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Crime / Fraud by Henrygood: 6:54pm On Jul 03, 2020
Pls how do I get to track dis.I sent a lady some money for crayfish .she sells at Oron y I stay in Ogun state.sent her money to get me a full bag but she ended up sending half.wen I called her ,she promised to send d remaining one only to tell me now DT I shd do anything I want DT she is not going to send it.pls how do I go abt it.I v met her in person in d market b4 sending d cash.
Pets / Re: Igbo Trader Names His Dog 'Muhammad' In Kaduna, Fight Ensues by Henrygood: 1:34pm On Jun 02, 2020

The worst of your problems is dissillusion, i am a confirmed Idiok eyen Akwa Ibom, go through my post n see...

I just pity you guys, Hate Will Be tbe end of that ur region, even here no one likes mbon/nditor unegheh
you are not an Akwaibom person,u learnt d language.And if by mistake, u r related to one ,it cud be by marriage. U r not even a civilized Great Yoruba person.You r a pure Hausa Man living at Oron.cuz I'm an indigen ,maybe u came to buy crayfish.
Career / Re: My Wicked Employer Refused To Pay My Salary by Henrygood: 11:39pm On May 25, 2020
How is it done sir?
Career / Re: My Wicked Employer Refused To Pay My Salary by Henrygood: 11:03pm On May 25, 2020
Agriculture / She Will Not Pay Ur Salary ,watch B4 U Get Employed by Henrygood: 11:00pm On May 25, 2020
Please ,there is dis woman,DNT get employed by her, she will never pay salary. She owns a poultry farm at kobekpe ogun state.will tell d full story soon. IAM a victim.
Career / My Wicked Employer Refused To Pay My Salary by Henrygood: 10:47pm On May 25, 2020
[img][/img]Please, I need help on how to sue an employer who refused to pay My salary after a month n weeks , instead , sent me off with insult.i will soon come up wit d full story, maybe sometime next week .pls I need an advice,just heard dt she is used to not paying salary.she has blocked me on Whatsapp.
Romance / Re: Her Mother Said She Can't Marry An Ebonyi Man by Henrygood: 11:13pm On Apr 20, 2020

�Biafran looking down on
a Biafran & they want to get Biafra!!

Mazi KANU must hear this!!

The worst thing that happened to Ebonyi is Being Igbo, as an Ebonyian I stand against anything Igbos stand For


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Agriculture / Poultry Job by Henrygood: 11:07am On Apr 19, 2020
Pleases I need a poultry job within ogun ,Ibadan or even Lagos .as a graduate I v 6 years experience in poultry management.07016714007. pls I need it
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need A Remote Data Reseller by Henrygood: 10:37am On Apr 19, 2020
IAM interested,07016714007
Jobs/Vacancies / Poultry Job by Henrygood: 1:38pm On Apr 17, 2020
Please,I seriously need a poultry related job ,I v passion for poultry farming. My contact is 07016714007.Iam a graduate (bsc) and I v a 4years experience. I stay in ogun state can relocate to anywhere within South.
Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by Henrygood: 1:38am On Apr 15, 2020
This is happening real.....my ex just reunited with me.... afternoonc 2yrs.
could it be dsm lady dt scattered our guy's life
Romance / Re: She Dumped Me For Her Ex, Shattered Me Into Irredeemable Pieces by Henrygood: 1:28am On Apr 15, 2020
The Op is hell bent on carrying out his plans and won't listen to anyone...

Check his violent replies.

If the lady at my profile picture mistakenly shake her boobs in front of the Op, the nigga will stop all his ranting.
Eriduawa,ya breast I must confess, is well created .God I tnk u for our nairaland fine breast.���
Jobs/Vacancies / Need A Job Very Fast by Henrygood: 10:08pm On Apr 14, 2020
Pls , my destiny helper locate me now, I need a job.since I lost my investment on poultry farming cuz of lack of enough capital n greed , I v not been able to get myself. Need a job even if it's a contract kind of job. Pls I can work anywhr ,iam a graduate too.Be it factory, company, poultry farm or any legal job. I stay in ogun state but, I can relocate to anywhere in d South. Pls be my destiny helper.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Three Farm Workers That Can Drive Motorcycle/tricycle/car Needed In Ogun State by Henrygood: 9:15pm On Apr 14, 2020
I v sent an application sir,I live in Abeokuta sir,will be Happy if selected
Agriculture / Re: How Do I Make My Farm Useful To Me. by Henrygood: 11:29pm On Apr 12, 2020
Try loan apps. Like Carbon
d loan is 10k, tnz, it can't buy feed .tnx
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Finally Got A Job Through A Nairalander After Months Of Job Hunting. by Henrygood: 11:22pm On Apr 12, 2020

Congratulations brother and more blessings to that Nairalander who helped you. Ever since 2005 when this forum began, it has always housed different people whom you won't expect here. Everyone has access to internet today, which has made it possible for minors and jambites to abound here, yet this forum still continue to house many great people you won't expect, who feel convenient hiding under the anonymity of this forum to enjoy their social media freedom.

A lowkey slowpoke by the moniker Casalindal created a thread few weeks ago insulting all Nairalanders, categorically saying she's not on anyone's level in this forum. What a foolish utterance from a pompous buffoon. Perhaps because she has a guy somewhere with few change in his pocket managing her as his side chick for the time being, before kicking her away later. When balloon head see little money, it's easy to swell up easily and start assuming too much. A kind of statement I might have expected from a kindergarten kid. Some people have body of adults but blessed with the brains of kids.

I was also telling a tribal bigot here sometimes ago, not to use his whole life hating on NL. When you hate with one hand, love back with the other, because your best friend or helper may be from that tribe you hated but when you already locked up your heart with steel of hate and prejudice, you're on the way to kissing your destiny goodbye.

Although this forum doesn't look fancy or what most users expected, still, it does more than expected.
Congratulations once again brother.
pls sir, pray for me,I lost all I v laboured for , to poultry.went into debt ,as I type now I'm confused, pray for me , I need a helper ,need to stand up again.no where to get at least a loan of 100k to continue with a POS business. Can't go back to poultry either, no wrk. V never wrkd under anyone. I'm down

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Agriculture / Re: How Do I Make My Farm Useful To Me. by Henrygood: 12:18pm On Apr 12, 2020
Why didnt you use wood?

What caused the collapse of the poultry?
d structure did not collapse buh d birds all died,No money to restart again .just need a link and a way out
Politics / Re: Buhari: The Lockdown Will Last As Long As Our Advisers Say by Henrygood: 8:46pm On Apr 11, 2020

Which kind wahala be this

I don already buy sniper keep sha

If there's no movement on Monday I won't have any choice than to ease this whole stress I don really suffer this life
pls don't ,my situation is worst Dan URS but hope will come

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Agriculture / Re: How Do I Make My Farm Useful To Me. by Henrygood: 6:38pm On Apr 11, 2020
You yes broused blocks to build poyultry farm?
Religion / Re: My Family Has Attacked Me So Much Spiritually by Henrygood: 4:28pm On Apr 11, 2020
[quote author=lepasharon post=88330601]
Are u sure,a guy who has spent alot to establish a poultry farm worth 3.4m is lazy.i v evidence dt d village people are are involved.need solution

Typical african man with blame games.

There is no witch or spirit anywhere making you fail.

Leave your family alone, YOU are the witch.[/quo
Religion / Re: My Family Has Attacked Me So Much Spiritually by Henrygood: 2:51pm On Apr 11, 2020
I am not in d family house.i v left d farm n now in d city.i need my life back.ote author=kunleweb post=88328270]

Guy relocate before you allow them kill you. Even if it's a room. With 50k you can relocate. Go sell your gadgets and move. Deliverance doesn't work when one remains in family's house[/quote]
Religion / Re: My Family Has Attacked Me So Much Spiritually by Henrygood: 2:48pm On Apr 11, 2020
Calm down

First things first leave everywhere your family can spot you, and move all your business activities form where you do it. Relocate even if it's a room and go stay there. And from there, go find any deliverance ministry, speak to the man of God. Go to MFM head quarters, speak to the pastors there, they will direct you accordingly.
don't v cash again.how do I relocate . started a POS with a little money my guy gave me. Buh d business started going down n d guy collected bck his money.
Religion / Re: Share Your Dreams And The Holyspirit Will Help Interpret by Henrygood: 2:37pm On Apr 11, 2020
Pls help ,I had a dream last night n in d dream , I saw d roof of my poultry farm in d village blow off by wind, in dsm dream going into d farm discovered dt dey was a casket dropped Dy by a friend.confroted him to carry it n he said he got it for his dad burial,forced him to carry it which he did. Pls wats d meaning n I v been struggling to go back n reopen my farm B4 dis dream after my first attempt saw me to owning alot of debts pls help
Religion / My Family Has Attacked Me So Much Spiritually by Henrygood: 2:26pm On Apr 11, 2020
Pls how do I get out of family attack,dey v put in place a spirit of set back in my career.my poultry farm collapsed after spending close to 3.4m ,part of which was borrowed .keep going into debt.have been to alot of prophetess nprophet but no solution. V fasted ,d last one I did seems to v wrked as alot of doors opened within a week buh closed less Dan two months.the prophets said d problem is from my family compound ,dat dey v done a blood sacrifice in seven water .dt anyone who tried to do deliverance for me must be strong or he or she dies. Pls I need help,final solution,can't go-to netive doctor as advised by friends.
Politics / Re: 5G: Dino Melaye Says They Are Threatening Him by Henrygood: 4:21pm On Apr 05, 2020
Dino should be arrested for excess stupidity and quarantined.

I have tried many times to understand how people came up with this nexus between covid 19 and 5G and have failed all the time.

I don't think any study have been taken to see if this covid 19 have another symptom that only exists as stupidity.

Because all these started from those places that have high mortality rate, maybe it affected many people mentally.
Brother ,has anyone told u or reminded of d fact u r not wise?

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Religion / Re: Testimony Of How A Herbalist Who Tried To Kill Me Died Instead Of Me by Henrygood: 4:16pm On Apr 05, 2020
This guy and fake stories. He is just making them up just to be on the front page.

Only you were attacked by marine spirit in your dreams. Only you battle herbalists. Only you with all the other stuff that u always write about.

Go through his profile and see all the ridiculous topics he has. About 100 of them. And let's not forget his second account too. This guy na entertainer. He is also a follower of the scamming TB Joshua. Don't take him seriously.
make sure brethren don't fall cuz of ya words.yes I v sinned buh not happy about it.i pray for grace to sever him .I don't know abt u


Crime / Re: Real Or Scam by Henrygood: 5:07pm On Apr 03, 2020
Remove your shoes, tie your belt stronger, get ready, oya, run; just don't look back even if it's your mum that told you otherwise.

Truth is, 95% of all forex/crypto trading ends in tears, and frustration of scams. They ll make u pay like 38k, 48k, 80, etc, as registration. they are all same... Pls, save ur money, invest in business u can see. Agro, food stuffs/supply, electronics, even someone's shop.

as in eeh ,d little money we I get ,no want loose itoo

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Crime / Re: Real Or Scam by Henrygood: 5:05pm On Apr 03, 2020

What do they do?
they r into loan n investment.u v to invest B4 yu get a loan
Crime / Real Or Scam by Henrygood: 4:53pm On Apr 03, 2020
Please, Nairalanders ,has anyone done business with Equity anchors globals. Pls are they legit? Want to invest with Dem. Got their contact from nairaland.pls help B4 anyone scams me.
Agriculture / How Do I Make My Farm Useful To Me. by Henrygood: 10:34pm On Apr 02, 2020
Pls ,help me out . I need a loan to run my POS business since my poultry farm business failed.Built d farm in Ebonyi state.How can I use it to get a loan from private loan lenders ?The POS business is doing well but, I don't v enough cash to move on.pls , anyone with an idea on how to get a short term loan from a private loan leader within Ebonyi state should help me abeg. Lost all my life savings to layers. D farm is in a village,its a nice structure ,used block from foundation all Tru. Pls understand ,I need d loan using d farm as a collateral.d structure is worth more than 3million naira. Just need a loan of 400k to pay in two months.tanx

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