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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Monthly Net Salary Of Federal Government Ministries,departaments, Agencies And P by Johnnyhoo(m): 4:02pm On Jul 05
Does anyone have information about DSS? Recruitment and salary.
Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Johnnyhoo(m): 5:02am On Dec 22, 2020
My email has been filled with PMs, I don’t know how to reply ...

It's the same process of replying your normal mails. Just open the mails and click reply.
Investment / Re: What Investment Mistake Would You Never Make In 2021? by Johnnyhoo(m): 10:40pm On Dec 21, 2020

You are very correct on this, that is exactly what I am doing now.

I have discovered Chymall and another one like it. I started since June this year and I must confess it is paying well. Just 15% monthly which is reasonable. Find out more about Chymall, you will like it.

Which other platform are you talking about?
Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Johnnyhoo(m): 4:44pm On Dec 20, 2020
22 years via Crypto trading

Now a Multi

Vision 2020 accomplished cool

I sent a pm
Business / Re: Which Business Can I Do With N300k As A School Teacher? by Johnnyhoo(m): 12:41pm On Oct 24, 2020

I will advise you to go into "water proof " nylon bags.
start with 100k, the gain is wow.
its light, not perishable, the turnover is massive, sells well because of 90% of traders need it for packaging goods,
give it a try

I sent a pm
Travel / Re: Before You Come To Ireland!!! by Johnnyhoo(m): 3:06pm On Oct 16, 2020

That's how Canada exposed me to many opportunities in Nigeria. I left nigeria in 2014 with the mentality of living big abroad as if everything is easy over there which i ended up working my ass off with pay cheque which is not even enough to live good.
Fast forward to 2016 I sat myself down and think deeply cos I got a lot of dependant which canada situation can't help or else I will end up ignoring my dependants by not not letting them to know my contacts again.
Here we go April 2016 I decided to leave Canada to Nigeria cos I have a lot of business idea, thou right from the beginning business is in my blood.
When I decided to leave i inform my family about it my brothers, sisters, mom and my friends were all scared and wonder how can I decided such a silly thing to come back to nija. Sometimes self decision is the best. I kept mute I didn't listen until I carried out my plan, booked a one way ticket to nija, landed and the hustle started. Everybody are looking at me like let's see what will end u in Nigeria.

I dont know Why we Nigerians lose hope on our country as if these western world are paradise?

I went back to my business I was doing before I left for canada which is agriculture. I put some money I managed to save on it. Upgrade myself by advertising my products online, travelling around, visiting big big farms for sales cos I'm into poultry and I also sell foreign feed additives such as feed proteins and amino-acids.
These business I have been doing before I left for canada but the mentality of travelling out for greener pasture has eat deep in me, then I didn't work too smart cos I believe abroad is the only option to success.

To cut the long story short
I'm now a owner of a company.
We sale imported feed additives in case a farmer might be interested in buying.

Till today Canada door is still opened for me.
I was there 2 times this year, planning to go again next March thou for visiting online.

All my write up is all true cos I know some might want to quote me wrong. I swear
Some might wonder how come all these happen in 2yrs yes it's God's grace and focus.

Funny enough, a lot of people didn't believe all these till today, some believe I'm into Yahoo thing and even sarz always stop me while driving but when they see evidence they free me cos I'm just 29yrs still very young for face. I swear with my life I have never try that Yahoo Yahoo thing or ritual in my life. God is my witness.

Nigeria is the best if you have a very good business idea and fund to finance it.

I will never advice who's going for greener pasture abroad not to do it cos not everybody got business idea and everybody can't be a boss.
Some will live all their life on pay cheque while some is destined to be d boss. That's life.

I just joined nairaland cos if catch my attention especially this thread. One love

I sent a pm
Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Johnnyhoo(m): 4:19pm On Oct 05, 2020
Brother good morning ...drop ur whatsapp

I sent a pm
Politics / Re: Amotekun Battles Fulani Herdsmen In Kishi Forest. by Johnnyhoo(m): 6:09am On Sep 26, 2020
Well done Amotekun and Nigerian Army.
Travel / Re: 6 Countries Where The Sun Never Sets And Where There Is No Night by Johnnyhoo(m): 5:45pm On Sep 03, 2020
Wow.. see beautiful countries!

Bro Johnnyhoo, i have replied your pm.

Seen and done.
Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Demands N6bn And An Apology From Daily Trust Newspaper by Johnnyhoo(m): 6:02pm On Sep 01, 2020
Seems FFK wants Daily Trust to start bankrolling him. #6bn just like that. How much would he be left with should PMB, PYO, Rochas, Amaechi and other charge him?


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Travel / Re: 6 Countries Where The Sun Never Sets And Where There Is No Night by Johnnyhoo(m): 10:59pm On Aug 31, 2020
This happens due to the tilt of the earth's axis which places these regions above the arctic circle.


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Business / Re: Should I Give My Oga The N1.3M I Saved From His Business Or Do I Keep It? by Johnnyhoo(m): 7:50pm On Aug 28, 2020
Did you make this money at the detriment of your boss or his business? What I mean by detriment here is whether you've shortchanged your boss directly or indirectly.
If the answer to this is yes, give the money to him.

Did you make the money from extra profits? Example; your boss told you to sell a commodity at the rate of #5000(his profit included) but you were able to sell the same commodity for #6000 or more.
If the answer to this is yes, then you can keep the money.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Covid-19: Kim Jong-Un Orders Military To Kill Anyone Near Border With China by Johnnyhoo(m): 11:45am On Aug 28, 2020
A ruthless leader. What will happen to those who make a living at the border?


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Crime / Re: Police Officers Kill A Motorcyclist In Oyo Over N50 Bribe by Johnnyhoo(m): 11:25am On Aug 28, 2020
All the officers involved should be jailed. Why would you beat a citizen to death because of #50?
The NPF needs total reform.

Politics / Re: Akwa-Ibom Journalists Snub Fani-Kayode’s Press Conference by Johnnyhoo(m): 11:05am On Aug 28, 2020
Way to go. He over reacted during the last press conference.

Nairaland / General / Re: Honesty; We Still Have Very Honest Nigerians. by Johnnyhoo(m): 12:49am On Aug 19, 2020
Do giveaway.. Oga...
I'll do it sir but not now
Nairaland / General / Re: Honesty; We Still Have Very Honest Nigerians. by Johnnyhoo(m): 12:42am On Aug 19, 2020
Why did Nairaland ban him?
He said he made a comment about trading.
Nairaland / General / Honesty; We Still Have Very Honest Nigerians. by Johnnyhoo(m): 12:17am On Aug 19, 2020
I know a day will come when I'll share this story.
This topic below encouraged me to share my experience with a fellow citizen.

There was a topic on front page during the era of nationwide lockdown, the topic was on how people are being retrenched from work. This was also the period when government was giving people peanuts in form of palliatives, some workers were being paid half of their salaries.

I was reading topics randomly like I always do, I can't remember the exact date but it's either 3rd or 4th of May. I opened a topic and I was reading different comments, some people were abusing government. I saw a comment with few likes, 9 likes or so, whereas other comments about the government had over 200 likes.

The only thing this nairalander wrote was "this is why I always tell people not to depend on salary alone". This caught my attention and I went through his profile, I could see he's a trader going by the picture I saw on his profile, he had a laptop showing trading signals.

I sent him a pm just to know what he's doing, he replied my pm about 3/4 hours later, I told him I saw his comment on a topic on nairaland, that he should tell me more about what he's doing. Note, I've sent random pm(s) to people here about business and investment, some will request for money before giving advice which is usually ebooks while some won't reply.

We started talking via email and he eventually sent me his whatsapp number. He's a trader and he owns an I.T firm in Lekki, Lagos State. He gave succinct information about how I could make investments and make profits. I won't talk about this so as not to appear as if I'm promoting a platform.

Back to why I created this topic, the nairalander put me through on how to set up my account, I needed bitcoin to fund my account, he gave me websites where I can get the bitcoin but he said he's ready to sell for me at discounted rate, I became skeptical but a part of me said I should try him, so I said to myself that I'll only send what I can afford to part with in case things go sour.

He called me on video call to show his face(the only time I saw his face, he doesn't have profile picture. He also sent me pictures he took at seminars he had organised). He told me I shouldn't be afraid and I said OK. He sent his bank details and I sent him money to get me $200 worth of bitcoin. He sent me the bitcoin within twenty minutes and I was surprised. Since then I've been transacting with him and I've bought bitcoin worth over three million naira(#3m). This is someone I've not met before, we only spoke once via video call, every other conversation and transaction is on WhatsApp.

There was a day I sent him #913,000 to help me buy bitcoin, after some minutes I chatted him up that I needed that money to do something urgently, he sent the money back to me within 30 minutes. This is after he's called his exchanger to send bitcoin into his wallet, he gave me back my money and he paid the exchanger from his pocket.
I bought bitcoin worth the same amount some days later. He's proven to me in so many ways that he's a honest Nigeian like many others out there.
This person is from Akwa Ibom but he lives in Lagos while I'm in Ogun state. I would have mentioned him but the moderators has given him ban till 2025.

This is to tell that we still have good people all over the country, being honest is a decision. Fraudulent individuals cut across all nations and spheres of life. You can't entrust #10,000 or a lesser amount to some people without biting fingers at the end.

I'll be going for nysc with the next batch once government announces resumption of academic activities, I'll be glad if anyone can help me with posting to Lagos State, I want to serve at this good Nigerian firm. He's just amazing like many other Nigerians.

I recently got in touch with someone who introduced me to bureau de change(bdc) business here on nairaland. He's told me how profitable it is to buy dollars directly from Central Bank.

This platform is full of great and amazing people.
I'm glad to have come in contact with good Nigerians.


Nairaland / General / Re: This Python Was Killed In My Compound Tonight by Johnnyhoo(m): 4:14am On May 22, 2020

Very close to Egan/Igando in Lagos State...

The boundary is a mini river between Lagos and ogun
OK, thank you.
Nairaland / General / Re: This Python Was Killed In My Compound Tonight by Johnnyhoo(m): 5:21pm On May 21, 2020

I stay at Imose Totowu Ogun State...
Hi dear, where's Imose Totowu in Ogun State?
Celebrities / Re: Funke Akindele, Husband Found Guilty, To Serve 14 Days Community Service by Johnnyhoo(m): 3:25pm On Apr 06, 2020
Fair judgement
Crime / Re: My Journey Into The Underworld (blood Money) by Johnnyhoo(m): 10:52pm On Apr 03, 2020
Typical life of most Abuja big boys......... RITUALs....

This story is similar to mine........I have been there and back.
I thank God for his Devine mercy and love upon my life bcs today I am a living testimony.
Would you mind sharing with us?

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Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Johnnyhoo(m): 1:58pm On Mar 05, 2020
I made my first million naira when I was 23 just that am not 23 yet. But am speaking from the future two years from now. My current investment will get me there two years from now. And I made my first million dollars when I was 29 with this same business and that's also me speaking from the future eight years from now.

What business are you into?


Phones / Samsung A50S Or A70S by Johnnyhoo(m): 10:40pm On Dec 11, 2019
Hello guys, please where can I get any of these phones in Nigeria? These phones are not common in most local stores yet. You can include prize if you have idea.
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Threatened To Leak My Sex Tape With A Guy Online!!! by Johnnyhoo(m): 5:40pm On Nov 25, 2019
and get your own share after

No young man. Stop reasoning like this.
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Threatened To Leak My Sex Tape With A Guy Online!!! by Johnnyhoo(m): 10:12am On Nov 24, 2019
I'm in Funaab, I've sent a pm to you, reply the pm or drop your contact details. We can see d CSO, Harmony Police and Eleweeran free of charge.

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Politics / Re: GNI Charges ADC Memebers To Remain Strong And Focused On The Victory Ahead by Johnnyhoo(m): 4:48pm On Feb 25, 2019
It will be difficult sir considering the fact that ADC is only popular in Imeko and Ayetoro not even the whole of Ogun West. Saturday's election gave a clearer picture, ADC was able to produce one candidate for the house of Representatives(reason being that the candidate is from Ayetoro which is close to Imeko, the only two towns where ADC is well structured). ADC senatorial candidates for Ogun West and Central came third in their districts. Another factor is your party cannot match other parties in the state in terms of money which will play a major role in the next election. Sir, the hurdle is ahead, only a miracle can help you.

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Sports / Re: Greek Super League Fixtures Suspended After Referee Attack! by Johnnyhoo(m): 8:58pm On Dec 20, 2018
This Greek league is one of the most useless leagues in Europe. It's marred by a lot of irregularities.


Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Johnnyhoo(m): 6:27am On Nov 20, 2018
Alright let's make this work. I've gone through the thread from the first page to the last page and I'm honestly inspired learning how people came across their fortune. I've also shared mine, became a millionaire at 23 (cryptocurrency investments and trading). 2019 is going to be a massive year for me and I'm opening up an opportunity to a few of you on here. I need dedicated people who can work. Yeah I know you all feel inspired but behind these millions are serious work. I don't want someone coming to me to beg for money, there's no free money anywhere and I honestly don't have money to dash out, but the little I have I shall give, which is pointing you to the way to make your first million next year legitimately.

To qualify, you must be in atleast one of these categories:
*You should be a graduate currently serving(preferably in schools)
*An undergraduate.
*Determined to work hard and be goal oriented.
*Ready to use your brain because this is going to be very tasking but pay will be worth the work and I guarantee you 1million by this time next year.

Please I'll repeat again, I am not giving out free money. I will only furnish you with every information you need and give you clues on how to fish then the ball will be in your court.
Interested people should drop their email, and I'll email you my contact. Thanks
Sports / Re: See What AS Roma Tweets About Super Eagle (photo) by Johnnyhoo(m): 11:33am On May 18, 2018
Look at the negative thoughts and comments of our people.
I read it here on nl some weeks ago that a Nigerian was employed by AS Roma after the Roma vs Barcelona match, the guy may be behind this.

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