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Romance / Need Serious Advice From Mature Minds On My Relationship by Hdanny(m): 9:30am On Mar 08, 2019
Actually I just finished my NYSC last year, in the process of getting a job just to survive through the days, I met this babe early last month, I walked to her and we talked, in the process I got to know few things about her which I confirmed she’s a new corper posted to my area

I invited her to my house that same day which she obliged, she sat on the bed and we talked a little before she said she wanna leave, she was about to leave then she turned and kissed me, I was so surprised cause I never saw that coming, well I kissed her back. To cut the chase, I invited her to my house the following day, we discussed some things and she confessed that she broke up while in school and immediately she saw me the day we met, she felt LOVE back.

As a hussling guy that just finished service am not ready for this but I have to play along so as not to turn her down, now here is the problem.

This corper is a VIRGIN, yes which i confirmed, now am getting into her which is normal but I can’t resist my urge when it comes to cuddling and romancing her, even in the process before I touch her pant she would have stripped everything off herself unclad, but it’s not easy for me seeing her and not hitting it but she always turn me down. Now this is getting out of hand for me

She always say am gonna drop her once I hit it, but am not that kind of guy, brothers and sisters am not ready to get married this year or next year not even in next three years, so guys should I drop this girl and let her go, cause am not the type that do double date, I see that as shiit but she not gonna allow me in just only romance and she’s ok with that once she reach her orgasm.

I’m not a sex addict but I can’t have my girlfriend around and can’t touch her once in a month or even in two months, that’s crazy for me. We are still getting to know ourselves more tho but that’s what she want, romance and no sex till marriage.
Literature / Re: Happy Birthday ( Short Story ) by Hdanny(m): 9:37pm On Aug 21, 2017
nice one, keep it up dear

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Romance / Re: My Anus Is Gapping And Leaking. Should I Put Cotton Wool Inside? by Hdanny(m): 11:43pm On Jul 31, 2017
I wonder why ds bitch never had something reasonable to post here
everyday of her life x abt her smelling nd rotten pussy, u better wake up and get a life


Literature / Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Hdanny(m): 9:49am On Jul 12, 2017
Bianca and Bella could be sisters o
sure, i think so
Celebrities / Re: Desmond Elliot Speaks On Flood Situation At Lagos State House Of Assembly by Hdanny(m): 6:48pm On Jul 11, 2017
who knows what the future holds for us, if only we could trust eachother wink
Celebrities / Re: Desmond Elliot Speaks On Flood Situation At Lagos State House Of Assembly by Hdanny(m): 10:04am On Jul 11, 2017
Oga leave dat tin..Flood is bae jawe
baby, i can't help buh appreciate d beauty in ur world
what a pretty _____!
Literature / Re: Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. by Hdanny(m): 9:23pm On Jul 10, 2017
wow, finally i can now reveal my humble sef on this fun ride
no more using mask__ds is my real face oo grin grin

can't believe i just started reading ds tory yesterday, bro u,v got a wonderful piece here, may ur days be long

patiently waiting for the next update in HIGH ANTICIPATION
Education / Re: 5 Things That Happen When You Graduate With A Poor CGPA by Hdanny(m): 11:15am On Jul 09, 2017
op what u said is true ooo but at this level where nigeria schools and institutions have gotten too we cant just say that grade is a reflection of someones input or ability like for example i graduated last year an through out my days in the university i never sorted any course my guy i just dey get c upon c ever time i check my result why because i dont have money to sort(bribe) i read like a mad dog some lecturer even gave me an e when he took me in year 2 and and two e when he took me in my final year i even got an f(bcause of missing script) i did all i can just to still have a good grade i read and read still i got c, b was like a scarce comoditty i still came out with a second class lower , i have seen people with third class doing very well outside and the lazy ones will say grade doesnt matter too me i think it matters but what i notice is that grade is not a true reflection of someone capability or ability what i think is that if someone is hard working it will show any all areas of his life and that person will be successfull
I can feel your pain bro, u really worked hard to earn ur grades even tho u are not satisfied with it buh @least u tried ur best, nd may God reward ur sweat
back to the topic, graduating with third class or pass doesn't mean u won't have a good earning buh the most important tin is that is good to work hard for a good grade incase you want to further more even if @all help will still fall on u
everybody knows the truth, we are just trying so hard to hide from it.
Education / Re: 5 Things That Happen When You Graduate With A Poor CGPA by Hdanny(m): 11:01am On Jul 09, 2017
When a Degree is not who you are.

Gani Fawehinmi was the best legal mind of his time in Africa but he was not even the best in the University days, truthfully, he had ordinary pass in his Law degree, not even a third class degree. He could be classified as "let my people go" in those days.

After Gani left the University and passed his Law school , there was nothing ordinary again in his life, he was the best in everything he touched. He wrote lots legal books and journals in Nigeria. He visited Courts more than those who made First class in the same school with him or those who became SAN before him.

Gani's presence in any court was a big news to the Press and the nation, he was delightful and reassuring to watch, he spoke the language of his profession like an angel and every judge knew him as a man of integrity.

Gani was the most honorable lawyer Nigeria ever produced, to most Nigerians particularly the poor and middle class,he was their hope, and epitome of graceful expectations of how to prosecute cases, he made legal profession honorable.

Gani's most memorable case to the Oracle was against Rotimi Williams over integrity. He made a mockery of the man Nigeria called *Rotimi the Law* the Chairman of the 1979 Constitution drafting committee of 49 wise men. It was supposed to be 50 wise men until Awolowo pulled out of the committee.


The first appointment given to Rotimi William as Attorney General of Western Region was by Awolowo as Premier. It was the mistake of the Head of State Gen Muritala Mohammed to think Awolowo could serve under Rotimi unfortunately, he never consulted Awolowo before the announcement on the radio.

Rotimi Williams had sued Gani over his integrity and like Shylock he wanted a pound of flesh, the flesh that will show the nation Rotimi was the law. He also wanted an open apology in the court with the Press and new radicals of media like Dan Agbese, Dele Giwa, Mohamed and Ogunsanya around. He got more than what he bargained for.

When Gani stood up, the poor and middle class stood up with him, if Gani had failed lots of his fans would have cried openly in the Court but he turned things around. He took few steps towards the Judge and demanded to put Rotimi the Law on the witness stand for cross examination.

No one had ever done that in the history of Nigeria, probably in Africa. Rotimi was not a short man either probably around 6.2 ft, tall and huge with sharp penetrating eyes, broad shoulders, his presence took away the oxygen in the room, he was the attention in any Court.he was indeed the Giant of legal profession.

Rotimi wore his robe like a rag and if the event could be biblically assessed it was like David standing next to Goliath. Rotimi had everything his profession could offer, fame, money and power, Judges bowed before him and who would not? He wrote the law of the land.if not why would he be called* Rotimi the law*

To the surprise of the nation, the presiding Judge granted the request of Gani to have the man that was greater than life on the cross-examination box. Gani had a mischievous smile on his thin lips, he knew he had Rotimi by the balls, he was going to tear down the wall to show Nigerians how coleric his adversary was.

The hate was glaring, we knew the occasion would be historical as we were about to witness how David of Nigeria legal profession would defeat the Goliath of the learned colleagues.

Gani asked if Rotimi ever attended the popular High School in Lagos, he mentioned. Rotimi had no choice than to confirm he did. Gani told the Court to look at Rotimi Williams as a student of the High School who stole a calculator or so and was sent out for stealing if such a thief had any integrity?

Rotimi never had any integrity he said infact he lost it from his High School days and wondered what he wanted to protect as an adult. Gani Fawehinmi concluded. Rotimi was almost in tears.

The Judge called the two lawyers to his chambers and Rotimi withdrew the case. He never recovered from the bruised of the shame which the Press sensationally reviewed on the pages of the newspapers and talk radio.

From Gen Gowon to Military President Babangida, they were all scared of Gani Fawehinmi. Gani was a friend of the sick and the poor, a philanthropist with special attention to education where he noted his own weakness, he gave Nigeria his all, energies and commitment to the rule of Law and love for humanity.

If his profession were to be military, Gani would be more than a four star General. He was indeed what a Lawyer could be, to this Oracle, Gani was the Perry Mason of Nigeria law.

The Oracle says, what you make out of your University education depends on what you put into the society. Your degree is not a waste it is template for you to understand life and contribute meaningfully to the society, the man who made a difference is the one with education to improve his environments not the paper qualifications.

I beseach you my readers to have a renewal of spirit and mind in how you see life, let you goal in life be guided with your contribution to your your society and never looked down on anyone who came out of the University with ordinary pass. He could be the one to make a difference.

bro, you are still talking of one person here
buh i would partially agree with u on this wise quote which says "what is meant to be will surely be"
though his integrity must have qualified him to be in that post even if we aren't sure, buh one thing is for sure no matter how intelligent or hardworking you are u still need to tender a good result @least that shows your true picture
Education / Re: 5 Things That Happen When You Graduate With A Poor CGPA by Hdanny(m): 10:45am On Jul 09, 2017
Destiny first
well destiny first buh do you know our destiny lies in our hands hardwork really pays bro
Education / Re: 5 Things That Happen When You Graduate With A Poor CGPA by Hdanny(m): 10:44am On Jul 09, 2017
Destiny first
we destiny first buh do you know our destiny lies in our hands hardwork really pays bro
Education / Re: 5 Things That Happen When You Graduate With A Poor CGPA by Hdanny(m): 10:31am On Jul 09, 2017
Dino melaye graduated with third class, a senator of d federal republic of Nigeria....ur cgpa does not determine ur success....hard work and dedication will
well dat is how it turns out to be in our dear country
everything has become the matter of connection now buh dat still does not change the effect of low grades in the labour market
Education / Re: 5 Things That Happen When You Graduate With A Poor CGPA by Hdanny(m): 10:24am On Jul 09, 2017

It depends on the course. The case is not always so in professional courses.
so what course do you think will earn you standard employment with a decent income on a low grades?
Romance / Re: Hushpuppi Blast Davido Again by Hdanny(m): 11:11am On Jul 08, 2017
She asked u to check d picx below and u are busy wassuping her! grin
I wonder why you are so concern
Education / 5 Things That Happen When You Graduate With A Poor CGPA by Hdanny(m): 9:00am On Jul 08, 2017
I've seen many reasons adduced by several individuals why grades do not matter or are less important in determining future successes. I do think the influence of grades has been understated.

No doubt, grades can be a poor way to determine someone's success or better still, measure an individual's self-worth.

Your success in life or otherwise may not be determined by how excellent your grades are. It probably isn't going to make you successful or unsuccessful.

However, grades are an instant image of you at any point in time. Grades are the foremost tools schools use to measure it's students abilities. This means it will give a huge initial judgement about you, which transcends beyond the academic environment.
If you think grades don't matter, ask that friend who missed that fully paid scholarship by graduating with a third class.
Grades matter if you desire to get that competitive job where employers look at CGPA.
As a fresh graduate, grades will matter until you get something more compelling to sell yourself.
If you desire career progression in the academics, bad grades will ground you.

It is a fact that majority of people with low grades are usually defaulters when it comes to self-discipline, hard work, diligence, and planning skill, to mention but a few. All of these failings might act in limiting the success of these individuals (with poor grades) after graduation.

Good grades give you a head start, and an added advantage going forward. The world is moving at a fast pace, too busy in most cases to give you an opportunity to disprove your poor grades. Therefore they go by the numbers (grades) in assessing you. You probably won't get a chance to prove your competence.

And yes, Not everyone will be an entrepreneur or succeed as one. Not everyone will have giraffe legs (know somebody that knows somebody in that establishment). Not everyone will/can work in the Nigerian civil service (where anything goes).

Haven stated that, here are 5 things that happen when you graduate with a low grade:

1. You close important doors: some doors when closed can never be opened again. How sad! Whatever opportunities, big or small, there are outside that door eludes you forever.
If you settled for less and got low grades due to laziness and nonchalant attitude towards book work, you effectively closed all doors requiring higher grades!
A graduate with a pass or a third class automatically rules him/herself out of certain job opportunities! I need not mention these jobs, you know them.

2. Fewer choices: this is similar to the above. You end up with less choice if you graduate with a poor CGPA. why? Windows are smaller than doors!
Less career advancement options, less job option, and less pay. You'll have to settle for less.

3. Vices will appeal to you: I mean no disrespect to those with poor grades. However, social vices such as gambling, drunkenness, and others I choose not to mention will appeal to you. Anything just to dampen the disappointment of wasted years. However, it all ends in more disappointment for those not willing to get it right the right way.

4. Battered esteem: poor grades will batter your esteem. You will always avoid public discussions that will warrant a mention or display of your grade status either by you or others. Can you comfortably put your pass degree qualification on a CV? Never!
Deflated ego, inferiority, and other similar words will describe your situation.
Only a few (mentally strong) will refuse to be downcast and laid-back by letting grades get in their way to achieving success. The greater majority wallows in regret for years.

5. Delays in career progression: if you graduate with a third class, you'll need a PGD to move forward. If it's a pass, you're probably stuck/grounded. In the academics, grades are prioritised, and it'll remain so for a long time.

It is, therefore important that you begin to answer questions such as where you desire to be in the next five years, what steps to take to get there and what doors you need to go through. The earlier these questions are answered, the more doors you'll have access to, and go through.

To make it big, you either have to be the best at what you are doing (non academic activity) or follow the conventional easier path - good grades.

Choose the doors to open and don't let life choose for you because it might be a far cry from that which you desired.

Grades do matter a lot.

Copyright NAIJA CGPA

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Celebrities / Finally, Hushpuppi’s Father Has Been Revealed, See The Resemblance by Hdanny(m): 8:49am On Jul 08, 2017
Hahaha! Nigerians can joke eeh!..Below is photo which has been circulating online for some days now..People says the man is hushpuppi’s father..lol.
See photo below; Puppy's fans over to you !!

Celebrities / I Had Real $ex With Omotola Jalade By Wale Ojo by Hdanny(m): 10:01pm On Jul 07, 2017
Taking good view of the trailer of the movie titled Alter Ego; the latest movie of Nollywood veterans, Omotola Jalade and Wale Ojo, one would be forced to wonder the reactions of their spouses, seeing them play such erotic roles together.
While Omosexy, revealed that she sought the permission of her quite understanding husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde, Wale Ojo, although not married said he also spoke with his partner.
According to him: ‘I don’t know if there’s a problem with marriage, but I like been in a relationship without the pressure of marriage. Whenever I want to play sex roles in a movie, I discuss with my partner. I enjoy myself more without marriage or its pressure,” he said. Wale even confessed that all the sex scenes he played with Omotola Jalade were real and natural. “My sex scenes with Omotola are very easy.

After all, I am a sexy person. I don’t see it as that hard. Omotola and I are great friends, so it was very easy for us to have that chemistry and do what we had to do. It wasn’t difficult at all. Our kisses were real. We grabbed each other, we were passionate, it is natural. It is real.

When asked if he felt something emotionally while the act was going on, the United Kingdom returnee said, “Of course, you have to have an emotion to do this. We are good friends, so things worked out well. It wasn’t that hard. I always love playing the bad guy role.”
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe Styles Her Son As An Igbo Boy by Hdanny(m): 9:50pm On Jul 07, 2017
He's cute but what's the point of posting this here. What are we supposed to do with this "information"? undecided

sup pretty

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Romance / Re: Hushpuppi Blast Davido Again by Hdanny(m): 9:03pm On Jul 07, 2017
check the pics below
Wassup pretty
Celebrities / Super Eagles Star Mikel Obi Causes Confusion!!! by Hdanny(m): 7:32pm On Jul 07, 2017
Nigeria captain and midfielder, Mikel Obi has made his fans to worry on what is the matter after he deleted all pictures where his Russian baby mama, Olga Diyachenko appeared on his Instagram. Ogla is the mother of the footballer twin daughters and since 2015 it has been all cool photos on his IG page. Mikel, who joined Chinese club Tianjin TEDA in January, is said to have a secret son and daughter by two different women in the UK. But the reason behind his action is not clear, but there are feelers that the duo have endured a frosty relationship in recent times. Olga was criticized by some Nigerian girls back in March after she posted the picture of herself and Mikel on Instagram. All they were saying is Mikel could have made a better choice in Nigeria.

Celebrities / Re: Unbelievable: The Person Responsible For Emanuela’s Pregnancy Revealed by Hdanny(m): 3:36pm On Jul 07, 2017

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Celebrities / Unbelievable: The Person Responsible For Emanuela’s Pregnancy Revealed by Hdanny(m): 3:33pm On Jul 07, 2017
I don’t know if this is true or false, well it was culled from Emmanuella Samuel, popularly known as Emmanuella ,a young Nigerian female Comedian who has been featured in the Mark Angel Comedy videos such as “Emanuella Sleep,” “My Real Face,” and several others was reported to have fallen preg.nant about 2 months ago, and the father of her unborn baby has finally been named, according to her uncle,Mark Angel.

”We had great plans for her as far as her education and acting was concerned, now it seems like we’ve been robbed of our dreams after noticing that she is about 2 months preg.nant. From the look of things she says she was impreg.nated by Osita Iheme, one of the prominent actors in Nigerian screens. I cannot divulge more details but we might consider abor.tion if the worst comes to the worst because Osita is a married man”,said Mark Angel. Emmanuella started comedy when she was still in Primary 1 (Basic One) and she has won Won G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award 2015. Mark Angel discovered Emmanuella when she was born, he realised she was capable of being influenced positively. She did everything she was told to do even though she was really young. Also, he realized that she was talented. He simply groomed her and introduced her to the showbiz. It takes Emmanuella 3-5 shots to get one scene right and sometimes, when she is not getting it, she will be allowed to sleep and when she wakes up, she will memories and get the scene right. Her parents have been so supportive in her comedy life and she is an influential child. Emmanuella made her first appearance at Julius Agwu’s show as an upcoming act for the first time on stage and she also made another one at Funnybone’s show. She has won Won G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award 2015.
Travel / Re: Which Foreign Country Can I Study In With 2.5 Million? by Hdanny(m): 2:55pm On Jul 07, 2017
Hello NLanders, I am 20 years of age and intend going back to school to study computer science. I am interested in studying outside the country, since the CS courses here look crappy (I know this because i have helped some students with their school projects/assignment).

I have been able to save 2.5M in the past 9 months (Made from blogging). I make on average 200k per month. I don't have any properties (Land or House) in Nigeria. I have taken 4 gap years (Which might be an issue with my visa interviewer).

Considering all this limitation, Which (good) foreign country can i study in ? (I know germany no longer have free tuition, and other ones have crazy visa bond).

bro, u can further your study here in republic of benin
that money is enough for the whole years you are going to use with a conducive accommodation
Celebrities / Re: Olajumoke Orisaguna Is Beautiful In New Makeup Photos by Hdanny(m): 9:33am On Jul 02, 2017

beauty in the eyes of the beholder!!!

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Celebrities / Re: Bimbo Akintola Cries Out Over Poor State Of Roads In Ibadan [VIDEO+PICS] by Hdanny(m): 12:50pm On Jun 30, 2017
but seriously instead of Bimbo and baboon to cry over her failed life
to cry over her inability to produce children
to cry over her inability to get a husband because word on the street is even a mad man won't marry her
to cry over the fact that her acting career is dying
to cry over the fact that she's old and faded. she's a wasted sperm Now

she's crying over the fact roads are bad

ROAD!!!! Afonjas sha

this is what we call misplaced priority
sit down and fix your life baboon looking bimbo

hey baby
u guys had a fight bfore?
just take it easy on her okay?

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Celebrities / Re: Ray Hushpuppi Blasts Ice Prince: "Broke Boy, When Last Did You Drop A HIT Song?" by Hdanny(m): 8:26pm On Jun 29, 2017
ds guy has really gotten the fame he wanted

Weldone, this issh don become thug of war
eating ma pop corn, watching dem on my LCD TV, waiting for another episode
who cares to join


Celebrities / Re: Kcee Blasts Hushpuppi, To Petition EFCC : "You Have No Known Source Of Income” by Hdanny(m): 5:52pm On Jun 29, 2017
[b]Everybody is talking Kcee sef is "chwuking" mouth.

The idiot wouldn't have been successful if it wasn't for his KID BROTHER promoting him undecided

Very soon we will start seeing this hushBastard in music video forming Don. Nigerian entertainment industry is fücked

[b]Everybody is talking Kcee sef is "chwuking" mouth.

The idiot wouldn't have been successful if it wasn't for his KID BROTHER promoting him undecided

Very soon we will start seeing this hushBastard in music video forming Don. Nigerian entertainment industry is fücked

Everybody is talking Kcee sef is "chwuking" mouth.

The idiot wouldn't have been successful if it wasn't for his KID BROTHER promoting him undecided

Very soon we will start seeing this hushBastard in music video forming Don. Nigerian entertainment industry is fücked

bro, why d fuss on Kcee now
@least he just said the truth, he got promoted by his kid brother, accepted___
he is still a well known musician rather than this unknown hushBULLdog from no where
Celebrities / Re: Davido Honours Cristiano Ronaldo With His Haircut (Photos) by Hdanny(m): 10:36pm On Jun 23, 2017
hmmm... na wa oo

babe, wassup?
Romance / Re: Improve Your Dating Game Here.! See Inside. by Hdanny(m): 6:47pm On May 28, 2017
Weldone bro, am really feeling the flows here____may God increase your knowledge-----here my story goes

there is this babe i met in school, i approached her the 2nd time i saw her in the hostel, that was last 2 months, we made some discussions, amidst this discussion she made mention of her bf WITHOUT ASKING her, in a nutshell we do talk everytime, her fone got spoilt so dat makes us not talking on fone, only in school nd hostel

I love dis girl so much, buh d issue here is dat, she respect me alot that she call me brother Tunde all around which i don't like though av never made it known to her, we'v been together for almost 2 months nd have not asked her out based on d other day she mentioned her bf, most of my friends taught we are dating even my lecturers too, bro what do you think i can do to get this girl
I love dis girl so much.
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe Steps Out For Church Service Amid Domestic Violence Brouhaha (Pics) by Hdanny(m): 5:14pm On Apr 30, 2017
is it a curse for celebrity{some women} to be maltreated matrimonially

dunno y some people reason like this, after all u weren't there wen it all happened, have you tried to hear from both of them before you come here to spit watever u called trash....
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage May Reconcile With Teebillz, Her Estranged Husband - Vanguard by Hdanny(m): 9:49am On Oct 29, 2016

Who ur like Epp

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