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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Thank God, See My Networth As A Banker by lilbazy(m): 10:25pm On Aug 12
Even if na 1k sef I go thank God
1005318386. Uba
Wanna bless some people here tonight....5k for 50 people or 10k for 10 people

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Modified:keep it coming, I will compile the names of people to credit and mention you.....by 11pm, I will start crediting people
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Thank God, See My Networth As A Banker by lilbazy(m): 10:23pm On Aug 12
Even if na 1k sef I go thank God.
1005328386 uba
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Modified:keep it coming, I will compile the names of people to credit and mention you.....by 11pm, I will start crediting people
Politics / Only Intellectuals Should Open by lilbazy(m): 1:52pm On May 19
If Adam and Eve were our forefathers...How come we're having four different genotypes... AA AS SS AC ?

Celebrities / Re: "I Feel Bad Whenever People Say I'm Sexy" - Actress Luchy Donalds Says by lilbazy(m): 11:26pm On May 15
Her and her buttocks are of no use to our ecosystem.

We've vital issues at the moment in the country.


Sports / Re: Pastor Taribo West: Trump Will Win The US Election by lilbazy(m): 1:09pm On Nov 10, 2020
Religion is our only Problem in Africa

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Crime / Re: Abia State COVID-19 Taskforce Intercepts Car Carrying Bags Of Cannabis by lilbazy(m): 9:18pm On Apr 29, 2020
Does it cause Corona virus ? Why are they seizing it ?


Religion / Re: Video Of The 2-Year-Old Boy Who Killed A Snake Being Interviewed by lilbazy(m): 11:12pm On Jul 31, 2019
Yahweh Akbar
Yahweh Akbar
Yahweh Akbar
All Glory and Adoration belongs to you Our God.


Politics / This Goes To Mohammadu Buhari by lilbazy(m): 3:34pm On Feb 15, 2019
The problem with a Buhari presidency isn't just the administrative incompetence but his attitude. He acts like he's a gift, rarely thinks it necessary to talk to his people and doesn't listen.
We don't need a president who acts like he's doing us a favour or one who only sees you as corrupt when you're opposing him.

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Religion / Re: Why Didn't You Go To Church?? Sundays Frequently Asked Question by lilbazy(m): 9:51am On Feb 03, 2019
I stopped going to the Church because so many things are wrong with its doctrine & holy book.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. - John 8:32

The doctrine of Christian theology states that "the human authors and editors" of canonical scripture were led or influenced by God.

Paul also wrote in "2 Timothy 3:16" that - All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

Now, bring out your Bible and let us find out if the Bible is truly inspired by God. grin

1.) Who incited David to count the fighting men of Israel?

* God did (2 Samuel 24: 1)

* Satan did (1 Chronicles 2 1:1)

2.) In that count, how many fighting men were found in Israel?

* Eight hundred thousand (2 Samuel 24:9)

* One million, one hundred thousand (I Chronicles 21:5)

3.) How many fighting men were found in Judah?

* Five hundred thousand (2 Samuel 24:9)

* Four hundred and seventy thousand (1 Chronicles 21:5)

4.) When David defeated the King of Zobah, how many horsemen did he capture?

* One thousand and seven hundred (2 Samuel 8:4)

* Seven thousand (I Chronicles 18:4)

5.) How many were the children of Zattu?

* Nine hundred and forty-five (Ezra 2:cool

* Eight hundred and forty-five (Nehemiah 7:13)

6.) How many were the children of Azgad?

* One thousand two hundred and twenty-two (Ezra 2:12)

* Two thousand three hundred and twenty-two (Nehemiah 7:17)

7.) How many were the children of Adin?

* Four hundred and fifty-four (Ezra 2:15)

* Six hundred and fifty-five (Nehemiah 7:20)

8.) How many were the children of Hashum?

* Two hundred and twenty-three (Ezra 2:19)

* Three hundred and twenty-eight (Nehemiah 7:22)

9.) Jesus descended from which son of David?

* Solomon (Matthew 1:6)

* Nathan(Luke3:31)

10.) How did Simon Peter find out that Jesus was the Christ?

* By a revelation from heaven (Matthew 16:17)

* His brother Andrew told him (John 1:41)

11.) According to the Gospel of John, what did Jesus say about bearing his own witness?

* If I bear witness to myself, my testimony is not true (John 5:31)

* Even if I bear witness to myself, my testimony is true (John 8:14)

12.) Did Judas kiss Jesus?

* Yes (Matthew 26:48-50)

* No. Judas could not get close enough to Jesus to kiss him (John 18:3-12)

13.) Did Jesus bear his own cross?

* Yes (John 19:17)

* No (Matthew 27:31-32)

14.) Did Jesus ascend to Paradise the same day of the crucifixion?

* Yes. He said to the thief who defended him, Today you will be with me in Paradise (Luke 23:43)

* No. He said to Mary Magdelene two days later, I have not yet ascended to the Father (John 20:17)

Brethren, I have more but I'll stop here for now because if I continue Christianity will end in Nigeria today. grin

The logical & sensible folks amongst you will agree with me that a Book riddled with so much errors & contradictions , not to talk of lies cannot be held as Holy & Sacred. grin

These white people came to Afrika to rape & conquer your ancestors, stole their lands & looted their natural resources - and still forced them to be paying contributions to them in form of "Tithes & Seed Offerings".

That was in the 18th Century but now, we're in the 20th Century. Stop enriching these thieves with your Tithes & Seeds. Channel those monies instead into empowering your friends, family members, widows & orphanage homes around you.

If you stop paying your Tithes & Seeds to the Church, trust me, nothing will happen to you. That fear mechanism was put in place in the Bible in order to put you in perpetual fear & submission - while robbing you of your money without using a machine gun. grin

There's no devourer anywhere, there's no Heaven and there's no Hell. All those nonsense are figments of your Pastor's imagination. grin

Look at our societies? It is nothing but a reflection of the lies, greed & hypocrisy that is ingrained in the foundation of every religious institution.

Leave your Pastors & G.Os to continue preaching their outdated gospel of Tithes collection & Seed Offerings. The Church shouldn't be regarded more than a social gathering where people go to have fun in order to relieve stress & boredom. grin

In conclusion, as the general secretary of the "Free The Sheeples Movement", I send you back to your Church as sheeps in the midst of "wolves of extortion": be ye therefore wise as Python, and harmless as AK-47. grin

They succeeded in fooling your parents, do not let them fool you again!

If Adeboye, Oyedepo, Oyakhilome & others want to give God money, let them sell their Private Jets, Real Estates & Rolls Royces - and transfer the money into Yahweh's GTB & Zenith Bank Accounts. Hahahahaaaaa! grin

I hope I have been able to convince you, and not to confuse you that - going to church is an absolutely waste of my precious time & energy. grin

Children of God, Praise Tha Lord......! grin
You will think you're wise and Educated now..But if you don't deviate from this foolishness of yours..your time will run out and that's the end. You will meet the Jesus you have been spending your time and resources criticizing. Shalom.
Celebrities / Re: Olamide Has Succeeded In Motivating Yahoo Boys – Man Blames Singer by lilbazy(m): 10:51am On Jan 18, 2019
Click like for Atiku and share for Buhari

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Politics / Re: The Ugly Situation APC Is Trying To Hide’ by lilbazy(m): 3:57pm On Nov 17, 2018
Click like for Atiku and share for buhari

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Culture / Re: Naomi Oluwaseyi, Ooni’s Wife, Prophesied Her Reign As Queen Over A Year Ago? by lilbazy(m): 1:46pm On Oct 21, 2018
Are you people telling me she hasn't been seeing Ooni until a week ago ? Mutherfuckers she knows she'll be going to the palace soon.

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Searching For Nur Alkali, Missing General In Plateau Pond by lilbazy(m): 9:06pm On Sep 21, 2018
May his soul RiP.......
Click like if you believe Buhari will lose 2019

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Searching For Nur Alkali, Missing General In Plateau Pond by lilbazy(m): 9:06pm On Sep 21, 2018
May his soul RiP Click like if you believe Buhari will lose 2019

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Equatorial Guinea Where Father And Son Are President And Vice President by lilbazy(m): 5:15pm On Sep 20, 2018
Please you all should endeavor to desist from Voting Muhammadu Buhari Come 2019. Godbless Nigeria

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Travel / Re: Aircraft Being Transported In A Trailer Truck In Port-Harcourt. See Photos by lilbazy(m): 4:44pm On Sep 20, 2018
Please you all should endeavor to Vote out Buhari Please

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Celebrities / Re: Hilarious T-shirt Depicting Davido And Chioma Goes Viral (photo) by lilbazy(m): 12:13am On Aug 29, 2018
Pls what's funny in the pics ?
Education / Re: Look At This Boys Outstanding WSSCE Result(photo) by lilbazy(m): 12:53am On Jul 06, 2018
You can't see this ones joining cult
All those ones that wrote Waec and Gce 6times are the ones disturbing the nation with cultism

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Religion / Re: What Do You Believe? by lilbazy(m): 9:51am On Jun 24, 2018
I Believe in Jehovah,the I am that I am,Elshadai,the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
I believe He sent his Only Begotten son "Jesus" to die for my sins and the sins of the world. And I believed Jesus resurrected on the 3rd Day and ascended to heaven afterwards.
Religion / Re: Have You Ever Considered You Are Nothing Without God? by lilbazy(m): 9:21am On Jan 07, 2018
I Inalegwu Ochofiye Michael, I am NOTHING without Jehovah Nissi...The king of kings
Sports / Re: Somebody Pity Me, See Game Wey Cut My Money... by lilbazy(m): 12:29am On Jan 07, 2018
Sports / Re: Betting Professor by lilbazy(m): 12:18am On Jan 07, 2018
Sports / Re: Emmanuel Eboue Never Die O, Him Dey Ivory Coast Today (PICTURES) - Pidginblog.ng by lilbazy(m): 12:16am On Jan 07, 2018
Why is it that Bloggers are Simultaneously looking for Bad news about people ? Humans looking for the Downfall of there fellow brethren just to put food on there own table... pathetic. We need to revise our Humanities and study the Human Qualities allover Again
Religion / Re: Can You Boldly Testify Of God's Goodness In The Year 2017? by lilbazy(m): 11:56am On Dec 31, 2017
I Inalegwu Ochofiye Michael was,is and will Forever be Grateful to God for my existence on this world. Jehovah has been Wonderful.... He will forever be my king.
Crime / Re: RCCG Pastor Attacked In Warri By 3 Teenage Boys Fully Armed (Photos) by lilbazy(m): 11:39pm On Dec 02, 2017

Where was God when Jesus was killed?
Jehovah is Merciful.. I know he will forgive you.
Celebrities / Re: Meet Sly Ayoola Monay, The Original Creator Of Ebuka's "Slay Agbada" by lilbazy(m): 12:04am On Nov 24, 2017
if its not Ebuka...it can never be like ebuka.
Education / Re: Can I Make A 2.1 With Current CGPA Of 3.44 by lilbazy(m): 6:38pm On Nov 13, 2017
I am in a similar situation o,
Just entered my 3rd year with a
cgpa of 3.42.... God help us
Education / Re: Confusing English Words/Phrases You Probably Do Not Know by lilbazy(m): 1:36am On Nov 12, 2017
Nobody fit know English finish

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Education / Re: Female Student Of Bayero University Killed In Kano (photo) by lilbazy(m): 9:14pm On Nov 06, 2017
Nigerian government and killings is like Real madrid and champions league trophies


Romance / Re: Guys: What Will You Do When A Cultist Wants Your Girlfriend? by lilbazy(m): 9:13pm On Nov 02, 2017
Most people don't know this...The pus*y is never yours,its just your turn. Leave her jejeli and find another girl.


Fashion / Re: Ladies Dressed As Sexy Nuns For Halloween, Cause Argument Online by lilbazy(m): 8:27pm On Oct 31, 2017
If He be God,let Him defend Himself. I gat no worries if they blaspheme.
God is greater than you.... At the End your Knees will bow and your Tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Education / Re: Hilarious Sign Post: Centre For Corruption Studies Uniabuja by lilbazy(m): 12:13am On Oct 30, 2017
Mortals cannot study the corruption trend in Nigeria it is beyond human thinking...

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