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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by kemifemi: 1:38pm On Nov 07, 2019
Good afternoon everyone,
Please I need 4 1/2 by 6 bed frame very urgently.
I'm in Lagos..thanks
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 8:28pm On Jul 06, 2019
Sis, I totally disagree with you on this. Kingswill remain on of the best IVF centres in recent times. You don't have to drag them like this cos you got a negative. Don't say what is this one saying as I got a BFN with them too when I cycled with them but I tell you Dr Kingsley knows his work perfectly and he tries his best to achieve results but we all know that IVF is a game of chances. After transfer even with all parameters certified okay it takes the grace of God for pregnancy to occur. We should only pray that God should always direct us to an hospital where we'll get result. After all people still get results in mushroom IVF centre. Kingswill still remain one of the most reliable and affordable IVF centre in Lagos. May God help us to be able to actualize our motherhood goals aameen.

..that someone got a BFN doesn't mean the doctor didn't do the needful.
We all know that IVF is not � %,it's by the mercy and Grace of God.
Some people do not take medical advice.
When I went for my 6 weeks scan,I met a lady..she was just weeping.i asked her what happened and she told me she didn't listen to the doctor.

She had poor quality eggs and was advised to use a donor but she refused.
Her test was negative and she blamed herself.

I have met women who tried up to 5 times before they conceived and I have also met those who conceived at first attempt,I am an example.

I have used kingswill specialist hospital two times ,with good outcome...


Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 4:30pm On May 04, 2019
[quote author=lollyloly post=78081283]@kemifemi, pls MA I sent u a pm[/quote

I just replied your mail
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 12:33pm On Mar 30, 2019

Mama, wish you success and joyful delivery. Pls do you have an idea of their IUI success rate? Have you seen or heard of friends who got bfp through IUI there? Considering IUI but still trying to choose a clinic with good IUI bfp/live births success rates not just IVF success.

Kemifemi ,congrats! Pls do you know anything about Kingswill's IUI success rates? Did you meet anyone who went there for IUI?

I don't know anyone that did IUI,so I can't say anything about it..
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 12:31pm On Mar 30, 2019
Mama please what is the average cost for Ivf in kingswill specialist hospital. Thank you ma.

Range is between 850k and 1.5 million..you know it depending on individual cases.. one of the ladies used a donor egg and she paid about 1.5m....
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 2:08pm On Mar 29, 2019
Good evening everyone, I just came across dis group. Am feeling down cry
right now ,I just got my period now after a failed iui which cost about 700k with one hospital in lekki, money wasted for nothing.....pls can someone recommend a very affordable hospital for IVF with a good success rate for me

With this iui the doctor started with 300k , again requested for 200k also some money for other tests which made everything amounts to 700k , now he wants us to come back for another cycle....infact am so done with him

So sorry .it's very painful.
I did my procedure at kingswill specialist hospital and I'm 5 weeks gone. 8 of us did our embryo transfer on the same date.

As at the time of my pregnancy test,7 of us got BFP. The 8th person didn't come for the test on time,so I don't know her outcome.

This is my 2nd IVF with kingswill specialist hospital,with 2 of them coming out positive.

You can carry out your own findings. The doc is very good.

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 2:00pm On Mar 29, 2019

Pregnacare already contains folic acid.

Thanks so much
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 9:36pm On Mar 27, 2019
Good day everyone,
Please can I take the normal folic acid together with pregnacare with Omega 3?
Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives in Lagos by kemifemi: 1:39pm On Oct 23, 2018

Exactly my thoughts, I just pray he follows the road path. It's probably the worst places to drive in Lagos.

My colleague told me they have filled up the potholes and it's a bit motorable.

Just because one man is coming to that axis, containers have suddenly disappear from the apapa oshodi expressway, just a few of them are on the expressway and they are well lined up.

The potholes in festac are being filled..
They suddenly closed the festac link bridge on Sunday afternoon and made drivers suffer by going through alakija.. It was terrible.

So they opened the bridge yesterday just because one man might be passing through the axis....
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by kemifemi: 10:27pm On Jun 06, 2018

I have honestly heard how lucrative and in high demand the IT Control role is , i was moved into the unit from branch control recently due to me passing the CISA exam. IT control unit, where i work is a relatively new unit and i have just worked in a sub unit for about a year.i am afraid of messing up when i get called for interview.
I can confidently defend an accounting role( i have ICAN ACA).

I would have loved to quickly write ACCA, but this venture is not so cheap for some of us and practically all funds have been tied towards this journey(POF in investments).

i would honestly appreciate the CV as promised...thanks a lot.... ayoboy06@yahoo.com

Same dilemma. I want a different career path. I am tired of this account stuff. I am looking at Cisa or risk management.
Please help your colleague

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Health / Re: Sickle Cell Patient On Oxygen Dies After Power Outage In Lagos by kemifemi: 3:37pm On Apr 23, 2018
Dis is so heartbreaking... So a hospital as big as dat have no back up generators dat comes on immediately or inverters for an essential machine as d life support machine?? And d ediots in govt kip questioning why Nigerians seek medical treatments abroad

very sad indeed. when i was in the theatre ,having my baby through c section, they instructed the people in charge of the generator not to change over to NEPA untill they were given the go ahead.

my people, few mins after they started the cutting of my tummy, light went off boom! chai, the surgeon had to quickly shout to one of the theatre attendants to run to the gen house that they cannot take the risk of doing the surgery with nepa light.

they eventually put on the gen. Now imagine that the surgeon had cut a something and was trying to sew it back.

my mouth Jumped into my mouth.

anyways, i still lost the baby as a result of their carelessness. they were short of incubators o. and they was a general hospital
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 10:38am On Apr 17, 2018
Hello mamas' in the house, pls pray along with me. I just started my journey of Ivf with Kingswill clinic today and I pray that the Almighty God will show me mercy this time around in Jesus Name amen

Hello sis. I have been waiting to hear from you. Please how did the procedure go?
I will also like to know how much you paid
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 3:36pm On Feb 15, 2018
[quote author=Nkyisaac post=64993078]Hello mamas' in the house, pls pray along with me. I just started my journey of Ivf with Kingswill clinic today and I pray that the Almighty God will show me mercy this time around in Jesus Name amen

It will result in good news in Jesus name. You are in safe hands. The doctor know his onions.

please obey all instructions and I believe that God will come through for you. do not joke with prayers.

please how much did you pay?

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Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 4:36pm On Feb 11, 2018
[quote author=Momsietwins post=64843815][/quote

Culture / Re: Beautiful Igbo Names For Baby Boys And Girls by kemifemi: 4:36pm On Feb 11, 2018
Am not Igbo but I like the name 'udomsinachi
Not sure of the spelling tho. But I think it means my Peace comes from God
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 4:03pm On Feb 05, 2018
Kingswill for now is affordable and their success rate is good

please how much is IVF with icsi at kingswill now
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 4:00pm On Feb 05, 2018

Have you heard about the ibidun ighodalo foundation grant for ivf? Please check them out

It is well with us all

I registered for the their free ivf. Please do you know when they usually start the treatment, if the application is successful
Family / Re: I Deny My Husband Sex Because Of STD by kemifemi: 11:16pm On Nov 06, 2017
Those of you saying she was wrong with her decision can you give her a guarantee that she won't be infected with HIV the next time? Can y'all guarantee that she won't be a regular visitor to the hospital not because of anything else but to get treatment for STD/STI?

I hate when people say things they won't advice their sisters to do simply because they feel they have an Opinion. Yes, this may not be the best decision, but it is the safest she can make right now.

Madame, if your husband haven't shown any signs of responsibility, please continue to stay safe.

A very dear friend of mine died few weeks ago.
And yes, she died of complications of AIDS.

She left 3 kids behind .As I type this ,the husband is almost gone.

Ladies kindly use your head. Stop tolerating cheats.

You are putting your life in great danger if you keep having sex with a public dog

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Phones / Re: You Can Now Swap Old Phone For New One At Slot Nigeria by kemifemi: 12:09pm On Sep 28, 2017
SLOT are the most useless people I've ever dealt with. When you buy a phone from then, the warranty basically covers absolutely nothing. They underprice phones (by far!) for 'swapping', they respond to customers with a horrible attitude, and their phone repair/maintenance services suck! They have no idea what they're doing. I think people gave started realize that SLOT is shit, that's why they've started "diversifying" and selling things like groundnut oil to keep their wretched business afloat. At least the one in Ikorodu does. My aunt bought a phone FROM THEM and she didn't like it (a Samsung S6, when it first came out), she decided to swap it two weeks later and they'd taken about 100k off the price she bough it.

I took my phone to the useless company to fix my charging point (which was working, but shaking) and they basically did nothing. I PAID 7K!!! Unfortunately I couldn't check because you only notice its not working when you leave it for a while and it has only charged about 1%, it still shows 'charging' even tough it's not properly plugged in. A WEEK later, I took it back to them and they said there's only a 24 hour warranty for repairs (So, I won't go to work abi?? I collected my phone on Saturday and they didn't even open on Sunday) and that, if I paid an additional 5k, then maybe they can try to fix it again. Idiots. I'm supposed to pay 12k, just to repair a charging point I would not advise ANYONE to patronise slot as they are the worst phone dealers I have ever dealt with. They way the stupid woman at the counter was responding to me was especially irritating. I will update this post with my receipt as soon as I get home. Everyone has to know how worthless SLOT is and why they should never be patronised.

how I wish someone told me this before i went to SLOT to buy my Phone in May. I actually went there because of the warranty. But that warranty na wash. I dont think they know the meaning of warranty o.
Phones / Re: FERO Mobile Care by kemifemi: 6:19pm On Sep 25, 2017
Mr fero mobile, you guys are not trying at all. Infact I have told all that care to listen that your customer care is zero and you guys are selfish and inconsiderate.

I bought fero royale x1 from slot at festival mall in may. Fast forward to July, I switched off my phone and the phone refused to power up for no reasons. I tried severally but it didn't come up.

Took the phone back to slot and was told it will take 21 working days to repair.. that was 27th July. After waiting for 21 days to elapse, no phone call, I went back there.

They kept posting me and I angrily went there on Tuesday last week. When they noticed I wasn't happy, they quickly brought out a fero mega. I didn't bother to look at the fone since I didn't go with my receipt.

I went back the next day, and they gave me fero mobile.

I refused to collect the fone because 1. The battery of my x1 royale is 4000amp while the mega is 2800 amp
2. Fero mega memory is low compared with the x1 I bought initially
3. Mega pixel of fero mega is low.

I have told them to either give me a new royale x1 or swap with another phone that has similar features.

I will not take it easy with those guys,

If fero as a company cannot perform, they should stop producing substandard phone.

I'm so pissed sef.


Phones / Re: Carlcare Is Here With You by kemifemi: 5:42pm On Sep 25, 2017
I don't know if it's okay to post this here.

I bought a fero royale x1 in may. Phone went bad in July. I put it off before going to bed the night before. I tried powering it up the following morning but phone refused to come up.

I took the phone back to slot where I bought it since it was still under warranty. They told me it will take 21 working days to fix. After patiently waiting for a month and a half, I went there to demand for my phone. But on getting there they saw that I was very angry and quickly gave me a fero mega as replacement.

I refused to collect the fero mega because I felt they should have given me the exact model of phone I bought or something close to it.

I want to know how this warranty thing works. Should I accept the new phone or insist they give me the same model I bought initially. Thanks
Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by kemifemi: 8:01pm On Sep 12, 2017
[quote author=metaose post=59314192]longest tyme my people. pls how do I locate kingswill specialist hospital from oshodi,Lagos. [/quo

From oshodi, board a bus going to mile2, stop at 2nd rainbow. U can take a bike or keke. Just tell them you are going to apple junction.

When you get apple junction, you will see sweet sensation, there is a narrow street behind SS (near adol pharmacy),that's where the hospital is located.
I had my ivf with icsi done there. I carried to term but lost the baby few days after I had him..

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Business To Business / Re: I Am Looking For Wholesalers And Retailers Of Okrika Cloths Buying by kemifemi: 3:51pm On Aug 28, 2017
[quote author=kmaxx post=59841288]

I think the OP does cash-on-Delivery. Why not chat him up on whatsapp.
Thanks much
Business To Business / Re: I Am Looking For Wholesalers And Retailers Of Okrika Cloths Buying by kemifemi: 2:02pm On Aug 04, 2017
I am actually interested in this business but am very skeptical.please has anyone done any transaction with op?

how profitable is tis business? i spoke with some of my friends about this akube thing and they discouraged me..

please help a sister
Family / Re: Apologies To My Love. A Fellow Nairalander by kemifemi: 7:36pm On May 04, 2017
@jlarry, please i sent you an email. I want you to help me with the herbs/drugs you used.

Kindly reply.

Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by kemifemi: 4:21pm On Apr 18, 2017
My world shattered. Oh Jesus! After all the stress,sleepness night, my baby returned to king Jesus this morning.

The first fruit of my womb gave me a short lived joy. He was so cute. Am sad, my world is upside down.

I experienced d joy of motherhood for few days.

Hummn! It is well, it is well with my soul
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by kemifemi: 11:06pm On Apr 15, 2017
@Kemifemi, what did your doctor say? please do pop in and let's know you and lo are okay.

Thanks cappo. i had my baby thru emergency c section on thursday evening. He weighed 1.1kg. He is in the intensive care.

Was told IURG was responsible for his low weight.

Will kip u posted.


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by kemifemi: 1:56pm On Apr 12, 2017
@naomi14, i have done the biophysical profile. Hummn. The result is not encouraging.
LO is in distress. The baby is measuring 29 weeks today.
Was told to bring the baby out in 72hrs.
Weight is 1.4 kg.

I don carry my matter put for God hand.


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by kemifemi: 9:35pm On Apr 11, 2017
My people i have come again o. Remember i posted that d gynae told me i was going to have a section at 37 weeks.
Fast forward to today, i went for my appointment. I was asked to do a scan.

I went to a lab outside the clinic, the sonographer was just looking at me somehow. so i asked what the issue was. The result showed that the gestational age is 28 weeks and weight is 1.2 kg. How is that possible? I am supposed to be 36 wks 5 days today. And this woman dey talk another thing.
She say LO no dey grow. Fluid, placenta,heartbeat and cervix length is okay.

I got back to the hospital with the result and the doc was shocked. So he asked me to use their in house sonographer for a 2nd opinion.

The results came back the same. Only this time, foetal weight was 1.5kg.

Am so dejected right now. Am so unhappy. Am depending on God now. I can feel my baby move.

Oh Jesus! They have asked me to do an urgent biophysical profile.

Please who knows about this and what is the cost implication.

I trust God to do what only him can do.

If you know about this, please give me answers. Cant even think straight.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by kemifemi: 6:27pm On Apr 07, 2017

Hbp in pregnancy is not always related to external stress factors. Do what you can in terms of life style changes as some mamas have suggested.

See another doctor for a second opinion about the medication.

Ask your dr for any warninf signs you need to watch out for,

And please please please go for the cs as soon as advised by your doctor.. i take it he is trying to delay it till you get to full term. Sometimes it may not be an option.... mother and pre-term baby alive is better than full term pregnancy with comma and aprostrophe at the end oh.

Thank u. Will gladly listen to my dr. I no get choice na. It took more than 4 years to conceive. My eyes see pepper.

I aint gambling o

Take it easy .
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by kemifemi: 6:12pm On Apr 07, 2017
@onegai, thanks nne. Will try to check my bp tomorrow to see if the drug makes any difference.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by kemifemi: 6:03pm On Apr 07, 2017
Diazepam is a muscle relaxant.Your doctor is trying to control your elevated blood pressure. Most drugs have their side effects but sometimes you use it when the benefits outweigh the risks.A constantly elevated blood pressure in pregnancy can lead to pre-eclampsia which is a serious issue to deal with.
I'm sure your doctor placed you on low dose which you have to use for just few days so it's safe.
If your BP continues to stay elevated,you will be managed till you get to 37weeks and your choice will be a C/S to bring the baby out because that's the only solution to the hypertension.
Cut off salt intake too and try to take foods rich in potassium like oranges,tomatoes etc and drink lots of water.

Thanks so much. I was placed on 5mg per night. I slept with legs on the pillow to reduce swelling. I only had a mild headache this morning.

I appreciate.

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