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Politics / Re: 2023: Real Reasons I Must Win Presidential Election – Tinubu by Lamexx(m): 9:31pm On Jul 20, 2022
Tinubu must see Nigerians as fools.

Your party campaigned with all this 8 years ago.

If you are campaigning with the same, then it means your party failed.

We don't reward failure.

We say NO to drugs.

We say NO to a UK based president.

We will not spend 8 years changing Tinubu's Diapers.

The real change is here.

Thank you for saying this. At the time APC took over in 2015, $1 was NGN189. 8 years after, the dollar is reach NGN615. Imagine what another four years with APC will look like knowing historically that dollar rate don’t come down. APC have failed Nigerian and we don’t need to reinforce failure.
Travel / Re: Can Someone Travel To America Without Having Any Family Or Friends Over There? by Lamexx(m): 6:44pm On Jan 22, 2022
Same Naija that have Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga and countless successful men and women who were born and brought up here. No hustle ooo... Keep blaming your ancestors and waiting for a saviour... Only you can emancipate yourself from the strong grip of poverty... no country, place or person on earth can save you... You and you alone...

I hate it when people like you use Dangote, Otedola and adenuga as your yardstick for success. These guys are part of the problems in Nigeria. They have monopolized every f**king industry in Nigeria and killed competition at the same time. The ease of doing business is at its lowest and you cannot follow their blueprint to wealth. Atleast in the US, we see successful enterpreneur and we can follow their blueprints and still achieve success. The CEO's of top tech companies in the US are mostly foreigners. Heck you can't even get a job in DPR or NNPC in your own country because your name doesn't sound fulani or you don't know anybody in the Presidency.

Anybody that have ears listen, if you have a way of traveling to the US for studies or whatever.... just do it. The US is a land of opportunity if you have the right qualifications and work documentation....heck even if you are just hardworking alone, you go still make am. it would not be easy at first but you will make it as long as you have determination.


Programming / Re: Please Help Detect The Error In The Code by Lamexx(m): 2:22pm On Nov 17, 2020
Please I'm a novice in programming.
My main aim of the JavaScript snippet below is I want to declare a global function and use the value for my second function but when I ran the code it did not work. Please I appreciate if someone can point out the error for me.

function fun1() {var n=6.7569;
var ns=n.toFixed(2 );}
function fun2() {var t=prompt.window("what is your number?" );
var ps=document.getElementById("ut2" ).innerHTML=t*fun1()}; }

As a beginner, if you are learning how to code, you should be posting queries or question to `stackoverflow`. That is the platform for developers (experienced and novice).
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints New Acting Controller General, Federal Fire Service by Lamexx(m): 10:42am On Mar 02, 2019
I just opened the page just to confirm that the new appointment is a Northerner. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Fire on baba Next Level. Nigerians never see anything. Baba abeg make we Kukuma change the name to Federal Republic of Northern Nigeria nah as per Next Level things.

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Politics / Re: 2019 Presidential Election: Live Updates And Reports by Lamexx(m): 3:50am On Feb 23, 2019
Am here to sign the attendance register. Watching from Alaska. Please come out and Vote. Don't fight!!!


Politics / Re: Exclusive: How Atiku bribed Secondus With Intels Shares To Secure PDP Ticket by Lamexx(m): 7:12am On Feb 19, 2019
Even if Atiku bribes his way to be the Presidential candidate of the PDP, I will still vote for him. If he plans to even sell Nigeria to the highest bidder, he has my vote. Nigeria under a "corrupt" Atiku is better than a Nigeria under a "nepolistic, tribalistic, unaware, cabal-controlled and demented" President like Buhari.

NEVER AGAIN will a "lifeless" President represent over 190 million Nigerians. We say no to Next Level Nepotism, disobedient to the rule of law and lifelessness as a Nation.

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Politics / Re: Exclusive: How Atiku bribed Secondus With Intels Shares To Secure PDP Ticket by Lamexx(m): 7:11am On Feb 19, 2019
APC, BMC and Nairaland Official "Zombies" should come up with something better. This propaganda will not fly like they did in 2015. Nigerians are wiser now. We foolishly fell for the propaganda of 2015 but now we know better. The choice before Nigerians in the coming election is simple: A choice between going backward with the APC Next Level scam OR Atikulating forward as a nation; between Next Level oppression and herdsmen attack OR Atikulate freedom; between desperate power-seekers with empty Next Level promises OR Atikulate Job provision. Right now, I am OBIdiently ATIKUlating. ATIKU is a goal, back to Daura is the mission.

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Religion / Re: Is It Right To Pray After Fornication? by Lamexx(m): 8:49am On Jan 20, 2019
I pray before giving head. My “akata” gets annoyed. She ask me why do I have to pray before going down on her, my answer is that “I can’t eat anything without praying. I have to bless and sanctify anything that goes into my mouth”.
Sports / Re: NFF: FIFA Rejects Dalung’s Ministerial Visit Offer by Lamexx(m): 10:33pm On Aug 17, 2018
Amaju tenure ends next month... Make Giwa relax na...Haba

It looks like Giwa still does not understand that he is on a FIFA ban from all footballing activities for five years. So even if Pinnick’s term end next week or next month, Giwa cannot still be NFF President.
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Survives Ghastly Accident, Climbs On His Damaged Vehicle To Take Pictures. by Lamexx(m): 5:25pm On Jul 25, 2018
This guy is not serious!

Obviously he was on 60MPH not 60KPH. Many of them think the outer reading on the odometer is the KPH. And then he's doing that with an emergency spare tire? SMH!!!!
God is merciful oh

Exactly. He can’t be on 60 KMH. That is too slow on the FX 35. He must have been on 60MPH which is 100KMH on the FX. This is why I love Infiniti models and BMWs. They are engineered to perfection. You’ll pay premium on the car but you pay to stay alive.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Reacts To Fulani Herdsmen Killings, replies El-rufai by Lamexx(m): 3:45am On Jan 14, 2018
The useless vindictive weakling has issued yet another derisory statement reeking of daftness in an attempt to leverage on the current crisis to demonize El-Rufai.

It is on record Jonathan has never been decisive in tackling any form of insecurity, at his watch the now dismantled Boko Haram metarmorphosizes from ragtag insurgents to fully fledged sophisticated foes that brings disrepute to the Nigerian army, attacking at will, displacing millions and forcing our brave soldiers to desert battlefields wearing women wrappers. All because of the ineptitude, incognizance and Dumbo's unwittness that pave way to unprecedented level of gargatuan pilfering by hordes of unscrupulous vultures on our common wealth.

@A7, you just confirmed to the world that your brain is made of indomie noodles. Read you comment again and ask yourself whether there is a correlation between what you just posted and what is happening in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Police Attack Protesting Shiite Members In Abuja Today (Graphic Photos) by Lamexx(m): 2:36pm On Jan 10, 2018
See how someone's brain matter is showing. Truely Nigeria is still in the stone age. I just give up.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 12:51am On Dec 30, 2017
Thanks for your reply. I'm already frustrated as I have been on AP since Dec 22 and my start date is Jan 8.

If you dont want your village people to win this war, dont try it. On a serious note, its a 50/50 thing if you dont have a letter from your school, you might be sent back home. A recent story about a Ghanaian at Michigan Tech comes to mind http://www.mtu.edu/unscripted/stories/2017/november/finding-home-abroad-michigan-tech.html

Maybe because of the public holiday who knows but try and be optimistic and refresh your page later today.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 11:41pm On Dec 29, 2017
Hi everyone,

Please i am a silent follower and I have learnt a lot with the fam., but wants to know if 3.7/5.0 Msc GPA can help me secure PhD admission in U.S.
Hoping to write GRE and Toefl later.

Your GPA is not competitive enough but It is going to secure you a PhD admission. To enter a top tier school with this GPA, you need to work on other areas of your profile like scoring very high in the TOEFL and GRE (165/170 Q & V). In addition, try and publish in a peer review journal. Try and publish your BSc and MSc thesis in a peer review journal. Those are the other ways to improve your profile and get admitted into top tier schools.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 1:47pm On Dec 29, 2017
Hello house
Can I enter the US a day or two after the start date on my I-20?

Two days is fine but communicate with the International Student Program Coordinator in your school telling him/her that you will be coming in 2 days late after school starts. Make sure the person gives you the go ahead or maybe does a covering letter for you. Also have the person's contact on standby just incase the Customs and Border Protection officer decide to call your school.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 10:30am On Dec 29, 2017
please i need your suggestion on what look strange to me, i went for my visa interview yesterday scheduled for 8am but the interview started around 12:30 pm by a white guy in windows 6, and it was successful, the visa was granted this time after the first failed attempt two weeks ago, but the VO held my i-20 with my passport, after scrutinizing my sponsor statement of account, he said i will pick my i20 together with my passport at my pick up point after 3 business days. i don,t know why the vo is holding the i20, although my programme orientation is slated for 5th of Jan 2018. could that be a reason to do that?

Instead of posting your success transcript, you are here complaining over nothing. Wait for three business days, as long as you get your passport stamped with your visa, there is no problem. You can use a photocopy of your I20 to present at Point of Entry if the one he collected is not returned with your passport. You can still enter the US a day or two after the program start date but try and meet up with orientation.


Politics / Re: President Buhari Angry About His Son's Accident, Blames Security Aides by Lamexx(m): 10:05am On Dec 29, 2017

Is that what the Koran says? Why can't u guys learn to Stfu atimes

The Koran does not say so but common sense says soo.


Politics / Re: President Buhari Angry About His Son's Accident, Blames Security Aides by Lamexx(m): 9:58am On Dec 29, 2017
You can't blame the security guys. Train a child in the way he is to grow, when he is old, he will not depart from it. That is what the bible says. I am just hoping that this is not a question of "sins of the father being visited on the children".


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 7:54am On Dec 29, 2017
Please, I need some pieces of advice from the house.

I attended F1 interview in November and December 2017 respectively to study Master degree in Organizational Leadership with concentration on Organizational Management in Lewis University, IL, US but was denied. My highest degree was terminal Master in Managerial Psychology since 2012. During the second interview, the VO after so many questions and my confident answers, he denied my visa and said his colleague said previously that I was not qualified.....(I didn't understand why he said that anyway)

Though, I have contacted the Lewis University to defer my admission to May 2018. I have strong family ties in Nigeria (married with 3 children), have my personal residence, personal business, self sponsorship for the study with SOA to back it up. Kindly advise me on what mighty be missing as I prepare to re-fire towards May 2018.


The way you present yourself is what is the problem. You need to package yourself very well.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 7:42am On Dec 29, 2017
Thank you for your message.

Organizational Leadership would majorly teach me some leadership courses which would equip me with world class practice in the management of employees for expansion of my business that I have been operating for 14 years. Did you say Lewis University is a small private catholic University? (It is ranked No. 23 in the U.S. News & World Report Midwest Regional Universities rankings this year) What is your specific advice?

Forget ranking, those ranking are subjective and are for undergraduate studies. If you wan to go by ranking, then you should ask yourself "how well ranked is Lewis University in terms of MSc in Organizational Leadership in the US". I read your transcript and seriously you did not answer your questions like a serious student. You answered like an intending immigrant. Review your responses and try and work on your profile. Already, your profile is in their system based on the denial for the B1/B2 you applied for. Try and improve your profile or work on your responses before you refire.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 1:32am On Dec 29, 2017
Please Gurus in the house, I need suggestions on university that offer full funding for Mechanical Engineering based on your experience.

Masters preferably as I am scared of PhD longtime commitment.
GRE Quant:162, undergraduate score of 3.60/4.00

I have;
Texas Tech
Tennessee Tech University
Colorado School of Mines
University of Kansas.

Please feel free to criticize my choice of school too. Thank you

Go to thegradcafe(dot)com and start your research from there. nobody will do it for you. Look at people with similar profile as yours and see where they applied too and which school gave them funding.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 7:25pm On Dec 28, 2017

You can actually finish 30 credit units in 12 months if you do 9,12,9. 28 months doesn’t sound right to a sensitive VO. That was my point.

The best thing is to be silent on the number of months. Just state 30 credit, 12 unit course work, 12 unit elective and 6 unit research as the case may be. In my case, my I20 stated 36 month duration but I can't mention that I want to spend 36 month for a Masters degree so I was silent about it. I just stated the number of credit units I will be doing. I do not know whether it is standard for most school but the minimum is 30 units for thesis Master and 36 units or more for Masters by coursework. Hope this helps.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 6:14pm On Dec 28, 2017
Congrats sir. I think money should be number 1 on the list of things needed for a successful application.

Education in the US is not cheap.

Money is not number 1 bro unless you mean money for application, GRE testing and all. As far as the education and fee payment is concerned, there are people who did not go to America with one naira and they are studying or have completed their studies with full funding. The secret lies in having a stellar GPA in your undergrad, choosing the right school, choosing the right course of study and aceing your standardized test. There are lots of fund for education in the US. STEM courses are also well funded. It is left for you to access these funds. Try and get good grades in your undergraduate study (4.00 and above, better if you get a !st class), do well on the GRE (by well, I mean 165/170 Q and 160/170V and above), apply to the right school (use gradcafe to look at profile of student admitted in your score range), apply to atleast 6 schools. It also applies to student going for undergraduate studies. If you do well in your WAEC, ace the SAT and apply to the right schools, you will find out that you do not need money to study in the US.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 1:06am On Dec 28, 2017
My people, my visa came through this morning. I follow for those silent readers. I'm yet to recover from the ecstatic feeling.
I owe everything to this thread. I read every darn thing on this thread. I'm specially grateful to lamexx for reviewing my prepared responses and for the mock interview. This guy even called me with his airtime. So much love on Nairaland. Thanks to walspring for paying my sevis fee and to everyone that has contributed to this thread, you guys are awesome.

Abeg you guys should allow me to rant small. The idea for masters came to me immediately I passed out from service. This is the time I stumbled on this thread from a Google search, it brought a huge relieve knowing that most of the questions I have must have been answered here. I made it a duty to read at least 20pages of this thread everyday. It paid off !!

The stressed I went through for my transcript was just crazy. Shuttling almost every month from Lagos to Owerri to follow up on the transcript, even after paying one guy to help me expedite the process(Dude chop my money). The height of it all was when two of the transcript I requested was erroneously sent to one school. It took me almost 3 weeks to realize this error then I had to pay another 20k for another transcript which took one month again to process. Futo una well done!

My advice to folks just starting the process: This has been repeated here countless times, please note that GRE is a vital component of your application whether you are seeking for funding or not. If you have enough time, abeg prepare for GRE and smash it.

Congratulations man. This calls for celebration. Start preparing for school and try and arrive early so you can settle on time. All the best in your studies.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 9:17am On Dec 23, 2017
when the V.O ask for passport and i20 is it advicable to pass it with other things like admission letter, toefl,Gre

When you pass things you were not asked for, it makes you seem desperate and depending on the mood of the VO, they can decide to issue blue paper immediately. Do not shove any document you are not asked for. Just pass the document you are asked to pass. If they need any other document, they will ask for it. The VO's know we do a lot of oluwole document so they are not interested in seeing your document.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 2:39am On Dec 23, 2017
Thanks Mr. We know your type you get to the top and then laugh at people at the bottom. Watch it!!!
NA you get your mouth so run am anyhow na me get my money. Shame on you when I get my VISA

I understand what AfonjaBoston is saying. You can't just be going for VISA interview like that. Something must have been wrong with one or more of your response somewhere. Do a retreat, sit back, ask yourself questions like what am I doing wrong? What is different in my circumstances between my last denial and now? Possibly post your transcript of all your six denials so that people can criticize it and make you a better candidate. I checked back and found you never posted any of your transcript from your first interview in 2015. How then can someone help you? If you are using an agent, its time you send him on retirement. You don't need one. I also noticed you did not take GRE and TOEFL. If you did...fine. If you did not, it is high time you take both exams even if the school waived it for you. Moreover, how can the school waived GRE for someone with a 3.63 GPA. "Woss Wobi", you are making yourself look like a desperate candidate and you may have been profile so in their system as one.

Alternatively, if you are in lagos, go to Educational Advising Centre (EAC) at the embassy at Walter Carrington. Present your case and hear what they tell you. It will be nothing different from what I have said.


Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 2:20am On Dec 22, 2017
I got delayed too on Tuesday and planning to refire.

The consular asked me why did I apply to the second school I applied too... That question caught me unaware. I think our schools shouls also have something in common... I later told told him it is affordable and do offer scholarship... I know he wasn't cool with the answer...

Gurus... I applied to Park University and University of bridgeport... what could be their similarities? Both gave me admission but I chose Park University cus I have someone in Missouri but I don't wanna have ties in the USA.

Post you full transcript so we can help you decide how you should refire. Are you undergraduate or graduate? Only you can know the difference between Park University and Bridgeport based on the course you choose to study.
Travel / Re: Abandoning Nigeria's Good Life For The Us,its A Blessing If.... by Lamexx(m): 9:20am On Dec 21, 2017
How I bought $24,000.00 Dodge Charger with Cash.

I have read many stories on people living in diaspora, the good, the bad and the ugly. Different strokes for different folks. I write based on my own experience and for those that have spoken to me, they know I am a simple down-to-earth guy.
So I have been on car shopping for 2 months - I love cars and US has given me opportunity to live my dreams. Within 4 years I have used 4 cars, I get tired of a car easily.
When I initially got into US, to save cost I wanted to drive a car low on maintenance so I stuck with the Toyotas and the Hondas - this time around I wanted something different so I did my research and concluded on a 2015 to 2017 Dodge Charger. Good technology, fair cost of ownership.
Now the story goes - I started the car shopping - every weekend was spent driving around from Dealers to dealers. I used 3 websites - Cars, Truecar and Craigslist.
It was a terrible experience - It seems when a black guy with accent enters a premium car outlet, they assume you are either a drug dealer, you are uneducated and you have a terrible credit score. I now see why they call the dealership - "stealership".
Now most mistakes immigrants make is to go into dubious contracts with car dealership. I have written in the past that we forget our heritage when we go into foreign land. We try to copy the American lifestyle while we are Nigerians. The American lifestyle works for the Americans, it does not work for us - we have different customs and values. This has accounted for many immigrant failure in diaspora. African culture is rich in moral values - A river that forgets it's source will quickly dry up. You are a new immigrant - even some experienced immigrant make same mistake - you walk into a Dealership - the dubious sales man crunches some numbers and pronto - he gives you a monthly payment plan - you quickly sign the papers - you have just signed away your financial freedom in the US. There are times slavery is not by Chains and Cuffs, sometimes it's economic slavery and psychological slavery. You come into US gbam !!!! You see all the beautiful shining stuffs you never had back home - those devilish sales men tell you they are virtually free if you sign on a paper - you begin signing - credit cards, Mortgage, student loan, car loans, store cards, needless insurance, needless subscriptions - after some years you discover you are just living paycheck to paycheck. You have booked different loans against all your future income for the next 30 years in US. All you do now is working to pay back debts - a slave to your creditors. No wonder the good book says - "A borrower mortgages his freedom", well I will talk about this another day.
Back to my car story ....ok this post is becoming too long ..i will continue later.

Three gbosaaa for you Goldenboy007. Am enjoying your contribution. Very valuable information here. The truth is that information and knowledge is key to survive America. Continue with your car story baba. I am also interested in getting the Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Camaro when I grow up in America and have money like you. For now, let me manage with low maintenance Honda Accord.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 5:28am On Dec 21, 2017
Was delayed at the Lagos embassy this morning. And here goes my transcript:
Me:Good morning
VO: Good morning how are you doing today
Me: Fine and you
VO: pass me your passport and I20
VO: why are you going to the US
Me: to obtain a masters degree in environmental studies at point park university (Vo cuts in)
VO: Tell me about this program
Me: environmental studies encompasses not just scientific approach of solving environmental challenges but includes environmental law, environmental communication and most importantly Government policies and environment which is are the major problems that face the Nigeria environment as at now. The ...(VO cuts in)
VO: how many school did you apply to
Me:2 point park university and Marshall university
Vo: why point park over marshall
Me: the program at point park is career oriented which offers opportunity to obtain beyond class experience due to its contribution towards fighting environmental challenge in Pittsburgh, working tirelessly with Allegheny firm to restore and conserve the green land scape which welcomes lots of tourist, also the lectures at point park have both teaching and professional experience and through mentorship would pass this first hand experience to me (Vo cuts in again)
VO: what did you do during your Nysc
Me: worked at the product development department developing green techniques in production aimed at reducing the effect of the industrial process on the environment and... (VP again)
Vo:are you married?
Vo:any children
Vo: GRE?
Me: wasn't required by the university for my study choice
Started typing like forever
Vo: who is your sponsor
Me: my dad
V(: what does he do
Me: told him
VO started typing for Africa........
Then Ask again did you say point park aren't asking for GRE
Me:was not required for my study program and because I had a GPA above 3.0
This time puts his hand in his mouth and started thinking staring at his system
Vo: what did you say you did after NYSC
Me: was explaining ,in between he asked for salary and I told him I was volunteering. Then he tells me to continue.
Before I could finish the next statement all I heard was I'm sorry this paper explains why I couldn't grant your visa, you're free to reapply. Reaches for the blue paper and gave it to me.

Really I was frustrated though after the interview. I was blank till I got home. I agreed with Twoods on a particular post about the top schools, but still this School has a very good opportunity within and I had scholarship from them too.
But please @Twoods @lagosismyhome and every other person who would constructively criticize me I need your help . I might have said something wrong during my interview please be a light to this path.
Thanks would appreciate your help

I will have to be blunt here. You were not delayed but denied because you are an intending immigrant. You just want to run away from naija. But even if you want to run away which I am not against cos of the situation in Nigeria presently, you still need to be smart about it. There are so many things wrong with your response. One thing you need to know is that first impression matters a lot. Firstly, when you are asked "Tell me about your program", don't go about reeling off information you discovered about the program from wikipedia. You need to sound unique and articulate. Go to the school or department website in question and do enough research. What is the program requirement? How many coursework, how many elective will you be doing? What courses will you be doing? Are you going to present papers during the program? Is there any seminar requirement? Is there a thesis requirement? Answer all these and you have what it takes to answer question like tell me about the program.

Secondly, you were asked how many school you applied too? You stated two schools but think of it like this. The average American apply typically to 6 - 8 schools on the average. How come you from developing Africa is applying to just two lowly ranked or safe school. Even if you are better than Albert Einstein, you should reach out to more school with a mix of safe school and reach school. You should raise this number to atleast 5 schools even if it means saying you applied to schools in europe and UK.

Thirdly, you were asked why point park over marshall, you started talking bunch of rubbish again. Please for anyone reading this, do not ever give the VO the impression that you are looking to solve problem in America or do even an internship work in the US during the duration of your program in the US. Yes, we all desire that international experience but do not ever mention it in the interview. How does fighting environmental challenge in Pittsburg got to do with improving Nigeria's condition, there are lot of environmental problems in Nigeria, gas flaring issues, ground water contamination, air pollution and environmental degradation etc but here you are "Captain Nigeria" coming to solve problem in Pittsburg by working tirelessly with Allegheny firm. You want to improve Pittsburg so that more tourist will come there whereas, you can work on improving air quality and environmental conditions for example in Nigeria so that it can be a tourist destination. I feel like giving you six stokes of the cane but make I reserve my anger for Buhari and our useless leaders. As a graduate student, you need to tie your reason for choosing one school over another to your research interest and that of your intended school. There has to be a link between your interest, the school's research capability, and the problem in Nigeria that an American education will solve.

Because you answered the first three questions wrongly, it gave the VO opportunity to ask random questions like "Are you maried? Any children?". This is because your answer to the first three showed you are an intending immigrant and not a serious student, and you just want to run to America to become a liability to the US government thus he already profiled you in that category. Whatever, you answer after that is irrelevant. You have already been profiled as an intending immigrant. To further corroborate his point, he asked you "Any GRE?", you said NO. Guy, you are an intending immigrant and not doing GRE even though it is not required by the school in most cases is a ground or reason for denial. GRE and TOEFL is an "unspoken" requirement from a good student and a good candidate for a student visa. You need to work on alot of thing including how you answer his questions.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 13 by Lamexx(m): 3:47am On Dec 21, 2017
Hello, good evening. Im a new member and i will like to ask some questions. I have a 3rd class in biochem for bsc, i did pgd in drug development and production, and now i want to go for my masters in any uni in usa dtz stil cheeper abit. Have done series of search o en i cldnt get anysch dt i can secure admission with my pgd and wont require proficiency test. I wil await peoples reply.thanks

My sister, don't take this personal or as an insult but you are not yet ready to study/come to the United States. You have 3rd class, looking for a cheap school and don't want to take GRE. Are you for real!!! Admission committee in most "low ranked schools" may overlook your undergraduate deficiency if you can obtain a good GRE score. The opportunity to boost your admission for a Master's and chance for funding still remains the GRE. You better take it because even if you escape the GRE and get an admission, you still have to prove to the consular officers during your visa interview that you are a good student and the only way they can know that is if you take the GRE. Even American who are high fliers in the US still take the GRE let alone one African lady from an unknown university with a third class degree. I am not yabbing you ohh. Just want you to see the reality and use your head. I know someone who got into a funded PhD program at Stanford University with a 2.2 and excellent GRE score, although she did have 4 publication though. You are better off doing a GRE than not.

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Car Talk / Re: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Infiniti FX? by Lamexx(m): 3:27am On Dec 21, 2017

I'm a petroleum reservoir engineer and will like to discuss some urgent stuffs with you, kindly get in touch ASAP.

Thanks bro!

Wish you the best bro

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