

Move on with your life.
Romance / Re: SHOULD I Break Up With Him? Reply to Fareee123 About Her Boyfriend [Picture] by Hdanny(m): 8:24am On Feb 23, 2020

You have a point, but what I face is way beyond that. Whatever I do, I get attacked and if I don't do it, I still get attacked. Lol.

If I don't show pictures, they'll request for it else they term it a lie.

If I show pictures, they get angry and say this is immature — showing pictures of your chat is immaturity and childish.

If it's about money and I show picture proof, they'll say you're showing off peanut and you're insecure for doing that because people with money like Bill Gate can't do such a childish thing.

If you don't show proof of the money, they'll say you're a hungry scammer who can't show evidence.

In summary, humans are confused and never try to please anyone. Just do your thing and let those who will cry cry and those who will die die, but don't forget to attend their burials because your unapologetic post or behavior caused their deaths.

Live and let live. You nailed it bro!!!
Romance / Re: SHOULD I Break Up With Him? Reply to Fareee123 About Her Boyfriend [Picture] by Hdanny(m): 12:35am On Feb 23, 2020
Finally, I didn't reply. I know women love drama. The more drama in the relationship and they realized the man is not a sissy nice guy, the more they fall in love.

A few hours later, she called, but I didn't pick. Thirty minutes later, she called, yet I didn't pick. She called and called and called for hours, I didn't pick

1. Use silence to your advantage — not everything deserves a reply. Yes, the person is going to get hurt for not getting a reply, but who cares? Getting hurt in life is inevitable, but don't intentionally hurt.

2. Know that ALL women are natural manipulators, but some do it unknowingly while the rest play it as a game. So, learn to spot this emotional game and go mute. Las las, na them go rush you, as long as you're a good-bad guy. But if you're a nice guy, I'm sorry for you.

3. Don't hurt women — women are already hurt from birth. Just protect yourself from her transferring that hurt to you.

Failure to be a real man will automatically make you a nice man and you know what that means? It means

1. You'll be used by women — a slay queen
2. You'll be heartbroken by women
3. You'll hate all women because of what one woman did to you
4. You'll be depressed, frustrated, suicidal, and finally come to Nairaland to create a thread that reads: I love her so much — this is a girl I wanted to marry — I can't believe she...

The end.
Seriously asides from the great tips you give to guys on how to handle women, I always like your write ups because they do come with proofs. I know some nice guys wld have come for you without those pictures attached.
Romance / Re: A Nigerian Man Beat Wife Mercilessly, After DNA A Test Failed. by Hdanny(m): 5:35pm On Feb 19, 2020

After making her to lose four teeth?
Something must be wrong with you, go and marry her when he dumps her ass undecided


Romance / Re: Who Is Your Val? by Hdanny(m): 4:46pm On Feb 18, 2020

That a good start
Yes dear
I haven’t gotten your DM wink
Romance / Re: How Much Would You Have In Your Account Before Thinking Of Marriage? by Hdanny(m): 4:42pm On Feb 18, 2020
I'm very insecure. If i'm to get married and have kids, i would want them to have the best life has to offer. To have a safe future...
I must have a steady, well paying job. He must too.
I must have a good amount of money in the bank. Savings to lean back on (just in case). He must too.
I must have properties and other assets. He must too.

But this is for me.

For others, at least 3million in the bank. Plus a house and car.
Transportation and house rent can take alot out of one's salary...
Children of nowadays angry

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