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Religion / Re: What They Won't Tell You At The Abortion Clinic. by hercules07: 2:08pm On Dec 13, 2015

so what is your advice, they should open their legs wide, get pregnant and abort the baby? gosh!

your kind are the type that will impregnant a girl and give her abortion option...God is watching ooo

Abortion is a choice, if the woman thinks she can not deal with a baby, then she should abort it asap, the issue I have is it should be done in the first trimester.


Religion / Re: What They Won't Tell You At The Abortion Clinic. by hercules07: 1:49pm On Dec 13, 2015
The OP is not serious and is spreading false information, abortion is safe and is a choice of the woman, as far as I am concerned, it is the woman's body and she has the right to determine what happens to it. I am sure the points are copied from a foreign source in the US where the republicans want zero abortions yet, when the kids are born, offer zero support to the kid and mother, they will rather send the kids to die in wars or work for poverty wages in their sweat shops. Imagine people saying a raped person should have the baby, are you serious? What of a woman with ectopic pregnancy, you will watch your wife suffer for 9 months and possibly die because you are following a book written by a King who wanted to remarry?


Politics / Re: Oshiomhole's Baseless Diatribe Against Okonjo-Iweala by hercules07: 7:12pm On May 28, 2015
The excess crude account started before GEJ got there and he met over $10 billion there now he has emptied it. Obasanjo left $35 billion there
He DID NOT give approval for that at any rate why must he do it for the states why not save the FG's share

This is the question that needs to be asked, why not give the states their due and save your part, why cry more than the bereaved, NOI is nothing but a failure, it is people who have chopped or those who think their tribe person can not do wrong that will defend her.
Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 8:58pm On Apr 14, 2015

The big Kats is here.

Anyway, was the Owiwi war between Ijebu Kingdom and the Egbas, or just Remos and a few Ijebu towns Vs. Egbas?

The guy just put a big hole in my praise of the Ijebus, oya, Ijebus were weaklings, Egbas were the masters, but, why were the Ijebus supporting the Egbas against Ibadan when the Ibadans were actually defending an Ijebu town?
Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 8:57pm On Apr 14, 2015

And @ Hercules

The Egbas defeated the Ijebu and a portion of the Ibadan Army at Owiwi. The Egbas would later defeat the Ibadans during the Oniyefun war. The Ibadans would seek revenge for that defeat and waged the Jabara war. Even though Kurunmi was allied to the Ibadans, they were still defeated by the Egbas. The Egbas would later gain a military advantage over the Ijebu and had defeated the Ijebus and Ibadans during the Iperu war until Lakanle, the Ibadan war chief responded to a call for aid by the Ijebus. The Egbas would later defeat the Ibadans during the Ota war.

The Ijebu would not campaign against the Egba again and both would be on the same side against Ibadan during the Kiriji war.
It was the Egbas who stood up to Ibadan. No other side gained an advantage over the Ibadans.

I might have read it wrong then, are you quoting from Johnson's book?
Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 5:56am On Apr 14, 2015

You are not different from Ibo's that call Lagos no mans land.

Modakekes were Oyo refugees in Ife. They migrated to Ife after the fall of oyo. Alot of town rejected them but ife had no choice than to welcome them since they were children of oduduwa. The treaty was later disregarded after the British realized the other obas kept mentioning another great king in the Yoruba hinterland.

Yeah right, treaty was disregarded my behind. Modakekes were Oyo refugees but the Ooni that gave them refuge died and the one that took over became wicked and chose to drive them out, well, he got his behind handed to him.
Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 12:20am On Apr 14, 2015


Don't let Ibadan folks hear that looool.

Most of them don't even know the warriors were a combined forces of all Yorubas, but mostly Oyo folks. Hence they always tout the military might. But the Egbas and Ekitis/Ijeshas held their own against them. Especially the Egbas despite fighting on a next front against Dahomey.

Egbas are warriors though. tongue

Ijebus held their own not the Egbas, infact, some of the battles were Ibadan warriors defending ijebu towns against Egba/Ijebu warriors.
Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 8:41pm On Apr 13, 2015

We are debating here not arguing. That's unnecessary Sir.


Okay sorry, the current occupant just gets my goat everytime.
Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 6:28pm On Apr 13, 2015
Guy be humble enough to learn from that man you quoted.
Thats some true history lessons there.
The Alaafin is the paramount ruler of yoruba land... Egba.. ijebu ijesha Ekiti etc etc.
As for ur question... d answer is long ane im too lazy to type.
Im sure the guy u quoted will answer you.

The Alaafin was the paramount ruler of Yoruba land, but, you might want to remove the Ijebus from that list, they were not really part of Yorubaland as such, they were more concerned about Lagos and the Seas than the hinterland, the hinterland Yorubas were also more concerned about the North than the Seas, the Ijebus really guarded the sea jealously.

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Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 6:14pm On Apr 13, 2015

Struggle for superiority in order to undermine Ife is real.

There is no reason to undermine Ife, this is history. I do not care a hoot for Ife, as I have more affinity for the Ijeshas and Oshogbo peeps than Ife. We recognise Ife as the spiritual home but they have not born the Ooni that will deny the Alaafin his dues, the Modakekes were always deployed wink.
Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 6:11pm On Apr 13, 2015

Your history is prejudiced, you sound like Modakeke (though many of them are very liberal when it comes to the war debate)

Ibadan was founded by Ife man, Lagelu. Research it.

Post Lagelu period, Ibadan still had a recognisable size of Ife warriors who settled there.

Ibadan never sent charms to Modakeke, towns that emerged after collapse of Oyo did since Modakeke are Oyo. They still send charms, guns and mercenaries til now whenever the need arises.

Ife never had an army as it was never to be attacked. One of the reasons Ijebu looked out for Ife on a number of occassions.

Conquering Ife would not have meant much to Ilorin army since the seat of military was in Oyo. Who would leave the military to attack a defenseless spiritual city?

Anyways, the seat of military was conquered and Yoruba land dipped into chaos as expected till Ibadan army (conglomeration of warriors from all over Yoruba land) defeated the Ilorin army.

Who are you?

The Ijebus were not really Ife lovers, why should they be, they were more concerned about the sea than the hinterland, if Ife was that important, the Fulanis would have loved to overrun it. The seat of the King was in Oyo, the Alaafin was the paramount ruler of the Yorubas. Ibadan was founded by Ifes, Ijebus and Egbas, check out how many Ibadan people are Ijebus, the Ifes were kicked out because of their ways. I am an Ibadan man who knows that the Olubadan is not a first class king but we shit on the Ooni from a very great height. Awolowo was the one who promoted the Ooni by making Sir Adesoji Aderemi powerful.
Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 5:47pm On Apr 13, 2015


The silent civil war between Oyo/Ibadan and Ife folks on these sides is the biggest one since the Kiriji wars looool.

The ife people do not know that Ibadans used to send the Modakekes to chase them to the bush, it has happened like three times in the past. We can not lower ourselves to dealing with the Ifes directly, in Yorubaland, the Ijebus were our equals, the Alaafin the paramount ruler, ask yourself why the Fulanis were more concerned about Oyo than Ife, heck, it was the Ibadans that stopped them in Oshogbo and though the Baales of Ibadan were headstrong, they recognised the sovereignty of the Alaafin, even the British signed treaties with the Alaafin not the Ooni, Ife might be spiritual home but, where the King is, so is his palace, the Alaafin is the paramount ruler of Yoruba land, I will even have the Awujale before the Ooni.


Politics / Re: Picture Of Eleko Of Eko, In London, England Circa, 1950s. by hercules07: 4:57pm On Apr 13, 2015

Who made Olubadan a first class king? Loooooool. They nuked Yoruba culture with that, especially with a kingship that isn't really legit lol.

You don't know what a first class king is.

Shymmex and his Ibadan wahala, in truth, the Olubadan is not a first class Oba if we are to go by Yoruba tradition, he owes his allegiance to the Alaafin of Oyo. The Alaafin is the first of first class obas, he is followed by his brothers, as far as I am concerned the Ooni is not a first class Oba by our tradition, he is a babalawo or chief priest. The awujale should be accorded his rights as a first class Oba by Yoruba tradition as the ijebus were not really part of the hinterland yorubas and were great warriors.


Politics / Re: Barcanista And The Promise Of Ministerial Aide by hercules07: 8:12pm On Apr 01, 2015
Well, I think we have different motives for what we do here.

All my social media political comments have been based on my personal convictions, not for any pecuniary consideration.

I have spent personal resources on Buhari. In 2011, we Nairalanders rooting for Buhari raised close to N1m to sponsor radio jingles for him. We never expected anything.

This year, I spent close to 100k from personal resources for the Buhari project, sponsoring radio jingles for the General, just because of my belief in his ability.

I have never been approached by APC for anything and I don't want to. If anything, the two invites I got were from PDP.

One was from one of the TAN groups sometime in November last year to work for them. I rejected the offer.

I got another from Kwara PDP of a position if they win, I ignored too.

I accept his explanation that he may not have been offered any inducement to "port", but I think people without ideology and don't stand for anything are the ones that move from one camp to another. Consistency of political beliefs is key for me

I think what will help us is if these parties can articulate their ideologies, are they liberals, conservatives or progressive conservatives, once we have this, it will be easier to see those who are flip flopping, you can not be a liberal one day and be conservative the next, that is a no no.

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Politics / Re: Why Igbos Voted Jonathan - The Hypocrisy by hercules07: 12:20am On Apr 01, 2015

Internatioal airport I will not even touch? As for the people he appointed into office, they will soon all be private citizens in Lagos/Abuja and trying to warm their ways into the good books of GMB. I ask you directly, is the primary interest of the Igbos in just having their own in temporary possitions? Do you care about the lack of security in Igboland? What has GEJ done to address that? Do you care about the brain drain from Igboland? Do you care about the worsening crony-capitalism that is destroying the Igboman's natural competitive advantage? Are you concerned about the impact of the deepening corruption on our ability to project our enterprising spirit? or you just want Okonjo Iweal for Finance Minister and Ihejiriaka as COAS?

You have actually spoken well, Afam's post is nothing to write home about. The Igbos need to understand that having your sons and daughters in places of high position is not what you require, it will be better to have none and get developments than have some without anything coming to your region. One other thing that grates with most people is this air of superiority, why not allow others to say you are exceptional, those who can see will always acknowledge good traits when they see one. The Igbo nation supported GEJ in order to spite the SW and the North, the one thing they did not realise was that the SE vote is not significant in the scheme of things, a better attitude would have been to give some votes to APC and some to PDP, even if it is 4 to 1 or 3 to 2, thank God for the Okorochas and the Ngiges, I am very sure they will fight for the interest of their regions not their pockets, we need each region to be strong and formidable, no region must be left behind in our quest for development.

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Politics / Re: Jagaban by hercules07: 11:34pm On Mar 31, 2015

Well said.

Tell 'em, Sir. grin

You have gone ghost on these sides...Canadian weather, I guess.

Men, western Canada has enjoyed the warmest winter in quite a few years, I was working on a time zone that allowed me to post in the past, now I work on a time zone that is not compatible with Nairaland time. I also stayed away because of the thought processes of people on these boards, my dear brother, it is good to live in a country where sanity prevails.
Politics / Re: Jagaban by hercules07: 11:31pm On Mar 31, 2015

Madam, I am sure you can read. I said "Most"! Or didn't you see that there? Does the word "Most" mean the same thing as "All"? No one said it is fake. But there was no due diligence carried out before this company was selected. The selection was based on nepotism and crony-ism, if such a word exists because those governors were part of Tinubu's kitchen cabinet and signed on Alpha beta just to please him.

The Governor of Nassarawa is an APC guy, so what are you talking about? Only Abia, Imo, Enugu Akwa Ibom are not APC dominated states. So what is your beef? These are just about 4 out of 14 states, oh!

You are talking about a state government suing a company for claiming that it is one of their clients. How many governments have that time & energy to go after such petty claims? In Nigeria? Please don't make me laugh!! shocked shocked

Only you have evidence to confirm that what was stated in my previous post is inaccurate, please take a chill pill and do not argue blindly except if you are a shareholder of Alpha Beta. Maybe, then you can tell us how much your so-called consultants paid as tax to FIRS as well as in all the states where they won contracts.

Alpha Beta took an idea to the state, the internally generated revenue of Lagos was miniscule, they went to the State Government saying they will help increase the revenue of the state for a certain percentage, not meeting the target means they will not be paid, that was the term. Now, I hope you know that Alpha Beta did not collect tax on behalf of the Government, what they did was help identify those evading tax and bringing them to compliance, the state Government was the one collecting the taxes and I can authoritatively tell you that LASG used to owe ABC a lot, Tinubu might have stolen from Lagos state but it was not via Alpha Beta. Please also note that Okonjo paid debts and paid consultants a high percentage, Alpha Beta helped increase revenue, should they not be compensated?
Politics / Re: Jagaban by hercules07: 11:02pm On Mar 31, 2015

I don't know about this because he may not become a president of this country but will continue to make the Yoruba race relevant. Political leaders will no longer ignore the wishes of the Yoruba people and they know if they want to win the south west, jagaban is the man to meet. That is the mistake the Igbo people are making busy selling their conscience for a pot of gold.

Likewise I will keep insisting that he is greater than awolowo. Like it or not, he is the new face and leader of the Yoruba people; appreciate the man and make him more relevant.

He is not greater than Awolowo, infact, he should not be in the same sentence as the man. He is a good politician who can rally people around him, he is a very strategic and tactical, but, what Awolowo achieved in the 50s is just too much, his thoughts on governance and the foresight that Awo had on economy, commerce and law can not be matched by Tinubu.


Religion / Re: An Atheist Question For The Muslims..!!! by hercules07: 1:48pm On Mar 18, 2015

Thats clearly my question in the op... but i am waiting for him to come out.. let me hear what he has to say.. smiley

Though I do not care about religion, you need to know that we are talking about a thousand years ago, the culture then was for the female kid to be given out very early, I think they were treated as commodity, also, a lot of the marriages had to do with building alliances, something the western powers did as well.

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Religion / Re: Why Did It Take 2,000 Years For The Gospel To Reach Nigeria? by hercules07: 4:08am On Dec 27, 2014

Who is talking about Egypt and Ethiopia?

I do not often agree with all of your posts but on this, you are very correct, it is obvious that religion is a tool in the hands of the elite, it was a way to conquer and Christianity when fully dissected leaves a lot to be desired, we know the bible is flawed, how can God sanction slavery, how can Joshua go to war and kill so many people? I always tell people that if Joshua had lived now, he will be a war criminal.

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Politics / Re: Goodbye Okonjo Iweala... by hercules07: 11:30pm On Dec 21, 2014

You obviously have been quite observant, it was indeed the National Assembly members that always insisted on a higher oil benchmark. But, it wasn't entirely for a selfish aim, they were trying to checkmate the Governors. The logic is this, whenever we use a low benchmark, a lot money accrues to the ECA, which ordinarily should be a very good thing, but unfortunately for us, whenever we have a lot of money in the Excess Crude Account, the Governors and their Accountant Generals will setup camp in Abuja to harass the Federal Government to share it amongst all the states and the FCT.

The sad part of this development, is that any money shared from the ECA is extra budgetary (awoof), hence the recipients usually do with it as they please. Ironically, the NASS members who claim to be defending the public purse, have consistently failed in their oversight of the budget thereby rendering useless whatever, 'good' intentions they claim to have.

That said, I must say there is enough blame to go round; NOI has also failed in some of her duties. For instance, how many times, have the Auditor General's report been acted on? If you pick up the AG's report you will see a lot of lapses in the execution of the preceeding year's budget, yet the Ministry of Finance carries on as if nothing happened. What of the MDAS that are known to generate one form of revenue or the other, how much of it are they remitting back to the Federation account? Rather, they just spend it all and turn to the FGN (Father Christmas) to dole out money to them as usual.

Secondly, I also think she needs to take a closer look at the questionable template the budget office uses to arrive at recurrent expenditures for MDAs, because, that is what is ballooning our recurrent expenditure profile.

The Federal Government has no right to withhold the allocations of the states, the FG is not superior to the states, the constitution is clear about these things, the extra accrued should be shared in the ratio of 52/48 stipulated, the FG can decide to put all of its 52% in its own ECA while the states can decide to spend it on what they wish as long as it is legal, for the FG to unilaterally decide to withhold the funds is unlawful and illegal. The FG can encourage the states to setup ECAs for the rainy day, it has no right to forcefully do this. Can we ask NOI where the 52% of the FG is, if the states did not save their 48% what happened to the FG's share? NOI is nothing but a charlatan, someone who has not been able to balance the budget in how many years, where recurrent is almost 70% of the total budget with incredible oil prices for almost four years. Trickle down economy is what will kill this country, the FG is the greatest parasite of all, just collecting rent and outsourcing most of the real functions to the states who earn less combined than the FG, we should move to a trickle up economy where the FG gets part of income tax, some level of company tax while states and LGs get income tax, company tax and a certain percentage of the income on natural resources within their domain.

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Religion / Re: Why Didnt God Just Forgive Mankind Instead Of Killing His Son??? by hercules07: 12:05pm On Dec 02, 2014

ok now i get it God's characteristics also includes demanding for blood before he can grant remission for sin... ok good one... he is all good and all loving indeed

You are asking the wrong questions, the question should be, why the heck do I care what Adam did, I am not related to him and I do not believe he is my ancestor, the stories in the bible are mostly fables garnished with some truths.
Politics / Re: Nigeria May End Up Borrowing To Pay Salaries – Obasanjo by hercules07: 10:52am On Nov 28, 2014

Mumu Okonja was the one that rid you off your IMF obligatory payments, got your economy on a sound footing and is steadily trying to diversify your lazy minds of oil.

For your information, Okonja was a serving minister of finance under Obasanjo.

It was a dumb thing to pay back those debts, you had a nation with infrastructure deficit paying back close to $18bn at a go, what type of nonsense was that? We should have kept the debts and used the fund we had to restructure the economy, Saudi Arabia just built the second largest refinery with less than that amount, do you know the multiplier effect of such an investment?
Politics / Re: Nigeria Road Shame Makes Yahoo Homepage. by hercules07: 7:37pm On Nov 07, 2014
Hmmm, I thought the Chinese, Indians and others are smarter than the black man, i wonder why none of these smarty pants thought of shaming their Nation into doing better by plastering all their ills online for the entire world to pass judgment on them.

The Chinese are the stupidest they hide everything.

I am sure you know that people in Hong Kong are Chinese as well and we can see how vocal they have been in the last couple of days.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Road Shame Makes Yahoo Homepage. by hercules07: 7:07pm On Nov 07, 2014
Nigerian roads are bad, both at the state and federal levels, but, the greater shame should go to the FG, I am sure the total distance of roads at the Federal level is far less than that of intra city roads of 2 or 3 states combined, the FG gets the bulk of revenue in the country 56% compared to 44% for all other organs, there is no single justifiable reason for the FG not to over perform, those who are comparing a state to the FG are diminishing their arguments, FG has far less responsibility and more revenue than the states and its infrastructure should be top class.
Politics / Re: External Reserve And Debt Under Obasanjo, Yaradua And Jonathan Administrations by hercules07: 1:29am On Nov 07, 2014
Nigeria's debt profile from the 70s to now.

Politics / Re: The Many Lies Of Buhari And APC Supporters by hercules07: 1:21am On Nov 07, 2014
Foreign Affairs / Re: Barack Obama Finally Exposed As A Total Failure. God Bless America by hercules07: 3:18pm On Nov 05, 2014

Remind me of the Islamic terrorism explosion in this continent during bush's tenure? Because, I cannot remember one.

Why do you keep dancing around issues, I was talking about terrorism globally, the issue in the middle east spawned a lot of the terrorism we have now.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Barack Obama Finally Exposed As A Total Failure. God Bless America by hercules07: 3:15pm On Nov 05, 2014

Hercules07, please explain what a gerrymander is to this pretentious illiterate village billy goat.

He does not want to be educated, he has brought the same attitude he has to GEJ to this discussion, when saner people and most Americans are unhappy about Bush and his cohorts, he is telling us porkies here.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Barack Obama Finally Exposed As A Total Failure. God Bless America by hercules07: 3:08pm On Nov 05, 2014

It was NOT during his time that the Trade Tower was bombed, I'm talking about the 9/11 attacks. And he wasn't the one that spearheaded the Iraq's invasion to search for the non existent WMD, which has only brewed hostility of terrorists towards America. Even American government officials have owned up that it was a mistake. If anything, Obama should be credited for finding Osama.

Do not mind the guy, terrorism skyrocketed during Bush's time, Saddam was keeping Al-queda out of Iraq, Bush had to go in and destabilise the whole of the middle east, his business partners, the Saudis have been sponsoring terrorism in the Middle East for eons.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Barack Obama Finally Exposed As A Total Failure. God Bless America by hercules07: 3:07pm On Nov 05, 2014

The last republican in the white house was George bush. Please compare his administration as it relates to the continent to Obama, the man with your skin coulor, as you put it. Please remind us, how Islamic terrorism was treated across the world, till the appeaser in chief became President.

I can not see where I wrote about Obama being a man with my skin colour, we are talking about democrats and republicans not individuals. Bush put the Americans in the nonsense they are in now, he could not get Osama bin laden, he invaded Iraq and put the cost on a credit card, the great depression happened on his watch, the greatest attack on America happened under his watch, american embassies were attacked and people killed under his watch, please, Bush is the worst thing to have happened to the Americans in a very very long time, as per his policies towards Africa, he did not give a damn. Islamic terrorism exploded under Bush, for Christ's sake, the guy handled Iraq after the war like an amateur.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Barack Obama Finally Exposed As A Total Failure. God Bless America by hercules07: 2:57pm On Nov 05, 2014
the OP has a penchant for idolising grossly corrupt people so no surprises here. grin grin

I can not imagine anybody especially Africans rejoicing about republicans winning, the same set of people that have tried to repeal Obamacare 25 times in 6 years.

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