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Career / Make More Sales And Money From Your Adverts Using This Simple Technique. by Josefsom(m): 4:32pm On Oct 15, 2022
Do You Want To Hit Your Targets Fast?

Here is a secret hack I painfully wish I knew of earlier.

If You Want Your Adverts To Get More Leads, Come Closer.

Have you ever wondered why influential people are featured in adverts? I bet you have.

There is this simple hack I recently discovered about top adverts and copywriting.

If you really want your audience to come for your products, make it resonate with their ego.

Remember this rule, People buy with emotions and justify with logic.

Take a look at Apple Inc for example, when you see someone with an iPhone 13, what comes to your mind?

"Rich, loaded.."

Now, the iPhone has for long been associated with the rich and this has led to a craze and rush by people wanting to own an iPhone, even the unsupported ones.

Why is this so?

People want to look rich, they want to command respect with their iPhones.

The two major OS in the smartphone competitive market are just Android OS and iOS, despite the fact that there are over hundred smartphone brands running on the Android Operating System, the Apple iPhone still sells a lot.

Because of this, Apple doesn't need much persuasion to convince you to buy their products because it taps into the human ego, “a feeling of wealth.”

Pay attention to this. ��

The primary egos that works well in adverts and copywriting are;

• Physical Attractiveness.

• Intelligence.

• Economic Success/ Wealth.

• Sexual Prowess.

Your advert and copywriting should resonate with any of these, as people want to be good-looking, smart, rich and sexy.

People will look towards your adverts if what you're advertising for resonates with what they want to be associated with, this is why popular influencers are featured in adverts.

“CR7 is eating xyz cornflakes, let me go and get mine.” stuff like that works well in product marketing and advertising.

Want business tailored contents for your business? I am a DM away.

If you'd love to know more on any of the above tags in this content, check the link below.


Don't forget to tell me you're from NairaLand, I have a free gift for you.
Business / Know This Before Starting Out With Amazon KDP. Part 2. by Josefsom(m): 4:18pm On Oct 15, 2022
Amazon Always Scans Every Single Text There Before Publishing Is Allowed.

Amazon Scans for Plagiarism, copyright and Typological errors and the presence of a Table of Contents.

They will alert you when they discover anything that is off.

Here is also another stage that will determine if your book or account will be banned or not.

Every single book you see there, all passed through that manuscript check and met their criteria after which it's manually reviewed before publication.

You can publish both your copyright work and Public Dorman Works.

Amazon not only allows you to publish your original works, you can also publish works that are copyright free...

Preview Before Publishing.

Amazon KDP, lets you preview your book before publishing to see how it looks on all devices from the book cover to the end.

Amazon Is Strict With Their Standards.

If there is one thing you need to know, it's that Amazon doesn't accept any kind of format, this is because readers can use any device to read.

Well, If you are starting out and can't afford to hire a designer and still lazy to work on Canva for your book cover, Amazon has a free tool that lets you create instant book cover right there on the site so that you don't make any mistake that will make them flag down your account or book.

Almost Has No Daily Limit.

You can publish as many as 500 books on Kdp in a day.

Well, if you have lots of books you've been wanting to publish, you can publish it all in a day.

There is a reason for this vast latitude. I won't tell you now.

You Can Publish Poems.

Aside from publishing journals, textbooks, logbooks and fictional stories, you can publish your poems and collection of poems on Amazon KDP.

Wonderful! Isn't it?

Pen Names Are Allowed.

On Amazon Kdp, you can use your actual name and a pen name of your choice.

You can also use different pen names for different books.

Your pen name will help you reach your target readers faster.

Amazon Didn't Ban Nigerians From Publishing.

I don't know who told you that Nigerians are banned from Amazon KDP, but I am here to tell you that it isn't true.

Nigerians can still upload, publish and buy books on Amazon Kdp.

You can only be banned from Amazon KDP if you go against an obvious rule. No one is immune to it.

You Can Publish Books that are as low as 15 to 20 pages long.

Yes! You don't need to have an incredibly huge book to publish on Amazon.

Just as low as 15 to 20 pages is enough, set your price well and you are good to go.

If you have any questions or you are actually interested in trying out Amazon Kdp,

Click this link to get started and get FREE mentorship on it;

Business / Know This Before Starting Out With Amazon KDP. Part 1 by Josefsom(m): 3:54pm On Oct 15, 2022
What can you publish on Amazon KDP?

You can publish;
Fictional and non fictional novels and novellas.

Non fictional books i.e biography, business books etc.





Book series.

Your book can be in Kindle format (eBook.)

Paperback format

Hardcover format.

You can choose any or all of the three formats.

What's stopping you from getting started.

Everyone has an idea that needs to be heard.

I made an article guide on those who wish to get started with Amazon Kdp.

Here is link to access it.

Investment / Why Some People Go Broke Investing In Others. by Josefsom(m): 10:36pm On Oct 05, 2022
You made ₦1500 a day, Bisola smilled to you and ₦1k left your pocket.

Money left is now ₦500.

Don't you get tired of that kind of life? Sapa loop. �

Dear Kings,

How long will you continue living like that? ������

Aren't you tired?�

Bisola is neither your girlfriend nor wife, and even if she is the former, she isn't your sister, and even at that, it's not a criteria for financial demands from you.

See, the only reason people get heartbroken when people leave their life is because THEY FAILED TO INVEST IN THEMSELVES.

Dear Champions,

Nobody should demand from you more than you give to yourself!! Nobody! Absolutely no one.

Why will you invest in someone else and neglect your self Investment?

Bottom line: Help people! Help people!! Help people!!!

But then, don't forget to build yourself much more than you build others because if they become successful and you eventually go broke, they may forget you just as you forgot to help yourself while helping them.

Investing in others is perfectly fine, but then, never neglect your own self.

Get books that will make financial literate.
Get courses.
Seek mentorships.
Mingle with positive people.

Did you find this insightful? If it did, you can connect with me personally via the link below.


Best Regards,
Joseph Chisom Ofonagoro, Your Business Content Writer.

Career / Re: Letter To Writers. by Josefsom(m): 8:02pm On Sep 30, 2022
Chai!!! I have always wanted to be a writer, but writers are poor.
I don't want to be poor, but I'm still poor grin grin

Writers are not poor. They are rich.

Writing is one of the most profitable skill anyone can ever have.

There is Freelancing,
Amazon Kdp.
And lots more.

Writers are rich brother.
Business / Mistakes Some Marketers Make And The Right Thing To Do. by Josefsom(m): 7:44pm On Sep 30, 2022
If there is one mistake you should never do as a marketer, it's to fall in love with a product.

This morning, while entering Mega Chicken restaurant, a young man approached me with his product. What was it? A nose mask.

It's no doubt that the COVID-19 lockdown changed the financial status of people. To some it made them poor, while others leveraged on it to become richer.

When the man approached me with the product and I declined, he went to another person who also declined.

You all know that the government has lifted the "wear a nose mask in public" rule ever since vaccination increased and people no longer saw the urgent need to use a nose mask in public.

But, here was a man who had fallen in love with selling nose masks which perhaps upgraded his finances during the lockdown.

Dear Marketers, sell a product in its season and when its season is over, move to the next reigning product.

Yes! Everything has its season of boom.

Some twenty years ago, cryptocurrency wasn't booming, today some countries are adopting it in legal use.

Who knows what its fate will be in future years?

Same thing applies in that business of yours. Don't be too confident in that which is bringing in money for you. Prepare for its expiration and you won't have to struggle unnecessarily when its season ends.

Best Regards,
Joseph Chisom Ofonagoro, Your Freelance Content Writer.
Career / Letter To Writers. by Josefsom(m): 8:42pm On Sep 29, 2022
Dear writers,
Google Docs is good.
Auto correct is good
Grammarly is good.

But, what you must know is that you should never rely heavily on them.

They are called writing tools not writers.

Whenever your writing tool highlights an error, check that suggested correction to the error yourself to know if it aligns with the context you have in mind for that sentence. If not, ignore it. Which is why you have to strive to be proficient in your chosen language of writing.

PS: when you're typing and you see that lemon green underline on a word, it means that the word isn't an English word, so you have to double-check to know if what you have in mind is an English word or not.

If you see a red underline on a word, it means that the word is an English word but spelt incorrectly.

Best Regards,
Joseph Chisom Ofonagoro, Your Freelance Content Writer.
Literature / Re: Website To Download Books by Josefsom(m): 9:11am On Sep 06, 2022

Or search for zlibrary on Google.
Business / Self Investment. by Josefsom(m): 10:06pm On Sep 05, 2022
Recently, I heard that celebrity musician Chiké sold his car, a Mercedes Benz, to promote his new song.

He took a huge Risk, I must say and I will be the last person to condemn him for such. Rather, I will commend him.

Life itself is risky. You took a great risk, by coming to a world you didn't choose for yourself, till we leave this life, everything around us revolves around taking risks.

Risk taking is not only applicable in the marketing and business world, it's applicable everywhere.

Little wonder most successful people always tag taking risks as one the primary reasons they succeeded in life. Think of any successful person and see if they didn't take any risk.

Well, it's not all about taking risks, it's about taking calculated risks, Chiké didn't just take that risk, he consulted knowledgeable people. Have great mentors.

He who refuses to take risks, has refused to be successful.

Believe in yourself, have a positive mindset, take calculated risks under positive guidance. It's a sure win for us.

Forget, Chiké is still starting. What he did is a source of motivation to me.

Ember Greetings to you all.

Joseph Chisom Ofonagoro
Business / Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria. by Josefsom(m): 1:49pm On Jul 02, 2022
Nigerians have this type of mentality towards money and the internet that puzzles me a lot.

Like, why will anyone chose to pay 10k to get 50k within a 24 hour period and when they hear of an Affiliate Marketing course they start shouting SCAM everywhere.

Dump that negative mindset!
Change your mentality before your bank account will change for the better.

Get in line.

Incase you would love to get top mentorship on it. Click here;

Literature / Where To Download Books. by Josefsom(m): 1:15pm On Oct 04, 2021
Hello peeps!

There is this book I have been looking for(soft copy).

"The 48 Laws Of Power".

Where can I download it for free and with what App can I use to read it?

Any suggestions?
Programming / Re: Argument Settlement! by Josefsom(m): 6:16pm On Sep 11, 2021

HTML is used for structural purposes on a web page, not functional ones.

Programming languages have functional purposes. HTML, as a markup language doesn’t really “do” anything in the sense that a programming language does. HTML contains no programming logic. It doesn’t have common conditional statements such as If/Else. It can’t evaluate expressions or do any math. It doesn’t handle events or carry out tasks. You can’t declare variables and you can’t write functions. It doesn’t modify or manipulate data in any way. HTML can’t take input and produce output. Think of it this way: you can’t compute the sum of 2 + 2 in HTML; that’s not what it’s for. This is because HTML is not a programming language.
Hope this settles it more

So what are the similarities?
Programming / Re: Web Development And Web Design - The Difference by Josefsom(m): 8:01pm On Sep 06, 2021
Thanks for sharing.
Programming / Argument Settlement! by Josefsom(m): 7:48pm On Sep 06, 2021
Let us all clear this stuff once and for all.
It is often said that HTML and CSS are not programming languages but make up and styling languages.
My question is since they are not programing languages, 'why are they associated with programming languages'?

Are they also computer languages?

No incentive comments.
Politics / Re: The 3rd Time Am Dreaming About The Nigerian Army Atacking by Josefsom(m): 7:19pm On Mar 14, 2021
Ion believe in dreams Lolz ;DIon believe in dreams Lolz
Education / Re: Another 24 Incorrect English Statements We Big-headed Nigerians Speak. by Josefsom(m): 6:29pm On Mar 09, 2021
That ya number 9 depends oo "in time" "eventually"
Religion / Re: Pope Francis Visits Iraqi Christians Who Suffered Under IS (Photos) by Josefsom(m): 6:25pm On Mar 09, 2021
Because u're the head illuminati ryt?.?.? If u don't know what to type,u berra off ya phone
Culture / Re: Top Reason's IGBO'S Are The True Image Of Nigeria!! by Josefsom(m): 6:12pm On Mar 09, 2021
[quote author=Patrioticbreed9 post=99419487].You:Igbos travel to other peoples state but no other tribe is in their state.
.Africans:Nigerians are all over africa,but they are no foregn africans in their country..
.You:igbo's are chest beaters the fume too much(but deep down u know that atleast they live up to some hypes grin ).
.African:Nigerians are just empty chest beater they fume too much.. They are beating chest about their slumish lagos(but deep down they know that we are not there mate and we dey try).
.You:igbos are wicked,greedy and evil!.
.African:Nigerians are wicked,greedy and evil!.
.You: igbos can do anything for money!.
. Africans:nigerians can do anything for money..
.You: igbos are tarnishing our images outsider cant tell who is an igbo.
.Africans:nigerians are tarnishing our images outsiders cant tell who is nigeria or not.
.You:igbos are troublesome they fight with yorubas,hausas and even their neighbors south south.

Are u nt a Nigerian?.?
beta mind ya buisness ooo. e get y
Politics / Lagos Palace Theft by Josefsom(m): 9:00am On Mar 04, 2021
Just recently the oba of lagos announced that a wopping $2million was stolen from his house which is equivalent to #762,000,498 million naira.
Why on earth will a man keep such amount of money in his house. Even some banks branch don't keep such amount with them,which makes people to question the source of that money.
What do you think of this?
Family / Re: Dying Husband Leaves House, Cars For Wife, Gifts His Company & $726m To His Maid by Josefsom(m): 2:50pm On Jan 31, 2021
A will is not to be challanged as far as they don't both manage the company
Family / Re: Dying Husband Leaves House, Cars For Wife, Gifts His Company & $726m To His Maid by Josefsom(m): 2:48pm On Jan 31, 2021
Why do the rich always have bad luck in marriage God help us oo
Religion / Re: Biblical Week Indicates The Second Coming Of Christ To Be Between 2030 - 2035 by Josefsom(m): 6:30pm On Jan 24, 2021
[color=#000099][/color] Don't cum nd gv us FAKE NEWS OO by d way am headed to Google nd Wikipedia ryt naw
Religion / Re: Spiritual Significance Of Seeing A Rainbow In The Dream by Josefsom(m): 6:05pm On Jan 24, 2021
Ion belive in dreams
Celebrities / Re: Noble Igwe Appointed Made-In-Aba Ambassaor (Photos) by Josefsom(m): 1:44pm On Jan 22, 2021
Repay a visit again.. Am curently in umuobuna uburu ohozara ebonyi state for a burial and guy wetin my eyes see i no fit explian and before we got to ebonyi we passed enugu state damn look at estates! Nekwenu masions! At some point i coudnt even tell the defference between maitama and enugu esp along that enugu golf and life style estate.. Manny the east is exploding..

Swrs,omo east don dey fyn o

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