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Politics / Re: How Come Ijaws Are 15million People? by horsepower102: 4:38pm
I swear on God who made me, in all my years of staying abroad, I've only met one Ijaw person and that was far back in the USA during my Junior college year, one pretty girl like that. Apart from her, I've never seen any Ijaw person again... The Nigerians you are more than likely to meet and interact with anywhere in the diaspora are Igbos, Yorubas, Edo, and Efik/Ibibios in that particular order... the best way to ascertain if a tribe has a huge population is through the diasporan numbers of that ethnic demography... so when you put all these into consideration, you'll know there's absolutely no way Ijaw people are 15 million people, Efik/Ibibio definitely have more population than them abeg.

I suspect this is the case for most groups who actually travel around. It’s almost like their claimed population is false.
Actually it is.

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Politics / Re: How Come Ijaws Are 15million People? by horsepower102: 4:31pm
There is no single archaeological finding that points to ancient ijaw civilization in the Niger delta region. But you can find archeological findings of efik, Igbo, ibbibio, annang etc.

Just like the Fulanis, they are settlers that turned into occupiers.


Politics / Re: How Come Ijaws Are 15million People? by horsepower102: 4:24pm
And I have never meet anybody that is ijaw, is like they have something in common with Fulani which is lie and more lies

A lot of groups that they claim their lands are just tolerating them for the sake of peace but their day of reckoning is coming. And just like the Fulanis will answer to their evils, so would the ijaws. It’s just a matter of time.


Politics / Re: How Come Ijaws Are 15million People? by horsepower102: 4:18pm
The ijaws are the water version of Fulanis. They are not even indigenous to the Niger delta region as their language is not unified nor related to languages in the area. This is an established fact by linguistic studies.

They came to so many places that they occupy today as settlers who came to fish.

Just like the ancestral home of the Fulanis is futa jalon, the ancestral home of the proto-ijaws is in coastal Ghana regions.

Their minority status and low population is the reason why they have aggressive expansionists agenda and claim those who cannot understand them or related to them.

The only reason they made progress of this abuse is that they took advantage of the post civil war situation in Nigeria were the Fulanis rewarded them with maps that falsely expanded their territories.

So many groups that ijaws say are not Igbo or ibbibio or Annang. But when those groups speak their native language, no ijaw man or woman can understand what they are saying.

Even some ijaws cannot understand each other groups language without pigeon English.

Ijaw case is like butter when this cesspit ceases to exist. For now allow them to wallow in delusions on nairaland and inflate their population to 50 million.

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Politics / Re: Murray Bruce: Nigeria Need The Ingenunity Of The Igbos To Compete With The World by horsepower102: 10:56pm On Jul 23
If Nigerians truly believed that Igbo biafra would fail, they would have let Igbo leave a long time ago.

If Nigerians truly believed in themselves and their abilities, they would have let igbos leave a long time ago.

There is a reason why those Nigerians that hate Igbos so much also hate to see them leave.


Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Bini: Reno Omokri Destroys Uche Chuta In A Public Debate (VIDEO) by horsepower102: 2:34pm On Jul 23

It happened in 1951 na. Its not that far. Dennis Osadebay coined the term Anioma in 1951 on his own without anybodys consent. So such couldn't be a basis for Ika to drag the good people of Enuani into their personal slavery.
Asaba, Ogwashi-Ukwu Nri, Akwukwu-Igbo and the rest have always been known as Enuani from time Immemorial. So Ika should enjoy and maintain their slavery in peace

Thank you for saying this. Asaba and other enuani clans have always been comfortable with their Igboness. They never once claimed that bini nonsense.
I am Enuani indigene and was never raised to deny igbo identity.
See the progress Asaba is making today, there is a reason why so many south east igbos are developing the city. They feel at home at Asaba.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Bini: Reno Omokri Destroys Uche Chuta In A Public Debate (VIDEO) by horsepower102: 2:29pm On Jul 23

Nna, I want to give this saga time to germinate before interfering.
There was a time Ika people, Ikwerre, Ọgba, Ekpeye and Omuma trended that they are Bini. That they come from Bini royal lineage through one run away Prince or the other but the Oba of Bini and Bini Court made it clear to them that none of their Prince were missing but they didn't get the hint. They attacked their kins all because of the omen surrounding Ndigbo after the War.
Now, Bini and recently Mr Omokri have come out to prove that they were super power in the ancient time. To show visible proof of their subjugated/conquered people, they are now saying that they once conquered the afamed unconquerable which is the Igbo people. To give visible proof of it, they want to point out their slaves. Who did they point at? The same Self hating Igbo that said they are from Bini. That is the same Ika, Ikwerre, Omuma and Ekpeye
In as much as it is logical because the self hating igbo claimed to be under Bini but the circumstances of their position in the empire is not acceptable in the Royal Court. They claim to be offsprings of Bini Prince but now they are being told otherwise, that they are slaves not royalty.
The bad thing here is that the Bini and Itsekiri are dragging the entire Anioma into this nonsense forgetting that it is only Ika that wants to be enslaved.
Anioma was formed in 1951 so the Bini/Itsekiri should point towards Ika and leave the good people of Enuani alone

Exactly they should leave my Enuani people out of this nonsense. My people have never had any doubts about their Igboness including me.

Ika and Ukwuani people that is full of bini lovers and Igbo deniers are the ones that should defend themselves.


Politics / Re: Governor Ugwuanyi Inspects Site Of Enugu's Biggest Housing Project by horsepower102: 5:39am On Jul 18
Enugu on the beat. In 10 years time Enugu will be a totally different city.

There is:

1) Enugu Golf and lifestyle city
3) New Enugu city
4) LION business park

Enugu housing corporation is one agency that is doing amazing job within this administration when it comes to development and city planning


Politics / Re: Ibadan Vs Oba: Healthy Comparison: Pictures by horsepower102: 10:10am On Jul 17
Oba village is urbanizing just like Nnewi did.


Politics / Re: Ibadan Vs Oba: Healthy Comparison: Pictures by horsepower102: 10:09am On Jul 17
More pictures of Oba village.

Price of land in Oba has skyrocketed.


Politics / Re: Ibadan Vs Oba: Healthy Comparison: Pictures by horsepower102: 10:07am On Jul 17
Let me share some pictures of Oba that I saved last year.

Oba is a rapidly urbanizing village in Anambra state.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Vs Ikwere: Two Igbo Groups That Could Have Been In Competition by horsepower102: 3:55am On Jul 17
OP take a chill pill

Ikwerre are not Igbo and will never be.

The rest of Igbos have finally accepted that and moved on.

Time for you to do so.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 7:17pm On Jul 15

IPOB and MNK are really deluded people.
They have done us a whole lot of disservice especially on relationship with minorities.

On the other hand, even without knowing it, like this OP posits, they have helped many blind Ndiigbo see the Minorities on a more microscopic lens, even without knowing it.

And thats exactly why I owe MNK's IPOB so much gratitude. They forced the green snakes out of the green grass. Now Igbos especially the youths know better.

One thing I know about Ndigbo is that when they stand by you, they stand by you but the opposite is also true.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 7:12pm On Jul 15

No body planted any hate on anyone.

You people should stop deflecting responsibility from these people.

They are who they are. They already haboured those Igbophobia and only reached out to those whose interests aligned with theirs, which Happened to be the North and the British.
It was Harold Dappa Biriye who was visiting Saraduna and not the other way round.

We have to start dissecting these issues with clarity of mind and without sentiments or emotions.

Gbam!!! This bolded point needs to be stressed. The North and British wouldnt succeed if hatred for Igbos wasn't there already.

But Never again will we give brotherhood to the undeserving. Time to play hardball.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 6:58pm On Jul 15

I can't fault your logic at all.

Our support for GEJ in 2011 when we could have insisted he stepped down for the North to finish their tenure and hand over to SE is another case in point.

If we were ruthless enough and not sentimental. GEJ could have been thrown under the bus by us through declaring support for a Northerner to complete Yaradua tenure.
You can be sure that if the roles were switched, that's exactly what the SS would have done, you just have to look at the civil war and the presidential elections of 1979 and 1983 where they threw us under the bus to protect their own interests to get the gist.

I think going forward, alot has to change in how Ndiigbo relate with minorities and indeed the entire Nigeria.

It should not be about bitterness towards any group, neither should it be about solidarity or useless sentimental non existent brotherhood towards any group .
It should constantly be about protecting Igbo interests irrespective of who gets left in the lurch just to protect those interests.

It has already began. look at the PIB law that just passed. Did you hear one single resistance from Igbos?

When the coming generation comes to power, they will remember this time period. No more sentimental non existent brotherhood.

Just strictly Igbo interest whether under one nigeria or outside of it.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 6:45pm On Jul 15

I feel that they are just proud and just want to be in control of their own destiny they don't want to experience another nigerian situation in biafra.

You totally missed the point with your comment. It’s one thing to reject MNK’s version of Biafra but it’s totally another thing to spill vile and hatred towards igbos.

Most igbos support igbo only country but Nnamdi Kanu supports a multiethnic country. Being the loudest voice with a microphone, those who hate igbos saw it as the perfect excuse to unleash their venom.

But in the process, they exposed themselves.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 2:34pm On Jul 15
I wonder why you people will just fix your narrative plainly on social media jagons �.
There is no such thing as Igbo and Niger Delta hatred anywhere in reality.
What we have is ipob and Ijaw hatred.An average Igboman you meet does not infuse his time in senseless tribal bullcrap he is out there to make end meets and get good financial standing.

I believe what people say online over what they say in public.

Online people say their true feelings without mincing words.

In public, people pretend to be nice and put on their fake smile.

If you want to know how a group of people truly feel, meet them online.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 2:30pm On Jul 15
The point of this thread is that Ndiigbo are in a better place for knowing the true intents and feelings of their neighbors. This will hopefully put them in a better position to make good decision about their future. Whether they remain in Nigeria or not.

This wouldnt have been possible if MNK led IPOB didnt unknowingly expose this.

I feel that most Igbos now have a better sense of direction in pursuit of freedom.

This is a generational lesson but it needed to be learnt.

Bitter medicine helps to cure your illness.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 2:19pm On Jul 15
So some Igbos expected love from those minorities that you plan to annexe their lands and force them into a Biafra nation that they don't want to belong to? Do you guys think at all?

Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB movement was very inclusive but most Igbos wanted a nation of their own. Nnamdi Kanu happened to be very vocal about his intent but most igbos never liked that idea.

If today is not your first day on this forum, you should have known this.

Mind you, I am an Igboman from the south south.

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 2:07pm On Jul 15
Be calming down..
Jonathan Presidency made Niger delta .. especially the ijaws feel like they don arrive .. during the peak .. they started feeling like say Na their oil made Jonathan president ..

They became arrogant and started seeing themselves above igbos, smarter and looked down on igbos ..
brought one kind subtle hatred of igbos in ijaw especially bayelsa .. down to ijaws in southwest , those in rivers were very loyal to Patience till tomorrow. ..they started seeing patience as igbo woman that was controlling Jonathan ..
By the election year the saw that Jonathan has became a political orphan.. and igbos were only humans still loyal to him.

Part of the reason Asari supported Kanu 2015/16/17 till Buhari government start negotiating with Gej and considering them .. bought them over and made it seems like igbos were the reason why they kicked Jonathan

Na my people .. we know ourselves even for the bayelsa.

The good will Igbos once had for them and automatically gave them without any hesitation has gone forever. Most Igbos within the past 6 years have finally seen their true nature.

Unlike our parents generation that is very forgiving and forgetful, this current generation isn't. We are the ones that will run things in the future and our experiences will make us act differently.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 2:00pm On Jul 15

You didn't digest what he wrote properly.

Yeah I suspected he didnt understand where I was coming from....lol


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 1:58pm On Jul 15

I doubt IPOB or MNK did this knowingly.
If anything, IPOB and MNK were ignorant and frustratingly so, as far as relationship with minorities is concerned.
They practically stalled the movement by stupidly trying to accommodate obviously disinterested minorities.

No that was not MNK IPOB intention. But the unintended consequence was that it exposed the true feeling of minorities towards the Igbos.

This is something the average Igbo person had no Idea about.

This was an unintended consequence.

Remember, it is one thing to say you reject IPOB which any reasonable person would understand but it a totally different thing to use it as an excuse to spill and expose all your hatred for Igbos that you have been harboring for years.

Ndiigbo needed to know that that hatred exist and I cannot thank MNK"s IPOB enough for indirectly helping to expose it.

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Politics / Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB: A Blessing In Disguise For Ndiigbo by horsepower102: 1:36pm On Jul 15
Growing up in Igboland, we were never raised by our parents to hate any Niger delta minorities. Our feeling towards them ranged from seeing them as our neighbors to some degree our brothers. This is despite the role some of them played during and after the civil war. In fact when GEJ came out as a presidential candidate, the average Igboman took him immediately as their own. The Igbos embraced him so fast that the Ijaws were shocked because it went against everything that they were told about Igbos.

I would like to say that there were few voices of reason on this forum that tried for so many years to warn Ndiigbo about the niger deltan minorites and their feelings towards Igbos but so many Igbos ignored them.

But to God be the glory Nnamdi Kanu came along with his version of IPOB. This forced the average Igbo person to start paying attention. The first couple of years of IPOB emergence, many Igbos were shocked at the level of hatred that the niger delta minorities were pouring towards them. Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB unknowingly made average Igbos to finally see the true colors of Niger delta minorities.

This is a lesson Igbos needed to learn and finally they heard it loud and clear.

This Igbo generation will be different from their parents generation. Thanks to Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB helping to show them the reality.

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by horsepower102: 1:17pm On Jul 15

Shows that fuckall is happening in that state! The thread went into coma in 2015 after Chime left office!

Lets be honest, the anambra thread is full of fighting and insults and reposting of same pictures that we have seen a thousand times. That anambra thread should be only 300 pages if you delete all the nonsense going on there. Same with the imo state thread.

So I dont mind this thread being the way it is if people have no reasonable updates to post.


Politics / Re: Pre-olympics Exhibition: Nigerian Basketball Team Destroys USA Team by horsepower102: 4:42am On Jul 11
Basically an Igbo team beat USA for nigeria.


Politics / Re: Count Igbos Out Of Southern Stupidity by horsepower102: 11:12am On Jul 06
Some people easily forget that the 13% that they enjoy today to even have mouth to insult Igbos wouldn’t be possible if igbos didn’t stand by them to demand it.

But it’s okay.
Politics / Count Igbos Out Of Southern Stupidity by horsepower102: 11:07am On Jul 06
I see some people claiming that southerners are stupid for allowing the north to openly exploit us.

On a face value this argument sounds politically correct because it doesn’t single out any southern group.

But the reality is that Igbos in particular have been the single voice of reason in the south for decades about what the North plans to do.

The problem is that fellow so called southerners hate igbos so much that their ability to reason with Igbos is clouded by their hatred.

If Nigerian history has taught me anything, it’s is that Igbo are always made the villains when they voice the truth but eventually they always get vindicated.

Enough said.

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Politics / Re: Imo Predicts Economic Boom Over 43 Oil Wells Recovered From Rivers by horsepower102: 5:07am On Jul 06
Don’t celebrate too early. With the new PIB that just passed, who really stands to benefit?

Anyway better late than never.


Politics / Re: Youths Flee As Soldiers Invade Enugu Community For Sacking Herdsmen by horsepower102: 6:05am On Jul 02
Soldiers are now clearing the way for Fulanis herdsmen to roam free. Okay

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Politics / Re: More Than 20 States Experience Inter and Intra State Border Clashes by horsepower102: 5:57am On Jul 02
Because just like Nigerian border is a scam by the British.

State maps are a scam by the northerners led by GOWON.

Now people are confused about where their territory begins and where it ends.

Some are claiming other people ancestral lands because of the stupid state borders that make absolutely no sense

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Politics / Re: IPOB Finally Reveals The Reason, Their Leader Was Rearrested by horsepower102: 5:11pm On Jun 30

It's so because you guys bragging is so empty, if your commander in chief can cheaply be captured like this, it shows its all mouth without substance the power of your movement

Who is you guys? I personally don’t brag. I say things the way I see it. If people choose to see it as bragging that’s their business.

Fighting for one’s freedom from a hostile environment is what every sensible human being does. At least those that care about their future generations.
Politics / Re: IPOB Finally Reveals The Reason, Their Leader Was Rearrested by horsepower102: 12:31pm On Jun 30
The truth of the situation will eventually come out. For now let Nigerians have their celebration since Nnamdi Kanu is their biggest problem in life.

Some are celebrating his capture on empty stomach.

Some are celebrating even though their mothers and grandparents are under attack when they go to farm.

Some are celebrating even though they cannot travel in peace without bandits attacking them.

Some are celebrating while eating grass

Some are celebrating while their lives get materially worse.

Now Nnamdi Kanu has been captured, Nigeria’s economic situation will greatly improve. Average Nigerians will have better paying jobs. No more crowding of immigration offices to get out the country.

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