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Religion / Re: 12 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening by iamnlia(m): 7:27am On Oct 09, 2019
Here is the link. lemme guess you will get either INTJ or INFP


Religion / Re: 12 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening by iamnlia(m): 6:51pm On Oct 08, 2019
Let's say you stopped absorbing people's emotions.. Have u taking MBTI personality test? What did you pass for?

No I did not.

I'm just hearing of it for the first time.
Religion / Re: 12 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening by iamnlia(m): 6:43pm On Oct 08, 2019
Are u empathic?
Used to be.

Now I have a total lack of empathy. It just happened
Religion / Re: 12 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening by iamnlia(m): 5:22pm On Oct 07, 2019
Page not found??. I'm having some kinda synchronicity this days. It all started when i took MBTI test and i passed for INFJ, my search for deeper meaning led me to this Spiritual awakening. Been having weird dreams lately, seeing weird numbers on the clock repeatedly, 11:11, 11:22, 4:44. At first i thought it was all coincidence but it's the signs are becoming too much for me. I found this thread today being 11th September, this thread runs between 10-11th September 2014 and I'm posting this exactly 11:35pm.... WTF is going on? Why me?. I'm loosing my friends. I no longer call or text like before, infact these days i find socializing boring these days.... I might not make sense but trust me this is real. damn!. I searched through FB groups and saw other people going through this spiritual stuff and i resonate with everything they post there, what surprised was that i couldn't find a single Nigerian in all those groups and pages, i have come across two African A south African and a Cameroonian that resides in US. Trust me this is different from all these Alfa and diviners i see in Nigeria... Abeg i don rant too much. I told my friends and were all looking at me like one crazy guy, since then i stopped telling them. Abeg biko pardon my grammar. MizMyColi
Me too.

Mine stopped around July but I've seen three this afternoon alone.
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 12 by iamnlia(m): 2:34pm On May 01, 2018
Yes my man, I have missed you
I ran from nairaland, Twitter got me.
Thank You smiley
Yes my man, I have missed you
I ran from nairaland, Twitter got me.
Thank You smiley
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 12 by iamnlia(m): 2:33pm On May 01, 2018
Guys, if you play c.s and player to score, also add the correct score only option to boost the odds.

E.g: Real Madrid vs Bayern
- Müller + 2:1

-Lewandowski + 2:1

- Correct Score 2:1


Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 12 by iamnlia(m): 2:24pm On May 01, 2018
Done bro, happy new month. I dey shine my eyes somewhere

Make I drop too?

Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by iamnlia(m): 9:45pm On Mar 22, 2018
Do you guys sometimes feel hate vibes from the people you call friends because I've been feeling this thing for 4 years now.

For example I'm as versatile as an octopus and basically like a jack of all trades but when I do stuff, people get annoyed for no reason.

When I entered school new, I normally used to explain stuff and how things work on a basic and ABC level but people will be carrying face like fufu till the day someone actually told me it was annoying and so I stopped being elaborate.

A few days ago, we were in the same room and I jokingly told someone to stretch his hand for palm reading and just like that they started down talking and sulking. I always wonder if this is peculiar to me or if y'all feel it because of the general quiet nature.

Also, that challenge of talking to one new girl everyday is fading oo cry cry , it seems my problem is ice breakers cos I can maintain a discussion but starting one is my problem angry


TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by iamnlia(m): 11:45am On Mar 16, 2018
Just finished DARK.

This has to be the most mind bending series i have watched so far. It is way way better than stranger things and has far more depth.

I don't even know where to start. It left me with one answer to a question I have often asked myself. Does the action we take shape our lives or are we scripted to take such action that will in turn shape our lives. This series makes it painfully obvious that no matter what, it's all scripted/fated no matter how hard you try. As a matter of fact, the harder you try, you are actually speeding up the inevitable. It is just mind boggling.

But this series leaves me with one question, if the device's blue print that made the black hole was given to the watch maker by Claudia, where did Claudia get the blue print? And since Jonas didn't take the instrument along, where did he get the one he took back to the watchmaker to fix? I guess season Two will answer those questions.

I think Jonas got the old device from the future and took it to Tannhaus in 2019 to repair but he didn't know that Tannhaus already had the one he made in 1986 for Claudia, Claudia also got the blueprint from the future and took it to 1986 so Tannhaus could build it. Thus, if Tannhaus didn't make the blueprint in the future, he wouldn't have been able to build it in 1986.

The past influences the future and the future influences the past. A time paradox.

The one that finished me was how Ulrich in trying to save his brother and his son went back to 1953 and forgot the phone that will be used as an electromagnetic device to facilitate the creation of that black hole which still led to the disappearance of his bro and son and also when Ulrich tried to kill and hide Helge in 1953 to prevent his bro and son's disappearance but managed to hide him in the only place he could enter the future from whence he would proceed to kidnap Ulrich's son and bro.

Everything na time paradox for that series.
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by iamnlia(m): 11:01am On Mar 16, 2018

Not even the ending of dexter season 4?
Or the ending of white Christmas and shut up and dance(black mirror)??

No, the last episode bleeped me up for days and added to the fact that the storyline events are admissible under mainstream science.

Lol, my brain went up in flames when I heard "Ich bin Du"
Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by iamnlia(m): 9:11pm On Mar 15, 2018
Looking at some videos Youtube recommends for me can be so disappointing grin grin. Like Wtf have i been watching that would make them recommend this? sad angry

Abi, some are great and some are outright weird.

Subscribe to Ralph Smart's channel, it's called Infinite Waters. That channel will help if you ever try realization of self.


Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by iamnlia(m): 12:12am On Mar 12, 2018

Wow grin grin

This will help https://www.nairaland.com/2893475/dating-drills-guys-only/180

By the way, what led to atheism?

I spend a lot of time alone and I'm addicted to my phone and always reading articles as opposed to social media presence, I think that the more knowledge I got, the more I decided to question my reality.

Also, the more you stay alone, the more you live in your head.


Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by iamnlia(m): 12:08am On Mar 12, 2018

Cool stunt you're pulling bro.
I'm INTJ but came across this idea of speaking with @least one girl a day.
First Lagos attempt was last week. See me,
'I'm Charles', 'I'm Patience' and quickly concluded the convo 'I'm rushing to work'
Babe! Help a guy now. Which kind dropping be that one. I'll keep pushing shaaa. But why does everyone in Lagos look strange to the other (like say ah be thief)?

Wait o, you just approached her with "Hi, I'm Charles"??. I always thought that I needed witty icebreakers. My main problem is that I don't share interests with a lot of people here. I wonder how a girl will feel if I start discussing Quantum mechanics or the solar system. Maybe that kind of discussion will fascinate the right girl.


Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by iamnlia(m): 2:50am On Mar 08, 2018
Guten morgen mein freunde! grin grin

So I've shut myself away completely since mid December, I actually developed an interest in certain fields and decided to pursue that knowledge cheesy, for the large part of 3 months I've been chowing esoteric stuff, physics and cryptocurrencies but recently I started feel emotional and kinda depressed cry crybecause I was really lacking any human contact and I started feeling that I may actually be masturbating too much angry, in fact the hostel I live in is like Sodom but yet mans got nothing embarassed . Recently, I got new neighbours and both girls but no liver to go and knock on that damned door embarassed , so one day I just walk up and knock, my heart proceeds to betray me but my liver was steadfast cheesy and I sha borrowed matches from them, the next week I asked for matches again and they gave me the whole box grin. After a week, I said Bleep it and doused myself in lean and knocked on that door, when she opened, I asked to come in and she obliged cheesy, I sha sat there looking at her diary while she talked with a friend, when I was about to go I decided to try that wierd thing where you make an assertion or prediction about someone based on what you know. The wierd moment was when I got it as she gave me that face people give full on wierdos. I was devastated cry, who send me undecided, then I crowned it all when I just went to her house to ask for rizla that I didn't need (don't blame me, mans was starved of human contact).

So three days ago, I made a decision to talk to 3 females daily, preferably strangers. I have a new book for writing down pick up lines for myself, I also need to learn how to manage convo and have located threads on Nairaland that will help me. Hopefully my relationship with people will improve and I strongly hope I don't fall into isolation again. A barrier may be my inability to extend small talk and I have very different taste in things like How everyone loves trap music while I love classical and house music and I'm sort of the only non-theist around.


Religion / Re: I Want To Leave My Father's Deeper Life Church. Is It Right? - Pastor's Daughter by iamnlia(m): 1:16am On Feb 18, 2018

Careful Sis
I perceive you feel honestly justified until you reverse the table and see your own child doing exactly the same for you.

At that time, your views would be ultraconservative to your child. Like
"...Satan is a morning star: I want to be going to the Luciferian Church.

You will then most likely feel like your parent felt when you declared your independence

LOL, Your analogy is still flawed.
I'm sure you'll feel joy when you see a child from an islamic home converting to Christianity, by then you'll forget that a child should be his parent's minion.

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TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by iamnlia(m): 2:40am On Feb 07, 2018
There's a series from Netflix I heard about, name's "DARK". I heard it's like stranger things but it's better although the series is in german.

Also heard of "FAUDA", also from Netflix with an Israeli intelligence theme and the series is in Hebrew.
Religion / Re: ChitChat on GOD, The Architecture of Life & its Universe (Derailing Encouraged) by iamnlia(m): 6:55am On Jan 31, 2018
I just had my first lucid dream 5 minutes ago during my morning mini sleep, the moment I realised I was dreaming the whole reality changed. It was instantaneous, after that I became conscious that I was asleep and I had that paralysis associated with sleep.

Before sleeping, I watched a video on the symbolism of Saturn. So mind boggling that I shed tears.

More knowledge to us, indeed we live in a matrix.

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TV/Movies / Re: Where Can I Download Movies In Mp4 720p Format by iamnlia(m): 1:29am On Jan 27, 2018
thepiratebay dot org

This is a torrent site, if you don't feel the need to learn about torrents then use showbox app.
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by iamnlia(m): 1:21am On Jan 27, 2018
See as I dey find good movie, na only Shape of water wey I see.

Say no to rubbish movies.
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by iamnlia(m): 4:59am On Jan 25, 2018
Professor Marston and the wonder women ... a movie for sapiosexuals... Educational.

I still don't know why whites forbid polygamy, i think i am going to write about it one day in romance/family section.

What a movie!


Most people may not like the movie because of certain portrayals but I loved it 100%
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Nairaland Fantasy Premier League 2017/2018 by iamnlia(m): 4:29pm On Jan 20, 2018
See as Arsenal turn gold.
Health / Re: I Took Abortion Drug, But Didn't Bleed, Am I Still Pregnant? by iamnlia(m): 3:07pm On Jan 17, 2018
If God stamps "PERMANENT "...My sister not even Mifepristone will do the work for,av been there,done that...my own even pass ur own,but today My daughter is 3months,no regrets

Depends on when you took the mifepristone, mifepristone at 1-3 weeks will work 97% of the time.
Religion / Re: END Of SEARCH - Matrix Decoded by iamnlia(m): 3:27pm On Jan 15, 2018

Invite me to join you, it will be fun trying out that brew, I heard a lot about Ayahuasca, and the shrooms.

Lol, yes I will but from what I'm reading it's best to go to Peru for the ceremony but I found a site where I could buy the ingredients for around $60 and I'm definitely buying.
Religion / Re: In The 14th Century & Beyond Africans Never Knew They Were Unclad by iamnlia(m): 3:52pm On Jan 14, 2018
the original settlers weren't black.
So what were they?

These same Europeans were barbarians, killing each other on daily basis. The civility in Europe came from Rome and ancient Greece, in Rome they didn't even have soaps for bathing.

Where were the Europeans when there was a university in Mali, when the Bini Kingdom thrived?

Every continent had naked men, men who had a simple way of life devoid of conflict.

While the world was at the same level of development, the Europeans came with war and conquered peaceful places.

The Europeans especially the English went to war and annihilated most populations.
Religion / Re: END Of SEARCH - Matrix Decoded by iamnlia(m): 4:32pm On Jan 13, 2018
I think I'm geared for my first ayahuasca trip
Religion / Re: END Of SEARCH - Matrix Decoded by iamnlia(m): 1:22pm On Jan 13, 2018

Energy is a vital core of God (1/3 of him according to trinity stuffs)...just as energy is a vital part of you.

According to Hebrew texts, what the Bible calls "Spirit of God" is called Ru'akh (or something close to what I spelt)...it's called "Life Giving Energy"

Never mind though...I'm not into religion anymore. Religion would eventually corrupt the TRUTH by mixing it with cleverly packaged lies and errors and eventually turn into a tool of deception on the minds of many...

maximum respect bruh.

Very sound arguments, I've learnt something.

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Religion / Re: END Of SEARCH - Matrix Decoded by iamnlia(m): 12:38pm On Jan 13, 2018

In all sincerity, I love your fearlessness for death. If humanity can conquer this fear...then there's no limit to what can be achieved.

My attitude to death is neutral. I don't tempt it, neither do I fear it. I just see it as one of those unavoidable destinies in this temporary realm of existence.

Death is a transition from this temporary world full of chaff and illusions to something even more tangible.

That doesn't mean I'm not after the good things of life...but I know these good things are not the permanent answers to the fulfillment every human consciously or instinctively seeks

Do you ever feel the need to press the off button?
Religion / Re: END Of SEARCH - Matrix Decoded by iamnlia(m): 12:37pm On Jan 13, 2018

Since we don't know the limit of this God...I'd rather we leave that as another mystery that has no answers for now.

Unless you have facts and data to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Eternal Creator (I'm more comfortable with this - "God" sounds more religious) has a limit...please share your thought process on how you arrived at that conclusion...

On a side note... I wanna ask, is Universal energy limited or infinite?

From a 3D perspective, it's infinite
Religion / Re: END Of SEARCH - Matrix Decoded by iamnlia(m): 11:43am On Jan 13, 2018

And that's where you get it wrong. The existence of God doesn't stop you from using your brain and mind at all...

But then, there's a limit to the knowledge you can get in this temporary realm of existence...because of DEATH...

There's another way out though...if we all fuse our minds through intellectual and enriching discussions as opposed to needless arguments...we would stand a better of chance of understanding things collectively as opposed to individually...

But then..the collective knowledge of the entire human race is still not sufficient enough to decode all mysteries and unanswered questions which only for now...the Eternal Creator knows the answers...

I get you but I don't subscribe to the idea that god is unlimited. The unlimited argument breeds rigid logic.

Death fascinates me.
I literally have a vial of otapiapia waiting in my wardrobe, like I lost all fear of death in a few months.
Religion / Re: END Of SEARCH - Matrix Decoded by iamnlia(m): 9:40am On Jan 13, 2018

Per the bolded...I was thinking the same way too...until I realized that, it makes no sense to question a Supreme being who can see how radically different (for better or for worse) the future would be if certain actions are not taken in the present or in the past...

For example, your existence or my existence would have "justified" the actions of our maternal/paternal ancestors who might have committed genocides on other tribes and communities to preserve themselves...

Another example...if an English soldier made the decision to kill a wounded Hitler in WW1, perhaps there'll be no WW2 and Germany would be a shithole. If God or the English soldier had killed a "young and innocent" Hitler in WW1, head or tail...God will still be blamed for humans' actions and inactions.

Whenever God intervenes or acts in certain "bizarre" ways, it doesn't make sense because there's a limit to what we know about the past or future...

But God is the past, present and He knows the distant future. He that has created Heaven and Earth, Time and the wonders of the Universe knows all there is in it. It makes no sense to use the mental capacity of an ant to judge the ways of a human being...same applies to using the limited mental capacity of a man to judge the ways of an all knowing Eternal tor.

This your logic sef get plenty k leg.

The infinite god argument makes people not hungry to know, they just decide that you can't question.

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Travel / Re: Countries Your Nigerian Passport Can Get You Into Visa-free by iamnlia(m): 3:58pm On Jan 12, 2018
See people above spewing trash, I'll dump Nigeria for Cape Verde or Maldives 100 times over.


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