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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Speaking Yoruba Language In Joyous Mood by MadamT(f): 10:10am On Dec 14, 2019

Mama, don't allow them to discourage you from posting useful comments . Consider the youths that are getting inspiration from the power of positivity you are lending the forum.

One of them ,without running background check on what I posted claimed I lied.

I don't dignify those miscreants with response.It makes me feel really good.


My OP in this thread was actually my second post on NL in 2019. I generally prefer to read in guest mode than get involved.

Yes, best to ignore those with obvious “issues”.

Anyway, to all the good people who have quoted me, thanks. Pls, I’m not ignoring you, just haven’t been able to respond to every single post.

Happy weekend to all!


Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Speaking Yoruba Language In Joyous Mood by MadamT(f): 9:48am On Dec 14, 2019

Well done! You are a good parent a strong personality and someone your children look to. Even from the short piece you have written, this much is clear. Good to see people around my age here and of course talking sense!


Thanks jare and for your other posts.

Well done to you and your boys on the completion of their NYSC. Higher and higher for them I pray.��
Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Speaking Yoruba Language In Joyous Mood by MadamT(f): 11:08pm On Dec 13, 2019

Thank you ma, this is inspiring. I am trying to do same with my kids


It’s definitely possible. God bless.
Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Speaking Yoruba Language In Joyous Mood by MadamT(f): 11:05pm On Dec 13, 2019

Before long all the culture that you think they have imbibed will fade into oblivion because they don't know what it feels like to have Yoruba banters with peers, they don't have the culture first hand like you. It will die off, and did you say they've never being in Nigeria?? forget it they're not Yoruba stop giving yourself hope. I feel your pain. My friend migrated to USA three years ago on winning the lottery. When we spoke on phone, he rebutted my statement that his two year old son is an oyibo child, he claims he and his wife will teach him Yoruba. I find that ridiculous.

This is one of the reasons I rarely post here. The rudeness and childishness. It’s a shame really, cos people like me could maybe add some positive contributions here and there.

For the record, I don’t have any “pain”. Don’t project your life or the life of someone you know unto me.

You don’t know me. You don’t know my sons. Thank you.

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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Speaking Yoruba Language In Joyous Mood by MadamT(f): 10:54pm On Dec 13, 2019

Thanks MAmah!

What would you advise on interculture marriage living abroad?

Re your question: my advise, if asked, would be for to go for who you love and vice versa and who can commit to making the marriage work. There are inter-culture marriages that work ( I know a few), and there are some that don’t. It all depends on meeting the right person and both committing to making the marriage work.


Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Speaking Yoruba Language In Joyous Mood by MadamT(f): 10:43pm On Dec 13, 2019

Thumbs up madam for doing a good job unlike some other parents whose kids imbibed the street gang culture with the attendant violence and frustration all around. Naija values keep most children on the good path if diligently and warmly taught. God bless your family more.

Anthony Joshua had his rough patches but one can see the effect of his parents unrelenting work on him.

Blessings to you and yours too.

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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Speaking Yoruba Language In Joyous Mood by MadamT(f): 9:49am On Dec 13, 2019
He lived part of his life in Ogun state now. He even attended secondary school but I don't know for how long.

I will not be surprised that he speaks. Even some yoruba kids in UK that had never stepped their feet in Nigeria still speak the language fluently.

That is the beauty of being proud of your heritage.

You are right!
My sons are same age group as Anthony Joshua. They’ve never stepped foot in Nigeria but understand and speak a bit of our language.
A lot us parents who migrated from Naija in the 70s and 80s imbibed a lot of our culture in our children. For example, even though my grown sons haven’t been to Nigeria, they know which “swallow” goes with what! They combine amala with ewedu and pounded yam with Egusi. My first son cooks some Naija food expertly. His English fiancée enjoys jollof rice and will tuck in with him to enjoy amala. All of these and more bodes well for my grandchildren as they won’t lose their heritage.

So, I always laugh when I read some posts here making ignorant assertions about “abroad” children. They may be British, American etc. by birth and nationality, but people shouldn’t dispute some of their Naija upbringing cos it is Nigerian people from Nigeria that birthed and brought them up!

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Politics / Re: Igbos In Lagos Adopt "Back Home" Strategy. How True? by MadamT(f): 6:26am On Apr 12, 2019
As an elder, I laugh when I hear some younger ones saying Living in Bondage was the first home video.

Nollywood did not start in the 90s.

In 1977, my friends, brothers and sisters went to the National Theatre to see “Bisi Daughter of The River”

The movie was directed by the late Joseph Abiodun Babajide, aka Jab Adu. He was famous for his role as "Bassey Okon" in the popular long running TV series "Village Headmaster" of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

Then, In 1978, we went to see Aiye at the National Theatre. Aiye, a Hubert Ogunde film was directed by Ola Balogun.

Alade Aromire was the first to produce a home video in 1988.

Jimi Odumosu produced Evil Encounter a horror film in 1980.

No doubt, Living in bondage was a hit and contributed hugely to the Nollywood boom.

But, honestly, younger ones should try to learn history or at least, when corrected wth facts, should take them onboard and not just keep arguing blindly. Open yourselves to learning and correction. Doing this doesn’t mean you are weak. It actually makes you the bigger person.

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Business / Re: Diasporans Remit $22 Billion In 2017 by MadamT(f): 8:41am On Jun 02, 2018

Madam, if I want to receive money from abroad to nigeria via western union.what do I do?

Just seeing your post.
Do you mean if you want to remit money from abroad or receive the money sent from abroad in Nigeria?

Can’t speak authoritatively about WU’ workings in Nigeria as I don’t live there. However, I believe that money sent via any Western Union abroad can be collected in any of their branches in Nigeria or banks.

I don’t use Western Union here anymore anyway. Many of us now use other reputable money transfer organisations as these ones offer services where our remitted money is transferred, within minutes, directly into recipients’ personal or business bank accounts.
Business / Re: Diasporans Remit $22 Billion In 2017 by MadamT(f): 9:28am On Apr 24, 2018
I’ve been remitting money for more than 30 years and have used various money transfer organisations over the years to remit money to Nigeria.

Not once, have I or any Nigerian abroad ever been asked to state our tribe before we can remit money home. If anyone knows any different, they can present the facts here.

When we go to Western Union or wherever you go to send your money, you present (or would have presented) your ID, usually a current passport. No Data is collected regarding tribe. You send money as a Nigerian, or whichever nationality you hold, - to Nigeria. That’s it. No data is collected from us here to do with tribe. We just send money to Nigeria that’s all. So no one should come and claim that one tribe is the most hardworking, therefore remits money the most!


Politics / Re: Yorubas Are The Most Industrious,Richest & Educated Tribe in Nigeria & Africa by MadamT(f): 6:04pm On Apr 08, 2018

Correct, fine chic! How you dey? Longest time! cheesy

Chic ke! More like mother-hen, according to my sons.�

But yes, I’m fine thanks. Trust you are also.

Sometimes when I read (mostly in guest mode), I see some people giving you are a hard time because you batter them with facts. Please never change. I for one enjoy reading your posts whenever I pass by NL. Yours, Totit’s, kn23h’s and many others who post on this thread. It’s a shame that too many uncouth kids run loose on this forum. Quite off-putting. Sometimes I read some posts and shake my head at the level some Nigerian youths seems to have denegerated to.

Anyway, don’t let me derail this nice thread.

Continuous kudos to all positive contributors.


Politics / Re: Yorubas Are The Most Industrious,Richest & Educated Tribe in Nigeria & Africa by MadamT(f): 5:01pm On Apr 08, 2018
Hello good positive people on this thread!

Just passing by NL and decided to pop in here to say hi.

Please ignore the trolls. They’ll love nothing more than to derail the thread which might then make it to be pulled.

A happy Sunday to you all. �


Politics / Re: Non-Yoruba Indigenes In South West Regroup Under NYIEI by MadamT(f): 1:26pm On Dec 27, 2017

I already quoted 50%. It is now up to you to tell me, No, it is this or that. Then we start defending our claims, first you have to give me the source.

In fairness, you made the original assertion therefore, the onus is on you to back up your claim.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Walka Walka: A Blessing Or A Curse? by MadamT(f): 10:13pm On Nov 06, 2017

T[b]he 40% stat was given by Nnede based on his observation[/b] as an Author and Wall Street Investment Banker.


According to World Igbo Congress, a union of all Igbos in diaspora with headquarter in USA, 70% of all Nigerians in diaspora are Igbo. To us that is too bogus, so we settled for 40% based on Nnede's experience as an Investment banker, though personally I believe it should be about 45% based on our own observations and informal surveys.

So, the “stat” is not really a stat then. Just someone’s personal opionion and observations.

Had a brief glance through the article. The Author stated in his disclaimer that his piece was just that- his own personal opinion. He even admitted towards the end that he has no true statistics to back up the figures.

So, really, you have no verifiable stats. Just personal opinions and assumptions.

Also, the claim that igbos remits the most into the foreign reserves is just a myth. There is no money transfer systems abroad which asks for our tribes when we do transactions. Even the original link you posted mentioned Nigerians[i][/i] repatriating money home. It never singled out a particular tribe as being the largest contributor.

Hope this fallacy can be put to rest now. But doubt it, knowing how some people here bandy opinions as facts!

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Politics / Re: Igbo Walka Walka: A Blessing Or A Curse? by MadamT(f): 11:30pm On Nov 05, 2017
It is not a secret that the Igbos are the most mobile tribe in Nigeria. With about 35% of a total population of about 50 million living in the South East, their home land, the Igbos have the best spread in the country. A recent projection shows that about 11 million are living in the North alone, and there is this concensus among different writers that Lagos population is made up of about 40% Igbos. Another source claim there is over 40% Igbos in the population of Nigerians in Diaspora, 20% in cities like Kano, Jos e.t.c. www.nigeriaworld.com/feature/publication/nnebe/101013.html. Collaborating the 40% Igbos in Nigerians in diaspora, an informal survey showed that an average extended family in Igboland has atleast one family member outside the country

With a projected population of about 18 million by Lagos State Government, we can assume an Igbo population of 7.2 million in Lagos alone, over 3 million in Kano alone, leaving the other Northern states to share 8 million Igbos. With Lagos statistics we can safely assume, over another 11 million Igbos in the SW. This means about over 22 million Igbos living in the North and South West.

We are going to concisely discuss the social and economic benefits of this mobility.

Before we proceed, we are going to make one thing clear, using the exact words of Nnede, a former Wall Street Investment banker, "The Igbos are simply very republic in nature, and would easily uproot themselves and their families to greener pastures without qualms. When I use the phrase greener pastures, it does not necessarily represent better developed areas. Just better opportunities, and when they can't find one upon arrival would create one for themselves."

The number one blessing is that the Igbos can never be exterminated. With only about 35% of their population living within the region, should anything happen to SE either by natural or unnatural means, the other 65% though psychologically beaten will be their to continue the race.

Traveling is part of learning, especially with respect to human behaviour. Through experiences garnered through travelling, South East has the most understanding of the behaviour of the different tribes in the country. This explains why they are better traders in the country, even in West Africa, building the largest and busiest market in Africa (Onitsha Main Market, Onitsha) and the four Largest market in Nigeria (Ariria Int'l Market, Aba).

Nigerians in diaspora remitted into the country since 2015 stands at $20.8bn, that is about #7.519 trillion either for financial development projects or to assist family members. www.dailypost.ng/2017/07/26/nigerians-diaspora-repatriate-n7-519-trillion-nigeria-finance-development/ using the above statistics of Igbos in diaspora, [b]Igbos contributed to about $8.32 bn into Nigerian foreign reserve and repatriates about over #3 trillion to families in the SE, while the rest of the country shares about #4.5 bn at average of about #900 bn for each of the 5 regions. [/b]This is one of the blessings that come from traveling.

There are massive Igbo investments all over the country. Infact, one report showed that there are about #44 trillion worth of Igbo investments in the North alone www.sunnewsonline.com/igbo-and-their-trapped-trillions/ While some people believes that those trillions are trapped, but the truth is they are not. The main reason is that International laws allow global citizens to acquire and owe legitimately properties in any part of the world and two, no sane person will destroy an investment worth of #44 trillion.

Most of these investments are started with small capitals and cannot strive in the East, so it makes economic sense to site them in areas where comparative costs are lowest, instead of trying to invest the small capital in the East. Just like MTN repatriates profits to South Africa, Apple China to the USA, these investments will as well make repatriation down to the East, including their Corporate social responsibilities. This is because in Igbo land, no matter how rich you are, you are judged by your impact in your community, how many successful people you have groomed, the later is usually used to rate traders. If you have not trained a successful trader, you are counted as nothing. This is known as the 'Aku ruo ulo philosophy' it is the basis of the Igbo resilience.

Let assume, we have Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa. With Igbo investments scattered all over Nigeria before separation, Biafra will exert massive influence on the economy of Oduduwa and Arewa. This will grow into political influence with time when leveraged on properly. Repatriation from these countries will lead to a larger foreign reserve, which will translate into a stronger currency.

The population of Ndi Igbo is growing rapidly across the 5 other regions, if managed and leveraged on properly will lead to a politically and economically stronger EAST. While other regions have to open their eyes to the massive opportunities this offers, we shall continue to make this incursion, while repatriation the benefits home.


Any verifiable stats to back up some of your claims?

When those of us in diaspora remit money home, we are never asked our tribe. You send money home as a Nigerian or - to Nigeria, if you have naturalised in the county you live. So how can anyone state that igbos (or any particular tribe) contribute this and that amount into the foreign reserves? What verifiable stats were used to unequivocally back up the assertion?

You also said “Another source claim there is over 40% Igbos in the population of Nigerians in Diaspora”. Can you kindly post the link to the source with these statistics? The first link you attached didn't work when I tried to open it.


Politics / Re: What I Have Learnt From Kanu And Ibo As A Yoruba by MadamT(f): 8:40am On Aug 31, 2017

dont derail the thread i dont want it blocked thanks

Au contraire, those are the type of questions that needs to be asked of that poster who keeps alleging deeds to so-called "Yoruba Muslims". Just curious to know who these "Yoruba Muslims" are and what are their alleged deeds?

Anyway, I'll leave you guys to do your thing. Was just passing by anyway.


Politics / Re: What I Have Learnt From Kanu And Ibo As A Yoruba by MadamT(f): 8:30am On Aug 31, 2017

Most of our Muslim population.

Could you give an example of how the so-called "Yoruba Muslims" are doing what you claim? Who are these Muslim population and what exactly have they done or are doing to hold the entire Yourba down and/or be in cahoots with the north? Give names and factual evidence of these "Yoruba Muslims" and their alleged deeds.


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Politics / Re: Yorubas Are The Most Industrious,Richest & Educated Tribe in Nigeria & Africa by MadamT(f): 9:34pm On Aug 17, 2017
Well done to all the contributors of this great thread.

Laudate et.al. God bless you all.


Politics / Re: Yorubas Are The Most Industrious,Richest & Educated Tribe in Nigeria & Africa by MadamT(f): 9:33pm On Aug 17, 2017

It's all right. I am for whatever benefits the people. The federal government is too big as it is. If regionalism or separatism is the way to move forward, then so be it.

What's even more painful is the cultural aspect. In Africa, it's hard to find a country where the official/institutional language of education isn't foreign. Instead of promoting Yoruba's culture, Yoruba culture is being thrown away and you are considered more posh if you speak English and not your native language. Funny enough is most Nigerians aren't excellent in the English language. I want an autonomous state where Yoruba is the language of government and education institutions where local dialects will thrive and English will be a side language reserved only on the international stage.

Good post.

Been meaning to log in to hail this brilliant thread. Will do in a mo. But first, I'd like to comment on aspects of this post and the bolded.

It's a shame that our native language is seen as too 'loki'. It's been going on a long time though and seems to have gradually got worse since my time in Nigeria. I remember back in school in the 70s, when we got to Form 3 and were choosing our key subjects, those who chose one of the three main languages as part of their chosen subjects were usually sniggered at. Most students who, for example, chose Yoruba did so, not because they loved it but just to add numbers to their other chosen subjects

In class, we were penalised for "speaking vernacular". Some students who were not so good at speaking the English language would remain mute in class so as not to pay the fine or be laughed at by their peers.

I totally agree about the bolded. I think the lack of promotion of the Yoruba language (or any of the other native languages) stems from ignorance. The ignorant belief that English is superior to our indigenous languages and/or that we must only speak it to our kids so they can be fluent in it. Many don't know or believe that actually, children are born with the innate ability to learn and speak more than one human languages fluently.

Our Asians brothers here don't joke with their native tongue. All their children are spoken to and are taught to speak their language of origin. These children also speak English fluently.

Like you said, it's not that most Nigerians speak perfect, plum-in-the-mouth, queen's English anyway so why not perfect and promote the language native to us?

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Politics / Re: Yorubas Are The Most Industrious,Richest & Educated Tribe in Nigeria & Africa by MadamT(f): 11:34am On Jul 16, 2017
You are on the internet use your brain or use google

So, why don't you use the same method to find out "Afonjas' manufacturing list and what they produce"?

Even a mostly quiet observer like myself have noted the many many things posted here that Yorubas produce and manufacture, yet, to save face, some of you are still asking them to show you, when they have a million times already!

Anyway, I just logged on to say well done to one of my favourite posters on this board Laudate and all who have done a fantastic job with facts and figures to debunk many fallacies usually perpetuated by some Igbos on here. Well done all!

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Business / Re: Dispora Nigerians Remit $18.97bn In 2016 – UN Report by MadamT(f): 11:08am On Jun 17, 2017
Why would I resort to insult? What I stated is the obvious fact based on decipherible logic. Diaspora Igbos are apparently more in number than Yorubas.

"Desipherible logic" is not verifiable. I repeat no one can authoritatively state which tribe is more or less in the diaspora without accurate data to support the assertion. Anything else is just guesswork which anyone is free to hazard and believe if it makes them happy, I suppose.


Business / Re: Dispora Nigerians Remit $18.97bn In 2016 – UN Report by MadamT(f): 10:23am On Jun 17, 2017
The Fact is that aside UK, Igbos in diaspora are far more than Yorubas, its likely to be in the ratio of 2:1. Yorubas are more in the UK simply because there was free visa for Nigerians during colonial period, and since Lagos was the capital then, many Yorubas used the opportunity to migrate to London. Igbos dominate diaspora population followed by Yorubas & Binis.

Any concrete data to support this assertion?

When we remit money home (and I've been remitting money back to Nigeria for 30 years now), they don't ask for our state of origin. You send money as a Nigerian or as a citizen of that country if you have naturalised. So without verifiable data, no one can say for an absolute fact which tribe sends money home the most.

In terms of which tribe is far more in the diaspora. again without verifiable data, no one can authoritatively state which tribe is more than the other.

Based on guess work though, I'd say the Yorubas are more. I've lived abroad for 30 years and travelled extensively, so at least I can hazard some sort of guess.

Oh by the way, if your reply comes with insult, I will not respond. That's why I rarely post on Nairaland.


Politics / Re: Anambra, 4th Largest State GDP In Nigeria by MadamT(f): 10:05am On May 25, 2017
Ah, arguments lost based on facts and figures supplied by the guys from the SW. Now, some of the posters from the SE have started derailing the thread by posting pictures and comments unrelated to the actual topic. Hmm. Typical.

As mostly a guest reader here, I noticed that see this ploy happens a lot. Once a debate is lost, diversionary off-topic tactics will be deployed possibly to get the thread deleted and take the heat off them.

SW guys, stay on topic. Don't let them distract you!


Politics / Re: No US Study Ever Said Igbos Are The Most Brilliant African Race by MadamT(f): 10:22am On Apr 17, 2017
In the 15 Questions and Answers about the Nobel Prize in Literature: one of the questions asked was:

'Do you look at the nominee's particular work/book or collection of works during the nominee’s lifetime?'

Answer: The prize is always based on an overall assessment. It's a life's work that is rewarded, not individual books.


As an elder, glancing through this thread, I can't believe some are actually attempting to rubbish A Nobel Prize winner just because the person is not from their tribe!


Politics / Re: We Are No Longer Comfortable Being Part Of Nigeria - Igbo Leaders. by MadamT(f): 12:14am On Feb 19, 2017

My dear sista! cheesy It is always good to read your rare contributions on NL. One young man came back to post an excerpt from an article about the history of Lagos, and ended up shooting himself in the foot. Just check my last response to him. wink

I know. I saw it. Quite Embarrassing for him really. Gosh!

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Politics / Re: We Are No Longer Comfortable Being Part Of Nigeria - Igbo Leaders. by MadamT(f): 12:01am On Feb 19, 2017

Bia kete, don't allow people to laugh at your inanity. cheesy Who told you that the Igbo developed Lagos? How can the South-East have a seaport, when they do not have a coastline that gives their land direct access to the sea? However, there are seaports in Port-harcourt, Calabar and Onne, which are all located in the South-South. Or didn't you know this fact? Why didn't you claim that your people developed those ones, too? shocked

Who told you there is no international airport in the South-East and South-South? shocked What is Enugu International Airport? And Port-harcourt International Airport? Do they look like spare parts markets to you? Oh, let me guess you are going to claim that aliens developed those airports, right? Not so? As for your oil, what is the amount of oil being produced in the South-East compared to what other parts of the Niger-Delta are producing? Stop your silly stories, abeg. I know you are going to jump up now, and claim that only the oil from the SE was used to develop Lagos, as if Edo, Ondo and other parts of the Niger-Delta do not produce oil! sad And the oil was not used to develop different parts of Nigeria, including Lagos and even parts of your communities in the South-east & South-south. Ask your governors what they did with their allocations from 1960 till date!

Now you are being too ridiculous. cheesy Who made Lagos the capital? Wasn't it the colonial masters? And was the capital not removed from Lagos to Abuja more than 20 years ago? Or is that you failed to notice this, as you were spinning your propaganda? Next, you will claim that the Igbo made Lagos the capital of Nigeria. Hehehehe.... cheesy

As for taxes, please do a comparative analysis of all the commercial enterprises owned by the SE & SS people, and compare it to the ones owned by people from other ethnic groups, in Lagos. Did anyone tell you that only SE-owned businesses or businessmen pay tax, while those from other ethnic groups do not? Or what point are you trying to make here? shocked

The decision about where to site the headquarters of an oil company, is taken by the management of that oil company and not by indigenes of other ethnic groups. sad So what is your problem? Many of the oil companies have their operational offices in the Niger-Delta and South-South, but how many of them are operating in peace? If your SS militant brothers are not vandalising their assets or pipelines today, they are busy kidnapping their expatriates tomorrow. Now, who in his right senses would relocate his headquarters to such a region? shocked

As for Lagos special status bill, it was put forward by Lagos reps, and not the SE or SS people or the Igbo. So why are you lamenting about it? You can also ask your people to raise a special status bill for your own region or city. So, there is no need to get worked up.

Now, from all what has been said here, you can see clearly that the Igbo did NOT develop Lagos. undecided If you want a clearer insight about the history of Lagos, please read this book : Possessed – A History of Law & Justice in the Crown Colony of Lagos (2014) written by Supo Shasore. It would enlighten you.

Thank you for your succinct answer as always. You are one of the very few posters whose posts I actually take time to read on the occasions I visit this section. Mature and intelligent.

Yea, it would be good to see clear facts and figures of how just one certain tribe developed Lagos. A claim I have seen bandied about here.

Hope the young man/woman who made the claim will come back and provide verifiable facts of how they developed Lagos?

Waiting but won't hold my breath...


Politics / Re: Adebayo Ogunlesi: 7 Things You Should Know About Nigerian Appointed By Trump by MadamT(f): 10:02pm On Dec 03, 2016

Good for you. But remember this; what you see yourself as and what you really are, are two different things. I would seriously advise you to throw away that mentality. There is no way you can be normal and identify with the Nigerian culture. It is a culture that has kept them in the rot they've experienced since independence.

Funny. Look at you lecturing a woman, probably old enough to be your mother, about what the woman really is or isn't! What's that got to do with anything especially about someone you don't know in real life?!

I give up. Too many kids here. That's why I rarely post.


Politics / Re: Adebayo Ogunlesi: 7 Things You Should Know About Nigerian Appointed By Trump by MadamT(f): 9:32pm On Dec 03, 2016

Let me ask you are question. A Nigerian living in Nigeria and who is a Naturalized American, is asked on a form to specify what nationality he is. What do you think he is going to put down? and it does not have to be five years. It could be 4 months.

I'm British and have been for nearly 30 years. I may be British on paper, have certain ideologies etc. but these don't make me any less a Nigerian. My children are in their mid to late twenties, born and bred in the U.K. and have never ever been to Nigeria (yet). However, they see themselves as Nigerians in many ways. If my kids (and many like them here in the U.K) identify with their Nigerian origin, how much more the man in question who was even born in Nigeria and had his early education there?

My brother is a naturalised American and has been for 38 Years. His grown up children are all Americans by birth and upbringing. None of them even have Nigerian passports. Yet, they all see themselves as Nigerians and identify strongly with the culture.

Because you put down British, American or whatever down on paper doesn't make yours or your parents' country of origin any less what it is.

Adebayo Ogunlesi is an American citizen on paper yes. But he is a Nigerian by origin and nothing can ever change that!

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Politics / Re: Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu And Her 4 Children (Photos) by MadamT(f): 1:25am On Nov 28, 2016

Oga, why are you running from the truth now? sad You made an assertion and facts were presented. Instead of you to be objective and see the truth, you are now persisting that the Ooni's position cannot be compared to a small chief. Okay, I hear you, o! Don't say I did not try to correct the other mistakes in your post. sad I do not like to see people walking in error.

The fact that her middle name is Wuraola which is a Yoruba name, probably shows that she already has some Yoruba blood in her, perhaps through her maternal line. Hope the Yoruba chaps will correct me if I am wrong. undecided

Finally, the other time you had said 'many other Yoruba traditional rulers have married Igbo women?'. Why haven't you listed them, yet??

Thank you, o! cheesy That was the same question I asked him earlier. Instead of giving me a straight answer, he started telling me about how the Ooni is king of the Yorubas and how his position cannot be compared to that of a small chief. We already know that, don't we?

Was that the question that was asked? shocked

The thing tire me! That's why I prefer to read and silently observe than post. Too many kids just jiving without substance!

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Politics / Re: Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu And Her 4 Children (Photos) by MadamT(f): 1:12am On Nov 28, 2016
Cry me s river...it's the Yoruba men that sees marrying Igbo women as an achievement whike the Igbo an doesn't even notice or see reason why he should go out of his place....oh the prof you said was one of the very few...I can I've you many Yoruba royals that married non Yoruba...do you want us to exchange notes

One thing I notice is that most Yoruba men place non Yoruba women above Yoruba women...this is n o derivation...it is tribal slut but just an o derivation even here in nairaland we get to see that daily in many threads

That's why igbo keep feeling fly not as if Igbo are special breed

Please exchange the notes. Kindly list the names of the "many Yoruba royals that married non Yoruba".
Also, can you provide evidence of how Yoruba men place non Yoruba women above Yoruba women? You say you see it here in Nairaland daily in many threads. Please post just one of such threads. I'm an older woman who is not a regular poster here. Would be interesting to see such a thread.


Crime / Re: Driver Connive With Others 2 Rob,Rape & Bury A Lady Alive In Abuja(shocking Pics by MadamT(f): 8:01pm On Oct 23, 2016
If you don't have a heart of steel and a rock solid stomach, I suggest you don't watch that video. One of the worst things I've ever seen, after Aluu4.

Thanks for the warning.

As a mother, that Aluu4 video still haunts me whenever I remember it. I'll give this one a pass. May that young lady's soul rest in peace. Hope proper justice is served to her killers.

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Travel / Re: UK Officials Manhandle A Nigerian Today by MadamT(f): 6:42pm On Mar 10, 2016
The British Transport Police issued statement over the incident.


IMO, statement did not address hitting the man with a baton. But I'm sure all will be thoroughly looked at in due course.

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