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Education / Re: FUTMINNA Student Builds A Car As His Final Year Project (Video) by ikechukwu150: 8:54am On Jul 02
Rotten pussy���...
I spit...
You no get enough sense..
Your name says it all.
These kind of news does not make sense. Any technical oriented person with enough money to by parts can assemble any car.

To think the assembled car is not even on par with the state of the art car designs undecided

He won't pass as my project student with this.

Let him attempt to make a light bulb or even the smallest car part from scratch and I would gladly pass him for just attempting to make something from scratch-- not all these assembly and stuff.
Politics / Re: June 12: Fight Breaks Out Among #IstandWithBuhari Protesters In Abuja by ikechukwu150: 3:41pm On Jun 12
How much did they pay these holigans..
May God Bless Nigeria...

May God Bless Buhari..
Politics / Re: "Twitter Suspension? I Will Keep That To Myself" - Buhari by ikechukwu150: 11:46am On Jun 10
You're a disgrace to this country
Hmmm. He is a wise old man. Since Twitter has reached out to FG, let's allow them to sort it out and in due time get an update.
Unlike his enemies who hate him because of his tribe,religion and stand against corruption , he is calm and wise in all situations, he is not corrupt ,proud ,arrogant and loquacious like them.
God bless President Muhammadu Buhari. God bless Nigeria.All the enemies of Nigeria will lose las. They always lose yesterday, today and for ever. visit www.freestuffsng.com to hunt for freebies. May God bless my fatherland Nigeria.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives In Lagos by ikechukwu150: 11:42am On Jun 10
Mugu spotted
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless our democratically elected president, GCFR Muhammadu Buhari.
God bless Lagos state.
God bless all well-meaning Nigerians.
God bless me.


Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives In Lagos by ikechukwu150: 11:41am On Jun 10
God will punish you and whatever gave you the audacity to say that...
long live the president.

how come the helicopter did not crash.

young people should understand this president very well. he means well for us all.

he might show special preference for his own people, fine and good. human being are like that, we are sentimental creatures.

let us just support him and bid him farewell.

leadership is not easy, ordinary chairman of lay readers wanted to blind me because I asked him some questions.

half of those idiots who condemn football players on screen will fumble with the ball in real life.


Phones / Re: What Is The Most Expensive Phone You Have Ever Bought And How Much by ikechukwu150: 9:42pm On May 19
Browse it
oga how much
Crime / Re: Suspected Yahoo Boys Protest In Osogbo, Osun Against EFCC Harassment by ikechukwu150: 3:54pm On May 18
We are coming for you..
They should all be rounded up.

Youths of no tomorrow
Phones / Re: What Is The Most Expensive Phone You Have Ever Bought And How Much by ikechukwu150: 3:50pm On May 18
Samsung galaxy s20 ultra...
Phone is mad.
I've been using it for two months now, I haven't even been able to access the phone features.
I'm going for s21 ultra soon.
Thank you Samsung.

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Politics / Re: Father Mbaka Is Missing: Ohanaeze Raises Alarm, Gives FG 48 Hours To Produce Him by ikechukwu150: 1:11pm On May 05
Guy you talk too much...
Nawa o,must you make joke out of everything. Fr Mbaka is the only priest that has stood up against the government and yet you don't appreciate it.
Anyway who cares if you appreciate or not,just try and shut up when you don't have anything meaningful to say!!
Broke ass Nigga claiming to know wassup
Damnnn niggarrrr

Mbaka abi na Ngbeke just dey one side dey drink origin bitters


Politics / Re: Dr. Betta Edu: "Build A Statue For Everyone Killed At Lekki Toll Gate" by ikechukwu150: 4:59pm On Oct 23, 2020
Rochas will be smiling now cheesy
This one weak me..

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Politics / Re: EndSARS: Lagos State Police Command Reacts To Attack On RRS Operatives by ikechukwu150: 3:33pm On Oct 19, 2020
Crime / Re: EndSARS Protests In Nigeria: Funny Placards And Photos by ikechukwu150: 11:33pm On Oct 15, 2020

Why you too serious?

This thread is a thread for laughter n letting out steam. If you have beef with Sowore go n look for him. Don't derail this thread.
I bottle of Heineken for you.

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Crime / Re: Why Calls For Sars To Be Ended Are Unnecessary by ikechukwu150: 10:44pm On Oct 15, 2020
I think you have a point, even if they ban SARS Nigerian police is still there to terrorize us, we are in deep shít
God punish you and the OP...
Una no get sense...
Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: I Was Beaten & Arrested By SARS – Beverly Osu (Photos) by ikechukwu150: 10:38pm On Oct 15, 2020
Please add Crayfish to that indomie...
Celebrities / Re: EndSARS Projected On Church Screen During Service by ikechukwu150: 11:28am On Oct 11, 2020

I notice say your post no day too get likes again for nairaland land
guy you get fault
Culture / Re: Man ‘arrests’ Nsukka Deity For Making His Business Fail (photo) by ikechukwu150: 10:25pm On Sep 29, 2020

He failed Leah Sharibu.
Talk what you know man.
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: Kiddwaya Evicted From The Big Brother House by ikechukwu150: 9:32pm On Sep 13, 2020
what's simps and alpha in a layman dialect?
educate us....
Religion / Re: When Last Did You Pray For Your Enemies? by ikechukwu150: 4:47pm On Sep 06, 2020
I don't have any enemy I am aware of...

Me laughing at those who have been wasting their time praying against their enemies, no matter how many they are, remember you are also their enemy.

If you want God to answer your prayers against your enemies, then your enemies prayers would strike first cos they are more than you

do you understand what you are saying at all,i mean are you Ok at all?
Education / Re: What Took You To The Principal's Office In Secondary School? by ikechukwu150: 8:57pm On Sep 05, 2020
caught looking porn magazine wey jude been smuggle come skul, all boys don go piss( that was the lie we used) and when it was my turn to go urinate at the back of the class, i didnt kno dt our wicked teacher suspected and followed me she caught me red handed looking at the porn magazine..
wetin pain me pass be say my short stick was still standing strong no gre fall till when we reach headmaster office, how i wan take defend dt case??
Ehya...your case strong oo,so how the matter come end?
Crime / Re: Aboubakar Hima Declared Wanted By EFCC For Contract Scam & Money Laundering by ikechukwu150: 7:37pm On Aug 24, 2020
Lol.. Abuobakar scam Nigeria government.. lol.. they will get him.. the government doesn't like competition.
you mean competition of the most corrupt country?

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Crime / Re: "Lady Tried To Touch My Manhood In A Car & Her Boyfriend Slapped Me In Ibadan" by ikechukwu150: 1:55pm On Aug 23, 2020
[quote author=TooGod247 post=93121789][/quote]Ogini means What
Crime / Re: "Lady Tried To Touch My Manhood In A Car & Her Boyfriend Slapped Me In Ibadan" by ikechukwu150: 8:39pm On Aug 22, 2020
Male model?
Waiting for who exactly?

Moreover the guy is not wrong calling you gay?

Your story get k-leg from beginning

who are u waiting for in a restaurant that didn't show up?
A very nice question..some people can ask sha


Crime / Re: "Lady Tried To Touch My Manhood In A Car & Her Boyfriend Slapped Me In Ibadan" by ikechukwu150: 8:35pm On Aug 22, 2020
my guy u are a gay, woman hold ur joystick ur reject are u rightousness 89, even rightousness89 is my guy he normally do his own secretly , like Muslim girl with hijab, if u stay in kano u we understand very well, shout out to all my olosho Muslim girl with hijab in dey house
Jesus is lord..Guy ogini is your problem?
Why the names nah?
But I like the comment sha!!!

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Travel / Re: Tavy Pustiu Hit And Killed By Train While Live-streaming Himself by ikechukwu150: 10:53pm On Aug 20, 2020

Where do we go when we die? Only God has the answer, and that answer is clearly provided in the Bible. Where did God say Adam and Eve, the first sinners, will go when they die?
The Bible book of Genesis chapter 3 verse 19 answers: "In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you RETURN TO THE GROUND for out of it you were taken, for dust you are and to DUST YOU WILL RETURN". When we die we return to dust of which we were created. But is that the end? No. Jesus answers: "Do not marvel at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the grave will hear his voice and come out....." John 5:28, 29.
So, Jesus promises that in future there will be a resurrection of those who have died. And the Bible added "there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.." Acts chapter 24:15. Therefore when we die, whether righteous or unrighteous, we go to the grave to wait for the resurrection promised by Jesus Christ."
Is it everyone that will be resurrected? No. For Jesus said that those who sinned against the holy spirit will neither be forgiven in this world nor in the world to come. Meaning, they will not be resurrected.
This is the refreshing truth of God's word. God never said anyone will die and go to a place of fire to be burned forever. In the account of creation, the Bible simply said "in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" Genesis 1:1. There is no record in the account of creation where it is written that God created a place of fire to burn the wicked forever. That teaching is the idea of Satan and his agents, not of God at all.
Will the wicked be punished? Certainly yes. The Bible says the wicked will be punished with everlasting destruction. They will die after God's judgement and never to rise again. This is what the Bible calls Second Death, Rev 21:8.
But the living now are encouraged to seek God now because those that will be destroyed in the upcoming destruction of the wicked will never be resurrected, as they will suffer everlasting destruction, 2nd Thessalonians 1:6-9
You've said it all...Oil dem your head. But how do we know that all these are the fact,i mean Human wrote the bible.
Travel / Re: Tavy Pustiu Hit And Killed By Train While Live-streaming Himself by ikechukwu150: 10:49pm On Aug 20, 2020

People like you are just very stupid. It's tiring having to listen to opinions shared by such terribly stupid minds like yours who can't seem to ignore baseless connections like this even when it involves the death of a person. You are stupid through and through, and I hope that you will eventually see the wrong ways of this uselessly fatalistic thinking of yours.
Oga easy oo,wetin the guy do you?

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Politics / Re: They Gave Me Shawama For Returning 500 thousand PHOTOS by ikechukwu150: 12:05am On Aug 19, 2020

No password in the phone
lie don start...

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: RB Leipzig Vs PSG :UCL (0 - 3) On 18 August 2020 by ikechukwu150: 11:29pm On Aug 18, 2020

neymar has 8+2=10 not all barca fans are messi fans. know that
Its a lie,its impossible.
Romance / Re: My Fiance's Ex Is Fabricating Lies Against Me by ikechukwu150: 11:02pm On Aug 18, 2020
Your boyfriend is stupid but BAbe,you sha dey involve in some of her gossips...but lets forget that one and pepper her for involving in your relationship...go to her house and tell her husband and family that she is having an affair with your fiancee and she is trying to make your guy not to marry you,dont insult her,just be plain. Nonsense go surely stop.

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Romance / Re: My Fiance's Ex Is Fabricating Lies Against Me by ikechukwu150: 10:54pm On Aug 18, 2020
Your guy is not a real niggar, let me drop these here

Never ever try to get back with your ex. (A glass once broken can never be restored)

2) Don’t keep on annoying him/her after they leave you, respect the decision. Annoying them time and again will cut the final few threads which are there between you both.

3) I know it will be tempting to curse them or abuse them if they had dumped you, but just remember he/she was the person whom you loved the most, so just stay calm.

4) Never ever have any false hopes of them returning back to you, it will make your future miserable.

5) Don’t keep on thinking about what she’s doing, or if she’s dating someone else now? Why the hell do you care about the person or be possessive about the person who left you halfway.

6) Cut contact from him/her completely, staying in contact is bad for both of you in the future.

7) You can never get the feeling of your first love on anyone else for sure but believe that there is definitely a person born for you who will love you more.

cool Never ever try to interfere in your partner's personal space. (Interference in partner's social media is the main reason for many problems in relationships nowadays.)

9) Once you have broke up, never try to think about physical intimacies or the good times which you two had, it will slowdown the process of your recovery, instead think of all the things which were not right in the relationship, this will help you to recover faster.

10) Memories will always flash in and out when you bath, try to sleep, while you shit etc.. but trust me time will heal this, when new memories are created these will go to the archive (definitely not erased though :')

11) Career is more important than love. Yes if you keep worrying about your ex, you will never progress in your career, in few more years your ex might be rich and well settled whereas you would be in the same place , So stop the shit and start focusing on your career.

12) Finally what is yours will always be yours and true love will always return back, if it didn’t then it wasn't really true love.
For a person to know all these,Walahi dey don break your heart tire!!!
Nice Words anyway.
Business / Re: Enugu Housewife Returns ₦14m Erroneously Paid Into Her Bank Account (Photos) by ikechukwu150: 10:35pm On Aug 18, 2020

Honestly this is one of the best comments I have ever come across on nairaland
something is wrong with you somewhere!!!

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