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Food / Re: Photo Of The Oha Soup I Prepared With N850 In School by hecomeshome(m): 2:19pm On May 04
the Oha soup I cooked with N850 only..

ladies and gentlemen.. as the single broke student guy I am like this.. Things are very expensive this period that I have not eaten swallow for like a month due to finance..
so today as God may have it, a good Samaritan gave me 1k, I quickly made a list of food stuff to get for Oha soup o.. Hunger dey..

I bought meat #500
crayfish #50
OZiza leaf #50
fresh pepper #50
Offor #50
prewinlke #50

the fufu is not factored in the price..

as for the dried fish, okproko, I got them from somewhere for free..

local man cannot kill himself o..

Wahala for bachelor, but double wahala for bachelor Wey no sabi cook o..

The Malam sliced the meat into ten pieces, and with the dried and stock fish complimenting,this soup will last me till Wednesday I think...

School for Nigeria dey reset brains As per Hunger o

Please if you want to fine me money.. DM dey o... Help your guy survive and re-survive o..

Are you for real? Do they sell 50 naira periwinkles?
Culture / Re: "Village People" Fact Or Myth? by hecomeshome(m): 2:08pm On May 04
Very big myth! A lazy man's consolation price. Ask yourself, men like Tony Elumelu, Dangote, Otedola, Innoson etc, dem no get village people Why are they still progressing

You think those names you mentioned are ordinary men? Don't you know there are levels of power in the demonic realm?
Politics / Re: Insecurity: FG To Partner With China To Secure Nigeria From Bandits, Terrorists by hecomeshome(m): 11:04pm On Apr 29
Anything to bring peace to our nation is what we are after

Peace shall reign in our nation.

A peaceful Nigeria is all we want.

This too shall pass.

God bless Nigeria

Are you tired of posting "we are winning the war" and photos of soldiers carrying civilians on their shoulders?
Are you now confused or what?
Politics / Re: Igbariam: IPOB Accused Of Killing 19 Fulani People In Anambra (Graphic Photos) by hecomeshome(m): 4:38pm On Apr 26
The OP is a useless liar. The cuts on those corpses is the signature of foolani massacre.
Crime / Re: 'Why We Beheaded Businessman Whose Wife Raised Only N40,000 Out Of N5m Ransom' by hecomeshome(m): 3:59pm On Apr 25

This is how 95% of crimes in saner climes have been solved.
If you see something, say something.
Criminals, kidnappers, terrorists are not spirits or ghost.

They live among you.
Report them to the authorities before they turn on your fathers and mothers, Uncles and Aunts.
Report them before they cause you everlasting sorrow and tears.
And the case turns to "Had I know!".

If you see something, say something.

We Rise!

Oga, go and sit down jare.
What has been done to the Pantami that was reported by a cleric from Borno?
Politics / Re: Gunmen Who Burnt Uzodinma's House Killed 2 Security Aides (Graphic Picture) by hecomeshome(m): 2:15pm On Apr 24

Which South are you talking about, you no see river wey divide us?, Continue to destroy your state e no concern us.
Shebi you see the thing wey happened for Ore, make.another one.no happen, this is why I dey enlighten you.
Yoruba no dey joke.with.territorial integrity, dey una dey o, won nja ni ile keji o kan wa.
When una dey wine.and dine.with pdp.for good 16 years,.una no preach southern unity.
Yoruba go carry hunch back join k-leg for una, and una go wail betrayed again.

You people are the problem of the south. Just read the nonsense you spilled here. Always pitching your tent with the Fulanis, with a serious betrayal as a consequence.
I do hope you read Garba Shehu's comparison of Pantami with Kemi?
Is OBJ not a Yoruba man? Was he not a PDP member?
Politics / Re: Pantami Can No Longer Enter UK, USA, EUROPE - Deji Adeyanju by hecomeshome(m): 5:35pm On Apr 23
Useless clown.

It's only children of Casino, night club, Betnaija, pub house, LGBT, Drug addiction..... Who sees America and UK as their heaven.

Thank you for this info.
And please, tell Bubu, who's also among those children to henceforth desist from going to the U.K.

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Politics / Re: 'How Pantami Plotted Assassination Of Patrick Yakowa' - Peoples Gazette by hecomeshome(m): 12:37pm On Apr 22

Are you blind?

I said middle belt, not North Central to show I don't care if you will divide North in to pieces

Middlebelt eyes are open to the extent that IBB,Yakubu Gowon and Abdussalam Plus Lalong are ready to defend middlebelt

Saraki,Gambari and Lai Muhammad are now ready to align with you

I just don't care.

wherever you take baby, mother is mother

Don't be silly, my friend!
Do not get involved in anything you can't walk away from if the heat is on. The heat is on the north now, and Your fulanisation scheme for Nigeria has failed. And whether you believe/want it or not, Nigeria must disintegrate, and your worst fear of standing alone as arewa will come upon you. Better brace yourself up for it.
Politics / Re: 'How Pantami Plotted Assassination Of Patrick Yakowa' - Peoples Gazette by hecomeshome(m): 12:11pm On Apr 22

Lagos too Is North

In fact Yoruba aren't Southerners since they vote alongside North

Adamawa is South since they vote alongside south

There is not south Nigeria but West and east and south since then

At least there was a Northern protectorate and Northern Region

And Niger,Kwara,Kogi,Nassarawa,Abuja that you call Middle Belt are not Arna or Kafirai

So let them be what you want them to be, it's your loss

Damagaram, Agadez, Toah,Tiliberi,Zinder ,Diffa,Niamey and Maradi are in Niger Republic but doesn't change the fact that they are with Arewa.

If you like, you can Take Gombe and Southern Borno and Yobe it won't change the equation.

We are who we are, like Europe is continent but much united than a single country, Arewa is that united.

we don't have to be China.

Israel is in Middle East but she is still west.

Egypt is Africa but she is still in Asia

Another delusionsal assertion. Arewa is united, and yet you want to assassate a sitting governor in the person of Ortom, like you assassinated late Yakowa?
You will not succeed. Middle belters eyes are now open to see your wicked agenda.
Why is the north afraid of being alone?
Politics / Re: 'How Pantami Plotted Assassination Of Patrick Yakowa' - Peoples Gazette by hecomeshome(m): 11:15am On Apr 22

You publish the documented evidence you have .. you also have the fundamental rights to support any political party you like.... That aside

North has 19 states Governors 1 FCT Minister, 60 Senators

South has 17 state Governors , 51 Senators, out of the 51 Senators from the south 18 from the West and 15 from the East don't ever vote along same interest

So if majority always carries the votes, I strongly think even if North doesn't own Nigeria, they have a comfortable Shares in authority


You must be very delusional in your warped mind. Now, I can confirm that you are a terrorist from the north.
BTW, stop lumping the middle belt to your acclaimed "north", because it's evident the middle belt is out of league with you.

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Politics / Re: Who Says Pantami Should Resign? - DailyTrust by hecomeshome(m): 4:09pm On Apr 20


U sabi cook am? ...if not , wait till tomorrow morning. Make you buy d one wey hot and fresh.

The tin nor dey where I dey.
Politics / Re: Who Says Pantami Should Resign? - DailyTrust by hecomeshome(m): 3:50pm On Apr 20

Straight to the point. Only the wise will understand.
As I see dis ur moniker, okpa just start to dey hungry me.
Nairaland / General / Re: What Is The Funniest Real Life Story You Have Read Or Heard? by hecomeshome(m): 12:15pm On Apr 20
A tyrant in a country contested an election and won in that same country plunging them into another state of tyranny

Bros, u for tell us the name of the country and the tyrant na.
Politics / Re: Who Says Pantami Should Resign? - DailyTrust by hecomeshome(m): 10:37am On Apr 20
It's no news that Daily Trust is the media arm of Jihadists in Nigeria so there for no surprises they are keenly defending Isa Fallujah

Not what you think. The article is more or less a satirical piece.
Read it up, and you will understand.


Politics / Re: Who Says Pantami Should Resign? - DailyTrust by hecomeshome(m): 8:58am On Apr 20
Imagine for a minute that you are a trained soldier.
A Lieutenant.
You have a wife and two kids.
Now, imagine that during the quarterly rotation, you were sent to Bornu to fight insurgence (Boko Haram)
On this fateful day, as you were moving with your platoon.
There was an ambush.
Gunfire ensued.
You shot with all you've got.
You know that you have a slim chance of surviving the attack.
As you were running out of ammo, you called John, your buddy, for a fresh supply.
No response.
You glanced and saw John's head split into two halves.
By your left are Barry, his torso turn and one of his arms lying 10 ft away.
With nothing to fight with, you made a run for it and took a deep dive into the abandoned crater while bullets were getting fired at you.
You passed out
When you woke, you saw yourself in the hospital.
The doctor came in.
"Officer, you are awake, we did emergency surgery. We had to amputate you"
We are sorry.
You then asked.
'What of my teammates ?"
"Well, you lost 18 men and 2 survivors", the doctor replied. "You and Barry.
Barry is still in intensive care."
Now, 3 months later, at the defense headquarters.
Your commanding officer, General Gida told you. "You are back, lieutenant "
"Good news!
We rounded up all the terrorists that attacked your platoon after in another battle confrontation."
They are now in rehabilitation centers.
"Can I see them?" you asked
You got wheeled to the center.
They opened the door.
And yes.
'There they are!'
Across the hall, Young men in white flowing gowns were eating fried and Jollof rice with multiple chicken parts.
Some were drinking wine.
Laughter filled the air.
Having a ball.
You were told they will soon be taken abroad on scholarship.
As you were getting back to the general's office.
Just outside the defense headquarters gate, you saw the wives of your team, now widowed, as they agitate with high voices and placards.
"We have been abandoned!"
"Pay us our husband's benefits!"
"We are hungry"
Just imagine all that.
It is the reality of a Nigerian Soldier in the corridor of terrorism.
Written by Afam B. C. Nnaji.

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Politics / Re: Over 1 Million Jobs Will Be Provided From Digital Switch-Over – FG by hecomeshome(m): 3:24pm On Apr 18
Bubu with all this e jobs sef.
Bubu jobs be like spirit and audio. Eye nor fit dem lai lai.
Politics / Re: RCCG Apologises To Fashola, Ministry Over Petition On Ife-Ifewara Road by hecomeshome(m): 12:27pm On Apr 18
The PDP and foot and social media soldiers will abandon this thread now that it’s known that their Master paid 151 million for job not done.

You lack the ability to read and comprehend even the simplest of articles. The apology of RCCG was not about when the money was paid to the contractor, but for bringing the matter to public domain.
It was Fashola who claimed the payment was done in 2010 and 2011. And his claim is subject to verification. Because everything about Bubu's regime is full of lies, deceit and propaganda.
Politics / Re: "it Is Really Bad": Nigerians Go Hungry As Food Inflation Soars by hecomeshome(m): 3:26pm On Apr 17
If you were used and dumped in 2015 and 2019 elections, kindly text "I RECEIVE SENSE" to 2023.

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Politics / Re: Pantami: Forces Against NIN Policy Behind Attacks Against Me by hecomeshome(m): 8:28am On Apr 17

Except if you are a criminal who has a lot to hide.

That means you agree that we have a criminal government in place. Because not using NIN for voting was their idea.
Politics / Re: Pantami: Forces Against NIN Policy Behind Attacks Against Me by hecomeshome(m): 6:46am On Apr 17

Learn to think thrice before typing, the NIN policies, no doubt are for the benefit of everyone. We all understand that the present administration is a very disappointing one but notwithstanding, some developments are very necessary and inevitable .

I think you are the one who should learn to think. What is the use of NIN if you can't be identified through it during voting?

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Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Total IGR Drops By 1.93% To ₦1.31trillion In 2020 - NBS by hecomeshome(m): 11:49am On Apr 16
Lagos is a country within a Country

This is the result of wrong government policies over time. Lagos is too concentrated.
There are other states that seaports can successful operate. Also, why should all the headquarters of companies and banks be situated in Lagos? If govt can work on that, Lagos will be decongested. This will also lead to less IGR.
Politics / Re: Isa Pantami Criticises Clerics Who Go Into Politics (Throwback Video) by hecomeshome(m): 3:53pm On Apr 15
Naptu2, Oya resume your houseboy work here.

Come and pack Pantami's vomit.

Dat guy don hide.

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Politics / Re: Isa Pantami Criticises Clerics Who Go Into Politics (Throwback Video) by hecomeshome(m): 3:50pm On Apr 15
That's what they( Muslims) are known for. Very hypocritic in nature.


Politics / Re: Qatar To Invest $5 Billion In Nigeria's Economy by hecomeshome(m): 11:59am On Apr 15


The plural of infrastructure IS 'infrastructures', but using it is INAPPROPRIATE.


They ARE certain words like that in English, however weird that may seem.

Grammatically correct but inappropriate in usage.

When ELDERS like us are educating you youths, please, humble yourselves and learn.

We've been at this stuff since when even your parents were sucking breast!

Again, you are still displaying your ignorance on the use of English.
Very pathetic!
Pls, don't quote me again.
Politics / Re: Qatar To Invest $5 Billion In Nigeria's Economy by hecomeshome(m): 11:47am On Apr 15

Dude, Of course you can say 'foreign aids'.

But it is INAPPROPRIATE termInology. As in ''Lesotho relies on foreign aids'', as opposed to ''Lesotho relies on foreign aid''.

If you say the former in a seminar or conference or even a classroom discussion, you will be DRIVEN OUT as an ILLITERATE for inappropriate terminology.

Certainly you will be regarded as unschooled.

Similar to when you say ''infrastructures'' instead of 'infrastructure'. The former plural is probably grammatically correct if you look it up in a dictionary, but it is INAPPROPRIATE when used in plural. As in ''This country has good infrastructures'', instead of the more appropriate ''This country has good infrastructure''.


Mr man, you are not making sense as you are just trying to defend your blunder.
Everyone knows infrastructure does not carry "s".
Have a nice day.
Politics / Re: Qatar To Invest $5 Billion In Nigeria's Economy by hecomeshome(m): 10:35am On Apr 15

'Foreign aid' is NEVER, EVER used with a plural.

Except by illiterates!!!!

Still displaying your ignorance, because your level of education does not put you on the know that "foreign aids" is plural of "foreign aid".

Politics / Re: Qatar To Invest $5 Billion In Nigeria's Economy by hecomeshome(m): 9:02am On Apr 15


What ''foreign aids'' are you referring to?

(I think he meant 'foreign aid'. Maybe he has AIDS.)

What ''investment ventures'' are you referring to? Care to be specific?

You are not as smart as you think. Not knowing that the plural form of aid is aids makes you very dull.
I believe you are the OP of this thread with a different moniker. And your aim is to water down the severity of gov Obaseki's revelation on money printed by your master, Bubu.

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Sports / Re: Medals Table At The National Sports Festival. by hecomeshome(m): 5:35pm On Apr 14

Now I know you're a fool. Koleye e. So athletes that trained hard should be rob off their medals

A nitwit like you who can't tell his right from his left is calling someone a fool. You are a disgrace to sound argument and reasoning, as your IQ is at par with animals.
Sports / Re: Medals Table At The National Sports Festival. by hecomeshome(m): 5:21pm On Apr 14

I never wrote that it was wrong for an athlete to play for another state. Never you assume what you don't know , medal were bought at the festival. That's all. If you're not believe then go hang yourself

Since that is you silly insinuation, don't the other states have money to buy medals too?
You better be careful how you spill nonsense on public forums.
Sports / Re: Medals Table At The National Sports Festival. by hecomeshome(m): 1:12pm On Apr 14

I'll only ask you this questions. Are you an athletes?
Are you at the festival?
Did you witness what I posted ?
If your answers are no then keep quite. You're not in position to argue with me.

Thank God the festival is over now let me go and rest my body

So you actually saw money change hands during the festival? What a lie! I see you are talking out of envy for those states on top. Your submission is baseless and unfoundedly incriminating.
But let me ask you a question too.
African footballers who play for France, are they mercenaries because they are Africans?
If you can't answer me, then, keep shut too.

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Politics / Re: Federal Allocation: Why Obaseki’s Revelation Should Worry Us All - Oke Umurhohwo by hecomeshome(m): 11:07am On Apr 14
Printing of money was Tinubu's idea. And the non-economic sensitive govt of Buhari bought it.
Very pathetic leaders who can't run a simple business profitably.

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Sports / Re: Medals Table At The National Sports Festival. by hecomeshome(m): 8:14am On Apr 14
If you're at the festival, you'll know how sport politics works. The very way Edo bought their way into the gold medal table. Last night at the boxing ring , gunshots were heard everywhere just because Lagos won more medal, for gymnastics Edo cart away with over 18 gold's out of 21 which was a glaring robbery.
Delta knows how to play it well better, they go for athletes from other state that are good and offer them mouth watering contracts for two years to win for their state. No wonder Delta always top medal table .
You think it's all about money? Is Lagos state not very wealthy? Why aren't they topping medals standing all the time too?
Don't just say something you think is correct. Can you substantiate what you just said with facts?

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