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Politics / BUA Crashes Cement Price To 3, 500 by kabsun(m): 7:44pm On Oct 01, 2023
BUA Cement PLC on Sunday announced the reduction of the price of its cement product to N3,500 per bag starting from Monday, October 2, 2023.

It said the price reduction was in line with its commitment to spur development in the “building materials and infrastructural sectors”.

The company announced the price reduction in a statement posted on its X (formerly Twitter) page.

This development is coming weeks after the company’s chairman, Abdul Samad Rabiu, after meeting with President Bola Tinubu, promised to review the price of the product.

Agriculture / Re: Rice Mills In Nigeria Closedown After India’s Ban On Rice Exports by kabsun(m): 9:37am On Aug 31, 2023

Let me help you small. The absence of rice imported from India put a lot of pressure on the local rice to the extent that some rice mills can't get or afford to buy the paddy either because of higher price or competition.

That's business for you.


Business / Re: Which Local Business Can One Start With 4million To Make 10k Daily? by kabsun(m): 10:23am On Nov 14, 2021
I can supply groundnut to Lagos at good price. I stay in Kano.
Art, Graphics & Video / Looking For A Professional Graphic Designer To Hire by kabsun(m): 1:43am On Apr 13, 2021
Good Morning.

We are looking for a professional photographer and/or graphics designer to work with our company in Kano.

Interested persons should call 07041243444.

Thank you.
Business / Re: Why You Should Do Business In Onitsha by kabsun(m): 9:16pm On Oct 23, 2020
If you are interested in agricultural produce from the north at a very cheap price you can contact me but we will want to exchange the goods with palmoil or products found cheaply in the east. Trade by barter kind of deal.

Thank you
Kabir Kano
Food / Re: Where Can I Get This Leaf? by kabsun(m): 7:18pm On Jan 22, 2019
I know it. It is called lansir in Hausa.
Romance / Re: Does This Justify Internet Scam As A Kind Of Payback? by kabsun(m): 6:04am On May 06, 2016
I am sorry I am going to derail a bit, is that you on your profile picture? No, that hips is of high quality, looks like a hill.

If it's you then congrats for having such a rare asset. Hope you will make judicious use of it.
Investment / Re: I Have 500k To Go Into Real Estate Investment.. Please Needs Your Advise by kabsun(m): 6:59am On Feb 27, 2016
I'm sorry
You actually neef to be.
How can you just start talking on something you are not quite familiar with. Inda ace nine da har katsina ko Abuja zanzo na dau fansa.
Amma fa profile pix dinki yayi sosai
Politics / Re: 10 Killed In Bauchi Suicide Attack by kabsun(m): 7:47pm On Jan 30, 2016
Thats how gullible most Nigerians/nairalanders are. There's nothing like bomb blast in Bauchi town or anywhere in Bauchi state. I am living in Bauchi right now.

Bauchi state is as peaceful and free from any boko activity as ebonyi state. So guys should verify any boko news before commenting plz.


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Career / Re: Fg Has Paid November Salary by kabsun(m): 7:36am On Dec 03, 2015
I am a living witness. Salary has been paid by FG and even Bauchi state workers have been paid. Starting yesterday.

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Politics / Re: FG Workers To Be Paid Nov Salary On The 11th Dec by kabsun(m): 9:52pm On Dec 02, 2015

Why lie?
Why should I lie to you. By God, that which I said earlier is nothing but the truth. peace
Politics / Re: FG Workers To Be Paid Nov Salary On The 11th Dec by kabsun(m): 7:14pm On Dec 02, 2015
I and many others I talked with, a moment ago have received our November salary, Fed. University.
Most Bauchi state goverment workers have also received theirs.
Politics / Re: States With Highest Number Of Indigenous Prostitutes/ Sex Workers by kabsun(m): 9:54pm On Sep 26, 2015

are you from kano?
I am from Kano
Politics / Re: States With Highest Number Of Indigenous Prostitutes/ Sex Workers by kabsun(m): 3:29pm On Sep 26, 2015
Kano state alone has more prostitutes than all the southern states combined.
dont you see how they divorce their uneducated, tradeless, skilless girls?
what do you think the girls will start doing to survive?
all of them in Kano are ashawo.

Fat lie from a sick brain.

How much of Kano/north did you know to warrant such conclusion?
Politics / Re: States With Highest Number Of Indigenous Prostitutes/ Sex Workers by kabsun(m): 3:28pm On Sep 26, 2015
Kano state alone has more prostitutes than all the southern states combined.
dont you see how they divorce their uneducated, tradeless, skilless girls?
what do you think the girls will start doing to survive?
all of them in Kano are ashawo.

Fat lie from a sick brain.

How much of Kano/north did you know to warrant such conclusion.
Politics / Re: Revealed: Abuja Was Part Of Igboland by kabsun(m): 4:02pm On Aug 19, 2015
no mind them,my mum is an igbo woman from gwagwalada,abuja.
it's possible that your grandparents migrated from anambra and settle in gwagwalada where your mother was born and raised. Here of course your mother is by birth a gwagwaladian. shikenan


Agriculture / Re: Livestock Farming Biz ----- Cattle, Sheep, Goats And Turkey by kabsun(m): 12:17am On Aug 18, 2015
Lemmi get your email address or phone number so that we can have a good time to discuss the issue in details
Agriculture / Re: Livestock Farming Biz ----- Cattle, Sheep, Goats And Turkey by kabsun(m): 10:53am On Aug 17, 2015
pls can i get four female goats and one male goat for start up..I stay in anambra..

yes. I am in Bauchi the hub of livestock
Agriculture / Re: Supply Of Ram (male Sheep) Needed! by kabsun(m): 9:09am On Aug 10, 2015
check your email
Business / Re: A-z Of 1st Grade Used Clothes Business & How To Make Profit From It! (UPDATED) by kabsun(m): 9:17am On Aug 08, 2015
Family / Re: Blessing / Upliftment unlimited. by kabsun(m): 1:44pm On Sep 27, 2013
If I were the Op, I wil calm down and calm my family down also.
Since she claimd she mean wel to her brother then she shld be thinking of how to help him take care of his responsiblity.
Shiiiits happens in life. Put yourself in the lady's and the child's shoe, then you wil understand.
I beg you, plz dnt do anything to seperate them. You too is growing and dnt knw wat you wil do in life that wil bring lots of blessings to urself.
Help them even if its wit prayers plz. God bless you. Wish you prosperity in life.

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Romance / Re: Why Are Men No Longer Pursuing Women? by kabsun(m): 2:20pm On Sep 17, 2013
@jpiliya, I so much relate wit al dat U said. I am on the same page wit U. Formal education is a very big plus more especially in the areas you highlighted.

But putting the ability of a woman to have degree so that she can earn salary as part of major decision pointer in selecting a life partner to me is lame, and to some xtent shows responsibilty phobia.

If women want us to chase them then they should prove beyond doubt that the ar worth it else .......

Areas like ability to take care of the house front, good financial management, child care know-how, tolerance, patience, good manners, cleanliness, and lots of other positive attributes wil indirectly force us to chase you al season.

If a woman doesnt have those attributes mentioned above she then must work on her self, she shld learn them. They are what wil make us wanna stay wit you at all cost.

If all that ladies think wil give them real men (as they called them) is facial decorations, files of certificates and exposing sensitive body parts, then some of the 'unreal men' wil chase it(those faces and exposed parts).

Work on your characters et al, we wil definitely chase you for keep, its in our DNA. Work on your body alone we chase for seeeeeeex. Thts al

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Romance / Re: Why Are Men No Longer Pursuing Women? by kabsun(m): 8:09am On Sep 17, 2013
College or no college, success of a man does not have anytin to do wit the degrees she possesses. A woman would excel as a wife even witout formal education.

Forty years ago, a lot of women got married as illetrates but they had a fulfilled life and raised great children which the so called educated and liberated women of today cant and even envy atimes.

The success of a life of a man and woman more especially in a matrimonial setting is in them. It is them that wil decide wheather to triumph together or otherwise.

If exposure to formal education is a factor in successful rship, then the western world would have recorded the most blisful marriages ever, but statistics said the opposite.

It baffles me a lot wen one of the qualities of a wife is made to be her degrees. Wat has degree got to do with good marriages? Wat has exposure to formal education and ability to work so as to earn wages gat to do wit successful marriages. If you are not financially capable to moderately take care of urself and wife, dont get married yet.

A man is made the head of the household cuz he takes full not partial responsibilty of the household. Most marriages are falling due to the absense of that. If as a man you want to have sanity in your house then assume total responsibilty of your house more especially the finances. The woman's financial contribution is absolutely her decision to make. Al these 50/50, 70/30 etc is crap BS and do more harm than good.

Note that there is nothing wrong wit a woman contributing finances but where the wrong comes in is making it part of her job description.

Back to the topic. The reason why men doesnt do the chasing any longer is bcuz the chasiee doesnt worth the chasing.

Agreed no woman should allow or give chance to a poor irresponsible futureless man but then if al it takes to have a woman is the cash then I rather chase the cash then the woman wil do the chasing wen enof cash is made.

Even we men like to be chased. If woman want to be chased, prove to us it takes morethan cash to win your heart and you ar worth the practice.

Every woman of marriageable age knows exactly wat it takes to take care of her rship wit her man and wat is around him. But they ar just not willing to do the do. Most ar lazy and wanna eat there cake and have it. They want to be equal to a man while enjoying al the priveleges of bin a woman.

If you ar a woman, behave like one and men wil treat you like one also. If you want to be equal to a man, Men ar ever ready to treat you as such. Case closed. Make a wise choice.


Family / Re: Am Getting Married......yea! by kabsun(m): 11:52am On Sep 06, 2013
Vivianc and Chillisauce shld take their fight to a new thread. Click 'like' if you support the motion.

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Family / Re: Am Getting Married......yea! by kabsun(m): 3:10pm On Sep 05, 2013
I like the aura in wic she reply all the comments so far. Wish U luck and blisful marital life.
By the way, I jaz feel, like some commentators pointed out, babe is going for the wrongest and silliest reasons. Massive jeep bla bla bla. If the dude was on okada or off-the road kinda car, babe wldnt even notice him.
I sensed:
1. One or all of them ar desperate. More inclined to the babe side.
2. Materialism
3. AoB
Wic eva one, I wish you 'no regrets in ur life on this fast decision you made'. Amin
Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Singles, Let Us Have A Talk by kabsun(m): 7:24pm On Sep 01, 2013

Psychologically, women wants guardian and protections, so they ll a wanna be under a man but man feels free and can marry anytime. Also there are more men in jail than women.
lol @ anytime
I am a man for the records but I knw I cant get married at anytime. Thats not true.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Singles, Let Us Have A Talk by kabsun(m): 9:46am On Aug 31, 2013
From wat I have gathered on the subject of polygyny, both the males/females perspective here are ryt to some xtent.
Polygyny is man's ryt (Qur'an) but the wife (in as much as she isnt seeing it as something illegal) has a choice wheather to stay in or out.
Men shld fear Allah and only go into polgyny wen they knw wat it entails, they need it and they have the capacity to handle it completely not out of selfishness.
Women on the other hand shld make it very easy for men to take care of it wen they knw that it is sincerely needed and they can also handle it.
If you hear the stories of how men out of selfishness and ignorant messd wit polygyny you wil wonder the sanity of the men involved. Who suffered most? The women and the children. So, you can understand why women ar not taking polygyny lightly. I see the women's reaction as been healthy.
Finally, its Man's God given ryt to practise polygyny and woman's God given ryt to choose.
Romance / Re: The Age A Girl Should Get Disvirgined Before It's Too Late! by kabsun(m): 10:31am On Aug 30, 2013
The official age in the holy KORAN for a gurl to loose her Virginity is 12

anything above that age then shes considered an OLDIE
Mr Man, you cld be as clawn as u wanted but have some respect for other ppl's religion.
Thats a baseless lie.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Muslim Singles, Let Us Have A Talk by kabsun(m): 9:28am On Aug 30, 2013
joker5180: Salam brothers and sisters in islam, am following a thread on nairaland in which a muslim lady married to a non muslim husband is worried because her husband said she must convert to his religion and her mother said "a good wife MUST follow her husband religion" what is ur take on this pls?
Some ppl ar realy a joke wen it coms to practising their deen. How cld a woman be allowed by her family to marry a non muslim? Anyway, this is no popular practise frm where I come (Hausa).
I used to find it strange though its a common practise among more especially the yorubas. Reason why thy did dat is beyond me.
Its Haram for a woman to marry non muslim but to a man, it is permissible for him to marry the ppl of the book.
Romance / Re: Mother's Advice To Her Daughter by kabsun(m): 9:30pm On Aug 17, 2013
Chimaritoponcho: which kin rubbish b dis na..who snd u..mtchw
If you cant say anytin sensible, jaz read and pass. Commenting isnt by force. This is 2013 plz.
Romance / Mother's Advice To Her Daughter by kabsun(m): 8:14pm On Aug 17, 2013
'O my daughter, if it were
deemed unnecessary to give
you this advice because of
good manners and noble
descent, then it would have
been unnecessary for you,
because you posses these
qualities, but it will serve as a
reminder to those who are
forgetful, and will help those
who are wise.
‘O my daughter, if a woman
were able to do without a
husband by virtue of her
father’s wealth and her need
for her father, then you of all
people would be most able to
do without a husband, but
women were created for men
just as men were created for
‘O my daughter, you are about
to leave the home in which
you grew up, where you first
learned to walk, to go to a
place you do not know, to a
companion to whom you are
unfamiliar. By marrying you,
he has become a master over
you, so be like a servant to
him, and he will become like a
servant to you.
‘Take from me ten qualities,
which will be a provision
and a reminder for you:
‘The first and second of them
are: be content in his company,
and listen to and obey him, for
contentment brings peace of
mind, and listening to and
obeying one’s husband pleases
‘The third and fourth of them
are: make sure that you smell
good and look good; he should
not see anything ugly in you,
and he should not smell
anything but a pleasant smell
from you. Kohl is the best kind
of beautification to be found,
and water is better than the
rarest perfume.
‘The fifth and sixth of them
are: prepare his food on time,
and keep quiet when he is
asleep, for raging hunger is
like a burning flame, and
disturbing his sleep will make
him angry.
‘The seventh and eight of them
are: take care of his servants
(or employees) and children,
and take care of his wealth, for
taking care of his wealth
shows that you appreciate
him, and taking care of his
children and servants shows
good management.
‘The ninth and tenth of them
are: never disclose any of his
secrets, and never disobey any
of his orders, for if you disclose
any of his secrets you will
never feel safe from his
possible betrayal, and if you
disobey him, his heart will be
filled with hatred towards you.
‘Be careful, O my daughter, of
showing joy in front of him
when he is upset, and do not
show sorrow in front of him
when he is happy, because the
former shows a lack of
judgment whilst the latter will
make him unhappy.
‘Show him as much honor and
respect as you can, and agree
with him as much as you can,
so that he will enjoy your
companionship and
‘Know, O my daughter, that
you will not achieve what you
would like to until you put his
pleasure before your own, and
his wishes before yours, in
whatever you like and dislike.
And may Allah choose what is
best for you and protect you. ”
Romance / Re: International Dating by kabsun(m): 9:52am On Aug 10, 2013
Most of Us here ar Nigerians and for the good of it, we wont allow the name of our country drag in the mud.
I wil suggest U give a little info abt the guy to either Mrs Chima, Chaircover, greatgod2012, MrbrownJay, maclatunji, mukina2, deols, sexkillz, or any oda trustd name here on Nairaland to help U wit background info.
This I believe is very neccessary if at al U want to get somthing good out of it.
He startd wit a lie, who knows he may be lying al along. Get someone to confirm to U wat this ur prince charming claimed he is before comitting resource to this venture.
Think outside the box and behave like the smart woman u ar. Dont allow love to becloud ur good sense of reasoning.
May God help U. Amin

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