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Travel / Re: Nigerian International Passport Now #45000 by ivolt: 6:28pm On May 15

Rather wait for Bill Gates ID2020 microchip.

This government is already phasing out passports to make way for Bill Gates' ID2020 GLOBAL CITIZEN ID
Don't mention me with conspiracy gibberish.
Mention your fellows!

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Travel / Re: Nigerian International Passport Now #45000 by ivolt: 6:11pm On May 15
You don't always need a passport.
Get a NIN instead.

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Travel / Re: Why Canada Denied Air Peace Right To Evacuate Stranded Nigerians - Onyeama by ivolt: 12:01pm On May 15

see this ajegunle beggar.. Have you every crossed the borders of your state??.. or you just sit there, eat akpu and rant..
Enough said!
Travel / Re: Why Canada Denied Air Peace Right To Evacuate Stranded Nigerians - Onyeama by ivolt: 8:30am On May 15
If I was the one there I'll never think Nigeria again
That's your decision, other people are free to make theirs.

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Crime / Re: Leo: Man Kidnapped In Owerri And Killed By Men In Army Uniform (Graphic Photos) by ivolt: 5:43pm On May 13
Half-baked story.
Kidnappers don't carelessly reveal their identities.

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Politics / Re: COVID 19: Ignore WHO, Go For Local Cures, Reps Tell FG by ivolt: 8:18am On May 13

You are naive
What an insightful and smart reply.
Your friends must be in awe of your brilliance.
Politics / Re: COVID 19: Ignore WHO, Go For Local Cures, Reps Tell FG by ivolt: 8:05am On May 13
Everyone is now a health expert.
I am not aware of any country being ruled by WHO even in normal time.
Think of WHO as a charity organization.
Their primary work is organizing and coordinating health responses and information.
The membership is voluntary and requires nothing.

They don't owe you vaccine, medicine, or any cure.
They are not some world government with military power to enforce rules on countries.

These reps are merely playing to the gallery of the misinformed populace.
If lockdown was still in place, they would still be traveling abroad to treat headache despite
the many local herbs alternatives we have on the ground.

None of these reps will sign up for a new herbs trial if infected.
Health / Re: COVID-19: Kaduna Discharges 210 Returned Almajirai After 2-Week Quarantine by ivolt: 5:23pm On May 10

She also said that the government will not abandoned them as they return home because the state government will ensure that all the children get western education as they continue with their Islamic education.
Good job El Rufai.
Health / Re: Suspected Coronavirus Victim Dies In Front Of Ogun Hospital by ivolt: 5:06pm On May 10
Any death now is covid 19 . Wondering if there no more natural deaths or deaths from other causes again in this country
Reread the headline.
The health authorities are just being cautious.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Evacuated From Dubai Protest, Say They Are Treated Like Prisoners by ivolt: 4:20am On May 10
Two weeks quarantine requirement is just to wait to see if the infected will start having symptoms. Unfortunately, many are asymptomatic, and never show signs of the disease throughout infection period.

The best thing to do is to repeat the test after a few days, 3-5 days, anyone infected will test positive to PCR test, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic. This should be standard. UK's isolation time is even one week.

We in Nigeria copy and do dumb things.
Nigeria is doing the right thing.
Not everything you read online is true.

All diagnostic tests come with limitations especially the "rapid" ones.
Left to me, the returnees will be forced into 28 days quarantine because
the consequence of an error is very high.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Doctor Exposes Corona Virus Scam by ivolt: 1:53am On May 10
Hungry "doctor" looking for easy money.

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Religion / Re: If You Reopen Churches Coronavirus Will Vanish – Pastor Giwa Tells Government by ivolt: 7:00pm On May 07
Many pastorpreneurs are suffering from a reduction in tithe.
More will speak up in the coming weeks.

They are so desperate that they are now spreading fake news and crazy conspiracies
about the Coronavirus just to undermine the government.

It is a shame that the average pastor is now indistinguishable from delusional conspiracy theories.
Health / Re: Niger State COVID-19 Patients Protest Over Poor Treatment (Photos, Video) by ivolt: 11:10am On May 07
This our own covid ehn..
Patients in other countries are struggling to breathe, while our own patients are protesting on the street with enough strength to shout.



The Truth is, most homeless People in Naija seem claiming to be positive, simply to be isolated and enjoying free daily square meals.

Like you said, how would Patients, who ordinarily ought to be begging for Ventilators to survive, are protesting with healthy Energy?!

Most patients in other countries are fine and can breathe normally.

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Crime / Re: Man Killed For Trying To Enforce Wearing Of Face Mask In Michigan, USA by ivolt: 5:15pm On May 06
Another Trump supporter strikes again.
Politics / Re: Remo Omokri Now Hustling For Bill Gates. by ivolt: 11:14am On May 06
you think we can neglect what bill can do, bcoz of this your comment. the secret truth is that bill already have this vaccine before the pandemic and will bring it out the moment he succeed in passing the bill.
He doesn't have a vaccine and would never do.
If he contracts Coronavirus, he will likely not survive it himself.

Most of you don't understand anything about a vaccine but still won't shut up.
You think a vaccine is just magic that you can conjure up with big money.

There is no bill in the US, India, Indonesia, China, Latin America, and
Europe wh house most of the population in the world but somehow,
a third world country and poverty stricken country is the most important to the "anti-christ".
How dumb could such a devil be?

Let me give you another secret:
Bill Gates is the third-largest contributor to WHO.
This means all HIV drugs, Some children Malaria drugs, Snake Antivenoms,
Newborn and adult vaccines are subsidized by his "devilish" money.

With the revelation above, you have more work to do.
You need to start telling people to stop taking all those subsidized drugs and
always ask for the most expensive variants.

Now, get to work!
Politics / Re: Distributions of wealth In states in Nigeria 2020 NBS (photos ) by ivolt: 6:31pm On May 05
When I said NBS report doesn't reflect on reality many were doubting, how can Zamfara, Kogi wealth/Income ahead of Anambra, Abia and Enugu, check Rivers and Ebonyi, those who used 22,110 households samples to conduct poverty and inequality research really exposed their empty brains.

Read more about wealth distribution and Gini coefficient.
It doesn't say what you think it means.
BTW, you should stop commenting on issues you don't understand.

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Politics / Re: Remo Omokri Now Hustling For Bill Gates. by ivolt: 5:47pm On May 05

The WHO is insiting that there is no other solution than a vaccine.

Bill Gates has the vaccine already.

He would since the vaccine was created side-by-side the virus.

The reason for this global pandemic is to force you to get Bill Gates ID2020 which he will administer on you after you take the mandatory vaccine for CoVid-19.

5G is the network that will be deployed to use to track and monitor your every move.

Billy boy also has a special crypto-currency that will be tied into his own special social credit score. This will be your new and only means of money.

So at the end Bill Gates intends the following:

1. Use the vaccine to sterilize unwanted populations to which your africanus ass falls on top of the pile of undesirable breed.

2, Use your vaccination as a means of identification utilizing his ID2020 digital implant chip.

3. Unveil a digital currency to be used by those having the ID2020. This currency will be tied to a social credit scheme similar to what they are doing in China. You misbehave, you lose all your social credit coins.

Where is the WHO vaccine?
Who has been forced to take the non-existent vaccine?

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Politics / Re: Senate Asks FG To Suspend 5G Network Deployment by ivolt: 3:14pm On May 05
This is what you get when illiterates are running the country.
No progress can be expected from a government that bases its policy on WhatsApp fake news,
YouTube videos and fake pastors' "prophecies".


Politics / Re: Remo Omokri Now Hustling For Bill Gates. by ivolt: 3:03pm On May 05
I can sense fear all over the OP's body.
A fearful mind cannot reason.

When some Northerners rejected the polio vaccine, they were termed illiterates and mocked.

But when some people believe they are going to be forced to take a vaccine that
doesn't exist and may never exist by a man that can't make one, they call themselves "smart".

What an irony.

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Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila Denies Receiving $10m To Pass Infectious Diseases Bill by ivolt: 2:57pm On May 05
We know it is fake news and we know the source.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Ex-police Boss, Malikawa, Dies In Kano by ivolt: 2:56pm On May 05

That is strange. I thought their diet was healthier than their southern counterpart, and also with their hot weather I thought they were in a better position to face the pandemic.
Hot weather is fake news, I wonder why people continue to spread it.
The temperature required to kill Coronavirus will melt your skin.
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Trump Releases Guidelines For Opening Up The American Economy by ivolt: 2:31am On Apr 17
The most corrupt president in America's history.
He is pumping the government's money into his private companies.
African looters have nothing on this conman.

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Health / Re: COVID-19 Testing In South Africa & Other African Countries by ivolt: 1:26pm On Apr 13
GDP is not food,huh? Nigeria is a good example of an impoverished country with a big GDP. GDP does not necessarily make a country rich!

It is GDP per capita and not just GDP that tells a poor country apart from a rich one.

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Crime / Re: Agege Lagos Unrest: Dozens Of Robbers Caught (Video) by ivolt: 1:22pm On Apr 13
If you check properly you will find among them street traders and hawkers who have not been able to go out to fend for themselves daily as they used to do,maybe they were lieft out of the hand-out provided by the both FG and state government or it was not enough to satisfy their needs.I am not making excuses for them or encouraging criminality but this lockdown is contributing to the high crime rate.Government must do more to reach out to this vulnerable group while this lockdown lasts.

You are making excuses for criminals.
These kinds of guys robbed people, looted and burned shops because of South African's xenophobic attacks last year.
Was there a lockdown then?

You should be grateful that they are being removed from the street.
They will eat you raw if given the opportunity.

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Crime / Re: Agege Lagos Unrest: Dozens Of Robbers Caught (Video) by ivolt: 1:18pm On Apr 13
Some of them might be innocent
They are all innocent!
Crime / Re: Agege Lagos Unrest: Dozens Of Robbers Caught (Video) by ivolt: 1:17pm On Apr 13
Are they sure they are actually the robbers?
Cos I don't trust Nigerian police.
They could have simply caught anybody walking around that area and packed them in a van, and come and parade them as the armed robbers.
That's their usual way of catching "armed robbers".
They are all innocent until proven guilty.
But we prefer they remain locked up for now.

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Politics / Re: How Buhari Recklessly Spend Loans Obtained From China And It Consequences by ivolt: 8:08am On Apr 13

Bro some in economics..they say the law of demand states that when prices go up the quantity demanded of goods and services will go down...it's tru..and very correct,......but what most people don't know is that you will fail the definition of law of demand if you write that in an exam

Reason is that the definition lacks a major ingredient..which is " all things being equal"...that alone has change the scope of the definition... Cuz in reality of the study of social science,all things are never equal.....
What's all this?
It seems you have been so confined to classrooms that you cannot reason out of it.
I just saw your question about "cash crops", do you think this is an exam hall?

This is the same way, capitalist tell you that create the right policies... Investors will com and better your economy...this is very tru for a country that has other things being equal..like good financial system, good legal framework, attractive capital flight policies, etc.. But in Nigeria where these things are not in place....even if you keep tax rate at 0% ,they will still not com.....and domestic investors are too uneducated or poor to invest in such ventures.......so in that case,what does governmt do....wait forever?..…..

You just confirmed my suspicion. Everything you know comes from what people "tell you".
Parroting elementary and unoriginal viewpoints as if they are some divine creed does not portray you in a good light.

Now, let us leave the classroom and go to the real world.
If domestic investors are shunning real investment in certain sectors, it is either they are getting free money
(via government subsidies) elsewhere or they see problems that you can't understand.

Local investors are neither poor nor uneducated in any real sense.

Rather than trying to solve the real problems that are keeping investors away, you advocate
for flushing more money down the drain in doomed ventures that the government cannot manage.

No they shld reach out and create those critical industries Needed to grow the economy..and thereafter they can privatize them.....

Akwa-ibom state government has established 8 productive firms....and employed their indegenes nd then solved a problem of unemployment in their state to an extend... The rest gov.are building road since 99'. Leme tell you,graduates prefer employment opportunity to good express road....

Guy don't always live on Norms and tradition cuz desperate times they say calks for desperate measures

The "norms" are for countries primarily engaged in export of extractive commodities to subsidize the populace and
create failed industry they had no idea about managing.
What you get is largely entitled and unskilled populace.

Akwa-Ibom established subsidy-funded firms that rely entirely on the state's allocation.
How much was invested to start the firms?
Can the firms pay their own workers' salaries from the generated profits if any?
How much does the firms generate for the government?

Those "productive" firms will still get budgetary allocations to keep them afloat because they are mere vanity
It is possible that one becomes buoyant in the short term but that is a bug and not by design.

What Akwa-Ibom government did was to create a semblance of starting an industry in order to create employment.
People love such gestures and are happy that the government is "doing its job".
They didn't understand that it comes at a cost.

NNPC is running at a loss, year in year out despite private OCs turning profits for their shareholder.
That is in a sector that some countries are successfully managing.

Yet, you want a country that can't manage an oil company to start setting up industries.

What your so-called graduate wants are irrelevant.
Most of them shouldn't have been admitted in the first place as they had no business getting a tertiary

But due to the myopic government thirst for subsidizing unproductive sectors, every Dick and Harry
can get admission and graduate with no useful skill nor experience for surviving in the real world.
Unfortunately for the government, it lacks the finance to place its undeserving graduates on lifetime subsidies
leading to an unprecedented unemployment rate.

We won't come out of this mess until the destructive subsidy policies are removed.

The only people that should get tertiary education are those who can afford it or merit a scholarship.

Now, let us revisit countries that have emerged from rots.
China didn't develop by mass graduating and mass employing graduates.
It did by enforcing meritocracy such that only students who deserve tertiary education get admitted.
This was accompanied by the rapid development of infrastructure that attracted investors.
We can all see the results today.

Does the government have other roles to play?
Of course.

China enrols about half of its post-secondary school students in vocational education.
Germany also has a similar policy where educationally challenged students are automatically
assigned to vocational schools.

Graduates are not the ones making iPhones in China, it is the less educated.

Also, the government should be a major player in the defense and health sector not because they can turn a profit
but for the sake of saving lives.

You talk about privatizing such firms. Who do you think will take over aside from government friends who will demand
more subsidies in order to keep it running.

If there is real money to be made in a sector, investors(local or foreign) will come in and outcompete the government in a short period.

Any country that always gets into trouble because of a drop in certain commodity prices is headed for trouble.
regardless of how sophisticated or impoverished they look to outsiders.

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Health / Re: Why Is Bill Gates Building Doomsday Bunkers? by ivolt: 7:26am On Apr 13

I care cos this man is deceiving people. He is the one behind the "Internet of Things"
It is obvious someone has been deceiving you by taking advantage of your disdain for
critical analysis and lack of subject-level expertise

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Politics / Re: How Buhari Recklessly Spend Loans Obtained From China And It Consequences by ivolt: 12:58am On Apr 13

That is what they told you...its funny how you swallow all the pill without checking for a poisonous one......
According to you, your knowledge comes from textbooks.

It is not a surprise that there is no single successful socialist country in existence.
Well, the good news is that everyone will end up equally poor, so no envy.

I think I might just have stumbled into another YouTube conspiracies believer.
Who are "they"?

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Health / Re: Why Is Bill Gates Building Doomsday Bunkers? by ivolt: 12:53am On Apr 13
Why do you care?
He is being proactive.


Politics / Re: How Buhari Recklessly Spend Loans Obtained From China And It Consequences by ivolt: 12:51am On Apr 13

Brother which textbook taught you that....?
I don't need any textbook to know the role of a government.
States where people primarily depend on government jobs or help are ticking time bombs.

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