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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Sporting Lisbon Europa League (3 - 5) pens On 16th March 2023 by javaRookie: 10:20pm On Mar 16, 2023
lisbon for the win!!
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by javaRookie: 10:09pm On Jan 15, 2023
Pls what's the best software for scraping emails??

Which software can you guys recommend whether premium or not.

Just want something decent.
Programming / Re: Aside Fintech, What Should Nigerian Developers Build ? by javaRookie: 12:02pm On Jan 14, 2023
One of the reasons I have refused to engage you in this thread is because you are too insultive and childish, shift abeg let people who are worth responding to see space, stop derailing my thread

Leave that clown alone. He thinks building a game is same thing as cooking indomie.

Dope games like GTA, took 5 to 6 years to complete with billions of dollars spent on both manpower and ads.

There are several aspects to building modern games which includes:
Sound Engineering.
Scenery designer
Screen Writers
Voice Over artist
Background Designer
Character design
Game logic Devs
And tons of other stuff.

Also, building is not where it ends, you need to invest heavily in ads across social networks to get people to install your game.

Like I said before, leave that clown alone, once he mentioned that he was not a developer, I stopped taking him serious.

Just one bug can take you weeks to debug, not to talk of a large codebase found in Game development.

You might even build a game and the revenue generated hits the floor. Then you declare bankruptcy and surrender to poverty.

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Sports / Re: Portugal Vs Switzerland: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (6 - 1) On 6th December 2022 by javaRookie: 9:53pm On Dec 06, 2022

This has always been the difference between Messi and Ronaldo: Messi carries his team while Ronaldo relies on his team to carry him. When Messi left Barca, the team fell apart. When Ronaldo left Madrid, the team started playing even better and allowed players whose shine he has been stealing to eventually get noticed. Modric and Benzema went on to win the balon d or.
Now, he is finally getting seen for the opportunistic player that he is and is been dealt with accordingly. Portugal should keep him on the bench for the rest of the tournament if they intend performing well.

Who inspired Madrid to back to back to back UCL titles?
Do you know how many times Ronaldo bailed Madrid from elimination?

Ronaldo left since and Madrid struggled for 2 seasons before getting them selves back.

Stop saying thrash.

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Romance / Re: +18: MEN ONLY: This Is How to Be Fun When Chatting With a Girl by javaRookie: 10:53pm On Nov 04, 2022
I remember a situation like the above that happened to me while in the university. A girl I never gave a hoot about started showing me atitude all of sudden because I usually ignore her bītchy ass.

It got so bad that she text me that she hates me so much. Then proceeded to block me on all social platforms.

The bítch wanted some but I wasn't up for that shit and booom! She went bananas.

It's the same thing I am seeing here. This Madwoman or Mangooflia is actually acting depressed and depraved.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: I'm Beginning To Support Russia In This War And In Most Things by javaRookie: 8:14pm On Oct 23, 2022

I'm being factual with you but if you see it as something else, that's your cup of tea..
The truth hurt, all I said can be countered if I'm wrong..
For me world power are words coined by supremacist to further their rubbish assertion. If your so-called world power do anyhow to Russia, she go collect.. Even your US know this..

When you fail to realise that there are some people light years ahead of you, you can never grow. You will instead stick to the mud and keep wallowing.

Admitting your own inadequacies is strength on its own but I don't think you are open minded enough to know this.

BTW, USA will just start attacking Russia just like that?

Both countries are wary of each other, whoever throws the first punch will get it back tenfolds whether USA or Russia.

Have a nice day.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: I'm Beginning To Support Russia In This War And In Most Things by javaRookie: 7:16pm On Oct 23, 2022

You aren't wise by saying if Russia has the same power, they'll turn worse than US... Then USSR have as much or more power than US, did they commit than US..
You guys should stop writing shit you know nothing about or regurgitating the rubbish you read online.. kiss

Tell this rubbish to the African countries that got their independence with the help of Soviet, tell that to the countries that are free now because of Russia.. Tell that to South Africa, Ethiopia, CAR, Mali just to mention few..

So you had to be disrespectful to make your point??

You d!ck ride the Russians and lowballed all the good deeds of USA.

You can cry me a River, as long as the dollar remains the international medium of exchange Russia is getting nowhere near word power.

Now run along and continue your d!ck riding from the "source" you didn't read online.


Foreign Affairs / Re: I'm Beginning To Support Russia In This War And In Most Things by javaRookie: 5:54pm On Oct 23, 2022
iLegend you miscalculated on this one, even though some of the things you say about the USA are right but best believe me, Russia is no Saint.

If Russia has the same power that USA had, they will turn out worse than the later.
Every country will cower in fear.

It's convenient to choose a "better" devil than the one you don't know about.

I am in no way supporting USA, like I read a lot of bad things and heinous crimes they have committed, but that can also be consolidated with the good things they have done too.

I read somewhere that the USA refused South Korea launching a space station or so because they were afraid South Korea will start gathering intelligence report on them.

This would also mean that they can target areas of interest using satellite technology for say intercontinental missile.

All in all, USA are a better alternative than Russia, of anyone can be a world power, I will prefer China they are a little better than both Russia and USA.

I don't support some of their Communist idealogies tho, but at least, it's a better option.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Manchester United (1 - 1) On 22nd October 2022 by javaRookie: 6:46pm On Oct 22, 2022
Omo Maguire
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death In Malaysia After Confronting A Gang Member by javaRookie: 7:17am On Oct 05, 2022
oh , so walking away means you are not alright ? maybe you need to have your mental faculty rebooted or rechecked , do you think any normal human beign will see someone wife and knowingly slap her but if not that something is giving him the confidence to do so ?

ok continue fighting anyone that slaps ur wife or mother and show how strong u are, you will find yourself killed or rendered useless. except maybe you are a cultist yourself or you have something you rely upon.
if your brain is ok , did you read anywhere in the article where the victim called the security or police?

just continue your show of Samson the powerful man stuff on nairaland .

if you know you can't defend yourself call the authorities .and don't carry your empty chest to confront stray bullet that is absolute stupidity of the highest order , even policemen wear bulletproofs nowadays and call for backup when in danger. i don't think you realize how precious life is.
a brave sensible man must know when to fight and when to play the fool and retreat

There was no place on your first comment you mentioned about calling the police or reporting to the authorities, you just outrightly said "retreat" like a coward.

Good, so if someone gropes your mum, you retreat as that makes you a wise man.

That's all I wanted to hear. Have a nice day.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death In Malaysia After Confronting A Gang Member by javaRookie: 6:47am On Oct 05, 2022
i don't know why many feel and think that walking away is a sign of cowardice or foolishness, maybe that is part of our African mentality, that to show you are brave or smart, always challenge others.
now the woman he fought over will give birth and after 2 to 3 years of mourning she will remarry and another man will be slapping the same but this man died for.

Are you alright at all?
So if someone slaps your mother's Ass or gropes your sister, you walk away because according to you "Learn to walk away".

So you are enabling sexual assault and harassment just because you don't want to cause problem?

And they might even go ahead to rape them and you will pretend that nothing happened according to your logic?


Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Check Out My Beautiful Rough Sketches by javaRookie: 1:42pm On Sep 25, 2022
Man of culture cool

Romance / Re: +18: She's Just Too Beautiful, So I Did This. To Be Deleted Soon. [PIC] by javaRookie: 10:54am On Sep 21, 2022
iLegendd is good no cap.

Read one of his chatting drills thread one time and something he said stuck with me.

"Every girl out there is naughty, it's left for you bring out the naughtiness in her"

This is very true. And if you can unlock this part, you will be running on autopilot with her.


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2022 Live Updates Thread by javaRookie: 8:19pm On Jul 23, 2022
Join the BBNaija banter Facebook group here.


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Education / Re: Who Can Solve This Primary 5 Quantitive Question? by javaRookie: 9:00pm On Jun 07, 2022

I have solved it for you. Keep your money.

Example 1

22 x 4 = 16

32 x 4 = 36

16 + 36 = 52.

Also, 52/4 = 13

Half of 13 ( 13/2) = 6.5

Example 2

52 x 3 = 75

12 x 3 = 3

75 + 3 = 78

Also, 78/3 = 26

Half of 26 (26/2) = 13

Example 3

32 x 2 = 18

72 x 2 = 98

18 + 98 = 116


116/2 = 58

Half of 58 ( 58/2) = 29

Thanks boss
Education / Re: Who Can Solve This Primary 5 Quantitive Question? by javaRookie: 5:16pm On Jun 07, 2022
How much?

Drop your usdt address after solution
Education / Re: Who Can Solve This Primary 5 Quantitive Question? by javaRookie: 5:16pm On Jun 07, 2022
my neck hurts from looking sideways....kai!

Just slant.your phone
Education / Who Can Solve This Primary 5 Quantitive Question? by javaRookie: 4:41pm On Jun 07, 2022
Been racking my brain for the past 15 minutes now on these questions, nothing is adding up.

You guys should check if this is even correct.

Cc Lalasticlala

Celebrities / Re: DaBaby Pays Lagos Hawker $100 For Few Packets Of Popcorn by javaRookie: 4:11pm On May 17, 2022
Davido to give Dababy his first hit song. grin

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Business / Re: Making Regular Income Publishing Amazon Kindle Ebooks by javaRookie: 8:11am On Apr 19, 2022
Do you know that your book cover can boost or dwindle your sales in KDP?
I have a book that was poorly designed but it had a valuable content, due to the fact that the cover sucks, I had low sales on it until I redesigned my cover and added that extra touch of sleekness to it.
And boom! Sales started rolling in.

You can get your professional book cover for a good price from me.
✓ Fast delivery
✓ High quality Design
✓ Unlimited revision
✓ Paperback design is also included in the package, you won't pay again for it.
✓ Hardcover
✓ Large print

Chat me up now @ o80.27.57..2688

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's The Longest Time You Have Ever Been Jobless? by javaRookie: 11:51am On Aug 04, 2021

Okay I working on a project for Nigeria startup... Can you jump on it... I want to shed out some work this time...

Send me a mail. ope...gmail.com.
Let me when you did, so that i can delete my mail.

Remove it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's The Longest Time You Have Ever Been Jobless? by javaRookie: 11:39am On Aug 04, 2021

It's a frontend (React preferably) and backend (Django preferably)

Boss, Is it using the Django Rest Framework?
I am a junior Django Devloper(currently learning react), I just need a few jobs(unpaid or paid) to keep sharpening my Django skills.

I have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery (Ajax) and Django.

Can also use Version Control System like Git.
Deployed one blog app to PythonAnywhere.

I just need some projects to test my skills on an enterprise scale, and working with companies.

It doesn't matter if it is unpaid. Just need the experience.
Education / Re: 2020 MTN Foundation Scholarship Application by javaRookie: 10:44am On Jul 28, 2021
I just received an email/message have been selected for the award who else received their message

How far bro?? Can I get your WhatsApp number??
Need to ask you a few questions as per this MTN scholarship

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Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Bini: Reno Omokri Destroys Uche Chuta In A Public Debate (VIDEO) by javaRookie: 12:37am On Jul 24, 2021
Men!! What a thread.
This thread was quite expository with lots of learned and logical contributions from both parties.

A pure eye opener.

I liked the subtle jabs here and there tho. It made the thread lively. grin

Nairaland has lots of badass historians o!!



Celebrities / Re: Husband Of Bolanle (Pepper Them) Kicks Her Out Of His House by javaRookie: 10:37am On Jul 21, 2021

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Programming / Re: NL Weeking Meeting: Encouraging The Need For Community by javaRookie: 2:59pm On Jul 13, 2021

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