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Politics / Re: Senate Passes Bill Allowing Electronic Transmission Of INEC Results by Jahzrockballer(m): 2:09pm On Jul 15
Is all right
Religion / Re: Kano Hisbah Bans Use Of Mannequins For Display Of Clothes By Tailors, Boutique O by Jahzrockballer(m): 9:32pm On Jun 30


Programming / Re: Please Help Me by Jahzrockballer(m): 1:04pm On Jun 20
Religion / The Role Of Christianity In Politics And Law In The Nigerian Society by Jahzrockballer(m): 10:32am On Jun 13
Just as the title
Programming / Re: N30,000 Up For Grab For 72 Hour Job by Jahzrockballer(m): 7:39pm On May 31

Drop your WhatsApp

I'll pay for your data throughout if you want
Programming / Re: N30,000 Up For Grab For 72 Hour Job by Jahzrockballer(m): 9:04am On May 31

I pity your future, I can imagine how many times you have said to hell with classes, tomorrow you will sit jobless and blame Buhari
Peace be unto you Sir! Good morning to you and have a great day ahead
Programming / Re: N30,000 Up For Grab For 72 Hour Job by Jahzrockballer(m): 7:32am On May 31
I need someone that can simply press "NEXT" and wait while data is being extracted

What do I mean?

I'm currently extracting data from a website with software that has an ajax pagination so I need someone to press Next while the software loads more data.

Everything is on an RDP so you don't have to download anything it's already there.

It's about 700 pages and must be done in 24 hours

I will pay the above sum to whoever can do this job
Programming / Re: N30,000 Up For Grab For 72 Hour Job by Jahzrockballer(m): 7:32am On May 31
I'm 100% ready.... To hell with all my classes for today! How the hell do I start?
Politics / Re: Ahmed Lawan: National Assembly Is Open To Informed Criticisms by Jahzrockballer(m): 4:59am On May 27
Criticize at your own peril
Programming / Re: Dear Designer, Stop Abusing Animation by Jahzrockballer(m): 2:40pm On May 26

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Reasons Why Employers Tend To Adopt Age Limitation On Most Jobs by Jahzrockballer(m): 6:00pm On May 19
Wahala for any GEN Z wey still dey plan em future inside this sh*t hole, lol
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NPA Or Efcc, Which Of These Jobs Is The Best With Good Pay, Please Help by Jahzrockballer(m): 9:53am On May 16
Let me be your virtual Assistant


Programming / Re: How I Recommend A Newbie Goes About Learning Web Development. by Jahzrockballer(m): 6:17am On May 03
I have had a few mentions from some people asking for advice on how they would go about learning web development.

If I was to start learning to code today precisely web development this is exactly how I would go about it

I would learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and then React. React is a JavaScript framework which makes your live a lot easier. Once I am done learning react I would pick up Gatsby and Nextjs both React frameworks. Don't worry it's very easy to pick up once you know React. The thing is plain React is absolutely ridiculous for SEO. So if you intend to get your website found by Google, use Gatsby or Nextjs.

Once you are done with this you should have covered the frontend track. With this technologies and a few projects to your portfolio you should be able to apply to frontend developer jobs.

Now the backend is where it gets very tricky. A lot of people would recommend Nodejs which is a JavaScript runtime that enables you to run JavaScript outside the browser. For a beginner avoid Nodejs, I feel the hype for nodejs is created by startup founders to flood the market with Nodejs developers so they could be spoilt for choice when it comes to hiring. I have seen a lot of MERN, MEAN and MEVN stack developers on twitter looking to even work for free to gain experience. Some companies even feel it's not possible for a junior developer to be a MERN stack or whatever JavaScript full stack technology developer. I feel it's a very bad choice for beginners.

I would recommend a beginner to instead pick a platform. Learn the language that powers that platform. If you wanna be an expert at WordPress and Magento development then PHP Is your go to language. If you want to be a Shopify developer then ruby on rails should be your go to language. Shopify uses liquid which is an offshoot version of Ruby on rails. If you wanna be a salesforce developer then java and c# should be the languages you learn. Salesforce uses apex which is java on steroids. There's another platform called sap which uses abap as it's own programming language.

Why a platform? It's better to niche down early. A lot of bootcamps, training centres, self learners et al are all learning the MERN stack or whatever other stupid JavaScript full stack technology. They are all going to copy the same projects and then they will all apply to the same jobs with the same projects. Web development is so freaking wide. So many aspects are untouched and overlooked.

Aside getting a high paying job easily as an expert in this platforms, this platforms are largely distributed and they can enable you to make money on your own as a developer. For instance , on Shopify the average Shopify theme goes for 200 USD and everyone familiar with Shopify knows how ugly the themes on the Shopify store are. Imagine building a much better looking theme and putting it up there and you even sell just 3 themes a month. That's more than what 70 percent of developers in Nigeria make. There's also the Shopify app store which you can build apps that make E commerce easy and you can charge users on an annual or on a monthly basis. You don't even need to worry about distribution as Shopify already takes care of that. The same thing with Shopify also applied to Magento and salesforce. Magento has very few themes in the marketplace. If you check envato marketplace you would find a Magento theme that has done over 1 million USD in sales. The least sales from one Magento theme there is around 20000 USD. So many people fit no see this kind money for their life for naija till them die.

Salesforce is filled with enterprise level applications. Applications that are used by big companies think ExxonMobil, Chevron, KPMG, Deloitte. It cost 2500 USD to list an app on the Salesforce store but the average revenue from each paid app on the store is over 1 million USD. Some apps from the salesforce store have become billion dollar companies. Companies like docusign started as salesforce apps then you have sap. You can check the sap app store. The lease annual subscription for an app is around 5000 USD a year. I have seen 20000 USD in annual subscription for an app. Anyone who works in any of the IT departments of any of the big multinationals must have seen sap.

So in summary, learn the basics and niche down. Most of this platforms also have certifications which employers use for hiring. Those certifications alone immediately set you apart from everyone else. No one is gonna hire a generalist web developer as a Salesforce developer.

This is so apt
Programming / Re: Help! How Can I Create A Website Like Nairaland Using Worpress by Jahzrockballer(m): 6:12am On May 03
If ever want to go the Ruby on rails way, you should check this out


It powers https://dev.to

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Programming / Re: How To Upgrade Nairaland by Jahzrockballer(m): 6:05am On May 03
Just add this CSS into the index.css

body {
font-family: "One Horrible Font";

cd to the NL folder and type enter these commands.

git pull
git add index.css
git commit -m "Major site upgrade"
git push -u origin main

Cloud fare will pick up the update and it will reflect almost immediately.

Courtesy of a NL backend engineer. cool grin

This is so funny to me

It's a "Major Upgrade" and the fonts change was done by a backend engineer, little wonder it's a "horrible fonts"


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Career / Re: Please What Skill Can I Learn To Survive In Nigeria. by Jahzrockballer(m): 1:20pm On May 02
I'm 22 right now, and I don't even have any skill at all, please now I want to go into something I want to learn something please what skill do you think will be ok for me to learn please, I live in Abuja and I can't stay empty handed as time is no longer on my side and I don't really care about schooling anymore I have seen many young men in my area graduated with a very good certificate from school for over 5 years they stay at home without a job the ones who got job got job in a some hotels in Abuja earning less than 50K or 40k after graduating for over 5 years, all this things I put into consideration and it's making me give up on schooling as they say destinies are not the same but over 6 jobless graduates in my area is making me scared, I will still go to school but for now I need to learn something. I'm thinking of learning fish and chicken feeds production.

I know one young man there or under this thread will soon ask me to do yahoo well I have done it before and it does not pay very well and even if it pays very well that's not what I want to feed or train my future family with when I'm due to be a family man. so everybody should chook mouth here and let's come up with something nice.

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Programming / Re: Check Out These Beautiful Website I Designed Within 2 Days by Jahzrockballer(m): 9:20am On May 02
Drop a link to your wok.
The site looks impressive, but like you said he should drop the link
Fashion / Re: The Newest Trend Of Brides Rocking Trouser-like Outfits For Their Wedding by Jahzrockballer(m): 3:40pm On May 01
Where dem dey even see the money do wedding

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Programming / Re: Why Are Developers Crazy About Startup Jobs? by Jahzrockballer(m): 2:04pm On Apr 29

In all sincerity, there shouldn't be anything like old or new stack. But what I mean is, programming languages/tools that are no longer getting attention like before, e.g. C, C++, Jquery and the likes.

Even Java is not as popular as when we didn't have nodejs.
Thanks for the info
Programming / Re: Why Are Developers Crazy About Startup Jobs? by Jahzrockballer(m): 2:00am On Apr 29
It's actually normal.

These old companies hardly recruit. They were in Nigeria before Andela came and made Software Engineering/Development exciting.

They also use old stack and can hardly change their stacks which is understandable.

New companies recruit like mad! About getting sacked. You need a job to get sacked in the first place.

Startups are fast paced and uses new tools which is exciting to most young people and also the exact reason why many employees in startups are youths.

Pay stack and co are just like our own Facebook, Google, Netflix et al. here. Everyone wants to in these companies in America but people don't really fancy Microsoft et al.
Greetings boss

What you mean by "old stacks"
Programming / Re: Career Guides: Things I wish I had known earlier in d software development space by Jahzrockballer(m): 1:58pm On Apr 22
Nigerians are extremely good at following the crowd.
Health / Re: Outbreak Of Bird Flu In 7 States In Nigeria - NCDC Confirms Cases by Jahzrockballer(m): 1:57pm On Apr 06
COVID-19 lite, lol
Sports / Re: BMW Drops UFC Star Israel Adesanya As Brand Ambassador Over Rape Comment by Jahzrockballer(m): 7:33am On Mar 28
Too bad.

How rape is now a popular narrative is surprising to me

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Travel / Re: Is It Worth Coming To Germany? | Find Out by Jahzrockballer(m): 12:53pm On Mar 27

This syntax is correct also.But its common to use it the inline way i.e (condition) ? statement1 : statement2 ;

I'm not saying your multi-line usage is wrong.But I haven't tried it before.

I'm "a more js noob" than you are.I'm a complete greenhorn in js grin
Thanks for the insight
Travel / Re: Is It Worth Coming To Germany? | Find Out by Jahzrockballer(m): 5:58pm On Mar 26

How about?

const OP = “officialdlh”;
const commentor = “regex”;

const message = OP === commentor ? “OfficialDlh is Regex” : “OfficialDlh is NOT Regex”;

const message = () => {
let oP = 'Officialdlh'
let commentor = 'Regex'
return (oP === commentor) ? console.log(`${oP} is ${commentor}`) : console.log(`${oP} is not ${commentor}`)


smiley smiley
Travel / Re: Is It Worth Coming To Germany? | Find Out by Jahzrockballer(m): 7:48am On Mar 26

var OP = "OfficialDlh" ;
var commentor = "Regex" ;

if (OP === commentor) {
console.log("OfficialDlh is Regex" ) ;
else {
console.log("OfficialDlh is NOT Regex" );

You are a "python" guy,I'm a javascript guy smiley

var OP = "OfficialDlh"
var commentor = "Regex";

(OP === commentor) ?
console.log("OfficialDlh is Regex"wink : console.log("OfficialDlh is NOT Regex" )

I'm a JS noob
Travel / Re: Countries With Easy Visa Application For Tourism/visiting by Jahzrockballer(m): 6:20pm On Mar 25
Why not start with African countries first? ECOWAS Regions to be specific...

You'd be shocked to know that Ivory Coast is an exciting place you'd never have considered visiting...

Did you know Cape Verde is a wonderful African Island?

Madagascar is also a decent destination... now guess what? all these places I have mentioned do not need you to apply for visa's ... just bagpack, get a return ticket and away you go...
Today I learnt
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Javascript by Jahzrockballer(m): 12:20pm On Mar 18
MDN docs

You should check that out

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Programming / Re: Which Is Better Vim Or Vi? Have You Ever Used Them? by Jahzrockballer(m): 12:19pm On Mar 18
You could as well try neovim
Programming / Re: Please Recommended A Good Laptop For Programming With A Budget Of 100k Or Less. by Jahzrockballer(m): 11:35am On Mar 18
Go get a thinkpad, probably X250 or T450
Religion / Re: How Prophet Daniel Abodunrin Was Killed By Lions At U.I. Zoo In 1991 In Ibadan by Jahzrockballer(m): 7:37pm On Mar 16
I've heard this piece before

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