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Religion / Re: To Keep You Awake. Part 1 by justcool(m): 12:20pm On May 15
The preacher’s apprentice.

A preacher and his apprentice boarded a plane. They were traveling to the east on an evangelical mission. As the metallic bird pierced through the skies, the preacher started enthusiastically teaching his trainee. From one page of the scripture to the next and from one book to the next he pulled information and stitching them together, he made his case, assuring his apprentice that as believers they were assured of salvation. The student listened, totally mesmerized by his teacher’s knowledge.

Soon the skies started mumbling and a very loud thunderclap announced the plane had entered a heavy storm. The passengers became startled, and many kids held on to their parents, afraid as the plane galloped and undulated in the turbulent clouds. Then to the horror of everybody in the plane, a lightening bolt struck the right wing of the airplane, giving the plane a big jolt. A minute later, the Pilot announced that they had lost one of the engines of the three-engine airplane. He asked the flight attendants to make sure everybody was buckled to their seats as they were entering a heavier tempest. And finally, he asked the passengers to remain clam. But one could notice the panic in his voice, even though he tried his best to conceal it as he had been trained to do.

Despite the steward’s efforts to calm the people, disorder began to increase in the plane by the minute. The pastor switched his mode from preaching to praying; he spoke in many tongues, calling and reminding Jesus that He could defeat the devil that was trying to make the plane crash. One could hear murmurs, whispers and prayers from all parts of the plane, all laden with fright and fear of an impending doom. The almost silent whisperings and prayers broke into loud cries of frenzy when another lighting bolt struck the other wing of the plane, taking out the second engine. Now left with only one engine and battered by the terribly angry storm, the airplane shock and swung from left to right as it flew.

The passengers screamed at the top of their voices. The pastor raised his bible and waved it from left to right, reminding God of His promises, and demanding that God should end the storm immediately, as if him and God once signed a treaty that he will never get caught in flight disaster. To the pastor’s prayers, his trainee added the loudest “Amens!” he could muster. The frenzy reached a crescendo when one of the passengers, out of panic, unbuckled herself and stood up, then a sudden jerk from the airplane threw her across the isle and she passed out. People screamed and screamed and screamed at the top of their voices.

Only one man remained calm. He did gasp when the lightning took out the engine, but he never went into a frenzy. Like many in the plane he prayed too, but in a calm manner: He simply clamped his palms together rested his chin on them and closed his eyes for a few minutes.

After the whole ordeal had clamed down, and the plane had landed safely in a nearby airport, as the passengers were still recovering from the shock of what they had experienced in the plane, the Pastor’s apprentice walked up to the man who had remained clam through the ordeal.
“Sir, may I ask, what’s your religion?” The preacher’s apprentice asked the man.
“Why do you ask?” The man replied.
“I noticed how calm you were during the frightening storm. How did you know that the plane was not going to crash and that we weren’t going to die?” the apprenticed asked.
The man smiled and said, “I didn’t know we weren’t about to die. I had actually prayed, during the storm, that we would be safe.”
Alarmed, the apprentice almost screamed, “Are you not afraid of death?”
“You believe in God, you believe that life continues after death, and you have lived an honest life.”
The apprentice nodded as the man continued, “Then why do you panic so much in the face of death? Why when confronted by death you behave as if it’s all about to end when actually it’s only a transition?”

The apprentice walked back to the pastor, shock his hands and parted ways with him.
“Where are you going?” the Pastor asked.
“I have found a man with genuine faith and I’m going to ask him to accept me as his apprentice. The ordeal we experienced in the flight had shown me that neither you nor I possessed genuine faith. Bye and thanks for everything.” The freed man said and walked away.
To remain calm during the turbulent phases of life is to show genuine faith in God.
The best way to spread the Truth is to live it. The way you live speaks louder than your words.

Fidelis Nwabueze
Religion / Re: To Keep You Awake. Part 1 by justcool(m): 1:54am On Dec 21, 2020
Thanks @Justcool

No problem, I actually removed it because I thought you did not follow the thread anymore, I will repost it after this question. My question is how does it happen that the human spiritual from the lowest part of spiritual creation must descend all the way to gross matter( the lowest point of creation) furthest from its home than any other species in creation. Even the animals on earth are from the animistic realm so they do not descend as far. And as far as I know the divine beings, particularly the elders who are at the lowest point of the divine realm do not descend into spiritual creation for maturity. So why must it happen that all of a sudden the beings at the lowest point of spiritual creation have to go all the way to gross matter to mature, how does it happen that it is not the ethereal realm or animistic realm we go to mature?
Please reply on your free time. I thought the inquiry thread might no longer be active which was why I removed the former question.


You hinted on the answer to you question yourself. Divine beings, animistic beings, and human spirits are all different species; and hence carry different abilities.

Look around you on earth you see the same thing represented even in the physical realm. There are species of animals that give birth to live offspring while others lay eggs.
Your question is like asking, “why do goats give birth to kids and chickens lay eggs?” They are different species and hence exhibit different characteristics.
It’s like asking, “why are sharks born ready to fend for themselves without needing parenting while most animals are born totally dependent of their parents for a shorter or longer time.”
What about some unique aquatic animals, like tetrapods that live in the water, yet lay eggs on the land. The eggs must hatch on the land and the infant must find their way back to the sea where they were conceived, or they will perish on land. This is almost like the human spirit which awakens or hatches in subsequent creation and must find its way back to creation or perish.

Let’s look at plants for example. Some must eject their on to the land for an offspring to arise. Another can be propagated by ingrafting, without needing to be planted. Another only propagates when you cut of a piece of the stem and plants it.

Divine beings should not even enter this discussion because they are not part of creation. They, as part of the unavoidable radiation of God have always existed; there are not created beings. Hence, they are called the elders or eternal ones. God is Light, and Light must radiate. The Divine beings are the direct radiation of God.

Primordial beings, created directly by the Holy Spirit do not need to leave their sphere to mature. They were created fully grown and mature; even the primordial specie that develops from children do not leave the primordial spiritual sphere to attain this development.

The same is applicable with the spiritual, in terms of coming into being fully conscious. Even the spiritual that develop from children do not need to descend into matter to attain development.

Only the human spiritual, which is the weakest species of spirit, needs to descend into the world of matter or subsequent creation to achieve consciousness. The spiritual species consists of The Primordial spiritual, The spiritual, and The human spiritual.) The human spiritual comes into being as spirit seed which must develop into a spirit germ and planted into the world of matter where it can attain consciousness and develop till it returns home. It did not come into being in a fully conscious state like other spiritual species above it. It is too weak to awaken to full consciousness in its home because of the pressure of the nearness of God there. Hence it needs to the world of matter where due to further distance from the Light, the pressure is weaker. One can say that only the world of matter caries the condition necessary for the spirit germ to grow and mature.

Here is an analogy: Mammals can form inside the womb of their mother, while reptiles and birds must form in an egg outside their mothers. In this analogy, mammals represent the Primordial spiritual and spiritual, while birds and reptiles represent the human spirits. And the wombs of their mothers represent their planes or spheres of origin.

It is like a seed that must fall off the tree to the ground where it can germinate and grow. Only the ground offers it the condition necessary for its germination and growth. Indeed, some seeds need to be planted under the soil. The conditions, like the direct sunlight and air pressure above the ground or on the tree where the seed came from are too strong and harsh to allow the seed to germinate. Hence the seed must be planted under the soil where it is not exposed to direct sunlight and harsh or dry air.

There is nothing strange or stupendous in the case of the human spirit; we see similar process of development all around us in both plant and animal kingdom.

The fact that the animals travel lesser distance than the human spirit to arrive on earth is simply because the animals originate from the lowest point of the animistic sphere which far closer to the earth than the lowest part of the spiritual sphere from where the human spirit originate.

The earth or the physical plane is the lowest in the rung of God’s creation; planes lower than the physical need not exist and did not stem from God’s Will. Here on earth, due to the enormous distance from the Light, the pressure is so reduced that the spiritual can fully awaken or activate its will; and strengthen it through exercise or living according to God’s Wil till it is strong enough to remain awake even in Paradise or the Kingdom of God . Animals have to be on earth because they have roles to play here, just as we human spirits have a role to play here too.

Thanks and remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: To Keep You Awake. Part 1 by justcool(m): 6:03am On Dec 13, 2020
Please do you mind if I ask a question here?

Thank you

Hello Lifeseeker!

You are welcome to share your questions with me. I saw the question you asked on the other Inquiry for Justcool and mnwankwo....thread and I was getting ready to share my perceptions when you removed it. I apologise, if I was taking to long to reply.

You can share your questions with me but please be patient with me as I'm a very busy person. Don't feel discouraged or snubbed if I don't reply promptly.

Remain blessed
Religion / Re: To Keep You Awake. Part 1 by justcool(m): 6:36pm On Nov 10, 2020
Of course Mr B bore false witness against the man in question.

Thank you Komojunkiee!
Religion / To Keep You Awake. Part 1 by justcool(m): 9:49pm On Nov 09, 2020
Two men, Mr. A and Mr. B, were asked a question about a person whom they have never met.
The question was, "Is he a liar?"
Mr. A, although familiar with the rumor that the man was a liar, answered, "I do not know because I have never had any dealings with him."
Mr. B decided to base his answer on the popular rumor about the man and said, "Yes! He is such a liar."
However, in the end, it turned out that the man was actually a liar.
Did either Mr. A or Mr. B bear false witness against the man?

Religion / Re: A Seeker Questions Justcool About The Grail Message. by justcool(m): 6:40am On Apr 13, 2020
Hello, please, my question is: Could you explain what miracle is?
Also, in the Bible, it was stated that Jesus Christ turned water into wine. What is the Grail Message's explanation about this, and
how does this act fall within the Natural Laws of Creation?

Thank you.

Hi VevoGuitar

Thanks for your question.

A miracle is happening of such stupendousness that often human beings cannot explain it. Due to this it appears to us as if it happened outside or against the laws of nature. But this is because of our lack of knowledge of the laws of creation and our inability to survey the whole process, including the power involved which sometimes lies above the human scope of surveillance.

The laws of nature are inflexible and immutable. Anything happening outside of it or going against it is altogether and absolutely out of the question; annulling or going against the laws of nature is impossible. And since God is absolute perfection Himself, everything that issues directly from Him is also perfect and cannot be changed or improved upon. What we call the laws of creation, to which the laws of nature belong, issued from God. Hence these law bearing Divine perfection as intricate part of them cannot be changed.

However the speed of manifestation of events differ depending on the concentration of power in question. Let’s take healings for example. A healing process that normally may take years to be completed under the power of the physical body and mundane medicine, may take just a few months to be completed under the concentrated spiritual power mediated by gifted healer. The concentrated power mediated by the healer to the sick person only speeds up the healing process which remained natural and unchanged. Hence all the process proceeded as ordained by the laws of nature and not by a hair’s breath outside of it; only the speed increased, nothing else. It is this speed of recovery or manifestation that marvels people and confuses them, making them think that the happening is outside nature because they are used to the normal natural slower healing process.

The speed of manifestation or recovery from disease depends on the concentration or amount of the power that the healer is able to mediate; and of course the sick person’s receptivity or ability to open her/himself. Jesus, who issued directly from God, and carries a part of God within Himself, is able to mediate God’s power in the most concentrated form. His power is so potent that when He laid hands on the sick, the recovery happened almost instantaneously! Hence He was able to pray for the sick and they recovered immediately.

It is possible to call the newly departed back to their physical bodies, as in raise the dead. The process of death involves stages; and at a certain stage it is possible to halt the process and awaken the dead. This is possible provided that the physical body is still intact, and the soul has not ventured too far in the beyond. There is absolutely nothing unnatural or supernatural in this. Hence Jesus was able to awaken the dead with His divine power.

However it is impossible to automatically turn water into wine just as it is impossible to turn stone into bread; the laws of nature do not allow such changes. Hence Jesus did not turn water into wine. The story of turning water to wine may have arisen from a parable of metaphor. It may have been a vision sown to somebody, to convey a spiritual message, which after many years got mixed up and taken literally. If you think about it, it is quite inconsistent to say that at one point He refused to turn stones into breads and at another point agreed to turn water into wine; they actually fall within the same category, He could not have refused to done one and accepted to do the other.

Lucifer tried to tempt Jesus into attempting to turn stones to bread, because he(Lucifer) knew that such was impossible and if attempted would have resulted in failure. Such failure would indeed have made Jesus doubt the potency of the Divine power that He sensed in Himself, He would have doubted His Divine origin. And such doubt would have made His mission impossible. But Jesus knew the laws of nature which bore His Father’s unchanging Will; He knew all that was allowed or permissible within the laws of His father. Hence He did not try such; in other words, He did not fall into Lucifer’s trap.

Thanks and remain blessed
Religion / Re: Eugenics - Implications by justcool(m): 9:17pm On May 01, 2019

By race I refer to human races as distinguished by physical appearance primarily skin color. So Caucasians, Negroids,Arabs, Indians, Oriental, etc.

One does not have to have the same physical appearance with his partner, neither do they have to have the same skin color. Almost among all different peoples of the earth, there is a gamut of skin color. There are Igbos that have light skin as well as those have of dark skin; this does not mean that they are of different races, nor is it as a result of mixture as it is often erroneously thought. My grandmother's skin was as light as that of the average European, yet she was a full fledged Igbo woman; she was neither mixed nor had she ever bleached her skin. It would be wrong for a very dark complexioned Igbo man to regard her as being of a different race or refuse to marry her just based on her skin color.

One should really stay away of the terms Negroids, Caucasians, etc as these are pseudo terms that has no scientific or any real basses. They are also not consistent with skin color, as there are dark complexioned Caucasians, just as there are light complexions negros. Centuries ago the word race was used to justify colonialism or slavery; as people thought that those of different races are of different genome, a totally different species. This makes it easier for people to colonize and rule over there neighbors. The Nazi for example thought that the so called negroes and Jews were less human than the German Aryan. Anthropologically the term race developed for grouping and analyzing human populations based certain outward characteristics like skull shape. In which case, Arabs, Indians and Europeans belong to the Caucasian classification as well as northern Africans, even dark complexioned Ethiopians and Eritreans. Hence one cannot marry just based on being a Caucasian. Two Caucasians can come from two very different cultures, even have very different skin colors.

As with all that fell on the shoulders of the human spirit, the races did not develop as they should have. After the evolution of the physical body by the animistic, the spiritual took over to (1), make the bodies purely human, i.e. a closer representation of the spirits bodies above the world of matter, and (2) evolve into different races; each race swinging predominantly in a particular radiation, just as it is above. The human spirits achieved the first task; hence we have human bodies today very distinct in look from the animal's bodies. To achieve this the human spirit germs only needed to wear the physical body and radiate through it. The spirits radiation being spiritual has a grate evolving effect on the physical body; hence in a few decades of the spirits incarnating into the physical bodies, the bodies evolved, bearing almost greater resembles the spiritual bodies above than the animal bodies that it was derived from. To develop into races, early humanity needed to listen to animistic beings as they despaired and mated. Pockets of human were guided to different environments so as to, in adapting to the different environments, evolve the different races. As each environment or continent swings predominantly in a different radiation, and hence has a different climate. In adapting to their environments, after thousands of years humans would develop different outward physical characteristics, each as a result of the environment that nurtured it. Example: Europeans(the humans that were lead to settle in Europe by the animistic beings) should be adapted to Europe which will give them distinct physical characteristics from the Americans who in adapting to the American environment should look different from the European. These is how the races should have formed. Everything started to develop in the right matter, in the early years of the incarnation of men of earth, however, before the development could be completed a terrible event happened, the fall of man. From then, mankind lost the connection the guidance of the animistic, and everything started developing wrongly. Vain curiosity and greed came in, which drove men to every part of the earth; and lust drove them into mating unrestrictedly with one another. Hence the races never truly came into being they should have.

This happening is reflected in the biblical story of Adam and Eve, which was pictorial rendition of actual events. Adam and Eve were placed in a garden where they should have lived happily and in harmony with their environment. This is rendition of how different pockets of early humans were lead to different parts of the earth to develop. However after falling into temptation, in time greed came in and drove Cain to kill Able. And consequently coin wondered off and married a strange woman(who was not of Adam's linage, ie not from the same gather) and begot kids. Hence after the fall of man, greed and all kinds of evil came in causing humans wonder of off their environments and started mating unrestrictedly. The fact that in the story, Cain married a woman that could not have come from Adam(which has baffled many who have taken the story literally) shows that there are other gardens as well, which had pockets of humans too. If the pocket/group of people (pictorially depicted as Ada and Eve) did not fail, they would have remained in isolation and in harmony with their environment, and evolved into a pure race. As side note: Adam and Eve were actually the progenitors(a group of people) of the Jewish race, which like all races didn't come into being in purity.

The different races would have eventually come in contact with each other, at the right time, after each have become a pure race, each representing one of the components of the radiations of God, or predominantly swinging in a particular radiation. At this point they would have also attained some spiritual knowledge, hence they would have stood side by side like the keys of the Piano, only mingling in certain pattern that creates harmony and not mating around wildly in confusion. Just as with music, jamming on all the keys without any pattern only produces noise! To make music, the musician must be knowledgeable enough to know how to mix the keys to create music.

Hence in choosing a marriage partner, one has to in prayer and in all seriousness (1) pay strict attention to his conscience, (2) seek within one's culture or a closely related one. I'd rather use the word culture than race, seeing what the world is today.

Thanks remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: Eugenics - Implications by justcool(m): 5:59pm On Apr 27, 2019

Many greetings sire!

This leapt out at me. I believe I have asked you before, and I believe you may have answered, but memory fails me: does this above suggest that inter-racial marriages are somewhat unwholesome?


Thanks for your question. I remember we once discussed this issue, and I can share my perception again which remains the same. Usually I would have answered without much ado, but recent experiences have deepened my perception and hence I much proceed carefully in order to avoid being misunderstood or leading ourselves astray. I must have you, first define what you mean by race. The word race today is one of the most ambiguous words; it could mean so many things, from nationality, ethnicity, skin color, to culture. Hence when we talk about race, one could be talking about one thing, while the other is talking about another.

Let me know what you mean by race before I continue. While I await your reply, I can only say this: Love and harmony should be the basses for all marriages. Wherever either of the two is lacking, there the peace which is very important for spiritual unfolding can hardly be maintained. Hence, not only love should be considered but harmony too; harmony all the way from spiritual qualities(personal qualities) to physical characteristics.

For spiritual harmony, the two individuals do not necessarily have to have the same qualities(or virtues) or characters, their characters only have to be complimentary. Since man and woman are split species, they can only embody spiritual qualities in parts which need to unite in their working for harmony to arise. And these parts (qualities or characters) often appear as opposites hence people observed that "opposites attract." A woman, for example who has the gift of gab (has a way with words and likes to talk a lot) will find harmony with a man who likes to listen, and not one necessarily one who also like to talk a lot. However this law of opposites is only true in regards to split species found in creation. Above creation we find beings that carry whole, not split species.

For physical/earthly harmony, two people from very different environments or culture may find it difficult to achieve harmony. Two people from very distant and non-complimentary culture may find it difficult achieve a healthy marriage. You must have heard the term, 'Culture shocks' experienced by people who travel to a cultural environment different from their own. Sometimes cultural differences can be so unsettling and a source of annoyance, making the much needed peace impossible to arise.

As you already know, that which is spiritual carries the most weight in creation. Hence, being complimentary spiritually is more important than being complimentary at the physical level. However, as long as we are wearing physical bodies and are still on earth, one must take the physical also into consideration too. Otherwise the disturbance/annoyance stemming from physical disharmony can make peace impossible which will then hinder spiritual development.

Thanks and remain blessed.


Religion / Re: Eugenics - Implications by justcool(m): 3:28pm On Apr 08, 2019

On the science of Eugenics (Racial Hygiene) in Nazi Germany.

Justcool, M_Nwankwo, please comment.

Many thanks.

@DeepSight! Longest time!!!

The science of Eugenics is not justifiable in anyway because they proceed only from the physical bases, taking only the physical body into account.

It is right to encourage healthy living so as to achieve healthy physical bodies, it is also right to encourage racial purity. However, the belief that humanity will be free of genetic diseases by forcibly allowing only the physically fit to breed is wrong and stems from the Eugenicist’s ignorance of science and laws of creation.

Two very healthy people, who are free from any form of genetic defect, can produce an unhealthy offspring with genetic disorders.

Viewd from above, from the right perspective, one realizes that in this school we call the world of matter, some pupils need to experience a lifetime or lifetimes of unhealthy having unhealthy physical bodies to aid their spiritual development.

And in so many cases having such unhealthy or genetically-defective bodies is a reciprocal reaction from past mistakes. Hence, as long as there are pupils who need such bodies for development and as long as there are some pupils who have to experience such bodies as reactions from past mistakes, there will always be unhealthy or genetically defective bodies on earth. Mankind cannot prevent it through selective breeding.

A total repentance of mankind, which will in time result to nobody having such a karma as requiring a diseased body, will actually be far more effective than Eugenics. But this is hardly possible, because taking the question of free will into account, there will always be some taking wrong paths.

Knowing how much you already know, there is no need going deeply into it and extending this post.

Thanks and remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: A Seeker Questions Justcool About The Grail Message. by justcool(m): 2:47pm On Apr 08, 2019

Please ignore Shepard00. If you have more questions, you are welcome to ask.

Thanks and remain blessed.
Religion / Re: A Seeker Questions Justcool About The Grail Message. by justcool(m): 3:24am On Mar 31, 2019

Hello Justcool.
I have gone through the link you sent to me. Thank you.
Initially It seemed like you guys were opened to answer everyone's questions, especially those of the different adherents, but along the line when someone who seemed to really know about you guys and had in-depth questions to ask came up, all of you bailed on her. Why?

Evidence, Please! First of all who are "you guys"? Please can you show me evidence where "someone who seemed to really know about you guys and in-depth questions to ask came up, all of you bailed her?"

My friend there is no need to resorting to false accusations. I answer questions about the Grail Message from serious seekers who genuinely wish to approach God and live according to God's will. I am not here to indulge in any type of religious fights.


Why didn't you all respond to @Noteasy, instead called Myn44 to ban her?

Show me just one instance where Noteasy or anybody asked a serious question about the Grail message and I bailed. The thread in question is still there, you can copy and paste. Show me where I called on Myn to ban Noteasy or anybody on nairaland? Again, why resort to lies?


Well, for me reading through that thread I came up with a ton of questions in tune with @Noteasy's, but I feel I'll also not get answers to them so I will them go.

If you think you can come here and start a religious battle or religious comparisons than you have another think coming. If you have serious questions about the Grail, I will offer you my perception. Otherwise, you're wasting your time. You will not drag me to the level of angry outbursts, false accusations and mockery. Here we are dealing with very serious issues, (What can be more serious than that concerning God); hence if you can't show any form of objectivity, please stay aloof.


But, pls, answer just this one question.
I read one of you say Oskar Ernst Bernhardt was a reincarnated Abdrushin. Meaning Oskar knew who he was in his former life, so knew what he was to do, hence picked his former name and continued his work.

He is dead right? Long-ago. Has he reincarnated yet? if yes, as who presently? Which part of the world is he living in right now? Does he know he was Abdrushin?

How do any of the above help you understand life and God better? How do they help you approach God better? Or How do they help your spiritual life? Abdrushin brought the Grail message, which clearly points out the will of God and the way to Paradise, our true home. It is not a book of mysticism about who any individual is or was in various earth lives. When a postman delivers you a mail, you don't start him who he was yesterday and what he did yesterday, even before examining the mail. Like a mailman, Abdrushin brought His message from God to mankind, those that are genuine seekers seek the message. They don't start by asking who the mailman was in his past life. The Grail message is not a personality cult around Abdrushin.

Don't be like the Pharisees who, rather than seriously examining Jesus's message, were asking: "Weren't you a carpenter?" or "Are you not the son of a carpenter?"

Also, Genuine adherents of the Grail message don't go about begging or preaching to people to accept the Grail message, such would be casting peals before swine. Rather it is people that come after us seeking. And we answer when we feel the seeker is genuine.

You said you are Christian, then if your religion fully satisfies your desire for God; then stay with it and leave the Grail message alone.


And you, who were you in your past life?

Again, I'm neither a mystic nor do I practice occultism. The Grail message warns against such. I'm simply a man who strives to live according to the Grail message, which is the original message Jesus Christ, the son of God once brought to mankind. I'm simply a servant of God; I don't go digging into my past life because such is mysticism and does not fascinate me, my only fascination is to stand presently in the will of GOD.


Thanks again.

Thank you too.
Religion / Re: A Seeker Questions Justcool About The Grail Message. by justcool(m): 4:36pm On Mar 30, 2019

Wow. I so like your response and explanations of terms here. But the post long o

Pls I need to know the connection between Grail Message and Eckanker. Are they related in any way? For I use to think they are somewhat the same.

But reading you hear, it appears they are not. You talk about God and Paradise , I think they don't.

I could be wrong tho.

Pls enlighten me.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Shepherd00

Thanks for your questions. There is no connection between the Grail message and Ecankar or any other religion, cult, and movements. The writer of the Grail message drew His message straight from the highest source, from God the father. Naturally it will agree with the Truths in others religions and, at the same time, disagree with the falsehoods in them. It is neither a religion, movement, nor cult; it is simply brought to mankind. Anybody, regardless of her/his religion, nationality, race, etc. is welcome to examine the Grail message, provided that she/he is a serious seeker; the writer only demanded the reader/examiner must proceed with objectivity.

A lot of people have asked questions about the Grail message in this forum. Here is one of such treads:https://www.nairaland.com/147092/grail-message/9. Keep in mind that the answers you read on that thread or receive from adherents of the Grail are only their perception. If you are seriously seeking, then you might consider picking up the Grail message and hearing straight from the horse's mouth. I will enthusiastically treat any questions that you have after examining the message.

About Eckanker, I'm not allowed to talk. There are Eckists in this forum, and if you are interested in eckanker you should approach them with your questions.

Thanks and remain blessed.
Religion / Re: A Seeker Questions Justcool About The Grail Message. by justcool(m): 6:37am On Mar 29, 2019
@ newness101

Thanks for your worthy questions.

You are absolutely right that a loving God would not send spirit germs(fresh spirit germs from Paradise) into a world where evil already exists; hence evil did not exist, even in the material world, before mankind descended into it. The word used in the description in the Grail message is "ignoble vibrations," not evil vibrations. I know the word "ignoble" is related to "evil" and, in some cases, the two words can be used interchangeably as synonyms. But here, one has to let go of rigidity and follow the lecture intuitively. Here we must let go of rigid definition of words, in order to proceed farther. Words can only take us so far, i.e. to the proximity of the Truth; but in order to grasp the Truth we must proceed with our intuitive perception. Here "ignoble" is totally different from "evil." In order to convey my perception on what is meant by "ignoble vibrations" I will paint a picture(analogy) for you.

Imagine a child sent to school for the first time. Once he enters the school compound, even at the outskirts of the school, he is confronted by emanations from the activities that go on in the school. He can see gardeners working in the gardens in the school; he can see or hear students going to classes, in fact the buildings and classes are marked so that he would not miss his way if he so wishes. As he walks around, he might perceive the smell of food oozing from the canteen or refectory. He can see and hear construction workers maintaining the buildings; as he looks further, he sees the cleaners cleaning the premises. He see the school police department or security directing cars and keeping the premises safe and peaceful. He can even hear cars roaring as the pull in and out of the school parking lots. All these numerous activities going on in the school emanate or sends ripples, be they noise, smell, etc. through which one can perceive them. The new student confronted by all these activities now has to decide. He can decide to follow the signboard welcoming new students and directing them to the class to go. He can also decide to follow the sweet aroma of the food and his will lead him to the canteen or refectory where he will only while away his precious time. He may get fascinated by the campus police and follow them around all day. He may even work of the construction workers interesting and get lost in watching them, or the he may like the smell of the cleaning solution that the cleaners use and hence hang around the cleaners all day.

If this new student follows any of these activities, apart from going to class, we can describe him as having followed ignoble activity. Ignoble, in the sense that that activity offers him no benefit as a student, and not that the activity is evil! Hence the Grail message(the English translation) uses the word "ignoble." Ignorable in the sense that it is not a noble or even honorable venture for the spirit, because it offers the spirit no benefit; and not that the vibrations/activities are evil. Neither are they traps or sneers for the spirit germs. God tempts no one! You wouldn't accuse the school authority of setting sneers for the new students just because in addition to schooling there are other activities in the school as well. These activities are necessary to keep the school functioning, they do not interfere with the students activities; however, the student must only follow the activities that he came to school for. Indeed the student should be grateful for these other activities that help keep his school alive and functioning.

In the above analogy, the new student going to school for the first time are the spirit germs entering the world of matter for the first. At this point everything in the world of matter is pure, just as the school described above, and evil is totally out of the question. The world of matter can be likened to a gigantic school where the elementals(Pure servants of God) develop, keep order, and above all keep in motion. Hence even before the first spirit germs entered the world of matter, there were already numerous activity going on in it. Just as the gardeners work on the school garden; the handymen work on the school buildings, the chefs on the school kitchen, etc., the elementals work in the world of matter, some work in the air, some or solids, molding planets, mountains, rocks, etc. Some work in liquids, forming and guiding lakes, rivers, etc. Others work in radiations, lightening up stars, suns, etc. and guiding their radiations. And after these came another species of animistic beings, the germs of the animals we see on earth. These had to wear material bodies, the physical as the outermost while they live on earth. All these activities sends ripples across the world of matter; just as the activities in the aforementioned school or our physical activities sends out ripples though smell, sound, etc. These are the vibrations talked about in the lecture MAN AND HIS FREE WILL.

If you read that lecture carefully you will also notice in the worlds of matter we do not only receive vibrations from activities therein, but also from above. The activities of the matured spirits in Paradise, far above the world of matter, also sends ripples down into the world of matter. Like the surest hand of guidance, these ripples/emanations/radiations are like rivers of guidance that can guide any spirit germ that opens itself to them or decides to follow them. And following these spiritual currents of ripples should be the most natural thing for the spirit germs because the spirits germs bears homogeneity to these currents, i.e. they(the spirit germs) originate from Paradise, from whence these ripples emanate. The spirit germ that follows these heavenly vibrations will soon be so affected that her/his inner qualities(which are pure) will be so strengthened into activity and the reciprocal reaction of these activities will mature the spirit. A spirit that proceeds this way is sure of salvation, she/he will one day resurrect from matter back to Paradise. On the other hand, the spirit germ that follows ignoble vibration/ripples or radiations will not receive the strengthening of her/his inherent spiritual qualities due to lack of homogeneity. These are called ignoble vibrations because they originate from bellow Paradise, form the world of matter; and only that which comes from the spiritual world can nourish or strengthen the inherent pure spiritual qualities of the spirit germs. Hence these ignoble vibrations can only hand on the covering of the spirit germs, preventing their inherent pure spiritual qualities from developing and bearing good fruit, i.e. coming into activity.

In the above explanation, in the fact that vibrations, ripples, or spiritual currents coming from Paradise also enters the world of matter, we see the great and indescribable Love and wisdom of the creator! Love for the spirits germs which only need to follow these spiritual currents (currents to which the already have affinity to because they are spirits as well), to reach their goal. Indeed the human spirit that allows himself or herself to go astray is quite deplorable, because the love of God clearly shows us the way. The student described above, imagine if his father is so loving that every second, every minute, every hour, he could hear his father reminding him his mission at school. Or imagine his father calls or writes to him everyday reminding him of his mission in school. What would you call such a student if after everything he goes astray? The spiritual vibrations from Paradise are like calls or letters the student receives from home everyday, loving providing his needs and pointing him towards the right direction. In deed God is not silent. The Love of God is the most obvious thing there is.

Although the above paragraphs have answered your questions, I will deal with them directly:


Why would a loving God send the spirit germs into a world (the world of matter) where there are already ignoble, impure or evil vibrations.

It is stated in the same chapter that at this point the spirit germs posses only pure and noble qualities, therefore the ignoble vibrations could not have come from them. Also, Lucifer is out of question, because I assure that at this point Lucifer has not been sent or even failed.

The so called ignoble vibrations are simply vibrations arising from activities in the world of matter, lower vibrations, as opposed the higher vibrations arising from activities in the spiritual sphere. You can substitute the word "ignoble" with "low," "lower," or "non spiritual vibrations." Evil is out of the question here, as well as Lucifer.


You once in another thread explained that evil has its origin on from man(spirit germs). How does this harmonize with the Lecture in question which says that evil or ignoble vibrations already exit in subsequent creation when the spirit germs entered it.

Yes this perfectly harmonizes with the truth that evil originated from mankind. As I already explained the so called 'ignoble' vibrations are not evil. The concept of evil is entirely different. Evil is from the onset an intention to harm another, just for the sake of it or for self gain. Only mankind indulges in such practices. Even animals did not sink to that level.


It is explained somewhere else that God does not temp or set traps for man. Isn't sending them in a world where evil already exist and they can choose it same as tempting or setting traps for them?

Temptation and setting of sneers are out of the question here. God tempts no one! The wrong principle of temptation is the brain child of Lucifer. And it is opposed to God's principle of Love, which supports, waits hand and foot for all to mature.


Why must these ignoble or evil vibrations exist or be created in the first place?

Creation does not revolve around the human spirit as it is often taught in churches. Man is only one of many creatures in existence, and not perchance more important than other creatures. The spiritual is only one of the many species in creation. Spiritual activities sends out spiritual ripples, currents or vibrations. These are the vibrations that the spirit germs should follow, vibrations to which they already have natural inclination to. Animistic beings in their activities also send off ripples, currents or vibrations, to which animistic germs naturally follow. Since the animistic stands lower than the spiritual in creation, spiritual vibrations are higher than animistic vibrations. It is unnatural for spirits to follow animistic vibrations; such a spirit germ that out of curiosity follows such vibrations initially is not evil, neither is he following an evil vibration. She/he is only following a wrong road. Here the concept of evil and wrong has to be understood. Understanding this concept will unlock many doors of knowledge to you and hand you many keys to many puzzles.

For the sake of clarity, lets examine some of such ignoble vibrations. The desire for physical intimacy, for example! Animals who were on earth before man obey this desire, which is a necessity of the physical body. Copulation goes before procreation, and this is only a natural law, which swings in purity. Even this act of copulation sends ripples or vibrations all the way to the ethereal realm because animals participating in it wear ethereal bodies as well as physical. Hence some spirit germs, even before entering the physical world already started nipping on this 'ignoble' vibration. The desire to fully enjoy this indeed sweet vibration can only draw the spirit germs closer to the earth and finally she/he wears a physical body which will soon give her/him the gift of generative power which will allow him to fully enjoy this vibration. However, even though this spirit has finally arrived on earth, it came in through the wrong road! It will only incarnate among others who are lustful or if there are no such humans on earth already, she/he will be the door through which other such lustful souls will incarnate. And naturally they will give rise to a lustful society or culture on earth. The desire for maturity or to fully set aglow the inherent pure qualities in the spirit germ should be his motive towards incarnation; in biblical words, the desire to multiply and replenish the earth. IE to multiply, strengthen, or fully set aglow her/his spiritual qualities which only the earth and physical body though its generative power can give the spirit germ should be spirit germ's motive to incarnate on earth and form the bases for his incarnation on earth. Such a spirit travels the right road, the road that the spiritual vibrations from above inclines it to. Such a spirit will incarnate in a environment or among people of homogenous spiritual nobility. If there are no such people on earth already, such a person will be the door through which other noble spirits will incarnate. And soon a nature of noble culture will arise among them. Her/his life of earth will not only mature or strengthen his spiritual qualities further, it will also bless the earth, for such only such people can make the earth a reflection or Paradise, i.e. replenish or ennoble the earth. Hence the disparity we see among nations on earth, even at the earliest beginnings of mankind on earth has a strong spiritual reason. However, it must not be thought that man must not never copulate. Quite naturally, when he wears a physical body, this desire must soon as from the physical body when it reaches maturity, i.e. generative power sets in. But with the onset of this power which enables the spirit to radiate most powerfully in the world of matter, the strong component of all that is pure and spiritual is also powerfully felt: Love! This love becomes the motivating factor in all that the individual does; even copulation. And it is this love that makes this copulation, which ordinarily is a desire of the physical, also beneficial to the spirit.

And so it is with all our gross material activities. Eating, drinking, etc. The joy we drive from these activities, are like vibrations which reaches up to the ethereal realm, remember we were ethereal bodies along with the physical body while one earth. Disembodied souls can nip on these vibrations. These vibrations were around even when the first spirit germs entered the world of matter, because animals on earth were already indulging in such activities(eating, drinking, copulating, etc) and the vibrations resulting from can be felt even in the ethereal realm. Some spirit germs even before reaching the earth for the first started nipping on this low, ignoble or wrong vibrations till they become addicts and this addiction becomes bases for their incarnation.

Lets look at another low vibration which mankind has enthroned: Aggression! This is a vibration that is purely animistic. It is one of the lowest branches off the law of motion. The animistic uses aggression to ensure motion. Hence it in the animistic, aggression swings in purity. In the ring of animistic substantiality we have beings that radiate aggression to the lower realms. Hence on earth we have animals, like lions, for example, that swing in this ray of aggression. With this they keep other animals in motion and thus healthy. Ever noticed that the animals Lions directly prey on are often the healthiest? They need to be healthy to survive; once they become unhealthy, they fall victim to the lion. However aggression is very alien to the spirit because it is not spiritual radiation. The spirit originates in a plane where everything is inherently alive and in motion, and voluntarily keeps in motion without needing any outside impetuous. It is unfortunate that today man is as aggressive as the animal; but in man aggression can never swing in purity. Whenever man is angry is always either out of fear, envy, jealousy, or selfishness. Hence men who are easily angered, who often resort to aggressive measure, such as wars and fights, are still very spiritually underdeveloped. Human society should be predominantly peaceful; anger offers the spirit nothing for its development. Aggression is not one of the inherent qualities that the spirit germs poses. But unfortunately, some spirit germs, even before they reached the earth, they already have a predisposition towards aggression. Hence when incarnated they attracted other such souls and formed a warlike nation, culture, or become a warlike people.

There are so many qualities that are animistic or belong to the lower rung of creation which mankind has unnaturally sank to. Things like submission, which lies perfectly in the animistic, which unfortunately many teach today as a spiritual quality worthy of emulation. However the idea of submission does not apply to human spirits who have free will and who should only always follow their will. Only what a man does from his free will brings him benefit; what she/he achieved by submitting to an alien will brings her/him no benefit! By learning to submit, mankind naturally made themselves slaves. Some people become willing slaves after many years of being abused coerced into submission. Think of things like Stockholm's syndrome! Submission can bring an animal benefit, because it has no free will; it doesn't carry the Spirit, the will of God within its soul like humans do; however in humans submission is a violation of the gift of free will. The human spirit carries a part of the holly will of God as its intuition or will. Hence a spirit germ, that forsakes his own will or his conscience and submits to an alien will, is as good burying that which makes it spiritual. Thus even before reaching the earth for the first time, some spirit germs have neglected their will so much that they are almost as good as not having any. Such submissive ones will accumulate and form a tribe of slaves on earth. They will easily be made slaves on earth because they will easily follow and alien will.

I can go on and on but I believe I've said enough to give the idea.

Thanks and remain blessed


Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 9:48pm On Feb 23, 2018
Happy new year all!

Hi speer,
Sorry for my late reply, I was in another retreat. But I’m back now, and hopefully I will become as active here on nairaland as I was before.


A basic inquiry

Pls could you elucidate on the mechanism of how replicas of entire cities on earth are reproduced in the ethereal planes (both the lower darker ones and the higher lighter ones). I.E. the same city has ethereally-formed replicas on almost all the planes wherein homogenous spirits karmaically linked to the city converge following the laws of Creation. In furtherance of this..............are entire nations replicated as well?

I’m reluctant to go into details about this issue as I don’t want to encourage any unhealthy preoccupation about the beyond(the subtler gross material planes and ethereal). It is never right to be so preoccupied about the beyond; as such fascination hardly springs desire for accent. The most important thing to know about the beyond is that the condition that awaits us there depends on how we live our lives today on earth. Hence we can start today to make our beyond rosy by living according to the dictates of our conscience or intuitive perception which as the voice of our spirits never strays from the will of God.

However, I will say as much as I feel is needed to spur us into spiritual activity. Hence I will throw some clarifications. It is important to understand, while reading any text, the context under which the word Ethereal is used. Sometimes the word ethereal is used to denote the entire beyond, i.e. the non-physical realms of the world of matter. However, now you know enough to know that the beyond is made up of many layers: Medium gross matter (Astral), Fine Gross matter, Coarsest Ethereal, Medium ethereal, and Fine ethereal. And you already know that based on the attraction of homogeneous species, the planes closest to the earth will resemble the earth more closely that those further away. And immediately next to the earth (Physical or coarsest gross matter) lies the astral or medium gross matter; hence this is the realm that resembles the earth. Indeed everything we see on earth is also in the astral plane. One can think of the physical plane (to which the earth belongs) as an unpolished or coarser reflection of the astral realm; as the prototypes of everything on earth exists in the astral plane. Some parts of the astral realm are so similar to the earth that clairvoyants have often mistaken them to be the earth. And these cases of mistaken identity have caused so much misery, disappointments, persecutions and even wars all through the history of mankind.

This process of this replication is quite simple and you already know it. Everything we humans build or form on earth, be they houses, cars, cities etc. starts by we thinking about them or about how to build them. Thoughts are fine gross matter and operate in the fine gross material planes. These thoughts take on forms, and by attracting forms of similar nature they evolve to completion; finally they mature and condense in the astral planes. And then through humans on earth who are of similar nature and who have the necessary means and ability, the forms that already exist in the astral plane are passed down on to the earth. Hence, when an inventor invents or when builders build houses, cars, or cities on earth, what they are actually doing is passing down what already exists in the astral plan. It is erroneous to think that an inventor is the sole origin or originator of his works; on the contrary, there are always other influences as well.

But this does not mean that all that we receive or pass down from the astral plane are products of our thinking and volition. There is yet another part of the astral realm that can be called the gross material work shop of the little elemental beings. These are a particular type of elementals that are tasked to help in the facilitation of man’s live on earth by making models of things that exist in the high planes and passing them over to man. Hence, these works, we can rightly call gifts from above, because they do not spring from mankind but rather they are received from above. These elementals, who stand in the Will of God, fashion or make a medium gross material prototype of their gifts in the astral plane, which radiate downwards towards human inventors on earth, and inspire them to create or copy and reproduce(make an earthly replica) on earth. However due to man’s presumption of knowing everything better, human’s inventors of today hardly pass down or receive these gifts in purity. Humility, purity, and childlikeness are needed to receive these gifts in the right manner; but unfortunately these qualities are lacking among mankind of today. With the exception of a few, most inventors do not receive or pass down correctly. Due to lack or purity, humility, and childlikeness, sometimes all that the inventor perceives is the idea; then he uses his unguided intellect to figure out the how. And whenever the intellect is left unguided by the spirit, whatever results will hardly unite perfectly with the Will of God; this is because the intellect knows nothing about the Will of God. Due to this failure of mankind, the earth bears little resemblance to this part of the astral realm which we refer to as the gross material workshop of the elementals. The part of the astral realm now represents what the earth could be like if mankind had not failed.

Hence one can say that there are two parts of the astral realm:
(1) The part leading away from the earth. This is where certain types of elementals mold our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. All grouped based on weight and homogeneity. Hence this part of the astral realm has many layers (planes) grouped based on homogeneity and weight. This is where we find cities that bear uncanny resemblance to cities on earth. Here there are dark planes/layers, where evil works are gathered; as well as lighter and brighter planes/layers where good works are gathered.
(2) The part leading towards the earth. This is the gross material workshop of the elementals. This is where a different group of elementals fashion models or prototypes of gifts that they pass on to man. Here we have only beautiful works, as these elementals stand in the Will of God and can only produce what swings completely in the Holy Will of God.

The astral and fine gross material realms are vast. It happens that a departed one may spend centuries moving through these realms and from there get drawn back to the earth in another incarnation, without stepping into the actual ethereal realms which being of a totally different type of matter bears less resemblance to the earth. Most of the occult masters that venture into astral travels and talks about so many realms and planes they visited are all wallowing in the astral and fine planes of gross matter.

In addition to all these, there is another type of reception which gave rise to replication of cities in different spheres of creation. All that is above the world of matter radiates into it; not only beings or spirits but events too. Just as on earth we know about the ‘Butterfly effect,’ the concept that a flap of the butterfly’s wing in any part of the earth sets off ripples that can travel across the entire globe. The same is applicable of the entire creation. Spirits, beings and entities in their activity send ripples across creation; those above the world of matter, their ripples go beyond the border of original creation into the worlds of matter. Hence sensitive humans on earth through these radiations/ripples are able to pick up names of spirits, beings, and places involved. Of course thousands of years ago, before the fall of man, mankind was more receptive; but after the fall of man mankind’s receptive ability dimmed and all the things received in the past eras got swept into the realms of myths and legends. You’d be surprised to learn that most of the folk stories told across cultures are actually picked up from events in the non-physical realms. Even some of the stories we encounter in the bible and other sacred book are actually supra-earthly happenings. From the aforementioned ripples, radiation, waves, or whatever one wishes to call it, emanating from beings, spirits, primordial spirits, humans on earth were able to decipher the names. Names like Michael, Gabriel, Maria, and Elizabeth and well as city names like Patmos, Jerusalem, Azura, etc are actually names of Primordial beings and the city names are actually names of places above the world of matter. Hence men on earth as well as other parts of the world of matter gave those names to their cities; or better said, they raised cities in honor of those places above the world of matter. If mankind had actually remained pure, indeed every city on earth should have been raised in honor of a particular city above, just as every individual named after a particular primordial spirit should strive to become an earthly or spiritual copy of the Primordial spirit. Because with the name comes an obligation which unfortunately the present mankind has forgotten. Hence in all parts of creation, there are female spirits named Maria, and they are all copies of the one and only Maria who stands above all others.

Also, we must understand that everything that exists below the Primordial spiritual sphere is a repetition of the original in the Primordial spiritual sphere. Hence there are seven major divisions of the Primordial spiritual realm, since it issued out of Imanuel Who is the Will of God and Who holds the number seven; indeed wherever the Will of God is working you will find seven major divisions. Hence the spheres that develop after the Primordial spiritual all have seven major parts, each corresponding to a part of the Primordial spiritual.
The world of matter has seven major parts. We have seven major parts of the physical or coarsest gross material world, each corresponding to its seven major astral, fine gross material, and ethereal realms.
Like I said, if humans have developed according to the Will of God, not only will we bear names corresponding to names of the Primordial spiritual beings, we should also raise our cities in honor of cities in up there. And with the greatest might strive to make ourselves spiritual copies of the primordial beings whose names we bear; as well as make our cities earthly replicas of the Primordial cities whose name they bear. This way we would have made this earth a reflection of the kingdom of God.

However, we failed to express the number seven in our activities, as creation demands. Only in the work of the animistic/elementals do we clearly see the number seven. Our earth(a work of the elementals) has seven major parts or land masses; the physical bodies that the animistic gave us has seven major systems, as science has observed; the astral body, another work of the elementals, has seven major power centers, which we call Chakras; there are seven glands of the endocrine system. I can go on and on in pointing out the number seven, but what’s the point. Look around you and you find the number seven in all the work of the elementals. If humans had followed the Will of God, seven incarnations would have been enough for each spirit to mature and return home; but on the contrary mankind today incarnate many many many more times on earth and yet don't even mature.


Another basic inquiry

When humankind chops down a tree, blasts a hill/mountain for geological riches or construction, dries up a lake/stream/river...........etc.........what happens to the particular animistic elemental beings taking care or associated with that particular tree, mountain/hill, water body? Those that Blessed humans can see taking on the form of the tree, mountain, water body.

This is like asking, “When a hand is cut off, what happens to the blood that supplied nutrients to that hand?” Of course they get reassigned to other locations. When a flower dies or is killed, the elemental in charge of it does not die or remain idle; she gets reassigned to another one. And besides one elemental just don’t care for one plant, but many; hence she always has work to do. In each part of the earth, there are always plants growing, seeds sprouting, mountains being formed, rivers/streams/lakes widening or narrowing. The earth is very much alive and teeming with activity some of which we humans hardly notice, hence the elementals always have work to do. It is true that human activity often interferes with their work, but never to the extent that they become idle. Even within a square foot of the earth, there are so many activity that you can hardly suspect.

Nature is amazingly resilient. And man’s activity can only delay but can never stop nature. Imagine an entire forest that was burned down. It appears as if all life and activity in it has been extinguished; but just wait a couple of months. You will see seeds sprouting, flowers and plants beginning to grow back. Hence even during the time that it appeared the forest was dead, elementals were working on it, paving way for the seeds to grow and watering them with their radiation.


Thanks and positive rays to you and your family circle...........................no hurries.

..................and fab to have you back.

Thanks so much. It’s always fab to hear with you.
Remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: The Grail Message by justcool(m): 5:37am On Jun 07, 2017

Please Sir, what do you mean by " God the father used to save mankind "?

My teacher said Jesus lived a good life but didn't die to save sinners. He was murdered.

Hi Chuukwudi

Thanks for your questions.

Here is how God the father used Jesus to save mankind.

Mankind turned away from Truth and lived in the darkness of sin for such a long time. By listening only to their intellect and neglecting their conscience or intuitive perception, mankind shut out the light and opened all the gates to evil. Therefore darkness welled up on the earth and its non physical environs. Since darkness has density which causes heaviness, the earth became very heavy and sank farther and farther away from the Light of God. Therefore the earth and its environs headed speedy towards a premature destruction.

God sent prophets from His eternal spiritual kingdom, to warn and help mankind find their way out of darkness. But mankind has been so engraved sin that they had became spiritually very dark; and their ability to comprehend had became so narrow, limited only to perceptive ability of the intellect, earthly space and time. Hence, mankind had lost the ability to grasp spiritual things and therefore could not understand the prophets of God who came from the spiritual kingdom with spiritual messages. Some of the prophets were killed, others mocked and scourged, and as soon as they left the earth, mankind made religions out of the prophets' messages which they(mankind) never rightly understood in the first place. Only few listened to the prophets; the majority couldn't understand their messages aright. Hence as time went one greater and greater darkness accumulated and the earth sank lower and lower.

Since the power of the prophets no longer sufficed to save mankind, God, out of His love, severed a part of His essence and sent Him to the earth. This part of God sent to earth was Jesus. His light was so great that it drove darkness away from the earth. Since Jesus carried a part God, the eternal light, within Himself, He was able to offer mankind the light of God through His words which clearly and unerringly pointed out the way out of darkness. With His words, He aroused many from their spiritual inactivity, and as His listeners became spiritually awakened, it gradually became brighter and brighter around them. Thousands of people, by listening and following the path shown in Jesus' message, started listening to the voice of their conscience or intuition(the voice of the spirits) once again; for Jesus' message perfectly accords with their conscience. By listening to their conscience mankind gradually opened up the gates to the luminous Kingdom of God and letting the light they once shut out in; it became brighter and bright on earth.

However majority of mankind could not shake off the grip of darkness, because even though Jesus brought eternal light, each individual still had to choose whether to follow the path shown by Jesus nor not. Jesus would not divest mankind of their freedom to choose; because man being spiritual, carries the gift of free-will as an integral part of him. Majority chose to remain in darkness and through them darkness achieved the ultimate evil: the crucifixion of Jesus, the worst crime ever committed in the history of existence.

Darkness had sought to use the threat of crucifixion to destroy Jesus' work of redemption; which hinged on the conviction that Jesus was the son of God. Darkness wanted to obliterate that light that Jesus' word had lit in the hearts of men; and this light is the living conviction that Jesus is the son of God and hence the way, the Truth, and the Life. For this conviction made men accept His word with due seriousness. Therefore darkness confronted Jesus with the threat of crucifixion; He had to renounce this claim or face gruesome torture and a terribly painful death on the cross. When faced with this Crucifixion, had Jesus ran away or renounced His assertion that He was the Son of God (the way, the Truth, and the Light), He would have escaped death. But then men would have lost the confidence they had in His word, and consequently turn away from the path He showed them in His word. Therefore out of Love for God the father, for the Truth, and for mankind, Jesus bravely accepted crucifixion: He stood firmly and unshakably in His claim that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Light! The fact that He was willing to die for His assertion that He was the son of God, convinced many that He was indeed the son of God. Many now realized that this "man", Jesus, wasn't just making claims, but was indeed the Son of God. This way Jesus in His love and bravery outplayed darkness! Jesus won the victory for Light, for His eternal father, Whom He served. And when He died on the cross, God bore witness to His son by revealing His omnipotence: the earth shook, the rain fell, the skies darkened, as Luminous servants of God tore the veil that separated the holy of hollies form the view of all. According to biblical account, even the roman centurion at the scene cried, "this man is indeed the son of the most high!" Many fell on their knees crying as they understood that through the quaking earth, and troubled weather, the Almighty God bore witness to His son.

The crucifixion that was darkness' last card, its last trump, to destroy the message of Jesus had become the very thing that Jesus used to win the battle. With his death on the cross he put a seal the fact that He was indeed the son of God. I.e. this death on the cross engraved on the souls of men that Jesus was indeed who He said He was; for at the face of death, He did not withdraw His claims.

The few years that Jesus lived on earth affected the earth in such profound way that the earth could continue in existence. Mankind was not the only ones affected by the Light of Jesus, the entire earth and its non physical environs received enough light to be lifted out of the course that it was hitherto pursuing, a course that led to premature disintegration. Had Jesus not come when He did, the earth would have long been destroyed; it would not have been able to exist up till now.

This is how God used Jesus to save mankind. Jesus saved mankind through the living word of God that He brought to the earth. With His death on the cross or crucifixion, He did not take away the sins of the world; but His word paved way for forgiveness of sins. Because who ever truly follows Jesus' words will receive forgiveness for his sins. Such a blessed one will redeem his karma or pay for his sins symbolically and in record time depending on the strength of his/her repentance. He becomes new again in spirit, this is what being born again means, and one day she/he will be admitted through the gates of the kingdom of God.

Unfortunately today many have shifted their gaze from living and practicing the teachings of Jesus, they think all they need to do is to believe that by His death He had paid for their sins. This teaching is wrong and opposes the justice of God. Each individual has to pay for his sins.

Thanks and remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 12:43am On Jun 07, 2017

Do your readers here know that your son was baptised in the catholic church? I'm following you on fb and I was surprised to see pictures of you and your family baptizing your infant son in a catholic church. If you are convinced in this Grail thing why didn't u baptist ur son in grail church? I heard of grail followers will not marry a non member or wed in another church.

Even though this is a personal question which I'm not obliged to answer, I feel the need to answer it. First realize that I don't owe you or anybody any explanations about my life; I offer my perceptions on the Grail message, not my actions. I am not the Truth, I'm only a student or adherent of the Truth. One who wishes to strive spiritually should examine the Grail message and not my personal life. I and the Grail message are two different things; I can be wrong in my action but the Grail message remains the Truth, irrespective of what justcool or anybody does.

With that out of the way, I have this to say: My wife felt the need to have our child baptized in the catholic church as this is tradition set by our parents. I personally did not feel this need, but my wife and I are of equal value therefore it will be wrong of me to hinder her desires. When it comes to spirituality, one should never interfere, hinder, force or coerce his neighbor, because irrespective of our earthly roles(as husband and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers, and sister, etc) each and every one of us is answerable to God in all that she/he does. Therefore any form of forcing or hindering or your neighbor constitute a sin before God. Therefore my wife has the right to have our son baptized in any church; as a loving husband I can only be there to offer her protection as she unfolds spiritually.

The unnatural role that some churches and most African cultures give husbands is wrong. The husband is not above his wife; he is not the head of his wife, as its often taught in the church, they are both equal and should respect each others needs. A man has no right to tell his wife what church to go to and what church not to go to; anybody that does so interferes with his neighbor's God-given freewill. Such a person will one day account for such actions. If you can't stand certain churches, then do not seek a marriage partner among their fold. You have the right to seek a partner in your own church; but you don't have the right to demand that the woman you married a catholic leaves Catholicism and follow your own path.

My wife, who is a very spiritual person, was a catholic before I met her. I knew this full well before marrying her; therefore it will be wrong of me to demand that she leaves her church after marrying her. On the contrary, not only do I allow her to follow her heart and conscience, I encourage it! I had to make it clear that God is more important that family! A loving husband should patiently wait for his wife to grow up to his path and voluntarily follow it if his path is the right path. My wife has already recognized the value of the Grail message and already inwardly treading the path; however, certain outward practices, like belonging to a church, I have to let her drop at her own time and discretion.

Also, I don't know what you mean by "Grail Church." The Grail message is not a church. The Grail message is a book that points to the Truth, it clearly points out the way to the luminous heights, the eternal kingdom of God. Any individual, irrespective of his religion, nationality, race, gender, etc is welcome to tread the part shown in the Grail message if he wishes to. If anybody told you that the Grail message belongs to this church or that movement, such a person is telling a lie. It is unfortunate that many people in Nigeria consider the Grail message inseparable from the movements formed around it. On the contrary, one doesn't have to belong to any movement to become an adherent of the Grail message.

The power/love of God is not religious, it considers neither our religious views/orientation nor our nationality or race; rather it follows the path of purity. Wherever purity arises in the soul of any man, this power flows in. Hence any prayer done in purity, receives the power or blessing of God. This is irrespective of the location of the person praying. Even a prayer from a soul in the deepest depth of hell will be lifted up towards the steps of the throne of God, as long as its done in purity. Purity is the prerequisite for a prayer to reach the kingdom of God, not the location of the one praying. Therefore, even in the catholic church and during catholic baptism, a woman who, out of pure love for her infant, prays to God to protect her child, will have her prayers delivered to the steps of God's throne; her prayers will be answered and her child will receive the blessing and protection she prayed for. If the church setting or church ritual is what it takes for her to achieve such purity, then a husband who knows the laws of creation will not deny her her wish to go to church. Some people can only achieve this purity of prayer, inside their church or mosque, some by reading the psalm, bible or Quran, some by playing gospel music, others by being hit with a sudden and terrible blow of fate, etc. Even though the power of God is not limited to these places or situations, but lies ever readily for all who can make contact it though purity, one should not force these people to drop such practices prematurely. One must patiently wait for them to mature to the fact that it is the purity that paves the path for the reception of this power and not the location, ritual, or situation and that one can achieve purity wherever he may be if he prays from his heart, conscience, or intuition.

Parents participating in administering the act of baptism have a say in adding spiritual value to it. If the clergyman performing the act is connected to the light and inwardly prepared to pass on light to the child then the child will really receive protection from the baptism. Or if any of the parties, be it either the mother, father, even the God-father, of the infant, prays out of genuine love for the child to receive protection during the act, then this intersection will, in its reciprocal effect, afford protection to the child. However, if neither the family presenting the child to baptized, the clergy man, nor any of the administrators of the baptism is inwardly prepared or connect to the light in any way, i.e. if the clergy considers performing the act as a mare discharge of his official duty, and the parents are just there to introduce their child to the church, then the whole act becomes futile, bringing neither good or bad. It becomes just a social or church gathering, that in reality has nothing to do with God. Therefore whether an infant receives, or not receive, blessing through baptism is dependent on the strength and purity of the inner preparedness of those performing the baptism, not the infant whose spirit is totally isolated due to lack of generative power. This is the power that enables the spirit to act in the world of coarsest gross matter; prior to the setting in of this power, the spirit is like a man isolated in an island with the drawbridge raised or gate closed. The case is different with a mature individual in whose case his spiritual condition or inner-preparedness contributes to whether he will receive any blessings or not.
Therefore, rather than quarreling over where to baptize a child, one can as well just pray for his child by himself, at home or at the hospital after birth; if your prayer is genuine then the child will receive his protection and blessing. Then you wouldn't worry or mind if you partner takes him to church for baptism, knowing full well that the act can bring him no harm and will be futile if the administrators are not connected to the light in any way, or if non them can add value to it through genuine prayer from their hearts.

In my son's case, I decided to be there and participate in administering the act. If I'm a genuine adherent of the Grail message, then my presence can only have a purifying effect. Then I wont have to worry about where (on what church) it is done or the spiritual condition of the clergyman, since in my presence no harm can come to my child. Like I said earlier, the genuine prayer and love of a child's parents, or even God-father, or anybody who participates in administering the baptism can pave way for the child to receive blessings from above.

Rightly considered, those who quarrel about religions are really misguided. Let anybody follow the path he/she chooses; as long as she/he is doing it from her/his heart, and not out of habit, he will eventually arrive at the right path. The churches today represent different levels of spiritual maturity; some people, as they mature, go from one church to another until they finally arrive at the Truth. A loving partner, mother, father, brother or friend can only patiently wait for them to mature. A husband's duty towards his wife is to be her tower of support, protection, love, and a good example of an individual on the way to the Light; he should not pose as the lord of her spiritual life. There is nothing wrong in allowing your wife to baptize your child in her church.

Thanks and remain blessed

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 1:55am On Jun 06, 2017

Thanks so much for your explanations which totally answered my questions.

My next question is about species of creation which I understand cannot change from one to another. But what I don't understand is how spirits are able to become Primordial spirits by nearness to the sons of God or by being called which gives them a flame from the Primodial realm. How is the flame able change a human spirit to a primordial spirit especially when the two are different species. How was it possible for Irmingard to become a Divine unsubstantiate by receiving a spark of unsubstantiality?

Thanks in advance for thoroughly answering the question as you have always done in the past.

You are right about the different species of creation not intermixing or fusion. The different species: Primordial spiritual, spiritual, Animistic, ethereal, and gross matter, can only stand side by side but can never mix or fuse with each other. Neither can, even the different species of Gross matter: Fine gross matter, medium Gross matter, and finally coarsest or heaviest gross matter (Physical) ever fuse, merge, or amalgamate with one another; nor is it possible with the ethereal species. However, each specie can attach to the one immediately above or below it through radiation. The laws of creation only permit this attachment when certain conditions are met. These conditions are: (1) that the species can only attach through radiation, i.e. only their radiations can attach them or hold them together; and (2) only species that a close to each other in homogeneity can achieve this attachment through radiation. Therefore heaviest gross matter(physical) can attach or be held together with medium gross matter(astral) due to the fact that they share a certain heaviness or homogeny; this attachment or being held together can only be achieved through the mutual radiation of both species. This is what makes it possible for souls, already wearing an astral body as the outermost body, to incarnate into a physical body. It is the mutual radiation of the soul and the physical body that holds the physical body and soul together. This being held together makes them appear as one, whereas in reality, they are two different entities that can never amalgamate. This is why immediately the physical body can no longer provide the required radiation the soul separates from it; they were never one entity!
This relationship, coupling or being held together can be likened as the relationship between a powerful magnet and a piece of iron. An Iron and a magnet can be held together by the attractive power of the magnet; yet they (the iron and the magnet) remain two different objects. And this is possible only because they share certain homogeneity or are closely related, i.e. they are both metals. Wood and magnet, for example, cannot be held together by any form of attraction because of difference in species.
The law that allows the physical to be linked up, attached or held together with the astral also allows the astral to link up or attach to fine gross matter, which is next lighter specie, and which also can link up or attach to the heaviest ethereal matter. Hence link by link all the species can attach to each other, or link up to each other all the way to the spiritual or Primordial spiritual! Just as the wood cannot be held together by a magnet’s (metal or metallic) power of attraction due to lack of homogeneity, ethereal matter (no matter how heavy and condensed) can never directly attach to physical or heavy gross matter because the difference in species is too much. Therefore the ethereal needs first to attach to fine gross matter, which is the next lower species, which in turn can attach to medium gross matter, which in turn will attach to physical or heaviest gross matter. Neither can the spiritual directly connect to the ethereal without the intermediation of the various animistic species, nor can the Primordial spiritual attach or link up with the animistic without the intermediation of the various spiritual species. Therefore everything has to proceed step by step, no step or link can be omitted, because creation allows no gaps.

Now, coming to your questions. When a human spirit is called to discipleship, he receives a spark from Primordial spirit or a spark of primordial spiritual realm. This spark is Primordial spiritual and hence the human spirit can link up to it through radiation or be held in its power of radiation. Here again, we see both condition, that we discoursed in the earlier chapter, met. (1)Nearness in homogeneity, i.e. they are both spiritual and swing in the same radiation, and (2) it is the mutual radiation of both the spark and the human spirit that holds them together. However, they remain tow different species that can never merge or amalgamate into one. Just as connection with the soul makes the physical body, which otherwise is cold an immobile, alive; this connection with the primordial spiritual spark quickens the spirit, increasing its power of perception. Hence such a spirit acts as intermediary between the son of God and other human beings, because Primordial spiritual stand closer to Divinity unsubstantiate than spirituality does. Therefore, in reality, this does not make such called ones(disciples) Primordial spirits; for this will be contrary to the laws of creation, as one specie cannot morph into another species; Primordial spirits will always remain Primordial spirits, human spirits will always remain human spirit, animistic beings will always remain animistic, ethereal will always remain ethereal, and gross matter always gross matter. Therefore, in my perception, the expression, “youngest in the Primordial spiritual kingdom” should not be taken out of context. The primordial spiritual spark enables the disciples, who remain human spirits, to receive what otherwise only Primordial spirits could receive. As long as they maintain this connection, one can analogically say that they stand on one foot on the spiritual and on the other foot on the Primordial spiritual; this way they span a bridge to the primordial kingdom which is closer to Divinity. Or one can say that they stand half a step above other human spirits, but not an entire step above as such would be tantamount to becoming a primordial spirit.
Such nearness to a Primordial spark, and also nearness to the Sons of God, strengthens the spirit to such an extent that even after the physical departure of the disciple, as long as the connection remains, such a disciple is able to partake in the experiencing of the Isle of Chosen Ones (Patmos) which is the furthest outpost of the great primordial spiritual sphere, the lowest primordial spiritual plane. Therefore one can say that they are lifted into the Primordial Spiritual sphere, although at the furthest outskirt. But, in my perception, this does not mean that they actually step beyond the bother of the spiritual into the Primordial spiritual sphere; rather, they are able to reach the highest spiritual plane, which is a reflection of Primordial spiritual Patmos. This highest spiritual plane is also called Patmos and there is a mutual experiencing between both Patmos’. Whatever happens in Patmos in the Primodial spiritual sphere can also be seen in the Patmos on the spiritual. Many have wondered why this lowest plane of the primordial sphere is called the isle called ones. This is because the expression chosen one denotes one a called one who faithfully fulfilled his calling. Hence the expression, "Many are called but only few chosen," i.e. many are called but only few lives up to their calling. Those that fulfill their callings will, after discarding all their material and animistic cloaks, partake in the experiencing of Patmos, the Isle of chosen ones.

In the case of Irmingard, it was not a spark of the Primodial spiritual, but rather a spark of unsubstantiality. Based on the aforementioned law of creation which allows no gaps, a spark of unsubstantiality can only be given to, or linked to a Divine substantiate being; therefore we suspect that there is an Irmingard in the Divine substantiate sphere. In the three volumes edition of the Grail message, in the lecture, “The Primodial Oueen” mention is made of the garden of virtues, at the foot of the Primodial Queen, the highest of which is the garden of Purity. It is my perception that there is a Divine substantite being here called Irmingard, who is the Divine substantiate conformation of purity. This is the Irmingard that received a spark of unsubstantility. It is my perception that there is another Irmingard in the Grail castle at the highest point of Primodial spiritual sphere, who as a portal of purity in creation, is a vessel for Irmingard in the Divine substantiality; this I deduced from the fact that the message mentioned that Irmingard has a vessel in creation, a vessel she is not firmly tied to. It is my perception that it was this vessel that accompanied Parsifal to earth both times He was here. At the hour of fulfillment, during the second earthly visit she was linked up to Irmingard above creation in the Divine substantiate realm, who received a spark of unsubstantiality to enable her act as a mediator of Purity between Imanuel and creation. Hence, in my perception, just as a spark of primordial spirit given to disciples does not make them primordial spirits, the spark of unsubstantiality that was given to Irmingard does not make her Divinity unsubstantaite; the spark only made it possible for Imanuel to work in creation through her.

However the issue of Irmingard is very controversial, as different cross bearers have different views and perceptions. What I offered here is solely my perception, and of course I am a human spirit and can very much be wrong. The mainstream crossbrearers (The Grail movement) have different perception from mine; you might as well hear theirs too and then decide for yourself where the Truth lies.

Thanks and remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 4:32pm On May 25, 2017
Hello Questions4justc

Welcome to this thread, and thanks for your questions.

I've been following this thread for a while and I have many of questions. I've mailed u directly before but u asked me to ask my questions on nairaland.

The reason why I do this is to avoid any of sort cult from developing around me. I don’t want to become an oracle where people secretly go to receive their answers. Hence, I hardly answer questions with a short “Yes” or “No.” I simply share my perception, from which I wish the questioner to find his answers or draw his conclusion. With my answers, I wish to induce spiritual movement.
Also, I do not want to attach any unnecessary secrecy to the Grail message; the Grail message speaks in simple and clear terms, and I have not come across a verse where it demands secrecy. Many, who might have examined the message, have been held aloof because of certain behaviors of us, adherents who feel that we have the right to regulate the Truth and withhold it from certain people. In so doing we make the message, which any human being has a right to, appear as a book for a cult; and also making it appear as if there is something stupendously secret and mysterious in the Grail message, something so sinister that it must be hidden from the simple. Whereas, in my perception, there is nothing secret in the Grail message; nothing that your conscience is not already familiar with.
It is my perception that nobody has the monopoly of the Truth. The Truth, like the sun, shines for all; whoever wishes to receive the sunshine must come out of the shadows.
Also, open exchanges such as this allows others to share their perceptions too, especially where theirs differ from mine or when they feel that I have not expounded the topic enough. This way, readers will take what resonates with them. The Truth is not limited to the perceptions of Justcool! Justcool is just a human spirit on his way to perfection. Indeed, even after arriving at perfection, the human spirit will only remain a part of the whole, never the whole which only Divinity unsubstantial embodies. Hence each individual can only give according to his nature; hence a human being can never offer you perfection, but the whole of humanity, with its gamut of different natures, can.
So please, nobody should be offended when I ask them to put their questions here.


I've been following this thread for a while and I have many of questions. I've mailed u directly before but u asked me to ask my questions on nairaland.

Having read many accounts of life after death and the process of death, I noticed that each account differs from the other. Even the two accounts in the Grail message are hardly the same.

Since birth and death are essentially the same, death is actually birth into the beyond, we may find the solution to your puzzle by examining the process of birth and the initial experiences of babies after birth, which are both very familiar with. Since we are both in the physical realm, we can clearly survey the process of giving birth in the physical and use it to analogize or understand the process of birth of the soul into the enteral ream.
Hence an analogy may help us here:
Imagine newly born children telling the ones that are still in the womb about the experience of being born and the initial experiences on earth after being born. Each gives an account of its experience of being born.
Baby 1 describes the experience as following: The moment I exited the womb, I passed through the birth canal into the warm loving hands of beautiful nurses. These nurses lovely held me as the doctor cut the umbilical cord, freeing me from my mother. Immediately, the nurses wiped me off and wrapped me with a soft and warm blanket and handed me to my father, who lovely held me, kissed me and placed me on my mother’s bosom; and from her bosom I had my first milk. A few days later, my father and mother took me to a loving home, where a comfortable crib was already prepared and waiting for me. There I also met my siblings who were so loving, indeed I could perceive the love that radiated from them; this love calmed me and made me feel at home.

Baby 2 describes his experience as: One day, inside the womb, I felt so dizzy and feel asleep. Soon I awoke in a very cold environment and in the arms of nurses who wrapped me up and placed me in an incubator. I had to stay in the incubator for weeks before I was handed over to my mother.

Baby 3 describes its experience thus: I exited the womb and feel on a hard and dirty floor. The impact almost killed me, it knocked me into unconsciousness. When I came back to consciousness I was lying alone on the cold floor with my umbilical cord still attached to my placenta which lay next to me. I suffered for hours laying, cold, hungry and thirsty on that cold floor till paramedics came to my aid. The freed me from my placenta and took me to a nursery, where I was placed on a bed amidst about twenty other infants. The care takers hardly had enough time for me as they had to attend to other infants in the nursery.

Rather than continuing giving accounts, let’s analyze the three accounts already given. You can see that all three differs, yet they are all absolutely true. If the babies in the womb are as dumb as majority of mankind today, they will form different religions, each based on one account, and fight against one another. One group will say that there is nothing like umbilical cord because it was mentioned by Baby 2, whose account they believe to be the ultimate truth. The other group will say that there is nothing like father and mother since they were not mentioned by baby 3, whose account their religion sprang from.

However, you who are very knowledgeable about life on earth knows that each account above could be true, but the differences are due to circumstances.

Baby 1 was born the normal way into a family that loves him. Both parents were there as he was being born; they received him with open and loving arms. The baby joyfully experienced the entire process without interruption that arises from moments of unconsciousness or sleep.
Baby 2 was born pre-term and through C-section. It happens that the anesthesia administered to the mothers before the C-section often lulls the infant in the womb to sleep. Hence this baby fell asleep in the womb and slept through the C-section procedure. The nurses had to wake this baby up after birth, and since he was born pre-term, he was put in an incubator and had to stay there for weeks before being handed over to its mother. Hence this baby was asleep during the time its umbilical cord was cut, therefore he didn’t experience it and hence it was absent in the account he reported. Understandably, the passage through the birth canal was absent in his report because he didn’t go through it. Also, the father may have been away on a long-distance journey and therefore was around when it was born; or perhaps the mother may have been a single woman.

Baby 3 was an illegitimate baby born by a wicked mother who didn’t want it. She gave birth to it in secret and abandoned it to die on the cold floor. A good Samaritan noticed the baby and called the police, who sent the paramedics to rescue the baby and take it to group home.

This analogy faintly reflects what happens to people when they die; it explains differences in the accounts. In it you can also see why I refused to share my experiences in the beyond when Speer asked me to. Imagine if Baby 1, while still in the womb had read the account of Baby 3. Unnecessary fear would have gripped it and this fear will make it impossible for it to trust its loving parents when he finally gets born, he will expect them to be as unkind as the nurses in the group that attended to Baby 3. and this will deter his development. This is why so many people are afraid of what the beyond will offer them when they pass on, even good people who need not have such fears because based on their goodness only sunny and flowery path awaits them. But this unnecessary fear that they developed due to reading occult book or reading accounts of other people’s experiences, will definitely take on form and make their path difficult. Yes, fear can take on ethereal forms too. On the other hand, we have those who have hell awaiting them and therefore should change their ways, living happily and awaiting a sunny path after death; all because they read other’s account which denies existence of hell and suffering after death. Hardly do they suspect that since their spiritual condition is different, their experiencing of the beyond will be different. Indeed, it is the spirit that creates and animates its paths and conditions.

And here we are only talking of accounts that are actually true, written out of the knowledge of the laws of creation, or received from a departed soul. There are many accounts that are actually false; as well as those that stem from the receiver being a victim of her/his own imaginations.


The account given in ‘Departed this life’ is hardly the same with the account found in ‘In the realm of demons and phantoms’ of a woman who committed suicide by jumping into water with her infant child. In the account of this suicidal woman in ‘In the realm of demons and phantoms’ as well as your account of the suicide bomber, no mention is made about the silver cord which as I understand still connects the soul and the body for a while after death. Indeed, no mention is made of the separation of the body and the soul, which I understand must proceed gradually. This is contrary to ‘Departed this life’ where after death, the soul remained in the vicinity of the body, and even witnessed its funeral till finally to enters the ethereal.

The account given in “In the realm of Demons and Phantoms” can be analogized as an account of a baby born under special and unusual circumstances. The same is also the case with my “The Fate of a suicide bomber.” Such souls are like apples or unripe fruits that fall off the tree during a storm. Normally fruits blossom and ripen before they are cast off by the tree. But during a severe storm, an unripe fruit may be plugged off the tree and cast onto the ground without experiencing ripeness. It happens that such souls as the suicide bomber, looses consciousness immediately they die. The magnitude of such sudden and severe explosion or violent death might cause the soul to loose consciousness for a while; and during the period of unconsciousness the silver cord and astral body dissolves, freeing the soul to sink to the ethereal environment corresponding to its heaviness. It happens that the soul might not even be aware of the fact that it was unconscious; to her or him, it appears as a continuous experiencing. I’m sure that you must have experienced such even while alive on earth. You have been once or many times in your life’s time, so overwhelmed, perhaps by tiredness, that you fall into such a deep sleep that appears like a split second to you; but only to wake up and realize that you have slept for hours! Imagine a man going through surgery! He may be unconscious for hours due to the effect of the anesthetic, and during this state of oblivion, he may go though many procedures totally unaware. When he wakes up he may hardly suspect that hours had passed since he fell asleep! If he didn’t know about the surgery, when giving account of his experience in the hospital, he may say that he closed his eyes in the surgery room, only to open them in the after-surgery room. And the account given in “In the realm of Demons and Phantoms,” only the experiences of the soul were mentioned; to the soul, it was only a continuous experiencing while in reality she or he may have lost consciousness momentary without suspecting an interruption in experiencing. This is why some accounts hardly mention things like silver cord, astral body and etc.; the soul can shed these unconsciously.


From other accounts, some people even while on their deathbed already begin to describe the luminous planes. Is this possible? How can that be when the process of separation proceeds gradually, days? How can their souls have journeyed to the luminous planes while they are still not fully dead? Or are their descriptions born only from their imagination?

Yes, this is possible. Some people, due to the way they live their lives are connected to the luminous planes, which they often visit while they sleep, although they may consider such visits mere dreams. It happens that by living a righteous life, their subtler bodies become brighter, less dense and greatly ennobled. These people are like helium filled balloons that leap upwards whenever unrestricted. Their souls being pure and homogeneous to the purer planes are able to divine or pick up impressions from these planes even while they are still on earth. Just as a radio tuned to a particular broadcasting station is able to pick up signals from that station which may be very far away from where the radio is. Simply put, the radio is homogeneous to the signal of the station, and hence based on the law of attraction of homogeneous species, it’s able to attract signals from that station. Our souls are such antennas, and by the way we live our lives, we tune our receptive capacity towards the luminous realms or towards the depths of darkness. Such luminous souls, once the radiation of the physical body dwindles as often happens during sleep, sickness, or many other situations, their souls will quickly perceive the planes that they are homogeneous to; or the plane that they belong to due to the lightness and brightness of their souls. This is what happens when such people are in their deathbed. As their body gradually dies, or as restricting radiation of the physical body declines, their souls like an unrestricted helium filled balloon are already being pulled away from the body; and they with their inner eyes they can already begin to divine the luminous planes due to homogeneity, as I explained. The physical body which is not yet fully dead, cold, or unresponsive to the soul will respond to the signals coming from the soul through the not yet severed silver code. Hence as the soul marvels in exhilaration at the beauty of the luminous plane stretched forth before it and waiting to receive, it makes an impression on the brain which in turn modifies the impression as signals ordering the physical mouth to speak. This is why the people around the departing or dying person often hears him talking to people or describing places they(those around the dying) cannot see.

Immediately after death, the lightness of the soul or the pull of the luminous realm causes the soul to distance from the physical body farther and faster than would have been the case if the soul was heavy. And as the soul strives away from the earth, the weaker the astral body becomes. Soon even the connection between the soul and the astral body is severed, freeing the soul to leap to the next higher plane towards its home. All these can happen in record time, depending on how pure the soul is and how it desires to strives towards the luminous planes. It is possible that a dying person can close his eye on earth and open his inner eyes already in the luminous planes, or even already home! I already explained this in the previous paragraph; while the soul slept, it shaded its gross material cloaks. If he doesn’t need the experience of waiting to gradually shed his cloaks and consciously going from planes to plane as he is pulled higher and higher, he may not go through it consciously. To him it appears as he just closed his eyes on earth and awaken in the luminous planes. It is possible for a soul to die and return to the luminous realms in the day; but this is only possible for highly evolved and pure souls such as called ones or those sent from the luminous spheres on a mission to the earth. It is hardly possible of humanity of today. Such luminous souls are like fully ripe fruit which on falling off the tree to the ground will quickly burst and deliver their seeds to the ground to sprout in record time.

Thanks, and remain blessed.


Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 4:17am On May 08, 2017
As a cross bearer what is your take about Noah's Ark? I'll want you to throw light on it.

Hello kenel!
Thanks for your question.

My perception is that Noah’s Ark story doesn’t fit within the limits of the possibilities allowed by the laws of creation. There isn’t enough water in the sea and on the atmosphere to flood the entire globe, such amount of water doesn’t exist anywhere on earth. Also, finding a pair of every living creature on earth and having space to put them in Ark is impossible; such an ark would have been too humongous to be built by one man, and would have taken more than a lifetime to be built. These are just few of the things that make the story impossible; there are many others but there’s no need listing them.

Nothing can go against the laws of nature, or what science describe as the laws of physics. These laws are actually expressions of the Will of God; bearing the will of God, as God is perfect and unchangeable, so is His will and the natural expressions or manifestations of it. Therefore, the desire to break or annul these laws will never arise in God. Hence the idea that God changed or annulled the laws is totally out of the question. Since God is perfect, it logically follows that every new act from Him must, as being perfect too, unite completely with the laws which He already put in existence from the earliest beginnings of creation. Simply put, there is nothing supernatural! Even in the beyond and spiritual planes, the same laws manifest which bear the will of God. Only the speed of manifestation or operations differ with each different sphere, because of the difference in density of the spheres or species of creation. Matter to which our physical earth belongs, is very dense, as opposed to the spiritual world which is very light. As science has already observed, density causes obstruction, hence an event that may take a day in Paradise may take a thousand years on earth.

Back to Noah and his Ark! There may have been a regional flood, which gave rise to the biblical story, and which killed off the bad people in that area or region of earth. An event to which Noah, being righteous and hence not deserving death, was warned and shown a way out. Perhaps overtime, as always happens with stories orally passed down, exaggerations born out of lack of understanding or intentional lies were introduced in the story. Sometimes even before the story is penned down, it has already been so mutilated that it resembles nothing of its original form. I, personally have never received enlightenment on the story of Noah and his Ark, but I once received enlightenment on the story of Abraham and his alleged attempt to sacrifice his son.

Let’s look at that story. Abraham was born among a people who believe that one must sacrifice what was dearest to one in order to draw nearer to one's god. Already hundreds of years prior, their forefathers, although they were still far from the conception of the one true God, these ancient men in their simple natural living had journeyed so far in their spiritual development that they were able to perceive the lords of the elementals, who they considered gods, but who are actually servants of God and who in their position immediately below the spiritual sphere, act as intermediaries to the spiritual plane. It was from these so-called gods that the ancients received the well-meant advice: “Give thyself up”, "nothing is too much". Giving up one’s self only means to surrender one’s self to the Truth or to the pursuit of truth or God. However, overtime a misconception crept in; rather than giving up their old bad habits and working on themselves, giving up themselves became giving up their sons or possessions as sacrifice to the gods who they now wrongly worship! The resultant of this wrong worship of the lords of the elementals was that they (the lords of the elementals) distanced themselves from these men; for being servants of God they would not allow men to worship them. Therefore these men came to halt in their spiritual development, and this was inevitably followed by retrogression, as there is no standing still in creation. Hence over time, like all that were given men for their spiritual benefit, this(Give up thyself) became an empty custom. The custom was that every man sacrifices his most beloved possession to his god; and what was more beloved than one’s own son! This custom was already in practice for a very long time before Abraham was born. Being among the first to open himself in all simplicity to the voice of his conscience, Abraham became ahead of his tribe in spiritual development. He was the first among his people to come to the faint realization of the one and only true God. Filled with the utmost longing to approach this God inwardly and understand Him, Abraham was willing to do anything. Hence when he had his first son, he was approached with the idea that he must sacrifice his ultimate possession, his son! However, his intuition rejected this idea, and he battled with it. It was a fierce inner battle, which was decisive for his spiritual development. It’s never easy to battle a custom that has been in practice centuries before one was born; just as today, despite all the enlightenment that has been given, people still find it hard to even question such wrong long held beliefs like the notion that God killed his son to forgive our sins. The inner struggle within Abraham gave way for a prayer, and help came to him! He realized that such sacrifices were wrong and cannot please God who is both love and Justice. Overtime, this event in transmission from generation to generation suffered distortions after distortions till it became the biblical story that you and I are familiar with. How can man assert that the Almighty demanded that a man should kill his son, just to test the man’s belief in him! Such is contrary to the elevated ways of the Lord, who sees the heart of men and hence has no need to test them to know their resolve! He sees everything!

Now back to Noah and his Ark. Although this story is impossible as it opposes the natural laws of creation as they manifest on earth, one need not throw it away since it carries moral lessons which one can learn from. The theme of the story is that non who is pure will parish during the purification of the world. I, personally see the story as prophetic rather historic, because although written thousands of years ago, it mirrors the situation on earth today. Today we stand before and in the midst of judgement of God; and an Ark has been constructed! This Ark is the message brought to earth by the son of God and the son of man. All that live in accord with this message are as though as they are inside an Ark, for they will survive the judgment that is now raging in on Ephesus. During this judgment, which at the same time is purification, all that is evil will perish; afterwards will the day of peace dawn! Peace of a thousand spiritual years in Ephesus, the much talked about millennium!

Blessed is he who finds his way into this Ark.

Thanks, and remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 2:43am On Apr 30, 2017
@justcool, as always, your explanations by way of examples bring total clarity to me on things that were vague. Indeed, I am most lucky to be on this thread. However, I would like you to share your perception on the seven universes using the diagram above. It's something I have received different perceptions from different crossbearers . Please do share your perception on it. Thank you.

Hi Marverick09!
Thanks for your questions and your patience.

One can imagine all the seven universes or parts of the world of matter to be arranged in the manner our's or the attached picture is arranged. Each has a gross material sphere surrounded by a corresponding ethereal sphere. In each gross material sphere, there is a coarsest gross material plane(physical) which consists of millions of physical stars and physical planets, with at least one earth-like planet where people incarnate to experience the physical plane. Each also has planes of medium gross matter surrounding the physical plane; as well as planes of fine gross matter, and ethereal planes surrounding the gross material planes.

You can picture our earth as the material Sphere or the entire world of matter. The seven continents of the earth can be viewed as the seven universes. Just as each continent has a solid land with a corresponding airy atmosphere with layers, each of the universes has a "solid" physical plane with corresponding "airy" non-physical planes(astral, fine gross matter, heavy ethereal, medium ethereal, and finally at the top, fine ethereal.

Just as when you jump of the ground on Africa, you will find yourself in the African atmosphere; when you leave the physical in one of the seven universes, you will find yourself in the non-physical plane of the that universe. Just as when you land from the African atmosphere, you land on an African soil; by the same token, when you incarnate from an ethereal plane of a particular universe, you can only incarnate into the physical plane of that particular universe. You cannot die on earth(Ephesus) and find yourself in the ethereal plane of another universe; after laying aside your gross material cloaks, you can only find yourself in an ethereal plane of this universe(Ephesus). Also, trans-incarnation across these seven universes is impossible because such will go against the law of homogeneity as each universe is in a different stage of evolution. You cannot incarnate on earth this time and incarnate on another universe next time; you are bound to this universe. You can only go from the physical plane of this universe to the non-physical plane corresponding to it, and when you reincarnate you return back to this physical plane, not in the physical plane of another universe.

You can also picture the entire world of matter as a solar system with seven planets, each with an atmosphere. The solid grounds of the planets represent the physical planes of the universes, while the atmospheres of the planets represent the non-physical environs or planes of the universes. Just as each planet carries a corresponding atmosphere, or just as each planet has both a solid ground and airy atmosphere, each of the seven universes of the world of matter has both a physical plane and non-physical planes.

Just as the planets in the aforementioned solar system are bound to their orbits and each at a different stage in its orbit. Each of the seven universes of the world of matter is bound to its revolution through the four cardinal stages of birth, maturity(ripeness), old age(over-ripeness) and death(dissolution), and each is at a different stage. But they are so synchronized that at each point in time there is always one passing through the stage of maturity, where it can receive fresh germs from paradise; hence there is a continuous flow of germs from Paradise into the world of matter. As one is leaving this stage of maturity, or metaphorically speaking, closing its gates for fresh germs from paradise, another universe is automatically entering this stage or, in other words, opening its gates to the reception of germs from paradise.

The distance and stretch of these universes is unimaginable to the human mind; so far, all the distances that man has been able to transverse physically with his physical means of transportation constitutes a very small scope within our physical universe. Indeed, all the stars, even the most distant ones that we see in the night sky still belong to our physical universe. Indeed, our Milky Way Galaxy, which consists of billions of solar systems, is only a dot compared to the magnitude of our physical universe; our physical universe contains billions of galaxies!

Imagine paradise like a luminous island above the entire world of matter, above the seven universes or parts of the world or matter, or above the seven planets we used as an example. Paradise stands above the rotation of these universes below it; Paradise does not go through stages of birth and rebirth, for Paradise, although having a beginning, is eternal. Now picture this: From this Island which appears endless in its size and unparalleled in its brightness and beauty drops sparks of little luminous dusts, uninterruptedly, into the world of matter bellow it. These little bright dusts are the spirit germs which incarnate into matter to ennoble it and mature in it.

The law of reciprocal action in conjunction with the law of circulation stipulates that anything that leaves a spot must in the end return to that spot; hence the streaming downwards of the spirit germs from Paradise is supposed to be reciprocated by a stream of developed human spirits leaving matter and floating back to Paradise. Action and action must and should be equal and opposite; this is the way stipulated by the Will of the creator. But Lucifer's wrong principle of temptation, which facilitated the fall of man, disrupted this circle of radiations; as due to guilt incurred from falling when tempted, the human spirits could no longer float back to Paradise. But their inability to float back to Paradise will not prevent that particular material universe they're in from entering the stage of dissolution when it is due for that universe; hence these human spirits will be caught up in the dissolution of that particular universe they are in. Even though spirits are not material, but of a different consistency from matter, they (the spirits) experience this dissolution with the rest of that material universe because they wear material bodies as cloaks; hence one can analogically say that their cloaks will be forcibly and painfully torn away from them. This experience is of such a painful magnitude that it will crush the personality that has developed around the spirit seed, freeing an unconscious spirit germ to return to Paradise as a tiny little spark or dust, as it once was at its earliest beginnings, before its descent into matter.

But now, due to the works of the son of God and the son of man, every now and then a flame of light, a human spirit developed from spirit germ, is able to free itself from all guilt and in the lightness or buoyancy if its purity, floats back to Paradise. Just as the brightest bolt of lightning illuminates the sky during a storm, that which once descended as tiny little spark, now brightens the planes of matter as it is pulled from plane to plane, till it enters Paradise, the true home of the spirit.

My most ardent wish is to be allowed to return home one day! And that is my wish for you too and for my fellow humans!

I hope this helps. Thanks, and remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 12:32am On Apr 30, 2017

The power of GOD eternally pulsates through all his creations and all we have to do is to open our self to it. The power of GOD can be anchored anywhere that is open to it. The anchorage is not dependent on geographical location. The power of GOD can be anchored in a mountain, on a hill, in a temple, church, house or even in a laboratory. You can draw of the power of GOD from anywhere and your ability to draw depends on the purity of your inner being. Some may be more open to the power of GOD at the mountain on Vomperberg while another human being may be more open at the snow capped fjords in Scandinavia. All human beings on Earth who have found the Truth and live according to the laws of GOD are the earthly anchorage of the Light irrespective of their religion, geographical location, sex, race or nationality. Stay blessed.

I concur

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 12:29am On Apr 30, 2017
It’s been now roughly a year since I excused myself from writing on nairaland, and now I’m glad to say that my schedule has eased up a little, hence I now have time to drop a few words every now and then.

My new boss (my son) is doing very well. He is learning to walk now; once again, thanks for all your good wishes! It’s been a year of enriching experiences, taking care of him.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 4:25pm On Jul 01, 2016
Congratulations! May God bless you and your son with good health wealth and joy to fulfill your ambitions! Our very best wishes are with you!

Hi Anna,
Amen! Thanks for your kind wishes. My warmest regards!


Fantastic news! Congratulations Justcool. May the path of your baby be radiant and beautiful!! Stay blessed.

Thanks a lot mnwankwo, for your good volition. A big Amen to your prayer for my son. Remain blessed.

Dear Justcool, I have been following your posts for years now but just signed on as a nairalander.
Congratulations on the birth of your son, and may God grant you strength and wisdom for you to guide your son in the same loving and patient manner so you have done on nairaland.

Amen! Thanks so much! I'm really touched by your kind words.

@All I was deeply touched by your prayers and good wishes, hence I decide to log in and thank you all. Like I said earlier, I will return as soon as my new boss allows me. I'm filled with joy and gratitude for being allowed to give a physical body to the baby and also for being allowed to take care for him. He is bubbling, getting stronger everyday.


Religion / Re: The Dad(God) That Wasn't There. by justcool(m): 3:54pm On Jul 01, 2016
Hi McTobe

Thanks for your very worthy questions. I will exhaustively share my perceptions on them as soon as time permits me; at the moment, I'm staying away from Nairaland in order to give my full attention to order important endeavors.

I do not want you feel that I'm ignoring you, hence I decided to drop these few line. Kindly bear with me, I will return to nairaland as soon as time permits me.

Thanks and remain blessed
Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 3:45am On May 22, 2016
@ Speer and Marverick09

Please I ask that you guys bear with and give me little time. At the moment my days are filled with activities, joyful activities; I do not have a minute to spear.

I've been blessed with a baby boy, and you know this is a full time job. Assisting his mom in feeding him, changing diapers and sometimes staying awake most of the night is extremely joyful, but time consuming. It's also very rewarding! But he rewards us with a smile! Have you ever seen an infant smile? Believe me there is nothing more beautiful!!!!

We couldn't be happier and relieved as his mother was in the hospital for a week before his birth. I actually wrote my last reply to Speer in the hospital.

I have a lot more to say to you two, but pardon me I will return when my new boos(my infant son) allows me.

While I'm away, anybody who feels prompted to offer perception on any questions should fell free to do so. This thread does not belong to me alone.

Thanks and remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: The Dad(God) That Wasn't There. by justcool(m): 2:14am On Apr 25, 2016
thank you at justcool, y did u stop writing on nairaland. I miss your explanations about Grail message & Grail related activity

Hi McTobe.

Thanks! I'm still active on nairaland.

Remain blessed.
Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 12:22am On Apr 25, 2016

3rd inquiry:

This relates to the chapters Departed this Life (Vol. 2) and In the Land of Twilight (Vol. 3) of the Message. In them, what I believe to be the first and second planes/spheres of the ethereal realm are talked about----The Land of Shadows and The Land of Twilight.
From the book by Franchezzo (that you have not read), a further two of the spheres (in ascending order) are named----The Land of Dawn and The Morning Land.

Had please wanted to ask if you could share whatever knowledge you have of the seven ethereal spheres (whatever you feel is appropriate enough to share).

First, it will be erroneous to consider the situations described in ‘Departed this Life’ and ‘In the Land of Twilight’ as the first and second planes of the ethereal respectively. These lectures describe the situation that a soul encounters in the ethereal realm due to the wrong views held by the soul while on earth. They do not describe planes of the ethereal world as they are created or issued from the Will of the Creator; rather they describe how immature human spirits (those clinging to wrong views) experience of the Ethereal.

First, let’s deal with ‘Departed this life.’ This man is not evil and hence did not sink into the dark planes of the beyond. Here again we encounter the concept of wrong but not evil. While being evil will drive one into the nether planes and ultimately lead to destruction; holding wrong views, while not being evil, will not necessary plunge one into the nether planes, however every spirit must rid itself of all wrong views before he/she can ascend or enter into the Kingdom of God.
The man described there was actually a good man; however the wrong view he held was that there was no life after death. His lack of belief of the beyond prevented or blocked the usage of his ethereal body, and based on the law of creation that which is not used becomes weaker and weaker and in time will be lost altogether. Consequently his ethereal cloaks, the unused instrument, through which he can experience the beyond or life after death, became inactive. His ethereal eyes became blind, ears became dumb, etc. Hence when he passed on into the ethereal realm, he found himself in darkness, where he could not even hear his own voice because he was dumb.

But in reality, he was in a bright plane! But he is unable to see due to the consequences of his wrong view, as I already explained. He may have even have been surrounded by helpers, but he could neither see nor hear them because of the gulf he imposed upon himself. He will remain in this condition until experiences teach him that life continues after death and that consequently with death he has not ceased to exist. This is tantamount to making use of his ethereal body and gradually due to usage and based on the law of motion, he will gradually begin to see and hear. The light he saw in a distant place was actually there with him all the while; and the voices he may start to hear faintly have always been there; the light may be very bright and the voices loud, however he perceives only as much as his weakened or inactive ethereal body allows him.

The faith of an evil person is different. The evil person who believes in the beyond or life after death will see in the beyond; but he will find himself in a dark and foul region of the beyond. Hence even though his ethereal eyes are active, he may actually be in an environment where there is no light, depending on the nature off his evil volition. He will definitely suffer more than the man described in ‘Departed this life.’ Remember my description of the fate of the suicide bomber. Also read the lecture, ‘In the realm of Demons and phantoms.’

The description given in ‘In the land of Twilight’ is that of the experiences of those who also are not evil. The ones believe in the beyond and life after death, however they carried over some erroneous views. These maybe extremely good Christians, Muslims, etc. Wrong views such as the view that Jesus has paid for their sins or was sacrificed for their sins is enough to erect a wall in the beyond baring their ascent. Hence the wall that barred them from the resort glow is actually a living form of their wrong views. These views can be described as being wrong, but not evil. As an aside not, consider the notion or view that God sent His son to pay or our sins. This view obviously portrays a loving God; however there is no justice in it because Justice would not allow an innocent person to pay for the sins of another. They perceive the love of God but not His justice. A loving but unjust God! This view is wrong because God’s love, real love lies only in justice and God’s Justice lies only in Love and Purity. With God, these three should not and can never be separated. With such wrong conception of God and His love, one is bared in the beyond, no matter how good he may be, until he realizes that his views are wrong and consequently discards them. Hence the people described in ‘In the Land of Twilight,’ are not evil, the fate of the evil ones are much worse.

However, these two conditions or situations (both the situation described in Departed this life and In the land of twilight) need not exist. Both situations arise out of man’s wrong doing, not out of the Will of God. God wills and created planes of bright light and beauty for His creatures, both here and the beyond. Hence one should not view these descriptions are description of the Ethereal planes as God created them; rather they describe situations that arise as a result of man’s wrong views.

A thorough understanding of those descriptions will afford one of the knowledge that the soul sees its environment according to its nature. An undeveloped soul, or a soul with a weak ethereal body, may see a very bright plane as twilight or even dark; while a bright soul will see brightness and beauty in the same plane. If we obverse the process of see or perception, we nothing that we perceive only based on our nature and only as much as our maturity allows us.

Imagine two people, a man and Jesus, walking through a garden. The man being immature sees very little beauty in the garden. As he walks through he is preoccupied with earthly thoughts: how to make money to pay rent, how bad his neighbor treated him, etc. He easily observes how dusty the garden is, how hot the sun’s rays feels on his skin. Indeed he is filled with misery. Jesus on the other hand, filled with Divine peace and inner composure, easily observes the peaceful serenity of the Park. He can enjoy the song of the birds because they resonate the pure melody He carried inside Him; they remind Him of the melody in His father’s kingdom. Every flower smiles at Him and fill Him with joy because they remind Him of the glorious flowers in His Divine Kingdom. Here we see two people walking through the same park, yet having different experiencing o it.

This is applicable, even more so, in the beyond! We see only what we want to see or what corresponds to our level of maturity. In the process of perceiving, it is that disturbances or interactions between our radiation and our environment, that is retroactively returned to our organs of perception. Hence in reality we see only in the Light of our radiations which, in turn are very dependent on our inner maturity. This is why a child or a childlike person can draw far more joy from a simple toy than an adult who is crippled with excessive intellectual activity.

The reason why I’m explaining this process of perception is for you to see the futility of reading another person’s description of the beyond! At best such descriptions can help or be understood by spirits of the same nature or homogeneity. Even at our highest level of maturity, we see based on our nature, our kind or homogeneity. Hence all creatures see subjectively, and can never really see reality exactly as it is in all its ramifications. Hence only the Divine unsubstantiate, (Like Jesus and Imanuel) can reflect the Truth the way it really is and in a way that any creature of any homogeny, kind or nature can relate to it. Only them, radiate the cross of equal length without any limitation. The human spirit at best can radiate the cross within a circle! This circle surrounding the Cross implies a limitation, to which all creatures a subject to; and to which only the unsubtantiate Divinity stands above! Hence it will be very erroneous to consider ‘The Land of Dawn and The Morning Land’ or any other person’s description of the beyond as an extension of Abd-ru-shin’s explanation. To me it is even sacrilege to put such next to the Grail Message or on the same level with it.

In relation to the entire existence, we human spirits are less than ants in relation to the earth! Imagine an ant in Nigeria describing life on earth to you! The entire existence and perceptive ability of this ant is not even able to comprehend one thousandth of the smallest village on earth. And based on the subjectivity of perception that I explained, Imagine a curious person who has read that there are seven spiritual planes, out of vanity he keeps imagining these planes filled with the ambition of visiting them one day. In the process he, and others like him create with their imagination which has taken on form, fake spiritual planes in medium gross matter. When he enters the beyond, though astral travel or death, he is drawn to these planes he created. There he will meet fake beings which he thinks are real spiritual beings. He may even meet “Jesus,” of course the one he created out his own imagination. When he returns to his physical body, he will write a book claiming that he has visited all the spiritual planes and have even shaken hands with Jesus. He does not know that in reality, he has not even seen one millionth path of the astral plane. He was only wallowing in the smallest part of the astral plane.

However, some people who have kept themselves away from vain curiosity, who out of genuine longing have been allowed to see the ethereal while on earth, do not go about boosting of their experiences. They rather learn the lessons from the visions and in their humility often keep quiet about it. They only offer it when it will help the spiritual growth of their neighbor. And this is why I will not share or describe my experiences in the beyond. I can share lessons learnt from such experiences; and this is what I'm doing. However, to tell stories of what I heard or saw, will not help us here. They will only arouse unhealthy curiosity and fascination, and will end up confusing many. They are very personal and will not benefit you.
Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 12:16am On Apr 25, 2016
@ Speer

Thanks for your questions. Here are my perceptions. I will break my reply in sections; here is the first part.


First inquiry:

Had please wanted to ask and clarify/confirm a point-----that we have a plane/sphere of medium gross matter and one of fine gross matter in the "downwards/darker/lower" direction that have been created or come into existence thru the darker and base volitions/actions of mankind.
For some time one had been angling with the impression that all the lower/dark planes/spheres were only ethereal in nature.

It is my perception that not all the lower/dark planes are ethereal. Our thoughts, words and emotions do not take ethereal forms; they are gross material although not physical. Thoughts belong to fine gross matter, words and emotions belong to medium gross matter or astral.

Of course, based on the law of attraction of homogenous species, bad or evil thoughts will not be grouped together with good or righteous thoughts. Hence in the sphere of fine gross matter, good thoughts accumulate in the uppermost height, forming a plane of homogeneous goodness; while evil thoughts sink lower and accumulate, forming a plane of corresponding evil.

The same is applicable to medium gross matter (astral) where our words, emotions and imaginations operate. Hence there are luminous planes of the Astral, as well as there are nether regions/power centers/planes of Astral or medium gross matter.

Thoughts which emanate from our brains, as well as our words and emotions, take on forms in the planes of fine and medium, respectively. Forms that correspond to the nature of thoughts, words or emotions that gave rise to them; and hence they could be either heavy or light. These forms are called phantoms, as opposed to ethereal forms which are born from the intuitive perception of the spirit which makes use of Spiritual Principal neutral power. Hence forms of intuitive perceptions which accumulate in the ethereal planes are far stronger than phantoms because they (forms of intuition) bear life within them. These are called either demons or entities, depending on their nature. Being from the spiritual intuition, they can gain connection all the way to the Spiritual realm, if they are pure.

The beyond, can be imagined like an atmosphere, which surrounds the earth in all directions. The atmosphere has many levels/ layers, just as the beyond has many layers: Medium gross matter, Fine gross matter, Coarse Ethereal, Medium Ethereal, and Fine Ethereal. The attached picture below gives a good impression of the idea

Now Observe the attached picture of the earth’s atmosphere, and imagine the world of matter as this picture. The innermost circle represents the physical (Coarsest gross matter.) The Troposphere represents the Astral (medium gross matter); while the Stratosphere represents Fine gross matter. The mesosphere represents the Ethereal. Each sphere/layer or ring surrounds the center in both upwards and downwards direction. In this picture, you can easily observe how the atmosphere surrounds the center (Inner most circle) in both upwards and downwards direction.


2nd inquiry:

The medium and fine gross matter planes (in either direction)------are they also subdivided into seven sub-stages/sub-planes?

Any vice that man has accumulates and forms a power center or plane in the beyond. Since the entire creation swings in number seven, this number can also be observed here. Man already perceived that there are seven major vices, seven major or deadly sins as the churches teach. Every sin belongs to one of these seven deadly sins. Hence we can say that there are seven major power centers or planes in each of these spheres. Thoughts of lust accumulate in the plane or power center of lust in theses lower planes; while thoughts of hate accumulate in the power center or plane of hate. Thoughts of envy accumulate in the power center or plane of envy.

Everything that a man wishes for his neighbor takes on form in the beyond and awaits him, the man who wished it either through thoughts, words, or deeds. These forms based on the attraction of homogeneous species attract other forms of similar nature, accumulate and form a planes in the beyond; planes corresponding to their weight. Since the originators are attached to these forms, they (the originators) will be drawn to these planes of the beyond if the pass on (or exit the physical plane) without having already cut this connection through the redemption that comes from genuine repentance.

Hence, it is not wrong to say that there are seven major power centers of sin, seven parts of hell or etc. However, one must keep in mind that even within each plane or center which are predominantly of the same homogeny, there are also varying homogeneity. Hence within each plane or center, there are countless smaller communities, towns or countries or whatever one wishes to call them. Just as on earth, within each continent there are many tribes/nations, and within each nation there are many towns, etc. Just as among all thieves, there are differences: There are those that still out of need, those that steal out of habit, those that steal out of laziness, etc. Each on passing on will be grouped among those exactly like him. Hence, even though they will all find themselves in the plane of thieves, they will each be in different community.

Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 8:50am On Apr 18, 2016
Justcool is also looking at it from another perspective hence the reason for his statement. Deeply he felt all spirits should be at the same level of development and as such, d fault should be with the spirits not the principle. That some spirits could pass shows the neutrality of the principle hence the subtle conclusion that it cant be totally unjust even though it is lacking in love. He also has a point.
All the same, let us hold on to that which is most important ; doing the Will of the Almighty.
I wish us all the grace to do so. PEACE!

Please do not ascribe words or meanings that I never intended to me. My post is still there, unchanged for all to read. And please read my post before you attribute things to me. I never said the principle of temptation is neutral!!!! I maintained, as the Grail message does, that the principle of temptation is wrong but not evil. It lacks love but not unjust.

I never stated that all spirits should be at the same level of development. I don't know where you got that from, it's definitely not from my post.

If one cannot understand the difference between that which is evil and wrong, then thats the persons problem and not mine. If one does not understand how an action can be just yet lacking in love then that's the persons problem and not mine. The person can disagree with me, reject my perception, not throw insults at me or ascribe words that I never said to me.

We cannot all have the same perception because we're all at different levels of spiritual maturity; hence anybody that doesn't understand me should fell free to reject my perceptions.

The Grail message maintains that the principle of temptation is loveless but not unjust. That the principle is wrong not evil. These are not ideas that I invented.

Thanks and remain blessed.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 7:08pm On Apr 12, 2016
"There is nothing unjust in the principle of temptation; it swings in justice, but lacks love and hence it is wrong."
Just take a look at what you wrote above!
That Lucifer developed a "volition" of his own which went "contrary" to The Will of THE CREATOR earned him an "expulsion" from The Divine Realm!
My friend, you better wake up from your "slumber"!
Excerpt below from the lecture - "the mystery of Lucifer" as written by THE AUTHOR of The Grail Message-
"The principle of temptation, however, is identical with the setting of snares which cause creatures who are not sufficiently strong within themselves quickly to stumble, fall and become lost, whereas others, it is true, grow stronger and more alert so as to blossom forth powerfully towards spiritual heights. But all that is weak is irrevocably abandoned to destruction from the start. This principle knows of no goodness, no compassion; it is wanting in the love of God the Father, and therewith also in the mightiest power to ascend and in the strongest support available." - Abd-ru-shin

You can share your perceptions next to mine as you have done. Then let each take what resonates within him.

There is no need for quarreling, name calling, or acting erratic.

The Truth speaks for itself.

I wish you peace.

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Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 7:01pm On Apr 12, 2016

Man should give thanks to the Almighty for everyone and everything he comes into contact with, all his experiences but my heart won't feel at rest if I do not express my gratitude to you.

Therefore, I thank and glorify the Lord for granting you such insights and I also thank you for taking the time to share them with us. What you wrote up there is invaluable indeed and it provided me with what I needed to hear in the way I needed to hear it. It is something that will be read over and over whenever I require guidance on the issue. Thanks once again.

If I may ask, knowing that you will understand this question of mine better than I can clothe it in words, how do you handle it all? What you see everyday, what you hear on the news? Understand me please, I mean, how do you cope with all you see? All the wrong around you? The actions of our fellow men? We shouldn't judge in line with the words of Jesus Christ which says 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone'; for most of us, even though we are trying, are no better ourselves but we are still able to recognise what is wrong. What do you do then? Correct he who is wrong? But he won't listen, it is my recognition, not his; why should he put any stock to my words?

The thing is I had a conversation with someone today and it ended up drifting to where many of the problems in my immediate environment were discussed, things which fill me with sadness daily. But during the conversation, I thought to myself that what is the point of seeing it if I can't do anything about it? What good is it to my fellow men if I can't use all I've been allowed to know to help them, all the while knowing that they need help?

I don't know if it's an infantile question and I may snap out of it after some time but I just really need to put it out here right now. If any of your precious insights, those insights that gleam colourfully under the Light of the Truth, can help in any way, I will be really grateful to you.

If anyone has anything to say concerning this, it would also be appreciated.

Wishing everyone here all that is noble and true.

@ Tobakunn

Thanks for your questions. They are not infantile; hence I will share my perceptions.

As you already know, we are in the end times and so many people are going through judgment. The rays of light have enveloped the earth, indeed every individual, forcing everything to reveal or judge itself. Hence, the earth today is like a farm that has been enriched with fertilizer, with makes everything to grow fast and bear fruit; both the good and the bad, both the delicious and poisonous plants, all must bear fruit and thereby reveal its kind. The resultant is the earth as we have it today, where we see men of evil volition as has never been seen before and also those of good volition.

Imagine the aforementioned farm where every plant grows fast and bears fruit due to added nutrition; a child who does not know about farming, on seeing such a situation, may get depressed since he observes even the unwanted, poisonous and useless plants growing fast along with good ones. However, a knowing one knows that in this lies a great blessing because in bearing fruits, the plants reveal what they are to the farmer or gardener, who will then uproot the unwanted and useless ones. Hence today and as judgment progresses evil will reveal itself more and more; it cannot longer hide in darkness or appear like the good plants thereby making it more difficult for the gardener to decided whether to uproot it or not; it must bear fruit. And by their fruits you shall know them! Before, people can harbor evil in their hearts and pretend to be good on the outside; today and as times progressing, it is becoming more impossible. Hence we see people openly and unashamedly doing evil. This situation may be depressing to some, but to one who knows the laws of creation it indeed shows the nearness of the approaching era of peace, when all the weed must have been sifted out of the farm.

It is unfortunate that the evil and poisonous plants mainly attack the good ones, but one should not despair on this account. Indeed today, it appears as if people of good volition are targets for mockery, scourge, attacks etc. But one should not allow oneself to be pulled down to the level of the verminous ones who know nothing other than to shout “Crucify Him!” You must never allow yourself to degenerate to hating others, or holding malice against others no matter what they put you through, otherwise you will be counted among them. One must try and bear everything calmly, assured that the power of God reigns supreme in the end.

I used to be angry about certain things that I see around me and some things that people have put me through. Then I realized that that which makes one angry about his neighbor is also inside oneself too. Christ taught us this, when He said, as reported in Gospel, “How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye?” From then on, whenever I see something, be it the actions of my fellow human beings, that get me upset, I ask myself, “what weed inside resonates with this action?” Because anger towards anything is a kind of resonance towards that thing, it betrays certain homogeneity towards that thing; if I have no such faults, then they will not make enough impression on me as to make me angry; they will not disturb my peace even when they are directed at me. This is why Jesus and the son of man were able to remain calm and unaffected in the face of the venomous crowd that was throwing all sorts of false accusations in their path. And when you succeed in weeding out such faults in you, you will observe that you do not get angry anymore when you see others exhibiting such faults. Even when it’s directed at you, you will still hold your peace.

I used to be filled with sadness and despair about so many things, till I realize that even sadness and despair will lead one to darkness if care it not taken. This is a period for firm trust in God, and this always results in certain in peace and joy irrespective of the material situation around you.

You do not have to feel sad or depressed about the situation of the world or about people going astray. Just work on yourself and calmly let others follow their chosen path. This is not passivity, as it may sound to some. Indeed it is the most decisive thing to do. By learning from their mistakes and making sure you don’t have such faults you in, you have given them the greatest help a human being can give without saying a word to them. I have already mentioned this in this thread. As you work on yourself, you draw more light to your environment, making light available to those still struggling with darkness. This is how you help them, without knowing it and without them knowing. You need not go about preaching to people to become good or draw nearer to God; indeed you need not say a single word to your neighbor. This does not mean that you should keep quite when approached with questions. When approached with questions, always unapologetically state the absolute Truth; but calmly allow others to accept or reject it without being upset with them.

I wish you strength.

Thanks and remain blessed.


Religion / Re: Inquiry For Justcool And M_nwankwo And Other Adherents Of The Grail Message by justcool(m): 5:32pm On Apr 12, 2016
My friend, stop writing what you don't know!

The Author of The Grail Message referred to Lucifer as "Antichrist"! The only "real enemy" of GOD!

Hope you know what it is to try to "oppose" THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR?!

So stop writing "nonsense" based on what your "deficient intellect" tells you on this your yeye thread!

Let everyone read THE GRAIL MESSAGE where THE TRUTH ITSELF can be found! Not all this your "unneccesary explanations" you and your cohorts come here to give!



Thank you.

I wish you peace and blessings.

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