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Education / Direct Entry Medical Lab Science or? by justlove91(m): 8:16am On Feb 26
Good Morning

I already have a first degree B.Sc Microbiology (First Class) and I intend to use it to gain direct entry to study Medical Lab Science. Please how do I go about it and can I be admitted to 300L?

I want to do this because Microbiology is not in demand as I thought, I can't get a job since I graduated, so if you have a better alternative to going for second degree in MLS please share cuz I'm fed up and don't want to make another mistake.
Religion / Re: What Happens After Death? by justlove91(m): 4:15pm On Jul 25, 2020
During my quiet moments,i always imagined what will happen after death.

Do we cease to be in existence,or there is afterlife?

I will appreciate different opinions on this. And if the moderators can be helpful in pushing it to frontpage for wider inputs. It would be appreciated.

There is no death, what we call death is a transition to other plane of existence and this is not just a myth or wishful thinking, it is a proven fact that the so called dead are alive and retain their personality in their now plane of existence.
If you're serious about this topic, read/study the phenomenon called Mediumship.

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Religion / Re: If A Baby Dies Will He/She Go To Heaven Or Hell? by justlove91(m): 4:03pm On Jun 22, 2020
According to the Bible the yardstick for making heaven is giving your life to Christ. So if a young child dies at a young age and can't confess Jesus as Lord because he/ she can't talk or too young to comprehend.

Will he/she go to heaven.

Bible scholars

Forget heaven and hell, imagine the afterlife as a ladder and each step signifying a plane of existence, so that the higher you go the brighter the planes are and the lower you go the darker the planes are. What will determine which plane a person will find himself depends on how a person lived while on earth, not dogma, not belief, not religion but how good or bad his live was on earth.
When an infant die, he is taking to a relatively bright plane since there is no evil he has done to place him in one of the dark planes. This infant will be under the care of other spirits that love and had been trained to work with children and often these spirits are those that were barren on earth but love to take care of children.
As time pass the infant develops in size as he would if on earth and at a stage in his development he goes to an institution that could be called a school where lessons are taught and his developing intellect and faculties are trained.
During his learning process, the infant who could have developed into a teen by now is taken by guides to earth plane in other to gain experiences on earth condition. Under the care of able guide the teen learns various earth conditions and lessons he should've gained on earth. By and by, the teen learns enough to enable him help people on earth and those in the dark planes by instilling in them thoughts of purity, charity and love for all so that those on earth will find themselves on bright plane after their "death" and those already in dark planes will progress to bright planes, because in the spirit world nobody is doomed to live eternally in the plane he finds himself but everybody can progress even from the darkest plane of existence to brighter planes.
And of course the infant now teen, will by helping others progress will also progress to brighter and brighter planes.
Religion / Re: Astra Projection: Share Ur Experience by justlove91(m): 5:00pm On May 07, 2020
I have been praticing it but i am still a novice. Anyday i decide to project i will relax and take a sleep thats not deep(i will be consious of the surrounding). When my brain and my body is totally relaxed i will then try to raise only my hands when i do, i always feel my hand floating but i am still unable to raise my full body. Please if u can do it fully kindly share ur experience

First of all, I would like to advice you to not listen to people who have been saying negative things about what OBE is, most of them have never had any experience of it and are just repeating what they heard other ignorant fellows say about the subject. I'm happy you've had a little experience and see that there is nothing to be scared of. I've been practicing out of body experience and lucid dreaming since 2013 and still do and I don't have any reason to suspect it is dangerous.

You said you're often able to reach the stage where you can lift your hand and find it weightless, well the good news is if you're able to reach this stage then you're there already, but because you're a notice you're just laying there in your body instead of you to separate. To separate, you just have to stand up, roll over or just levitate, that's all because as soon as you felt to weightlessness in your hand, you're already in your dream body and any movement you make in that stage will be made by your dream body.

So next time you reach the stage, just stand up or roll over as if you're doing it with the physical body, that's all. But mind you separation is just the first step, next is deepening, then maintaining your consciousness in the state, followed by controlling, then application of the state to fulfill your desires.
If you need help in mastering this phenomenon then I could be of help because developing this ability is one of the most amazing abilities I know of.

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Religion / Re: Why Is There No Single Objective Proof That God Exists by justlove91(m): 12:42pm On Feb 05, 2020
You've said that you that have a soul or spirit. I have nothing more to say to you.

FYI : the YouTube videos I asked you to watch are not random videos posted by amateurs, I mean scientific documentaries on paranormal phenomenon.

I know you're aware that such exists but you've chosen to believe in yourself ignorance and in what your mind is fixated on. That's one thing I love about this life, you will always find something to defend your rationalization or irrationalization. Just like in the Nigerian movie Figurine

Denying God's existence doesn't diminish his powers or influence, God has nothing to lose, you have all to lose and you may end up be consumed by your ignorance
Let's assume paranormal activities, spirit etc exist, how do they proof God's existence?
Nairaland / General / Re: How Do I Quote Multiple Pple by justlove91(m): 12:33pm On Feb 05, 2020
How I do even quote one person?
Same Question On My Mind
cozy7 post=44964563:
Good day every one, Plz I'd like d professionals on NL to kindly enlighten me on how I can quote more than one person in a particular thread. So that wen I drop d (one) comment, it'll appear on their "Mentioned". Thanks!
[quote author=eezeribe post=70387479]
Nairaland / General / Re: How Do U Quote Someone In Nland by justlove91(m): 12:24pm On Feb 05, 2020

on my [/quote]mind
Nairaland / General / Re: How Do U Quote Someone In Nland by justlove91(m): 12:21pm On Feb 05, 2020

Religion / Life In The World Unseen by justlove91(m): 3:49pm On Feb 02, 2020
There are mainly two reasons that I'm aware of that make a person not believe in afterlife, one is the person's lack of evidence to support the existence of an afterlife and the second is the lack of clear description of what that life really entails. Orthodox religions have only been able to tell us just vague and contradictory description of what life is on the other side. Telling us about reincarnation, virgin wives, lake of wine and eternal praise and worship didn't make us any wiser.
The book "Life in the world unseen" aimed at given a detailed (to some extent) description of what the other side is, though it doesn't necessarily give any evidence to proof that the afterlife exists, it answered some questions people have about what the other side is like.
Since it doesn't provide proof that an afterlife exist you're not expected to belief what it says you can only tell whether what it says is reasonable and likely to be true or not, like an atheist friend of mine who read it said "If there is an afterlife it's likely to be as the book says" but don't take his words for it why don't you find out yourself.
I invite everyone to check it out, religious, non religious, atheist, deist etc.


I. Preface
2. My earth life
3 Passing to spirit life
4. First experience
5. Home of rest
6. Halls of learning
7. Some questions answered
8. Music
9. Plans for future work
10. The dark realms
11. A visitation
12. The flowers
13. The soil
14. Building methods
15. Time and Space
16. Geographical position
17. The lowest realms
18. Some first impressions
19. Recreations
20. Spirit personalia
21. The children's sphere
22. Occupations
23. Famous people
24. Organization
25. Spirit influence
26. The Highest realms

NOTE: Since the book is a narration it is advisable not to read randomly or jump chapters. And don't forget to tell what you think about the book after reading it.

Here is a link to download the book from
Religion / Re: The True Nature Of God And Universe(s) by justlove91(m): 5:41pm On Oct 12, 2017
it's obvious you don't understand how the law of attraction works, this law is not a magician or a miracle worker. If you believe you can attract that kind of money you definitely will but will it be this Friday? probably not, it all depends on the amount of conditions the universe has to orchestrate before you get the money.

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Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 11:15am On Feb 22, 2017

Why can't you answer the damn question? What such of intellectual epilepsy is this?

For you mind you have created a thread but no where did your brain tell you to even give a hint or summary of what the book is all about. You do not even have enough confidence to share one story or page from the book.

If someone with your level of stupidity can like such a book then it is a clear sign I shouldn't read. I just might catch your disease undecided
Have answered your question already, it's just not what you expected.

Do you think I gain anything by you reading the book or not?? Am not here to convert anyone to anything.

Like I said earlier am only here to bring to attention of people the compilation of evidence supporting afterlife, it's up to anyone interested to look it up.

If you decide not to read it, then it simply means this thread is not for you .
Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 9:23am On Feb 22, 2017

Ok. One more question before I read the book.

Is the book proof for the Christian, Islamic, Judaic, Greek or Buddhist afterlife?
I know where this is coming from? You think I use the book to support my religion version of afterlife. No my brother, am actually an ex Muslim in case you don't know and not subscribed to any religion.

So the book and the evidence is not confirming any afterlife version, it's just giving evidence for the afterlife.

I would really like to know what you think about the evidence if you look into it.
Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 7:25am On Feb 22, 2017

So u really wish to continue living even after death cheesy I wish so too haha
Where were u before existence, guess they still have more research to do grin

If u dead that's the end of u.
Epain u ryt?
You're not a credibility authority on this so your conclusion is completely irrelevant
I cant even begin to engage you on this topic because know absolutely nothing about it, so wise up and enlighten yourself bro
Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 6:49am On Feb 22, 2017

This is why I asked you na
Why ask me? The book itself is a summary of the enormous evidence and you still want the summary of the summary abi?
Why don't you stop being an intellectual coward and man up to check it out yourself .
Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 6:40am On Feb 22, 2017

Researcher I finally found one religionist who were able to go into research particularly a comforting research grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
If u truly a good researcher u wouldn't have been here arguing with atheists
What do you mean by that

And who says am hear to urge??

Cm only doing this to bring to notice of people who still believe the myth that there is no evidence for afterlife.
Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 6:32am On Feb 22, 2017

So u really wish to continue living even after death cheesy I wish so too haha
Where were u before existence, guess they still have more research to do grin

If u dead that's the end of u.
Epain u ryt?
Can you just go ahead and read the book before concluding, that's what educated people do, they don't conclude without knowing absolutely nothing about what they're talking about
Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 9:02pm On Feb 21, 2017

Can you please post just ONE proof please
What do you mean by I should post one proof??
You wouldn't understand until you do your own research about this. For example if I say physical mediumship is one of the proofs of afterlife, do you understand anything by that??

If you want a gist on what the book talks about read the table of content I posted but you wouldn't be anymore wiser until you take the time to study each evidence yourself.

As an atheist always demanding for evidence, I thought you will be eager to know what the so called evidence are all about.
Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 8:37pm On Feb 21, 2017

Do you mean to say there is evidence for life after death?
Yes o

The evidence is much you can't exhaust it this year if you decide to investigate, and these are objective evidence at that.

I will only urge you to just begin with the book I posted, and in the book we will find others
Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 3:35pm On Feb 21, 2017
There is a great body of evidence supporting life after death but it is obvious that most people are quiet oblivious of it. When one begins to study these evidence one is surprised of being unaware of them in the first place.

The book above is just a tip of the iceberg, there are a lot of materials and work to keep one busy through this year and the next.

The question now is are we ready yet ? Are we really seriously looking for evidence of afterlife? Are we ready to go into this field of investigation as an open-minded skeptic??


Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 12:52pm On Feb 21, 2017

That is nairaland atheists for you. Everything they tell you is what they're taught in science, nothing else. They say Christians have been brainwashed to believe lies yet they cannot explain how personal experiences of people who carry on consciousness after death fall into the category of brainwashing, they cannot explain how a man who was certified dead and came back to life almost two hours later is brainwashing... Nairaland atheists say Christ was never a real character in history, that he is a myth...yet archeologists and historians verify his existence on earth.

Gosh... nairaland atheists think atheism is all about ignorantly denying the obvious. Poor folks.
And they're the set of people that will quickly cry for evidence when afterlife is being talked about as if they're really interested in the evidence if given.
Am sure most of them are still under the myth that their is no evidence that support afterlife when in reality there are tons of evidence, but will they even be able to put their preconceived ideas aside and look at it ?


Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 11:20am On Feb 21, 2017

unless you want to tell me what u are taught in Elementary school is a Lie , we have Living and NON living thing. once u die, u dont exhibit the Characterstics ( MR NIGER D ) of a living thing again , lacking those characters means the said person is NON living !

Its all around, for a start Notice Animals when they die . or expect a mosquito in afterlife when u kill it .
So that is your research on afterlife.
Just try and read the book and enlighten yourself. Are you not even curious to know what those evidence are.


Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 10:15am On Feb 21, 2017
its either you are dead or alive . living or NON living .
And what investigations have you done to arrive at this your conclusion? Have you ever bothered to do any afterlife investigation? Any at all? Sincerely ask yourself those questions.


Religion / Re: A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 9:37am On Feb 21, 2017
Table of Content

1. Opening Statement
2. Respected scientists who investigated
3. My materialization experiences
4. Voices on Tape
5. Instrumental Trans-communication (ITC)
6. Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
7. Out of Body Experiences
8. The Scole Experiment proves the Afterlife
9. Einstein's Equation and materialization
10. Materialization mediumship
11. Helen Duncan
12. Psychic Laboratory Experiments
13. Observation of mediums
14. The most investigated medium ever
15. Direct voice mediums
16. Proxy sitting refute the allegation of mind reading
17. Remote viewing
18. Apparitions & after death contact
19. Deathbed visions
20. The Ouija Board
21. Xenoglossy
22. Poltergeists
23. Reincarnation
24. Quantum physics and the Afterlife
25. Lawyers who were convinced by the evidence
26. Answering the closed minded skeptics
27. Closing statement: Summing up the objective evidence
28. What happens when we die?
Religion / A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife by justlove91(m): 7:57am On Feb 21, 2017
Do you know that A LOT of evidences are on ground that support the reality of the afterlife? Do you know that A LOT of researchers have explored the possibility of an afterlife and have documented their research in the affirmative? Do you know that it's now ignorant of anyone to say their is no evidence supporting the belief in afterlife? And do you know A LOT of people are not even aware of these evidences?

It's for this reasons that Victor Zammit took the time to compile all these evidences in one book for easy accessibility to everyone.

The book is "A lawyer presents the case for the afterlife"

If you're really serious about finding out whether the afterlife exist or not, I urge you to read the book.

The book can be easily downloaded by typing "a lawyer present the case for the afterlife pdf" on google.

Again, the book is not about what the author thinks about afterlife but the compilation of evidences that are on ground that support the existence of the afterlife.
Religion / I Think Empathy Is Kind Of Selfish And Delusional by justlove91(m): 3:20pm On Feb 08, 2017
I would appreciate it if you could read through this post before commenting with the assumption that you somehow already know what I intend to say.

Empathy is the ability to feel what another person is feeling and if this feeling is negative often leads to help for the original owner of the feeling with the aim of alleviating the person's emotional pain.

I must say this ability has been of help to our society and motivates us to respond to the emotional pain of others, and no doubt the society will be a better place if more people are empathic.

But as a person with the motto "Question everything" I found myself thinking of empathy and asking myself "Is this the best method to motivate us to help a person in need?" then I realized that this empathy though helpful is dysfunctional.

Let's assume a friend of mine is eating and said I should pass him a glass of water because of too much pepper in the food, will it be wise of me or is it necessary for me to firstly taste the food before I can help him?? Someone cut himself with a knife by mistake and asked me to help dress the wound, is it necessary to also cut myself first to know how it feels before I can help??

I know virtually everyone will agree with me that experiencing their physical pain is not necessary before I can help them and don't think they will praise anyone that does that. Then why is it necessary for me to feel the emotional pain of another before I can help? Why do I have to punish myself emotionally before I can help? Why don't I just take the fact that they're in emotional pain as is it and help if I can without necessarily partaking in their emotionally pain?

After seeing that taking up another person's emotional pain is not necessary why do I think it is even selfish ( Perhaps this is not the right word)

Let's assume someone is frustrated and needs my help, if am empathic, then I have to firstly internalize his pain before I can be motivated to help him. This only means am not actually responding to that person's pain but indirectly responding to my own pain. This is clearly seen in people that are not empathic, you can beg and cry and beg again but they wouldn't help because even though you're in pain they wouldn't help because they don't feel what you feel. This means that an empathic person don't help the person in pain really but only help the person in other to indirectly ease the pain he feels because of the person.

Of course must of them don't do this intentionally and must are not even conscious of it. And I must quickly add I don't have anything against them only pointing out that their is a better and selfless way to help.
Do you still doubt empathy is "selfish" ?? Then why is it that some people are incapable of helping anyone in emotional pain if they're unable to feel that pain themselves?
Yes... simply because their is no pain to indirectly heal in themselves by helping the person, so they unconsciously think if I cant gain by helping him, why help?

Why do I say empathy is delusional?

When I look deeply into this idea of taking up another person's feeling, it got me asking "Are we actually feeling another person's feeling or are we only feeling our own version of what we assume they're feeling?" Based on the information received, we then create what we assume they're feeling using our past experiences, conditioning, beliefs etc.

Let's assume I say my Dad is died, must people will console me by saying they know how I feel because [b]they've also lost someone dear to them (experience) [/b]while what I feel is that his death is a relief because he always tries to control my life.

Let's assume I approach you and say my daughter is very sick in the hospital that I need your help, you may feel "my pain" and try to help while what am actually feeling is happy because I have been able to convince another maga.

Do you still belief we actually feel what the other feel when we empathize? Have you ever said anything that happens to you to another person and they took it too far that you're now the one saying to the person "Take it easy, I don't take it this serious"
This shows that the person is not feeling how you feel but only feeling his version of how he thinks you feel.
That is, he is not dealing with reality (what is), it is all in his head.

I believe we shouldn't stop at empathy because we can actually help other without creating our own version of what we suppose they're feeling.

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Religion / Re: Are These Christians Kidding Or Serious?? by justlove91(m): 6:38am On Feb 08, 2017
We are not the same all through. You are dealt with individually. Not everyone can be converted with a short message. Some will just read that and it awaken their curiosity to know more. Exactly what happened to Augustine. He listened and wanted to know more. He approached the bishop after the event. The rest is story now
Yea, this can happen but only to those who already have no strongly held belief and I think the percentage is low because I have some Muslim friends that though they don't pray, fast and do all sort of things, they still strongly hold on to their Islamic faith and are not ready to look into anything else .
Religion / Re: Are These Christians Kidding Or Serious?? by justlove91(m): 11:05pm On Feb 07, 2017
Different people come to God differently. What comverts is the spirit in the word and necessarily the written word. St Augustine of Hippo gave his life to christ after listening to a Bishop he went.a church to ridicule.

Augustine was well read and was an intellectual. What caught his attention was the depth of the intellectual analysis with which the Bishop preached. Deep speaketh to deep.

It looks impossible but the God we worship can do it.
And does this "spirit" in the word choose people at random because I make sure I read all the ones given to me even those I pick up elsewhere, but still here am I.

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Religion / Re: Are These Christians Kidding Or Serious?? by justlove91(m): 10:55pm On Feb 07, 2017
Different people come to God differently. What comverts is the spirit in the word and necessarily the written word. St Augustine of Hippo gave his life to christ after listening to a Bishop he went.a church to ridicule.

Augustine was well read and was an intellectual. What caught his attention was the depth of the intellectual analysis with which the Bishop preached. Deep speaketh to deep.

It looks impossible but the God we worship can do it.
But you cant compare listening to someone preach with just reading one small note. Have never seen anyone get converted through this method, have you?
Religion / Are These Christians Kidding Or Serious?? by justlove91(m): 10:02pm On Feb 07, 2017
When I was in school, it occurs frequently that people would be given leaflet by Christians with the aim of spreading the Gospel to the sinners for their salvation. These leaflets often end with something like "To give your life to Christ now, say this prayer.......... congratulations, you're now a child of God."

This often get me thinking are these people serious or just kidding? Did they actually expect anybody to just accept Christ by reading a leaflet not more than 300 words? Did they think it is that simple/easy to change ones belief?

I can remember vividly it took me not less than one year of serious thinking and reading different points of view of people before I was able to be convinced that Islam is a cooked up religion by Mohammed and thus leave it.

I know these Christians believe what they're saying totally and because of that think they can just write some epistle with some Bible verses and expect people to just abandon their long held belief just like that.

Even the indoctrination of a child is not that fast considering the fact that this child or baby is a clean slate with no belief, yet it still takes continuous exposure of the baby to the belief before it sticks. But they expect a grown up man already holding on to some beliefs to just discard his belief for theirs.

So this got me asking: Did they actually expect to convert anybody by this method or they're just doing it for doing sake?

Maybe am wrong, does this method work?


Religion / Re: Clinical Diagnosis Of The Abrahamic God by justlove91(m): 7:10pm On Jan 04, 2017
THese types of thread are against Nairaland rules .
Oh! is it? that's why its always good to read terms and conditions, my bad.
Religion / Clinical Diagnosis Of The Abrahamic God by justlove91(m): 5:53pm On Jan 04, 2017
If the abrahamic God was clinically diagnosed, his case file will read : Chronic paranoid delusions, extreme anger outburst, a pathological propensity to commit murder and acts of extreme violence and cruelty against his perceived “enemies” . Criminally insane, with a few brief lucid intervals.
What is your own diagnosis?
Religion / Re: Atheism And Agnosticism, Which Is Better? by justlove91(m): 6:33pm On Nov 22, 2016

Seun you are talking from both sides of your mouth here.

Are you Agnostic? If you say you are then why are you always emphatic about your atheism and its lack of belief in God or gods?

An atheist lacks faith in God, believes there is no god, or lacks awareness of gods. An agnostic either believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a god or is noncommittal on the issue. The difference may seem small, but atheism and agnosticism are actually vastly different worldviews.

This is the true description of Atheism and Agnosticism. So which are you?

I think you're mixing belief and truth together and not only you, I see must people doing that. Belief is just an opinion which could be true or not, when one is cognizant of this fact one will be more open minded with his believes knowing fully well that the belief may be wrong.
This is actually what brings about the position of agnostic atheism. It means that Even though I belief there is no God, am aware of the fact that it is only a belief and not necessarily the truth and I may be wrong.

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