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Politics / Re: See The Current Price Of Cooking Gas In Awka , Anambra by Iriruaga100(m): 9:58pm On Sep 25
I filled 6kg for 480 per kg yesterday here in Warri!
Politics / Re: 2023: Delta State Has 4 Commissioner In One Ministry by Iriruaga100(m): 2:08pm On Sep 22
Very corrupt state with terrible leaders across all levels.
Travel / Re: Meet Amarachi The Graduate Female Keke Rider In Warri, Delta State (video) by Iriruaga100(m): 4:02pm On Sep 01
I don enter her keke twice! Better than doing nothing. We have so many of them here in Warri!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 10:46am On Aug 28
My area is under attack. Gunshots. We just ran away from home. People screaming. Just pray we make it

Where hath thou you terrorist who claim there is no evidence! You will all face death in due time.

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Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Iriruaga100(m): 9:48am On Aug 26

Nigeria does not have a flat sheet plant. We only have rolling steel plants to make stuff like rod if we could get them to produce.

This was a big issue in the 70s when Obasanjo administration was implementing the import substitution strategy that brought about Ajaokuta and DSC Aladja. Economists argued then that building a Russian rolling steel plant (Ajaokuta) is a white elephant project. Investing in a flat sheet and aluminum extrusion plant is a better option. From a rolling steel plant you can only make rebars (rods) but with flat sheet plant you can make a whole lot of stuff like car parts, aircraft parts etc. But they didn't listen.

They didn't listen because in the 70s Nigeria was booming. There was the cement armanda, cement was cheap. Very cheap. Nigerians were building houses up and down the country, housing estates were being built in the Federal Capital Lagos eg FESTAC Town. Julius Berger was building fly overs all over the Federal Capital Lagos. The then government thought this boom will go on forever, so as part of the import substitution strategy, Ajaokuta, Aladja and Itakpe were proposed to produce rods to feed the building boom. 50 years down the line we all know what is Ajaokuta today.

So yes. Innosen import parts as CKD and then assemble. Innosen like so many car manufacturers all over the world is an assembly plant. The parts and engine block come from all over the world.

All roofing sheets manufacturers in Nigeria import the roll sheet and then cut and press into the roofing sheets for sale to the public.

My dad was a pioneer staff at DSC Aladja. He said the steel plant has the capacity to produce vehicle parts. DSC has phase 2 that was never built. My dad was in SMS department. The company was mismanaged after Engr Fred Brume left.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 12:49pm On Aug 24

If you know NDA, you will know breaching it is a walk in the park. It was only a matter of time.

It pains me we’re in this mess. There’s no good news in Nigeria. What you hear is everyday carnage going on in Jos, Zamfara, Benue, Katsina with little or no resistance from the military. This government is ineffective.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 12:35pm On Aug 24
Una dey here dey discus Afghanistan while Nigeria is on fire! How do you explain that the foremost military institution in the country was breached by some rag tag neverdowell? No CCTV cameras and better security check to identify them.
Buhari shouldn’t have come near the corridors of power! Very clueless being with moronic brain.


Travel / Re: Ohanmi Road Washes Off Two Months After Completion (Photos) by Iriruaga100(m): 10:06am On Aug 24
The devil is a Nigerian! How can you construct road without stonebase? We be our own problem for this country! Somebody don cash out now.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Hichilema Defeats Incumbent, Lungu In Zambia Presidential Race by Iriruaga100(m): 9:07am On Aug 16
At last China Lungu lost to HH!! HH is certainly going to be like the dunce in Aso Rock.
Travel / Re: First Commercial Flight Lands At Bayelsa Airport by Iriruaga100(m): 8:50am On Aug 12
Nigerians make building airport look like a big deal I swear

Airport is just 3.5km wide road as runway ...plus German floor to the terminal building as taxi way then a control tower ...then plus a terminal building that should not cost more than 300 million say e too fine 1 billion

A local government that's serious and have the land can easily build and airport

Bayelsa airport should not cost more than 4 billion honestly maximum say 6 billion ...but they spent 65 billion on that thing

Nigeria is broke but we can achieve more with the money we have

I hope if some gave same analysis for the warehouse built in Anambra you will not tag it as jealousy??
Politics / Re: Henry Osah: Police Want To Hand Over My Kidnapped Son To Hausa Man- Delta Pastor by Iriruaga100(m): 9:35pm On Aug 10
Police is the most terrible institution in the country. They took money twice for DNA test with no result. The parents want to still conduct their own test, yet the police is still frustrating them.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 12:42pm On Jul 28

This advisers feel buying hilux will solve security problem undecided
the commissioner of police was very angry, that how can criminals be heading water way security in the state And they expect piracy to end

This should be Delta State I guess! Very corrupt!!
Politics / Re: Driving Aviation Hub In Uyo With Ibom Air, Victor Attah Airport by Iriruaga100(m): 1:08pm On Jul 24
High blood pressure will finish some people ooh...

The one in Anambra isn't functioning yet... But they're already Wailing tongue

What you don't know is that!!
That warehouse they're still arranging in Anambra,will out shine all other airport in the country.. within 6months...

LAGOS is already over crowded! And new business will move to a different location...

You nor well!! How poorly design airport wan take outshine the existing ones? I’m only criticizing the design not the purpose why it was built.

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Politics / Re: Driving Aviation Hub In Uyo With Ibom Air, Victor Attah Airport by Iriruaga100(m): 11:39am On Jul 24
Impressive design not the warehouse built in Anambra!


Politics / Re: Senator James Manager Kneeling For Ibori (Picture) by Iriruaga100(m): 7:28pm On Jul 23

Apc is on ground in isokoland through Joel onovwakpo and on ground in itsekiriland through ayiri and Rita Lori.where apc are totally weak is in ijaw land esp in burutu and warri south west(gbaramatu).

Ejele is from warri north,he is the strongest politician in warri.pdp denies him Senate and reps ticket,apc can give him reps ticket or running mate to agege.in ijaw side,apc can promise sen manager an automatic senate ticket to break off pdp hold there or cut a deal with tompolo to support apc since there is no more friction between him and buhari.I know pdp protected him but permanent interests can swing...APC can also sway hon ovuozorie Macaulay in isokoland to defect as an added advantage.i believe sen nwaoboshi will handle pdp up north

You done start your permutations again? All these politicians you mentioned are all light weight except Ejele. Like someone said, all na Ibori boys. He empowered Ayiri, Ovouzorie and Ejele. Omo-agege dey go pay homage for Oghara steady.
Politics / Re: Senator James Manager Kneeling For Ibori (Picture) by Iriruaga100(m): 4:44pm On Jul 23

Praying for him as a pastor or his spiritual father?

James Ibori is 61 years old.

James manager is 61 years old.

Both named James not like one has a superior name to the other.

So how are contemporaries praying then the criminal amongst them is the one blessing the non-criminal?

James Manager non-criminal?? James Manager got 300 contract from NDDC with no project execution on ground.
Politics / Re: Senator James Manager Kneeling For Ibori (Picture) by Iriruaga100(m): 1:20pm On Jul 23

Election of Ibori's annointed candidate as governor of Delta State will end in 2023. As much as I don't like APC, the next governor of Delta State will most likely come from APC.

APC will continue to dream!! Omo-Agege will only win in Orogun.

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Politics / Re: Senator James Manager Kneeling For Ibori (Picture) by Iriruaga100(m): 12:42pm On Jul 23
James Manager dey waste him time!! He has spent 18years in senate with no meaningful impact to his constituents. It’s the turn of Delta Central.
Politics / Re: Cooking Gas Is Now N650/kilo. How Do I Set Firewood In The School Hostel? by Iriruaga100(m): 1:41pm On Jul 21
I filled 12kg yesterday at the rate of 450 per kg at a gas plant.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 12:20am On Jul 07
In this day and age when there's serious talk about colonizing Mars and voyaging beyond the stars it's a d1ck measuring contest we want to do here. I'm seriously ashamed. I thought we had grown past that stage.

That said, anyone comparing Nigeria to Ghana should have his/her head examined. Nigeria is verging towards a failed state if it already isn't and the countries it should rightly be compared to include the likes of Afghanistan and other sh1tholes of creation. That's the truth, no matter how many here will allow their misguided patriotism to lead them into saying otherwise.

Sir, Nigeria is a failed state because everyone including me and you decided to be docile! Six years ago we were not so much in this mess we find ourselves as a nation. We elected a nomadic president without no clear cut ideas and vision on how to rule a diverse nation.
Today, we have some marauding terrorist killing and kidnapping people everywhere they go. All the gains that was made economically and otherwise has been eroded by the nepotistic terrorist sitting in Aso Rock.
Nigeria is at a crossroad! We need men and women of goodwill and of great conscience who will put the project of Nigeria at the forefront before their personal gain. We don’t have sincere leaders rather what we have are dealers who are ready to profit on anything.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 9:26pm On Jul 06
Tweeeaaaaaaaa nigeeeeria, the "most powerful and strongest military in the world" are learning how to potect themselves with catapults grin grin grin oh dear oh dear grin what happened to all the military forces and "heavy" equipments?

Katsina PDP Youths Organise Operation Catapult Shoot Against Bandits grin

The Social Media arm of the Peoples Democratic Party in Katsina State has taken the advice of Governor Aminu Masari, who urged citizens to fight bandits with whatever they have got. grin

Ghanaians are praying fervently for terrorist not to Invade their country through Burkina Faso because your military men are only good at assaulting people at Ejura! When they come knocking your military will be too daft and clueless on what to do.
Your country just have two fire truck to put out fire in real time situation. Ghanaians are just too daft and lazy to conduct their own covid-19 test. A Nigerian company is responsible for all the covid-19 test at Kotoka international airport. The Ghana music award show is organized by a Nigerian. We call the shot in your country, we run the economy in your country! You all are miserable without us!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 4:00pm On Jul 06
Foolish goat. do you know the number of nigerians arriving in Ghana every day, fleeing from poevrty and insecurity and sheer madness? even with Ghana's borders closed, nigerins are coming to Ghana like something is pursuin them from that zoo grin grin grin grin

Idiot, how can Ghana borrow grains when we export grains. you think Ghana is like nigeria where hunger is everywhere. garri is now food for the rich in shitnigeria grin rice has disappeared grin

people re kidnapping babies in nigeria because of hunger. kidnapping babies for a ransom of coke and gala grin how is that Ghana's fualt? is Ghana the reason nigerians are hungry and are suffering? grin


Nigerians are known travelers! They’re conquering you guys in all spheres of life in. At Nkrumah circle the big time businesses are owned by Nigerians. Ghanaians are so poor that my 140 naira which is your 2 cedis will buy more goods than your 2 cedis can buy.
The best constituency project in Ghana is building toilet. The Ga man will build house with no toilet and still put the house for rent in dollars!
Currently Ghana is at the mercy of the Chinese who engage in galamsey activities with protection from security agent.
The everyday robbery and carnage going on in Kasoa, James town, Nima, Chokor, Tamale and others are not ringing bells in your miserable life. If Burkina Faso shut her border today Ghanaians will die of starvation. You produce nothing not even the detergent you use to wash your cloth.
Ghana is so poor that they cry when others shut down their borders. 70% resident of Accra have no access to toilet.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 2:36pm On Jul 06

You've slept in darkest ur whole life...ur country can't solve ur electricity problems since 1960's... I'll shut up if I were you dunce

Shut your ramish brain!! Go and deal with the dumsor in your peppeni country!


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 2:32pm On Jul 06
oh boy nigeria is a certified shiithole. there is no basis for comparison grin perhaps you can compare nigeria with Afghanistan, Sudan etc grin

babies and toddlers are being kidnapped in that shiithole, for a ransom of a bottle of coke and gala grin

garri is now out of the reach of the poor man cool

even buhari doesn't fee safe in the zoo. he hardly leaves aso rock, for fear of kidnappers grin even going to the toilet is a risk grin

by the way, when was the last time you bought a bag of rice? grin do you know 14 million nigerian children are out of school and roaming the streets, according to UNICEF. While Ghanaian children attend school free, eat free, are clothed free and even have free books? oh dear oh dear grin


Nigeria is a shithole yet the people have better purchasing power the you Ghanaians! In this current age and time Ghana still import meat in large quantities from China! Meat that is surplus here. Ghana borrowed grain from west Africa store house for their farmers. Up till now Ghana is yet to pay back the grains they borrowed.
It’s shameful that in the whole of Ghana you just have to fire trucks that can fight fire in a real time situation!
Ghana is so poor that she is seeking for investors from Rwanda! A country still recovering from 1994 genocide! Ghana is the definition of a begging nation headed a the Akyem mafia.
Ghana just have one dual carriage road in the whole country from Accra to Tema. Just one dual way in the sakawa nation.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 1:57pm On Jul 06
no wonder nigeria is fvcked grin with these mudder fuggerz, tell me how any country can make progress with people who think this way grin grin grin grin

they are like zombies. they assume things and insist it is right, even they don't have tangible evidence or proof. grin no wonder nigeria s sinking like titanic grin grin grin going down, down, down grin oh dear oh dear grin very funny mudder fuggerz grin


So what is happening in Ghana? You don’t have dumsor in Accra and neighboring towns? The average Ghanaian is far more poorer than their counterpart here! The Ga man will sell his father’s house to someone and still want to live rent free after selling the house! Ken Agyapong will always says your Ghanaians are foolish!
Akufo Ado flew Airbus luxury jet on charter to borrow $170 million to fund a development bank from people who flew economy class to meeting in Paris. Charlie, why do your business people still travel down to Lagos to buy goods?
Ghanaians can’t even compete with Togolese.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 6:39pm On Jun 29
rubbish! show your stvpid face and you will know whether the Ghana military eats banku and pepper grin Fuckeduppedness


Tell you government to shore up the defense budget. There’s intelligence report that they will soon attack Ghana.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 5:35pm On Jun 29
where did you get that crap from? Ghana has not invested in her military in the last 35 years? are you serious?
well, for your information, Ghana has invested massively in her military in the last 10 years. I am telling you as an insider cool You depend on the internet for your information, right? You need to upgrade grin

Charle be serious. Zambia military is highly ranked than Ghana’s military. You only have men eating banku in Burma Camp.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 4:48pm On Jun 29
Una too dey fear joor cool Let the terrorists come now. The Ghana boys scout will finish them. We won’t even deploy troops. grin are you aware there are troops deployed along the border with Burkina Faso? cool

I won’t even lose any sleep over the so-called terrorists. Let them come

Abeg nor dey make mouth hear!! Ghana has not invested in her military for the last 35 years.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by Iriruaga100(m): 12:18pm On Jun 29
A smart country will crush a terrorist group before they are confidence enough to think of putting up a fight.

If the Ghanaian FG was giving excuse for Fulanis herdsmen in Ghana, maybe their will be killings in different part of Ghana by now. They totally crushed them and kicked them out of Ghana.

The type of killing spree the Fulani heardsmen have been unleashing in Nigeria, they dare not try it in Benin republic. Dem dey round them up and butcher them immediately.

We play politics with everything too much in Nigeria. It won’t take the federal government one week to mop up all the Fulani bastard from our forest. Look at the carnage happening every time in Benue and there is an airforce base in Makurdi.
Don’t over hype Ghana, they’re praying right now for the terrorist not to invade their country through Burkina Faso.


Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Iriruaga100(m): 4:56pm On Jun 22

We've been here before in the past. I'm not speaking for Spyder880. He is more than capable of doing that. I'm just speaking from a position of experience to add to the body of knowledge. For the record; I'm not a contractor. I think you need lived experience coming from a non-contractor.

First off, 80 bags of cement? Did you really mean this or is it a typo?

Decking (according to code and best practice); you will first of all beam (all-round beaming, so to speak). For a 9" block beaming, that your 80 bags of cement don go. With the beaming process alone, you don dey match two million. We never talk of the decking proper.

12mm rod? You may be guessing from a position of lack of full knowledge of the process. The decking process is a combination of 12mm and 16mm according to the structural drawing. I've experienced structural drawings wey 16mm na half of the rods used.

40 tons of gravel. What's that? Just beaming alone fit chop 40 tons sef. In Delta, we do "Auchi load" plus 9-11 for decking. For gravel, you don dey match half a million with the size I'm seeing in the photos.

You can't spend 1 million for cement. Really? As I look the picture Spyder post with the cost, no how, no how wey that decking no go chop reach 230 bags of cement with best practice mix ratio. That decking go chop more than 80 bags of cement my guy. You buy cement for 3,700 na. So even if we say the decking chop 200 bags: 200 X 3,700 = N740,000. Some people buy cement for 4,000. Don't forget that.

In most parts of Delta, na women corporative dey do decking as in the pouring process. The women dey charge over 200k sef. Even if na men, it is worse. Before you go come pay tapers and mixers.

To deck no be here o. I relate with that 4 million cost with current prices. Decking na sheyge!

Sir, the person you quoted need to be very practical here. 3 million will only deck a three bedroom duplex as of today. That amount will not deck a two unit three bedroom flat in this present economy.

Last year December, I supervised a project in Delta consisting of two unit of two bedroom and one unit of one bedroom. The rod for that project cost 1,930,000.
16mm- 165
12mm- 450
The building got 9” all round beam with 9” and 6” beam in different areas on the decking.
252 bags of cement was used at the rate of 3300- 831,600.
60 tons of granite at 500k. The granite was not enough, I bought the small truck for 88k
Electrical materials- 190,000

Casting- 200,000
Carpenter- 200,000
Iron benders- 180,000
Electrician- 100,000
Plumber- 10,000
This is all I can remember o.


Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Iriruaga100(m): 4:08pm On Jun 22

Point of correction!


I have learnt alot here.May be you had some other 'motives' for starting the thread which you couldn't achieve so you 'chickened-out'...

I come in peace oo!

The thread is not serving the purpose it was created for. The topic says, discuss anything and everything in building construction but you still have people advertising here.

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Politics / Re: Eastern Region Generated More Revenue Than Any Region by Iriruaga100(m): 10:51am On Jun 22
The stats did not indicate the region that earns more from palm oil. The old mid-western region was the largest producer of palm oil then.

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