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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Flaunts His Corvette 1977 Model Car by martinmiller(m): 8:41pm On Feb 18
Try dey drink milk guy. E go help your brain development. Trust me.

let him add malt and blood tonics to it, I don't understand alot of Nigerians, they are used to celebrating mediocrity ..

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Crime / Re: Indian Hemp Farm In Anambra School Discovered By NSCDC by martinmiller(m): 5:30pm On Feb 18
abeg free the man, in canada he will be super rich.

Africa always looking for ways to keep their citizens down and poor

just don't blame them and that's why the country remain the way it is since 1960 .. monumental failure's
Politics / Re: Amotekun ‘Commander’ Storms Ekiti Assembly In Combat Regalia (Photos) by martinmiller(m): 3:42pm On Feb 18


And so it's even more difficult for them to come up with an outfit that speaks better than the name so called, we call this dude a commander ? this is a joke I must agree, ever since I heard the name Amotekun I knew this is nothing but a fallacy..

When will Nigerians wake up from its slumbers, this is disheartening, however, your Africa counterparts are doing a bit better, I mean they are doing well ..
Education / Re: Woman Takes Her Daughter To School With Bicycle (Picture) by martinmiller(m): 3:34pm On Feb 18
Shared with caption ...

They can ban everything but can’t ban Lagos Sense. As seen in Lagos!

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8q62EjgKvO/

Honestly Nigerians and it citizens are so backwards to see this as a trending news, lack of exposure opportunity as turned alot of individual to something else.

Go to develop countries almost every one as a bicycle or a rechargeable machines, alot of older people go to work sometimes with their bicycle if they don't feel like going to work with their cars. Recreation centre are filled with bicycle with their parks, infact, alot of people living in Netherlands love bicycles down to their teenage boys and girls, have seen some house of reps with bicycle's.

look, Nigerian s and it's citizens are all monumental failure I can tell you to it, imagine living in a country of over 200milli in population and everybody seems gullible ! it's disheartening
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Acquires 2 Bullet Proof Cars Worth N726,000,000 - Tunde Ednut by martinmiller(m): 11:14pm On Feb 17
These are just some of the major reasons, why a typical 9ja youth want to venture into politics. they have nothing to offer rather than to steal and enrich their families, flaunt cars, houses, carry latest chics and many more...#Fxxk Nigerian politicians, Fxxk Nigeria too...

Nigerian and it's citizens are all monumental failure, everyone knows the truth but they can't stand to speak, many as turned to internet keyboard warrior .. I'm sorry for Africa especially Nigeria !

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Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide By Hanging As Girlfriend He Trained In School Dumps Him by martinmiller(m): 7:29pm On Feb 16
IgbereTV reports that a man known as Mr. Ossy from Aguleri in Anambra State Nigeria committed suicide by hanging himself on a Mango tree after sponsoring one Miss Melisa Nnaji from Enugu State to the University level at Institute of Management Technology (IMT) with the promise of getting married to her after graduation.

Regrettably, the man couldn't stand the shock when he received an invitation of the girl's marriage coming up 18th of March 2020 through one of his best friend called Nnadozie, Which led him to commit suicide.


coward !!!!!!!
Romance / Re: My First Experience In Wooing A Lady, An Edo Girl by martinmiller(m): 9:15am On Feb 16
Does Every Guy Experience This?

Good Day My Fellow Nairalanders..

I just felt like sharing my first experience trying to woo a girl, it was like hell tho... so funny

Each time I remember this event it always make me to wonder if it was normal or maybe I wasn't bold. Some times ago I was on my way to visit a friend when I came in contact with this edo girl, she was so pretty that I kept on staring at her forgetting that i'm supposed to cross to the other side of the road cos where I stood was a very busy Junction.

I dismissed the idea of visiting my guy and followed her closely. I wanted to know her street, that was mission accomplished as I was able to get exactly where her house was and asked some dudes for few information about her.

Her name was favour, from then I started preparing to woo her after which I showed her to my friends secretly, trust niggars they started pushing me to confront her but the problem was how best to approach her and do the wooing tricks.

Two weeks later of cramming some lines and tricks, I wore better clothes with my neighbor's perfume. Minutes later I was standing at their street and it wasn't too long when she came out I guessed to buy something, I swear the more she approached was the more my heart beat increased, sweating profusely even it got to some extent that my legs wasn't steady anymore, so I pretended I didn't see her as she passed.

Oh my God, my urine was hot as I rushed to the gutter to ease myself I don't even know if removed smoke sef.. that one passed, months passed still I was not able to approach her.

One day I made up my mind to approach her. It was more like do or die, I wore my clothes dressed casually this time and memorized things again both how to greet her and all that, God made it easy as I saw her before I got to her street, she was walking and gisting with a female friend. I began to feel cold inside as I approached but I kept walking towards the due.. her friend stopped a bike and bade her good by so she turned and started walking to her street.

I quickly walked up to her and said Hi! She turned and stared directly into my eye.. Jesus I froze instantly, my people I said hi to this girl like four good times, every down thing I memorized had now flashed off, my head was empty in fact I regretted ever confronting her she stood for a while trying to figure out who I was cos the expression on her face showed it all, emm please can we be friends? That was what I heard myself say, immediately she heard that she hissed loudly and crossed to the other side of the road and walked away.. I swear I couldn't sleep that night..

Abeg my people is it that I don't have liver or its a normal thing in guys, but i see guys do wooing anyhow as if it was their calling... let's discuss about it..


My only question to you is how old are you ?
honestly I dunno why talking to random women makes you feel pressured or nervous.

stop seeing women as a question papers, some are easy to solve, while some are hard but then focus to solve the easy ones first,to gather enough knowledge in solving the next,go and work on your confidence, and watch all this drama fizzle out. just Don't forget to make � money
Celebrities / Re: Toyin Lawani Celebrates Valentine's Day With Hot Pictures by martinmiller(m): 6:38pm On Feb 14
This val sha, nearly got myself in trouble today. My neighbour, his wife and kids were all dressed in Red taking pictures as I was about stepping out. I laughed when I saw em, they looked ridiculous. His face changed and I had to point to my earpiece and tell him I was taking a call, and I wasn't laughing at them. I wished them happy val and went on my way, the image never quite leaving my head

I can relate to this, similarly to what I experience today, I only smiled as I drive off.

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Romance / Re: My Valentine's Gifts For My Girlfriend Are Finally Here. Come And See by martinmiller(m): 2:34pm On Feb 08
Pathetic.... girlfriend, not wife.

God no gimme this kind pikin, even na billionaire him wan be... dash am small sense.

By the way, that hand I'm seeing doesn't look like someone fingers who can afford iPhone... hand is as dry as shit in harmattan.

More like a sales rep in phone store

bad guy, you sef notice lwkmd
Travel / Re: FG Slashes Visa Fees For US Citizens by martinmiller(m): 5:30pm On Feb 07


I don't see how this policy will benefit a common man in this country, trying to appease the u s government with visa cut is not a credible move by a sane government, they know what to do but they won't act either ..

Nigerian government, the citizens, all security outfit in the country and the Media are all monumental failure's ..
Politics / Re: Nathaniel Samuel: How I Got The Bomb I Took To Winners Chapel Church In Kaduna by martinmiller(m): 11:14am On Feb 05
Politics / Re: Samuel Ezekiel: Nathaniel Samuel Is A Christian, Not Muslim - Father by martinmiller(m): 11:37pm On Feb 04
This is the very reason why the foreign religions we practise are not helping us in this part of the world.

A terrorist almost succeeded in killing numerous people through an explosion, we have not been able to look deep into the issue. All we have been dragging since it happened were base on the religion the attempt bomber practiced, just to score cheap political or religious point.

Arranged or real?
It still bothers on scoring cheap points by the two religions, Christianity and Islam, what the hell is this all about?

There are numerous questions we could ask the bomber;
Who sent him?
What motivated him into the act?
How did he get the explosives?
When has he been planning this act?
What has he to gain if he succeeded in the act?

These are questions that can help in finding solutions to the menace, not this religious tussle that has been happening since the attempt was foiled.

Nigerian leaders, it citizens, the media outfits, the securities, are all monumental failure since 1960. one will begin to ask are there government in that Country..

Terrible peoples with quack mindsets ..

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Business / Re: Meet Precious Nwosu, The CEO Of Pians Enterprise by martinmiller(m): 1:15pm On Feb 04


This is a good expression of prowess, solution and creativity. I know alot of people might say being a entrepreneur in that line is too dirty.

whereas, this and many other menials jobs are what many Nigerian do abroad, infact they work over time which provides add on to their salaries.

I encourage each individual to be like an � ant, have you noticed that no matter what obstacles are on its way, the ant will surely find its way around it, the real is real .

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Religion / Re: See 8 Most Controversial Issues In The Church Today by martinmiller(m): 6:14pm On Feb 02
None of these issues would be controversial if we actually read and understand the bible.

And this is where the whole issues emanated from, many don't take time to study their Bible except on Sundays, you should love your Bible, which is the oldest book with the latest information
with all those debates, it highly unnecessary although baby Christian should learn to take a queue from such information if you love God the father of our lord Jesus Christ .
Religion / Re: How Lust Can Lead You Into Great Trouble by martinmiller(m): 6:00pm On Feb 02

Lust is usually the culprit as far as sexual immorality is concerned. It is a fuel that has a capacity to push people into indulging in sexual immoral acts - premarital sex, extramarital sex, pornography, masturbation, and so on. Lust is one of the devil's most favourite weapons. When he struck with lust, many persons easily find themselves commiting sexual sins and attract afflicting afflictions into their lives.

Lust precedes sin; sin brings about separation from God. Separation from God your Creator will give the devil your enemy an access to ruthlessly plunder your life and destiny here on earth, and get you doomed in hell fire (which is for eternity).

A lot of people out there are under the shackles of lust, and it has vehemently corrupted their heart and mind and thoughts. Lust will always dip people into trouble. Jesus Christ said: "Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Matthew 5:28). Imagine that. It means the curses attached to the person that indulged in the real act of sexual immorality can also follow the one who only lustfully imagined the pleasures in the heart.

I know a lot of people out there are still battling with lust You reading this right now might be one of them. The good news is that, you can be delivered from the demonic stronghold called lust today.

What should you do? Simply follow these steps:

1. Depend On The Finished Works Of Christ

The Bible revealed that the spirit is willing (to yield to the will of God), but the flesh is weak. Immediately after the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the human nature became brutally perverted, and it was corrupted into becoming an entity that enjoys sin.

Therefore, you must realise that you can't conquer lust with your own futile attempts and strength. What should you do then? Depend wholly on what Christ has done for you. You must first accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. If you haven't do that, say this prayer with sincerity:

"LORD Jesus, I accept You as Lord and Savior. I acknowledged that I'm a sinner. Please, Forgive me all my sins and wash me clean with Your precious Blood. Henceforth, I'm Yours alone. Amen".

When you dedicate (or rededicate) your life to Christ, you will have to die to self, and He will resurrect you. He will give you His Holy Spirit to help you live a life devoid of lust. Please, ask the Holy Spirit for help.

2. Empower Your Mind, Heart And Thoughts With The Word Of God

Your heart and mind can't be empty - it must be occupied and filled with something. To prevent lust from dominating your life, fill it then with the Word of God. Equip yourself with the Word of God, and you will be empowered not to sin. The Bible says: "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee" (Psalm 119:11).

The Word of God is power, and it will strengthen you to resist sin of all types. Don't forget, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32).

3. Avoid All Lustful Entities And Appearances

While the Holy Spirit is always available and eager to help, you must also realize that you have your role to play.

You should avoid persons whose lifestyle (dressing, conversations, etc) brings about lust. You should ensure you don't give room for the flesh, and should avoid dirty things that erupts lustful desires and thoughts (dirty magazines, books, movies, music, etc). Don't be in places with an immoral atmosphere (clubs, wild parties, and so on) too. Avoid situations that brings breeds lust (intimate contact with sensitive parts of members of the opposite gender, and so on).

In conclusion, you are destined to live a life of purity and holiness, maintaining an eternal intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ the Lord. This will empower you to adequately fulfill your destiny and have complete dominion over creation.

many will see this as a failed post, for further scripture reading see proverbs 25:28 ..
Religion / Re: How Lust Can Lead You Into Great Trouble by martinmiller(m): 5:57pm On Feb 02
These days heh, lust no really exist per say..

Money/position and alcohol have taken the position of lust...

many will not understand this, to add to this prov 28:25 .. joblessness as being the trend and after taking about 4-6 bottles of alcohol what nex now lol ?
Religion / Re: Never Skip These Before You Marry As A Christian by martinmiller(m): 5:51pm On Feb 02
Awon adviser.. angry Africans and their foolish mentality! grin

Na ONLY Africans dey do medical test as a condition for marriage which makes it conditional love. 'True love' loves unconditionally. I'm even surprised 9ja churches dey encourage all this medical test prior to marriage. Should I be surprised? 98% of them are fake churches anyway. That shows their level of faith. God is love and love above everything else.... Not in a place like 9ja where poverty and wealth determines everything.

In developed worlds, they love unconditionally regardless of the their partner's medical condition. Some even go ahead to marry their partners on their death beds. cool

you are just at right with your position but I remind you, Nigeria isn't Canada, Poland, Peuto Rico, etc .. Love is a beautiful thing but not in Nigeria where people worship money which suppose to be the other way around.

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Autos / Re: 2004 Toyota Corolla LE (5month) Used Available @1.4m by martinmiller(m): 6:22pm On Feb 01
Neatly used & faultless

For inspection : Call/WhatsApp 08083095071
location ?
800k cash and let's buy and drive ..
Religion / Re: Pastor Dr. JS Yusuf Anoints Pant/Bra With A Print Of His Face To Attract Men by martinmiller(m): 11:44pm On Jan 30
WONDERS Abuja Pastor Introduces Annointed Pant/Bra with a Print of his Face to attract men for Marriages

An Abuja based Pastor Dr. JS Yusuf has introduced anointed underwears with a print of his face to attract men for marriages for the single ladies seeking for life partners in 2020.

The anointed underwears is said to be blessed as instructed by God to the Senior Pastor of Touch for Recovery Outreach Int'l, Abuja to release marriages in the new year.

The underwears are said to also help women from related diseases and give them good luck with men.

He added "wearing them will make men look at you on the streets and want to marry you".

He qouted Num. 23:20 which says "Behold I have received the commandment to bless; and he hath blessed, and I cannot reverse".

Congratulations to every woman buying these underwears.


I just dunno what to believe anymore, but then I don't believe this fake news .. Nairaland is a dump site, there should be news that hit front pages not like this � clown of a news ..
Religion / Re: Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo And Wife, Modele Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary by martinmiller(m): 8:53pm On Jan 30

Lol, funny guy

There was a time the pastor was also waiting for the lord

Everyone cannot arrive at the same time

Too know won't kill you, can he as a pastor sell all what he as acquired over the years and share it among the poor in his church or we don't have poor fellows in his church ? its better to give than to receive ..
Religion / Re: Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo And Wife, Modele Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary by martinmiller(m): 8:49pm On Jan 30
Ok congrats to their marriage

Nigeria has become a global case study of how a nation can be deeply religious and yet not prosperous. But where does the idea that religiosity leads to prosperity?

The truth is that the practice of religion is systemically flawed in Nigeria
; it has failed to impact positively on governance and the people. keep in mind that every leader or government official was anyone before they got in power,the leaders have failed the country, yes!!!!... but take a look at the ordinary citizens, collecting bribe, poisoning friends, gossiping, indiscipline, happy when your neighbors fail, do you love your neighbors as yourself? IT IS FROM THE ROOT!!!! NIGERIA NEEDS SERIOUS ROOT CLEANSING!!!

The Bible says, “Righteousness exalts a nation”, and that “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice”. But why have these biblical blessings eluded Nigeria? Why is the country not “exalted”,

To be sure, Nigeria is a deeply religious country, but its religiosity is shallow; it does not conform with biblical principles

No magic will save Nigeria. It's the mindset that needs to be saved first

it's laughable to know all this gimmick and religiousness act as being done over and over again in this part of the world.

I think it's left to the people to work on their mindset like you said, every one is an hypocrite to not know that being a born again is a thing of the mind which translates out of the abundance already made available by the holy spirit (see John 16:33) .
Religion / Re: Mistake a Born Again should never make by martinmiller(m): 3:33pm On Jan 26
nobody has ever committed sin.sin doesn't exist.if sin truly exist,then the yeye useless hopeless worthless God could be the chief siner.because the useless hopeless worthless God has committed more sin in that useless Bible than any other person.

Every living soul is entitled to their own opinions, but you have chosen the wrong one with your bereft note that doesn't give meaning, I totally disagree with your senseless position.

Lucifer spirit or whatever, you will perish without delay, if you continue celebrating in your foolishness of mind, give your life to Jesus and be joyful forevermore
Romance / Re: I'm Still Communicating With My Married EX by martinmiller(m): 3:41pm On Jan 24
So why are you telling us?

lol, In fact I can't even read the meaning to this write up, how does this change the price of beans in the market, telling us is just a waste of data ..
Politics / Re: Temitope Adunni Akinsanya: House Built By MC Oluomo's Wife by martinmiller(m): 3:35pm On Jan 24
shut up and be humble, he's talking about taste ! you sef get taste, look every one is entitled to do whatever they wish with their rabbah, go gather money and let's see what you have on table.

Don't just jump out of no where to criticize another fellow without criticizing constructively ..

post=86066308]NURTW bosses and ugly house sef ..those men see a lot of rabbah but lack taste in everything from food to woman to dress sense to house[/quote]
Crime / Re: Jos Sex Video: For N30,000, Married Women, Girls Engage In ‘Immoral Act’ by martinmiller(m): 12:20pm On Jan 24
I hope they all find solace in our lord Jesus, the deed as being done already.

many of our country woman engage in what doesn't outlive their life, it's a terrible shame to sell your body for money, don't you know your body is the temple of the lord .

Very well, it happens all over the world � but in Nigeria is lot more worst .. Give your Life to Christ for renewal of mindset.


Education / What Book Are You Currently Reading ! by martinmiller(m): 12:07pm On Jan 24
Book as being a part of us for many decades now, we tend to read as we grow for information and knowledge that will enable us to learn through our life journey.

A writer and mentor once said, if you want to keep anything from a black man, keep it in a book, he will never find it. left to me I love to read on business books, leadership and Christian books. lol

I'm interested to know how many book reader's we have here on NL. so tell us, what book are you reading currently and authored by who .

Family / Re: I Am Sex Starved, My Marriage Is Falling Apart by martinmiller(m): 10:26pm On Jan 23

You are the STUPID person here, not the OP. The man loves his wife, that is why he is complaining. Sex is over available these days. If sex is his problem, he can get it outside, with girls that will even give him much better sex than his wife, for cheap too.
The wife is more stupid than you because her dead brain does not know that she is pushing the man outside.

I'm not sure this guy above me is married !!

sex starved association's ..(SSA)


Family / Re: I Am Sex Starved, My Marriage Is Falling Apart by martinmiller(m): 10:21pm On Jan 23

Well, your last line was a question: What I think?

Are you sure you really want to know what I think?

Since you asked for it, then I have to tell you what I think and the reason for my conclusions.

I think you are stupid, and I am not joking. I think you are one of the stupid husbands who have no idea what Fatherhood means and what being a real man in your home entails and how to be a husband to your own wife.

The reason I think you are stupid, is because at this stage in your Life, when your wife is strugggling real hard to bond with the young kids you still are worried about your silly sex life.

You have failed to be an alpha male, a real man, a true husband, who will cuddle his wife and his children and generate happiness for your wife. What bothers you is sex. Do you have any idea that it is sex that brought those children to this world, and when they come, you now sound as if those kids are inconvenience for your silly sex life. Do you even know how silly it sounds?

My advise is that you grow up. Call your wife and kiss her then apologize for complaining about Sex, and move into your bedroom and nurse those children to reach an age of grace.

It is not you that should be complaining of sex dimwit. If your wife needs sex, then become creative, you can make move in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, under the bed and even at the BQ for a change.

You must not come here and lament about this nonsense again.

Do we not have real men again in this forum that will chastise these Indomie men?

Take charge of your home and bear all inconveniences. Life is not a place for perfect joy and happiness. Embrace the sorrows and pains.

I agree, as you conjure this epistle, op makes it sound as if he's having emotional battle with is kids, grow up bobo sex is nothing to be compared to seeing your kids grow together in love and harmony ..

I call tell you, you need alot of self education and improvement in within this jurisdiction, get books and get lost in it, rather than craving for some pleasures. we don't condemn sex with your spouse either, be creative with it ..


Politics / Re: Amotekun: ‘Lunatics’ Join Solidarity Rally In Ekiti by martinmiller(m): 10:45pm On Jan 21
This goes to show how bad the country is, even mentally unstable people can feel the heat, but nairaland resident zombies are still supporting this evil administration

sometimes I will read a post, then ask myself, are people for real ! I know rats lives in a hole in dark Conners ..

when you Brighting a light to dark Conner s you will find them running and stumbling for hideouts, Nigeria is in the dark, crying for help from those who brought them to faults in governance.

Then some citizens don't see the wrong in a right, they open positions with out it being taught out.
Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Amotekun Solidarity Protest In Lagos by martinmiller(m): 10:31pm On Jan 21

Keep fooling yourself and your south west ancestors.

Why didn't you cowards come out for the protest lets see if you have guts?

The IPOBs you talked about dared the military and police with bare hands and heaven didn't fall...
Ordinary men of the police force Buhari unleashed on you cowards and you all took over for safety. Nonsense..

Amotekun still remain banned and so shall it be Insha Allah.

I don't know what you want to express by this post, are you angry with the world � ..

please find solace ..

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Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Amotekun Solidarity Protest In Lagos by martinmiller(m): 10:26pm On Jan 21
Buhari should crush this nuisance terrorists group to pieces

Amotekun or whatever it's called must not see The light of the day because it's a terrorist group .

I'm glad the federal government already declared their activities illegal.

And who are you to make judgements on half of federal government, where were you when all the security architecture of this country were struggling and still finding how to combat the bokos, we all know what the NPF, SARS as shown citizens on a day to day activities.

you only open a position, then be guided by your perception.
Romance / Re: Should Men Be Forced To Marry Ladies After Impregnating Them? by martinmiller(m): 8:36pm On Jan 21
Often times when a man impregnates a woman, and the man does not want to marry the woman, even if he is ready to take responsibility for the child, the man will still be forced by the woman's parents to marry her.

Forcing a man to marry your daughter may come with its disadvantages.

That brings us to the question: should a man be forced to marry a woman?

on a lighter note, only without the pregnancy! after all you knew you impregnated the said individual why won't you take up the responsibility as a husband and a father.

Stay out of premarital sex to avoid pain full experience, or else you will be forced ..

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