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Education / Re: Meet Highest JAMB Scorers In The Last 10 Years by JesusSaves49(m): 2:45am On Jul 06

Jamb has exposed you all, products of miracle centres parading doctored results as the best result.

No wonder Obi who came 3rd is parading himself as winner of the presidential election

Do you know none of those from the East did their exams in the East but in the west or North Central?

Please, can you tell us why you guys run miracle centres?
Politics / Re: Pictures Of Osinbajo Playing Chess With Children Of Chess In The Slum Africa Grp by JesusSaves49(m): 8:59pm On May 27
Last chess playing with children as a vp on. Children's day
Politics / Re: Idara Gold Walks Free From Court - Picture by JesusSaves49(m): 10:21pm On May 13
May 29 looks so far in order to end this 8 years of impunity and anti democratic activities
Crime / Re: Anita Ofili: I Waited 10 Years To Kill Friend Who Snatched My Boyfriend — Pic by JesusSaves49(m): 3:24am On Apr 07
I guess this story is a sign of societal faults.
You might ask why?
I believe the suspect's pain maybe that she is still unmarried (this can be deduced from story). Our society pulls pressure on getting married as though it's a sign of a prosperous life.
The pain that she would have been married might be her greatest motivation to during this evil act.

My prayer is may she encounter Jesus in the correctional centre.

To everyone, a haunting & short fused friend is a poison who might one day kill one.


Family / Re: Why I Chose To Distance Myself From A Sibling by JesusSaves49(m): 7:43am On Apr 01
Here is my story....

I have a 3 siblings and I am at odds with my eldest who is a lady. The way it is, I may never have a conversation with her again.

She was the first person to be invested in by my parents after which I came. Luckily enough, she was able to strike gold in her career and do well for herself. She went abroad for her masters with my parents supporting with half-payment. Unfortunately, whenever it came to family demands and helping the other younger siblings, she has either been negligent or grudgingly does so.

Few years after going abroad, she decided to lockup and sends only 40k home which is supposed to cater for food for a month.
Now parents are retired, the whole family weight falls on my following sibling and I. The youngest one education is on me. Happy she will finish soon. Parents need to be supported in challenging times, one is coping with diabetes and the other is with some challenging issues I can't say here. Their savings are being sapped by their needs to keep living on.

But my so-called elder sister based in Canada despite knowing their condition is silent. She still sends her peanuts, while I and my younger brother who is an upcoming fashion designer do 2X what she does. This aches our parents and sometimes makes our mother cry and our father rant with regret.

A time now came, our mum got admitted in the hospital. Condition was so salient that she had to be hospitalized for weeks. Hospital bill was 450k. The Canada-based first born doing a good job, who was always talking to her, praying with her on phone, etc only sent 100k. We the others did the rest. Glad mum is back at home but her heart is broken and has refused to talk with her. She's been in Canada for 5 years and has refused to even support any of her siblings to come abroad too.

My other siblings say because we all refuse to be dictated to by her is the reason for her behaviour. I don't care. Mine is that if you know that you are going to be useless to a family, let your parents know before hand so the money used in training/feeding you can be used for farming business which will despite bad weather bring returns than on a child who feels is not obligated to support the parents who supported you all through.

Let family issues remain in the family.
Know this lesson and know peace.
Politics / Re: Protests As Agberos Increase Daily Fee For Buses To N13k In Lagos by JesusSaves49(m): 8:28pm On Mar 29
Good news for lagosians.
Business / Re: Native Doctor Storms His Bank To Demand Access To His Money (pics/video) by JesusSaves49(m): 8:09pm On Mar 29
It's more like a skit
Politics / Re: Our Election Should Be Captioned "INEC And Police Decide" - Bwala by JesusSaves49(m): 8:18pm On Mar 19
When i read through most of the comments by those whose choice of candidates did win, i noticed that they are awake of rigging involved.
For me some of those i gun for won and some lost especially the legislative members.
But one thing that i wish we could do is to vote on how we could build a good system in every aspect of our country NIGERIA because electing those who can sustain the system based on their track records or manifestos of the party/ individuals.
I'm saying if we are the one voting/ employing them. They should give them our targets as citizens.
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Stops His Motorcade To Dance With Elderly Women In Igarra (Video) by JesusSaves49(m): 7:26am On Feb 18
The format in today's politics is no longer invoke. We need a better method.
Let our politicians go to the educational institutions, and pick up some scholarly thesis on modern and intellectual approach.
Politics / Re: Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Otedola, Duke, Imoukhuede Meet Peter Obi (Photo) by JesusSaves49(m): 10:36pm On Feb 10
tongue If he likes let him meet with Jesus[color=#990000][/color]...obi will lose woefully.... I can bet my balls obi will not win up to 5 states in Nigeria....

Patiently waiting for the thread " The moment obi lost the election woefully"

I think what you just said in a deeper sense is an indication of your state of your heart. You just show your insensitivity to whom truly Jesus is.
Anyone who meets Jesus has abundant life. He is the missing factor that can fill up every emptiness in man.
Education / Re: Abdul Samad Rabiu’s ASR Africa Supports 22 Universities And Tertiary Institution by JesusSaves49(m): 7:53pm On Dec 22, 2022
Awesome gesture
Politics / Re: "From Mami Wata To Money Water" - Lalong Praises Tinubu's Creativity by JesusSaves49(m): 6:37am On Dec 22, 2022
As good as I like what I read about Tinubu, one thing I have to say is that one of the greatest causes of failure is validating our part beyond the future. GMB gave us a good past but a funny future.
My summary is what future is Tinubu painting for us.
I hope I'm not hearing, he will continue in the good work of GMB
Politics / Re: Nigeria, A Country In Need Of A President. by JesusSaves49(m): 6:20am On Dec 22, 2022
Welcome to 2022.
Una eyes don clear.

Lesson: Don't trust words, time reveals the true person behind those words.
Politics / Re: Oyebanji: Celebrating The Compassionate Home Boy At 55 By Olayinka Oyebode by JesusSaves49(m): 6:16am On Dec 22, 2022
Keep it up.

No media stunt please
Nairaland / General / Re: "Nothing is permanent in this world". by JesusSaves49(m): 12:56am On Dec 18, 2022
Nobody leaves this part of the Globe alive. Death is an appointment, all mortals must keep.
Secure your afterlife with Jesus Christ.

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Sports / Re: World Cup: France Battle Virus Outbreak Day To Final Against Argentina by JesusSaves49(m): 12:35am On Dec 18, 2022
Like for Argentina
Share for France

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Sports / Re: Croatia Vs Brazil: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 : (4 - 2) pens On 9th December 2022 by JesusSaves49(m): 7:08pm On Dec 09, 2022
That their crazy dance don stop. grin grin
Family / Re: Couple, Both Aged 100, Married For 79 years, Die Hours Apart (Photos) by JesusSaves49(m): 6:23am On Dec 08, 2022
Politics / Re: Tribunal Rejects Adeleke’s Blurry Certificates by JesusSaves49(m): 7:00pm On Dec 02, 2022
Association of school be SCAM
Beware o[color=#006600][/color]
Education / Re: FG Approves Mother Tongue As A Compulsory Language In Primary Schools by JesusSaves49(m): 6:48am On Dec 01, 2022

A Yoruba kid in the North should concern himself about learning Hausa. It is the responsibility of his parents to teach him Yoruba at home.

Exactly, why the government should have left such responsibility solely for the parents.

The child will be feeling marginalized from a very young age.

Another twist, if a child has parents from different tribes which language will the child be taught with. Knowing fully well that most children easily pick their mothers language than fathers' due to great proximity between mother and the children.


Education / Re: FG Approves Mother Tongue As A Compulsory Language In Primary Schools by JesusSaves49(m): 6:42am On Dec 01, 2022
This policy is sounding as the beginning to the end of Nigeria.
What a wrong approach in solving the educational problem! This is to cause socioeconomic and security problem.
With over 250 ethnic groups, how can this policy unite the already polarized Nigeria structure.
Please, mark this when the consequences appear.


Education / Re: 24-year-old Beauty Queen Obiamaka Enweluzor Sends Twin Orphans Back To School by JesusSaves49(m): 6:29am On Oct 23, 2022
The gesture of the beauty queen is commendable.
One thing also commendable is that she is decently dressed before the students and also while receiving the award

The voice in the wilderness
Politics / Re: Atiku Is A Tribal Jingoist, Stole PDP Ticket From South - Tinubu by JesusSaves49(m): 7:01am On Oct 17, 2022
As we approach the poll next year many things will be unveiled.
So, I request we put our thinking cap.
Our mumu no do us reach ni?
These politicians are friends.
We the masses are the enemies of ourselves.
We need to close our ranks and ask each of them questions and blueprints on tackling issues bothering the healthy state of the country.

The voice in the wilderness says so!
Politics / Re: Our Institutions Are Weak - Osita Chidoka Blames Nigeria Over His In-Law's Death by JesusSaves49(m): 6:49am On Oct 17, 2022
Having read through this, I feel so sober.
I discovered that every evil we conceal will surely hurt us.
However, we Nigerians have to rise up, there is a clarion call that we should go beyond the foolishness of following and fighting over these politicians. Let's ask critical questions on every sector affecting us.
Let's be deliberate in liberating this country.
Nigeria will soon happen to everyone if everyone does not take care of it.

The voice in the wilderness says so!


Politics / Re: Buhari: Those Who Should Be Marketing My Administration Are Not Doing So by JesusSaves49(m): 8:18am On Sep 14, 2022
Success has its voice, it has its own legs and eyes. In fact, success can be personified. It does not require others to prove or explain it's existence.
When people are required to show the existence of success, it makes success isn't evident, e no even show up in that area.
Truth be told, the only successful thing this current administration has is blame gaming and excuses.

I choose to be corrected, this administration is a plaque most Nigerians will pray not to have again.

Reason this administration failed is that anything built on falsehood cannot stand!

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Politics / Re: Lawan: We Must Curb Corruption To Tackle Insecurity In Nigeria by JesusSaves49(m): 8:08am On Sep 14, 2022
By my record, Nigeria politicians know the truth but they always refuse to use it to set others free.
Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Attack First Bank And Zenith Bank Branches In Kogi (Pics, Video) by JesusSaves49(m): 7:21am On Sep 07, 2022
Buhari makes all things bad in his own time.

God make all things beautiful in His own time

Crime / Re: 26-Year-Old Nigerian Lawyer Gets 5-Year Jail Term For Drug Trafficking by JesusSaves49(m): 7:06am On Sep 07, 2022
Lawyer breaking the law!
Politics / Re: Yakubu Fanami Dies With Female Suicide Bomber In Borno While Trying To Stop Her by JesusSaves49(m): 8:35pm On Sep 06, 2022
May his soul rest in peace

[b]Do you need a home tutor for your child, brother, sister, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt,cousin etc?

Do you reside in Ibadan?

If your answers are yes, then chat me on WhatsApp on the number on my signature

Major Subjects: Maths, English lang and Science subjects
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Adult Education also available
Celebrities / Re: Gospel Singer, Dunsin Oyekan Survives Ghastly Car Crash (Photo & Video) by JesusSaves49(m): 7:06am On Sep 04, 2022
Glory to Yahweh
Celebrities / Re: Actress Lilian Afegbai Flaunts Her Killer Curves In A Sexy Swimwear (Photos) by JesusSaves49(m): 11:35am On Sep 03, 2022
Prostitution and Immorality has taken a new dimension.
But listen! It does not Matter how you do it.
Whether secret or open prostitution, it is evil. It is Wickedness. It will send you to Hell.
REPENT!! Before it is late

I know you are highly correct.
There are subtle ways the devil want to capture our minds into immorality and idolatry.
Romans 12:1-2 reminds us to renew our minds. One way is saying NO to lustful wears in public space.

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Politics / Re: Sex Starvation Made Me Plan Husband’s Abduction – Wife by JesusSaves49(m): 6:53am On Sep 03, 2022
Reading through this, I discovered anything done out of hatred and revenge will lead to self hurt.
Like a popular saying goes ' unforgiveness is like taking a poison and expecting someone else to die'.
Let LOVE lead, let God JUDGE.

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