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Politics / Re: "Tinubu Passed His Exams From Home" - Keyamo Defends Tinubu's Education (video) by Lajiniran: 9:42am On Aug 13, 2022
[quote author=nwekeugochukwu post=115653445][/quote]

This is true. Many of the old men of today grew up at a time when secondary schools are not as many as we have it to day. Get admission to secondary schools is like seeking scholarship abroad. Many applicants does miss out.
Many opt for evening schools and many did home studies, reading volumes upon volumes of text books in preparation for GCE and WASC.

So, his analysis is actually correct. May be that's the route Jagaban of Borgu, Former Gov of the best State in Nigeria, Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu took.
Travel / Re: Europe Is Not Easy — Nigerian Lady Reveals The Kind Of Job She Does To Survive by Lajiniran: 9:12pm On Aug 11, 2022
won't stop me from going though


The striker. He got the two women pregnant at once
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Cautions FG Against Further Borrowings by Lajiniran: 7:17am On Aug 11, 2022

Your reverse psychology no go werk. If people expose Tinubu and Atiku's incompetence, you will quickly label them as hateful. It will also fail.

You called the OBIdients movement an Igbo movement, but it has failed has even northerners openly rally for him.

You try to attack his integrity but people know the truth. Go and verify.

Now, you want to guilt trip his supporters with the sentiment of "hateful" speech, just like this government that calls criticism hate speech, "o ti lu Le ooo". It has failed and it will continue to fail.

Peter Obi and Hamed Datti are taking over come 2023. We will Take Back Naija with our PCV and our structure.

And when people expose Obi as well, you are always quick to call it lies.

All of them are thieves.

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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Inspects Projects In Lagos Island (Pictures) by Lajiniran: 7:09am On Aug 11, 2022
Lagos, fastest growing city . All thanks to Tinubu laying good legacy for successive governors. Lagos likes good things and have good taste , we can't accept mediocrity hence the state can't employ another party asides APC . They blame Tinubu for Buhari's performance where he's clearly limited and not part of the government yet deny him of his mentees perfomance in Lagos.
That's just hypocritical

He is the next President, if they don't like it, they should go and hug transformer in Ariaria market.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu To Obi: Falsehood, Disinformation Won’t Win Elections by Lajiniran: 11:40pm On Aug 10, 2022
You are a fool! Bring it on!

The unfortunately monkey useless man and woman that brought you to the world thinking they did themselves a favour are the fools.
Bearded slowpoke.
Politics / Re: Tinubu To Obi: Falsehood, Disinformation Won’t Win Elections by Lajiniran: 3:13pm On Aug 10, 2022
1967 to 1970 is fresh, hope it doesn't repeat itself
They have forgotten.
Politics / Re: Godsday Orubebe: Tinubu’s Records Are Full Of Accomplishments by Lajiniran: 11:06pm On Aug 08, 2022

Why are you a shameless liar?. Firstly, i never said Tinubu was suffering from a terminal illness. You are the one saying it. Moreover, i am not the author of the picture. You are indeed the person that is desperate with your lies and fabricated claims.

To many, he is very corrupt cornering money and choicest properties meant for the good people of Lagos. Can a common thief be said to be responsible?

Other candidates are better than Tinubu not because they are saints. They are simple because Tinubu is weak and mentally unsound as a result of old age.

A common thief is only seen to be dependable by those benefiting from him or those that have chosen ethnicity and emotions over competence. Those that feign ignorance are not exempted. I will be surprised if you do not belong to any of these categories.

You do not have the right to control me on a social platform. I will advise you come up with superior arguments rather than being archaic and uncouth.

Tinubu is weak and mentally challenged as a result of old age. Prove me wrong with facts if you think otherwise

You are not the author of the picture, but you are proud to propagate it without verification to spite him right.... But you love and feels happy with the idea of the author, it aligns with your cyber propaganda objectives. Cos if not, you will not be posting it up and down.

Common thief ? And show me the court judgment where he was convicted of stealing. Show me the EFCC/ICPC prosecutor who prosecuted him.... All these your beer parlor trial is a pointer to the fact that you are just bittered and desperate. Is he the only candidate there is? Who is afraid of him becoming president? So, in the political space, Tinubu stole more than Atiku? Peter Obi did not steal at all right? Why didnt you remeber to call those ones common theives for whatever they stole even if its just 100,000 naira, as it does not belong to them? Why the double standard? Why must one sinner be put to sword of your online propaganda and lies why the others who as guilty of same as politicians get to enjoy the Saint treatment because they are young air in your mind, they did not steal as much?

Why are you not shouting the names of the others on the internet that they are thieves, or you want to proof that they did not steal while in office?

And his age and health must not be under attack because he wants to be president. Do your opposition with respect for rights of individuals in mind.

Yar'dua was terminally ill, he admitted to it that he has an ailment but fortunately or unfortunately, he was arguably the kindest President ever, he loved the masses. So, even if he is ill, that should not be a reason to disenfranchise him. However, old age is not a sickness.

You sef wish to grow old. So, sell and vote your candidate and leave Tinubu alone.
Politics / Re: Godsday Orubebe: Tinubu’s Records Are Full Of Accomplishments by Lajiniran: 9:32pm On Aug 08, 2022

Saying the obvious has become hatred, propaganda and death sentence. This should be the seventh wonder of the world.

I laughed at your conjecture of playing politics of hatred and bitterness. If i may ask , which party am i playing it for?

I stand to be corrected. Tinubu is weak as a result of old age. This is also betraying his mental capacity. What fits him now is rest. Nigerians cannot afford to vote in another grandpa like Buhari.

If you really demand for responsible leadership, you will not be fronting for Tinubu where there are more transparent and young Nigerians. Aside age, Tinubu is anything but responsible leadership. He is also very corrupt. I mean more corrupt than one can imagine.

Please, don't mention Tinubu and responsible leadership. They are conspicuously parallel.

What's obvious is your photoshopped pics of him going round the Internet, saying he is terminally I'll up and down, that's hatred and desperation your part.

And who are you to determine what fits him? You are the one that will determine his goals and ambition?

Nigerians hails Joes Biden for his resilience at becoming President at his age, but same condemns Tinubu for wanting same.

To you, he is not a responsible leader, to many of others, he is.

And show me the transparent options? I am not asking you to vote or support Tinubu, vote whoever you deemed okay to deserve your vote, but stop all the immaturity and internet hate speeches against him. And face your own candidate.

And Tinubu is a responsible leader, dependable and bankable. That the opinion of many and they don't care if you share the opinion with them or not. Face your own front.
Politics / Re: Godsday Orubebe: Tinubu’s Records Are Full Of Accomplishments by Lajiniran: 6:13pm On Aug 08, 2022
lol still won't stop your tinubu from going to macron's france for medicals, I know how it is for you, how much dem dey pay una sef for this agbado urchin job, una no get sense I swear look at one of your brother below who was recently busted.

And your Obi no be part of politicians taking medical treatments outside of Nigeria. Yeye dey smell

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Politics / Re: Godsday Orubebe: Tinubu’s Records Are Full Of Accomplishments by Lajiniran: 5:56pm On Aug 08, 2022

Perhaps, you are talking about the cosmetic world where black is called white and blue red. No man can cheat nature no matter your wish.

Like I said, he is feeble and needs to take backstage where he would focus more on his failing health. Old age is not a respecter of men including your parochial views.

By the way, the bold should have been "complemented" and "make". That is the fallibility of we mortals. We are all vulnerable with time. Tinubu is not an exception.

This is a Photoshop stop misleading gullible people. He is old, but not as old as this. Stop all these your hatred filled propaganda. It won't stop him from getting votes and would not determine his fate at the polls. Be matured and end your politics of bitterness and hatred cos it will only endears more people to him out of pity.

Which failing health? He told you or media says his health is falling? As you dey so, you healthy reach him?

You people said more to Buhari even wished him death, and you wonder why he does not care about the people? Why would he care about people who constantly wish him death? We demand for responsible leadership, are we responsible as people being led?

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Crime / Re: Police Kill Robbers Terrorizing Residents Of Apapa & Environs by Lajiniran: 10:12am On Aug 08, 2022
All this Yoruba Muslims thiefs , any way rip to them

Can't you see thats an Igbo Catholic and Anglican Christians?
Politics / Re: Godsday Orubebe: Tinubu’s Records Are Full Of Accomplishments by Lajiniran: 10:09am On Aug 08, 2022

But he is weak, frail and betrayed by his mental capacity. All these make him the least qualified.

In your Photoshop world, yes. But in reality and real world where it matters most, he is strong, agile and complimented by strong mental capacity. All these makes him the best and most qualified candidate.


Politics / Re: Godsday Orubebe: Tinubu’s Records Are Full Of Accomplishments by Lajiniran: 10:07am On Aug 08, 2022
So this Orubebe is now in APC.

He's supporting the wrong candidate

Peter Obi is the only credible candidate we have right now

No be only Obi, na Kolanut. Mtchew!

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Politics / Re: Pyrates Confraternity Mock Tinubu (Photos, Video) by Lajiniran: 10:03am On Aug 08, 2022
You will even see people who will rejoice over this.

If Boko Haram and Armed Bandits comes out and speak against Tinubu, people will rejoice over it and call them freedom fighters.

That's how low people can go

Very low, in the deepest shits of latrines low. I spit on obedient idiots. And they can be irrationally shameless ehn. Their matter tire person.
Politics / Re: Governors To Buhari: Sack Workers Aged 50yrs, Levy Anyone Earning Over N30,000 by Lajiniran: 9:27am On Aug 06, 2022
&Some people are here campaigning for a desperate sick old pampers-wearing bat to shoulder the huge problems of this country.
Someone that will just turn Aso Rock into an Old People's Retirement Home & spend half of his tenure abroad on Medical Tourism. cool

All these your Photoshop propaganda. He will still survive you. He will will be around despite the imaginary pampers he is wearing and their is no guarantee that you will not go before him despite the sickness you tagged him with.
Science/Technology / Re: Can Tokfora Take Over Nairaland? by Lajiniran: 8:18am On Aug 06, 2022
Tokfora vs Nairaland. Opinion pls
It can if
Politics / Re: Man Opens Barbing Salon In Gombe For Free Haircuts In Honour Of Peter Obi (Pix) by Lajiniran: 8:59pm On Aug 05, 2022

Isn't tinubu finished?
Nigerian Christians will teach a merciless lesson.

The north have started theirs.
Imam are cursing any one who nears the corrupt infected old man.

See the video in the link.


These same Christians? All na propaganda.
Check the no's of Christian/Christian Gov and Deputies in Nigeria. Why are Muslims not shouting and rioting everywhere?

Nigerians only demonize anything that does not suite them. If as a christian or Muslim that you are, if a Major candidate of Same religion picks you ass running mate, will you rem Muslim-Muslim ticket or Christian - Christian Ticket?

Taaaaa abeg talk truth...... Not many Christians are not hypocrites on this matter.

Politics / Re: Man Opens Barbing Salon In Gombe For Free Haircuts In Honour Of Peter Obi (Pix) by Lajiniran: 6:33pm On Aug 05, 2022

You're one of the weevils and You're campaigning for the Agbado Man. But the way this campaign is going ehhh, Peter Obi will creep into your subconscious And stay dia. And it's already happening to you

Because his view is different? Because he does not support your candidate? He is a weevil?

At least the Agbado man dey talk of cassava and Agbado being abundant if elected. What has your candidate promised Nigerians?

Na soso Morocco sells more than Nigeria (which was checked to be false), There are many out of school children (Like Anambra does not have any during his tenure), and all sort of stats stating our national problems as if Nigerians are blind and deaf and don't know their problems. What has he said about solving them, at least one candidate believe he can reduce hunger/food shortages by making "agbado" and "Cassava" abundant. Weather its practicable or not, he made an attempt.

How is Obi going to tackle high prices of food, terrible power generation and distribution, security, exchange rate issues. That's the kind of things we want to hear, not they sell pass Nigeria, population of so so country is x etc.....

We need to put our house in order before we worry about whoever is selling more than us annually.
Politics / Re: Man Opens Barbing Salon In Gombe For Free Haircuts In Honour Of Peter Obi (Pix) by Lajiniran: 6:21pm On Aug 05, 2022
I just hope the clippers are well sterilized after each use.

Before they Acquire Obi-deficiency Syndrome....... grin
Politics / Re: Onitsha River Port Has Been Concessioned. by Lajiniran: 6:19pm On Aug 05, 2022
Good step if the concessionaires would be serious and sincere with the project.

The last I read about the concessionaire, it was owned by a northerner. I’m sure after the uproar it generated, they are now using a certain “Nwangwu” as front.

Not like I care if the concessionaire is Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba, I just wanna be sure it’s not a ploy to sign off that port to an enemy of Southeast who would render the port redundant for a whole 30 years.

But ironically, you don't care about you being an enemy of your benevolent host in Lagos. grin grin. Its baffles me how we see evil as good when it favors us or does not happen to us, but we run helter skelter when we feel same evil we are good at perpetrating is about or would happens to us. grin funny
Politics / Re: Did Tinubu’s Daughter Ask Him To Drop Presidential Ambition As Claimed? by Lajiniran: 5:00pm On Aug 05, 2022
God Bless the next president of Nigeria Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Please vote Asiwaju Tinubu.

The Obi and his ethnic supporters will end up making people sympathetic with Tinubu and give his people the impulsive need to "protect" their own. The attack on Tinubu is far beyond just because he is contesting for presidency. He is being targeted.

Why are Nigerian Journalists Afraid of Asking Bola Tinubu,Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi Serious Questions such as?

Bola Tinubu
- Why did you give your personal company Alpha Beta 10% tax commission while in office and hide your ownership through fronts and write it into Lagos state tax law.
- Why don't you attend to your medical needs in Nigeria. Why do you always travel to France, United Kingdom and United States for medical treatment
-Nigerians are concerned about you forfeiting $460k for helping a drug trafficking ring that trafficked heroine from Midwest America to West Africa launder money.
- Where did your children get the money to buy multi-million dollar properties in New York.
- What is your relationship with MC Oluomo who was caught on tape saying his gang had more guns than their opponents in the 2019 election.
- How did you become wealthy enough to afford a private jet.

Atiku Abubakar
- The United States Senate indicted you for accepting $2 million in bribes from Siemens and bringing $40 million dollars of suspicious funds to United States.
-Why do you travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for medical check ups.
- Your former boss Olusegun Obasanjo in his personal biography " My Watch" said you patronise occult marabouts and are desperate for power.
-Why do you spend most of your time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates more than you do in Nigeria.
- Why were your running your personal business when you were in Customs against public service rules.

Peter Obi
- Can you explain why your convoy was caught in Lagos with N250 million cash.
- Why did you go to great lengths to hide money in British Virgin Island through your daughter name as exposed by Pandora and pay French citizens to pretend to be owners of the account.
- Why did you say you only have one wristwatch and no house outside Onitsha when that has proven to be a lie.
-Why did you invest Anambra state funds in your family personal business.

Copied From Kanupapilo
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Caught Lying On TV Again - PM News by Lajiniran: 4:50pm On Aug 05, 2022

First you have to debunk the lies
Not just come and say he lied like a little kid

And your denial of truth cos is against your preferred candidate is adult like ? Continue

The one AFP is what? Keep calling black white and expect development. None of them is a clean candidate. Everyone should stop demonizing one and looking away from the wrongs of the other.

Nigerian politicians are evil. Atiku, Tinubu and Obi or whoever. None of them is devoid of corruption, none of them is truthful and none of them will care about the masses when they get into power. So, stop all the cursing and death wish, its immoral and shows youths are not ready for leadership. save us all your online rants that Obi is the best thing after Ogbono. Vote your candidate and leave other candidate alone, criticize them logically and constructively, not all the Ariaria market criticism you people are doing and you should be receptive to divergent opinions. What is popular with you, isn't popular with others. You simply can't force candidacy of the person you support on others. Period!
Crime / Re: Kidnappers Riddle A Car With Bullet At Umunneochi LGA Abia State by Lajiniran: 3:42pm On Aug 05, 2022
This is now all over Nigeria especially Igboland. Kidnapping is now how many make a living!

And some people are saying we should forget all these and, focusing only on tribe, reward APC's massively FAILED Buhari administration by voting one of their insiders - a slimy, shady, shadowy very old criminal whose entire history is questionable

What is polite about you hate speech and Photoshop picture attacking another political candidate? Vote your candidate... And let us rest.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Caught Lying On TV Again - PM News by Lajiniran: 10:05am On Aug 05, 2022
He's talking about real issues that tackle economy, governance and growth.

Tinubu and Atiku have no idea about Nigeria's economy because they just want to steal.

This is why I support Tinubu.
He is saying the known things, listing the national problems, looking for Stats to reveal the problems. What has he said about how to solve them? Is he going to Aso Villa to go and be counting national problem or to solve them?


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Caught Lying On TV Again - PM News by Lajiniran: 10:02am On Aug 05, 2022

Cos the sea ports in warri and port Harcourt are no longer working

And its Tinubu's fault. Continue


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Caught Lying On TV Again - PM News by Lajiniran: 9:59am On Aug 05, 2022
Oh guys stop bothering yourself about this man h is oathological liar, I knew this man inside out he is an unrepentant, creepy green snake master liar.

I don't just stand against somebody for no reason. I stood against buhari in 2014-15 today see where he landed us.

I have my good reasons I will never back down my stand against obi, apc is bad but obi is never the solution never.

They will not listen. He is an ethnic agenda


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Caught Lying On TV Again - PM News by Lajiniran: 9:54am On Aug 05, 2022
“If you are to follow the political statistics “ Those that want to vote a liar should do so , those that want to votes thieves should do so , those that want to vote the alleged drug baron should do so , the choice is yours !! Vote whoever you want and people should stock the unnecessary and needless attacks on candidates, that’s not a campaign strategy!

You dey mind the fools. Obi is an Ethnic Agenda.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Caught Lying On TV Again - PM News by Lajiniran: 9:49am On Aug 05, 2022
At least he was there to lie
When will Tinubu respect the people and come on tv

To lie on TV is trivial and not important. So, why are you now ranting when Lie Mohammed dishes out his lies? What's good for A should be okay for B as well

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Caught Lying On TV Again - PM News by Lajiniran: 9:48am On Aug 05, 2022
Though i am supporting Tinubu, but i feel ashamed when we are looking for lies in Peter Obi as a campaign strategy, after 8 years. It makes it seem like we have failed Nigerians.

If we have nothing else to campaign with, then i might as well be campaigning for Tinubu with Peter Obis picture, since he is our only achievement.

Abegi you are not supporting Tinubu. Be proud of your Obi. Tinubu supporters won't attack you for supporting Obi, na Una dey attack people for supporting Atiku or Tinubu.

And who said Tinubu is responsible for the AFP French media organization's Fact Checking efforts on the interview with Peter Obi on Arise TV. We really need to grow up

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Politics / Re: Update On South-East, South-South and South-West Registered Voters By States by Lajiniran: 4:52pm On Aug 03, 2022

One of the many lost souls we have in Nigeria have just quoted me. Enemies of progress that are willing to sell off the future of their tenth generation for a plate of porridge. God pass una. Una go shame last last

And Obi will give you and your tenth generations a pot of porridge. What did he achieve in Anambra? Nothing. Keep your delusion to yourself. And you are a friend of progress because you support Obi's ambition.

You all cant intimidate or force anyone thats rightly thinking to accept Obi if they don't want to. Your conducts has written Ethno-religious agenda all over Obi. You keep creating tension on social media by cursing and calling people names because they do not share your political view,that is silly, dumb and shows mental deficiency.

You people go as far as editing opponents picture to desperately score cheap popularities, and wishing them death. You all forgot that you said same thing about Buhari, the man is still hale and hearty despite his incompetence. You even said Buhari is dead that its Yusuf of Sudan that the cabal brought to Aso rock as an impostor. Una don forget? The fate of anyone is in no ones hand.

I continue to state it, Obi is not a better candidate than any other political aspirant. If its corruption, he is corrupt- he invested state funds in family business, how is he different from Atiku that sold state companies to friends and associate? He used his child's name to launder state funds as revealed by Pandora papers, how is that different from the corruption you are slandering Tinubu for? if its truthfulness, he is a liar just like any other naija politician, he said he has only one watch, that has been proven to be a lie, he said he does not have a house in Lagos, it has been revealed he did. Doctors strike, ASUU strike and non payment of salaries happened under his watch in Anambra, how is he different from this present Govt of Buhari? If he can truly change Nigeria, why didn't he change Anambra?

He kept on dishing out statistics that has been found out to be either inaccurate, false or fabricated. He kept on telling us all the problems we know Nigeria has, as if we can't see them, what has he said about how he is going to solve them? Nothing. Or is Nigerians going to vote him to go and be counting our national problems in the Aso Villa. Abeg park well.

Campaign for your candidate, support them if you like broadcast and say all you want. But all the intentional wishing of death, negative propaganda against a particular candidate because he is a major political opponent should stop, and if you don't, it will only make him more popular.
Politics / Re: Update On South-East, South-South and South-West Registered Voters By States by Lajiniran: 12:48pm On Aug 03, 2022

You dumb skulls think your tribalism card will work against our collective struggle for a better Nigeria. When campaign starts properly is when we will remind the youths of all the atrocities of Tinubu and his APC... We will never forget the role Tinubu and his APC played in the massacre of innocent Nigerian youths at lekki tollgate. 2023 is payback time and we will never reward those who's only agenda is to turn Nigeria into a cemetery....Una go shock...

You and your rants are inconsequential to his ambitions. Sell your preferred candidate and leave Tinubu alone.

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