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Family / Re: Adults Misunderstanding Kids' Questions. by jaszplus12(m): 7:18pm On Jun 19

I can imagine, in this age of "men are polygamous by nature".
The temptations are there... But 5 minutes of pleasure could be 50 years of torture and consequences!! Not worth it IMHO!
Family / Re: Adults Misunderstanding Kids' Questions. by jaszplus12(m): 10:31am On Jun 19

This is very inspiring
Thanks ma'am.... It takes a lot of discipline too... cool
Crime / Re: Nigerian Hit-And-Run Driver Arrested For Killing Teacher In Ghana (Photo) by jaszplus12(m): 8:24am On Jun 19
Obviously he thought he could get away with it!
Here in Ghana, no one drives his car even if your ROAD WORTHY CERTIFICATE is expired! Not to talk of breaking road rules. So if anyone says its because Ghana police hates Nigerians then you must be joking!


Family / Re: What Is That Thing Your Neighbour Does You Don't Like? by jaszplus12(m): 8:10pm On Jun 17

I fear you.
What is the cause of this "fear"?
Family / Re: Adults Misunderstanding Kids' Questions. by jaszplus12(m): 8:08pm On Jun 17

But now you dey dig anything wink wink
No sir...I've been digging one well for over 25 years now...what about you?

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Family / Re: Adults Misunderstanding Kids' Questions. by jaszplus12(m): 11:39am On Jun 17
Buhahaha! Hilarious. cheesy

I once asked my dad what copulation means. My dad referred me to my mum. Mum referred me back to my dad. Dad asks me where I heard the word from and I told him my Integrated Science teacher asked us to ask our parents the meaning.

After several moments of awkward silence, dad changed the subject and never responded. Imagine my extreme trauma when I discovered in JSS 3 that babies are born via the vagina, and not the navel as I had been led to believe all my life. I wasn't myself for a week.
I discovered in my integrated science book that pregnancy occurs when a male inserts his organ into the female organ....I was shocked, traumatized and bewildered for months! I couldn't look at my parents for a long time! I now saw them differently.
Each time I wanted to pee, the horror of the thought of inserting my organ into a female drove me mad....oh!! cool


Romance / Re: My Mother’s Reaction When I Told Her That I Got A Girl Pregnant by jaszplus12(m): 5:54am On Jun 10
Congratulations to you man. I hope you get married soon and have more kids.
Yea....congrats to him , hope he gets married soon, add one more kid and that's all! From thence let him begin the job of training.... cool
Religion / Re: I Am Not Dying Yet - Apostle Suleman Denies Predicting Death by jaszplus12(m): 5:50pm On Jun 09
He's right anyways...he's not dying anytime soon.

This I have seen.
8 There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death.....
When it comes to anyone cannot be told...so anyone can go any day...anytime... Ready or not!

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Romance / Re: My Experience With A Minor by jaszplus12(m): 9:45am On Jun 05
Great writing style.
True it is that some of these little lasses talk and act mature... But its up to the man to be cautious and help them understand their vulnerability and keep them at arm's length... They're tooooooooo fragile, if broken now...they'll shatter into a thousand pieces!

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Romance / Re: Can You Date Your Friend's Ex? by jaszplus12(m): 10:30pm On Jun 04
Seen it happen o. Not just date, the dude married the gal.
Here's the story: two guys are roommates Andy and Paul (not their real names) Andy has a galfriend, she sleeps at the lodge occasionally even with Paul around... Well at their final year at the university, Andy decides he's had enough of the gal and tells her so... Behind him Paul goes to tell her he likes her...she's shocked... Refuses...
Paul insists...after grad, traces her to her village, proposes to her... Today they have 2 kids...
For me....I can't.


Family / Re: My Most Memorable Children's Day!! by jaszplus12(m): 11:16pm On May 27
I thought it was at Eagle Square, Abuja that students/ pupils do gather those days for children's day smiley... Or was it only Secondary schools that usually gather there? I can't remember though..
No Sir... eagle square came to being from 1990s.... I'm talking about 1983....it was held at Demonstration primary school Gwagwalada.
Family / Re: Lady Found Out Her Husband Is A Mechanic And Not A Car Dealer After Traditional by jaszplus12(m): 8:42pm On May 27
Funny that this lady is now complaining. Unfortunately the heart of man is wicked. If not why would a man do that? Why not come clean from the onset?
Women are also guilty of this kind of deceit, before marriage they're angels ready to do anything to make you "happy"! Few years into married life, the true colors begin to display!! So, she should bear with it and learn to cope... accept the man and his office, thankfully it's not yahoo or mafioso or criminality!
Family / Re: Lady Found Out Her Husband Is A Mechanic And Not A Car Dealer After Traditional by jaszplus12(m): 8:06pm On May 27

She was truly carried away and that shows she’s been eager to get married at all cost. Some stupid pressures I guess, maybe peer or whatever embarassed undecided
Just checking his fingers would have given him away!
Family / My Most Memorable Children's Day!! by jaszplus12(m): 2:33pm On May 27
Happy children's day!
This used to exit us as kids back then in Nigeria, now I can't say!
Anyway, on this day 38 years ago the excitement could be felt everywhere! I was selected to march for the school and also in the soccer team that would play against Demonstration primary school Gwagwalada! The bus that would pick us was already warming up, the driver was honking his horn thereby increasing our excitement!
Soon we hit the road to suleja then picked up some more pupils at Field base suleja before proceeding to Gwagwalada.
The whole place was teeming with excited pupils from so many schools...
Soon the march past started...smart and clean...we sniggered at the "village" schools that looked to impress us "city" schools! Most of the pupils had shiny faces from rubbing Vaseline to look smart! grin
Anyway, results were announced, and we realized we didn't even make the top three schools! Disappointed!!!
So, we went and had lunch... soccer was to be played in an hour or so...
As soon as the game started...the clouds began to darken...
Soon Demonstration primary school were up by 2 goals! Our hearts sank...but we played on!!
Second half....the rains came....and we conceded more goals!! Though we managed to score one through a free kick but, The end: 4-1!!!
Our goalkeeper who was chewing gum at the beginning of the match was now looking glum!!
So....that day ended up....we felt bad... but we still enjoyed the trip back to jabi!
Do you remember your Children's day celebration?
Share yours

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Romance / Re: Wahala: My Adventurous Trip To Yola And Back (pic) by jaszplus12(m): 8:05pm On May 22
I don laff tire here. See as the supposed driver carry mouth up dey snore cheesy cheesy cheesy
Gaskiya na me laugh pass you! Oooooohhhh Lord! See direba(driver!) grin

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Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma Partly Exposes Her Breasts In Transparent Shirtdress (Photos) by jaszplus12(m): 1:50pm On May 22
If not for cosmetic surgeons, a lot of these women would sit at home comfortably in housewife duties.
My dear, even now what good has it done? Can't cook cos fingers are too dainty, can't stand near the cooking so artificial parts don't melt or degrade... only safe place is front of a camera!
Boredom sets in quickly...


Celebrities / Re: Ada Ameh Slams Naira Marley Over His Sexual Fantasy (Video) by jaszplus12(m): 1:59pm On May 21
The boy is foolish
No sir, the boy is not foolish, he's infinitely foolish.... endlessly so....
Politics / Re: Help! SWAT Arrested My Uncle On Sunday by jaszplus12(m): 8:26pm On May 18
baba.. I understand but it has happened already
Sorry about that.... thread carefully from hence, please

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Politics / Re: Help! SWAT Arrested My Uncle On Sunday by jaszplus12(m): 8:15pm On May 18
just normal igbo meeting. What with all the questions?

Does their outfit warrant the police to unlawfully arrest them?
You guys should be smart, recently an arrest was made in the same Gwagwalada about a guy who trained this IPOB armed wing and lots of things were discovered there in your area. Should have given you clue that any gathering of igbos whether legal or illegal will definitely fall under the radar of security agency.
Please just stay away from anything that will stand you out for the meantime.... unless of course you feel like facing the security agents....

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Celebrities / Re: Shock!ng Photos Of Akon And His Father by jaszplus12(m): 5:32pm On May 18
Nothing wrong with the old man, saw him some 25 years ago looked sharp then though in the traditional way. He's a drummer for a local music troupe, shy guy who always told his son he's never comfortable when the girls are around him(Akon).... grin


Family / Re: What Is That Thing Your Neighbour Does You Don't Like? by jaszplus12(m): 10:30am On May 18
lolz crazy love..las las them go dey okay...
Na sooooo....even bible talk am.

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Family / Re: What Is That Thing Your Neighbour Does You Don't Like? by jaszplus12(m): 10:00am On May 18
lolz,what a funny experience,this happen to a friend of mine in our university days,this girl fine,too confirm chick but very stubborn and at tme very voilent,she dey give am money...i done separate matter tire...i tell my guy,shun this girl for some time,he say no,i ask why he said d toto sweet he cant leave her..that is d phrase of the guy u talk with...their love is known as jetli bruce lee love
In fact! I fell off my chair laughing!! Which kind thing be this for goodness sake grin
One guy/girl I used to know, their case na wa! She gets turned on by being beaten up by the guy! Imagine!! At one time they broke up, everyone was afraid to reconcile them, make someone no come kee another!
Eventually, the girl came to beg the guy as no man fit beat her the way her guy dey beat her, they resume their love...
I don't know if they're married now been over 7 years ago...lost contact with them...

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Family / Re: What Is That Thing Your Neighbour Does You Don't Like? by jaszplus12(m): 11:18pm On May 17
Its better you moved out, you should not be the one addressing their issues, they know what to do.

Yes o....in fact one cannot come between that kind of couple... violent to each other, yet inseparable!

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Family / Re: What Is That Thing Your Neighbour Does You Don't Like? by jaszplus12(m): 8:54pm On May 17
Aaaah...mine are a dating couple. They fight to finish, lady will curse and cuss...tell the guy to return all the cash she loaned him, she'll then take Uber and return to her father's house...3 weeks later, she go return, smiling! It happened 3 times, and since I moved to the place, she became familiar with my wife, each time they fight she comes crying to our apartment.
Last fight I witnessed was bloody! Broken glass, windows and plates! She threatened the guy with a knife. I stepped in and separated them tactfully. I advised her to go back to her dad...as I saw her to the cab I asked why she would say her guy should die only for her to later desire his d.ick. she laughed. Anyway I spoke to the guy thinking I was doing a good thing, cos I advised him to stay away from her for a while to gather his thoughts...I was a fool...the guy turned out to dislike me!
Anyway, I've moved out from there... but I know they're still together!

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Family / Re: What Happened That Made You Feel Sorry For Your Parents? by jaszplus12(m): 8:04pm On May 17

I’m a lady grin wink wink
Oooh la la! I'm sorry...God bless you ma
Food / Re: The Tuber Of Yam Man Bought For ₦1200 (Photo) by jaszplus12(m): 6:30pm On May 17

This has nothing to do with Buhari,More southerners should go to farming.
Thanks for enlightening the guy's comments.
Besides this is May, of course everyone knows at this time yam is extremely expensive even among farmers.
After august yam price goes down, by November it's at it's cheapest!
Look at the yam the poster is holding, it's moisture content is almost at 10% only... this kind yam dey sweet to roast and eat with palm oil and pepper!

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Business / Re: Bill Gates Had An Affair With A Microsoft Staff, Asked 2 Others Out by jaszplus12(m): 6:21pm On May 17

Make Women FLEET men. As in spray dem to comot any yamayama iranu ex-girlfriend cockroach egg.
Na wa oooooohhhh....

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Family / Re: What Happened That Made You Feel Sorry For Your Parents? by jaszplus12(m): 6:13pm On May 17
Er, peeps, honestly this thread is getting me more emotional each day... everyone's story draws tears to my eyes and a touch of sadness to my heart... especially because the situation can't really be helped!
I'm beginning to be trepid checking and reading the experiences here... embarassed embarassed
Maybe I shouldn't have started it....
Family / Re: What Happened That Made You Feel Sorry For Your Parents? by jaszplus12(m): 6:09pm On May 17
It was my lil bro birthday. He should be around 7 then and I was just 10. Both dad and mom were both trying to put food on the table, none of them remembered the day and I too. Shebi na person belleful dey remember birthdays?

The Indian movie started when my lil bro went to buy a family size cabin biscuit which was sold around #120 or so then. He was running around chanting "today is my birthday, take biscuit" which he started from pop man. Popsy couldn't eat the biscuit but rather went inside and started crying. Felt so sad seeing him cry for the first time and promised myself to be the best for my parent and siblings. Eventually lost both of them couple of months back and I'm all here with my siblings.

It will end in praises!
Oooooohhhh Lord!! Tears of a parent!!
Lord, help us that our tears before our children will be tears of joy .... always!
Sorry bro...may their souls rest... like you said, it will end in praises! Amen
Business / Re: Bill Gates Had An Affair With A Microsoft Staff, Asked 2 Others Out by jaszplus12(m): 5:51pm On May 17
I always tell Married men, a distraction is hardly noticed until it has brought regret to your household.

When it comes to women, Flee....... Don't run, but FLEE.
And to the women (married or single) what advice have you, sir?
Family / Re: What Happened That Made You Feel Sorry For Your Parents? by jaszplus12(m): 2:26pm On May 17

Amen, thanks so much.
I started a non governmental initiative in 2017, it’s called Support the Needy.
I get emotional when I see kids going through a lot, hence the reason for the initiative.
I haven’t been doing much about it though but I try to do my best when I have.
I don’t take pictures or start screaming on social media, because that doesn’t make sense to me.
Keep up the good work sir! Your reward will be from the Almighty!
When I see kids going through what they shouldn't be going through, I know most parents can't bear it... they just live through it...

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