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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Suggest A Good Business That #300k Can Start. by intruder15(m): 7:11pm On Oct 17
Partner into something(based on your interest) that will bring passive income for you because you are still working actively.

I love you for this piece. Thanks dear.
Business To Business / Re: NORTHERN FOODSTUFF(AGRO) BUSTOP( cheapest rate ever) (MAUREENHD ENTERPRISES) by intruder15(m): 9:57pm On Oct 05
Do you know I also deal on livestocks?

Now you know cheesy cheesy cheesy

Please how much will this cost and what is the cost of transportation to lagos.

Food / Re: See the meal a churchy Nigerian almost made me missed today. by intruder15(m): 9:09pm On Oct 04
Lal las, na food go kill you! Just like Esau that sold his eternal birth right, you chose food over spending time to know your CREATOR. FFK brother.

Did you read the reason behind why she sold today? Do you think God look at your actions? I won't judge you. You know yourself. Be humane to one another let alone your family.
Family / Re: My Wife Complains That My Private Part Is Too Big & That I Stay Too Long, Help by intruder15(m): 3:07pm On Oct 01

Play a simple game...

Write this word on paper and say,


Drop it and travel to a friend's place

Notice her reaction, if disturbed, don't come back until she begs and after that prepare a written agreement. Also be an alpha man

Alpha kor. Omega ni
Health / Re: What Could This Be? by intruder15(m): 12:13pm On Oct 01
This appearance has been on my private part for as long as I can remember. It doesn't itch except when I shave on some occasions. I'm a 23 years female and not sexually active, is there a way for me to clear this? Does anyone have experience on what this is? I also keep having reoccurring boils close to my vagina

You are not sick. Neither is it an infection. Have a friend like that too. Boil every now and then. The boil hardly have pus. Just liquid which is painful when they burst.
What she did was to wear light fabric undies (if she needs to wear undies) and hardly shave dry i.e shave in a way what there will still be hair but it will be trimmed low. You can also use olive oil after shave.

She once spoke to a doctor about it and the doctor said her kind of body is actually good and nothing to worry about. The doctor also told her that her kind of body detects infection on time which is true.

Keep calm jare. Nothing is wrong with u.
Celebrities / Re: Rotimi Salami: DNA Test Not Important, Unless Someone Drags Your Child With You by intruder15(m): 11:57am On Oct 01
Oh! What a relief. Finally a man who uses his brain has been unveiled.

NB: I don't support infidelity.

My concern is the emotional breakdown of the kids and the family at large.

I see. Yet when you are travelling out, DNA test is the first thing the whites ask for if you are claiming they are your kids.

We copy whites in everything. Wondering why we decided not to copy that part too.
Romance / Re: Should I quit this relationship? by intruder15(m): 7:09am On Sep 29

Nawa o. Cant a guy be caring again?I support her cause she has a small job and she schools part time. I'm a nice person

The worst thing you can do in this life is to consistently give a girlfriend funds at interval. It's not done bro. For whatever reason. You are only building her entitlement mindset. If its your wife that one is ok. Not babe.

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Family / Re: Men That Their Wives Are The Breadwinners; How Do You Cope? by intruder15(m): 7:16am On Sep 28

My brother, I was out of job for like 6 months and wife took care of all the bills excluding rent and school fees and nobody noticed or knew I was out of job. No negative attitude showed up and I will tell you why. A close friend gave me this advice and I will share same with you. When you get your salary or business profit, remove your t-fare/car fuel and give the rest to your wife to manage the home. I was very hard for me to do but t I summoned courage and since 3+ years I started it, I have complete peace. Infact, my wife was praising me on how I was able to pay all bills and manage funds. By the time your wife will mismange the home funds (feeding, rent, kids sch fees e.t.c) she will wake up and realize that paying for gas in the home is the least issue. You will have utmost respect bro. I have been married for 7 years now.

Emmm. This your write up eh, I want to key into it but several parts are not clear. If you only remove your transport and give your wife the rest, how do you still pay for rent? Also, since the funds you have is defined, how do you take your wife out spontaneously?
How do you also cope with your parents expenses?
Family / Re: Men That Their Wives Are The Breadwinners; How Do You Cope? by intruder15(m): 10:25pm On Sep 25
Hello Nairalanders. I got married late last year.
Even though I got married late, I made sure I was gainfully employed before taking the giant stride.

I love my wife and she loves me too. I carry 98 % of the home responsibility, recently, because things are on the high side and my wife is working as well, I told her to be taking care of filling the gas while I handle other bills.
I have observed that anytime I go near the gas maybe to make food or boil water, she will remind how expensive gas is right now, after all, if it finishes, I won't give money to fill. These words hurt me alot as this is the only thing you do for us in this house. I know how much I pay for rent, DSTV etc with other utility bills.

My thoughts now are;
How do men which their wives are feeding them cope with insults and embarrassments that come with every meal?

How do unemployed/underemployed men cope?

What if anything happens with my job, will I be able to stay in a verbal abusive home?

Emm. Since DSTV is pay as you go, why not add it to the bill she is catering for?

You need to set your mindset to accommodate some things when you want some dramatic ladies to foot some bills.


Business / Re: I Just Noticed A Fraudulent POS Withdrawal On My Account by intruder15(m): 10:07pm On Sep 21
Good evening, everyone.

I am an undergraduate student at UNN.
I applied for an opportunity recently that required me to submit a copy of my statement of account (SoA) to the organization for verification.
As i was going through the SoA now, I just discovered a POS transaction (withdrawal) that I never made as I do not use POS at all for fear of scams.

It reads.......


A Google search shows the said company is in Taraba state.

The debit is N20, 000.

How was the withdrawal even done without my card?
I am so sure my card never leaves me as I'm quite scrupulous about my things.

I am so lost now
Pls what can I do to get this sorted out currently?
Can anyone assist me with the procedure of getting my bank (FirstBank) to look into this?

To think I need money badly this period.
cry cry cry

That debit occurred since July. Think well well. It may be authorized. Just that you forgot.
Celebrities / Re: Ehi Ogbebor Driver Dies: 'Hospital Knew You Wouldn’t Make It, Made Us Spend 10M' by intruder15(m): 11:04am On Sep 18
What a weird thing to say, it's almost as if she's more concerned about the money spent trying to save his life. A good doctor will still battle to save your life even if he suspects you're going to die, ICU care per day costs a whole lot of money anywhere in the world

Did u read the whole writeup? If u did and still felt this way, then I have nothing to say.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Drone Strike In Kabul Killed Civilians, Not Terrorists - Pentagon Admits by intruder15(m): 10:24pm On Sep 17
At least they admitted.

Unlike Nigerian army who still claim rubber bullets were fired during end Sars saga.

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Nairaland / General / Re: What's The Highest help You Ever Received? by intruder15(m): 9:08pm On Sep 08
My greatest help is good health from God.

Can't even explain it. Just unbelievable.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Afghan Evacuations Must Be Completed By 31st August- Taliban(Pics, Video) by intruder15(m): 10:11pm On Aug 24
Taliban is giving order to the evacuators to finish their drama before 31st.
Lol grin, they no even send the propaganda US and the West are dishing. Their own is for them to do quick so that they (Taliban) can do reasonable things.
Honestly na Taliban fit the West.
USA and the West are dealing with people that doesn't care how their enemies see them or the kind of reputation they have in their enemy's camp. How I wish black people can learn this

There is nothing to learn from this.
Romance / Re: Ghanaian Woman Beats Husband’s Side Chick For Sleeping With Him by intruder15(m): 10:01pm On Aug 12
Politics / Re: Charles Awuzie: DCP Abba Kyari Is Innocent, Was Only Manipulated By Hushpuppi by intruder15(m): 10:31pm On Jul 31
From the sight of his head, we can all see that it is empty.

Nobody has ever given what they don't have. Charles 'Mumu' Awuzie does not have the capacity to have sense..

People's opinion will always be different. Its only ideal to respect their choices based on their own experience.
Family / Re: DNA Test Palava (What Do I Do?) by intruder15(m): 3:38pm On Jul 31
It's a bit lengthy pls bear with me

I met a lady through 2go in 2014. I asked her out online and she accepted, weeks later, we met one weekend and had sex on the first day! The sex wasn't great, I stopped half way and went to shower. The following day I snooped and discovered that she already have a boyfriend and the guy is in the same school with her. I dissolved everything between us and left for my lodge (I was schooling too but in another school but same state)

She didn't call to apologise and I also locked up. Fast forward 6 month later, she messaged me on Facebook that she was 7 months pregnant. I did my calculations and Instantly knew something was wrong somewhere. I denied being the father, she went on my friend list and dug up my my uncle's profile and chatted him about the pregnancy. My uncle messaged me

Calm me down and request I go see the baby with my parent. We went to her parent house, saw the baby immediately started investigating about dna test. I was humbled by the price of the dna test (200k as at then) because there is no way I was going to raise that kind of money while in school.

Long story short, my parent and I have been taking care of the baby ever since then, I finished school around 2017, travelled out of the country almost immediately after graduation and assumed responsibility on my own.

I came back late 2019, I requested we do a dna test upon my arrival. I went straight up to a known diagnostic center and made enquiries of the price and what to bring before the dna test will be done..

I was told to bring any official means of identification for myself, the birth certificate of the baby and the mother will also have a means of identification too and she will also be present to sign the consent form.

I told her about the requirements and ask her if she had any means of identification herself. She said No! I went back to the diagnostic centre and told them if there is any substitute, they said she can present her NIN slip. I told her immediately to get the NIN slip, days later she told me there were too much people on the queue and that she can't continue to waste her time endlessly. We went back and forth about the NIN slip till the whole of 2020 ended.

The beginning of this year I told her that I'll stop giving her money for the baby's upkeep if she can't provide the NIN slip. With as low as 2500 she can get hers from the local shops.

She called and called for me to send her money for the first 3 months of this year. I didn't budge. I kept to my words. No dna test, no money. School fees time came, she called, I was forced to go back to the diagnostic center this April and pleaded if there is a way we could do the dna test without requesting any form of identification from the mother of the child. They called the head office in lag and told me that we can do the test without the mum's mode of identification. I was elated and called her to bring the baby with her on the 5th of April (Easter Monday) to the my shop, then from there we will go to the diagnostic center. She said OK.

I waited for her to bring the child over, she didn't. She called me 3 days after saying that she went for a church program. I was furious. I told her to show bring the baby the following day (Thursday) she said she will come. Again she refuse to show up. She called 5 days later to tell me that she's sorry. I ended the call and told her that she isn't serious.

She rang me days ago to tell me that the baby is not feeling too well and that she want to see me, she urge me to pls send her something to take the baby to the hospital for treatment.

I'm in a dilemma, I don't know how to go about this. It's obvious that she is deliberately not allowing me to go for the dna test and I don't want to be a deadbeat dad either.

How do I lure her to go for the test? I don't want my daughter to have a bad perception about me that I wasn't there through her childhood (if eventually she turn out to be mine).


Red flag 1.
It took her 7 months to notify u that she is pregnant.

Red flag 2.
The sex wasn't great and u stopped halfway which implies that u didn't climax inside her.

The child may be urs. She may not be certain that's why she is dodging. That doesn't translate to the child not being urs. Be firm on the DNA test. But help out when she says the child is sick. DNA or not. A sick child ought to be taken care of whether she is urs or not.


Family / Re: DNA Test Palava (What Do I Do?) by intruder15(m): 3:34pm On Jul 31
Can senate just save us this misery and pass a bill that mandates parents to do DNA test before being recognized as the biological parents?

Moreover what shall it profit us to train someone's child thinking he/she is ours only to discover when u relocate abroad and u are mandated to carry out a DNA test then u realise?

The world is female indeed.


Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For July 30 2021 In Nigeria by intruder15(m): 9:56am On Jul 31

It is a scamdemic. They post numbers ... you swallow the numbers without chewing. Like I been saying .... the case numbers will keep rising to create fear that the Delta strain is spreading. Then the death number will begin to increase to let people believe it is deadly. Then what will people do?.... demand the vaccine... the vaccine that can't give immunity to the strain of virus it was developed for ... let alone a mutated strain. The aim of the scamdemic is to get everybody in the world chipped vaccinated.
Eight people died ... is no way on earth they can ever name them .. the same way they can never name the mysterious Italian ... the man that brought COVID-19 to Nigeria... the man that was tested positive for COVID-19 at the airport before test kits were developed. No doubt ... COVID19 is a virus ... but nowhere as contagious nor deadly as they're making it out to be. This is used as a means to an end .... to justify chipping vaccination.

Kpele o. So they should write names of those that died Abi. So that ur kind will start stigmatising the family. Add 2 and 2 together na.
We pray to God for good health and to protect us from evil. But at this point, it's like u want to be a witness. It's well o.
Politics / Re: Full Extract Of Kyari's Conversation With Hushpuppi That Nailed Him by intruder15(m): 9:57pm On Jul 29
The presidency will be preparing their own extract of lies to deliver their own from this mess

They will say it's the handwork of the opposition. E no de hard them use that line.


Celebrities / Re: Share Your Favourite Sound Sultan's Line⁣ by intruder15(m): 2:46pm On Jul 11
When we ask our government when they go give us light. They say na 2010.

Mehn. Its 2021. Still no stable power supply.


Romance / Re: If Your Partner Asks For The Car He/She Gave You, After Breakup by intruder15(m): 2:26pm On Jul 08
My girlfriend cannot buy me a car..I no need to imagine am..

U never can tell sha.
Career / Re: Can I Resign In The Bank And Concentrate With The POS Business by intruder15(m): 1:25pm On Jul 07
If you have a capital of a million plus with a good location, you might be getting about 200k a month. A brother of mine has like 4 POS shops, dude makes nothing less than 700k a month from all his shops

Gross profit or net profit. As expenses such as staff salaries, lighting and electricity as well as shop rent ought to be deducted.
Politics / Re: Igala Can Never Be Part Of Biafra – Group Tells Nnamdi Kanu (Video) by intruder15(m): 7:33am On Jun 23
Abeg make una no vex, maybe I've been sleeping inside a cave all this while, but when did Igala people ever get added to the Biafran struggle? is this another form of attention seeking or what? grin

I guess u didn't read about the war. U see why it is important for History to be taught to everyone?
Igala and Idoma was part of eastern Nigeria before the first state creation in 1967.


Politics / Re: Atiku reacts To Federal Government's Ban on Twitter by intruder15(m): 8:04pm On Jun 04
I commend FG for the Ban....
U delete the twit of the number citizen of a country.. They thought its the US they do anyhow..

More traffic for Nairaland..

Thread seen..

So if the tweet deleted promotes genocide, they should leave it because it's coming from the number one citizen of Nigeria?
Health / Re: I Always Go "Raw" With Multiple Partners Until STI Taught Me A Hard Lesson by intruder15(m): 7:10am On May 29
Lol... it's funny when people say "don't go in raw with these girls so you don't get infected with the diseases they carry about" as if girls are vectors while men are always clean. Meanwhile, the man is more likely to infect the lady during a heterosexual intercourse.

OP, I'm glad you've learned your lessons both for your sake and for that of those around you.

Happy weekend!

The lady is more likely to infect a man. Why? Ladies don't like condom. They want it raw. If u insist on condom they think u are not confident that they are clean. Whereas an average guy is keen on condom because he doesn't want to be a father.
Different sex, different mentality. Mind u, most STI are asymptomatic in women.


Politics / Re: Jigawa: Hisbah Confiscated 308 Bottles Of Assorted Alcoholic Beverages by intruder15(m): 7:40pm On May 16

Na you be the real mumu! Is your Christianity from Israel? Why compare Dubai Muslims with naija Muslims?

And Jesus during his days lived more like those beggars than your pastors in mansions!

Does Islam support alcohol? No! That's all.

I have no problem with what you wrote. The only problem I have is that Jigawa receives VAT from the federal government and this VAT comprises of tax generated from alcohol.

Do you now see why true federalism is what we need in Nigeria? Why reap where u did not sow?
Politics / Re: US Citizens Buy Fuel In Plastic Bags, Kegs As Fuel Scarcity Hits Some US States by intruder15(m): 4:57pm On May 12
That's what happens when you vote for a dullard Vegetable like Biden as president. Instead of them to learn from Nigeria's mistake, they too went to vote for a Vegetable like the wicked terrorist in Aso Rock. Now America has gone from fuel abundance to fuel scarcity in less than 5 months. Fuel price in USA has doubled in some places. Una suffering just dey start. See Nigeria now, Buhari don dash Boko Haram like 5 States, dash bandits like 10 States, come dash the remaining 21 States to Killer Fulani Herdsmen. Maybe Biden go soon dash America to Al Qaeda. 911 Part 2 is loading. Una go hear wen

Did u read the reason why they had scarcity? If you did and still typed this, then your IQ is truly 100%


Crime / Re: I Want To Report My Landlord For Bypassing Our Electricity Meter by intruder15(m): 10:21pm On May 10

In d uk,u can board a bus or a train witout paying for ticket bcoz the officers that asks for ticket dont come around often but d day dem catch u,d fine u go pay eh u fit cough blood same wit tv subscriptions. U get ur meter i get mine wetin i do wit mine no suppose concern u coz na me go suffer d consequences if my action backfire. Y buy matter wey no concern u bcoz na u get nepa company abi wetin

U don't get the scenario. They all have a meter. Landlord collects monthly nepa bill from them but don't pay for light rather by passed the light.

When NEPA remember them eh, even me K whe mind im business they go cut im light too when they remove meter
Crime / Re: I Want To Report My Landlord For Bypassing Our Electricity Meter by intruder15(m): 7:25am On May 10
Na just 5k bribe dem go use know who snitch n wen dem know,u see dat ur front teeth,dem go comot 4. Mind ur modaf*cking bizness for God's sake. Awon discovery channel

Na mind ur business mind ur business make Nigeria scatter like this. Well, e don scatter already. Make e de scatter de go.


Family / Re: Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by intruder15(m): 8:58pm On May 01

I had a decent job before I met her and I was responsible for all the decisions I took, which mostly led to favourable outcomes.
However when I met her and began a relationship, I wasn't having the freedom I needed. Any decision I wanted to take without her authorization always ended badly. For example there was a period I wanted to jointly rent an apartment with a male friend of mine. She strongly opposed this but I still went ahead to pay rent. Unfortunately for me, within four months my friend had some issues with landlord and we were both evicted from the apartment. (although I got compensated)

Another instance was when I got paid some bonuses from company and decided to invest in some crypto projects during their ICOs (in 2017). I did some market analysis of these crypto projects before my decision to invest, only for her to advice me against it. She said we should instead, use the money to start farming. I didn't listen to her and went ahead to invest. THE RESULT: the investment that was supposed to take me to the moon now became more worthless than tissue paper! I shed tears because of this.

I now decided to get rid of her, but all plans of mine proved abortive. The more I tried to get her out of my life, the more we were brought together. Can you believe that the day I finally proposed to her was the very same day I tried to make out with an old girlfriend?

A friend of mine went to consult an ifa priest, who told him that my fiance has a cloud of good fortunes around her. But I don't believe in those spiritual mumbo-jumbos! I was determined to leave her. This made me begin applying for jobs in other states and towns, but nothing came forth. I even went for interview/test but didn't scale through. Some weeks later, she told me that she wasn't in support of me getting job in another town (she says she was scared of losing me).

Did you know? the time I decided to remove the thoughts of leaving her from mind and fully accept her into my life, was the time that I finally got a better job in another city!

We got married in 2019 and I was of the mindset that since she may be an ogbanje, therefore things would work in my favour and I would become a millionaire very quickly, but that's not the case.

Since marriage, any decision I take without her approval always leads to disaster!
I wanted to invest in a partnership deal and told her about it but she disapproved and said I should save the money instead. I went ahead to invest and I lost 400k! cry cry Same for other decisions in the house, the outcome was always negative whenever I don't heed her advice.

I hate all this! I'm a full grown man. Why should my life be based on the decisions of a woman? I feel like I'm no longer in control of my life.
I'm about to take a car loan from my company in order to escape this constant public commute and trekking but she has vehemently disapproved, that I should instead save for another year or two before buying car. But I still won't listen to her! If the loan ends in a disaster, I have decided that I would abandon this marriage and relocate to another country. A country where voodoo and religious mumbo-jumbo do not exist, so that I can be in full control of my life!

.......PS: we have a year old baby girl. Maybe I could be sending monthly upkeep from this new country I intend to relocate to.

Able readers, is my final decision a good one?

You sound like an Alpha male who thinks his opinion is more superior.

Most scenario u painted, it appears she had given better suggestions than your instinct and analysis.

The car loan refers. She didn't oppose u getting a car. She only said u should save up a year or 2 and buy it with ur own money and not a car loan.

Farming is very lucrative due to the rising cost of food items. Her suggestions are apt. U are just being naturally stubborn.

In all the scenarios you painted, u didn't give a scenario where u agreed and the possible outcome afterwards.

Try that first and get back to us if it went sour then I can advise u further.


Politics / Re: Sesugh Akume To Court: Order Sharia States To Refund VAT From Alcohol by intruder15(m): 9:22am On Mar 16
The south should stop dragging the North into their beer wahala. Alcohol is a sin in Islam.
God bless the North

We agree with u. All we say is that they should ensure those states are excluded from states that will share revenues generated from sin (Alcohol).

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