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Family / Re: My Wedding Estimate 4 Years Ago by k4kenny(f): 10:57am On Jul 28

He should thank God if they spray. Many will come to eat, drink, dance and fight for souvenirs, after which they will find who to hitch a free ride with back to their bustop.

The op strikes me as a stingy person, the kind that will measure the yams and rice level before he leaves for work so that his wife will not 'overcook'.

This got me LOL cheesy grin.

What's OP looking for with four bags of rice sef 10L Kings Vegetable oil i bought during the recently concluded Eid was for 11k. Omo, this hyperinflation no be moimoi o.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Merits Of Memorizing The Qur'an by k4kenny(f): 7:33am On Jul 24
Please i need help concerning reading of quran,i can spell and read it,but am not fluent in recitation,i do stammer if i recite it aloud,but if am reciting in low voice,i will be reading it fluently,please can anyone help me out

It takes a lot of practice to be able to recite properly without errors. Have you learnt the basics of Tajweed? That would greatly help your recitation. Get a nice, slow reciter to recite along with. With time and extensive practice you'll get better bi-idhnillah.

May Allāh make it easy.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: As A Christian Can You Work For A Muslim As... by k4kenny(f): 5:48am On Jun 03
No Muslim family will ever stop you from going to church nor refuse to give you food cos they’re fasting but don’t expect them to go out of their way to make you food while they’re fasting. They won’t stop you from accessing their foods if you had access to it prior to fasting.

You’re only expressing fear of what you know most Christians do to Muslims working under them.

This is like a predator walking into the territory of the prey thinking he’d be treated same way preys are treated by his fellow predators.

Exactly! The average Christian would never let a Muslim living under them practice their religion. Be it their wives or househelps, you must go to church with them.

Muslims on the other hand, do not impose the Deen on anyone. I've had Christian househelps for close to 10 years. They're free to practice their religion and eat during Ramadan (tho they might have to cook for themselves).

There's no compulsion in religion. To you is your religion, to me is mine. smiley

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden, Harris Condemn Attacks On Jewish Communities In The US by k4kenny(f): 1:17pm On May 25

I mean it’s getting diabolical at this point!
Every religion/faith has extremists good and bad people abound in every race of the world in don’t understand the concept of demonizing a group of people Cos of their religious beliefs or practices!islamaphobes!

What has religion even got todo with this?the recent Asian hate and attack was it fueled by Muslims?irreapective of the race or religion of the attackers would any conscionable person support the victimization or Assault on innocent people and sometimes Defenceless aged people Cos we’re of the same race or of the same faith.

There’s a menace and a new scourge in the world today and it’s that of the idiots who have populated the universe!Simplet.ons

They have been filled to the brim with hatred that they can't think straight anymore. Media manipulation is real and this is the result of mind control by the media. It is a disease that has festered deep in their minds, affecting their abilities to reason.

It's well with them

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden, Harris Condemn Attacks On Jewish Communities In The US by k4kenny(f): 11:33am On May 25
Some people are just intentionally stupid on this forum or maybe they’re just ill-bred and astronomically brainless...how is anti-semitism an Islam thing?were the Nazis islamists?did the race,religion or color of the attacker’s indicated or how did some idiots come to that hasty conclusion and jumped the gun to say it was done by Muslims?why is everything seen through the prism of religion for some of you gullible folks no wonder Karl Marx said religion is the opium of the people

That Islamic hate and propaganda won’t make you life better..needless hate would only consume you and eat you up on the inside.

People all around the world have called out Israel for its recent needless aggression against the Palestinian state like every human with common sense would do..the attacks were started by the Israelis this time at Aqsa mosque during Ramadan but it’s typical for a bully to support a bigger bully that’s the reason this religion and racial bigots would spewing pro-Israeli propaganda all over social media.

They have been filled to the brim with hatred that they can't read an article properly. A conditioned mind is very easy to manipulate.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden, Harris Condemn Attacks On Jewish Communities In The US by k4kenny(f): 11:30am On May 25
Muslins won't see this.

Islam is the worst mistake on this earth. They only produce terrorists.

At what point did the tweets or reports mention the attacks were carried out by American Muslims? Most anti-Semitic attacks are often carried out by far right white Christian terrorists. They have been facing this issue for years, but hatred no go let una see road.

Read the article and see the circled part.

Attacks on black, Muslim and Jewish communities by white nationalists is very rampant in the US. This article is just trying to feed your hatred for a religion, but y'all are too far gone to see how the media has brainwashed you.

Religion / Re: Man Invites Reno Omokri To Join Islam. He Reacts by k4kenny(f): 6:52pm On May 23

You also mentioned Joshua 5:14. Abdul Mutah. You just dey disgrace yourself for the whole world to see your lies.

Joshua 5:14 NKJV — So He said, “No, but as Commander of the army of the LORD I have now come.” And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped, and said to Him, “What does my Lord say to His servant?”

I thought you Headslamming Muslims say only Allah is One. Who is Joshua worshipping him that is the Commander of the Yahweh?

Mark 12:31 NKJV — “And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

Why are there many Qur'an verses to kill the Unbelievers. I dey come to drop them. You no see this one. Headslammer grin grin

Mark 12:33-34 NKJV — “And to love Him with all the heart, with all the understanding, with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love one’s neighbor as oneself, is more than all the whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.” Now when Jesus saw that he answered wisely, He said to him, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” But after that no one dared question Him.

All the Ramadan sacrifices, Headslamming, drinking Muhammad's ablution water, sleeping with 9year old girl child, etcetera are all nonsense when you all kill unbelievers when Jesus preached otherwise.

Mark 12:35-40 NKJV — Then Jesus answered and said, while He taught in the temple, “How is it that the scribes say that the Christ is the Son of David? “For David himself said by the Holy Spirit:

‘The LORD said to my Lord,
“Sit at My right hand,
Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.” ’ “Therefore David himself calls Him ‘Lord’; how is He then his Son?” And the common people heard Him gladly. Then He said to them in His teaching, “Beware of the scribes, who desire to go around in long robes, love greetings in the marketplaces, “the best seats in the synagogues, and the best places at feasts, “who devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense make long prayers. These will receive greater condemnation.”

Here, Jesus Christ confirms Himself as God but idi.ots as illiterates wey una be. Everything flies over Una numbskulls.

Headslammer. grin grin

You even twisted Isaiah 2 that clearly talks about Zion, Jerusalem that you Headslamming Muslims are fighting over to steal from the original owners. grin grin Sharp-sharp, you don remix to mean Kaaba for Saudi Arabia. grin grin Na Satan go punish Una for this lies wey Una dey lie pass Satan all just to defend the lies of a child abuser Prophet Muhammad

Isaiah 2:1-3 NKJV — The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem. Now it shall come to pass in the latter days
That the mountain of the LORD’s house
Shall be established on the top of the mountains,
And shall be exalted above the hills;
And all nations shall flow to it. Many people shall come and say,
“Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
He will teach us His ways,
And we shall walk in His paths.”
For out of Zion shall go forth the law,
And the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Your illiteracy don even turn to colour blindness so try you dey see Jerusalem as Kaaba of Saudi Arabia. grin grin grin

You are a Werey grin grin grin

Your lies are just too cheap.

You think insulting and disrespecting other people's faiths makes you a better adherent of yours? To say your posts, pictures and manner of expression are barbaric is just stating the minimum. Sir down and ask yourself if Jesus would be proud of the kinds of words and pictures you've been posting. There are numerous ways to refute a point without resorting to mindless insults, you may even be turning people off your religion (although Christianity is the fastest declining religion, people have started to use their brains cheesy).

You might want to respond in your usual insultive manner, your palaver, people like you are easy to ignore. Just think before you spew mannerless insults: am I helping or hurting my religion? Think!

In the meantime, in spite of your lies and propaganda, Islam remains the fastest growing religion, Christianity the fastest declining religion. E get why grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden: No Peace Until Middle East Nations Recognize Israel's Right To Exist by k4kenny(f): 6:19pm On May 23

What is this misguided, pseudo-Christian Fanatic saying? grin grin

Let me address Joe Biden:
Sir, you are becoming an embarrassment, too soon into your presidency!
To hinge Peace on such Utopian pedestal, is arrant nonsense.

'Israel Right to Exist' is not in question, stop using that as an excuse to justify APARTHEID and GENOCIDE.

How can anyone in their sane mind subscribe to that bunkum that a Nuclear Power Israel, will be threatened by 'stone -throwing' Palestinians or crude, home-made Rocket-firing Hamas?
How can any intelligent person conclude that Israel, with bomb-dropping F-35 Fighter Jets and an Iron Dome Patriot System to protect its Air-Space from any incoming Home-made Rocket, is under any sort of threat of existence?

Is it Arab States like Egypt or Saudi Arabia who are ALLIES of Israel that are threatening Israel's right to existence or is it UAE or other hypocritical Arab States that sabotage the creation of the State of Palestine at the back but express condolence outside, that are a threat to Israel's Right to exist?

The truth is that even America's Existence is currently under threat by Israel, if it tries to make Israel do the Right and honorable thing (Set Palestine Free!), anyone in Doubt of this statement should go and read the israeli-Policy document titled : The Samson Option.
Israel is a threat to World Peace and it has stated categorically, as a "Matter of State Policy", that it will NUKE the Whole World, rather than listen to reason from other nations of the world, concerning the Palestinians.

This terrorist, Zionist State has now even proclaimed that if you criticise them for doing wrong, you will be labelled as "Anti-Semitic" and would be either prosecuted, jailed or killed! Imagine the level of intolerance that the Zionist Regime has attained?

What is wrong in allowing over 7Million Palestinian people to have their own country, their own Government, control their own borders and own their own sovereignty? Must it be a Live or Die situation for Israel? How can anyone in their right sense says Palestinians must be exterminated, for Israel to live? How Evil and satanic is that?
As a Christian, l cannot justify that to Christ and Conscience.

But make no mistake about it, 7Million Palestinians are not just going to disappear suddenly, Israel is just digging its own long-term Grave [/b]because the time will come when even Israelis Citizens are the one that will decide that they have had enough of the Zionist Murderers in charge of Israel because the current strategy of Israel is UNSUSTAINABLE over time.
[b]Yes, many Palestinian lives would have been wasted by Israel and people like Joe Biden, who have the capacity to change the situation but blindly support Israeli Genocide, have the Blood of the innocent on their hands and heads

God bless you for this. I've never seen a group of more myopic people like these Nigerian Christians. Supporting an apertheid regime because if religious sentiments. See them jubilating like fools because of what Joe Biden said as if that makes it okay for the Zionists to forcefully displace people from their ancestral homes.

Maybe our ignorant Zionist terrorists supporting Christians think it's only the Muslims that are being oppressed by these pigs. Even Palestinian Christians and Jews are also under Zionist oppression.

God's people my foot.
Religion / Re: Man Invites Reno Omokri To Join Islam. He Reacts by k4kenny(f): 11:43am On May 20
Alright, thanks for helping me out with it. cool

You're welcome. For access to verses and commentary on the Qur'an go to http://mquran.org.
Religion / Re: Man Invites Reno Omokri To Join Islam. He Reacts by k4kenny(f): 11:28am On May 20
To the end... Not just 116

5.117. "I did not say to them except what You commanded me to (say): ‘Worship God, my Lord and your Lord. ' I was a witness over them so long as I remained among them; and when You took me back, You were Yourself the Watcher over them. Indeed, You are Witness over everything.

5.118. "If You punish them, they are Your servants; and if You forgive them, You are the All-Glorious with irresistible might, the All-Wise. "

5.119. God will say: "This is the Day when their truthfulness (faithfulness and steadfastness) will benefit all who were true to their word (to God). For them are Gardens through which rivers flow, therein to abide forever. God is well-pleased with them, and they are well-pleased with Him. That is the supreme triumph. " (I'm sure you think this verse refers to the worshipers of Jesus. It doesn't.)

5.120. To Allah belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. And He has full power over everything.

End of Surah smiley
Religion / Re: Man Invites Reno Omokri To Join Islam. He Reacts by k4kenny(f): 10:41am On May 20
Madam Kehinde, I would love to read that Q5.116 extensively.

That's what I just quoted na undecided
Religion / Re: Man Invites Reno Omokri To Join Islam. He Reacts by k4kenny(f): 10:23am On May 20
I doun't know why my Christian breathen can't seem to differentiate between the two simple words: Follow and Worship.

Reno kept reiterating that he chose to 'follow' Jesus, maybe he doesn't realise that every single Muslim on earth is an ardent believer and a follower of the teachings of Jesus(alayhi salam). The difference between us and you Christians is that we know the limits of our followership of a Prophet. You guys declare him as your lords and personal saviour, a claim he never made. You say he is God/a part of God undecided, Jesus in the Bible repeatedly distinguished himelf from his Lord, rather he called for the worship of the one true God. If you claim to be his follower, then you would follow his teachings and not of those who came to alter his message and made a deity out of him.

And (on Judgment day) when God will say: "Jesus, son of Mary, is it you who said to people: ‘Take me and my mother for deities besides God?'" and he will answer: "All-Glorified You are (in that You are absolutely above having a partner, as having any need or deficiency whatever)! It is not for me to say what I had no right to! Had I said it, You would already have known it. You know all that is within my self, whereas I do not know what is within You Self. Surely You, and You alone, have knowledge of the Unseen (of all that lies beyond the reach of any created being's perception). Q5.116

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Fasting Six Days Of Shawwal by k4kenny(f): 6:45pm On May 18

That is an abridged history that at best date back to 1947. The original Palestinians are descendants of the Philistines and were largely Christians and not Arabs. Arabian intermixing came much later after the Muslim invasion and conquest of the region shortly after Mohammed's death. Most of the Jews left due to wars and persecution in the region. That Temple Mount where the Al-Aqsa Mosque was first built by Umar centuries after Jesus came, there existed the First Temple of the Jews as far back as 600BCE which is centuries before Jesus came. It was destroyed around 585BCE but the Second Temple was again built and later destroyed around 70BCE more than 600 years before Mohammed and the first Al-Aqsa mosque (Note that the Al-Aqsa mosque had been destroyed twice by earthquakes and the current mosque is not the original one). The Temple Mount is one of the holiest if not the holiest sites of Judaism and the act of Umar building a mosque there to convert it to an Islamic holy site centuries after the First Temple was built on same land is a recipe for an everlasting strife.

If the Jews were exiled from the land they have been for centuries because they would not accept Islam and their neighbours accepted Islam, does that give the right for the neighbours to claim the Jewish lands? And then say years later when the Jews are returning back to their original lands, that they, the neighbours assisted the Jews with their own lands? Please let your knowledge of history be deep so you know the facts.

You're surely getting your information from biased sources. The Jews were never exiled from Jerusalem. They wer oppressed by Christian European occupation of the land. Jerusalem, Persia, Syria and others were all under Christian rule and they oppressed the indigenes. This had gone on for centuries, even before the time of Jesus (AS). The paganRomans were in charge of Jerusalem at the time. They later modified their paganism to the trinitarian Christianity about 300 years after Jesus(AS).

Islamic takeover of Jerusalem was a peaceful one, no single person harmed. The Christian ruler, Sophronius, willing let Umar ibn Al Khattab into the city after serious consideration. He agreed Muhammed (saw) was a prophet of God and took in the Muslims. Back then, the most recognised religious figure ruled the land, so the Christian acceptance of the Prophet and seeing hoe they had rapidly conquered the other lands meant they had to vacate the rulership of the city. Note that the Muslims were the ones who restored dignity back to the previously oppressed Jews, which is why the orthodox Jewish community today is ever in support of the Palestinians and deeply despise the toxic Zionist terrorists. Watch this short video of orthodox Jews voicing their support for the Palestinians and expressing their disgust at Zionist terrorists


If you think the Palestinian Christians are in any support of the Zionist terrorists, then watch this


The story is a long one, I'll be attaching some clips from a Wikipedia article, you can take your time to learn more about the history of the land with an open mind.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Fasting Six Days Of Shawwal by k4kenny(f): 10:23am On May 15

When igbos was defending themselves and create a group called Ipob what did the Nigerian government said, that Ipob is a terrorist group, you are calling isreal terrorist for defending their land, why did the other countries not support Palastines.
All Muslims are terrorist, if you are not a terrorist you are a caward, I say what I'm sure of, you are claiming to pity the life of the Palastine because they are Muslims,
When were you when the government killed the innocence youth, did you come online to shout how the army's killed the innocent youth,
When were you when the kwara state was claiming the missionaries school belong to him,
When were you when the fulanis was killing the innocent people in there farmland,
We all know you Muslims and your evil ways in this country, you said not all Muslims are terrorist then how many Muslims have ever stand up and be against his fellow Muslims for doing evil in this country... When your fellow Muslims do something bad non of you will come out to be against him..
Will you also come online to type this if palastine was the one killing the isrealite,
Imagine a city in middle belt called isreal and is sorrounded by Muslims, people who supported isreal supported them by history, there was no a place called palastine in 1922. Jarusalem is a Jews country.
Study history very well, Mohammed married a widow woman to accomplish his Islamization in Arab countries, most Arab countries are Jews, but Mohammed killed the Jews and force them to convert to Islam, the city of Abraham and a Jews holy site in jarusalem have been existing before Mohammed and Islam, so how is Islam holy site in jarusalem, just listen to yourself, christian holy site is in jarusalem because Jesus is a Jews and almost all his life was in jarusalem, what's the connection with Mohammed and jarusalem.. other countries sorrounded by Muslims will tell you how you Muslims look for their trouble, you people are trouble makers...
See how you are supporting Hamas for sending bomb to isreal, will you also tell people that Hamas sent more than 2000 rocked bomb in isreal, they just want to wipe the face of isreal on Earth, now you are defending your religion and calling isreal terrorist, what will happen if the bomb hit isreal....
Kiss the truth, the isrealite are defending themselves, the isrealite are the true seed of Abraham, Mohammed city is Saudi Arabia, and Mecca his holy site....

I could barely get myself to fully read the hogwash you just typed up there. Learn to construct your sentences and space your words properly jeez! angry

From the little I saw. What has this got to do with IPOB? These are two totally different scenarios. Ethnic Palestinian Muslims were living peacefully with Jews and Christians till the Europeans decided to come and settle the Jews rescued during WW II. Since 1947 they had been marginalising the Palestinians, stealing their homes and depriving them of their fundamental rights with help from the US and Europeans.

Isreal is a Christian land? I laugh in Japanese grin. There are 2% Christians in Palestine (not Isreal). The majority Zionist Jew population believes your virgin Mary was a prostitute and Jesus an illegitimate child (astaghfirullah). The orthodox Jewish and Christian communities are against this nonsense, but the demonic Zionists have the full support of their western partners in terrorism.

I'm not supporting Hamas. Tell me, how many Israeli has died from team rockets? The last report I heard said 2. Should they not try to help the defenceless? Do you support Isrealis kicking people out of their homes? International communities are speaking up against the recent atrocities committed by these demonic Zionists.

Learn more on world history, what is wrong is wrong. This has nothing that so with religion.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Fasting Six Days Of Shawwal by k4kenny(f): 7:13am On May 15
The world without Islam will be very peaceful...
I heard Nothern Muslims was protesting for the killing of palastine by isrealite.
My question is who first looked for trouble? The answer is palastine.. Hamas was the first people to send bomb to isreal but unfortunately they failed...
But those zombies who are protesting for the killing of palastine did not protest for the killing of the innocent youth killed by Nigeriann fulanis army, the same Notherner Muslims was the ones online shouting for the Nigerian army to kill the innocent youth..
Muslims never agree they are wrong even when you caught them red handed..
The same Allah rejoice when a Muslim kills an innocent people, but Muslims will turn the innocent people to unbelievers, now Muslims are calling isreal terrorist because they are defending themselves just the way they called the igbos terrorist for defending their selves...

If you Muslims like do fasting from now till tommorow it won't stop the terrorist and hypocrites in Islam..

Who looked for trouble you asked?

Imagine you were deprived of basic human rights to water and electricity by an apertheid government just because of your ethnic group...

Imagine you had to bury 4 of your kids in one day due to a grenade thrown into your home....

Imagine the government treated you like a subhuman and denied to right to healthcare and even vote....

Imagine not knowing if that day will be your last...

I could go on. Just imagine. Would you not wish for someone to come to your rescue?

This is the reality native Palestinians have been facing for over 70 years with the aid of the real terrorists, the US government. The current unrest is due to the fact that Isrealis were forcefully evicting the native Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah area of occupied Palestine. Imagine sitting peacefully on your home and someone coming to kick you out to take over your home. Not a pleasant thought right?

Hamas decided to respond to their attacks by launching some rockets to Isreali military bases. There were practically no fatalities. Isreal responded by throwing grenades and shooting into masjid Al Aqsa during prayers in the month of Ramadan! Hamas is to blame right?

They didn't stop there, they started to throw bombs and grenades into densely populated areas, leading to over 80 dead and so many injured, over 20 being children. Hamas is the terrorist right?

It's unfortunate how much you people have been brainwashed by the mainstream media. You have no sympathy for the innocent human beings who have lost their lives because you've been brainwashed to believe all 'Muslims are terrorists.' You need to emancipate yourself.

You said we don't feel pity for the people killed by terrorists who claim to be Muslims. How many times do we have to condemn their atrocities? How many Muslim leaders have to speak against their heinous acts? They are NOT Muslims. A true Muslim knows that life is sacred and must be respected, even indiscriminate cutting of trees is prohibited.

Emancipate yourself from the mental slavery of the mainstream media. What is wrong is wrong and Isreal is taking their terrorism to the extreme.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: What You Need To Know About Maryam, The Mother Of Prophet Isa (jesus)? by k4kenny(f): 2:58pm On Jan 29
It was actually after he flirted with his adopted son married wife that he convinced the quresh people any woman Mohamed set his eyes on in Qureshi can be his whether married or not.

His poor son said she is his though Ashmed Muslims claim the man divorced her before Mohamed married her (truth is the guy only did so because that was the only way Mohamed can have her)

The man and wife never had issues until Mohamed started his disgusting flirting

Of course, you were there in person to know all these. Tell us more.
Islam for Muslims / Re: What You Need To Know About Maryam, The Mother Of Prophet Isa (jesus)? by k4kenny(f): 2:55pm On Jan 29


Quran 78:31-35

31 Surely the state of triumph awaits the God-

32 gardens and vineyards,

33 And young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age;

34 and an overflowing cup.

35 Therein they shall hear no idle talk, nor any

Quran 56:35-38

Lo! We have created them a (new) creation, And made them virgins, Lovers , friends, For those on the right hand;

This verse tells us the we'll be new creations in the afterlife, we don't even know the kinds of physical features we'll have. Enough with this obsession with bwests and virgins. We worship our Creator to seek His mercies in this world and the next.


Abu Umama narrated: "The Messenger of God said, 'Everyone that God admits into paradise will be married to 72 wives; two of them are houris and seventy of his inheritance of the [female] dwellers of hell . All of them will have libidinous
sex organs and he will have an ever-erect penis .' "
Sunan Ibn Majah, Zuhd (Book of Abstinence) 39[

This hadith has been debunked repeatedly by authentic scholars. Enough with your obsession with 72 virgins. Even the pedestian barely practising Muslim knows it's a fabrication.

Each time we sleep with a Houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal ; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one [i.e. Muslim] will marry seventy [sic] houris , besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas.

Al-Itqan fi Ulum al-Qur'an, p. 351

Anas said, Allah be well-pleased with him: The Messenger of Allah said, upon him blessings and peace: “ The servant in Paradise shall be married with seventy wives .” Someone said, “Messenger of Allah, can he bear it?” He said: “He will be given strength for a hundred.” From Zayd ibn Arqam, Allah be well-pleased with him, when an incredulous Jew or Christian asked the Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, “Are you claiming that a man will eat and drink in Paradise??” He replied: “Yes, by the One in Whose hand is my soul, and each of them will be given the strength of a hundred men in his eating, drinking, coitus, and pleasure .”

Sifat al-Janna, al-`Uqayli in the Du`afa’, and Musnad of Abu Bakr al-Bazzar. This [Qur'an 78:33] means round breasts(has the speaker been to Jannah to see the kinds of bobby there? Rabbish grin) . They meant by this that the breasts of these girls will be fully rounded and not sagging, because they will be virgins, equal in age(who has been there to confirm? Stop spreading falsehoods)

Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Abridged, Volume 10 Surat At-Tagabun to the end of the
Qur'an, 333-334

Sports / Re: Osaze Odemwingie: Amara, Kanu Nwankwo's Wife Chasing Me In My DM by k4kenny(f): 10:40am On Dec 05, 2020
sis kenny grin
osaze is having serious mental problems, childish and immature
Mr wrongnesness is a bad ass clout chaser audio online pastor, he and osaze need brain resetting

May Allah grant them hikmah and hidayah. smiley


Sports / Re: Osaze Odemwingie: Amara, Kanu Nwankwo's Wife Chasing Me In My DM by k4kenny(f): 11:47am On Dec 02, 2020
Odemwingie is on the same kinda weeds as Righteousness89 grin. This is so unnecessary for a person of his age and caliber.


Foreign Affairs / Re: American Tourist Arrested For Refusing To Trade His Wife For 45 Camels With A Pr by k4kenny(f): 4:09pm On Nov 20, 2020
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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World News Daily Report
Type of site Satirical fake news
Headquarters Quebec, Canada
Editor Janick Murray-Hall,[1] Olivier Legault,[2]
URL worldnewsdailyreport.com
Launched November 2013
World News Daily Report (WNDR) is a satirical fake news website purporting to be an American Jewish Zionist newspaper based in Tel Aviv and dedicated to covering biblical archeology news and other mysteries around the Globe.[4]

It is run by Canadians Janick Murray-Hall and Olivier Legault and follows the old-school tabloid-style faux-journalism of its predecessors, such as the Weekly World News.[5]

Snopes.com reports that the website perpetrates hoaxes and rumors to prey on credulous readers. The website combines religious and scientific fakery, political conspiracy theories, and "the occasional seed of truth" to create its false reports.[6]

The Washington Post describes the World News Daily Report as a website that "delights in inventing items about foreigners, often Muslims, having sex with or killing animals".[7]

The website carries this disclaimer: "WNDR assumes however all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the articles in this website even those based on real people are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle."[8]

Culled from wikipedia. The way people believe and share unverified stories just to rouse some form of reaction is seriously disheartening. The site is obviouslt satirical, but one dolt saw it as a good way to tarnish the Muslims, other dolts decided to spew jargon in agreement. It's actually getting sad how people are easily deceived.

Religilon is the Opium of the ignorant and foolish believers....

Arab nations with their primitive ways of lives and still claimed Sharia law is for equalities of all in thesociety...

See the kind of thing this one is writing. Religion is the opium blabla, but you had no issues believing nonsense from a satire site.
Romance / Re: Identical Twin Brothers Set To Wed Identical Twin Sisters In Kano - Pictures by k4kenny(f): 12:19pm On Nov 20, 2020
They look so identical, what a family!!! May Allah bless the union

Ya Allah bless me with twins I will ever be grateful grin

k4kenny and dominique come and see cheesy

Why are you mentioning both our names in the same sentence lipsrsealed tongue

Cute couple kiss
Islam for Muslims / Re: Blind Black Muslim Man Recites The Q'uran Lovely by k4kenny(f): 12:15pm On Nov 20, 2020

Was Islam created Against Christians and the jews? why so much focus on them tho? I don't see the bible focusing or even mentioning Islam at all. why not just Worship Allah in his fullness and let others be? Or will Islam die without making reference to the chriatians or jews? It already makes them feel so special knowing how focused Islam keeps mentioning them in their holy book.

I didn't want to respond at first but seeing that no one really gave you a reasonable response, here it my little contribution.

Was Islam created Against Christians and the jews? why so much focus on them tho?

No Islam wasn't 'created against christains and Jews smiley. Islam has been in existence since the beginning of time. It is the concept of total submission to the Almighty Creator. Allah send multiple prophets and messengers to humanity to preach the concept of submission to their people. From Adam to Noah, to Abraham to Moses, Jesus and finally to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them all). People, after the passing of these prophests, changed their messages and rewrote the scriptures to mislead the coming generations. Allah send His final Messenge with the final Scripture, confirming what had been hidden or erased in the fomer scriptures. so there are lots of references to Christianity, Judaism and Polytheism in the Qur'an.

I don't see the bible focusing or even mentioning Islam at all.

The concept of worshipping One God is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible, that's Islam wink. But note however that Prophet Muhammad was born about 600 years after Jesus, some 300 years after trinitatian christianty.

why not just Worship Allah in his fullness and let others be?
We're not disturbing anybody na grin. Just that the Qur'an tackles a lot of inconsistencies in the major faith systems(Christianity, Judaism, Polytheism) of the world. Ours is not about blind worship; we need rational reasons to worship our Creator that why Allah put lots of signs in the verses Qur'an, lots of which have been verified by science. The Qur'an was not sent to force people to Islam, rather for people to read and reflect on. That's why we have verses that ends in sentences like ' In these are signs for those who reason' 'Thus does Allah reveal His verses that you may reason'.

And Allah knows best.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: It's Not Trump That They Hate, It's You, The Christians by k4kenny(f): 6:16pm On Nov 07, 2020

If you have issues with people who stand up for what they believe, then you are the problem.

And who says the Muslims arent backing ISIS and co. Hmm. Think again.

We've said it repeatedly, ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. So many scholars have come out to declare that, you just want to clutch onto to that narrative out of bigotry. We suspect this ISIS is a Zionist propaganda. Allah knows best.
Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: It's Not Trump That They Hate, It's You, The Christians by k4kenny(f): 6:13pm On Nov 07, 2020

You just stay and utter things you know nothing about!

If you know the rot in the School system that trump has been fighting to clean up little by little you will appreciate things better!

8 yrs of obama Was used to Enshrine Godlessness in the USA.

I am sure you don't know that some schools in some states in the USa are Polluting the kids with Wicked Demonic stuffs..
Just this week a kid in the state of Missisipi who wore a face mask that was Written " Jesus Loves you" was asked by her teacher to put off and Wear the one that had BLM and some other nonsense!

Few weeks ago a young boy was told by his teacher that he is a girl! She even changed his name and began calling him Susan or Sandra ...

The Parents found out something was begin to look strange in their child and she smartly Got a video of what was going on in the School!

About last month or 2 months ago! A boy in school was asked who does he look up to as his Mentor! The little boy said Donald Trump, because he is Making America great again! The teacher took offense and scolded the little boy for that!
Go search on California sexual laws! You see Abominations upon Abomination!

Trump is First President to Personally attend the Pro Life rally! Stands and Speaks Publicly against Abortion ..

He is Publicly against the Climate Change hoax ..

He is Publicly against Against the Global one World! Which is push out the antichrist agenda..

So many rots that GOD has used him to clean up!
The Deep State are Mad about him! He is a bone in their Neck!

My goodness shocked shocked shocked. You really need to stay away from these panic mongering conspiracy theories sites, they're messing with your mind! I hope this QAnon nonsense doesn't run you mad o.

Why can't you people see that Donald Trump is a self serving narcissist, everything he does is to his own benefit, racist and sexist, have you heard the kinds and f names he calls his opponents? How is this behaviour Christ-like?

Look at how he undermined the efforts of scientists in battling the covid 19, leading to the death of almost a quarter of a million Americans. He knew it was deadly, yet he told the people not to panic, not to wear masks. Told the states to open up their economies when the virus wasn't totally contained.

On saying climate change is a hoax, I laugh in Spanish. Have you seen the wild fires and hurricanes raging through the US? The polar ice caps are melting, due to the burning of fossil fuels. This clown of a president is ignoring the dangers of climate change because the big oil companies are the ones funding his campaign. The man thinks of himself and no one else.

He has bad leadership skills, another 4 years of this maniac would have spelt doom for the US.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: It's Not Trump That They Hate, It's You, The Christians by k4kenny(f): 5:41pm On Nov 07, 2020

Alot of things had changed since he came to power. For example, he made sure that abortion is illegal in the USA.

First abortion is not illegal in the US, he's trying to overturn Roe vs Wade in order to illegalise abortion.

Second, how does the illegalisation help the Christian faith? You Christians like to shove your beliefs down people's throats. Anyone who doesn't believe on your skewed religious would be tagged an antichrist.

PS Biden is also a Christian who also doesn't believe in abortion, but makes it very clear that he's not looking to impose his beliefs on others. Live and let live.

Anyhooo, matter is already decided, make way for the 46th president of the US cheesy

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Islam for Muslims / Re: How Tashahhud Is Performed In Solat by k4kenny(f): 10:01am On Sep 25, 2020
Blessed people of Allah, please pay no attention to the attention seeker above me. His likes are to be ignored and left to Allah.

@lukgaf Jazakallahu khayran for yet another informative post. Another error people make after reciting the tahhashud is the act of flaying the two hands before the tasleem. They make similar hands movements between the first and secons salams. Just turn your head from right to left. The nodding and hands movements are not necessary.

Wallahu 'alam


Islam for Muslims / Re: Scientists Who Converted To Islam And Their Reasons by k4kenny(f): 5:05pm On Sep 22, 2020

First, you can't interpret Qur'an without tafseer. Stop going to apologetics website for[b] twisted answer that suite your mind[/b] Ironic you'd say that grin. This interpretation is different from what the author of the Qur'an intended.

Check tafseer Ibn kathir and see for yourself that Allah was referring to the young who haven't reached the age of menstruation. I have attached it for you.

Why are we even debating whether Islam permit marriage to mine.or. Didn't Muhammad matrird Aisha at 6 and did what he did to her at 9?

I didn't go to any apologetics website as you claimed, I'm not like you who goes copying and pasting fron anti-Muslim websites and facebook pages. The concept of ladies having delayed menstruation is not a far fetched concept, it's not that uncommon.

The Qur'an is clear. In the pages where divorce was mentioned, the sole feminine term used was nisa'a(women). A little girl that is not matured cannot be referred to as a woman, there a lots of other terms that used to describe a young girl. There's no ambiguity in the word woman.

I don,t know where you got your screenshot from, but I have more confidence in the words used in the Qur'an than whatever any human being wrote, ibn Kathir might be a respected scholar, lets not forget he's also human. Allah used the word Women repeatedly in the verses of divorce, that should suffice anyone, except the one who desperately wants to satisfy his twistted misconception.

Why are we even debating whether Islam permit marriage to mine.or. Didn't Muhammad matrird Aisha at 6 and did what he did to her at 9?

Really? Did you see her birth certificate to be sure of this? First of all, if you were the kind of muslim you claimed to be you should know that the pre Islamic Arabs were the most uneducated and uncivilised people. They kept no records of dates. Most of the dates we use in their histories were largely estimations.

Secondly, their leader used to manipulate their calenders during the times of war. They were required to stop their battles at the months of haram, in order to continue the wars, their leaders twisted the calender to avoid the sharul haram. Due to this, some years had far more than 12 months in them. Allah addressed it in the Qur'an. Again, no one can be sure of anyone's age.

Thirdly, This information of Aisha(RA)'s age at the time of marriage was joyously narrated by Aisha herself in her hadith. The hadith does mention she was 9 when she got married, but other hadiths narrated by Aisha herself contradicts this age. Another hadith claimed she was 5 years at the time the Prophet got his first revelation. She reportedly got married at the year 2AH. Let's do a little calculation...

If she was 5 at the time of prophethood(remember she may as well be older due to their poor record keeping), spent 10 years in Makkah, married 2 years after migration to Madinah.

Another hadith narrated by her sister Asma'a stated she was 30 years at the time of Hijrah. Multiple reports suggests that she was approximately 10 years older than Aisha. Tha makes Aisha approximately 20 years at the time of hijrah. she got married 2 years afterwards, that makes her 22.

You can see whay these hadiths can be quite contratictory. They were written and compiled by men, prone to errors in translations and transmission.

I can go on and on about how Aisha used to stand cheek to cheek with her husband, write lenghty poetry... A nine year old Ther was a battle shortly after the wedding where boys under 15 were told not to participate in. Guess who was fully involved in this battle, treating and bringing food supplies? 9 year old Aisha... makes sense abi.

I know you'll go back to your islamophobic pages for more screenshots. Again Allah is sufficient for us.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Scientists Who Converted To Islam And Their Reasons by k4kenny(f): 10:37am On Sep 21, 2020

the verse in the Qur'an that support marriage and ṣèx to minor (those that have not menstruate.d)


Qur'an 65:4
And those who no longer expect menstru.ation among your women - if you doubt, then their period is three months, and [also for] those who have not menstru.ated. And for those who are pregnant, their term is until they give birth. And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him of his matter ease.

Please check your tafseer before you reply

Alright let's address that issue. There's no need to check any tafseer, the answer lies in the very first verse. The name of the Surah is At-talaq(the divorce) and it speaks extensively on the rulings surrounding divorce. Suratul Baqarah also broadly discusses this issue of divorce. But note the general term Allah used to refer to the female to be divorced:

65:1 O Prophet, when you(believers) intend to divorce your women...

2: 231 and 231: When you divorce women...

The word specified anywhere divorce is mentioned is nisa'a(women), a term used to describe matured females. Allah could have used the term wives(zawjat, imra'at or soohebat), or the word females(unthaa). Rather Allah in His infinite Wisdom repeatedly used the word women in all verses of divorce to emphasize that it's matured females that are to be married.

Now to the issue of wives that have not started their menses. Perhaps you don't know that it's very possible to be a full grown woman of marriagable age and yet not begin your menstruation. This is actually not so rare, some females begin their periods as late as 18 or 20 years. Though it'll be recommended to visit the gynae if the monthly period hasn't started as at the age of 15, but according to NHS.com, it's not uncommon for a lady to start her menses at the age of 18.

Allah is our Creator, Maker and Fashioner. He knows our anatomies cannot possibly be the same, there'll be few exceptions to the norms.... Does He who created not know?[67.14]. All praises to Him.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Scientists Who Converted To Islam And Their Reasons by k4kenny(f): 9:20am On Sep 16, 2020
too bad you aren't ready to learn. The fact is you have been deceived by the point you raised but I was a bit busy to bring evidence to counter the apologist misleading point you mentioned. My intention is to bring the evidence to you on the thread I opened gradually whenever I'm free. But now you are not interested.: What evedence? Nonsense posts you went to copy and past from one anti muslim facebook page. Come to think of it. Your types constantly call religious folks gullible, yet you made a post filled with crap that you didn't bother to verify. Your stance against Islam was enough fo you to believe without verification. That's the textbook definition of a GULLIBLE person.

Well, my intention is not to make you leave Islam(it is). Far from that. I only want people to know that Islam is not the absolute truth as we've been brainwashed by the ulama and the apologist.

For example, there is a verse in the Qur'an that support marriage and sex to minor (those that have not menstrated menstruated).: Kindly list the specific chapter and verse. I'm waiting

Qur'an encourage beating of wives : Again a misintepratation. Like I said earlier, neither the Prophet nor the companions ever beat teir wives. Part of the last sermon of the Prophet was to be kind to your wives.

Hadith commanded killing of blasphemers and apostate : The Prophet was repeatedly insulted and mocked in his lifetime, No one was put to death for this. Lots of people left Islam to follow a false prophet. No one was recorded to have been put to death. Only those who plotted to kill the Muslims were put to death. The death sentence was a common penalty for high teason in those days.

Qur'an was not perfectly preserved as we have been told.
bla bla bla. Some sheep ate pages of the Quran init grin

Qur'an go against science

Qur'an go against common sense.

Quranic description of paradise is like a pórn house. Full of virgins (72 for martyers) with first breaṣt, transparent body, very fair. They become virgins again after men deflower them. again give me the chapter and verse specifically mentioning 72 virgins.

Nevertheless, I am not denying the good part of the Qur'an. Infact, they are more than the bad part. But people need to know the truth in order to live a balanced life. Even if they will continue with the religion, they will be more calm and more friendly and more tolerant
Islam for Muslims / Re: Scientists Who Converted To Islam And Their Reasons by k4kenny(f): 11:07pm On Sep 13, 2020
ad hominem fallacy.

For the record I was never a scholar. I was just ordinary Muslim but my knowledge of Islam surpase average Muslims

This got me chuckling a bit. You've done nothing but display your ignorance about Islam. Seriously?? Coming from a guy who posted an 'Authentic hadith' about goats eating up pages of the Qur'an, 72 virgins... Jihad... . You may know some verses of the Qur'an, but from your posts, you knowlwgde of Islam is below average.

Like the guy above said, you're over reaching yourself. Your arrogance and flattery of yourself got you where you are today, though I'm not sure you were ever really a Muslim.

P.S I'm just seeing you thread (some of us have lives outside of NL you know...). You can keep having the conversation with yourself on that thread. Bring whatever 'authentic hadith' you want to treat over here. Allah is sufficient for us as a guide.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Scientists Who Converted To Islam And Their Reasons by k4kenny(f): 10:27pm On Sep 11, 2020
I don't know you personally, but I doubt you are devoted as I was in my days as a Muslim.

It may interest you that I completed five pillars of Islam including zajat and hajj. I prayed for guidance in my hajj and beg Allah to never allow me to doubt his religion (because the doubt had started before my hajj but I was still avoiding the doubt struggling with my brain).

What did Allah do?

If by your assumption that Allah lead me astray, why did he do such. Is he evil? Despite my prayers in haram.

I attended several umrah. I never had sex before marriage. I married a wife improved her deen from half hijab to full. She later put on the niqab.

You think I was just a common Muslim?

Oga from your responses, you were either a non practicing Muslim or not a Muslim at all.

What kind of deep Muslim would make the blunder in Surah 74, (and above them 16 Abi?). I refuse to believe that was a typo.

A serious Muslim who still refers to 72 virgins found nowhere in the Qur'an, which has been repeatedly debunked by scholars.

Believes Islam promotes pedophilia. Didn't you study the seerah during your years as a 'serious Muslim'?

Believes the Qur'an promotes indiscriminate killings. Didn't you converse with scholars during your days as a 'serious Muslim'

Believes Islam can be forced. A serious right thinking Muslim would know Allah accept deeds based on sincerity of intentions.

I could go on. There's nothing you can post to convince me you were a deeply serious Muslim. We know your type. Lots of fake ex Muslims telling us how deeply Islamic they were yet we keep seeing loopholes in their stories.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Scientists Who Converted To Islam And Their Reasons by k4kenny(f): 10:11pm On Sep 11, 2020
don't take offence with my choice of words please. I only picked one point from your epistle because your response shows your little Islamic knowledge and it will be unfair if I engage you head on. For example, you claimed that jihad is only prescribed as a defensive means but learned scholars knows that offensive jihad is in Islam....

Lies. Mention one verse if the Qur'an to validate your point. No verse in the Qur'an prescribes unwarranted killings of the innocent.

Q2:190- And fight for the sake of Allah those who fight you and do not transgress. Indeed Allah does not love those who transgress.


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