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Politics / Re: Many Killed As Bandits Hit Yet Another Village In Zamfara by Houstency(m): 8:34am On Jul 27
The never-do-well BBQGRLLZ mofo and his numerous monikers as well as comment or aka simplyleo, and other BMC urchins wouldn't rush to flood this thread, but would be gallivanting at the sight of Igboho or MNK. Simpletons

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Politics / Re: External Reserves Slip By $905.5 Million In June – CBN by Houstency(m): 6:57am On Jul 02

1. Increasing subsidy payments as it is becoming more expensive to keep fuel at a cheap price with rising oil prices meaning increase in the cost of refining fuel. Then subsidy makes it unprofitable to refine at home because domestic refinreis cannot set their prices and thus cannot make a profit on refining petrol here.

2. Oil has not been as high as we want it . We should have had oil at $133 for a balanced budget not the $80 it is ( breakeven price)

3. Because oil has not been as high as we want it to be we have to borrow to keep our heads above water. Paying back our debts is difficult.

Recall that the oil price has been volatile since 2014. Atimes it has been as low as $24 and as high as $80. Meanwhile our breakeven oil price rose from $122 in 2012 to $139 in 2017.and now $133. When oil is not as high as you need it you take loans to cover the difference
And then you have to pay back the loans.

4. Tax level low. Our tax to gdp ratio is 6.1%. Only 30% of the taxable population pays taxes. As such we are far more dependent on oil for everything (A big reason why NNPC boss Kyari is so insistent on subsidy removal is because it is taking a big bite from government revenues...meaning that government cannot spend money on other things until it has fed the subsidy monster)

5. Corruption and stealing at all levels of government. Inflated claims. Looting..Round tripping. You know the drill.

6. Failure to diversify the economy. Nigeria in particular loses billions to illegal mining. Agriculture is not at the level we need it to be to be a big exporter. And government talks a lot but does nothing. Rice pyramids does not mean that Nigeria has displaced Brazil and Thailand as a major rice producer.

7. Buhari. ( before anyone calls me his supporter which I ain't)

8. Insecurity, boko etc which drives off investors

Laudable points, no. 7 though should be no. 1, every other points could follow. Buhari and his team are simply inept and bereft of ideas, a good manager would work with what is available and not engage in wanton waste as it is ongoing in this dispensation.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 10:46pm On Jul 01

Does Twitter, Facebook etal have offices in the US?

If yes, why can't they have offices every where else they make money from?

Reasonable question, same can be applied to our leaders here. The foreign schools and hospitals they frequent do they have branches in Nigeria? Specifically, our number 1 citizen Buhari. It isn't convenient to pick one and throw out the other. Russian president even went as far ditching his German official car for a Russian made, let Buhari do same with Innoson or other Naija alternatives. Same for his frequent visits to foreign hospitals, as well disseminating information official here on Nairaland like he did with Twitter and Facebook we are maligning.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 10:41pm On Jul 01

The difference is just like comparing $100,000 to #100,000 naira. Yeah, the difference is that clear. Is buhari on Nairaland?

Don't mind the hypocritical beings. Simple question, prior to the ban and after the ban, let them answer the simple question is Buhari on Nairaland, what is Buhari's moniker? American president proudly uses twitter and Facebook and other social media platform. Buhari, not only brush aside the so-called Nigerian alternative he his holding onto, but comfortably using the foreign alternative they so malign simply because his posts was deleted.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 10:30pm On Jul 01
which alternative did Putin put in place? Mention one of his child that school in Russia.
Nigeria have nairaland as an alternative but they preferred a forieng company instead of developing their own. The US was build by it's citizen, what have You contributed for the growth of this country?
You are indeed a fool for insulting my president.

You know your name already from the post you quoted.
Only hypocritical useless people would defend every nonsense from him. Simpleton, both of you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 9:30pm On Jul 01

In what way have you benefited your country, keep crying whilst brainy foreigners keep cashing out

Did innoson, air peace make money from politics or abroad?

The very poor state of the Naira is down to your inferiority complex and lack of awareness and identifying opportunities. Since you want outsider's to do the heavy lifting for your whilst trampling on each other, creating shady businessess to get to the top .

Blame everyone but yourselves.. mumunis

You have nothing reasonable to say, hence you resort to name calling and insults. Wallow in your shallow mindedness. All what you outlined, where does your president visit for medical care after 6years in office, where does his kids school for a start? How beneficial are those institutions to our country? Do they pay taxes to Nigeria? Simply because his post was deleted, or he doesn't want any form of opposition, it becomes convenient to ban what is available, while the alternative they paid more than 130m, came up with crap. You are just uttering Owing to time constraints for both Presenters tonight, meeting has been shifted to 9pm.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 9:17pm On Jul 01

Cry cry baby, go and build an app. No government builds social media apps.

Self interest is important but since you hate your country so much, you'll find any loophole to discredit.


In what way has your love for your country benefitted the country Mr un-cry cry baby? We would still buy fuel for #300 soon, and exchange rate would still get to $1 =N1000.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 9:15pm On Jul 01

Did the American government create twitter?

How does the US government support Twitter?

Presently in the US, several states are already looking into how they would curtail the tech giants.

The problem with many of you is that you harbour self-hate and would never see anything good with your own kind.

Once it is from abroad it is good.

grin funny you, and the problem with you BMC folks is that, you are paid to see contrary opinions even genuine ones as hatred for the government you are serving.

And your last statement defines you more, why sought validation because the Russian president took an action? You are been hypocritical with the truth. Reasonable government support businesses, and it is evident in the way and manner companies are running away from Nigeria to neighbouring countries to build their African headquarters. No business would runaway from a country, with good investment environment!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 8:50pm On Jul 01

This forum you are on and Twitter, by how much are they different?

You have even affirmed my earlier statement with your comparison. Tell me your country's substitute for the other listed companies, let's not be clever by half and how well has the government of the day been supportive of them?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 8:44pm On Jul 01
If this was Nigeria, children of hate won't allow us hear a thing. I wonder how a private company would supercede a sovereign nation.

We know this decision wasn't a reactionary one as opposed to that of your feeble minded president Nigeria has got, simply because his post was deleted. Also, Russia have got alternative for most of those companies, which one have your country produced and how supportive have your government been towards them?

Russian president uses Russian medicare, his kids if any, attend Russian school. That's how to gain control over foreign companies. Where does Buhari visit for medicare and which schools does his kids attend? How are they beneficial to Nigeria and do they pay taxes or have branches in Nigeria. Also since he has banned twitter, he should proudly join Nairaland and disseminate official government information on Nairaland just like American presidents proudly use and promote Twitter, Facebook and other American social media companies. Only hypocritical useless people would defend every nonsense from him.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Signs Law Mandating Twitter, Facebook, Others To Open Offices In Russia by Houstency(m): 8:41pm On Jul 01
BMC work nor easy at all.

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Politics / Re: Alex Nwankwo 'Alexreports' Emerges Anambra Accord Party Governorship Candidate by Houstency(m): 8:36pm On Jul 01
Do not be discouraged by naysayers and underachievers above, who can't take risks but always ready to pull down risk takers. I wish you the very best and pray that you win. Congratulations and success ahead Alex.


Politics / Re: Wike: Mass Defections Will Rock APC, PDP By December 2021 by Houstency(m): 12:19pm On Jul 01

If you see a comment or screenshot on Nairaland that you don't like, just switch off your phone and shove it inside your as$ and stop disturbing sensible people here with your constant wailing.
grin grin grin

Are you any bit sensible?

Your usual gibberish, answer yourself. grin cheesy
Politics / Re: Adamu Garba Paid To Build Crowwe By CBN; Twitter Banned To Promote It by Houstency(m): 1:11pm On Jun 23
The useless NL BMC crew chanting sovereignty of Nigeria must be respected by Twitter, hope you guys partook in the largesse, cursed be you guys if only what you gain is the monthly 30k to defend nonsense while Northern Ballers are cashing out 24/7.


TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by Houstency(m): 11:48pm On Jun 17

The Wire hands down.
Arguably the best series ever.
Season three and four is something else. You just can't get enough.
Season one might be a slow burner, but you'll get to appreciate it more as season two unfolds. Season two and five might not be that action-packed but s2 tells the story in another dimension. While season five gave the whole series a conclusion.

Which site can I download it from? Thanks

In short, season 1 is about the street drug trade and its internal workings.
Season 2 is more about organized corruption.
Season 3 is about politics, gang war, and the aftermath effect/life of drug dealers.
Season 4 is about the effect of drugs on society, particularly education and adolescents.
Season 5 is about media/journalism and the effect of drugs in a large context.

Don't get too attached to any character, cuz the main protagonist of the series is Baltimore itself.

Barak Obama claimed that The Wire is his best series.
Enjoy, man.

I still have the full series on my PC, despite changing my PC three times.

Where can I download it? Thanks
Politics / Re: Monguno Is Threatening Life Of Abdulrasheed Bawa, EFCC Boss - Sahara Reporters by Houstency(m): 12:07pm On Jun 16
The NSA is very skilled in presenting the holier-than-thou attitude in the public. But in truth, I think the rot in the ONSA under him is worse than that of Sambo Dasuki (ex-NSA boss). Monies were spirited out recklessly, and this prompted the military hierarchy then as it was to effect some changes in the ONSA.

NL resident zombies, over to you to defend your Lord Saint Bubu. grin

Politics / Re: FG Has No More Job Vacancies, Buhari Tells Youths by Houstency(m): 7:47am On Jun 12
The president is right.

If you burn down the country, who will come and invest here.

Visit liberia, even after the war, nobody is investing there

Why didn't it affect his own Children, working at choice federal govt institutions? The way you zombies and dumbos talk, you guys need to be packed in one room and flogged mercilessly until una sense recover! Nonsese


Politics / Re: IPOB Planning To Hijack June 12 Protests, Cause Mayhem - CNG by Houstency(m): 6:34pm On Jun 11
The north and the presidency are really afraid of protest. Instead of them to address the problem, they are threatening the intending protesters up and down.
I pray tomorrow will not mark the beginning of the end....
Buhari has angered the entire South by his interview, any damage control interview on NTA will not.......

Not only the North, their Nairaland resident zombies like one Partisan mod here, the Manna dem with his numerous monikers, Simply as well with numerous monikers, Uztaz las las they would all be alright. They can't kill us all, and peaceful protests is our rights!


Politics / Re: June 12: US advises citizens in Nigeria ahead of Nationwide protests by Houstency(m): 5:22pm On Jun 11
Let every parent hold his child tomorrow. Nigeria is not a banana Republic where citizens do anyhow. The police have warned and they are ready to deal ruthlessly with nonchalant youths tomorrow. I am happy Igbos are not part of the charade tomorrow

You talk and reason like a simpleton. Is protest same as war to your ears? Get a life, keep enjoying yourself and leave those who aren't comfortable with the rulership of the country protest peacefully!


Politics / Re: Experts Fault FG’s Move To Licence Whatsapp, Instagram, Others by Houstency(m): 10:11am On Jun 10
These so called experts are beyond dolts. Do they not know they are already paying for the services of these social media Giants? Is data free?
A lot of them pay to promote their tweets or products as sponsored tweets.

Why are they talking stupidly? If Twitter can make money off the citizens of different countries despite being domiciled and registered in USA then they should be registered in the countries they are accessed in and also make money from.

This is simple common sense. You cannot be making money from Nigeria and paying taxes to USA. That is madness

Not difficult to spot zombies. Same way foreign shops, schools and hospitals visited by even Nigerian politicians, businessmen and children make money from Nigerians, so applying your skewed reasoning, let's have Bubu's hospital in U.K have a registered branch in Nigeria. Use your brain and stop defending nonsense with nonsense!

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Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-olu Commissions Ijede-Itamaga-Ewu Elepe Road by Houstency(m): 5:31pm On Jun 09

Ode, How many roads have been destroyed

If you can't appreciate it keep shut, oponu

Thank you for schooling that nincompoop, who engages in needless ethnic bashing!
Politics / Re: AGF Malami’s Screenshot Includes Crypto Trading Icon - The Gazette by Houstency(m): 1:10pm On Jun 09
Gazette and pettiness. Whoever takes the screenshot can manipulate it and to the best of my knowledge , both Twitter and crypto are not banned in Nigeria yet.

You see why they referred to you lots as idi**s earlier, are you Malami or his aide? let him come up with his defense..


Politics / Re: AGF Malami’s Screenshot Includes Crypto Trading Icon - The Gazette by Houstency(m): 1:08pm On Jun 09


But the moniker describe how you reason lol grin cheesy

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Politics / Re: AGF Malami’s Screenshot Includes Crypto Trading Icon - The Gazette by Houstency(m): 1:07pm On Jun 09
If you become minister today, you no go appoint aides abi?

Isn’t it common sense to know that these guys don’t personally handle their social media accounts (where’s the time to do all that?). That’s why they appoint SA on New Media and the rest!

The SA is the one probably trading Bitcoin!

Weak defense, it doesn't stand. Meaning, he his aiding and abetting the said aides since crypto transactions is already outlawed.


Politics / Re: Twitter Ban: The Position Of House Of Representatives - Femi Gbajabiamila by Houstency(m): 9:39am On Jun 09

Twitter made a statement in which they said they don't know President Buhari and which country he runs.

Twitter says they don't know President Buhari.
But they didn't stop there.
They also added that they don't know the country he is leading. In other words they don't know Nigeria.

You are sorry case, publicly exhibiting your shallow-mindedness for a wrong information. Anything to make your BMC agenda to agend. The said tweet you are holding on to, was false but no, not for you and your ilks, you must dish out propaganda. God help you with your Zomboid reasoning.
Politics / Re: Forceful Retirement Of 10 Top Army Generals Looms As Farouk Yahaya Becomes COAS by Houstency(m): 8:23pm On May 27
That won't be bad.. We have so many saboteurs in the top army and air force rank

Your usual nonsensical opinions, at a time we need our best and experienced senior officers to tackle the menace of insecurities, so a move to retire 10 Generals is okay with a daft human like you. Well done with stupidity!
Politics / Re: Naira Set To Hit N500 At Parallel Market After CBN Devaluation by Houstency(m): 8:17pm On May 27

Actually buhari met it at roughly 350.
The naira devaluation from 150 started at nearing the end of the Jonathan administration.

Chief chief Liar Mohd need to learn more from you!
Politics / Re: Naira Set To Hit N500 At Parallel Market After CBN Devaluation by Houstency(m): 8:16pm On May 27
The useless online urchins always defending Buhari's policies or appointments, one for you to come up with a thread. The good thing is, we are all suffering it together.


Politics / Re: SANS Fault Presidency's Attack On Grazing Ban, NEF Slams Buhari by Houstency(m): 5:31am On May 26
You don’t even have to be a SAN to know that there is no sense in the argument of the FG against open grazing. The right to freedom if movement is not an absolute right, it doesn’t cover the right to illegally enter or occupy people’s properties (farms) and destroy them.

It’s so unfortunate that Buhari is now surrounded by ethnic jingoist who prefer the country to burn all in the name of promoting an ethnic agenda.

Oga stop playing to the gallery, who surrounded Buhari with the Ethnic Jingoists? Buhari is culpable, hence should take the fall for everything worse bedevilling the country, his open nepotistic tendencies, tacit support for Killers, Bandits and Terrorists alike, very poor communication skills and looking the other way when his tribe is carrying out genocidal missions. The good thing is, you know the truth but trying to downplay the severity owing to your tacit for support for the government of the day (which you are entitled to and I respect that). The truth though need no dress rehearsals!

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Politics / Re: Lauretta Onochie: Igbo Leaders Responsible For Insecurity In The South-East by Houstency(m): 8:42pm On May 07
Yes o! Like the IPOB terrorists senator Abaribe PDP is using to recruit terrorists against the progress of Nigeria because of 2023 election . They are losing.

Same scripts your party APC used pre 2015?
Crime / Re: Bandits Kill Journalist, Abduct Many Travellers In Katsina by Houstency(m): 12:48pm On May 07

I am not denying that there is insecurity. Everyone is worried.

But how did it get so worse in such a short time?

There is something political going on.

There would always be something political pal, can you state in clear terms that you are satisfied with the handling of the security situation by the President? A president that offer soft spot and cash rewards for bandits, kidnappers, Boko Haram and their apologists, has his hands written all over the insecurities bedevilling our nation.
Crime / Re: Bandits Kill Journalist, Abduct Many Travellers In Katsina by Houstency(m): 12:34pm On May 07
It is becoming clearer every day that these attacks are politically motivated.

Some persons want to distract and destabilize this government.

May their ends come quickly in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!!!

Aren't you being delusional and a hypocrite? Until it gets to your immediate family, perhaps you reason clearly.

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