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Sports / Re: Mikel, Okocha Or Kanu: Who Was The Most Successful Nigerian Player by Maobichek: 6:35pm
We are talking about their exploits and achievement on the Africa scene, now you're quantifying them using monetary terms and their exploits abroad, have you forgotten atlanta olympic 96? Or have you forgotten diouf of senegal naming okocha as the most skillful africa player? So it"s an insult putting these legends in the same category with mikel obi, abi you don forget that okocha free kick against cameroun or how he humilated oliver khan

The original thread was for the most successful player and in my first comment, I said: talent:Okocha, successful:Kanu, Richest: Mikel and I maintained that the overall best base on Fifa and CAF ranking is Kanu.

I remembered everything Okocha did but leaving PSG for Bolton remains the worst mistake he made. Okocha is the best among the 3 in terms of talent but Mikel's decision to stay at Chelsea paid off, thank you.

NB: go back to the thread proper, it was overall successful and not just on African soil CAF games alone, thank you.
Sports / Re: Liverpool Spoil AC Milan's Champions League Return In Five-Goal Thriller by Maobichek: 6:26pm
[quote author=ScrillyGOAT post=105881514]
Liverpool was the best team in England prior to their fall in the late 90's. While Liverpool had 18 League titles, the mearest to them had maybe 7 or 6. Liverpool commands the same amount of respect Milan does. You're mentioning greats of the game Milan produced while labelling Salah and Gerrard as the only Liverpool great ballers, what about Kevin Keegan, Michael Owen, Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Fowler, Souness, Carragher, the trio of Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano and Fernando Torres e.t.c.

You might not know any of this players because Liverpool's decline started 1992, when Sir Alex took up Manchester United and made them into a classy team you support now. You belittling Liverpool shows you're only used to the famous names you hear now.[/quote

What drew my attention in the first place was your comment: "person pass person" and it was because AC Milan lost to Liverpool last night at Amfield.

I enumerated how and why AC Milan is ahead of Liverpool, thank God you didn't deny the number of champions league won and players with world best while in AC Milan to which Liverpool does not match.

I didn't say that Liverpool is not a big team, we all saw what happened at Istanbul and the revenge after 2 years. Liverpool is good and great but in UEFA ranking, AC Milan is still ahead of them. Baros, Kuyt, etc are Liverpool stars but saying "person pass person" as a result of last night champions league match is out of place, thank you.
Politics / Re: Fani-Kayode Joins APC, meets President Buhari by Maobichek: 5:02pm
Jonathan is on his way to APC.. ipob/ESN party will be empty soon.

Is GEJ a progragresive? Do you know what Tinubu, Amaechi, Adams Osho, Lia Mohamed, Okorocha etc will think about GEJ being an APC member?

North is indeed wise when it comes to politics, Nigerian politics belong to North. Core APC founding members from the South are jittery already, North decides oh!

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Sports / Re: Mikel, Okocha Or Kanu: Who Was The Most Successful Nigerian Player by Maobichek: 4:36pm

There were several things that made him consider Bolton and I think the main thing was his family. He probably wanted somewhere they could live with less racism and good education for the kids and the UK is far better than other EU countries.

Regardless of his move, JJ didn't fully develop his natural talent. He didn't evolve beyond a dribbler and entertainer. He didn't learn how to finish and score goals, that was the major limitation he had.

In an interview, Ronaldinho said that he learnt some skills from Okocha but Dinho became world best cos he left PSG to Barca but our own Okocha moved from PSG to Bolton.

Ronaldinho is good but Barca helped him a lot. Okocha should have been better than Eto but Eto left Mallorca to Barca and we know the story today. Okocha is a talented player but Mikel remaining in Chelsea was the best decision, today he has more trophies, more money, more Fifa ranking than JJ, decision is important in everything we do.
Sports / Re: Mikel, Okocha Or Kanu: Who Was The Most Successful Nigerian Player by Maobichek: 3:11pm

That settles it. Too bad Okocha's talent didn't amount to much success. His finishing was very poor.

Bolton Wanderers didn't help Okocha, in a bid to play in the EPL, he destroyed everything. His Coach at Bolton Sam said that EPL was a bad choice for Okocha. Imagine moving from PSG to Bolton? Then EPL was below Laliga and Seria A in UEFA ranking.
Sports / Re: Mikel, Okocha Or Kanu: Who Was The Most Successful Nigerian Player by Maobichek: 3:05pm
What is mikel doing on this list? It's an insult to put mikel obi beside these legends

Mikel won everything except Olympic gold and Mikel is the richest Nigerian who played the leather-round-object game. He was not among Chelsea's first 11 but patiently collected money and trophies including British citizenship.
Sports / Re: Mikel, Okocha Or Kanu: Who Was The Most Successful Nigerian Player by Maobichek: 2:51pm
Even Mikel and Okocha both know it's Kanu Nwankwo.

Kanu was a very balanced and valuable player. It was either he scored in a match or assisted to get a very crucial goal. He did this in Ajax, Arsenal and even for the national team.

Till date, no player can match Papilo's record. He was just balanced!

Talent: Okocha

Successful: Kanu

Richest: Mikel

Overall best according to Fifa and CAF ranking: Kanu


Politics / Re: 2023: Jonathan Will Be Given A Chance To Contest If He Joins APC - Akpanudoedehe by Maobichek: 10:43am
These crop of selfish politicians are just bent on tarnishing what was left of his reputation.

I hope he is wise enough to reject the Greek gifts and don't succumb to the likely pressure from his wife.

Good morning, I'm quite perturbed that APC of all parties will align herself with GEJ in any form. If I call this shamelessness, it's an understatement okay.

Nigerians have not forgotten in a hurry how APC told the whole world that GEJ is the reason for all misfortune before 2015 elections. Where is BAT, Akende, Lia Mohammed, Okorocha, Rotimi Amaechi, Adams Osho etc . Can't these ppl exercise their powers as the founders and owners of Apc.

Will Mannabbgrills and other APC stunt supporters campaign for GEJ if APC achieve their aim? To those who has been killing themselves over APC/PDP issue, I laugh at them because here these ppl consider their interest first and not party lining.

Let these be an eye oponner to those who always fight here on the basis of party, tribe and religion, thank you.

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Sports / Re: Liverpool Spoil AC Milan's Champions League Return In Five-Goal Thriller by Maobichek: 9:13am
This kine welcome back no de too make sense.

But person wey pass you pass you sha

The report is one sided; Liverpool played at Amfield, they came from behind to win the game so why saying " who pass you, pass you?"

AC Milan lost to Liverpool at Istanbul but revenged after 2 years. AC Milan have 7 Champions league, how many do Liverpool have? AC Milan have produced world-class players such as Weah, Shevechenko, Kaka, Madini, Pilo, Fillipon, Rivaldo, Bastin etc but Liverpool only have Steve Gerrard and Mo Sallah as their greats. Again I asked, what do you mean by "who pass person, pass person?"

Weah, Shevechenko, Kaka all has world best players, who in Liverpool has world best player? In Fifa and Europe, AC Milan is still miles ahead of Liverpool. Your opinion may certainly be as a result of when you started watching football but record speaks for itself, thank you.


Celebrities / Re: DSS Arrests Prince Kpokpogri Over Tonto Dikeh's Nude Pictures, Blackmail by Maobichek: 8:40pm On Sep 15
This is sick and unbelievable
I pray this is a lie ...a man that have such in his heart is cursed wink

If you know what Tonto did to Churchill, you will comment with caution. Karma is real.

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Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh: My Ex-Lover Threatening To Expose My Nudes by Maobichek: 8:36pm On Sep 15


Tonto really met her match this time, after releasing the audio, imagine if he release her nude pictures; of a truth, the guy is giving Tonto sleepless nights oh!
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh: My Ex-Lover Threatening To Expose My Nudes by Maobichek: 8:33pm On Sep 15
Tonto which day is he going to release it so that i'll be online d whole of that day?
Can't wait to see d sambisa forest in between ur legs.

Hahahaaaa!!! You be a bad guy! No Sambisa forest there, it's well shaved. In this age, women don't keep forest again.
Politics / Re: "IPOB Must Renounce Violence" - Olawepo Hashim Urges FG To Free Nnamdi Kanu by Maobichek: 3:32pm On Sep 15
We Yoruba's should really learn to mind our business....hope this man knows the attitude towards Yoruba Muslims and other Muslims in the east.

I know that you have never been to the East to verify this picture your are painting, no Muslim in Aba is been harrassed and both Ama Awusa and Yoruba mosque at East by Asa Rd has military checkpoints situated there.

Next time verify carefully your words before you coming to the internet; from time immemorial till date, Enyimba FC have more Muslim players. Check Enyimba FC 1st 11, I will not mention names, all of them are happy and comfortable.
Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home: IPOB Looted Bread Van In Enugu & Set It On Fire by Maobichek: 11:51am On Sep 15

Seun should pay attention to how the mods modify news headlines when pushing a post to front page.

The front page tag to this post reads:
"Sit-At-Home: How IPOB Terrorists Looted Bread Van In Enugu & Set It On Fire «"

Why must the mod add his personal political opinion by adding the word 'TERRORISTS' to a write up by a newspaper?

If the mod wants to contribute to a topic as an individual he is free to do that, but not to distort someone else's write up.

Let's be more professional here!!

IPOB is not helping the masses in the East but all criminal activities must be tagged IPOB in order to drive a point and IPOB is not circumspect enough to read the hand writing on the wall.

I saw some ppl shouting South East economy is dying but asked myself, is IPOB responsible for 1$ to 550 naira in Nigeria? Is IPOB the reason why Nigeria debts has risen to 36 billion$?

I don't support IPOB but we know that PMB failed woefully both in security and economy and if we believe that IPOB activities caused these, then IPOB is really strong in the affairs of Nigeria and not just South East.
Politics / Re: Anti-IPOB Protesters Storm National Assembly by Maobichek: 4:35pm On Sep 14
This protest would've made more sense in Aba, Owerri or even Onitsha, not in Abuja grin

The people you are protesting against are in d East, take d fight to them stop constituting nuisance here and attack Honourable Senator Abaribe.


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Politics / Re: IPOB: End This Madness Of 'Sit At Home' Before It Turns To Something Else Ooo by Maobichek: 10:44am On Sep 14
How many times have you tell Nigerian Goverment to end bad Goverment ? or do you like the way Nigeria is now ?

The poor masses that are suffering are not government either, IPOB should Chanelle their resources to the federal government and not the poor masses. Enyi Abaribe has been vocal and the federal government knows what he stand for, pls IPOB should leave the poor masses and engage the federal government, thank you.

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Politics / Re: IPOB: End This Madness Of 'Sit At Home' Before It Turns To Something Else Ooo by Maobichek: 10:37am On Sep 14

Who cancelled it? Cus last time I checked there is sit at home here in the east every month, they have even extend it to Tuesdays

So stop lying

I just called Aba now, there is sit at home, IPOB is not helping Igbos as a result of this sit at home.
Politics / Re: IPOB: End This Madness Of 'Sit At Home' Before It Turns To Something Else Ooo by Maobichek: 10:34am On Sep 14

Exactly, the sit at home continues,make person make some money from business shift to SS first

I understand your plight okay, sit at home will make ss have more businesses? It would have been better if ss would develop business ideas and not trying to leech via sit at home in the SE, that is the best thing to do.
Health / Re: My Experience After Drinking 2 Glass Of Water Every Morning.. by Maobichek: 11:51am On Sep 13
Warm water is the best, you will use the gent but it's good for your system, I have been doing it first thing every morning for over 3 years now and the rate at which I get sick have reduced drastically.

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Sports / Re: Karibe Ojigwe: Ex-Super Eagles footballer Nominated Commissioner In Abia State by Maobichek: 12:24am On Sep 13
His junior brother is 51 says a source from Aba, if someone from Ibadan makes that accusation, it would turn to ethnic profiling? No we don’t falsify our ages.

His younger brother is not 51, Karibe was born in 1972 and not 76 as he used as football age. Talking about his family, I attended the same school with his younger brother.

The guy you quoted is not related to him just that he claimed that they lived together at World bank Aba, thank you.

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Sports / Re: Karibe Ojigwe: Ex-Super Eagles footballer Nominated Commissioner In Abia State by Maobichek: 12:15am On Sep 13
From item

Abia state politics is dangerous and evil, even those who seems good were either killed or rendered useless.

I pray he will not end like late Eleke Chukwu and Ossy Prestige, God help and protect him.
Religion / Re: SCOAN Names Evelyn Joshua As New Leader by Maobichek: 6:11pm On Sep 12
The usual trend.

I taught TB Joshua will be different; Church is a full time family business.
Romance / Re: How Can One Just Stop Loving And Having Emotional Attachments by Maobichek: 10:48am On Sep 11
that is not the bone of contention, is not like you know him or something.

I understand clearly, it's difficult and very very difficult but bear in mind that you have been existing before the person came and if you concentrate and calm, you will survive and be happy again, it's a matter of TIME; time heals relationship wound okay. Stay strong, never appear weak before ppl.

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Family / Re: 2face's Marriage: Which Of Them Is Truly Responsible For The Toxic Marriage? by Maobichek: 1:20pm On Sep 09
Annie was actually there before Pero but Pero thought been the matured one 2face will probably choose her over Annie. When Pero got disappointed she refused to let go and vow to get back at Annie hence the reason she has been a threat to their marriage. I believe all that is playing out now were all perfectly planned by Pero and 2face been who he is makes it hard for Annie to cope.All the same Annie shouldn't have expect anything less.

Good day, I observe something, despite the insults, name-calling, you refuse to go vile. Furthermore, you maintained that you easily go blank on guys during relationships is a minus, I must say this, thank you.
Politics / Re: Buhari In Imo: Photos As President Buhari Steps Off The Plane by Maobichek: 1:07pm On Sep 09
[quote author=babajero post=105642421] Just like the hausas asked prior to their invasion.[/qu

I see wisdom and discretion in your words.
Travel / Re: How Safe Is Traveling By Road At Night From Lagos To Abuja by Maobichek: 12:16pm On Sep 09
Very Safe bro, that's the best way to travel expcially now that the cost of flying is ridiculously high. Iv travelled to and fro Lagos via night Journey over 20times this year alone. Just use ABC sleeper bus or Landstar. You will enjoy it trust me.

Hmmm!!! I tried it in 2018, the roads are horrible oh! You can't even sleep cos of bad roads then(I don't know about now) but Edo and Kwara have bad roads then.

If not the high rate of flight tickets, flying remains the best.
Politics / Re: Buhari In Imo: Photos As President Buhari Steps Off The Plane by Maobichek: 11:09am On Sep 09
My advice to my brothers in the East is to let the dead bury themselves, buhari don't care what happens to him, all he want is to trigger war in Nigeria, because he believes he has armed fulanis enough to take over the country, that is why he is doing things that will provoke ethnic war.

If this is the true position of things, then what is the gain?
Politics / Re: President Buhari Dressed In Igbo Attire To Perform Guard Of Honor In Imo State by Maobichek: 10:33am On Sep 09
Is it the cloth hanger that's representing buhari?


Hmmmm!!! I reserve my comment okay!
Politics / Re: FIRS Writes National Assembly, Seeks Exclusive Power On VAT by Maobichek: 4:41pm On Sep 08
Hmmm... and our reps and SINators are so indolent. They will still be sleeping while their less educated counterparts from the 'parasitic states' will have their way.

Northerners are wise, just wait until FG summon all senators under APC, you will see how APC senators from the South will support FIRS and pass the dam VAT into "Exclusive list" and case will be permanently closed. Southern APC senators will play politics and remind us that Wike is PDP. Let's see how it plays out, thank you.


Politics / Re: Rivers VAT Not For Abuja People, I Don’t Care If Heaven Falls, Wike Warns by Maobichek: 4:26pm On Sep 08
Noted. Thank you.

One love, a better country we will surely have.

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Politics / Re: Rivers VAT Not For Abuja People, I Don’t Care If Heaven Falls, Wike Warns by Maobichek: 2:24pm On Sep 08
refined and stubborn man. That's the way to go. Eastern leaders over to you lazy, docile idiots.

You would have state your view without insult and name calling, your position was marred by your choice of words. If someone call all Northern or South West leaders idiots, it wouldn't go down well with matured and reasonable ppl. You are a leader somewhere and you will be a leader in the future if you are not now, since you don't see yourself as idiot; do well to pass your message without insult and generalizing, thank you.
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju: Speak To Buhari In Language He Understands During Imo Visit by Maobichek: 2:02pm On Sep 08
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for IPOBS let buhari know how they feel towards his wickedness towards them. IPOBS both home and away should return. Yall need to prove to us that you aren't chest beaters that we believe you are undecided

Staying at home order will not affect PMB, APC members from all the South East and even South South will all move to Owerri and ppl won't notice the"sit at home order."

APC has done it before, they will still do it again; if APC fail to rent crowd, Owerri may be deserted but APC members from Abia state are already on their way to Imo and other members from other state will join them so "sit at home" will not have effect on PMB.

Another thing is that, if ten soilders will be on ground in Zamfara cos of PMB visit, Imo that is safer than Zamfara will definitely have more soldiers and other security officers tomorrow cos of IPOB.


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